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jimin strikes me as one of those characters in kdramas who’s like second to the main guy and is friends with the main girl who he has liked for a while but the main girl ends up choosing the main guy over him constantly but jimin is still that supporting person who’s there for her and let’s her cry on her shoulder when main guy did her wrong but jimin still ends up sad and friendzoned

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now i'm not /saying/ that Ronan and Gansey's first kiss tasted like orange juice and mint and they both made faces and laughed a little after but,, (i'm also not saying that it happened after another long night of sleeplessness and they went to the store to get said orange juice buuut)

now i am saying that ronan and gansey’s first kiss tasted like orange juice and mint and they both made faces and laughed a little after,, (and i’m also saying that it happened after another long night of sleeplessness and they went to the store to get said orange juice)

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tbh ive unfollowed and refollowed you a few times over the while. not because i dislike your portrayal or you or whatever but because of my own jealousy/insecurities etc acting up sometimes. you get a lot of anons, a lot of people sending memes, a lot of people liking starter calls and all that, you're a popular blog

Mira: To be honest- I saw this ask moments before passing out to sleep from my medication last night. And just like then- I’m highly unsure of how to respond to it- so.. I’ll wing it, and hope I don’t get my words wrong.  

We always see ourselves less than how others see us. Me especially- seeing this message surprised me, as I’ve never considered myself a Popular blog. Perhaps I’ve never left the mentality of being a green novice on tumblr as I was when I first started rp’ing as Levy.  Always feeling as if I’m struggling to stay afloat and be noticed by others. For that, I’ll apologize- as I  (even if told by others) can be told a thousand times that I do my blog well, and still feel insecure about it. 

I suppose a lot of us are that way, however. I think it’s something we all have in common and constantly battle with on a day to day basis when we log on to our respective accounts. 

Honestly, I don’t pay attention to my number of followers usually. A glance here and there from curiosity- sometimes I’ll run through to unfollow some inactive for a few months. Or I’ll use friend or follow to check for mutuals whenever I’m worried I’m bugging someone.  It’s not always a constant worry on my mind, but- my statements from last night blossomed from seeing a few lost followers on many of my blogs. … people I, in general, considered amazing, valued highly, looked up to and thought I was on good terms with.

Now I know an unfollow (or even a follow) doesn’t necessarily mean friendship or a loss of one, but when I hear nothing from these people, it’s hard not to automatically think I did something wrong. (I guess it’s human instinct to just immediately think something bad.)  So- it does hurt. Especially in those circumstances. 

Asides from that- I can understand being jealous or insecure. I feel it constantly whenever I get on my dash. There are many that have made me feel this way and I’m sure I’ll feel it many more times in the future too. So- thank you for coming out and telling me this. Thank you for taking the time to be honest and saying it. I know this is a very long message so far, but I want to let you know- that, whoever you are- you are someone I admire and appreciate.

I admire and appreciate everyone on here- follower or not- and you, sweet person, are definitely on my list. I don’t know who you are or which muses you play as, but I am still confident in my assumption that you are amazing at what you do. That you care for your muses and try your best to have fun and enjoy yourself while you are on. And that- that is so special and so meaningful to me. 

What you and so many others do- it’s amazing, you know?

I may not have realized my blog has grown as popular as you say, and I am sorry that I’ve made you feel that way. I’ve never intended for it and all I’ve ever wanted was to make friends and have fun on here. I hope- no matter if you’re having a bad day or even a good one, that you can still log onto your account (or more- if you rp more than one blog) and feel comfortable enough to smile and make friends. That you can enjoy your muse in all their perfection and faults- and enjoy your time here. 

I hope that for all of us. 

Thank you again for sending me this- and please, smile for me, okay?


when someone asks you if Larry officially came out yet