one day i'm going to get in so much shit!

i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

okay, so I understand that drama makes for good TV. I understand that when I sign up for these obsessions - particularly otps that aren’t straight - it’s going to hurt.

but I’m DROWNING in it, you know? CHOKING on it.

like, people, you know what else makes for good watching? laughter. teamwork. friendship. self esteem and independence. I would watch the shit out of my otp going to the shops to buy a new couch because they broke theirs fighting over the PlayStation remote.

I would watch the shit out of them trying to have a nice meal together but someone burns it, or it tastes awful, or it just goes badly in so many ways that even the most earnest and heartfelt ‘it’s not that bad’s can’t be believed and they order take out instead.

I would watch the SHIT out of them going on holiday, meeting new people, getting so competitive on a trivia night that they go on separate teams just so there’s a winner (and they laud their winnings over the other’s head).

I would watch the shit out of the tropiest, goofiest, mundane, every day stuff.

because it’s nice to be happy, now and then. it’s nice to see that happiness is deserved and that it can happen for you, for any one, for the world, when so much of it is painful.

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Go kill yourself. Is it too hard to understand?

My dude, it is like the 7th message you send me in a row. I think I get it, you don’t like me. Why are you still here if you hate me that much to the point of telling me to kill myself? I don’t get it. Anyways, Goodbye I guess. 

The Signs As Thoughts During School
  • Aries: If this bitch doesn't shut the fuck up this whole classroom is going to feel my wrath
  • Taurus: I wonder if I could sue the school for trying to poison me with this cardboard pizza
  • Gemini: I wonder when my teacher lost their virginity
  • Cancer: Whoever invented school needs a high five in the face with a fucking brick
  • Leo: I could just get up and leave right now, no one can stop me why the fuck am i still here?!?!
  • Virgo: There's only (random number) days left until summer
  • Libra: I can't wait to graduate so i never have to deal with these dumb fucks ever again
  • Scorpio: Fuck this shit i'm gonna be famous anyway
  • Sagittarius: Oh my god who the hell cares
  • Capricorn: I'm surrounded by idiots
  • Aquarius: How much trouble would i get in if i slapped a bitch? Probably a lot, but it's worth it.
  • Pisces: Do girls really think that wearing three pounds of makeup makes them look attractive? Or are they just going for the look that matches their personality

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This week started out terrible. The whole week has stayed at a constant level of shit. Whenever I feel like things are about to get better they just get so much worse. I feel like it's all pointless and it's just so hard. I'm so upset all the time but no one has really noticed and I really don't want to continue -…

truth is

bad days are inevitable.
i’m not going to lie to you and say that things are going turn around tomorrow and everything will be better but i will tell you that

things do change.
change takes time.
you are not fighting for nothing.

you are going to make it to see that change.

you are going to live to see all the blue violets and blue blacks fade into lilacs and teals and change into pinks and yellows.

these days are going to make you stronger. these days are here to catch you when harder ones push you back.

sometimes you’ll stumble.
sometimes you’ll fall but you will get up and try again.

every morning we start over and try. even if its another bad day.
even if its a bad week.

things will change.
the bad will not hover forever.
light will come through.

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I have this one rlly weird hc that Lucas got braces but 'forgot' to tell everyone that he was going to get them. And like the first day he has them he tries to hide it as much as possible, but his mouth is sore af so Ness can just barely hear 'Ow, dammit.' Or whatever. And he goes to ask Claus about it. And Claus just kinda says 'Oh yeah he got braces.' And walks away. And for the rest of that day Ness's huge mission was to make Lucas smile and show his teeth! (Weird, ik. I'm shit with hc...)

I’m in the same boat as Lucas I still have lame ass braces

alright y'all we’re gonna sit our booties down right now and have a lesson. we’re gonna learn how to pronounce my name. so it’s dana, right? should be simple, right? wrong. as someone who’s been living with the name for twenty one years i’ve seen some shit in my time.

now how y'all usually pronounce it like day-na, right? well you’re wrong. tbh by this point i respond to it as much as the proper pronunciation, but it’s still wrong. for those of y'all who are unsure this is what i mean aka listen to this to hear the wrong way.

so most of y'all must now be wondering how it’s actually said. well this is it. forget the ‘day’ and make it 'dah’. make a nice big 'ahh’ sound and y'all be good. or just do what my uncle does and still spell my name with an 'r’ (for reals don’t do this is it’s so high on my pet peeves list just pretend it’s there)

congratulations on completing my lesson. now y'all know how to pronounce my name. your homework is to practice and remember how it really is

“My name is Castiel, and I’m going to get you out of here. You might want to hold on to something.”

Portal 2 & Supernatural Crossover AU, where Hell is the Aperture Science Enrichment Centre.

After years of life-threatening tests in the name of science, thanks to a malicious AI named AlisTR (Artificial Laboratory Intelligence System, Type: R), Dean Winchester wakes up to realise that the whole complex is falling apart. All he has is his wits, a portal gun, and the help of a robotic personality core calling itself Castiel to try and get out before he ends up dead, or worse.

i haven’t really been doing the supernatural thing very much these days but apparently it’s been over a year since i drew this (holy shit) so thought i’d give it another go

I want an au where Nico is a broke ass college student but he goes to mcdonalds frequently to stare at the hot cashier (Percy) and Jason offers to help him study one day so they have a study date at mcd’s and Jason notices Nico’s fascination with Percy and is like “really. That guy? Cmon Nico you can do so much better than some loser who works at a fast food restaurant.”

And Nico is abkut to get all defensive about people who work in fast food jobs n shit but then Percy just walks up to them and is like “hey babe” to Jason and then kisses him on the cheek and Nico’s just really confused idk where I’m going with this it’s so late

Does anyone else get really emotional when you think about how much shit our idols go through to get where they are today? Like they practice day and night to get everything as close to perfection as they can. They dont see their families for weeks or even months. Even when they are sick or injured they work through it all. Sometimes I really wish I could show each and every one of them how much I appreciate them for doing so much for us, for giving us their heart and soul into these songs and dances…

is no one going to talk about the fact that Michael was so hurt with what James said on the late late show? and that he said it was the hardest day of promo???? is no one going to talk about how Michael was going through so much shit he literally was ready to get up and leave?? is no one going to talk about how much Ashton cares for everyone in the band????

The yowamushi pedal character designs really are so interesting. Like, the faces are great, I love the faces, but like firescribble says, there’s also so much interesting stuff going on with bodies. And as a series it’s SO MUCH about how people relate to their own bodies and others’ bodies, in really particular ways, and I’m fascinated. Bodies are hardly ever neutral in this series.

Inspired by this post and so many others.

I am concerned with the false dichotomy of what self care is and isn’t, what it should be and how it should work for everyone. I’ve seen this backlashing trend against the “cutesy” self-care stuff and it really throws me.

Because these things were actually what helped me live, survive and become stronger. Allowing myself to have these cutesy things, these comforting things, I never ever thought I deserved.

For me:

Self care can be a bath bomb
It can be a face mask
And a sweet-smelling lotion
And a cup of herbal tea

Self care is the bath bomb that helps you bathe because you lost count of how many days it’s been since you were clean

Self care is catching up on three days of work with a hot cup of herbal tea because you don’t know where your brain went from Wednesday through Friday

Self care is putting on sweet-smelling lotion and doing laundry when you can’t remember what’s clean and what’s dirty from the massive pile on the floor while you at least smell fresh

Self care is exercising because it’s the only anti-depressant you have.

Self care is taking medication because it’s the only anti-depressant you have.

Self care is letting yourself cry for the first time in months when you’ve wanted to almost every day

Self care is letting yourself cry a small amount every day instead of holding it for months

Self care is making yourself dinner when you’ve gone all day without eating

Self care is eating *something* even if you can’t make youself proper dinner.

Self care is taking a deep breath and sorting through what you need to do

Self care is taking a deep breath and settling in to the soothing feeling of your fashmask while forgetting what you need to do the next day.

Self care is not one thing, but many.
It has no one face.

It is responsibility.
It is also relief.
It can be cutesy if that’s what helps you thorugh.
It can not be if that stuff just makes you puke.

Self care is varied and there are plenty of ways to go about it.
Self care is not one thing, but many.
Self care is for the self, not for others to dictate.

The world doesn’t stop for a warm bath and a good book, but you can.

I'm taking a break you guys...

I’m going to take a break from drawing my sterek doodles for a while. I’m sorry you guys, I know it shouldn’t bother me as much as it does, but the fact that I keep seeing so many of my drawings re-posted on IG just, I really can’t tolerate that. People really like my drawings, I get that, I am beyond flattered that you guys do.

But at the same time I see these accounts that post fanart (not just my own) for the sake of gaining followers (because lets be honest, they give absolutely zero shits if an artist’s deliberately states that they don’t want their art reposted. No, they ignore that and think that giving credit allows them to get away with it)

I’m not about to make more art and see it get hundreds, and even thousands of likes elsewhere on IG when I get a fourth of that recognition on my own account.

So for now, I’ve made up my mind as far as fanart goes. I’m going to put a big pause on that, I’ll see later on when I decide to come back to making those drawings.

To those who followed me for my art, I’m sorry for the now long hiatus on art. I’ll still be active on here in regards to reblogging and talking to you guys if y'all are interested - maybe I’ll focus more on just doing short ficlets and stories on AO3.

The sterek requests will be on hold, they’re there on my inbox and wont be deleted, but for now they wont be acted upon until my anger fuses down.

To my beloved friends and followers, I’m really sorry. But there’s only so much shit I can go about and see how people’s art gets so exploited on here and on IG before I snap.

To those who have reposted my art despite my deliberate message that I don’t want my stuff reposted

Fuck you.

I hope you one day realize what you’re doing is wrong.

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I WANT TO TALK ABOUT WICK'S FEELINGS FOR RAVEN. He's so, so into her and yet he's still so cautious because he doesn't want to push her, but at the same time he's not going to get drawn into something that's maybe real/maybe not real. I live for the day when Raven turns to him and is all "Okay, I'm in. For real," because that's what my beautiful angel Raven deserves.

HE IS SO, SO, SO INTO HER. And he’s never done that stupid “pigtail pulling” shit that writers love to use. He’s literally been like “u r smart, u r kind, u r important” from day one. And when he was like “Okay, this was too much,” I wanted to DIE and also SING MY LOVE FOR THAT LINE from the mountaintops because you can tell that he was a bit upset, but that he was also like, being a grown up and an adult about it and trying to see things from her perspective and UGHHHHHHH LEMME ROLL ALL AROUND IN MY WICK FEELS.

I need ALL the non-smutty hurt comfort fics, or smutty slow burn fics for them, but basically all the fics of Raven leaning on him emotionally and him being very firm about not playing games but STILL being there if she needs to like, talk/cuddle/have a hug/vent/whatever.