one day my blue skies will come

nothings gonna change my world

in which will meets nico’s sisters

word count: 1764

read on ao3


It goes better than Will had planned.

Will, despite being fully informed of Hazel Levesque’s sweet demeanour, had still been expecting a shovel talk. Especially after talking to Leo.

(“You should have seen her after my visit to New Rome,” he’d said, letting out a whistle. “Girl hits hard.”

“Leo,” Nico had cut in, boredly. “You faked your death for six months.”

“I didn’t mean to!)

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The Man on St. Charles

And it seemed, at last, that the heavy veil of summer had lifted.  The oppressive, muggy air gave way to a gentle breeze, blue skies, yellow sun–autumn, early, had come.  I was halfway through my delivery shift, admiring the saffire blue above me, and noticing the bigger-than-usual crowd on the street–I knew why they were here.  On such a beautiful day, it was hard to believe that just a few hundred miles away, a hurricane was decimating an entire state, much like one did here twelve years ago.
And a thought struck me: How beautiful, if not a tad ironic, that refugees fleeing a hurricane would instinctively flock to New Orleans.  At any rate, they were welcome here–Lord knows that we New Orleanians understand their plight.
It was late afternoon when I set out to deliver a load of cheeseburgers to a hotel in the Garden District.  The sky was turning a deeper blue, and the sun shining down through the skyscrapers filled me with a golden warmth.  I felt good, and light, as I mounted my bike and began peddling down St. Charles avenue.
I made it no more than two blocks, where I had to stop for a traffic light.  That’s where I saw him.
How or why he grabbed my attention, amongst the crowd, I cannot tell you.  At the corner, a crowd of people were waiting for the St. Charles streetcar.  Most of them were young, all of them were drunk and decked out with mardi gras beads–the archetypical tourist.  Then there was this man, older, sitting on the ground.  He was in pain.  To most, he was invisible.  But he was the only person that I could really see on that corner.
The light turned green.  I hesitated.  I looked at the man, head in his hands, and I felt something tight forming in my chest.  I dismounted from my bike and I approached him.  He did not look up as I stood before him.
“Hey mister,” I said.  “Is everything O.K.?”
He looked up from his hands, his eyes bleery and red.  He had dark hair and a dark, wrinkled face.  He did not respond to my question, so I asked him again, in a different language: “Que paso?”
His lips moved silently for a moment, and then he spoke: “Irma,” he said.  “mi casa, mi familia, ido.”
My heart froze.
“Tu familia?” I said. “Muerte?”
His eyes grew heavier with tears, and he shrugged.  What he said next was beyond my rudimentary understanding of Spanish, but what I gathered was he had been separated from his family while fleeing Florida–he didn’t say dead.
I looked at him sternly.  “Tu familia….es….O.K.”
He nodded his head solemnly, staring straight ahead but at nothing in particular.
I asked him: “Donde tu dormir?”
He wiped a tear from his cheek and shrugged.  I wished so badly that there was something I could do for him.
“Are you hungry?” I asked him, in English.
He didn’t understand, so I mimed my question and asked it again.
His eyes widened, but he didn’t respond.  I pulled a box of cheeseburgers and fries from the bike basket, and I held it out to him.
With eyes wet, hands shaking, he took the box from me.  He began to thank me, and I said: “No, no; para ti comer.  Es O.K.”
I turned my bike around and peddled back towards the restaraunt.  I would tell them that I dropped one of the burgers on the ground.

six word story sentence starters pt 1

❝Blue skies come after dark nights.❞
❝Nobody said it would be this hard.❞
❝You’re one of my midnight thoughts.❞
❝The nothing approaches; say my name.❞
❝The little things are so beautiful.❞
❝Used to tiptoe, now I’m running.❞
❝You kept your sickness a secret.❞
❝I’m tired of tear stained pillows.❞
❝Pain reminds me it was real.❞
❝Silence is the most painful answer.❞
❝You are nothing more than memories.❞
❝You will always be my home.❞
❝We had different definitions of forever.❞
❝Maybe one day everything won’t hurt.❞
❝Complexity burns as easily as simplicity.❞
❝Wither into me, when night comes.❞
❝Fake smiles can’t hide sad eyes.❞
❝Still wrapped around your goddamn finger.❞
❝I am always last to know.❞
❝False hope leaves the deepest scars.❞
❝Fall leaves on wet pavement bleed.❞
❝We’re a forever kind of thing.❞
❝I opened up to you, you bastard.❞
❝You’re made up of infinite potential.❞
❝Love is the most beautiful paradox❞

I seen a rainbow yesterday,

But too many storms have come and gone,

Leavin’ a trace of not one God-given ray,

Is it because my life is ten shades of gray?

I pray all ten fade away,

Seldom praise Him for the sunny days,

And like His promise is true,

Only my faith can undo,

The many chances I blew,

To bring my life to anew.

Clear blue and unconditional skies,

Have dried the tears from my eyes,

No more lonely cries.

My only bleedin’ hope,

Is for the folk who can’t cope,

With such an enduring pain,

That it keeps them in the pouring rain.

Who’s to blame for tootin’ ‘cain into your own vein?

What a shame, you shoot and aim for someone else’s brain,

You claim the insane and name this day and time for fallin’ prey to crime,

I say the system got you victim to your own mind.

Dreams are hopeless aspirations,

In hopes of coming true,

Believe in yourself, the rest is up to me and you.

—  Lisa Lopes, “Waterfalls”, TLC

anonymous asked:

For Yoonseok cause I love them. Your body plays a game of hot and cold to locate your soulmate, the hotter you are the closer you are to your soulmate, the colder, the farther away.

a/n: whimsical. romanticised. do not try soulmates in real life. 

wc: 1.3k 

it washes over him like a wave stretching across the ocean just to kiss the shore. it comes slow, quiet, but when it finally settles over his bones and creeps into the corners of his heart, yoongi realises what it is immediately. 

three in the afternoon brings with it an orange glow, painting everything it touches gold. yoongi feels just the slightest bit of warmth from it, on his skin. but he can never stay warm for very long. it leaves him after a few moments, trickling out from his fingers and spilling into the pavement. what a shame, for the sun to be rendered completely useless just because yoongi is too far away from someone who may or may not exist. who may or may not be in the same city. the same country.

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“I seen a rainbow yesterday 
But too many storms have come and gone 
Leavin’ a trace of not one god-given ray 
Is it because my life is ten shades of grey 
I pray all ten fade away 
Seldom praise him for the sunny days 

And like his promise is true 
Only my faith can undo 
The many chances i blew 
To bring my life to anew 
Clear blue and unconditional skies 
Have dried the tears from my eyes 
No more lonely cries 
My only bleedin’ hope 
Is for the folk who can’t cope 
Wit such an endurin’ pain 
That it keeps ‘em in the pourin’ rain 
Who’s to blame 
For tootin’ caine in your own vein 
What a shame 
You shoot and aim for someone else’s brain 

You claim the insane 
And name this day and time 
For fallin’ prey to crime 
I say the system got you victim to your own mind 

Dreams are hopeless aspirations 
In hopes of comin’ true 
Believe in yourself 
The rest is up to me and you.”

Waterfalls live at the Fanmail Tour (Madison Square Garden).

Yatori AU

AU where Yato has a lame trash blog and Hiyori is his first follower, and they always reblog each other’s shitposts. They even get matching icons. One day, Yato works up the courage to ask for her name, and he decides he likes it. She decides she likes him. When Yato is almost hit by a bus, a stranger pushes him out of the way, taking the hit herself. Yato wonders why Hiyori has stopped messaging him. He worries. Then the strange girl comes out of her coma, and the first thing she sees is Yato’s eyes. And she remembers reading a post- my eyes are blue, like a cloudless summer sky. So she knows, waking up to those same endless blue skies, looking down at her in concern. And he learns, too, why his inbox has been so empty. “I’m Hiyori,” she says, and the smile she gives him is worth a thousand messages. Before they know it, one date leads to another, and Yato can only think how lucky he is as he watches Hiyori walk down the aisle ❤


In your arms, my thoughts could drift away
To a place, all our own, and a lovelier day.
Lavender sunsets and skies of blue
Would be ours to enjoy… just me and you.

In your arms, my only task would be
To make sure your kisses were just for me.
For every kiss… I’d give you four
And show you no one could love you more.

Then, just to prove we would never part,
I’d wrap myself around your heart.
Melting together (as lovers do…)
Passion and pleasure beginning anew.

In your arms, you’d know by the look in my eyes
That I was yours- no more silly good-byes.
And all of our dreams would soon come true.
You’d belong to me, and I… to you.

I asked my mother tonight,
“Would you ever want to be immortal?”

And she looked at me,
no hesitation before her words,
“I should think not.”

“Why?” i wondered,
would she not want
all the nights and all the days
with no worries come morn.

She saw immortality as a prison.
No hope of death in life,
an ancient alone,
to close their eyes one final time.

And then, I saw the difference
between her generation and mine.
where she saw capture,
I saw escape.

I saw immortality as freedom,
wings unbound and clear blue skies,
the chance to explore,
with no deadline of death.

To be alone in life
to me,
is a small price to pay
to have all the time in the world.

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They told us that we were something of the winter
That the glacial season marked where we were together
On the cliff edge of death, our beginning
Was meant to be our end, inked into black trees,
Twisting sickly limbs into the cold, we were too late
They tell me I’m wasting time looking at you
Like you’re already gone. That we’ve never mattered
Because we are already part of a tint-type photograph past
You and I built something that wasn’t meant to last

And you have always reminded me of Paris
In the cold; your eyes somewhere between the
Shaded snow blue skies and grey ice on the pavement
Your hair the exact shade of sunlight curling around the clouds
We stood at the beginning of everything
And we were promised that we’d come back one day
Because these aren’t the last words that we have to say
To each other

And you have always been my wintertide ocean
Icy-warm to the core; so deep a blue you were fathomless
And you have been pouring salt down my throat for as long
As I can remember, your eyes somewhere between the
Abyss and the sea-stained driftwood that ships were built of
Your hair the exact shade of midnight spilling inkdrops on the horizon
We stood on the edge of tomorrow
Because we were promised that we’d reach this day
Where I’d finally be able to say all the things that didn’t fit
Into a month together

They told us that what we have here is short-lived
Brittly meant to break with the first cold-snap
But we are summer children, born and raised
In the never ending haze of lengthening days
They told us winter would be the end and all things turn to rust,
But like we read in the stories we engraved into legends on our hearts
Winter will never come for the likes of us.
—  KelleyAnn Elyse, Winter Soldiers

i am tired of apologizing.

i am tired of “i’m sorry”
like i am asking you to
forgive me for your
and i am tired,
i am so tired of this

i am tired of begging.

i am sick of “please don’t
go” and falling to my
knees every time you’re
about to leave,
i am so sick of
being the girl
who’s always
i am so tired
of asking you to

i am so tired of wishing.

i am tired of “i wish you
were here”
and only being
disappointed when i
wake up without
you and i am so
sick of wishing for
better days
and i am tired of
wishing that the
cause of this
aching could be
the one to stop
my pain.

and i am so tired of you.

i am tired of “i miss you”
“i love you”
“i hate you”
you, you, you, you.
i am tired of the same
things and the same
excuses and the
same games.
i am tired,
i am so tired of
painting blue skies
and watching you
come in & rip the
colors away.

i am tired.

i am so tired of this heartache.


fuck you.