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don’t try to cram three long chapters for an ap class in one night.
trust me.


Tsukishima Kei + Pastel Wallpapers: Requested by fiftyshxdescolder

Angels walk- sneak peek

A/N: So I’m not ready to share much, but like I have an original kind of thing wear the main character develops powers in a world where that sort of thing belongs on TV. It’s v cute. Since it is national super hero day I am going to put a little piece out.

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One day–some day soon,
you will pick me up from the airport in the rain
and I will load my weekend things
into your car.
We will stop and get coffee on the way home
at the cafe you can’t stop talking about,
and trudge our rainboots through 
the wet, green grass;
breathe in the fluttering leaves
and evergreens.
I’ll make home on your fold-out couch,
fall in love with the dim lighting
and small solitude of your apartment.
There will be red sangria cooling in the fridge
and nachos hot on the stove.
And we will talk.
We will talk so long
and so fast,
it won’t matter how long
we’ve been apart
and the night will just be an overdue excuse
for  catching up on all the ways
we’ve come to say “I miss you.”
—  Schuyler Peck, Voodoo Donuts

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Have you heard about the latest Hyrule Warriors news? Linkle? What do you think of her? I think she's a super cute addition to the Link family. - Ladyvanguard (Also, I hope you're keeping warm and toasty.)

Linkle is ADORABLE I love her very much!  I liked “their” design in all the concept art too so I’m happy they went in this direction. I really hope that her character differs from her counterparts though, It’d be great if she was just straight up terrifyingly strong and confident skipping her way though dungeons but also keeping happy little smile as she merciliessly sows down bokoblins and the like 8) 
But jeez Linkle is such a silly name, but let’s be honest here almost every Zelda character’s name is silly.@v@ 
Have  some art of her! I’ll probably do more too! 

Collage of May for my phone. If you’d like something like this for another character, please don’t hesitate to ask! ♥

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For your drabble giveaway (Congrats!): "things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear"

this prompt is also related to the one @showme-love sent, which involved Jemma reading romance novels. thank you both for sending them in!
Anniversary Ficlet 10/10.
Rated PG-13, for sex mentions. FitzSimmons. Post-3x22, canon-compliant.

Fitz peered into the darkened secure comms room, following the voice he’d thought he’d heard from around the corner. The base was supposed to be on a low-level shutdown while they recovered from their most recent heavy losses, so no one should be using the comms equipment at all. More strangely than that, he was pretty sure now that the voice belonged to Jemma.

“… I swear, it’s never been like that before. I didn’t even know he could be so… so….” She let out a breathless little laugh, her chair squeaking as she moved. “Yes, hot. But not just on an attractiveness level – which, really Bobbi, I wish engineers had more reasons to wear suits. It wasn’t just that, though, it was….” He inched closer, careful not to make any noise louder than the sigh she made. “Exactly. The connection. That’s exactly it. And the two orgasms didn’t hurt either.” Chuckling, Jemma paused again as she listened, her head barely visible where it was silhouetted against the dimmed screens.

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