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Hey, blossoms! There are times when we get ill, which is perfectly natural. To be honest, I am currently sick, so this is kind of a refined version of my thoughts from a few days ago. I was worried about missing school, and I thought that some ideas I have could help you!


 The most important thing to do when you’re sick is to take care of yourself and get better. This may mean putting your studies aside, but health always comes first. Here’s some tips:

- Certain types of tea, like chamomile and ones with lemon, can soothe sore throats.

- (Side note: I’ve heard that marshmallows are also able to help sore throats because of the gelatin they contain, but that may not be true and I don’t have a credible source for it.) 

- Make sure you drink lots of fluids, like juice, milk, and most importantly, water! One of my personal faves is Tang, which is this orange powder that you dissolve in water. It used to be really big in America a while ago but I don’t know widespread it is elsewhere. 

- Try to shower regularly if you’re congested because the steam will clear out your sinuses. 

 - If you can’t shower regularly, nasal rinses will work just fine too! You can get a  system for that at your local pharmacy. (There’s also this thing you can do where you fill a sink with hot water, put a towel over it, and stick your head underneath the towel. This allows the steam to build up, which means you can decongest a little.)

- Medicate regularly!! Check the directions on whatever type of medication you’re taking to see when it wears off and set a timer so you can stay on top of it. This will help your recovery process along a bit faster. However, DO NOT ABUSE MEDICATION. Take only as much as is prescribed because taking too much can actually be worse for your health. 

- If you’re on antibiotics, make sure to eat well because antibiotics are designed to take out all types of bacteria within the body, even the good ones in your digestive system. (I’d personally recommend eating foods with fiber and protein and staying away from dairy if you can. That’s just my personal experience! It may be different for other people.)

- Get some rest!! You may want to catch up on your studies but you’ll be able to catch up quicker and understand material better if you’re well rested. 

catching up 

So, you’re feeling alright and ready to begin making up work. Where do you begin? 

- Here’s some posts on catching up after being away for a while (note some of these are travel based, but there’s still some good information in there) 

- Email your teachers! Text your classmates! Ask for notes, for homework, and for additional help if you’re unclear about what’s going on. 

- If you’re feeling well enough, you could run in to your classes in order to get the homework and briefly conference with your teachers, but it’s always best to make sure you’re not contagious or feeling poorly before doing so. Email is pretty much just as effective. 

- Start small. Trying to catch up on all your work in one day is never good. Try to do the work for maybe one class, and if you’re feeling well enough, do another.

- Do what’s most important first. If you’re in a group project and they’re waiting for your input on a presentation or something else, get that in ASAP. Don’t affect the grades of others with your illness.

returning to class 

As you return to your usual schedule, here are some things to note:

 - Before going back to class, ensure you’re in a good place mentally and physically. For example, if you’re still running a fever or you still feel very ill, take some more time and wait. 

- Make sure your study space is functional so that you can begin to return back to your normal schedule. The desk reflects the mind. 

- Keep up on your fluids! If you’re still a little under the weather or you haven’t finished that course of antibiotics, keep taking those meds! 

- Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t understand something. Being gone is hard. Ask for help and self-advocate.

- If you’re on a sports team or doing some other strenuous activity, it’s okay to take a couple more days away from that to let your body recover completely. 

- The most important thing is to take it easy, even after you’re well enough to come back to class. If you overwork yourself while still recovering, that can lead to backslide, so please be careful!!

I hope this will be useful, darlings!! Take care of yourselves and remember that so many people are rooting for you to do well, including me :]

All the love,

elle (@etudesthetics)

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13.09.17 | @universi-tea ‘s 30 day back to school challenge (1/30) - goals for the term (ft. the wonderful printable by @emmastudies )

This will be the first term of my university course, and I’m so excited and determined to stay on track! To stay focused here’s a list of my Autumn goals:

  1. Make a study schedule and stick to it!
  2. Keep my room and desk tidy 
  3. Do one productive thing each day 
  4. Attend all lectures and seminars- unless ill 
  5. Hand assignments in before the deadline 
  6. Get to know all the options for placements/ year abroad 
  7. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

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okay but what's your joanna hc ?

Sorry this took so long, Nonie. @outside-the-government and @gracieminabox - here ya go.

Strap in, ‘cause this is a long one.

For those of you who watched STID with me last week, skip to the bottom, ‘cause you know what I’m about to say.

First, some background. I’d never seen any Star Trek until December of 2016. Like, three months ago. 

The very first episode of TOS that I watched was The Immunity Syndrome. The very first thing that I noticed about The Immunity Syndrome was Deforest Kelley’s pinpoint pupils. 

Now, I wanna stop right now to make damn sure you guys understand - I am absolutely not in any way suggesting that De was on drugs. Hell no. This was probably a lighting thing. Anna doesn’t make movies. This was just an observation, okay?

Okay, so, pinpoint pupils. I noticed this off the bat. The very first thought that I had, without any context for Bones as a character, was, damn, this guy is on opioids. 

Later, in the very same episode, Bones is running around giving stimulants to everyone on the ship. Jim asks for another.

Bones says, “Jim, those things’ll blow you apart.”

And the wonderful thing about Deforest Kelley is that he fucking sells every line. 

Those things’ll blow you apart.

To me, that sounded like the voice of experience.

Side note that at this point, about 2/3 of the way through my very first TOS episode, I had already decided that Bones is in love with Jim. It’s just that obvious.

By the end of The Immunity Syndrome, I had solidified my theory - Bones has a problem with drugs.

We’ve well established, that as a fandom, Leonard McCoy is, or at least was, a functional alcoholic. AOS, TOS, it doesn’t matter. The pattern for addiction is there. 

If you look at statistics, the amount of healthcare workers who divert drugs is significant. More than that, it’s overwhelming, and it’s scary. 

This is a particularly prevalent problem in specialties that have frequent access to controlled medications - ahem, calling out anesthesia - and what does Bones always, always have on him? 


Bones administers his own meds. Chapel doesn’t do it. Bones does it. 

Now, one more example, and we’ll get to the actual headcanon here. Sorry, I did warn you this would be long. 

William Halsted was one of the most influential surgeons in the history of medicine. I’m not going to list his many achievements and advancements here, but holy hell, this guy did it all. 

Halsted was addicted to cocaine and morphine. He used the cocaine to stay sharp during hours and hours of surgery, then he’d go home, come down with the morphine, sleep for a while, and then be back at it again. Wildly successful man, had self-medication down to a science.

Guys, I genuinely believe that Bones, during his early career, was doing the exact same thing.

I think it started in med school. Bones is really fucking young to be a doctor, guys, if we believe that he was born in ‘27. Can you imagine the pressure?

It’s not a real problem during residency - just a stim during a long day, one in the morning after Joanna had kept him awake all night, sometimes when the call schedule gets a little too brutal. All the residents do it at some time or another, and nobody looks too hard at the docs, anyway.

It’s David’s illness that sends Bones spiraling down.

Coffee’s not enough. He’s not sleeping - it’s long days of research, up at 3 am, round on patients, check on dad, back to the lab, take call, a comm to Joss and Jo, back home with dad. He’s losing focus, and he’s terrified that he’s gonna slip up and kill somebody. 

So it starts with stims. 

It snowballs - one’s not enough, then it’s two a day, and before long, Bones can’t sleep even when he has time. His hands are trembling and his eyes are bloodshot, and hell, even the stims can’t fix this.

So he has to sedate himself.

Later, after, when the funeral arrangements are done and all that’s left of David is a pile of paperwork, Bones is just existing. Joss seems uncomfortable with him moving back in so abruptly - they’ve been apart for too long - and Jo’s being a little standoffish. 

By now it’s second nature. Bones doesn’t even think about it anymore.

Until the day he wrecks the car.

He’s picking up Jo from daycare. Joss has a late meeting at the office - Leonard, I can’t reschedule - and Bones is in a bind. It’s short notice; he’s got one more case, and then he’s giving a talk at the university. He can just manage to drop Jo at his mother-in-law’s, but he’s got to book it.

It’s not his fault. 

Oh, he speeding, that’s for sure, but that idiot was clear on the wrong side of the road.

it’s just his luck that the override feature failed

Bones has got a nasty concussion and fuck-ton of subcutaneous bruising, but Jo… 

Jo was thrown from the vehicle.

It’s not good, it’s not good, it’s not good.

It’s all a blur for Bones. He’s vaguely aware of the first responders pulling him gently out of the way. Someone comms for airlift. 

He winds up in his own ED. 

Jo’s in his own trauma bay.

His colleagues are wide-eyed and worried. Bones gets lots of sympathetic pats on the shoulder, lots of sorrowful glances and empty condolences.

But the proof’s in the piss, guys, and it’s not long before the entire hospital knows about Dr. McCoy’s failed drug screen.

It terminates his career and it’s the death-knell to a marriage that was already spiraling down in flames. 

and it loses him jo

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Hi! Could you PLEASE do the Fill in The Blanks/Fluff OTP questions with Liam and MC? I live your fics about them, so I know this will be good! ❤️

I sure can! Here you go!

Who’s more likely to find who wearing their clothes?
Eleanor likes to lounge around in Liam’s discarded dress shirts, which he finds incredibly sexy.
Who initiates hand holding?
Eleanor. Mostly because Liam was raised to obey certain levels of propriety, but Eleanor is less concerned.
Who likes having their hair washed by who?
Neither one of them.
Who likes to slow dance?
They both do. They even like waltzing together. Sometimes at boring social functions a waltz is the only alone time they’ll get and they both cherish it.
Who’s more likely to fall asleep with their head in the others lap?
Liam has fallen asleep with his head in Eleanor’s lap when she’s been giving him a head rub or a shoulder massage. He just carries so much tension that sometimes when he’s allowed to relax, he ends up crashing.
Who does all the cuddling in a blanket fort?
They both do. They love to make blanket forts with their kids and they all end up together, a big family pile. Completely undignified for the Royal family of Cordonia, but what Liam always dreamed of.
Who hogs most of the covers at night?
Neither. They tend to sleep completely wrapped up in each other, so it’s easy to share covers.
Who nuzzles the others shoulder to get them to give them a head rub?
Neither one.
How do they share a desert? Two forks or one?
In public they rarely share and if they did, it would be two forks. In private? One and they’d take turns feeding each other.
Who gets jealous more easily?
Neither. One of the few benefits of their crazy courtship is that they both know the other is 1000% committed and they never have anything to worry about.
Who gets angered more easily?
Eleanor. Liam keeps a very tight rein on his temper and sometimes that drives her crazy.
How do they go to sleep at night?
They start out spooning with Liam as the big spoon, but they often shift so that they are completely tangled in each other and she’s half on top of him.
Who gets the most shoulder rubs?
Liam. Being King is hard work and he bears the burden well, but Eleanor considers it her job to try and ease it.
What are their arguments/fights like? How often do they fight?
Mostly they get moody more than actually fight. Eleanor sometimes picks fights, but mostly Liam tries to avoid them and he’s pretty accommodating. They’re fights are usually caused by the pressures of being King and Queen.
Who is more likely to throw things in fights?
Eleanor, but she’d have to be really upset.
How do they make it up to each other/apologize after an argument?
Usually whichever one of them is wrong will just apologize and then they will sit down and actually discuss the issue rationally. There are often cuddles involved as well.
Do they have nicknames for each other?
Liam calls her “Ellie” sometimes. She usually just calls him “my King”, they use terms like “sweetheart” or “babe” in private.
Caring for each other while ill, how do they go about it?
If Liam is ill, Eleanor goes into over-drive. She’ll clear his schedule and make sure no one bothers him with petty complaints. She makes him stay in bed, even though he protests that Kings don’t get sick days. She uses the small kitchen in their royal suite to make him her grandmother’s chicken soup recipe and just does her best to pamper him. If Eleanor is ill, Liam will do his best to make her comfortable. He’ll order the kitchens to make her favorite foods, make sure she has enough to keep her entertained and will just rub her back or do whatever he can to make her feel better.
Who’s more likely to be patching the others wound?
Neither one of them is prone to being wounded.
Which one says ‘I told you so’, after they come home from the beach and other muse is burnt to a crisp while whining how bad it hurts for not listening and putting on sunblock after the other one repeatedly told them they’d get burnt?
Neither one of them. Liam does not burn easily and Eleanor is very good about using sunscreen because if she doesn’t she turns into a lobster and she knows that’s not a good look for a Queen.  
Your otp has a newborn baby, who gets up in the middle of the night when he/she cries?
They do have a nanny, but Eleanor insists on breast-feeding, so she gets up with the baby. Sometimes Liam gets up though and brings the baby to her to try and make it a little easier on her.
How do they react if they find the other crying about something? And how do they make them feel better?
Liam is not a crier. He was taught to be stoic, so if Eleanor found him crying, she’d know something really bad had happened, likely to his parents or Leo, and she’d do her best to try and comfort him and help fix the crisis. Liam hates it when Eleanor cries, not because he thinks she should be stoic, but because it makes him feel guilty because of how much stress she is under because of him.
What would they be like as parents?
They are wonderful parents. They know they have a duty to raise their children to understand their heritage and value their role in Cordonian culture, but they also want them to have as normal a childhood as possible. They spend as much time with their kids as they can. They play with them in the maze garden, make pillow forts and have family movie nights.
What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?
Liam knows if she had been born in Cordonia, he would have asked permission to marry her as soon as she turned 21. Because she would have been the only one for him. He thinks even as a noble she would still be funny and independent and help him see the lighter side of life. They would have grown up together rand brought out the best in each other and been each other’s one and only love.
Who initiates taking a bath together?
Liam. He’ll draw a bath in the huge soaker tub in their suite and suggest that she could use a soak to help ease her tension and then he’ll offer to join her and she never refuses.
Who likes who playing with their hair?
They both do. Liam loves it when Eleanor runs her fingers though his hair, massaging his scalp, and Eleanor loves it when Liam twirls one of her long strands around his finger, the way he brushes it out of her face and the way he tugs it when they make love.
The place they mostly likely accidentally fall asleep together?
The garden maze. Even after they are married, they sneak out there to be alone when things at the palace get overwhelming and once, they were so wrapped up in each other that they lost track of time until they drifted off to sleep. Luckily Drake was the one that found them and he did so before it could create a crisis in the palace.

Feel free to ask me fluffy ship questions

I felt like absolute shit all day. I had such crippling fatigue all I wanted to do was go back to bed, but I made myself stay up because I’m trying to keep a consistent schedule. Two hours ago it was time for bed and I STILL CAN’T SLEEP!

I’m getting real sick of your shit, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, especially since the legitimate symptom of insomnia contradicts literally everything you are supposed to be about. Fatigue or insomnia, fucking pick one. ONE!

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