one day we can be

I’m always hoping that you’ll miss me as much as I miss you. I’m hoping that one day I’ll hear from you, and we can start over.
—  I miss you

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Hey Cap! I just wanna say I love your use of repetition in your writing! Idk how to describe it, but they really set the tone in my head or like coating the scene with warm-glow-fuzzies? (sorry that makes no sense). Anywho, THANK YOU FOR BEING AMAZING and also letting us in on the small bits of your personal life, it really gives us young'ns hope that we can find such awesome love one day too

Holy crap it makes perfect sense, that’s literally why I do it!!! Thank you sooooo much for saying so: I’m often very insecure about it, because I know it’s a highly subjective thing…. thank you so much!!! :D 

And yes!!! There is hope for ye young’ns, I promise!! I’m sending you soooo much love!!! <3 <3 <3 

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aren't you from tampa? do you have plans to go back someday?

yeah i am!!! i’d really like to… i grew up wanting to leave but it turns out i hate change and learning new places so i hope one day we can settle there.


Saturday, but not rest day. Woke up early for a yoga session. I’m going to get weights in either later today or tomorrow. The rest of the weekend I’m not planning on working out so much as just being active. The kids’ dad is taking them to the fireman’s 5k while I go to work today and they will be with me the rest of the weekend. The weather is apparently going to be crappy but I’m hoping for at least one nice day so we can go to the park. If it would be hot enough to go swimming that would be even better. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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{ 02.10 } 松浦 果南  彡☆

Happy Birthday Kanan! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

Archive Of Our Own has outpaced

In 2015, the rate of new works started per day on the non-profit archive exceeded that of the older, and this fan-run project is set to surpass the fastest growth of either archive in 2017. 

Below the cut, I explain where these numbers come from, look more closely at the seasonal variation in each archive, and the overall pace of fanworks being posted.

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so like, i know this is tacky, and i hate to be that person, but can we also remember that One Day at a Time is Cuban? People don’t talk enough about that immigration episode. Elena being gay is so amazing and seeing queer latinx is incredible and so fucking needed. She has blessed us all. But let me tell you, the cuban story being spoken about doesn’t happen and that’s why misinformation about C.astro has spread and why after his death a lot of non-cubans were in my inbox not understanding the situation and shocked at how little they and the world actually knew. That episode was real. Everyone in my life has a story like that. That’s a lot of Miami’s story and it made me so damn emotional and happy to know that so many non-cubans were gonna get a chance to hear us represented. So can we not erase that too? ❤️