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Mind your words (Please stop the hate)

There are days where it feels like I’m standing in the middle of a busy street, screaming my lungs out and only a handful of people hear what I have to say.

But a handful of people hearing me is better than no one hearing me. So I will continue to speak out against the anon hate, begging for it to stop.

 And it needs to stop. 

I’ve made previous posts here and here about all the hate going on, only to see it seem to be getting worse.

The varying levels of hate that I have seen in the last few days is just heartbreaking. From being mad that one-shots are being posted and not a series. To sending messages scolding writers about their fics (which they chose to read, no one forces anyone to read fics). To sending rules to a writer/blogger about what she is and is not allowed to write about and post about on their own blog!!!! And lastly, to hating a writer so much that a blogger made a blog with the name I-hate-______ (I am not going to name the blog, out of respect for her victim, who has been humiliated enough. The hate blog has been reported by me and several others), who then sent messages to everyone that their victim is following, telling them to boycott that blog. It’s just heinous.  

My point is that when there is so much hate out there that blogs are being made just to target and very publicly announce how much they hate certain blogs or people…. then it’s gotten out of hand. 

What if you told someone to kill themselves becuase you hated them so much over some little slight that you think they did to you? How the hell would you feel if someone killed themselves over words that you said? How would you live with yourself???? 

The words that you say can have a lasting effect on a person. A good or bad effect? That rests solely on you and the words that you chose to say. 

So please make the right choice. Because something has to give. This hate needs to stop. It takes so much more time and energy to spread hate!!! Spreading love takes so much less time to do and the benefits are so much, much better. You feel better about yourself. Other people feel better about themselves. Tumblr is a safer place to escape too, and it makes the real world easier to deal with. So why spread the hate?????? Spread love, say nice things, be a good person and you will be so much happier!!!!

Before you make the choice to send hate mail, or bully a person, think of this:

And would you want it said to you? 

Chances are that you wouldn’t, so why say it to someone else? Why treat someone else like that? Treat others the way you want to be treated. Kindness, love and respect go a long way in this world. More so than hate, lies and bullying. 

And at the end of the day, at the end of your life. You can look back over it and say to yourself…. I made a difference. I had the opportunity to spread hate and negativity throughout the world, but instead I chose to spread love and kindness. If you do that one tiny change, you will change the world. All it takes is one act of kindness to start a change, even if you don’t see it, it’s there. The kind words you said to someone encouraged them to keep writing, keep going and they go and write a best seller that helps change the way people view themselves. Or your kind words could stop someone from killing themselves, someone who could make a groundbreaking discovery. Or be the parent to a child who makes the discovery. You never know if it will happen or not, but do you want to take that chance that your hateful words and actions deprived the world of someone they needed?

I don’t want to take that chance. 

And you shouldn’t either. So stop with the hate. Instead focus on yourself and why have so much hurt and anger that you feel the need to send hate mail and bully people who have never hurt you before. And work on getting past it. Reach out to someone for help. Because there is always someone willing to help.

And if someone did hurt you, they did not mean it. It was not intentional. And maybe talk to them and let them know what happened and how you feel. But do it without sending hate.

There is only one world, this one. So lets make it a better place.

Stop the hate. Spread the love.

Tagging some blogs once again, so we can help spread the word. The hate needs to stop @everyjourneylove @theimaginesyouneveraskedfor @chaos-and-the-calm67 @marvelfanuniverse @averil-of-fairlea @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @girl-next-door-writes @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @ilostmyshoe-79 @manawhaat @mamapeterson @fromthedeskoftheraven @ozhawkauthor @lark-cale @meganlpie @lucifer-in-leather @wayward-mirage @winchester-writes @iwantthedean @atc74 @faith-in-dean @letsgetoutalive @dragonkitty @writerlivinginadarkworld @babypieandwhiskey @fizzy-custard @lady-kaaesien @writingsofa-hobbit @drabbletastic @growningupgeek @hobbithorse19 @motleymoose @luckynumber1213 @heilith @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel @goldenangelbloodcastiel @aerisawriting @beaflower77 @kaykayvoltage53 @guhnerketeer @torn-and-frayed @a-daughter-of-durin @sdavid09 @paigeinastory @crushing83 @buckysmetallicstump @nichelle-my-belle @howdidthisevenhappenanyway 

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Hi Wil! I would like to thank you for all the writing you post. Because of you, I wrote a short story for a publishing contest. And a few days ago, I found out that my story made it through the first round. Not only am I going through to the finals, I'm getting published! Thank you, your posts inspired me to keep on writing and now I've accomplished one of my lifelong dreams (and I'm only 17!). Truly, thank you.

Hey! GO YOU!!! Congratulations!!

Sanvers + Kara 2x13 Fix-It Fics

Because lesbihonest. We all need fix-it fics today. And yall, please remember that you are not alone. Remember that you are perfect, and valid, and we have each other, and we have our fics, and nothing and no one can ever take that away. You are so, so, so loved <3 <3 <3

A note on the fics: they’re arranged right now in chronological order, so you might want to read them one after another (but you don’t have to).

Alex doesn’t let Maggie just leave after she tells her about her father –

Kara finds out why Maggie hates V-day and comforts her –

The prom as it should have been, ft. Alex telling Maggie she has nothing to apologize for, passionate kissing, and James, J’onn, and Winn helping Maggie out –

Gentle, romantic, loving smut after their prom (ft. a lap dance and scissoring, as per popular request)

Maggie tells Alex about her aunt –

Maggie and Alex discover the real (queer panic) reason that Kara is with Mon-El –

Bonuses (we need many today) –

Alex’s bad poetry (nerd) and perfect proposal –

A summary of our ship –

On the beauty of Kara’s hands –

A note of support and love for all the Maggie Sawyers out there –

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It must be nice to be supported after encouraging nazism. Oh he's not a bad person blah blah. You people are the cancer of society. You coddle racists, and you demonize every mistake a person of color makes. I hope each one of you dies slowly. Fuck you all.

How is telling people to die any better than what poods did in your book? Fucking hypocrite

Thank you, though for taking your time to come on a blog of a guy I’m sure you really hate, just to show how fucking dumb you are.

Go make an angry tumblr post about how offended you are about people looking at you the wrong way or whatever it is you angry, bitter kids do these days

need new blogs to follow

since I’m starting to distance myself from supergirl now (it’s not all that fun for me anymore, honestly. I’ll still be in the fandom but I need it to not be the only thing on my dash)

please like/reblog this if you post any of the following (and DON’T post riverd@le):

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jessica jones


Could you write a spencer x reader one where no one in the team knows he has a girlfriend because he is a bit embarrassed about it? He’s afraid Morgen will tease him . So one day reader wants to suprise him at work but she quickly finds out no one knows about her so she is hurt and drives back home. ( she is a really good doctor) So Morgen confronts him later on and spencer drives to her apartment and it’s really cute fluff? ( and maybe morgan tells spencer later how hot she is n stuff )? 

Originally posted by toyboxboy

You waited for the elevator doors to open, you held on tight to the brown bag containing Spencer’s lunch. You had never visited him at work, but there was a first time for everything. 

The doors opened and you looked around not recognizing a single face. Spencer had told you so much about his co workers but you had never met them. You walked through the glass doors catching Penelope’s attention, she stopped looking at your visits batch, “Hello, you’re a new face, are you looking for someone, I know every one” she said excitedly. 

This was her Penelope, you could recognize her from everything Spencer had told you, “Yes, I’m looking for Spencer” you said looking lost. 

“Reid, Spencer Reid, you are looking for Reid?” she said confused. 

“Yes, Dr. Reid” you confirmed. 

“Who are you” she said suspiciously. 

“I am Y/N, Spencer’s girlfriend, you must be Penelope” you said excitedly. 

Penelope looked even more confused, “I’m sorry his what” she said almost laughing, “You’re his girl friend!?” she said in shock. “Oh my, follow me” 

You followed her orders, she walked hastily towards the conference room. Everyone turned their attention to you, “Guys this is Y/N” Penelope gestured towards you “Spencer’s girlfriend!” she said always yelling. 

You looked around the different faces confused as to what was going on, did they not know Spencer had a girlfriend, did they know who you were?

“Pretty boy’s got a girl!?” Morgan said surprised. JJ couldn’t take her eyes off of you. Finally a face you recognized, Spencer, “Y/N” he said just as confused as everyone else looked “What are you doing here?” 

You finally realized what was going on, none of them knew who you were, he had never told them. You ran through the doors as fast you could, embarrassed. Spencer hadn’t told anyone about you guys, why? Why would he do that? 

After several missed calls, and text messages you heard your door open, you suddenly regretted giving him a copy of your apartment key. “Y/N” he said calling out for you. 

You refused to respond, “Y/N” you heard he was getting closer. 

“What?” you finally called out. 


“Seriously? You didn’t tell them? You didn’t tell them about me!? We’ve been dating for months!” you said angrily. 

“Y/N’ Spencer said his voice full of remorse, “I’m sorry I know this looks awful” 

“Am I not good enough for you?” you questioned him “Would your friends not think me being a doctor is enough, would they think I’m not enough for you Spencer” 

“Y/N, it’s not that, you are more than enough. I didn’t want to mix my life with you, and my job, it gets complicated, it’s tough Y/N, I wanted to protect you” 

Your eyes continued to fill with tears, “So you’re not embarrassed of me?” 

“What!? No way, I could never be, I love you Y/N” he said hugging you tightly. 

“And your friends?” 

“My friends will love you once they get to know you, besides Morgan already thinks you’re too hot for me” 

You burst out in laughter, “It’s true you’re way too hot for me” 


february 21st // the anniversary of one of the best things that has happened to me // for emily and our weird but incredible marriage. i love you babe! @hsinlvegas


S/o to @bekomingkota for doing the hardest things on the hardest days. 
I truly truly admire them for so many things they’ve done in their life, and choosing recovery again and again, each meal of each day, is just one of the crazy amazing things they have done/continue to do.

I love them very much.
I wanted everyone to know.

Welcome to March’s Challenge!!

This month you will be working in groups to achieve points by working out in order to make your group number one!

A little competition never hurt anyone!

You Have Been Challenged…

You are challenged to work out as many days as you can, and keep track of the time length of your workouts.

Please keep in mind this is a healthy competition to stay motivated with working out. Please do not try and do more than your body is capable of doing, just to win. Stay comfortable, and be healthy about it.

Each week you will submit to me the days that you have worked out detailing what activity you have done to work out and for how long.

I will post weekly updates on where the standing of each group is.

How Do I Get Points For My Group?

You can achieve points based on the below point system in regards to time length of your workout.

  • 15 - 20 Minutes = 4 Points
  • 21 – 30 Minutes – 6 Points
  • 31 – 40 Minutes = 7 Points
  • 41 – 50 Minutes= 9 Points
  • 51 – 60 Minutes = 11 Points
  • 61 – 90 Minutes = 13 Points
  • 91 – 120 Minutes = 15 Points
  • Over 2 Hours = 18 Points

*Note you have to do at least 15 minutes to considered starting off towards working towards points.

How Do I Get A Group?

Once the sign up cut off day is over I will evenly put everyone into a group. The amount of participants will decide how many groups there will be.

Once you are in a group I encourage you to connect with your partners and help keep each other motivated.

How Will This Be Tracked?

This will purely be on the honor system. So please no cheating, and don’t ruin this for others by lying.

I will ask that Monday - Sunday you keep track of your own workouts and times.

At the end of Sunday/ beginning of the following Monday you will then message me or *e-mail me your weekly results so that I can mark them down.

PLEASE include the number date, time length, associated points per day, and overall added total.

*I have had a created e-mail for almost a year now specifically for this challenge that you will be given the information for at a later date.

You need to have specifics for each day, just so I know how you achieved your points


  1. 3/2 (Sunday) - 40 minutes walking = 7 points
  2. 3/2 (Sunday) - 30 minutes Gym = 6 points
  3. ¾ (Tuesday) 15 minutes jump roping = 4 points

*It is possible to earn more than one set of points in a day if you do different activities


If you would like to be a part of March’s challenge please LIKE or REBLOG & COMMENT on this post.

**If you reblog with no comment I will assume you are just boosting and I thank you**

You have until the end of February 1st to sign up for this challenge.

Stretch Goal 1: Jeremiah George (The Musician)

We did it, everyone! Kickstarter “Women of Xal” is funded! And I (literally) could not have done it without you all! 40% of all backers came from here, Tumblr! And, for the umpteenth time, I could not be anymore grateful! We’ll be having post-KS fun for days as I show our blog followers proper gratitude as much as I can! But, 1/3rd of the campaign remains, and we can now talk Stretch Goals! Our first one allows us to bring in the extremely talented composer and voice actor, Jeremiah George!

Who is Jeremiah? I’m glad you asked, hypothetical person! If you’re a fan of Undertale, @manontheinternet‘s Undertale Musical,or RWBY, you’ve likely heard his work! He has provided brilliant covers of these projects and takes gorgeous inspiration from Kingdom Hearts’ Yoko Shimomura. I’ll be providing some lovely examples of his works down below! If you like what you hear, definitely hit that reblog so we can hit that stretch goal and bring him on as the second composer!

>>>>>>>>>>>>KICKSTARTER HERE<<<<<<<<<<<<

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this might be a bit weird but what are the funniest asks you've gotten?? i always think you get some really funny ones like omg

oh man i literally spent a day looking for this (link), i got it when i first started this blog and it made me laugh so hard. i’ve had so many weird messages i could probably go through and make a whole post about them lol. here’s another good recent one (link)

Death - Daryl Dixon

Pairing: Reader x Daryl Dixon

Warning: none besides my bad writing, lol

Requested: Yes,


A/N: Hey guys, please just ignore my grammar mistakes…

I’m really tired from school and from homework, but I wanted to post this prompt cuz I had an Idea for that one.


“ Number 3 from the prompt list with Daryl Dixon and the Reader and him are dating and she comforts him after Beth dies. Thank you!”

Prompt list

Originally posted by noisysunday

“Maybe we’re meant to lose the ones we love, but I’ll fight for you till then.“ - pierce the veil “

Keep reading

eastofthemoon replied to your post “When you are done with season 4 of race to edge what do you think are…”

I also feel S4 has a lot of logic problems. Like how could Berk be starving when trade ships are block, when in previous seasons they seemed self sufficient? They have sheep, yaks, etc and not to mention gone fishing off their own shores. And they never even gave an explanation on why no one just took a nap during the midnight sun. Also, it’s a yearly event, so why did the teens act like it’s the first time they’ve seen it? Just made no sense to me.

There were many instances in which I caught logic problems, too, like those ones. I could list a few more. It shouldn’t have taken as long as they did to decide that Fishlegs fly Meatlug down to save the Eruptodon egg in “Out of the Frying Pan.” That should have been a five second easy call on Mala’s end. Mala shouldn’t be listening to Hiccup for directions so much when she’s a queen and he’s on her island. More things like that.

As with any interpreting of story events, we can create explanation and structure our understanding of events by logical means. Where a show might not explicitly give us explanation, we can build our own understanding that melds in neatly with the canon material. While I was watching the show, I did come up with more or less plausible explanations for those events you mentioned. These explanations might not be perfect, but they do help wrap things together better.

Berk’s Sufficiency in Dire Straits

Berk not being self-sufficient in “Dire Straits” felt extremely odd to me as well when I first saw it happening. By all accounts, Berk should be self-sufficient, and has been implied to be self-sufficient. But then I remembered: while they do have yaks and sheep and chickens, the primary food source of Berk does appear to be fish. Fish will comprise the highest percentage of their diet.

The traders are too afraid to cross the waters because of the Submaripper’s presence. It’s also to note that the show mentions that the ocean waters are dead quiet - everything has been scared off by the dragon’s presence. This would include fish. If the traders cannot get to Berk, then that means the Submaripper is close enough to Berk to likely scare off the fish in that area. Berk’s fishers would have their nets come up empty because all the fish would have gone. The dragon’s presence would have majorly disrupted the island’s main food supply.

They would still be able to eat food from sheep and chickens and the like, of course, but being as fish is their main staple, this would put an enormous dent in their food supply and ability to keep themselves self-sufficient. Stoick mentions that their stores are getting low - the food they would have procured from before the fish disruption - and I am sure they would be eating their chickens, etc. in the process. But if you eat too much of your livestock too quickly, then you won’t be sufficient in the coming months. The livestock won’t be able to repopulate and keep up its numbers. So you have to ration how many you eat. So Berk’s people would still be eating, but also have to worriedly balance about maintaining livestock population levels for the future. So they wouldn’t be eating as much.

The Longest Day

The people of Berk don’t seem to handle the long hours of sunlight incredibly well, which seems odd if they are natives to the land. Of course this show is playing this all up for humor and fun - we don’t need to pick this apart too thoroughly, because this episode’s sleep deprivation is taking advantage of an opportunity to do so more than anything else. But if we want explanation, we could bring up several things.

The first is that the people of Berk could be sleeping, but maybe not as much as usual because of the hours of daylight. The human body is affected by seasonal changes even for those who are native to those regions. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) persists when people feel depressed in winter months with the lack of sunlight. So the people of Berk could be on the flip side affected by the long hours of daylight. They might not be getting as good of sleep as they would when the hours of daylight are a bit more normal.

As far as the youths are concerned, Ruffnut and Tuffnut’s conversation at the start sort of implies they’ve seen something like this happen before. It’s not the first time they’ve seen Hooligans go loopy on this day of the year. I also imagine that this year is particularly rough because the youths are living on their own. They’ve been under their parents’ wing in the past. Their families could have helped them manage their sleep during this time of year. But now that they’re on their own living in Dragon’s Edge, they might be a little more reckless and a little less cautious about their sleep levels. So they’re going to get even more antsy and sleep-deprived than normal… hence leading to all their entertaining antics.

*sees other people reblog their own failed posts multiple times in one day*

Me: just admit you FLOPPED and move on!

*remembers the time i tried to make three jungkook text posts happen by reblogging them back to back to back every 30 minutes for 2 days*

Me:…*reblogs posts again* I can still make this work 

this blog is officially one year old today!!

thank you guys so much for following and participating with this blog. it’s amazing to see how much it’s grown since I started it a year ago.

we’ve reached almost 3k followers, and we get new messages every single day, so thank you guys so much!

and I want to say thanks to my fellow admins Hannah, Karri, Sam and Melodie. Without you guys I probably would have failed this blog months ago.

love you guys! | - / -Madi

Have no idea if this one will appear by its tag - Tumblr really hates me and support doesn’t want to do a thing about the fact that some of my posts simply don’t appear in the tag search… (oh look! WIP has been posted! I bet the finished one won’t have the chance now XD XD XD )
So, once again, I am about to thank all those of you who reblog and share my art on Tumblr - that’s a big deal for me! <3
Nevertheless, just another WIP for the 23rd of Feb which is The Fatherland Defender Day in my country. Hope to pull it out the way I apicture it to be in my mind… :-)

Upcoming posts

I have 8 posts ready for the next 4 days so which ones would you like sooner?

  • NCT 127 reaction to you being emotional on your period
  • NCT 127 reaction to having a childish GF/BF
  • What would NCT U be like jealous?
  • Tension with Trainees {NCT Ten Scenario}
  • Would NCT rather date someone younger or someone older?
  • NCT MTL to date someone sexy vs. cute
  • NCT MTL to believe in love at first sight
  • NCT U reaction when their girlfriend doesn’t like celebrating her birthday

They’ll all get posted eventually but iM REALLY indecISIVE AND I DUNNO WHICH ONE TO POST SOONER OKAY 


Originally posted by ldks

Do you know your ABC’s?

Tagged by the one and only @sonador-reveur 💘 Rules: copy/paste, replace answers and tag people.

a - age:
I’ve had my share of rounds around the sun and have quite a lot more to go(hopefully)🙏
b - biggest fear:
Constantly, losing people I love or not living up to my full potential. Currently, that a year and a half will be too much
c - current time:
Whatever time it is when you’re reading this
d - drink you last had:
e - every day starts with:
A good morning post from @randomlyjay :D
f - favourite song:
Today I’m going to go with Imagine- John Lennon
g - ghosts, are they real?
Memories seem to be
h- hometown:
Too small to make it on the map; somewhere in the land of vampires
i - in love with:
the shape of you
We push and pull like a magnet do
Although my heart is falling too
I’m in love with your body
And last night you were in my room
And now my bedsheets smell like you
Every day discovering something brand new
I’m in love with your body
Shape of You // Ed Sheeran 🎵
j - jealous of:
Everyone that gets to feel his touch
k - killed someone:
Only in my dreams
l - last time you cried:
February 12, 2017 @ 1:08am
n - number of siblings:
Three but not by blood
o - one wish:
To have more than one wish
p - person you last called/texted:
Called-Mom, Texted- @strikezilla01
q - questions you’re always asked:
“What?”, “Whaaaat?”, “WHAT?!” and other variations of this
r - reasons to smile:
The sun is still rising and so am I
s - song last sang:
Shape of You- Ed Sheeran 
t - time you woke up:
u - underwear colour:
v - vacation destination:
Anywhere that’s safe and sound
w - worst habit:
Saying yes when I mean no and saying no when I mean yes
x - x-rays you’ve had:
At the dentist. (That counts?)
y - your favourite food:
How am I supposed to pick!? This is a preposterous question! 
z - zodiac sign:

I know you’ve been tagged by @sonador-reveur even if you didn’t get notified, you have been tagged! But let me tag some wonderful people. @katrinnac x3 because lately I have more fun tagging her than anybody else for some reason :), @randomlyjay @gar-abrahan @mycosmicbackyard @thought-it-undaunted @pomegranatepithos @ourtwohands @mikefrawley @midnite-ride @cruxymox @stalkhome-sindrone @jonaswpoetry @tedibear1 @dreamcatcher-777 and if you’re reading this and want to do it, consider yourself tagged! <3

important things below.

i wanted to first start out by saying sorry for not creating an imagine for like the last two days. i do have a reason, which is the fact my schooling and job have been piling things on in heaps and it’s been really crushing my creative flow and taking all my time.
so for the next couple of weeks, i’ll be posting one imagine, at the least, on wenesdays, fridays, and sunday.  there might be a few over the other days, but probably nothing to big. hopefully this will only last maybe a week or two, but’ll i’ll tell you guys if it goes on longer.  a good thing though is that ‘now what’ and ‘7 minutes’ part twos are coming out this week no matter what!

i also wanted to thank you guys for 2k followers! you people are soo awesome! i hope i can keep you all entertained with my imagines! <3

At this point, it’s hard to imagine life without the squad. You guys are everything I could ask for in friends. Everything. (Well, everything except for y'all being next door neighbors, that’s still on my wishlist ;) ) You guys are my biggest blessing and my constant encouragement. My darkest days are filled with light because you are, each one, a reminder of hope. All I know is that I’ve never known God’s love and goodness more than is shown through the gift of you guys. It is my utmost honour and most esteemed privilege to call you my friends.