one day with shay

Imagine that Shay gets to leave the Balmera one day and visit other planets that have been liberated from Zarkon’s empire.

Imagine that as soon as she tells somebody who she is they gasp and cry “You’re THE Shay???” and the whole town receives her with excitement and praise and Shay has no idea what’s going on

until someone tells her that the Yellow Paladin encouraged them to fight back against Zarkon by sharing Shay’s story with them.

And every planet Shay visits, she is received with the same amount of fanfare

because Hunk told the entire galaxy that Shay and her people were heroes.

Okay but what if when alteans are around their crush/someone they admire their face marks start to glow?

Every time Allura visits Shay her face marks glow bright pink! Shay thinks it’s a the coolest thing ever!!!!!! She knows her marks don’t glow all the time, so one day while Allura is visiting, Shay asks Allura about it, which makes them glow even brighter

Since she doesn’t want to lie, Allura confesses her crush, which makes Shays face glow pink (she’s blushing!) and Shay says she feels the same way

Since she’s confessed and they’re in a relationship, Alluras marks only glow when she’s super flustered, so Shay tries her hardest to make them glow whenever she can (which is often)

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: it’s 2017 and I’m honestly still baffled that Rogue is “unanimously” considered among the best games in the whole Assassin’s Creed franchise. Sure the art is stunning and the gameplay is entertaining, but the story which everyone lauds as fantastic is in fact, terrible. It relies on the hope that the character and players are idiots who aren’t paying attention to the story and its many plot holes. What on earth possessed Shay to side with the Templars— the people he knows want the artifacts of Eden to enslave the minds of humanity because they believe we deserve to be under the control of a single, qualified person without the ability to speak up or fight against it? The Templars at no point demonstrate they want the best for the people during the game, but we’re supposed to root for them this time around? Why did Achilles throw Shay out of the room when all Shay did was run inside and scream cryptic nonsense at him? Why did Shay immediately conclude that Achilles PURPOSELY sent him to Lisbon to trigger an earthquake to murder thousands when Achilles barely knew that these temples even existed. Meanwhile Shay knows this firsthand, since he was one of the few people to see the temple maps? If AC 3 made such a big deal that the Isu technology can’t control do things like stop the solar flare, at most only creating a barrier, then why is Rogue’s biggest plot device, that starts everything, the earthquakes cause by the temples? I understand Minerva said they squandered their time with the first Toba Catastrophe by doing other things, but didn’t the Isu have better things to do with their advanced technology?

Also, how come people put Shay and his story on a pedestal and claim it does a great work in showing the grey area in the Templar-Assassin conflict when previous games did that better? Didn’t Liberation show Aveline’s Assassin mentor and Templar stepmother preying on her sense of belonging and try to convince her to join their side, next to her own doubts about what was the right thing? Didn’t Connor’s story in 3 end with his realization that neither side is inherently right or wrong, that the whole of their conflict will never end due to their largely opposing views and what matters in the end is peace and human liberty? Is Edward’s entire story are an agent separated from both orders ideologies for most of the game and his eventual realizations worth nothing?

And why were Haytham and other characters from AC 3 and Black Flag even present? They contributed nothing to the plot except the fact that Ubisoft KNEW for a fact they would bring back fans who loved Haytham back. Understandably, Ubisoft wanted to milk the popularity but it makes no sense when one also adds the Forsaken into the mix, that while you may or may not hate the books you have to admit they’re more or less consistent with the plot of the games. If Shay was so important and Haytham was presented through all that time, why is he not mentioned? Why include Haytham in Rogue? I’m honestly so mad that I have all these questions and no one, not the players, not Ubisoft, not a single person has deigned me an answer and I’ll never stop being salty as long as Rogue is considered a great game and Shay a flawless protag whose actions were justified rather than petty.

looking for a new trimberly fic? do you like weird fantasy? do you love avatar the last airbender (if you say no you fake as hell)? then you should read @bisexualpowerranger‘s avatar AU! It’s a very promising wip that deserves more attention. Read on Ao3 here.

An AU in which Matt and Shiro are childhood best friends resulting in their younger siblings Keith and Katie to follow suit, however during her sophomore year of high school Katie quickly realizes just exactly how she feels about her short tempered best friend and thighs become very awkward quickly resulting in a flustered Katie and confused Keith
Happy birthday @jc-drawings this is for you

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So This is Love


Allura shoved her hand up into her hair, pushing away falling strands from her face. She let out a sigh and slumped backwards, leaning onto the wall of the castle. She was so…tired.

“Everything alright, Princess?” Coran asked, his voice holding the care of a father.

“I’m fine, Coran,” she assured him. “The battles just have me worn out.” Allura gave him a smile that she hoped was reassuring, but Coran didn’t buy it. He eyed her warily, opening his mouth to say something, when the paladins came into the control room.

They had just come out of a battle with a particularly nasty robeast, and everyone was looking a little worse for wear. Pidge had a rather large burn on her hand, where her armor had given way. Hunk had bruises forming on his face, and Allura recalled his cry of help during the mission as the robeast struck his lion with some beam, making his head crash against his dashboard. Lance was cradling one hand in the other, his fingers looking like they weren’t quite bent the right way, and Keith had a bloody gash on his cheek.

Shiro…Shiro just looked very, very exhausted.

During the battle, he’d gasped something out about having recognized the robeast before, and Voltron had disbanded soon after, leaving everyone scrambled and worrying for him. Shiro had assured everyone he was fine, but Allura (and everyone else) saw through his lie.

Looking at all of the paladins, Allura realized her qualms would have to wait. She straightened up and folded her hands in front of her, giving her friends a small smile. “I know this mission was a rough one,” she said, “and you came out with trouble, but we succeeded in freeing Xther from the Galra Empire. We should all be proud of ourselves.”

Everyone nodded at her speech, albeit a bit halfheartedly, when Coran let out a curse.

“Quiznak,” he bit. “Princess, paladins, I’m sorry, but we’re going to need to make a stop at the Balmera. Something that blasted robeast did damaged the crystal.” Coran let out another curse, and spoke some colorful Altean phrases Allura was sure a princess wasn’t meant to hear.

Despite Coran’s clear dismay, Hunk’s face lit up. “Can we visit Shay? And Rax?” (Lance smirked at Hunk when he mentioned Rax. Allura wondered why.)

Allura smiled. “Of course, Hunk.”

“Yes!” He pumped his fist in the air, letting out a whooping noise. “This is going to be so great!”

Shiro gazed fondly at Hunk, like a father watching an overexcited child. “We need to go to the infirmary and get fixed up first,” he said. “None of us are in good shape right now.” Then, as a second thought, he said, “Coran, is the crystal operational enough for the infirmary?”

Coran nodded. “Yes, yes. But our shields are severely impaired. We’ll need to arrive at the Balmera soon in case we want to avoid certain death by one of the Galra’s troops.”

Allura nodded. “We leave for the Balmera in the morning. Right now, we rest and heal.”


The next morning, Allura, Coran, and the paladins were gathered in the launch room, ready to go to the Balmera. Hunk looked as excited as an Altean child on Skliftmis, a gift-giving (or gift-receiving, for the younger ones) holiday. He was rambling on about how he couldn’t wait to see Shay and Rax and all the other Balmerans, how he had missed the place, etc.

Allura couldn’t deny that she felt a small spark of excitement as well. It was always nice to visit ally planets, and to see how planets free from the tyranny of the Galra were faring. Allura also found herself looking forward to seeing Shay, although she couldn’t quite put her finger on why. But that didn’t matter.

“Ready to wormhole,” Allura said. The paladins took their seats as Allura placed her hands on the platform, connecting with the energy of the castle and the universe to wormhole away. She focused on the image of the Balmera, inputting the coordinates to the system, and a gaping blue wormhole opened up in front of the castle.

They sped through it, the Balmera appearing on the other side.

Hunk let out a noise of happiness, almost a squeal, but not quite, as they beheld the yellow/green planet. It looked much like Allura remembered it, only more crystals had appeared, giving the planet a sparkling effect. It looked amazing.

Allura couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face as they descended onto the Balmera and stepped out of the castle onto the rocky terrain. Balmerans greeted them, with Shay and her family at the front of the crowd.

“Princess! Advisor! Paladins! Hunk!” Shay sounded overjoyed to see them all, a large grin spreading across her face.

“Hello, Shay,” Allura said, stepping forward. Shay enveloped her in a hug as a greeting.

Allura felt something in her heart begin to overflow, causing a tingling sensation in her chest. Shay pulled away and went to hug Hunk and the others, but Allura still felt the phantom of Shay’s arms around her, her cheeks beginning to heat up.

What is this? Allura thought, though she already had an inkling of the answer.

“What brings you here today, Voltron?” Rax, Shay’s brother whom Allura always thought of as a bit cruel, asked.

“Our crystal is damaged,” Keith said. “We need to repair it or get a new one.”

“Only a repair will be necessary.” Coran launched into an explanation as to what had happened to the crystal and how to fix it, but Allura was distracted.

Shay was listening intently, leaning forward just a bit as if to hear Coran better, nodding along, and looking eager to help. Allura had to admire her.

Lance nudged her arm, causing Allura to jump. “Lance! What is it?”

He gave her a knowing smile, then pointed at Shay. “You’re staring.” (God, he was just like the annoying little brother Allura never had.)

Allura elbowed him in the gut, taking pleasure in the surprised, “Oof!” that came after it.

So what if she was staring? Allura was a princess. She could do what she wanted, and that included admiring Shay in all her beauty.

Shay was quite lovely. She was big and muscular, and her glowing eyes reminded Allura of the stars. Allura loved the stars.

After Coran finished his explanation with a few interjections from Pidge, a few mechanics from the Balmerans, Hunk, and Coran went inside the castle, discussing new ways to fix the crystal and how they could even improve it. Pidge raced after them, shouting, “I can help, too!” making Allura smile at her.

Lance, Keith, Allura, and Shay were the ones left. Shay was smiling after Hunk and her family in the castle, looking proud. Allura went over to her.

“So, Shay,” she said, “why aren’t you helping with the crystal?”

“I’m not much one for mechanics. I suppose I’m more of a nature person, or maybe an artist.” Shay looked around the Balmera, a small smile gracing her lips. (Lips Allura felt oddly attracted to). “I suppose there’s not much difference between the two.”

“Nature and art?” Allura asked.

“Yes,” Shay said, “they’re very connected.”

Allura nodded. “When I was little, and Altea was still around,” she said, “I would go into the gardens of the castle with my mother, and I would paint her with the junniberries, which are - were - a type of pink flower. I don’t think I ever painted her very well, because I was so small, but she would always put my pictures up all over the castle, as if I were some esteemed artist.” Allura smiled at the memory. Her mother had been the kindest woman she’d ever known. Allura hoped to be like her, one day.

Shay seemed to read Allura’s mind. “Your mother sounds like an amazing woman,” she said softly.

“She was,” Allura replied, voice equally soft.

Shay’s eyes widened. “Princess, I’m so sorry.”

Allura smiled, a bit sadly, and said, “Do not be sorry that she is no longer with us. The loss was a hard one, but…her life was well-lived. She loved unconditionally, and with everything she had. I think you would’ve liked her.”

Shay laughed. “If she was anything like you, I’m sure I would’ve!”

Allura felt her face heat up at that comment. “W-well, I’m- I’m flattered.” She resisted the urge to smack herself. “I’m flattered”? Who said that?

Shay looked amused at Allura’s response, laughing out loud when Allura covered her blushing face in her hands. The laugh wasn’t malicious at all - Allura didn’t think Shay could do anything malicious - but rather wholeheartedly pleased by Allura’s reaction to her flirting.

Once Allura recovered from embarrassment, and Shay stopped chuckling every time she saw her, Allura straightened her back and looked Shay in the eyes. “I do think my mother is far more like you than me.”

Shay didn’t get these words at first, but after a minute, she was the one hiding her blushing face in her hands, and Allura was the one laughing.

“You’re too nice, Princess,” Shay kept repeating, mumbling into her hands. “Too nice.”

“You are as well!” was Allura’s continuous response, which only made Shay blush more.

Allura wondered where her sudden confidence in flirting had come from. She had never had the courage to act like this back in the old days of Altea, when suitors were always trying to gain her affections. Allura thought maybe Lance had gotten to her.

Speaking of Lance, he and Keith had disappeared off somewhere. Allura didn’t dwell on what that meant.

After a few more minutes of excessive compliments, Shay turned to Allura. (Yes, there were most definitely stars in her eyes.) “Come on, Princess,” she said, “I want to show you my favorite place on Balmera.”

Before Allura could respond, Shay grabbed her hand and led her to a giant, rainbow colored crystal.

“Wow,” Allura gasped, eyes wide in awe. “I had no idea crystals could look like this.”

“Oh, neither did anyone else, before this crystal emerged,” Shay said. “But this isn’t even the best part. Come with me.”

Shay took Allura’s hand again, leading her around to a small hole in the crystal, just big enough to climb through.

“You- we can go inside the crystal?” Allura asked.

Shay nodded excitedly and pulled Allura in after her.

Inside the crystal, it was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Thousands of different colors bounced around and sparkled, mixing together to create an indescribably amazing effect. Allura was reminded a bit of space, only with far more colors. She was in awe.

“Shay, this is amazing,” Allura said, wonder in her voice. She finally ripped her eyes away from the crystal, the sparkles looking like stars, only to be confronted by more stars in Shay’s eyes.

Shay was looking down at Allura with so much emotion that Allura was taken aback. Tentatively, slowly, yet with no reluctance, Allura took Shay’s other hand in hers, realizing she had never let go of the one Shay had led her by.

“You’re amazing,” Shay breathed.

Allura met her eyes, and, between them in that moment, there was an unspoken connection.

The air was filled with a soft electricity as Allura stood on the tips of her toes and Shay leaned down, their lips connecting, Allura finally realizing why she had admired Shay so much.

The admiration she had felt was the allure of love, the pull to Shay drawing her closer, closer, closer.

After what felt like an eternity, the two girls pulled away from each other and stared, reverent in each others eyes.

Yes, Allura decided, this was love.

All exhaustion she had ever felt was cleared away by the exhilaration of that realization, by the touch of her lips to Shay’s, by the way Shay’s hands slipped from hers to settle on her waist and pull her even closer.

Allura’s hands moved up to Shay’s neck to pull her down a little more (wow, she was tall) to let Allura kiss her more.

This woke everything in Allura up, cleared away every tired cell in her body, replaced them with something so awake it took her breath away.

This was love.

Some uuuhhh shayllura hcs

•the moment shay realized she had feelings for allura was definitely the moment when allura was talking about how she wasn’t going to leave balmera behind
•like that was their first time meeting but shay was just like “ oh wow this girl is so amazing i”
•and then there was that moment when allura was restoring the life back to the balmera and shay was like “ yup I’ve met the most beautiful girl in the galaxy”
•allura is kind of busy with the saving the universe and stuff, so romance isn’t really the first thing on her mind right now.
•but one day when they visit balmera again, she’s so happy to see shay and she realizes she missed her alot?? And there’s this other feeling as well she’s kind of confused about
•the two end up going on a walk on the balmera, where it’s started growing crystals more and beauty is being restored and such
•and shay is telling allura facts about balmera, and talking about how things have been and how much she’s missed her
•and all of a sudden while looking at her, surrounded by the crystals of balmera and the sort of glow they give off and laughing and rambling about something allura has sort of stopped listening to to pay more attention to shays face
• she realizes how much she cares about shay, and all of a sudden forgets about everything that’s been going on and like a punch to the stomach realizes shes??? In love with shay???
•the rest of the walk is torture and allura gets so flustered when shay grabs her hand to lead her to look at something
•Its really obvious to everyone else
•she’s been a bit off and staring into space with a goofy grin on her face
•and she wants to visit balmera alot more often then usual
•lance kind of teases her about it and tries to give her advice on how to “woo space babes”
•allura sometimes gets pouty because she can’t visit shay alot, what with her duties
•eventually I think they find a way to contact each other more often, with a sort of space version of Skype or smth
•shay gives her presents when ever allura visits, like a crystal that’s carved to look like a heart
•allura keeps all of them on a shelf in her room
•one time shay gave her earings made of the crystal and allura where’s them all the time now
•shay kind of thinks allura is out of her league and sort of accepted it might not happen
• I mean, she’s a beautiful space princess who has magic powers for goodness sake
•allura thinks the same thing because shay is so kind and amazing ???? Like wow
• the first person to admit there feelings is allura
•they’ve visited balmera again, and their taking a walk through the castle because shay really wanted to see the inside of it
•their voices are echoing through the halls, shays laughs and maybe one or two bad pick up lines allura barrowed from lance. Maybe some of them aren’t completely bad ok
•they reach the main deck and are looking out over balmera, and it’s just kind of quiet
•but a nice quiet
•all of a sudden allura turns to shay and sees her smiling down at her planet
• and allura like yeah ok I’m just gonna do it
•she asks shay if she can tell her something, and shay looks at her with a fond and questioning look
•and allura just tells her
•she trips over a lot of words and talks really fast because she’s so nervous and shay is just staring at her gaping
•and she’s so flustered as she finishes
•it’s just quiet for a moment as shay processes what happened
•then she just leans over and holds allura hands in her own and tells her she feels the same way really quietly
•and allura so happy and she’s pretty much jumping from joy and shays kind of laughing quietly as allura splutters something in response
•I just really like shayllura ok

I had the same fridge for two seasons straight when one day it simply stopped working. I asked for a new one, which I received, and was delighted to see it was twice the size of my old one. Whilst restocking it one day, Shay Mitchell happens to pop by my room, and spots my new toy, and remarks how hers is a bit smaller. The next day, I come in to find a tiny ‘POS’ fridge sitting in my room. Shay had stolen mine!
—  Ian Harding about Shay stealing his fridge
first kisses headcanons (Lance, Hunk)

Lance’s first kiss was with Keith. One day, when retrieving Lance from his room, Keith noticed his headphones. At the evening he came to Lance and asked what kind of music he had, and they enthusiastically listened to song after song until Keith suddenly heard some classic piece he had once heard on Earth. Lance grinned, maximised the volume, put headphones around Keith’s neck and tugged him up, pulling him into a wide graceful move, until their bodies flushed together. They dance slowly, grinning and giggling until gentle piano and violin sounds died down, leaving them staring into each other’s eyes in silence. They leant into the kiss just as slowly as they moved while dancing, and it was everything Lance had imagined: something soft and lingering, gloved hand on his neck and soft fringe brushing against his forehead. They both jumped up when drums blasted from the headphones, and then laughed till tears in their eyes. 

Hunk’s first kiss was with Shay, and it was the way romantic kisses were shared on Balmera. Shay visited the Castle, eager to see everyone again. Later, when Shay and Hunk were left alone in the lounge, he was telling her about the Earth, about the diversity of landscapes and climate, and it fascinated her to no end. She said that Earth sounded like a dozen of tiny planets on the surface of a big one, and Hunk said that his biggest wish was to show his home to her one day. Shay looked at him strangely and suddenly wrapped her big hands around his neck, thumbs caressing his earlobes. When Hunk didn’t move for the whole 10 seconds, her cheeks darkened, she quickly removed her hands and started apologising and mumbling something about misinterpreting the situation, and Hunk already was starting to panic until she said something about this ‘seeming like a perfect moment for kiss’. Something clicked inside Hunk’s head (for he was not called genius for nothing), and, blushing furiously, he wrapped his hands around Shay’s neck. ‘This is me kissing you the Balmeran way. And this’, he leant and pressed his lips against hers, ‘was me kissing you the Earth way.’ After that, they decided that combining two kinds of kissing was the best way to kiss.