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happy MUNDAY my dudes…..have I ever told y'all I LOVE PINK HAIR??!! cause I really do :^)

Imagine sneaking around with Juice and being caught by Abel. You bribe him not to say anything but at a family dinner he rats you guys out because Juice didn’t sit next to you at the table.

You shouldn’t be doing this, you thought as you waited for Juice to pull up. You were meant to be babysitting Abel for the night, not calling Juice over to Jax’s house, in the middle of the night, for yet another secret hook-up.

You had known Tara for years; when you first met her the two of you became the best of friends. She let you move into the spare room in her house, but soon after she moved out and in with her now-husband, Jax. You still lived in that little house and Tara was still your best friend, except now you were also her babysitter.

For a little while, Tara had purposely kept you from meeting the Club. She warned you away from them, said she didn’t want you to get messed up in that life (and that it was too late for her to leave it) and while you couldn’t help but think it a little hypocritical of her, you left the subject alone. Until one day, a couple of the guys came around to Jax’s house while you were over, Gemma and Clay invited you to the Club dinner and that’s when you met the rest of the guys…and Juice.

You didn’t actually speak to Juice that first night, but after that you started to spend more and more time at the Club and more and more time sharing flirtatious glances and lingering touches with the Puerto Rican biker. At one of the family dinners, after you’d had too much to drink and Jax and Tara had already left, Juice offered to drive you home. You accepted his offer with a grateful smile and a hammering heart, and then, as you were saying goodnight, he leaned over and kissed you. And then, you invited him inside. And then, nearly every night afterwards, he came around.

You never told Tara about it, as much as you wanted to, because you were afraid of how she would react and you weren’t going to lose your friend over some guy (that you may or may not have feelings for).

So, that’s how you ended up in the situation you were in now; at Jax and Tara’s house, watching Abel for the night while they had a romantic night at Piney’s cabin, and waiting for Juice to come around. Was it irresponsible? Yes. Was it exciting? Yes.

Your heart nearly leapt out of your chest when the doorbell rang. You ran to the door and swung it open with so much force you were afraid you would rip it off it’s hinges.

“Hey-” he started, a wide grin on his face, but you cut him off with a kiss.

“Shhh,” you whispered against his lips, “We can’t wake up Abel.”

“Well you better keep me quiet then.” He said and reclaimed your lips in a kiss.

Lips still attached, you headed backward to the living room. Juice gently kicked the door and it closed behind him with a soft click. He let his hands rest on your hips as he guided you towards the sofa until you felt it hit the back of your knees and you fell back onto it with an ungraceful thud. You groaned and rubbed the back of your head, Juice just laughed.

“Shut up,” you mumbled, your cheeks flushed, but didn’t give him a chance to answer as you yanked him down by his kutte and into a kiss.

Juice’s hands toyed with the hem of your shirt. It wasn’t until you let out a soft moan that he slid his warm, rough hands under the thin material and started rubbing soothing circles on your back. You locked your ankles around his waist, keeping him firmly in place. The weight of him on top of you felt so good and you couldn’t help but-

“Juice?” You heard a small voice say and immediately jumped up, shoving Juice off of you and the couch and nearly head-butting him in the process. You turned to the source of the noise and saw Abel standing in the hallway. “What are you doing here? And why are you kissing mummy’s friend?”

“He wasn’t!” you quickly protested. “Juicey here, was just…uh…helping me out with…something?”

You slumped in your seat; you sucked at lying, especially when caught off guard.

That’s what I get for having a secret relationship.’ You thought with a sigh.

Abel seemed to completely ignore you and looked straight at Juice, his brows furrowed in a frown that would be intimidating if he wasn’t still so small.

“Why were you kissing her?” he repeated.

Small, but not stupid.

“I, uh,” Juice rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “We, um…I just…she’s pretty?”

You elbowed Juice in the ribs lightly and shot him an incredulous look.

Not helping!” you whispered. “Abel, look,” you bent down to his height and crawled toward him on your knees, a big smile on your face, “what do you say I let you stay up, we can watch Happy Feet and you don’t tell mommy and daddy about this?”

For a moment, Abel just stared at you in silence. He glanced at Juice and then back over to you before asking; “Can I have ice cream with sprinkles too?”

You let out an internal sigh, happy to be in the clear with Abel, and nodded. “You can have whatever you want sweetie, as long as you don’t tell anyone that Juice was here.”

Abel smiled and headed past you to the couch. You stood up and turned to Juice.

“So…” Juice started, a small smile on his face. “That was a close one.”

You huffed a laugh. “No kidding; too close, I think. You should probably leave.”

“Good idea,” he agreed. “Will I see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I’ll be at the family dinner tomorrow.” You told him.

“I know but I meant afterwards,” his (absolutely breathtaking, not that you’d admit that out loud) smile widened and, for a moment, your knees went weak. “Can I come to your place after dinner?“

You hesitated for a moment; you knew you had done a stupid thing by inviting him over while you were babysitting, not to mention you got caught! Still, there was something about Juice that you could never refuse.

A small smile played at your lips and you nodded, looking up at him through your lashes. He broke out into that goofy smile that you loved so much and swept down to capture your lips in a brief kiss before he was making his way out the door.

You heard the rev of his engine and your heart hammered in your chest, already excited for tomorrow night. You took a second to compose yourself (and wipe the giddy smile off of your face) before making your way back to Abel to fulfil your end of the bargain.

“So, Happy Feet and ice cream?”


“Heya Gem,” you greeted Gemma, letting her pull you into a hug. “Need any help in the kitchen?”

“Nah,” she shook her head and waved you off. “Everything’s almost done anyway. You can just head on in, the guys are all in the living room. Tara and Lyla are in there too,”

“Okay, well, gimme a yell if you need me,” you told her and headed for the living room, already looking forward to seeing Juice…and your other friends, of course.

All of a sudden there was a hand around your arm and you were being yanked out of the hall and into a dark room.

“What the-” you exclaimed and, out of reflex more than anything, your arm swung back, prepared to strike whoever it was that grabbed you but you were stopped mid-swing by a hand catching your forearm and the light flicking on.

Juice chuckled softly, using his grip on your arm to pull your body flush against his own. You let out a shaky breath and rolled your eyes.

“What the fuck, Juice? I nearly hit you!

Juice shrugged, sliding a hand around your waist and down to rest on the curve of your denim-covered ass. “You know I can be into that,”

Choosing to ignore his last comment (and the blush it caused to rise to your cheeks) you continued; “And what are you doing dragging me into a…a bathroom?”

“What do you think, baby?” he whispered close to your ear. The hand on your ass squeezed softly and he brought your earlobe between his teeth, tugging gently. “I was going to grab another beer when I saw Gemma answering the door. I hoped it was you, so I hung back. I saw those shorts and I just…I couldn’t wait. The bathroom was the closest place we could be alone.”

His mouth found your neck, kissing softly and biting lightly so not to leave any marks but still let you know that you were his.

“Everyone is out there, we could get caught!” you argued, yet made no move to push him away.

Juice’s eyes left your face, but his arms held you close. “Maybe I want us to get caught. Maybe I want everyone to know. Maybe I-”

“Juan!” you interrupted, his head snapped back up to meet your eyes. “Stop with the ‘maybe’. You do or you don’t,”

“I do. I want to come clean about us because it’s not just sex to me anymore. I want to be with you, in the open.”

Your arms wound around his neck so you could pull him down for a kiss. It was all tongue and teeth, but it was sweet and somehow that kiss managed to say everything you couldn’t find the words for.

“I want that too, but not tonight. I want Tara to hear it from me, privately, and I don’t want to ruin Gemma’s dinner if this goes south,” you said. He nodded, the smile never leaving his face. “Now, let’s get back out there. Think you can keep your hands to yourself until later? I promise I’ll make it worth your while when we’re back at my place,”

Juice laughed, the sound like music to your ears.

“Only if that’s a promise,” he responded, punctuating the sentence with a smack to your rear.

By the time the two of you left the bathroom everyone was gathering at the table. No one noticed your absence and if they did, no one mentioned it.

You took the spare seat beside Tara and watched from the corner of your eye as Juice took a seat across the table from you.

A small tap on your shoulder distracted you from the conversation you were having with Tara. You looked around but saw no one, until they tapped again and you saw that it was Abel trying to get your attention.

“What’s up baby boy?” you asked him, shuffling over to the next seat and gesturing for Abel to take the one you were just in. He climbed onto the chair with a little help from Tara, who was watching the exchange closely.

“Why aren’t you sitting with Juice?” he asked. You didn’t miss the way Tara and Jax’s faces twisted in confusion, or the way Juice had stopped talking and had trained his eyes on you.

“What are you talking about, baby? Why do you think I would be sitting with Juice?” you asked with a small laugh, glancing around the table.

“I saw you go in the bathroom. Was he kissing you again? My mommy and daddy kiss a lot too and they sit together so you should sit with Juice,”

The chatter at the table silenced and all eyes were on you and Juice. Tara’s eyebrows shot up and if looks could kill you’d be nothing but a corpse right now.

“I don’t know what you mean, Abel,” you said, wanting nothing more than to disappear.

“Yes you do! You and Juice were kissing and Juice said you’re pretty! Remember Juice?” he exclaimed, turning to the man from Queens.

“I, uh…I…” Juice stammered awkwardly, looking around the table before his eyes finally landed on you. “Yeah, I do remember that,”

“Juice!” you snapped and suddenly wished that looks could kill.

“What? It’d be pointless to deny it tonight and then come out with it later,” he said and you knew he was right. You shot Juice a smile and he announced; “We’re together. We’ve been seeing each other for a little while now and it’s getting serious. I want her to be my old lady someday,” he said the last part to you and you had to blink back the tears that welled in your eyes. You had no idea that Juice felt that way, but you were so glad that he did.

“Why didn’t you tell us sooner?” Jax asked, eyeing Juice closely.

“Because it was private. It was about us; it didn’t involve the club, not yet,” Juice stood from his seat and made his way over to you while the others watched on. He held out a hand to you, waiting for you to take it. “I know it’s rude, but I kinda just want to spend some time with you right now. Wanna get out of here?”

You took his hand without a second thought. Hand in hand, you practically ran to Juice’s Dyna, leaving the rest of the club and your friends in the wake of your bombshell but you would deal with that problem tomorrow. Everyone knew about the two of you now and it felt good; for the first time in a long time you felt free.

As you slid onto the back of your man’s bike and slipped on the helmet he kept for you, a thought crossed your mind, making you let out a small giggle.

Thank god Abel snitched.’

Young wild girls. E.D imagine

Young girls

Ethans pov~

“I spend all my money, bought a big old fancy car. For those bright eyed honeys, you know who you are”
“E you really think this things going to get you a girl?” My brother asked patting his hand on the hood of the classic I just bought.
“You know it dude” I replied.
Little did he know I already had a girl in mind.
But I didn’t even know if she felt the same.
Yeah we’ve been friends for god knows how long. 10 maybe 12 years, ever since we were little.And I’ve loved her the time, but she was young, she wasn’t ready for a relationship, well I don’t think I was either but anything with her would be great honestly. But tonight was the night I was going to at least try and make her mine, hopefully.
“Keep me up til the sun is high, til the birds start calling my name, I’m addicted and I don’t know why. Guess Ive always been this way.”
“Ethan stop!” She laughed out as I pinned her down, tickling her as we laid on the park grass.
Tonight was supposed to be my night, the night she was mine. But I guess Ive been too scared to ask. Ive had plenty of chances, too many actually. But I guess I’m just scared she won’t like me back let alone love me back.
I guess I’m just addicted to her.
Her laugh, eyes, smile oh fuck don’t get me started on that.
I could spend hours talking about her, well I have actually and Grayson punched me for it.
But what can I do Im in love, with a girl who probably doesn’t even feel the same.
“Oh wow, listen I think it’s morning!” She stated starting to get up, well I think she was right, the sun was slowly rising, and birds were quietly starting to call.
“Well I guess I’ll head out see you tonight at the party e.” She said and with that she was off.
“All these roads steer me wrong but I still drive them all night long.”
As I entered my car, watching her pull out of the park driveway, hoping she’d just hop out and tell me she loved me more than I loved her, which was probably imposible. She didn’t, like expected, but a guy can dream I guess.
As I entered the BMW I just lied my head on the wheel, banging it slightly. Realizing how much I fucked up, tonight might have been my only chance. And I wasn’t even brace enough to make a simple move.
Jesus Ethan why did you have to fuck it up, now she might find a guy, fall in love with him.
Ok I might need to calm down, I’m seeing her in a couple hours. Nothing can happen right?
As I entered the shift into drive and drove off into the roads I often traveled when I was upset. Which honestly Ive been in this state of mind so many times, I could drive them all night with my eyes closed.
“All you young wild girls you make a mess of me. All you young wild girls you’ll be the death of me.”
“Yo come on we gotta go, plus they’ll be plenty of hot girls there.” My brother said trying to cheer me up from my major fuck up, I told him about earlier this morning.
He knew I loved her, well who didn’t I wasn’t shy about it, well to everyone except her.
“Yea ok im ready lets go.” I replied getting up, ready to hopefully get my mind off of her.
Once we arrived to the house party, Gray and I were surrounded by plenty of girls, don’t get me wrong they were all pretty but once of them compared to her.
“Hey come on let’s dance.” A red haired girl said, dragging my hand along to the dance floor with herself.
As she started to dance all I could think about was if this was Y/n.
I couldn’t even think straight, which was honestly insane. I had an incredibly attractive girl, around my age dancing on me.
And all I could think about was how much I love her. And how bad I fucked up by missing my chance. But oh well it’s never going to happen I guess, letting my failure with y/n take over my mind, I just kissed the random girl to take my mind off of her.
“Hey Ethan can we talk o- well I see your busy I’ll catch you later I guess.” I heard someone ask, and turned around to see y/n leaving the party.
“Hey y/n, come back! Please.” I basically yelled from the back of the house to the yard.
I don’t know why she would be upset honestly, she’s never showed any type of anything romantic for me. Whatsoever, that’s always been my job.
I just fucking hope she wasn’t going to tell me she loved me, because that’d mean I fucked up twice in one day, Jesus Christ I hope not.
God she’ll be the death of me.
“I Get lost under these lights, get lost in the words I say. Start believing my own lies, like everything will be okay.”
“Hey what did you want to talk about?” I asked finally catching up to her, as she was entering her car. “Nothing Ethan I’ll catch you at school tomorrow , goodnight”
And with that I just let her go. I didn’t even fight for her to stay. Which honestly would have been the better choice. I just got caught in the light of her upset.
I didn’t want to make it worse, because I knew she was upset because of me.
I didn’t even know she liked me. Well I still didn’t know. Ethan stop fucking lying to yourself. It’s been obvious the whole time.
And I was here kissing random girls in front of her.
I just need to make it up to her. I just need to stop being naive, and start owning up to my feelings. And just tell her how I feel.
“Oh I still dream a simple life, boy meets girl makes her his wife. But love don’t exist when you live like this, that much I know, yes I know.”
It was the next day at school.
And I was going to confess my feelings for her.
Hopefully she felt the same. Well I think she does honestly but what do I know.
I walked into the cafeteria looking for y/n. I look to the left to see her with, I don’t even know his fucking name.
All I know is he was her ex.
Jesus I think I fucked it all up.
“Hey y/n can we talk.” I sternly asked grabbing her hand and leading her outside with me.
“Ethan what the fuck was that!” She said.
“E listen, i was going to tell you how I felt last night, but then I saw you sucking faces with whatever her name was. So you lost your chance. Ive been waiting ever since I broke up with my ex, which was because I loved you by the way! And neither of us have done anything, do you even like me back?” She barely let out in a whisper toward the end.
Is she insane? She was the girl I hoped I was going to marry. The simple life. Boy meets girl, makes her his wife.
And I haven’t even acted on it. And she likes me back. How can I even fucking live like this.
“Of course I like you back y/n. I always have, hell I think I even love you.” I shyly said looking down.
“E i don’t know, are we even supposed to be together. We’ve been friends so long.”
She replied looking at me for what felt like hours. But was only about 5 seconds with hopeful eyes hoping I’d say something.
“Y/n listen, i have been chasing your wild ass around. Almost our entire lives, hoping you’d even like me back. Of course I think we’re meant to be together, it’s just up to you. Which I hope is a yes to be honest because I wild about you, if you couldn’t tell y/n. I don’t even think I love you I know I do.” I practically yelled out to everyone on campus, hoping her ex heard.
Love don’t exist when you live like this, I know, i know. I just needed to get that off of my chest I guess. Hoping my brother would be proud of me growing some balls. Even if she turns me down in front of the whole school, id still love her.
“I don’t know Ethan, I have to go to class, catch you later I guess.” She awkwardly shrugged walking off into her next period.

“All you young wild girls, you make a mess of me. All you young wild girls you’ll be the death of me, the death of me. No matter what you do.
All you young wild girls, I’ll always come back for you. Come back for you, you, you.
Ever since that day, she hasn’t even spoke to me. Grayson yes, every day almost.
He catches me up to her daily almost. Well I bother him until he does. But I mean he’s a good brother for that.
Today was the first party I was going to since the catastrophe of the last one.
Hopefully I could find someone who compared.
I was ready to move on.
Even though it’s been nearly a month since I poured my heart out. And got fully knocked down. I still was crazy about her.
I was right in the beginning. She was a young wild girl. I mean what girl our age wasn’t.
I mean there’s a couple yea.
But none compared, to her. She was the light in my life. Even if she wasn’t in it right now. I didn’t care. I’ll always be here if she needs it.
As we entered the same house of the last party.
I instantly laid eyes on her. She was alone, surprisingly. Since she got back together with her ex. I figured she would have him parading around her side. But shockingly he wasn’t even there. Trust me I checked to see if his car was even here.
"Hey y/n.” I shyly said tapping her shoulder.
Hoping she’d hop into my arms, and confess her love to me. She didn’t, she just said a simple “hi” in reply and considered talking to her friends. As I said before in my plan of moving on. Yea no that wasn’t happening, I’m too depressed to have fun. Or even catch feelings for another girl. Which I think is entirely impossible by the way.
I turned my head ready to just drag her out and make her talk to me. Even if she doesn’t love me back. I can at least be her friend again. Which I was fine with, I could just suppress my feelings once again until I die.
Then I see her with him. Her ex, well current boyfriend now.
That could’ve been me. If I told her I loved her. Even a day earlier. That could be me.
I just sat back down. Sending her a simple text.
“I’ll always come back to you, no matter what happens know I love you.” And Got up and left. Hoping she’d come back to me one day.

Hope you guys enjoyed, this was my first time writing hope it wasn’t bad. Feel free to request!

Be Calm

A/N: Part three of the “I can’t keep calm” series. This is shorter but the last 2 parts will probably end up being long so…enjoy. There’s some Sammy angst & this part is mainly to give you an idea on what the reader’s mindset is on everything; it also gives a bit of background on the relationship between the reader & the brothers.

I can’t keep calm masterlist.

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

Cas ended up dropping you off at a motel about twenty miles away from the bunker; promising to return with your stuff soon. However Cas was not the one to show up at your motel door the next morning, a very sad Sam was. You debated shutting the door for  moment when you saw him but decided against it, he wasn’t involved in the fight.

“I’m not coming back so if that’s all you came here to do you might as well leave.” You said to him, turning around and sitting on your bed.

“I’m not, well I do want you to come home, but I brought you some of your stuff and I just wanted to talk. Maybe get to hear your side of everything?” Sam told you, placing your green duffle on the floor next to the table.

“Okay, what do you wanna hear?” You asked Sam, picking at the scratchy motel blanket.

Sam sat down on the bed, crossing his legs and facing you, “Tell me what happened with you and Dean while I was gone. You guys never fight, then all of a sudden he comes back from being dead, you guys aren’t talking, then you leave.” He told you.

You let out a sigh, “I don’t know why you’re asking me, I’m sure that Dean, Cas, and Mary already filled you what happened,” You said, rolling your eyes.

“They did, but I wanna hear it from you.” Sam said with a smile.

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a tutorial-ish thingy, because a lovely person asked. (Thank you for your interest, lovely person.)

see, i made most of my latest arties like this; i shaded the sketch with a pencil and then colored it in Artflow (which i bought for like 3 dollars and then felt like a pro) in subtract mode. C'est ça. So pro. Now you can be the same kinda pro!

Kiss The Girl (Steve x Reader)

Got this request a while back, so sorry it’s late. But honestly I was so excited to write this and I hope I do it justice!! I hope you all like it!


You could count on one finger the number of times the Avengers had all had a vacation. There was always a mission to go on, recruits to train, supervillains to stop. The list seemed endless. And every time the team thought they were getting close to being done with every thing a new threat would appear and they’d start the process all over again.

After months of fighting and training and never catching a break for more than a few days the Avengers were more than a little stressed. And Nick Fury knew that. He called in all of his favors to get the whole team two weeks of vacation to do whatever they pleased which is how you ended up stuck with Steve who hadn’t moved in 10 minutes.

“Steve! Come on!” You had one of his large warm hands grasped in both of  yours and were tugging on his arm with all of your might. “We have to hurry!”

Steve just kept staring in front of him with awe and amazement until you threatened to leave him like the rest of the team already had. “I’m sorry (Y/N) it’s just… This place is nothing like I imagined it’d be. It’s a lot different than Coney Island ya know?”

“And you’ve barely even entered the park! Now let’s go before the line to Space Mountain is an eternity long!” You once again grabbed Steve’s hand and ran off with him chuckling behind you as he finally tore his gaze away from the iconic image of the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue that was placed perfectly in front of Cinderella’s castle. 

Everyone else on the team had scattered throughout the park, planning on making this vacation memorable as there was no telling when they’d get a new one. But even as your team had run off in a flash as soon as they were in the park you couldn’t just leave Steve by himself. Sure he was your fearless leader and a very capable man, but you couldn’t deny that you had always wanted to spend more time with him and now seemed like the perfect opportunity. 

“So Space Mountain?” Steve asked as you two waited in line, the cool room along with Steve’s hand still in yours causing goosebumps to crawl up your exposed arm. 

“Yeah. It’s a classic and definitely not too scary so I thought it’d be just your speed,” you gave Steve a quick wink as he scoffed and playfully rolled his eyes.

“Oh ha ha!” He nudged your side before stepping into the ride and helping you on beside him. “If anyone’s going to get scared it’ll be you.”

“You wish Rogers,” you teased back as the park employees checked everyone’s seat belts before staring the ride. “Now try not to scream too loudly!”

And you thought that’d be the last of it before the ride took off, but suddenly there was a warm pair of lips pressed to your right cheek. Of course they were gone before you could properly react and then the ride had thrown you into darkness before you could check to see if Steve was blushing as much as you were. 

“So… How’d you like Space Mountain?” Steve asked as you walked back into the daylight, acting as if all that had just happened was that you rode Space Mountain and he hadn’t just placed his lips on your cheek. 

“Oh you know… it was okay,” you played along, hoping to get a reaction from the super soldier, but he just nodded his head and kept walking along.

“So what’s next?”

What was next was Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin where you gave Steve a quick kiss on his cheek for luck before the ride started. Then there was Peter Pan’s flight where Steve kissed your cheek under the “moonlight”. Every ride you guys went on was a race to see who could kiss the other person’s cheek first. And it was getting intense.

Honestly at this point is was less about being sweet and more about seeing who could win the fierce competition of who could kiss who’s cheek most. 

By the end of the day you guys were tied and there was only one ride left to go on- The Little Mermaid ride. As you took your seats side by side in one of the shells you scanned Steve from the corner of your eye. His hands were fidgeting and his shoulders were tense, he was ready to pounce and you knew it. You both knew this was your last chance to make a move and win the unspoken competition that had been going on all day. 

You were only half paying attention to the ride, humming along with the familiar tunes that filled the air as you continued to watch Steve from the corner of your eye. He tried to seem interested in the ride, but every so often you would lock eyes for a brief second before quickly looking away. 

You were working up the courage to finally make your move when a certain song started playing in the background that made you start to blush furiously. 

“There you see her
Sitting there across the way
She don’t got a lot to say
But there’s something about her
And you don’t know why
But you’re dying to try
You want to kiss the girl”

As the song continued floating through the air you looked over to see Steve already looking at you. His blue eyes were sparkling in the dim light as they locked with your (E/C) ones. He moved in slowly and you did the same, your eyes fluttering close and lips locking as the music faded into the background. His lips were soft and you moved in perfect sync until a loud throat clearing broke you two apart. 

“Please exit the ride that way and have a magical evening,” the ride worker refused to look at you and Steve (whose lips were swollen to a pretty red hue) as they pointed you off the ride.

As you stepped back out into the warm summer air, the nightly fireworks started going off making you laugh softly as Steve put his arm around your shoulders and kissed your temple. 

“What’s so funny?” Steve smirked as he looked down at you, happier than he could ever remember being before.

“This really is the most magical place on earth,” you answered looking back at him, unable to stop your smile as you kissed Steve once again as fireworks literally went off overhead.


Okay guys. So I finally got everything done that needed to be done and was ready to start writing again  when BAM tumblr decided to delete ALL of my messages. I honestly cried I am so upset. 

If you had requested a fic or preference please send those in. I have a list on my phone but they don’t have any of the details you guys sent me so please resend them to the best of your knowledge. I’m also going to take new requests right now in order to fill the time until I get the old requests sent back in.


This also means I have no idea who I’m supposed to be tagging for certain stories so please send in those requests as well.

I am SO sorry guys. I feel so terrible:(

Lucky Penny Comic Process - process gif from thumbnails to final tones

Some people have been asking about this so I wanted to oblige!  My work process for Lucky Penny was kinda unnecessarily (embarrassingly) multi-stepped — by the end I got so fed up with my lightbox setup I started pencilling 100% digitally, but that was only the last maybe 60 pages or so.  I’m gonna give a shot at 100% digital for my next project and hope for the best!!

The pencils would be scanned, digitally fiddled with, then printed in a very pale blue — paler than the blue in the gif, actually.  Then I’d ink the page with a brush (Windsor & Newton Series 7 size 2 brush, Dr. Ph Martin’s Bombay Black, some assorted pens for borders and fill). When scanning the inked page, the printed blue lines are pale enough that they’re ignored by the scanner.

The way I toned Penny was a holdover from how I tone Johnny Wander; three separated shades of grey: 10%, 30%, 50%.  (They didn’t have to be separated for Penny, but they do for Johnny Wander because of the way I produce halftoning.)  I like the warm real media look textures give my digital art, so I have this gigantic homemade texture file that I’ll paste in as an overlay layer over the tones once everything is done.  And hey, it’s a page!

If you want to pick up the Lucky Penny book, the Kickstarter has ONE DAY LEFT!!  Thank you, thank you so much for your guys’ support.  I really hope you enjoy the book!

The Hills (Sebastian Stan Imagine)

Your man on the road, he doing promo
You said keep our business on the low-low
I’m just tryna get you out the friend zone
‘Cause you look even better than the photos

It started out at a red carpet event event. Your dress had a low neckline that stooped down a little too low and the silky fabric was clinging onto your body like another layer of skin. The red, sinful, dress hugged your body pushing your curves all in the right places. You were irresistible. 

He stood at the other end of the carpet, trying not to roll his eyes at the same old questions these interviewers asked him. He awkwardly laughed at the man’s poor attempt of a joke and shook his hand, hoping that he would get the hint to leave him alone. He stuffed his hands in the pockets of his dress pants and scanned the area for any of his friends. But something even better caught his eye. 


There was no doubt that Sebastian had a thing for you but then again who in the industry didn’t? The minute he saw the outline of your naked body in a magazine spread, his mind couldn’t help but wonder about the things he could do with you. His jaw slightly hung open, watching you turn to the side giving the hungry photographers a view of how blessed you really were. Your back seemed to dip, or more so concave, when your perfect ass came into view. Sebastian licked his lips, knowing the photos definitely didn’t do you any justice.

I can’t find your house, send me the info
Driving through the gated residential
Found out I was coming, sent your friends home
Keep on tryna hide it but your friends know

He didn’t ask for your number straight away. In fact it took two mutual friends for you both to finally officially meet. Your best friend, Cami, was a client of Sebastian’s gym trainer, Don. When notified about the invite to your house warming party in Rhode Island, Cami decided that it would be great to invite her gym buddies to try an get you to become friend with other people other than herself. 

At around 7PM, Sebastian walked in with Don, who held a bottle of Italian wine as a house warming present. Came dragged you alongside her, accepting the wine as if it was her own home, and introduced you to her gym trainer and her friend. 

“I thought this was my house.” You laughed jokingly. “But apparently it’s Cami’s too.”

Sebastian bit the side of his lip, watching as your eyes trailed across his chiseled features. “I wasn’t really sure if it was okay for me to show up. It was Cami who invited me and I didn’t know if that invitation was valid.”

You motioned for him to follow you to the backyard, where the party really was. “Yeah, caught me by surprise when she said some people from her gym were going but I must say, it’s a nice surprise.”

The rest of the night was spent with him, chatting and obnoxious, sexual, flirting. If it was anyone else besides the Romanian- God, you were sure that you would’ve turned them down. But something about his captivating eyes, frequent lip bites, and long, slender fingers, around his wine glass, drove you just a tad bit insane.

At 12, you decided that it was time for everyone to leave. Don left earlier, mumbling something about an early session with a client the next day. Cami left with some guy who looked like one of your former co-stars. You would never let that go.

Sebastian insisted to stay and help you clean up. He helped place the wine glasses inside a box labeled ‘fragile’ and placed it on the top shelf of your nearly empty garage. His front was pressed against your backside, making you suck in a breath when you felt the slight outline of his bulge.

“Isn’t Don your ride?” You asked, wiping the counter top that was sticky due to the man wine spills of the night. “How are you getting home?”

“I’m gonna call an uber or something, no biggie.” Sebastian smiled, rubbing his left eye after slipping on his jacket. “I hope I’ll see you soon.”

You stood there silently, watching him tie the laces of his shoes, preparing to leave your home. He stood up, giving you a small wave. His fingers touched the cold doorknob, mentally debating if he should make a move or not.

You made the decision for him when your hands were suddenly rubbing themselves on his thick back, stopping when the muscles clenched under your fingertips. You heard him gulp, his fingers slowly letting go of the doorknob.

“Don’t start something that you’re not ready for, Y/N.” Sebastian breathed out, seeing your hands make their way to his front. Your fingers trailed down incredibly low, stopping at the hem of his shirt. 

Your lips blew hot air where his ear and jaw met. Your lips gently tugged at his earlobe, “Who said I wasn’t ready?”

I only call you when it’s half past five
The only time that I’ll be by your side
I only love it when you touch me, not feel me
When I’m fucked up, that’s the real me
When I’m fucked up, that’s the real me, yeah

That was only the first of your sexual encounters. The morning after, you blamed the alcohol. The both of you knew that you only had a glass and a half. You were too busy getting drunk off of the Romanian taste only Sebastian carried to completely finish the second glass of wine. You told him that it was a mistake and that it would never happen ever again.

Two months later, two months of absolute discomfort and dissatisfaction, your paths cross again. You gulped as you saw him sitting on a chair in your new movies table read. You didn’t know he was your love interest in the film. The love interest you needed to have ‘sex’ with.

“Y/N, love, are you comfortable with showing your body to the camera and most importantly Sebastian?” the director asked, his tone serious as he talked to you and Sebastian.

His teeth found the red of his bottom lip. You were convinced he was only doing that to torture you. “It isn’t anything he hasn’t seen before.”

The director nodded skeptically, excusing himself from the sexual tension he realized he was part of. Sebastian chuckled, his fingers rubbing against the stubble of his chin. “Mistake, huh?”

You shook your head, looking at his straight in the eye. “We both know it was.”

“It sure as hell didn’t feel like a mistake when you begged for me that night.”

“Shut it.” You snarled, pulling him by the collar of his shirt and into a small room. You closed the blinds and locked the windows, silently hoping that the walls were soundproof. 

“I like where this is going, babe.” He leaned against the wall, loving the dominant side of you already. Your body pressed against his, face only centimeters away from his. “Are we going for round two?”

“Round two that’s two months late.” Your lips found his neck, sucking, nibbling, leaving him a writhing mess under your control.

“Not my fault you kicked me out the next morning.”

“Hey,” You pulled away from him, the prominent bulge in his pants poking your thigh. Sebastian looked at you, his eyebrows furrowed. You dropped to your knees, your fingers working to unbuckle his belt. “Better late than never, right?”

I'ma let you know and keep it simple
Tryna keep it up, don’t seem so simple
I just fucked two bitches 'fore I saw you
You gon’ have to do it at my tempo
Always tryna send me off to rehab
Drugs start to feeling like it’s decaf
I’m just tryna live life for the moment
And all these motherfuckers want a real love

Your sexual rendezvous only blossomed since then. You did him, he did you, in the most obscure places possible. Public bathrooms, movie theaters, shop dressing rooms, you name it. Sebastian quickly became your best sexual partner.

The only problem was you knew you weren’t the only one of his. You knew he had at least two more ‘friends with benefits’ and you knew that they were both much fitter than you. It became a bigger problem when you looked over at him as he ate his greasy pizza slice and realized just how much you loved him.

“Y/N, guess what this girl said to me yesterday after she did me.”

You blinked, tearing your eyes away from his mouth. “What?”

“She said we should try a real relationship.” He snorted. “And I was like what the hell? Because I mean, I made it very clear that I was not looking for a real relationship yet here she was confessing her love to me.”

Your heart fell. If he didn’t want a relationship with that girl, you knew you had absolutely no chance to be in a relationship with him. “Yeah, that’s dumb.”

He looked up from his phone after hearing your bland response. “Hey, is everything okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t worry.” You lied, smiling slightly hoping that it will convince him. “I’m just tired. I’m gonna sleep, you can find your way out right?”

Sebastian frowned. He was hoping to stay the night with you. “Yeah, get well soon.” 

You mumbled a thanks before throwing yourself in your cold bed covers, snuggling deep into your pillow. Why did you have to catch feelings for him? How does he not have a conscience when it came to being friends with benefits? You groaned, knowing that you can’t exactly ask him why he never caught feelings for anyone, that would just give you away.

That was the first night you slept alone, mentally and physically. And oh, how you wanted Sebastian to be next to you when you rolled over on the right side of the bed rather than an extra pillow and messy sheets.

Hills have eyes, the hills have eyes
Who are you to judge, who are you to judge?
Hide your lies, girl, hide your lies
Only you to trust, only you

Sebastian has been spending a lot of his time at your house lately. He made breakfast in the morning and ordered take out at night for the both of you. He had his own drawer of things and you always made sure to buy two of each item now. You find yourself reaching for the two pack of toothbrushes instead of the singular one when you’re grocery shopping. He’d been noticing the small actions, finding himself smiling every time you do one. 

He hasn’t touched you with no feelings for a while now. Every time you two were intimate he tried his hardest to somehow pour out his silent love for you through the loud sounds of skin slapping and moaning. The sex was becoming better and better each time, you didn’t know what it was but it was great and you weren’t complaining one bit.

“Hey, Y/N, I know we just had chinese two days ago but the only other available restaurant is a sushi place and I know you hate that so is chinese okay?”

You couldn’t help but smile to yourself when you heard his vice coming from the kitchen. “Yeah, chinese is fine. I want cho-”

“Chow mein with broccoli beef.” Sebastian interrupted, emerging from the kitchen. “I know what you like.” 

“Is that so?” You cocked your eyebrow, standing up to challenge him. “What’s my favorite movie?”

“It’s a tie between The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Pride and Prejudice.” 

“Okay, what’s my favorite thing to watch on Netflix?”

He smirked, “If you’re talking about TV shows, it’s FRIENDS, Grey’s Anatomy or Hawaii Five-O. If it’s movies you like watching Begin Again and The Fundamentals of Caring.” 

“My favorite actress?”

Sebastian stepped closer, “Keira Knightley.”

“Favorite actor?”

“Mark Hamill or Harrison Ford, you’re so in love with Star Wars.”

You walked over to him, wrapping your arms around his neck. “How do you know all of this?”

“I pay attention, babe.” 

Your lips lingered above his. His hands found your hips and pulled you closer. “Why?”

Sebastian didn’t answer. Instead he kissed you so passionately you almost forgot how to breath. The kiss was different. It was lustful or needy, it was almost loving. Maybe there was a chance he felt the same way as you did. It came as a surprise to you.

But it was a nice surprise.


My Last Imagine: Jealous



The Maine + Favorite songs/lyrics

so i haven’t told you guys about my muslim bae, mostly bc we came together under kinda shitty circumstances (he came over to my cunt ex friends dorm while she was gone and ate me out and then i kicked him out after) but after we spent our first, actual night together i felt differently. we talked all night long, about everything, and smoked, cuddled. it was really nice. we saw each other off and on for a bit but like, sexually he wasn’t really getting me there. and he had other issues but i never planned on anything happening from the start. we were in two very different places (though in starting to think my place will always be miles away from other guys’ places).

so one day i left his dorm in the morning and never went back, never hit him up. he messaged me the next day and apologized and said he didn’t know what he did, but i never answered. and sometime in the end of january he hmu again and i told him that i didn’t think it would be good for us to see each other again, and that there were no hard feelings. he said okay and i thought it was over.

but then, a week ago. he had been looking at my story like usual but i had gone out that night, which was rare. and i got pretty drunk. and we somehow started talking. he told me he missed me and i admitted i missed him too. i would think about him off and on while we weren’t talking. things were so affectionate b/w us, and i thought it had just been how he was but when i tried to act that way with my next ting, they were kinda like thrown off by it. like when we’re together he can’t stop kissing me and holding me and calling me nicknames but that behavior just gets the side eye from a different hookup.

through my hangover we made plans to see each other, and when i went over and he saw me, he immediately had a huge smile on his face. he hugged me and kissed me and told me how much he missed me between kisses. we practically fucked in the hallway, it was that passionate.

that night, we cuddled and talked and i finally told him my secret, which shouldn’t be a secret but i treat it like it is bc the walls around me are 100ft thicc concrete. and he said basically everything i’ve wanted someone to say. it felt so good being able to put my cards out on the table and not be judged for it. it’s those moments i hold on to. small, intimate moments that are unexpected but feel… idk… right. and he told me he liked me like a million times. he had a huge smile on his face the whole time. it was so nice to be around a guy that you can feel genuinely missed you, that wants you around. and when he asked me to go to his room and i said “no, i just want to enjoy your presence more” he happily got right back in my arms and said he didn’t mind.

but my head went into overdrive and i lurked. and saw shit i didn’t like. rationally, i know that him fucking my ex demon cunt of a friend is understandable since it was right after i told him i was done with him for (i thought) for good but it still grosses me out. and he said he’s gone down on me the most out of any girl he’s been with ever but he hates doing it, and i’m not giving head for free so we just skip foreplay all together. i guess i’m just slooooooowly rediscovering what i like and want out of a guy, and learning that if he has one quality that i’m looking for it doesn’t mean i have to endure other shit to get the benefits of that quality. i do have feelings for him and i know he does too, but that really doesn’t matter. ultimately, were not right for each other.

Jungkook’s Fancafe Post

160501 #Jungkook
It’s me~~are you~~doing well~~
I came to hang out
You’re my honey
Yes you’re right I can’t sleep because I’m nervous!
You and I are on the same boat 
There’s one day left?..!!!!
Hmm.. I really can’t sleep ㅎㅎ
ㅎㅎ what are you guys doing up so late?!
I’m going to sleep now let’s just ㅎㅎ wait one more day

cr: btsfc (ig)