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Bloodlust (Roman Godfrey)

Prompt: You come home on day, to find a note your brother and mom left you in Destiny’s care. So you run to the one person you trusted, Roman.


“I’m sorry your brother was in trouble and we had to leave. I know how much you loved it here, and you deserve better than a life more that a life of running. You deserve a shot at a normal life. Ive talked to Destiny and she will watch over you, ill call you when were safe. I love you baby, its better this way. -Mom”

Her note took the breath from your lungs. The house was ruined and even the cat was gone. They took that damn cat and left you here!

Your eyes began to burn as you screamed grabbing the closest thing, which happened to be a family photo and smashed it into the wall. Your body shook as you kicked, threw and broke everything you could get your hands on. They actually wanted you to stay with Destiny? She wasn’t exactly the greatest role model using her gifts for sex and money, claiming to heal people.

You ran out of the house grabbing your bike, the note snatched in your hand. You began to head to the one person you could talk to and would understand you.


Tears burned your eyes, before you used your sweatshirt to wipe them away. You stood on the front porch nervous, your hands shook above the doorbell. You took a deep breath and hit the button.

You heard footsteps and a familiar face looked slightly down on you confused.

“Y/N what are you doing here? I thought you guys left? Where’s Peter?” His eyes looked around the area but turned back to you.

Holding out the note tears began to flow faster down your cheeks. Roman snatched the note, reading swiftly he finished and looked up into your eyes.

“What the fuck……” he whispered and grabbed your shoulders pulling you into his arms.

You sobbed into his chest as he pulled back and led you to the living room, he sat down beside you on the couch.

“Do you want some tea? Or bourbon and shit?” He said quietly.

You sniffed giving off a smirk “I dont even think shit would taste good with bourbon.”

Roman gave a light smile “Yeah me neither.” He pulled you to his chest, letting you cry until your eyes hurt.

Picking you up he carried you upstairs and into a room, he set your down on something soft which you guessed was his bed.

He took your shoes off, still in silence and set them on the floor. “I’ll figure this out just rest now Y/N.”

He stood by you grabbed his arm “Please stay……at least until i fall asleep.”

He stared down at you for a moment, then he slipped off his belt and nodded. Moving over he laid beside you. You turned putting your head on his chest, he seemed to tense up and the closeness of you. He could feel the blood pumping through your veins and his fangs scraped his tongue. He bit down on his tongue trying to suppress the urge to feed on you.

You seemed to remember moving away suddenly “Sorry i guess i forgot.”

“Your the only person who would run to an Upir, and forget what they are.” He chuckled

You shrugged turning onto your side, you hid the tears that began to start again “Well my brother is a werewolf.”

Roman seemed to sense your change in emotion, he pulled you into his chest “It’s okay, i know…”

You nodded wiping your eyes, and slowly let the emotional exhaustion take over.


You woke up to find Roman had left, hearing the shower running you stood up slowly. Romans clothes were on the ground as steam crept from under the bathroom door. Walking over you knocked on the door “Ro!”

“Yeah?” Came Roman’s voice muffled by the door

“I’m gonna go get food if that okay? You want anything?” You asked shifting your weight slightly from one side to the other.

“I’ll be down in a sec!” He replied 

Nodding you turned and made your way downstairs, you had been here loads of times when either you or your brother found yourselves in trouble. Usually you talked to Shelley but since her disappearance you swayed closer to Roman. Peter had began to notice and always scolded you about how much of a man-whore Roman had been. But since you two had started to hangout the less he seemed to be interested in other girls, only on days when you two were fighting did he have the occasional hook up. It bothered you at first but learning his true nature you realized for him, it was more of an impulse and how he had been raised by his mother Olivia. 

Finding some of your favorite cereal you and Shelly shared in secret, keeping it hidden behind the boxes of oatmeal and forgotten cans of soup. Olivia hated when he children ate such unhealthy processed and sugary meals. Most of the time, when she was gone was the only time the kids could eat what they wanted. 

You poured in the cereal and milk into the bowl, hopping on the counter. Taking a bite as Roman came down in his boxers, his hair still wet as light amounts of steam seemed to rise from his body leftover from the shower. 

Roman began making coffee, leaning back to examine you as you ate your breakfast. “You can stay here if you want? It pretty much empty and I know you don’t wanna stay with Destiny. Shelleys room is empty, shit over half the house is take whatever room you want.”

You nodded “Thanks Ro…..I was so wrapped up in myself, I never asked how you were. So….How are you?”

He shrugged taking  sip of his coffee walking over to you and snatching your bowl taking a bite of cereal. “I’m okay I guess, I mean your parents are kinda shitty and siblings are gone. Everyone wants me to take over Godfrey Enterprises, and I’m trying to control myself from feeding 24/7.”

“I can help if you want?” You asked 

Roman paused as you moved your head to the side, brushing away your hair to reveal your soft skin. 

Roman reached out gently brushing his hand on your neck causing shivers to run down your spine. He could feel the beating of your heart on the pads of his fingers, the way your chest rose and fell with your breathing. 

He leaned in intoxicated by your scent as he felt his fangs on his tongue again. Your heart beat faster at his proximity………………… he could hear it, but the only thing on his mind was how you would look covered in your own blood. How your scent would only light the flames of his desire and soon it would not be just your blood he craved, He would crave your body. Needing to the burning of your lips on his. He would ravish himself in your body, pleading for you to moan his name begging you to reach your climax as he thrust into you over and over again.  He closed his eyes before shaking his head “I can’t, I won’t be able to control myself if I do.”

You nodded the breath that caught in your lung seemed to slowly release “Okay.”

Roman handed you your cereal “ You can shower if you want? The waters still hot in my bathroom. It’ll need to warm up everywhere else.”

You were about to head upstairs, when you paused “I left my clothes at the house…..”

Roman nodded “Ill have someone pick them up, you can wear some of my clothes if you want. I let you borrow Olivia’s but your already beautiful plus I dont want you going around looking slutty.”

You gave a light smile trying to hide your confusion “…….Thanks.”

Going up the stairs, you cracked the door wanting to let the steam escape and make it hard to breathe when you got out. You sighed as you went into the bathroom. You had always though Olivia dressed more intimidating and classy but it seemed Roman did like that, despite the fact that Olivia was still his mother. You turned on the water and began to peel off your clothes, stepping out of your jeans you slowly slid down your panties. Unclasping your bra you tossed it to the side and let the hot water cascade down your back. 

Closing your eyes you felt your muscles begin to relax. You looked over grabbing the shampoo that smelled of pine…….it smelled like Roman. lathering your hair and rising off you used the conditioner massaging your scalp. You thought of your brother. 

It was rare for a girl in the family to have the wolf gene, but when your brother turned your life began to change. You had to leave every school you had been to if someone spotted your brother, even sooner if he began to kill more than the occasional deer. You could never have many friends, your mother didn’t want you to get close to many people in case you had to leave. It had become a routine never lasting more then a few months. You would finally have the courage to talk to someone, to try and make friends before your mother whisked you away to the next town. Peter teased you sometimes about being socially outcast but the truth was you didn’t want get attached. After a while Peter was used to it but you weren’t. 

Coming back to reality you noticed the water beginning to chill slightly. You quickly washed you body and rinsed the conditioner out of your hair.  

Stepping out of the shower you grabbed a towel looking up you jumped to see Roman at the door.

Towel still in your hands you froze as your gaze met Roman’s. His breathing hitched in his throat as he looked down clearing his throat. He turned around “Sorry you shut off the water…I just wanted to give you these.”

You looked down to his hands and saw he had a clean t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. You wrapped the towel around your body and stepped forward. Placing your hand gently on his he passed you the clothes. 

“Thank you Roman.” You said quietly your heart pounding in your chest.

Roman slowly turned around and you could see he was biting his lip. His eyes were glued to your neck. His face turned from one of embarrassment into hunger and lust. You felt yourself freeze like a deer in headlights.

“Roman?” You whispered as his mouth began to open and you saw his sharp canines begin to draw closer to his bottom teeth as he growled.


Part 2??

me: hey remember how tony had an entire movie where his anxiety and PTSD were discussed in explicit terms in a way that no other mcu character has

me: and then we found out he’d spend millions of dollars on therapeutic technology to help him process some of the shit he’s been through, shortly before he was subjected to More Traumatic Shit that was Directly Connected to his pre-existing issues

me: and then people still acted like he had absolutely no reason to have acted even the tiniest bit emotionally to watching his parents being beaten to death directly in front of him after not sleeping the past few days because he was trying to help the people who had been hiding this from him. remember that

me: remember how tony stark has had the most on-screen explicit discussion of his mental health of any character in the mcu and has been canonically seeking help and trying to find ways to cope for years and is Somehow also Coincidentally the one people judge the most for every single emotional reaction and emotional motivation he has had and could possibly ever have. isn’t that interesting. isn’t it interesting how the character whose mental illness is discussed most explicitly with the most frequency is also the one everyone irrationally hates the most and the one whose motivations are criticized the most despite his character arc’s similarities to his teammates’

A Bunch Of People: how dare you say this. do you not remember Bruce’s Suicidal Ideation. How Dare You Not Mention Bruce

The alarm rang at 07:00 am.

She got up

She could feel the tiredness in her eyes and the aching in her joints
Shortly reminding herself why she’s doing this before heading to the bathroom

She washes her face, because she needs clear skin
She brushes her teeth, because she needs white teeth
And brushes her hair, which she keeps long, blonde, objectively pretty

Getting to the kitchen she chugs a glass of water, making a mental note of the amount before opening her computer

She finishes her 40min workout, almost without having to think. It has become a habit by now

She slightly cuts herself shaving while in the shower, but the pain doesn’t bother her much

She measures out the exact amount of oats she eats every morning and starts making coffee

Makes her bed while waiting

She takes a sip of her coffee
Her drug of choice, as it is the most socially accepted

Makeup done, she heads to school

Meets a friend ouside the classroom
She smiles
Talks about boys, weather, clothes and other things that doesn’t interest her

“3 hours untill you can eat”
“Stay focused in class”
“Drink more water”
“But don’t go to the bathroom in the first break, you’ll seem weird”
All these thoughts went through her head while finding her seat

Class starts
Perfect way to get rid off 3 hours

She takes a sip of water
Smiles and thinks to herself “You’re gonna make it through one more day of this bullshit.”

Idk why but here’s a thought:

Witch!AU where everyone is, obviously, a witch/warlock/wizard/whatever. Andrew has a familiar–a pretty ginger cat that never leaves his side who Kevin frequently side eyes. Nobody but Kevin knows his name (Andrew only ever calls him “junkie” or “idiot”) and Kevin won’t share, until one day Matt barges into the dorms and finds an auburn-haired man sleeping with his head in Andrew’s lap.

4 tips for coping with mental illness

When it comes to anxiety and other mental illness self care isn’t always easy. For me some days are better than others, some days I just don’t have the spoons for self care. I’ve found that these 4 lifestyle changes help me a lot.

1. Planning

Every Sunday night I spend 20min planning 3 things to do each day for the next week. I like to use a planner, but putting them in your phone or even sticky notes on your mirror will work. accomplishing 3 simple but essential tasks helps me stay focused and motivated without feeling overwhelmed. On good days i usually accomplish more in a day, on bad days finishing 3 tasks makes me feel like I accomplished something huge. It makes me feel good to be productive and seeing days or weeks where I finish my 3 tasks makes me want to keep going. This week my tasks went:

MON: art project with Oak, pay phone bill, phone call
TUES: 2 loads of laundry, therapy appt, go outside
WED: phone call, library with Oak, clean vanity
THURS: bake with oak, 2 loads of laundry, banking
FRI: go outside, clean makeup brushes, do facial
SAT: clean room, blog, Skype date with BF
SUN: clean out car, pick up oak, take room dishes to kitchen

For me some tasks like making important phone calls, cleaning and going outside actually take a lot of emotional energy. i usually wanna take a nap if I have to make more than one important call. some people include showering, cooking a healthy meal, or keeping appointments. It helps to split up the big tasks and its not so overwhelming.

2. Eat low carb

Science has found that the bacteria in your gut is directly linked to your limbic system. Anxiety can upset the bacteria in your gut and mess with your digestive system, I was diagnosed with anxiety triggered IBS (irrital bowl syndrome) because of this. My cortisol levels (chemical that produces fight or flight response, often produced in place of adrenaline in people who have suffered traumatic events) have become so high that my body will read processed and refined foods as poison and force it out… quickly. I have been on a low carb diet for a month and have found that while it doesn’t “cure” my IBS it cut the number of trips to the bathroom from 12 to 5 times a day. some days i do better than others, pizza, takis and pasta are my weakness and some days i say fuck it! eating junk food can also go  the other way too! when your body reads the processed chemicals as poison it triggers you fight or flight and releases   cortisol. Cortisol is released for a long period of time and can build up and lead to a panic attack. I will continue to post my favorite low carb meals for inspiration… and cause i like taking pictures of my food.

3. Yoga and meditation

I always feel silly suggesting this one because it seems so bull shit. Positive thoughts and stretching alone will not take away your anxiety and for some people yoga and meditation are frustrating. Finding a physical activity you like and creating a safe place to recenter your mind are the key points here. Exercise will temporarily numb your limbic system and release endorphins and burn off cortisol . My most helpful methods are running, meditation and yoga. I found a specific 20 minute “heart opening” flow ( I especially like this this one because i carry allot of stress in my shoulders and back. With yoga its important to focus on breathing, breathe into the stretch inhale and pull your self in, imagine gathering all your anxiety and insecurity and as you exhale slowly release into the stress in and imagine pushing all that you gathered out and push it away. When i first started it was hard and i hated it but after the first 5 or 6 times I started to feel more refreshed and positive. if i have time like to meditate i start by laying on my yoga mat with a rolled up towel under my spine. i focus on my breathing again keeping it slow and deep. every exhale imagine myself sinking deeper and deeper grounding myself firmly. I work at clearing my mind by reciting affirmations or following a guided meditation ( when i don’t have alot of time i like to use affirmations by first thanking myself for making the time to re-balance then repeat 3 affirmations over and over.
I never make weight loss the goal of my eating or exercise habits. I’m slightly over weight by medical standards but my doctors aren’t concerned so i try my hardest not to concern myself with it. I struggled briefly with an eating disorder in middle school and I want to keep my relationship with food healthy so i avoid scales and other ways of monitoring weight loss. I feel that society puts pressure on women to look a certain way to distract them and I don’t want to fall into that pit. there are so many other things to be than “pretty”.

4. Get help

No one should ever have to battle mental illness alone. I know for people with limited options this step can be the hardest. the easiest way to find free help is to join an online community with people battling the same things you are. its important not to completely isolate yourself and sometimes connecting with others like you can be more validating than you think. if you have the access to a mental healthcare professional I would urge you to utilize them, i believe EVERYONE can benefit from a good therapist. If money is an issue (lets face it, having the means for therapy is a privilege) many are willing to work on a sliding scale and some clinics offer free sessions. Google free mental health care in your area. I meet with my therapist weekly and i feel like in many ways it saved me! I had to meet with a few different people before i found a good fit with Nona. She is easy to talk to and bases her methods on science which i find incredibly comforting. i have share my struggles and life goals with her and she keeps me healthy and moving forward. She has also helps me find my voice and shape my thoughts when it comes to my activism.
Another big help I’ve found is medication. After years and years of struggling with accepting the use of pharmaceuticals I finally realized mental illness is nothing more than a chemical imbalance in your brain. if you do not make your own neurotransmitters store bought will do. I don’t like the pill “haze” that some meds give and many have horrific side effects. I shared my concerns and issues with my doc and she prescribed me a daily dose of Wellbutrin for my anxiety and depression. i also have a small dose of Addivant to take as needed during panic attacks and use birth control to help balance out my hormones, some times a bad day with PMS is enough to send me into a suicidal slump. I also use cannabis to help calm my IBS, it helps with the tummy gurgles and calms me down enough to enjoy a meal without rushing to the bathroom half way through.

No one method works alone, coping with mental illness is a constant battle. Making these lifestyle changes takes time, its taken years and a huge breakdown for me to find what helps. its important to know your worth putting effort into yourself. It ins’t selfish to prioritize your mental health, you can’t pour from an empty cup. I cant promise that these things will change your life but I hope it will lead you to a path to finding your best self care methods.

Stay golden friends,

I see people talking about coping mechanisms on here a lot and kinda using it as shield, i.e “you can’t hassle me about this, it’s a coping mechanism!!!”. 

Here’s the thing though, there’s a difference between healthy coping mechanisms and unhealthy ones. In therapy if you have unhealthy mechanisms you try to work towards replacing them with healthier ones. And in general coping mechanisms are meant to be a temporary adaptation to a problem while working towards a healthy mindset.

Coping mechanisms aren’t the be all and end all of recovery or treatment, they’re just a small part of dealing with life and meant to allow us to get a handle on living our daily lives. That being said, we don’t live in a vacuum, if your coping mechanism is causing harm to others then yes it’s unhealthy and it’s not immune from criticism. Part of living in a society is that we have to navigate living with others and learning how be part of a cooperative collective. So this is part of why I side-eye some of the positivity posts talking about how “all coping mechanisms are valid uwu don’t let people judge you”, because that really can create a mindset where people can believe that whatever they use to cope is okay, even if it’s unhealthy or damaging, and unfortunately I see it overlap with a lot of anti-recovery rhetoric.

People who have been abused can do shitty things. People who are in recovery can do shitty things. It’s hard business trying to find healthy coping mechanisms, but if you’re an adult you have a responsibility to seek them out instead of just relying on unhealthy ones and clinging to them while demanding other people just respect that. 

Even within psychology there are different paths and theories of how to treat various illnesses, with new research being done all the time. Psychology is an evolving science and what we thought we understood yesterday may be different today, but we still need to make our decisions based on what we know. And what we know is that recovery isn’t stagnant, it takes work and time.

And before anyone accuses me of being neurotypical, I have chronic PTSD, massive depression, anxiety, and a host of other issues. I know I have a lifetime or recovery ahead of me and that I will have to learn new and healthy coping mechanisms as I continue on my journey. But that’s why I’m saying that I know I am the one who needs to take responsibility for my actions at the end of the day. My mental illnesses definitely impact how I interact with others and affects my ability to live in society, but it is my responsibility to navigate it and find support so I continue to learn how to deal with my illnesses while also educating others when a teaching opportunity arises, and that means learning to not immediately go on the defensive if someone questions how I cope, and not excusing unhealthy ways of coping just because I’m a survivor.

I sat in the ER parking lot last night 
and considered going in, 
but I don’t know what to say-
how do you describe symptoms for an illness 
that you don’t always ache from?

they can’t diagnose this, the way
that I don’t always feel like I am in my own head
but somehow not quite out of my body 
because I can still feel the hangnail way
my skin hangs underneath my eyes
begging to be torn off rather than keep on sagging,
darkening, getting more tired by the day 

I am sure the doctors and nurses would laugh
or titter in the hallway and maybe one kind 
little old nurse in paisley would sit quietly 
as I sit on the exam table struggling to find the words
for all of these feelings, these hurts, 
these dreams that don’t seem to be mine 
and surely that makes me crazy 

but I won’t go in. I can’t take the looks 
and the prescriptions and the unwanted advice 
so I sit in the car where the gazes can’t reach me,
still in park I wonder what it would feel like
to move without breaking

—  runaway hospital bed || O.L.

In the nursery, Apollo and Sonia have just gotten all the girls settled when Roy’s voice crackles out of the baby monitor. Sonia glares at Apollo.

Sonia: Apollo! You must have left the baby monitor in the kitchen! Go and turn it off or down or something-
Apollo: SHHH.

They both hear Georgina telling Roy she hopes he chokes on his pie. Without a word Apollo picks up the monitor and carries it into the hallway and places it on the hall table. After a moment or two Sonia follows him, closing the nursery door behind her, her heart thumping painfully in her throat.  

Georgina: You know what you did. Not telling Joël I was going to be here today. Humiliating him in front of…of…his girlfriend.

Georgina can’t bring herself to say Anita’s name.

Roy: Hmmm. You cheated on your husband with Mahogany, but somehow I’m the bad guy? Interesting viewpoint.

Georgina’s eyes are shiny with emotion, her voice trembling.

Georgina: You know what, Roy? I rarely ever wish ill on anybody, but I really, really hope that one day Sonia finds out about that prostitute you’ve been seeing. What’s her name? Crystal?

There is no trace of humour left on Roy’s face.

Roy: Do you want to wear the rest of this pie? Because that’s what’s going to happen if you don’t shut up.

Georgina lifts her chin defiantly and turns and stalks out the door. Roy yells after her.

Roy: That was an empty threat, dumbarse. This pie is way too good to waste on your stupid face.

Robert was always going to cheat; he is a known cheater, and in a soap, every relationship has a cheating SL in one form or another. By doing it this way, Emmerdale have definitively shown us two things.

  1. Robert’s happiness and well-being is entirely dependent upon Aaron’s, and Aaron’s presence in his life. The days leading up to The Incident™ clearly showed Robert struggling; he couldn’t sleep, looked haggard and exhausted, and the only thing that brought him any consolation was the phone conversation with Aaron in the evenings. Finding out Aaron was in trouble for being gay made him look ill, made him worried sick. Finding out Aaron was on drugs made him almost desperate. His husband was hurting and self-harming and he couldn’t do anything about it. When finally they did fight, and Aaron left him at that table, he was devastated. Even if they didn’t show us that the fight was close to a break-up, the episode where Robert almost told Aaron about The Incident™ had Aaron admit that he knew Robert thought they were over, and as soon as Robert got it into his head that they were over, that he didn’t have Aaron in his life anymore, he went into self-destruct.
  2. Robert has always been a self-serving person, and he has never hesitated to hurt someone if it meant he got something he wanted, but with Aaron he feels remorseful, he feels guilty. This has never happened to him before; not really. Robert is a person who lashes out when cornered, when hurt, and this was a classic case of Robert reverting back to the person he was before, hurting the person who hurt him by breaking up with him. However, in all instances before, Robert has shrugged off their pain, even reveled in it, enjoyed giving back as good as he got because whether or not he hurt people didn’t matter to him. However, he is not in a position where Aaron’s happiness is inexorably tied to his own, and this means that he cares about what he did, he hurt someone he never wanted to hurt, he has caused pain that is akin to hurting himself and it is quite clear on his face. He feels guilty, looks tired, looks like he hates himself (in my opinion) and both of these things are both down to the broken nature of their personalities. 

Robert is dependent on Aaron for a home, safety, peace within himself, and the fact that the disruption of that peace comes across quite clearly on screen has, for me, cemented the fact that Robert has changed since meeting Aaron. He no longer hurts people haphazardly, unfeelingly, and without personal repercussions. Robert feels the pain acutely, can see that he has done wrong, which is a huge character improvement from Robert of a few years ago. This also tells me that Emmerdale probably won’t have him cheat again, at least not in the foreseeable future. It causes him too much pain.
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The Ultimate Wingman - Rated T (Warning: Fluffy Smut - clearly marked for skipping) - COMPLETE 

Main Ship: KLance / Side Ship: Shallura

Type: College AU

Summary: Lance and Hunk have moved in to the new student apartments at Garrison University called The V at Garrison.Living on their floor, they meet and befriend their neighbors: Pidge, a child prodigy in robotics. Matt, Allura, and Shiro, life time friends with the boys watching over their siblings. And Keith, the anti-social boy who hates change.As time progresses, they all become friends and Lance finally finds someone to help him explore his bisexuality - his gay neighbor Keith.They strike a deal = Lance helps Keith find a social life while Keith becomes Lance’s wingman, but what happens when both men realize that their deal has become more complicated than they expected.

Lion’s Chain - Rated T (Warning: PTSD, Some Graphic Description of Violence, Consensual Smut - smut marked for easy skipping) - Incomplete/Updated Weekly

Main Ship: KLance / Side Ship: Shatt-Miro

Type: Veteran/Modern AU

Summary: Keith is returning from deployment overseas, officially released from duty in the military. However, his first stop back in the states isn’t the place he expected to be - the funeral of his military partner Miguel McClain.There he meets Lance, the younger brother of the fallen soldier, along with the other grieving members of the McClain family. Unsure of the next steps in his life and unable to separate his military and civilian life, Keith looks to the one place he can even consider home - the family Miguel loved and left behind.Using group therapy, meeting new people, and becoming closer with the McClain family, Keith tries to put his life back together and live past the tragedy of losing his best friend. In turn, he grows a bond with Lance and realizes that maybe Miguel was right along - the two seemed made for each other.

Steam - Rated M (Warnings: Violence, Consensual/Light BDSM and Non-Consensual Smut/Rape) - COMPLETE 

Main Ship: KLance / Side Ship: Shalluratt OT3

Type: Fantasy AU, Rose Queen Series Crossover

Summary: 20 years ago, Arcadia ended a civil war against an evil Queen. With the rightful Queen taking her place, the kingdom was left to fix years of racism, bigotry, hatred, and inequality.Finding themselves in a time of moderate peace, a young hunter named Keith fights against the left over oppressors. As a rare Human fire mage, he seeks to perfect his craft at the Queen’s Academy.He finds a black feline Demi-Human, Lance, who is on the run from his clan. Considered a dark omen to his people, Lance journeys to find the King in order to save himself and his family from execution. Wielding the powers of ice, Lance is considered a rare creature, leaving him in constant fear of death or captivity.They assist each other on their goals, but fail to realize that they were fated to meet and every decision they make changes the very fabric of time.One wrong choice and the future Arcadia will fall.

Elements of War - Rated T (Warning: Violence) - Incomplete/Updated Randomly

Main Ship: KLance / Side Ship: Shallura

Type: Witch AU by @thesearchingastronaut

Summary: The Civil War between the Altean Kingdom and the Galra Empire has reached its breaking point with he assassination of King Alfor and his Altean royal court.Regardless, Lance - a water witch - wants no part in fighting the war until his mother, a healer, becomes ill and the only way to save her is to join the war effort in order to find a cure for her deadly disease, He joins the Garrison Academy for Military Witches and meets a prodigy fire witch named Keith. Not all at the Academy goes as planned as Lance struggles to find his magical strength as he watches his comrades surpass him.Then one day he unlocks magic he didn’t know he had and would lead him on a journey he never intended to join - Lance is a healer.

Interstellar Dreams - Rated T (Warning: Possible Future Fluffy Smut) - Incomplete/Updated Randomly

Main Ship: Allotor-Alfive x Lotor

Type: “Nothing Bad Happened” AU by @littlecofiegirl

Summary: Alfive’s lab partner Honerva is taking a leave to give birth to her third child. In the mean time, her second son Lotor will take the duties of working with Alfive on research and development of various planetary resources to better the universe.What neither of the two expected was to become so close and, eventually, discover more than just research.


Creatures of Legend:  Black Shuck

Black Shuck (AKA Old Shuck, Old Shock, or Shucks) is a ghostly black dog that is said to be spotted around the coast and countryside of East Anglia. According to legend, Black Shuck is rather large, with reports stating that he is anywhere from being as big as a large dog to the size of a horse. He has shaggy black fur, and evil red or green eyes. Some versions state that Black Shuck only has a single eye instead of two, or that he can appear lacking a head altogether.

Generally it is believed that the appearance of this ghostly dog is a bad omen. Although some stories claim that those who see Black Shuck will immediately die, other stories say that the dog will appear before a witness when a close relative is about to pass away or become seriously ill. In contrast, other tales say that the Black Shuck has been known to protect women on their way home, or to help lost travelers find their way.

While reports of ghostly black dogs date back to around 1127, one of the first accounts specifically of the Black Shuck happened on August 4th, 1577. On this day, Black Shuck burst through the doors of the Holy Trinity Church while the congregation was in session. His entrance was marked by a clap of thunder. Black Shuck then ran up the nave, killing a man and a boy and causing the church steeple to collapse through the roof. When the dog left, scorch marks could be seen on the north door. These scorch marks can still be seen at the church today (last picture above). Only a few hours later, Black Shuck appeared at St. Mary’s Church in Bungay. Like the first encounter, Black Shuck ran down the isle’s. This time he stopped to kill several men who were kneeling in prayer. When Black Shuck left, he once again left scorch marks on the door.


Sidestory: Episode Squishy!

Bonus Incubus fic!! 

Since we didn’t post anything yesterday!! Have a double post today!

I hadn’t forgotten that people wanted a Squishy POV fic!! It was a silly idea I couldn’t quite get over, and the idea… formed. It was a good idea. Squish is a good boy, and I had a lot of fun with this one. 8) 

It’s a side story, but… maybe an important one? The tiniest voices sometimes make the biggest impact, buahaha. 


Squishy is a good boy.

He gets told that every day, so it must be true, right? He has a nice, warm bed to sleep in, and a person who loves him very much. Well, technically, he has two people, but he has a bit of a playful love-hate relationship with Noctis. Prompto is absolutely Squishy’s person though. There is no doubt of that.

Squishy, after all, has been searching for his person for a long time.

Right now, Squishy is curled up against Noct’s chest, but that’s just because he’s warmer than Prompto is. Squish likes heat. It makes him feel warm and happy inside, and he needs to conserve his energy, because his person has been having a hard time. It seems like the hard times are getting a little easier, but Squishy knows better. He knows that it isn’t that simple.

He might be a malboro, but Squishy’s been around for a while. His favourite things to do are to curl up against a warm body and nap, or to steal little shiny treasures and sneak them back to his nest. He appreciates harassing Noctis, and comforting Prompto, and going for walks. He especially likes food. It’s a simple life.

It wasn’t always so simple. Squish knows some things. Squish has seen some things, too, and he has no way of saying it, but it’s better that way. All he can do is offer up extra bits of love, tentacles curling around Prompto’s wrist and his multi-eyed gaze reassuring.

Squish is here for his person. He has to be.

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anonymous asked:

I love seeing your art of your priest and how he struggles with the shadows and mental illness. My priest is similar and it's nice to see I'm not the only one who plays a character like that :D

It’s not easy
I… never wanted to admit that I have similar struggles. I wanted Dey to be better than he was because I didn’t think I could be as good either. I wanted a hero for him, for him to be the hero. To be strong, and brave, and someone that could be admirable - like he wanted to be too. Like he thinks he SHOULD be. And though there’s demons and dragons and great big evils in the world, he’s his own worst enemy in the end.

And it’s difficult. It’s difficult to explain how the best and WORST in you is YOU as a whole, it’s you as a person. And that you have to carry that, everywhere, and hide it at the same time. Both visible and invisible, and you don’t know which is going to be for the day. Your “normal” is not everyone else’s, and sometimes they notice that, and they want to help you - but admitting help is also admitting you had a problem to begin with, and who wants to think that the problem is YOU. No one really intends to be a bad person, do bad things, no one wants to think THEY, as they are, are a problem. Like you’re something broken to be fixed. Something wrong to be corrected. 

The thing about dragons, and demons, and big evil things, is that they can be defeated. They can be killed. And they end up gone. Mental illness doesn’t do that. It can be quiet one day, you can have very good days and think the bad is gone, that even you finally got rid of it and defeated it…! But it never really does. It always comes back, some way. Usually after bad days - especially after good ones.

In Azeroth, something that hurts you can usually be cured through magic or medicine. An arrow can be removed. A sword cut can be healed. Dented and old armor can be replaced. Sickness and even curses can be lifted. But… you can’t do that with your own brain that way. You can’t take that off  and put it away and get something new. You can’t pull it out you like an arrow. There’s not “wound” to heal. 

Every day it’s a “one step forward, two steps back” kind of day, and you spend your whole life playing catch-up. 

I think, especially for the ever-perfectionist blood elves, that mental illness is something that is hidden, suppressed, magically corrected and reformed. It is not to be talked of - and especially never discussed. It would see them WEAK and IMPERFECT. Deyaeunus always feels he never should’ve really lived through the Scourge’s invasion of Quel’thalas, that he wasn’t ‘good enough’ to live. There were better people that died. And it’s added pressure to him that he HAS to be useful in some way. He needs to find some sort of REDEMPTION for him being alive. But all that does is raise the bar to an already impossible standard that was never normal for him to begin with. And with it came frustration, depression, self-destruction, burn bridges… Cycles over and over and over again and he can’t get out of it

And as I feel for the Shadow/Void and Old Gods, that those with mental illness are actually the most prepared to confront them. That whatever horrors the Void has to show is nothing new that what is the every day for those with mental illness. Old Gods corrupt harmony and balance - things that were never quite really a part of these people to begin with. They already live in a world of despair, gloom, and melancholy, of madness - but, that is their NORMAL. And still they confront it every day. They fight that mental battle every morning that tells them to give up, that there’s no hope, that what’s the point, but still they wake up. Still they get out of bed. It’s another day. They don’t push or silence the thoughts away, they can’t, it’s THEIR thoughts after all, not some mysterious, corruptive outside source. That everyone hates them? They know that. That they have no friends or their friends are being false to them? Nothing new. That they’re useless to the heroic causes of the world? They’re still here. 

It’s a voice, not a kind one, but it’s the background echo of their life that they live with. What can Old Gods and the Void do in comparison that’s worse?

And, to quote Deadpool, of all people, though best he put it: “See, here’s the problem with round-the-clock torture. You can’t really step it up from there.”

So, for those that live with mental illness - ingame and/or out - you are still here. You win the battle that is every day. You are strong. 

Bring it on, Old Gods. Do your worst, it will never be bad enough.

Sleepless || Joe Sugg

Originally posted by myjaspar

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Masterlist can be found [ HERE ]

Word Count: 1.3k+

Summary: You can’t sleep, and so instead, you reflect on your past with Joe, and how every part of your life fell into place. 

A/N: I hope you don’t mind that I switched from using ‘her’ and ‘(Y/N)’ to using simply ‘you’, thats just what felt natural idk, again, I hope thats okay xo 

It was two am, and the sirens on the streets of London were keeping a certain girl laying in a bedroom often mistaken as a porn studio due to all the camera equipment, wide awake. Her hair was a mess, knotted at the back with random strands hanging in her face that even though it was silly, she glared at like it was their fault that she couldn’t sleep.

She sits up with her back against the headboard, white duvet pulled up to her chest and her head tilted to the left as she spends a moment simply admiring the boy lying next to her. He was snuggled up tightly, with one leg under the covers and another on-top of them, something that he did almost every night and yet it never failed to amuse her.

His breathing was shallow and his eyes were barely closed, just enough to keep him in his state of sleep. His fists were clenched around random parts of the sheets and his mouth was open an inch - he was the definition of ‘sleeping beauty’.

(Y/N) purses her lips and slowly climbs off of the bed, being extra cautious with her movements as she narrowly avoided knocking over one of the gigantic umbrella lights that Joe had stored in their bedroom until he could decide where he wanted to put them.

When she finally makes it out of the room and into the dimly lit hallway, she sighs in relief and makes her way towards the bathroom, splashing some water on her face and relieving herself before leaning her elbows on the edge of the sink and staring at her reflection in the mirror.

The dark circles under her eyes were more prominent than ever, and the lack of colour in her cheeks made her frown a little as she brought the tips of her fingers up to lightly brush against her skin. She was exhausted, that was for sure, and the fact that she looked the way she felt made her feel so much worse.

Deciding that some fresh air could help clear her mind, she pulls on her robe and walks through the apartment and toward the balcony, messing with the lock for a moment before pushing the door open and walking out onto the balcony with a soft inhale of air. For a second, the cold air caressing her face and bare legs made her feel so much more human than she’d felt just a few seconds before; but then it all stopped. She was still the exhausted girl who had issues growing out of her ears.

She exhales shakily and sits down on one of the couches, curling her legs up to her chest and closing her eyes, trying to distance herself from the constant sounds of London that had proved alot harder to adjust to than she’d initially anticipated. London was beautiful, it had everything you could ever want in a city, a huge park with areas that just brought complete solace, it had thousands of restaurants and was home for every ethnicity out there.

You and Joe were childhood sweethearts. He was your first kiss and you were his, you dated for three years whilst in primary school but then were forced to break it off because a girl even more popular than you asked Joe out. You were sure back then that your heart broke as you watched him walk away, hand in hand with the girl who had labelled herself 'queen of the east playground’.

But now when you think back, you simply giggle to yourself; because everything was so much different back then. All it took for you to get over Joe was watching Zoe put sand in his bed as revenge on your behalf - and that was that. You somehow still remained as close as ever, though you no longer held hands in the playground or kissed eachother on the cheek when you were feeling particularly rebellious.

The Suggs had always been a huge part of your life, and secondary school brought around unexplored territory regarding that. People started making fun of you, saying that it was just plain weird how you could be such good friends but not date. It was the stupidest thing, for people to pick on you simply for not dating your bestfriend; but Zoe soon came to your rescue and shut each and every one of those girls up.

In year nine, every boundary you’d ever set was crossed - and it shifted the course of the future without you even realising. Joe had just broken up with his girlfriend of three months, a huge fight about how she was only using him for popularity. As his bestfriend, you were required to be there for him, even as he cried softly and repeatedly asked you questions that you just didn’t know the answers too.

You could remember that night vividly. You were walking around the Shire with your hands entwined, swinging between you as you walked - seeing who could spot the house with the best Christmas decorations first. It was cold, but you’d both wrapped up warm, especially since Graham and Zoe, who was filming a video at the time you left, insisted that you’d get ill if you didn’t wear thick enough jackets.

When you did finally find a house with the most amazing lights that you’d seen, perhaps ever, you couldn’t help but stare up at it in awe, silently wishing that one day your house could look as festive as that. Joe was sure though, as he stared at the way your long hair blew around your head, your scalp shielded with a hat, that you were more beautiful than any lights that he’d seen that night.

You could remember turning your head up to look at him, parting your lips to speak but freezing and closing your mouth when you saw the way he was staring at you. You smiled nervously and looked down at your feet, pushing your hair back behind you ears as you look up at him through your lashes shyly. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Because.” Was all he said, and your eyebrows furrowed in confusion for a moment until he cupped your flushed cheeks in his hands and leaned in, brushing his lips against yours softly. Your eyes had widened in shock, but within seconds you melted into the kiss, you eyes fluttering closed and your arms making their way around his neck, pulling him even closer to you.

You didn’t know it back then, but Graham had decided to come and find you after you didn’t come back on time, worried that you’d gotten lost or simply just lost track of time. And he was there, watching with a knowing smile on his face as you and Joe continued to kiss, rolling his eyes and smirking as he turned around and began the short walk home.

And now here you were, years later, still just as in love with Joe as you realised you were when you pulled away and looked into his eyes that night. You look out at the view, and smile to yourself, snuggling further into your robe as a cold breeze blows over your exposed skin.

“Baby?” Joe’s groggy voice comes from the balcony door, and your turn you head to smile at him sheepishly. He rubs his eyes and walks out onto the cold floor, jogging over to the chair and lifting you up easily, taking your seat and placing you back in his lap. You push your head into the crook of his neck as he hugs you tightly. “What’re you doing out here?”

“Couldn’t sleep.” You mumble, and he hums in understanding, twirling a strand of your hair around his finger subconsciously as he pushed his nose into you. You giggle and look up him with a grin. “What on earth are you doing?”

“Loving you.” He grumbles, pulling you even closer to his chest as you sigh in happiness and inhale the scent of his lingering cologne. “You remember the first time I told you that I love you?”

You smile softy and close your eyes. “Like it was yesterday.”

toastheaven  asked:

Hi! As a practicing therapist, what sort of advice would you give to someone tossing around a vague idea of maybe one day going to school for psychology/therapy work based on their own experiences with their own mental illnesses and a desire to help other people?

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you! It took me a while to find the post where I talk about this.  This reply is gonna cover practical advice for breaking into the field and deciding on an educational path, and also common emotional problems I saw happen a lot in therapist school but rarely saw addressed in advice for young therapists.

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onceuponaprincessworld  asked:

I really love your rec list they are awesome! Could you make a captain swan list with tatoo artist au? Thanks!

Tattoo AU 

(tattoo artist + soulmate tattoo)

  • He is a Flower in her Untamed Garden by @littlebabeswan  She is a Tattered Canvas he Would Love to Mend… Killian’s job as a tattoo artist is all about handling sharp objects, various types of needles that work in tandem with his hand to create beautiful things on delicate skin. Does his profession provide him with enough experience to be able to handle Emma Swan’s thorns?
  • Stains of Ink by @terreisa  Emma Swan is a tattoo artist who believes her life is perfect the way it is and there’s no need for anything more. Killian Jones is a florist whose been dealt several blows in life but is slowly salvaging his life from the wreckage. All it takes is meeting each other to find that, sometimes, it takes another person to complete a happy ending. A modern Captain Swan AU.
  • Sound & Colour by @didiwritethis  Emma Swan passes a particular tattoo studio every day, and is entranced by the artwork in the window. Gathering her courage, she steps in and meets the owner, Killian Jones, who transforms her life.
  • Tattoo AU by @loving-cs-fanfiction  AU where you get a tattoo representing your TL when you meet them. One-Shot.
  • Skin Deep by @captainodonewithyou  There is a soulmate tattoo headcanon popping around on tumblr about soulmates having tattoos of the last words their love will say to them. My friend told me to write it, and I did. Captain Swan angst ahead. (pirate)
  • Across the street (but just out of reach) by MiriRainbowitz 
  • The Time Tattoo by @onceuponabadass  What would you do if you knew when the most important moment in your life was going to happen? For Emma Swan that moment was 23 years 22 days 8 minutes and 15 seconds away… and it was only getting closer. 
  • i’m quite allright with that, love by @tnlph “You can’t tell me what I can and can’t get tattooed,” she yelled at him. one shot
  • Chasing Thursdays by @nowforruin  Elsa has no desire to follow in her politician mother’s footsteps and Emma wants to quit working at Granny’s. They decide to open Frozen and take advantage of the summer tourist season, but Emma doesn’t count on their neighbor, tattoo artist Killian Jones, showing up every single Thursday for more than just ice cream. 
  • Another Tattoo by searchingwardrobes  As Emma traces the tattoo on Killian’s wrist with her thumb, she’s more sure than ever that she can’t tell him her secret. Killian does something unique to assure Emma she doesn’t need to fear the future. Set after 6x02. 
  • taste you by @swallowedsong  pwp. it’s that one tattoo of his. the one that sits low on his hips. the one that peeks out from under his shirt as he lies there all bed-rumpled and sleepy. it makes her want to lick it. 
  • Marked by @i-know-how-you-kiss  They call it a ‘gift,’ but Emma Swan has only ever seen it as a burden and a trap. She’s never been a big fan of having an assigned soulmate, especially one predetermined by a silly little mark, so she’s spent her whole life avoiding finding him, throwing herself into work and dating at whim. It’s worked for her well enough, until the one day it doesn’t, and Emma is forced to come to terms with the fact that try as she might to run away from her destiny, it always finds a way to catch up. 
  • Branded On My Heart by @ardentaislinn  During the year that they were away from Storybrooke, Hook kept his promise to think of Emma everyday. And in those thoughts, he began to realize that he probably had lost his second true love. One drunken evening, he decides to give Emma a tribute like he did for Milah — with a tattoo. Now back in Storybrooke and Emma still not falling for him, he has to hide this ill timed mistake. But one day she sees it… And he has to explain…
  • Dare Over Truth by @sotheylived  Prompt via tumblr from startswithhope who asked for a tattoo artist au with truth or dare. In which Killian never says no to a dare until the one time he does.
  • Forget-me-nots on my Skin (Forevermore) by alphardhy Soulmate!AU in which you see the world in black and white until your soulmate comes into your life, a burst of colour among the dull crowds. And once you touch your soulmate, the whole world comes alive.Killian Jones is an English tattoo artist who moves to New York after his brother’s death. Emma Swan is helping Mary Margaret with her flower shop in The Big City. (She has never been a flower person, but she needs to pay the rent.)
  • True Love Leaves a Mark by @sotheylived  Emma learns that the tattoo she’s had written directly above her heart for more than ten years may have come from something other than a long night of drinking.
  • The Importance of Words by @terreisa The words written on Emma’s arm are supposed to be the last thing her soul mate would ever say to her.  She just didn’t know what would happen to her, or them, that could cause those words to fall from their mouth. Part 2

Once upon a time, there was a fairy and a human. The human was the victim of unfortunate circumstances - their mother had died when they were young and when their father remarried, their stepmother and step-siblings were unnaturally horrid to them. The new additions to the family despised them, and when their father later passed from the same illness which took their mother, the human was relegated to the position of a housemaid, left to sleep among the ashes in the kitchen.

Yet, through all this, a bright spot remained. For they had a friend in a fairy.

The fairy was young, a little naive to the ways of humans, but a dedicated friend to the human. Through thick and thin, they remained by the side of their companion. And when one day the king announced a ball for all the eligible young people in the kingdom would take place, in an effort to find the young royal a spouse, the human was eager to participate, seeing it as a chance for a night of freedom.

The fairy, of course, granted their friend’s wish, working a little more magic than strictly was allowed to give them proper clothes and transportation to the event. And the human went to the ball with all the grandeur and beauty available. The royal, whom the ball was for, could not take their eyes off the new arrival, and danced the evening away with them,

 And through it all, the fairy watched from the sidelines, heart breaking as they realized that that feeling they had whenever they saw the human was not just appreciation for their relationship and company, but in truth, love.

oreo’s klance fic recs #16

All the fanfictions are completed, some may have NSFW content (please check the tags!)

* are personal favorites :)

my other recs are here

Let Me Take Care of You by Madame_Kiksters

Lance just discovered that he wants to learn the art of massage therapy. Now all he has to do is find a willing participant.

One Taste and You’ll be Mine by bffimagine *adorable hogwarts au!!

When Lance picks one of the most challenging potions known to the wizarding world as his final Potions project, he quickly realizes he has bitten off more than even a three-headed dog would be able to chew–things go very much awry. He ends up paired with Keith Kogane, star of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, just because Professor Snape is essentially the worst.

By the way, did he mention that the potion he chose is Amortentia, the most potent love potion ever brewed?

Yeah, it goes about as well as one would expect.

A Series of Firsts by cosmicenergy

“Firsts are best because they are beginnings.”

Or, Keith is the new Gryffindor seeker and Lance is in denial (but what else is new).

Return to the Space Mall by  SharkGirl *adorable!! i’m deceased from the cuteness

“So…what I’m hearing is that we’re due for another trip to the space mall.” Lance grinned, excitement bubbling up in his chest. “If you need volunteers, I’m down for some reconnaissance.”

Taylor-made by vrepitsals *one word: dorks

“What was that?” Comes Keith’s voice through the coms.

“It’s a nickname Lance got his first year of flight school.”

“Yeah, because of how I thread the needle” Lance adds, wiggling his eyebrows to an audience of no one. He feels like it adds something to his inflection nonetheless.

you don’t f*cking listen, when i’m around by kickfoxing *deaf keith au super cute!

Lance and Keith have been rivals since they lived on the same floor Freshman year of college. They haven’t had a class together in a year, but a new semester brings new courses. Lance gets fed up with Keith always getting the perfect spot in the front of the class, and one morning, he has an opportunity to do something about it. Nothing turns out as expected, but he ends up with a date and the promise to learn a new language, so he really can’t complain too much!

Other by TangoDancer

Alfonso watches his brother break down, alone on the porch at night, listening to a nameless person’s steady heartbeat. He watches, and he feels resentment stir into his gut, against the universe who took away his little brother and gave back this broken parody of him. Against himself, for not having stopped it somehow. Against Voltron for choosing him, and the empire for starting this war in the first place.

And against this mysterious person, for keeping an essential part of his brother’s soul with them, and making it impossible for him to be happy with them the way it used to be. The way it should be.

Beneath the Corsican Stars by appleschmapple

“I believe there is another world waiting for us, Sixsmith. A better world, and I’ll be waiting for you there. I believe we do not stay dead long. Find me beneath the Corsican stars, where we first kissed.”

Star-crossed lovers, they say, are doomed to meet a tragic end. Time and time again, our ill-fated protagonists try to best the forces that guide them to no avail. And yet, Keith and Lance continue to cross one another, driven to find the one ending where love triumphs over destiny. Perhaps sometimes, the universe rewards those who persevere.

just a stranger in the stars by Resamille

Lance is very observant.


He doesn’t notice the knowing looks Shiro gives him after a day of training, the exasperated sigh from Pidge after some team bonding exercise, or the way Hunk rebalances conversations with an easy slide towards mentions of Keith. He doesn’t notice Allura’s smirk when she catches him flirting with a (pretty) distinctly male alien, and he doesn’t notice the shift in weight of Coran’s hand on his shoulder when he’s found staring at the holomap and Keith’s name breathes past his lips.

He doesn’t notice when he falls in love.

For Better or Worse (Seven)

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six

*tags:  @everyjourneylove @somewhereinimagination @this-kitty-has-claws @veganeddie @life-is-righteous @sdavid09 @aidanturnersass @decadentenemyturtle @leah-halliwell92 @k-youre-a-fantasy @lotte142​ @fountainsofsilver @jotink78@raindancer2004@annice21​ @the-butterfly21 @supermoonpanda@emrfangirl@imaneternalflamebb@maniczebra83@why-pace-why @-waythe-@lidda@ara-toa-min@meanlilbean@sherala007@jvail2011@shelby160297

The morning came quicker than you would have liked. For the first time in weeks, you had escaped the anxious restlessness which had kept you awake. There was new warmth to your still foreign marital bed, though Dwalin’s snores had been overwhelming until you managed to doze. You awoke with a groan, stretching the stiffness from the arm you had slept on only to find the other side of the mattress as empty as the days before.

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