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Day 3! An AU

Well I present to you Underfluff, an au where everyone seem like they’re going to kill you but they’re actually just big overcooked cinnamon rolls

sans uses big floof hug……. it’s supereffective

A book tour is a strange whirlwind of a thing. You have so little time in each place, you are worn out by the end of the first day, you meet so many wonderful people that all faces begin to blend into one face, and you forget what stillness feels like. It’s funny how far from home you could feel if you stopped to truly reflect on it, so I just wanted to take a moment to thank the lovely @sarahlinden for taking on these journeys with me, for being next to me on this weird and meandering adventure, for the kindness she breathes out to everyone she meets at the book signings, and for making me always feel at home, because she brings it with her wherever she goes. Also for putting up with me because I cannot imagine what a tall order that is. I am humbled by your trust and affection and unwavering belief in me.



a similar thing happened to me when, in high school, i came out as a “confused” lesbian, i.e. i didn’t “really” know if i was gay or bi. all the sudden, every guy that had ever treated me like shit (i’ll say “they”, i’m talking about a group of different guys, their names run together because this happened pretty much every time i came out, because like most gay people, i’ve come up multiple times, and between the ages of 14 and 18 it was always a big deal and always ended up like this. much less so now that i’m in college.), had these genuine feelings for me and wanted to treat me the way “only they knew i had always deserved” and show me that i just needed “a boy like them who had always been there for me” and shit like that. all the sudden they were ready to be #1 Best Boyfriend Of All Time. like, where was that when i was trying to pass as straight? they didn’t have a change of heart. none of them actually wanted to date me. some of them had girlfriends at the time (who were ironically my own friends, one of whom was my fucken…..sister. 👀) they made sure to never actually say they wanted to be my boyfriend, because they didn’t, they just wanted me to continue feeling confused about them.

they were just upset that there was a POSSIBILITY that i would figure out that i really was gay (read: i was, but unfortunately, their manipulation was working, so for about a year i said i was bi. that’s not to say that all bisexual teenagers are just confused or lying! but in my case, i was both. some of yall might even have been following me at that point! yikes. now you know.)

i didn’t realize what was going on until my “friend” had me breaking down in tears during class one day because he was prodding me about relationships, and i was so conflicted about my “feelings” for him that had been eating away at me for probably a year and a half, and i thought to myself, i’m about to make his day and tell him that i just had an epiphany that from now on, this girl only loves girl pussy!!!!! (and anything else a girl might have, this girl does NOT love transphobia). (also, lmao, that’s not the story of how i realized i was gay, i realized that when i was exactly 7 years old standing in the hallway to my moms bedroom but that’s another funny story. this was the story of how i stopped denying it because of homophobic, rapey assholes who tried to intimidate me into being straight.)

MORE THAN ONE boy man (this continued after high school) that i had, in their words “led on” (read: either projected my feelings onto as a closeted teenage lesbian, or was just nice to in general as a friendly person), resorted to STALKING ME UNTIL I WAS IN COLLEGE. also some of my friends, some of whom had it worse, most of whom would come out as lgbt in the next few years. funny how that works out :(. (by funny i mean sad and absolutely 100% related: i hate the myth that lesbians and trans girls don’t get sexually harassed by straight guys; we absolutely do, often times way more, and at a way younger age. but that’s a rant for a different day.)

“okay but this guy clearly had good intentions”. first of all, most of those guys i just mentioned, had good intentions. while one of them sticks out in my mind: he was also my best friend, and didn’t realize what he was doing. he wanted to control me, sure, but he wanted to control me because he thought i was making a mistake, that he knew what was best for me. our relationship, even if it was technically just friendship with weird sexual tension, ended up being toxic and abusive because of that. in his mind he was looking out for me, but really, he made me confused and insecure for years. another one, who we will call Such A Sweet Boy, ended up doing terrible things to multiple girls because he was just Such A Sweet Boy and he didn’t realize what he was doing, and nobody could believe Such A Sweet Boy could do anything wrong.

so if you are a guy reading this and you have good intentions, but you’re in the same (or similar) situation as the first guy in op’s post, ask your self what has really changed here? why the sudden heartbreak? was it because you really changed? or was it because, you realized she will no longer be available to you,at least, available in your mind, regardless of whether or not she ever actually was? 

another good, and weird, example was a guy who i played with in a community ensemble for a few years. when i told him i was moving away for college, he got ridiculously angry with me, like, how could i betray him like this? what about everything we had?  he said it wasn’t fair for me to do this to him, and that i had to stay in my home town, and that it was time for me to decide if i was going to prioritize my career over him, and if so, that “said a lot about me”. keep in mind that to me he was just this guy that i knew from our community ensemble. and that i was openly gay. (the story gets weirder but again that is a post for another day.) IRONICALLY, he wasn’t the only guy who told me i was “betraying him” for “choosing” college “over” him. 

dudes, i know that heartbreak and romantic feelings can be really confusing. and i know that sometimes it HURTS, or you’re just NOT SURE WHAT TO DO, and that you might not be the most socially adept person. like, i’m awkward as hell, i get it, i don’t always understand social conventions either. and you’re probably thinking to yourself “how did these guys not realize how transparently possessive they were being? that’s terrible!” but PLEASE, if you’re ever dealing with heartbreak from a girl, consider whether or not you are this guy. because none of those guys thought they were “that guy”. and i’m not just some random lesbian who has the misfortune of attracting terrible men to me, or some meanie feminist who HATES the poor menfolk: this is not just a me-thing, i don’t know if i’ve ever met a woman who doesn’t have a story about a boy/man treating them like this. i have lots of amazing male friends who treat me and the women in their life great. 

i added my own stories because i think those are good examples of different way guys do the exact same thing, but this has happened to so many other girls i know in different ways (and guys too, i’m sure, but women who are possessive in relationships tend to act that out differently). you will probably never THINK you are that guy. so again: but please consider why events like a wedding announcement, or coming out of the closet, or going off to college, etc, made you feel such a change of heart. THERE’S ANOTHER SIDE TO THE STORY.

Tell Me

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Tell Me
[You need alittle reassurance from Zico]

Jiho groaned and rolled over on his side. You two have been in bed for the last few hours and every time he finds himself finally falling asleep, you would find it absolutely necessary to roll over and it would wake him up. That and he’d often find a mass of hair tickling his face, but he’d grown to find that part comforting. He couldn’t really complain about a slight discomfort when it oddly smelled like warmth and home.

However, each one of your little flops were followed by a very huffy grunt.

It wasn’t that you never moved around in bed, it was just that you never moved around so much. He glanced at his alarm clock and sighed, rubbing his temples. He had work in a few hours and knew that you wouldn’t just offer up what was bothering you. “Jagi please” he wrapped his arms around you, stopping you from turning again. “What is it?”

“…Nothing” you mumbled pouting.

He knew that pout, that was the I don’t wanna say it, but I’ll be even angrier if you don’t keep asking me pout. “Come on, please just tell me.” he yawned. “I gotta get some sleep and whatever it is, is clearly bothering you.”

“I don’t wanna tell you.” your pout deepened.

“Well why the hell not?”

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Prompt:  Can you do a Chekov x reader, where Chekov and you are best friends and always have been until a new recruit starts flirting with you and Chekov gets extremely jealous and slowly realizes that he’s in love with you. And when he tries to tell you he gets in a fight with the recruit? (And you of course feel the same way in the end) just fluff stuff :) Sorry if that’s a bit wordy but I love your writing <3
Word Count: 663
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: My motivation has been basically 0 lately but thank you to everyone who sent me kind words and sticking with me.

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prank sentence starters.

’ i’m going to prank you if you don’t stop laughing at me. ’
’ you have to admit, that was a pretty good prank. ’
’ you are just a prankster. ’
’ please, tell me this isn’t another one of your pranks. ’
’ that was not a funny prank, stop laughing. ’
’ you cannot out prank me, i’m the prank master. ’
’ i play pranks on people, it’s kind of my thing. ’
’ some pranks just get way too out of hand. ’
’ calm down, it was only a prank, i meant no real harm. ’
’ if you prank me one more time, i’m done being your friend. ’
’ what do you do? other than prank people. ’
’ you’re prank ideas are the worse, none of them even turned out. ’
’ i’m not that good at pranking people. ’
’ save the pranks for april fools day, my friend. ’
’ people only play pranks on april fools, you fool. ’
’ i got beat up for playing a prank on someone. ’
’ this black eye is from a prank i pulled yesterday. ’
’ i have all these prank ideas and no one to prank. ’
’ i keep getting these really weird prank phone calls. ’
’ do you want to prank call someone with me? ’
’ i got pranked once, punched the person right in the face for it. ’
’ pranks gone wrong are something you should consider when pranking someone. ’
’ believe it or not, pranking people is so old school. ’
’ okay, what the heck is a prank? ’
’ i’ve never been pranked by someone before. ’
’ think you can prank me, do you? ’
’ can you go to jail for pranking someone? ’
’ pranks calls are so out dated and childish. ’
’ if i get pranked one more time, i swear. ’
’ there is more to life than pranking people. ’
’ pranks are kind of fun, if it’s not you getting pranked and all. ’
’ have you been prank calling me? ’

The other day I saw these two bros with snapbacks blasting rap music and one of them had two pairs of sunglasses on while the other was sticking his feet out the car window so I asked my friend to roll down our window and I screamed “Hey baby nice legs!” and their jaws literally dropped and they stared at me for like a full three minutes while traffic was stopped I don’t think dudes know how to process being catcalled

Two years ago I was so secretly depressed. I was self harming and I hated myself, my life, basically everything except music. But I didn’t really tell anyone and the people I did tell thought after a day or so it was gone and I kept promising I’d stop hurting myself so they left me alone with it. I got these lyrics because I remember faking so much, my smile, my laugh, my happiness in general and eventually I quite literally lost my laugh. To this day I have like 7 different laughs because I just haven’t picked up one singularly. When I was younger I was basically known for being loud and funny and able to make anyone laugh, but I lost that along the way. When I heard these lyrics for the first time I was so in love I knew I had to get them tattooed somewhere, some how. This tattoo means so much to me because now whenever I’m down, or angry, or stressed, I can look at my arm and remember that I’ll laugh again eventually and I’m going to continue to be me and be happy. Also, this tattoo is NOT upside down, it’s facing me because it’s for ME because I wanted to be able to read the message that means so much to ME, and not a passer by to read with ease. These lyrics are from the song Through the Dark by One Direction and if anyone has any negative comments about the source of my goddamn happiness then you can kindly bugger off. This band means the world to be and it will not be my only tattoo related to them. With that said, I’m so relieved to have gotten this tattoo I’ve waited so long for and I couldn’t be happier.

Before the Line (Prequel) Part 2

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: When Clint enlists the help of a former SHIELD agent to help during Civil War, will a new friendship blossom or will it become something more?

Warnings: Fluff, Language

Words: 1,241

 Before the Line -Prequel (part 1)

 To the End of the Line (Part 1). 

Tags: @aweways @deansdickberrypie @bovaria @riechenbach-fall @broby—dick@buckysbackpackbuckle @the-real-tony-stank @poe-also-bucky @totheendofthelinepal @stormy-thomas bellastellaluna @skeletoresinthebasement @buckybarnesthedoritoslut nottheopera@dersilbernefuchskrieger @reasmith76 @erinvanlyssel @margowritings@hello-i-dont-have-a-name @officialcaptain-marvel @spn-worm @marvelbase001@imaginingbucky

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After a long and tiring eight hour flight, we finally make it to Berlin. By we, I mean me, Clint, a kid named Wanda, and some guy named Scott who talks to ants. I’m not sure what exactly the Avengers have been up to these past few years, but they surely have been busy. Once we land, Clint goes to get us some sort of transportation. Scott was basically sleep walking, definitely experiencing jet lag. Wanda and I were waiting for Clint to return in silence.

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Dean: So how does a pretty girl like you end up here?
Y/N: Long story.
Dean: Will you tell me?
Y/N: One day. All I can say is it’s pretty messed up.
Dean: …
Y/N: Why are you staring at me like that?
Dean: Nothing just…thinking about what you said.
Y/N: About my story being messed up?
Dean: Yeah you’re like a hot mess. Emphasis on the hot of course.
Y/N: *blushes* Really…?
Dean: And the mess.
Y/N: Oh.
Dean: Not gonna lie you’re kind of crazy sometimes.
Y/N: Thanks for that.
Dean: You are more hot than mess though.
Y/N: *laughs and blushes*
Dean: You’re so cute when you blush.
Y/N: Stop itttt! It’s not funny!
Dean: No it’s adorable!
Y/N: I hate you.
Dean: Don’t deny it, you love me. *winks*

compliments for the signs
  • Aries: everyone is always pissing on yall for being angry. so what? you show emotion! you aren't afraid to stick up for what you believe in! PS i am waiting impatiently to be present for when some dumbass tells an Aries "dude, chilllllll" literally ill back you up leggo
  • Taurus: ok so everyone says you don't stop eating and you're lazy af. that's literally the entirety of Tumblr. my sister is a Taurus and yeah she eats loads and wont move to pick up a remote... and???? she's the best person i know, super fit, totally hilarious, and so are all of you. side note: why are you all so pretty??
  • Gemini: the "two-faced bitch" is getting annoying. i know loads of gems and none of them have wronged me or anyone i know. you guys have one of the best senses of dry humor, and you're always there to listen to my problems. you always get things done like one day you'll be commenting on some guys ass then bam you're dating him??? like that was easy
  • Cancer: i don't care if you're crying over spilt milk. gfy!!! you're sad! thank you for telling me!!! thank you for not being that person that says "i'm fine" and we all know is :( because that really sucks man i love being there for people thank you for opening up to me really
  • Leo: so you act really confident and self-aware and you hide your insecurities. NEWS FLASH: you shouldn't have any because you're fuggin 100% all the times i can't even begin. You're never afraid to try out new styles and you compliment those who look uncomfortable in their own skin and i love that. one last thing, i love it when you're so open about who you want to be and what you want to do and you don't care about other peoples opinions on that.
  • Virgo: there's so much more to you than your brains. you, gemini, scorpio, and taurus should just get together and let all the other signs watch ya'll talk because 8/8 m8 your humor is on point. also you're so understanding of your friends like you're so accepting. i could tell you i was going to have plastic surgery on my arm to add scales so i could be like a dragon and you'd tell me what color would look good on me.
  • Libra: this whole "superficial" biz is getting boring. ya'll are always so sweet to me. your the sign that, if they saw a kid crying, would go up to that stranger and ask whats wrong. then they'd go over to the kid that made em cry, see their point of view, and then properly unleash your wrath on the one in the wrong. like you're so fair and honest and unbiased and that's so cool because i'm sick of people not seeing others points of view.
  • Scorpio: sex-addict and psychopath is so old. hell yeah you're good at sex! hell yeah you get pissed! who doesn't? there's so much more to you than that. people forget you're in the water element for a reason. you're so insecure and sad and waiting for people to see you for who you are. you're so kind to your friends, you'd kill for them. (kidding). you're protective and passionate and feel everything so strong and great at reading people. you let others open up. thank you for that.
  • Sagittarius: i would give anything to go on a trip with you. they say you're detached af but everyone has their shit. so you have trouble opening up to people. so you have trouble talking to people about some things and sure you don't always show emotion. self-preservation ring a bell? you're doing your best being you. but please don't be afraid to open up. we all love you so much and you're so great and just such a wonderful person. don't stop that.
  • Capricorn: you work so hard. you're literally always pushing yourself and never asking for help but you're dying on the inside. you're wearing yourself thin and it has got to be exhausting. you make me day everyday with your laughs and humor and perkiness. you're legit so cute and you find the stupidest things funny. aLS0 your pet peeves are so cute. the weirdest things annoy you?? one example being that i used the word 'stupidest' in this.
  • Aquarius: you are s0 FUNNY omfg yeah you have that weird sense of humor and your aliens and memes 100% but that's so cool of you. you're so passionate about the world and your beliefs and no one gives you credit for that. plus you're such a leader. people would follow you blindly with your confidence. you typically see the good in the world and you're so free-spirited. legit 8/8 ily
  • Pisces: you're always stressed and constantly sad. don't. you have so much to live for. your laugh is so cute and you're so creative even though you don't admit it. you act tough at times but there's no need to. you could open up to anyone and they'd all be happy that you came to talk to them. you tell the best stories and your jokes are that stupid kinda funny. your awkwardness is adorable and i love you for that

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(Such good questions Mary!) Lovely sinday questions, let’s make this day dirty~.

♂- How often do you have sex and/ or touch yourself?

Due to current living situations the physical kind isn’t happening, being a caregiver to my mother has put a stop to my booty calls. (FML)

Touching myself? Hmm whenever I see Gladio on my dash. (LOL) Honestly every other day, twice a day. It’s something I’m not ashamed of doing it’s a great stress reliever and a healthy form of dealing with frustration. Plus gives me good ideas for smuts, fuels the creativity. (LOL)

♪- Are you a vocal person in bed?

GIRL! I am. Like funny story, rented a hotel with this dude one time and I was so loud the people in the room next door complained about me. They knocked on our door telling us to shut up. It was a rather old hotel so wasn’t so sound proof.

I am fairly expressive with my face but my voice likes to rival that when it’s sexy time. Moaning, screaming, whining, DIRTY TALK, it’s all me. Can’t help it, it gets crazy.

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How would B1A4 and BTOB react to you beinh loopy from removing all of your wisdom teeth in one day? And saying weird stuff like "Spongebob you there?!" To a pineapple.

AHAHAH MAAAN. Gonna do both bands because this request made me crack up. Please next time ask for one band per question ;D


Jinyoung: [entertains you with something that is not even funny anymore when you`re in normal condition]

CNU: What is… going on in here?

Sandeul: [secretly wishes this condition of yours would never stop] Kyyaaa so cute~

Baro: [when you keep insisting on Spongebob ‘opening the door’]

Gongchan: [watches you in amusement]


Eunkwang: [joins you by starting being weird Eunkwang]

Minhyuk: [doesn`t interfere you. Watches you for the fun of it]

Changsub: Hey! You`re trying to visit him without notifying him beforehand! That`s rude

Hyunsik: [loses it at some point]

Peniel: Who`s weird now? You`re weirder than I am! [time to celebrate it with a random dance]

Ilhoon: I will remember every moment of it to embarrass you later!

Sungjae: [another one to join you in acting weird]

(As always, gifs aren`t mine. Cr. To gif owners)

Tired of the HOA lady

Every week, or multiple days per week, the HOA compliance lady would drive around and look for things to send letters about. This week’s mission was to find vehicles parked in the street - never mind that I had my truck in the street because I was cleaning the driveway per a prior violation…. That tipped me over the edge.

I started calling the cops on her. Every. Single. Time. “Suspicious vehicle, driving very slow around the neighborhood, making notes at certain houses.” It didn’t take long before she stopped being the HOA busybody. I saw her pulled over one day, so I knew the message got through.

What It Would be like dating Pietro/Wanda.

12 days of Imagines: Day 7.

(Combined preference!)



  • You calling him Piet.
  • Lotss of kissing and lots of sex.
  • Him cursing in russian when he’s upset, frustrated or during sex.
  • Him getting easily frustrated with you.
  • “Piet, Can you calm the fuck down for just one second?!”
  • You hating when people give Pietro sugar.
  • being extremely turned on By Pietro’s accent.
  • gossiping with wanda about pietro.
  • Pietro always peaking at the gifts you buy them so you have to go above and beyond to find places to hide them.
  • Loving night life with Pietro because he calms down and you two can relax.
  • You and Pietro always having PDA.
  • Pietro being very jealous.
  • “Piet, Just because that man said Hi does not mean im screwing him.”
  • Loving when he gets all giddy and happy.
  • Holding his hand or rubbing his arm/back when he’s antsy to calm him down.
  • Pietro always having an arm around you.
  • pietro calling you princess.
  • you and pietro being un-able to have kids.
  • You crying because all you want is a baby.
  • Pietro having to avoid you walking by kids in public.
  • Pietro and You going to theme parks and fairs all the time.
  • “I love you more.” “Nope! i love you more!”



  • You freaking out over how cool her accent is.
  • you terrified to tell people about you and her understanding that.
  • Telling Pietro before anyone else but pietro eventually tells the whole team.
  • You more hesitant about the relationship.
  • wanda rubbing your back and can easily tell when your scared or nervous.
  • “Y/n, would i let anything hurt you, Huh sweetie?”
  • wanda using names like ‘Sweetheart’ for you.
  • ‘Well, one has been naughty hasn’t she?”
  • You and wanda cuddling in the avengers tower.
  • Movies and junk food is a important factor of your relationship.
  • “Wanda, netflix and Chill?” ‘y/n, your so lame.”
  • you and wanda being best friends.
  • You and wanda always stealing each others clothes.
  • You taking wanda to clubs and her not being too into them until shes grinding with you.
  • wanda’s not jealous but very protective.
  • You getting upset whenever she reads your mind or makes you see things. 
  • Your first fight being about her going into your mind.
  • “Wanda i trusted you! I let you in! And you do what? You use your powers on me! I can’t trust you!”
  • wanda feeling horrible and making it up to you with some sex.
  • You two being loud on purpose just to mess with the team.
  • Pietro Literally crying when he can hear you two. “MY BABY SISTER UGH! NO NO NO!”
  • Tony always joking about a  threesome.
  • You and wanda buying your first house together out of the city.

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I am a Jikook Trash, totally, but can I request a one sided head canon,where Jungkook is deeply in Love with Jimin, but Jimin is already in a relationship, it can be happy ending, or whatever. PS: I am a big fan of your writings, I just love them. ~~

This is…angsty. But I’m a sucker for happy endings soooo enjoy your Jikook~

+ Longing was something Jungkook had been familiar with for a while now. He longed for Jimin’s touch, his closeness, and affection. They had been friends for a while now, so long in fact, that Jungkook no longer remembered at which point he had fallen so deeply in love with his friend.

+ He had always thought, ‘maybe the next day’ when deciding whether he should confess to Jimin or not. He had felt like he had all the time in the world to do so. But oh, was he so very wrong.

+ When Jimin starts talking about this ‘new friend’ he had, Jungkook didn’t think much of it. It only hit him when Jimin asked for him to meet his new boyfriend.

+ Shattered was too nice of a way to put what Jungkook was feeling in his heart. But for Jimin, he would put on a tight lipped smile and shake the hand of the person that had stolen his love’s heart.

+ Jungkook third wheeling on their dates. Sometimes he does little things to sabotage Jimin’s boyfriend and make him look bad (nothing too bad) but Jimin ends up finding it cute and kissing him

+ Jimin and Jungkook still have their nights to themselves, but it’s much less frequent. Jimin often spends his nights with his boyfriend, leaving Jungkook having to ask Tae to come over and keep him company

+ Jungkook doesn’t know what to feel the first time he is sexiled from their apartment.

+ “Hey Jungkook? Do you think you could maybe, uhm, spend the night at Tae’s or Yoongi hyung’s?” Jungkook had looked up from the late night cereal he was eating. “Um, why hyung?” Jimin hesitates, not sure how to form the words. He’d settled for gesturing over to his boyfriend that was picking out a movie from their cupboard. Jungkook never had swallowed cereal so hard. “Sure.”

+ Jimin always invited his boyfriend to hang out with their friends, making it a bit awkward for Jungkook. He always avoids Tae’s pitiful looks. “Hyung, why do you always invite him?” “Why wouldn’t I, Jungkook? He’s my boyfriend.” Jungkook had left it at that.

+ Jungkook had been Jimin’s “date” to a friend’s wedding that Jimin had been invited to before he got together with his boyfriend. Jungkook had been hurt when Jimin replaced him with his boyfriend. “You understand right? It just makes more sense, Jungkook. He really wanted to go.” “Yes because it’s always about what he wants, right?” “Excuse me?” Jungkook turns away, tight-lipped. “Nothing.”

+ Jungkook almost kisses Jimin when he was drunk one night. But Jimin had awkwardly pushed Jungkook off of him with a giggle. “Jungkookie stop being so silly.” Jimin’s boyfriend had seen the entire thing.

+ Ever since the almost-kiss, Jimin’s boyfriend had been giving Jungkook funny looks any time he was around.

+ Jimin had been trying more often to spend time with Jungkook, and that didn’t make the situation any better.

+ One day Jungkook comes home to find the lights off and a light sniffling from Jimin’s bedroom. Jimin had been crying. His boyfriend broke it off with him. “H-he said I was better off with you because I care about you so much. He’s so stupid, we’re friends. We aren’t in love.”

+ The anger that coursed through Jungkook’s veins was too much to suppress his words. “You may not be in love with me but I sure as hell am in love with you Park Jimin. And if you are going to sit and sulk about a guy who was dumb enough to let you go, then I don’t want to be here to deal with it.”

+ Jimin’s face had turned to stone at the words hanging in the air, unable to respond, even when Jungkook had hastily left the room—it was finally out.

+ They don’t talk for a while, in fact, Jungkook doesn’t come home for a week, despite Taehyung’s urging to go talk to the older boy. “He doesn’t care, Tae.” Jungkook had gotten an earful from Namjoon after saying that.

+ Jungkook finally gets the courage to talk to him on the day of Jimin’s friend’s wedding. He had shown up their doorstep fully clad in a black suit, boutonniere and everything. Jimin had opened the door wrapped in a blanket and some sweatpants, taken aback by the sight.

+ They had stared at each other for a long while before— “Do you really love me?”

+ Jungkook had shrugged, not breaking eye contact. “More than anything, hyung.” Jimin had pulled him into the house and into the blanket with him, smashing their lips together. “I’m sorry it took so long.”

+ Jungkook had shoo’ed him into the house urging him to put a suit on. “Why? What? Shouldn’t we talk about this?” Jungkook chuckles. “Nah, we’ll talk about it later. Besides, we have a wedding to get to.” Jimin smiles.

Everyone always talks about how romantic they think Phil would be in a relationship but what about Dan. Someone tell me I’m not the only one that can see him going all out for Valentine’s day or your anniversary, or even those just becauses. Being so completely over the top all you can do is laugh in disbelief at first. Him stopping off on his way home to pick you up a bunch of flowers because they caught his eye. Him running you a bath so that its ready for when you walk though the door, knowing that you had had a bad day. Coming home with a spontaneous gift, be it big or small, funny or serious, because he doesn’t think his words cover the extent to which he loves you. 

What about Dan.

themostaverageasian  asked:

So I just had a hc thought pop up and I rlly wanted to share it but just like, imagine shouji going over to his s/o's house for the first time and they have a lot of younger siblings and I feel as if he would be the best playground ever for them and just let them hang off of and play on his arms and treat them rlly well and the s/o is just in the back taking pictures bc of how cute it is and hhhhhhh

When they first meet him they probably find him scary, like who is this with our older sibling??? S/o goes out real quick and asks him to watch them for a few minutes while they get something. Its all awkward at first until one of the kids goes up to him cause, yeah they’re scared but also super curious, so they ask what his quirk is and about his arms and Shouji shows them what he can do. Before you know it all the kids are crowding around him, fear forgotten cause they find him so cool. Then he’s carrying all of them, some are hanging, some are just sitting, one is on his shoulders, and they’re squealing and laughing as he moves around and such. His s/o comes back to see everyone enjoying themselves and just takes so many pictures. And Shouji just feels so loved, he loves you and your family and doesn’t want the day to end. But just imagine one or two of the younger kids having a crush on him and always fighting for his attention whenever he comes over (much to s/o’s annoyance, it was cute at first but stop, he ain’t your boyfriend.) Just the younger sibling sitting on his lap or interrupting them while they’re kissing, just being the absolute devil. One day the kid walks in when things are getting heated, its not obvious to them, and just asking if Shouji wants anything cause they’ll get it for him and s/o is just like leave, why must you do this to me, why did my parents think it was a good idea to have so many brats??? Shouji finds it pretty cute and funny that they have a crush on him but s/o is like you don’t have to listen to them saying they’ll steal you from me and marry you all the time, I swear this isn’t cute. The idea of s/o having younger siblings and them loving Shouji is just so cute, I can’t. Give this boy all the love. 

March 13, 2005 - From Kevin Smith’s Facebook Page on February 11, 2016:

“I was in the UK receiving the Empire Magazine Independent Spirit Award alongside fellow award recipients Matt Damon and Quentin Tarantino. To present me with my trophy, I chose my Dogma partner-in-crime - England’s own Alan Rickman! The Rick'er graciously agreed and at the ceremony, an actor I’d fallen in love with long before we’d ever met said some beautiful stuff about my fat ass before inviting me on stage for my acceptance speech. Afterwards, I was congratulated by Dame Helen Mirren and almost passed out when Jane Tennison herself said “You’re very funny.” But the true highlight of the evening was this photo. We were crammed into one van heading back to the hotel when we all begged the driver to stop on a London bridge so we could memorialize the evening. It was a bit of an ordeal to accomplish but now I’m so glad we took the time. Nearly 11 years ago, four folks who did Dogma duty together back in the day and their loved ones celebrated simply knowing one another and being alive in one of the greatest cities in the world. Pictured are me, Jen Schwalbach, Jayme Wes, Matt and his wife Luciana, future Argo producer Chay Carter, and Alan and his longtime love (and future bride) Rima Horton. Always take the time to capture the moment, Kids. Before you know it, the moments pass… And sometimes, so do the people you love.”