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a fanfic for Uliro Week 2017: day 7: AU

Six months after the successful Kerberos mission, an alien ship crashes into the desert. Shiro’s tasked with figuring out the mysterious ship - a challenge made harder by what the Garrison is trying to hide. Written for Uliro Week 2017, day 7: AU Day.

That’s it. There’s nothing in this ship but an empty cockpit. If there’s hidden panels containing equipment, Shiro can’t see them. The only object of interest is the single pedestal directly in front of the darkened window. A wide, flat surface extends at the top of the pedestal to either side, vaguely hexagonal. It’s as inactive as everything else here.

“Where’s the pilot’s seat?” Shiro asks.

“It didn’t come with one,” Iverson says. Shiro steps forwards, half-listening. The pedestal is tall; he has to stretch his hands up to shoulder height to reach. “Retracted into the floor? The ship’s deep enough.”

Gingerly Shiro touches his fingertips to the panels; rests his full palms upon either side. Nothing happens.

“They fly standing,” he murmurs.

“Another thing we haven’t been able to figure out,” Iverson says, gruffly impressed. Shiro runs his hands over the wide surfaces to the pedestal itself, smooth metal under his fingertips. “We were hoping you’d be able to.”

Shiro blinks, turning. “Me?”

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mr. blue sky
please tell us why
you had to hide away
for so long (so long)
where did we go wrong?

You know that feeling when you see a ship and it’s like “Eh…” but then you read that ONE (or 8…) fanfic(s) and then it’s like “….I get it now.” Yeah. That’s me right now.

Lol you can check it out here if you want.

vehement-fallen-angel  asked:

I am in love with your art style and resistance lance au like I need to know everything about him and that universe and how his relation with keaith and the others progress, have an amazing day!

oh gawwsh thank you, Ok ok I’m working out a few more specific details but the relationships are pretty messy at this point since i don’t have much content for the au (because i am slow) but I’ll do my best to explain. Also be aware I’m really not too concerned about ships with this Au (but I’m not against and I do have some ships I enjoy but interpret as you wish) I just find more interest in other things. Another thing, I don’t want to lean that far from canon personality and relationships.

here are the links to other Resistance Lance stuff:

drawing 1 / drawing 2 / drawing 3 / Comic 1 / Text

Keiths relationship w/ Lance: Keith is suspicious of everything he knows little about, Lance is an alien who knows a lot more than he gives to the team and has a past with the galra, he catches on and suspects foul play. He will confront Lance about his blade and they do get in a fight. He still is always standing near him, reacts to the taunts, but in the end they learn to bond and trust each other most like canon.

Shiros relationship with Lance: Shiro has survived as Champion but Lance was involved in that (HOW??? heheheh you’ll find out, comic coming soon). What happened is a blur for Shiro but Lance makes him a bit uneasy because of that involvement causing them to have less bonding moments. Still he learns to care about Lance as a leader and trusts his determination and knowledge. He’s a dad tho and Lance is Lance, what’s in canon is what I’m keeping as base.

Hunks relationship with Lance: Best friends at first sight, Hunk loves Lances energy it makes him feel like he can push past his fears. They trade stories, recipes, jokes, and stuff about their cultures all the time. They have each others backs and trusts each others minds and instincts. So their bond is same just without their history at the Garrison.

Pigdes relationship with Lance: They have that sibling bond however to add to the mix Lance has a tech dependance that gave him his leg and keeps him alive, Pidge nerds over the craftsmanship. Pidge also asks him a LOT of questions about alien stuff but she’s got her main focuses so she’s usually busy. (I’m using female pronouns for the sake of her saying ‘I’m a girl’)

Alluras relationship with Lance: She respects him as a paladin but she is totally thrown off by how different he acts to the altean culture she was raised in that’s where i’m going to make a few assumptions for old altean culture (I assume they were kind of regal adventurers who embrace the concept of fear, strength, universe spirituality, and order) Lance’s altean culture is completely different. It’s a very rough start for them at first but they learn each other’s differences and eventually they connect over the small similarities they find.

Corans relationship with Lance: There’s no doubt Lance has touched a soft spot in Corans heart. He see’s himself in Lance and keeps an eye on him. I think they have conversations about hard things Lance has gone through and Coran helps him. Their differences don’t bother Coran as much (I have this theory that Coran has a history of adventuring across the universe before becoming a king’s advisor and he’s seen a crap load of stuff so he’s unbothered by Lance being different)

More about Lance: I thought it was a cool idea if Lance was altean but not because that would make him a pretty prince (he already is one matey) but I thought it could open the Voltron Universe a bit more since the the beginning of Voltron the only people had that knowledge of the galra had memory loss, are from 10,000 years ago OR are super secretive(Marmorans). At the same time Lances nature as an adventurer and being a people person can be shown off. He’s shown the skill and capability to gain alien allies, lead as a friend, and follow as a ally.

He’s a bit secretive not only about his past and his feelings but Keith’s past as well. He guessed there was a connection to the Blade of Marmora the moment he saw the blade. He’s survived this long fighting against the galra because he doesn’t trust anyone with certain information. This will cause a problem with Voltron at first, but Coran will eventually teach him a way to keep valued secrets safe. One day he may trust someone with this information but it’s not going to end well.

I'll Do It For Her - Lapidot Fanfic

For Lapidot Aniversary Week. Day 4: “Feels” Day – Angst / Corrupted, Cracked or Shattered. @jenhedgehog (If you prefer, you can read it in AO3)

Homeworld decides to send a Lapis Lazuli to Earth to try to replace our Lapis. Peridot must choose who is the real one, or she could make a terrible mistake.


Peridot was very busy that day. She tried to choose the scrap in the barn, trying to decide whether it’s going to work to make new meep morps, or whether it was completely trash. And if she was lucky, she could find the missing CPH chapter in the box.
For now, she was just making a pile of cans of paint, while Pumpkin ran after one of those flying creatures … What were they called? Butterflies?
When she finally got the cans to be in perfect balance, a strong current of air made everything fall apart. Peridot let out a cry of frustration and turned to see what the hell was going on.
What she saw left her speechless. Atop the cornfield, a Homeworld ship was rising. It was very much like the Rubys ship, but it was blue. Peridot didn’t know what to do, she just stayed stand there, while the ship landed. Pumpkin ran to hide behind her, clearly frightened.
The door of the ship opened, and from there came a blue gem …
“Lapis?” Said Peridot, relieved. Pumpkin barked, pleased, and ran to Lapis, then leaped into hers arms as he always did. “Where did you get this ship?” Peridot asked
“It was abandoned there,” Lapis said, pointing to a point to the west “I saw it while watering the vegetables, it was empty, I was going to take you to see it, but in fact it is very easy to fly,
"Do you think we should let the Crystal Gems know …?”
The green gem turned, just to see someone running toward it. Lapis. Another Lapis.
“Peridot, what the hell is going on?” the newly arrived Lapis asked
Peri looked at this Lapis, and then the one with Pumpkin in her arms. “What the hell…?” she said, lowering a confused Pumpkin to the floor.
“Peridot, get behind me!” the Lapis that was next to her orderted
“No Peri, don’t listen to her, come here!” the other said
Peridot looked at both of them. The same dress, the same messy hair, the same blue eyes …
“I … I don’t … Lapis …” Peri stammered. What was happening? Pumpkin seemed to be in the same situation as she, but he was faster to make a decision, and ran to hide behind the Lapis of the ship. “Pumpkin!” Peridot shouted. She didn’t know what the real Lapis was, but she didn’t want her baby to get hurt.
“It’s me, Peri, you see? Pumpkin knows it,” Lapis said.
“What are you talking about?!” The other shouted furiously. “Peridot, she just arrived on a Homeworld ship, you can’t believe her! Get out of here and give us Pumpkin back!”
A hand of water rose from the pool and held the Lapis next to Peridot.
“Peri, you have to …” the other Lapis began, but she was interrupted when a new hand of water took it and threw it against the paint cans. Apparently not all of these were empty, because when Lapis got up, there were spots of purple paint everywhere. Well, at least that would serve to distinguish who was who. While the blue gems continued to fight, Peri ran to hug Pumpkin, before something bad happened to him. What was she supposed to do? She couldn’t help in the fight because … Which one was her Lapis? They had nothing that could differentiate them, they voice was the same, they made the same expressions while they fought, both had the gem in form of a drop in they back.
She had to do something already, she couldn’t bear to see them hurting like that!
“It’s enough!” Peri cried, putting Pumpkin on the floor.
Both Lapis stood still just where they were. Both soaked, both with torn clothing and small wounds.
“Peridot …” the Lapis that was full of paint began to say
“Get away from us!” Peri shouted
There was a dead silence.
“What are you saying?” the Purple Lapis said “Peri, it’s me!”
“You were the one who got off the ship” Peri said “Lapis doesn’t know how to fly a ship!”
“I told you! It’s very easy to fly that ship, it’s designed for a Lapis to do it!”
Peridot crossed her arms, a tear running down her cheek. Lapis put a hand on her shoulder and smiled a little, then turn to see the other and say “You’d better go. Right now ”
“Don’t trust her, Peridot,” the other said, before she opened her wings and flew away. Pumpkin ran in that direction, barking, but in the end he returned to Peridot.
“Are you ok?” she asked to Lapis
“Yes, it’s nothing” replied the blue gem, removing her wet hair from her face “Are YOU ok? That must have been… Strange, at least”
Peridot nodded. She felt that she had made the right decision, there was genuine concern in Lapis’s face. She must be her. Peri stepped forward and hugged her.
“Hey, it’s okay,” Lapis said, hugging her too “Everything will be fine”
“Should we tell the Crystal Gems?”
“I suppose so, but for now, just try to calm down, okay? You’re still very upset”
“I’m sorry…”
“No, it’s okay.I got an idea. Let’s see Camp Pinning Hearts, the new season is almost here, we have to make sure we don’t lose any details”
Peridot drew a big smile and gave Lapis a kiss on the cheek. Lapis chuckled and hugged her tightly, saying “I’ll always be there to take care of you. I won’t let anyone hurt you”


The only reason Lapis had left the day before was that Peridot was convinced she was the fake Lapis. And she knew that when the green gem was convinced of something, it wouldn’t be easy to change her mind. Well, it was a saying that she was gone, the truth was that she didn’t stray far from the barn. I wasn’t going to leave Peri and Pumpkin with that …
Of course it hurts, so much… that Peridot had not recognized her, but now she couldn’t worry about her feelings. She had to find a way to get rid of the invader, to put her family safe … and to make Peridot believe her.
So she waited for a while not to hear voices in the barn, and to see her “evil clone” come out. She flew into the barn, to avoid making a sound with her footsteps.
“Peridot!” she called in a whisper “Are you here? Peridot!”
Nothing, there was no answer. Hell, that meant they had gone out together. C'mon Peridot! You had to notice she wasn’t her! Why did she have to be so distracted?!
Lapis went down to the floor and looked around. All the CPH tapes were next to the TV. Apparently they had a marathon. Damn, no one could see CPH with her … her… her Peri.
She also saw Peridot’s new tape recorder where she always left it. Maybe she had recorded something, saying there was something strange…
“Log date 10 25 3. Lapis has been a little worried about yesterday’s "incident”. She has been very affectionate to me, but I suppose it’s because she doesn’t want to worry me…“
What the hell? What did she mean by "affectionate”? Nobody-touches-her-Peri
“I would like to be able to say the same thing about Pumpkin. He seems not to feel comfortable next to Lapis. I guess he still thinks she is not our Lapis. It may take him some time to get the idea, I still have to investigate more about the vegetables mind”
Even Pumpkin realized something was wrong. She hoped that would be a point in her favor.
“During the Camp Pinning Hearts marathon, Lapis mentioned that she liked Paulette to be so close to Percy. Paulette and Percy! That counts as high treason! And the worst thing is that she didn’t seem to realize what she had said. I hope it’s only a side effect of all the blows she received. Anything else is quite normal. Oh no! I have noticed that Lapis laughter is different. I don’t hear that little snort before she laugh. It’s a shame. I really liked it. Peridot, end of the log date 10 25 3 ”
Lapis turned off the recorder and set it down. Although they weren’t very significant, Peridot had noticed those little details… But it was enough! Peridot should know that she also believed that Percy and Pierre were the ideal couple! She didn’t even like Paulette!
Suddenly, she heard some excited barking, and a second later, she had Pumpkin on her, licking her face.
“Hi, baby,” Lapis said happily. “You know it’s me, don’t you?”
Pumpkin barked, pleased, and snuggled into his arms.
“Hey! Let him go!”
Lapis looked toward the barn door, and saw Peridot and the impostor Lapis. Lapis put Pumpkin on the floor before she stood up. “I want you to stay away from my family, my home, and my life”
The impostor frowned. Peridot came to her defense, and shouted to Lapis “Get away from here!”
“Peridot, you’re making a big mistake,” Lapis insisted. “I …” She couldn’t finish the sentence, for a great wave of water sent her to the other wall of the barn. Lapis was tired. No more games. Peridot had to realize the truth in the worst way, with the impostor in a bubble. She made a giant hand of water and caught the impostor. If it was necessary to destroy her, she would.
Or at least, she would have, had it not been for a can of paint to hit her right in the face, making her lose focus.
“Peridot!” she shouted, understanding what had happened “What the hell are you doing?”
“Leave Lapis alone,” Peri ordered, tossing a second can
“I’m Lapis, you clod!” she replied, stooping to dodge another can “Don’t you see that …?”
It was interrupted for the second time, when Peridot threw the old motor of the plane at her.


“C'mon Lapis!” Peridot exclaimed, taking Pumpkin and Lapis “We must warn the Crystal Gems!”
“I … yes, of course” Lapis replied, taking Peridot and openning her wings
“Let’s go to the Warp Pad! It will be faster, we don’t have much time!”
Lapis went to the Warp Pad, and Peridot immediately activated it, taking them to the temple, or rather to Steven’s house.
“Quick, we need help!” Peridot shouted. The Crystal Gems were sitting on the couch. Steven wasn’t there. Better, it would be more complicated. “Hey P-Dot, what’s wrong?” Amethyst asked.
“It’s Lapis! I mean… not this Lapis, another Lapis! "Peridot explained. Pumpkin began to bark, frightened for some reason. He jumped from Peridot’s arms and ran up to Amethyst’s legs,
"What do you mean?” Pearl asked.
“Another Lapis Lazuli, who looks exactly like me,” Lapis explained. “She appeared on a Homeworld ship, we don’t know what she wants …”
The Crystal Gems looked at each other, worried. Garnet made a gesture to keep everyone calm, and asked “Where’s she now?”
“In the barn” Peridot replied “I threw a motor, but I think is only a distraction. You better do something, I don’t think we have much time … ”
“Dude, look at the ocean!” Amethyst exclaimed.
They all ran to the window. The ocean waters seemed to be riven by a hurricane, despite the sunny weather of the day. All this was explained by seeing a blue figure flying above the water.
“I’ll take care of this” Lapis said, opening the door
“Lapis, wait…” Peridot said, taking her hand.
“I’ll be fine”
Lapis flew away, approaching the other. Peridot turned to look at the gems, ready to ask them to do something, but was interrupted when Garnet put a hand on her shoulder, adjusted her glasses and asked “Are you sure who is the real one?”
“Of course!” Peridot exclaimed “You have to help her”
“She’s right,” Pearl said “Lapis are very powerful gems, without help, they could fight until destroy Beach City”

Lapis had clenched fists so much that were starting to hurt. The impostor came flying toward her, a mocking smile on her face. Smile she was going to erase once and for all.
“Do you want a second round?” the impostor asked
“What the hell do you do here?” Lapis asked
“Blue Diamond believes that failing the lakes of Rose Quartz would be much easier with an infiltrator among their ranks. And of course, replacing you was the easiest thing to do. Deceiving that silly Peridot you live with was the easier thing. A ruby could do it!”
Lapis threw an opponent a powerful stream of water, which she dodged almost, laughing in her face. “Don’t tell me you really feel something for that dwarf! I think it was part of your theater. It wasn’t easy. You know, I’ve been watching you for weeks, learning every detail of what you do… But pretending to be interested in a Peridot…! That was the difficult part. It will be a great pleasure when I deliver her to Yellow Diamond ”
Lapis was furious. She began to pull her fists and fists of water, but her anger was so great that she can’t hit one. It seems she even bored her opponent.
“Oh, and that little orange creature” continued the impostor. “I don’t even know what it is, and it need a better education, but maybe it like to one of the Diamonds, isn’t it?
She finally got it. With a hand made of water, Lapis caught her opponent. She tried to oppose. But Lapis had she trapped. "Stay away from my family,” she ordered and threw her opponent with all her might toward the rock wall of the cliff. She lost sight of her for a second, behind a cloud of dust. Unfortunately, it didn’t take much to get hit by a jet of pressurized water that made it rise even higher in the sky. When she took control of her flight again, the other Lapis was already very close to her, “You have no idea how much I would like to see you shattered” the false Lapis said
Those were the last words that before starting a real fight. No matter how hard she tried, Lapis couldn’t see the moment when she had control of the fight. But luckily, her opponent didn’t either. She wasn’t stronger than the other, she was in true equality of strength. But she was never going to give up, she was doing it for Peridot. Even though she was there, on the beach, wanting to see her lose. No matter, she would have the opportunity to clarify her mistake. This was going to be just a bad memory, and soon she’s goint to be back in the barn, watching the new season of Camp Pinning Hearts, with Pumpkin on her legs, hugging to Peri…
She was going to do it for Peridot… Lapis had to make use of all her strength, physical and mental, to be able to create a hand of water even bigger than normal, and to catch to the other Lapis. She, of course, tried to free herself by using her powers, but Lapis wouldn’t allow it. She wasn’t going to lose control. At that moment, all the ocean water obeyed only her. She had not felt that much power in a long time. She was sure it would be easy not just poofed her. She could shattered her if she wanted to …
Or at least she would have done it if she hadn’t lost all that concentration by having to dodge an arrow. She looked back, to see what was happening. Is seriously?! Alexandrite?
“OH C'MON!” Lapis cried. She lost all concentration, and the other Lapis was able to break free, but she saw her plunge into the ocean. Lapis didn’t want to fight Alexandrite, she didn’t have the strength for that. How could she let them know it was her? She flew to Alexandrite, ready to dodge any of her attacks, shouting “I am Lapis! Your Lapis! I’m the one who was trapped in the mirror! I stole the ocean! You have to believe me!”
Of course Alexandrite didn’t listen. She spat a flaming fire through her mouth, which Lapis had to dodge. Well, things were going to get tough. She had to manage to create a hand of water as big as a few moments ago, and try to withstand the strength of Alexandrite. At least, the fusion had no control over water. But Lapis was very tired, this was going to cost her a lot of work.
The water beneath her began to swirl. The impostor came out of the ocean. No, not flying. She was surrounded by a sort of giant water suit, like one of those robots in Steven’s films. I was sure there was no control over that water. She thought of surrendering, but… Peridot. It was for her, she did it for her.
She tried to attack to the other Lapis, but her attacks were very weak, considering that most of her force was going to keep Alexandrite out of combat.
“Looks like you’re out of ideas,” the impostor said. Lapis shook her head, and as she could, made a wave large enough to make the giant water monster lose its balance for a moment. What could she do? She used all her strength in Alexandrite… She could unfused her, that would give her time…
She directed her strength to Alexandrite, taking her with two hands of water. “I’m so sorry” she mumbled, and she began to crush to force her to separate… But she was hit with a car, which threw her several feet back. No please, not now. She recovered, when a second car was already flying toward her. She dodged it and looked at the beach. Hell, Peridot had at least seven other junk cars ready to be thrown. What to do? Would it be enough to send her a wave just barely large enough to make her unconscious?
Alexandrite! She couldn’t let her escape… She was going to try to defeat her again, when it was Lapis who was caught in a giant hand of water. She saw a wicked smile on her opponent’s face as she said, “Goodbye. Forever.” After this, just as she had done, she was thrown hard into the beach.
In fact, the force was so strong, she didn’t have time to react what to do. She saw a flurry of colors before landing with her back against one of the pieces of the giant woman of the temple that were lying on the beach. She heard a loud “CRACK” and felt a sharp pain that ran through her body. A pain she knew very well. The next thing was that she was lying face down on the sand of the beach.
She had felt it before. She knew very well what it felt like to have her gem broken. But there was something she was sure of: this time it wasn’t just a scratch. She could feel the fissure creep in slowly. She opened her eyes. Her vision was distorted, as if he saw what was known as a negative of photographs, and she knew what it meant: her eyes were mirrors again.
Despite this, of course she could see Peridot. She was not far from her, and she seemed ready to throw another car at her. Lapis had little time, and she knew, she had to do something…
“You’re going to take care of Pumpkin, aren’t you?” Lapis said, but when she spoke, she had a feeling of fading, as if an electric shock were going through her body, and she almost hear the fissure in her gem spread. “Peridot… I didn’t tell you enough, but I really liked living with you, and I love you very much. They were worth the thousands of years in the mirror in exchange for having spent a year with you”
Lapis saw Peridot’s hand trembling. At that moment, it was impossible for her to lift the car. Lapis smiled, looking at Peridot, and said “You should have seen your face when you saw us both…!” After saying this, she couldn’t help but laugh. Of course, the little snort was what made Peridot’s face change. From being defensive to confused expression. And then a deep panic. She had finally realized! That was all that mattered to Lapis.
“I don’t know how you could believe that she was me!” Lapis exclaimed, unable to stop laughing “She didn’t understand anything about Camp Pinning Hearts!”
“Lapis…” Peridot whispered, with a deep anguish in her voice. She started to move toward her. Lapis would have loved to have that last embrace, but she could feel the fissure move forward and forward… And she was so exhausted…
“After all… You and I know that Percy and Pierre must be together” Lapis said, just before there was a “poof”, and two pieces of a blue gem fell into the sand, at the same time Peridot threw herself to try to hug her barn mate one last time.

Challenge Fic: Habits

written for @txf-fic-chicks challenge: Post episode/ Missing scene

Rating: R

Summary: post-ep for The Erlenmeyer Flask

Thanks to @baronessblixen for the beta. My first story was a little too much fluff even for my taste. So I wrote one, that’s a little closer to my real nature. Enjoy and welcome to the darker side.


„Oh Scully.“ The breathless whisper on the back of your neck with his chin resting on your shoulder feels almost better than the hands on your hips pressing you further down on his erection.


Because it makes you feel in control and with you it’s all about control. You’ve learned to control every need your weak body or mind craves.

At the age of 12 you gave in to the need of smoking, because everyone did. At 13, you learned to control the addictive habit and have not had a smoke ever since.

At 16, you began controlling your food, almost becoming an anorexic along the way. At 18, you knew the fine line between eating what was good for your body and what was not.

In college, alcohol became your new project. You got drunk every night for two weeks, enjoying the freedom it gave you. The possibility to not be good little Dana for a while. By the end of the two weeks you decided to not drink anymore. To deprive yourself of that freedom.

All of these things had one thing in common though: You had to know what you would be missing. A deprivation of something you had never tasted was no win. Only if you had to struggle to stay away from something you would come out stronger in the end.

Mulder was something you almost instantly craved. For a little while though, it had looked like you could be partners for longer and you didn’t dare giving in. You valued your partnership more than your basic need.

But then came the call. Mulder telling you in the middle of the night that the x-files were no more and that you were no longer partner. The need grew exponentially.

Forty minutes later you knocked on his door, telling yourself you were only there to check on him because he sounded so devastated. And indeed you asked him how he was before you started taking off your clothes. Mulder, still sad, and now a little surprised, was easily silenced with your lips and tongue trying to befriend his. His brilliant mind still did not set him apart from other men and the little resistance in the beginning soon enough changed into raw hunger.

Later half-dressed and fucking with the urgency usually reserved for teenagers, you started to realize that weaning yourself from your partner might proof to be a little more challenging than any other need before. You just might feel a little too good with him around, either as a lover or a friend.

“God, Scully.” He repeated his awe and desire and you knew you could lose yourself in him.

“I’ve been waiting so long for this.” You offered a little of yourself in return.

“Should have said something sooner.” He joked, while his hand found your breast and started kneading it.

“Couldn’t,” you moaned caught in the moment “not while we were still partners.” You realized your mistake even before the hand stopped kneading and his hips stopped pounding into your body.

“Wait, you wanted this?” This now meaning the closing of the x files and no longer sex. Even dazed by intercourse that man was no idiot.

“I knew it was just a matter of time.” You admitted.

“You knew they would close the x files?” Your legs closed around his hips and you had to hold on for dear life or he would have thrown you off like you were on fire.

“No, but I knew they would separate us.” He was still looking at you with this pained look. “I was supposed to debunk your work. And I knew that when they finally realized I wouldn’t be the one handing them the rope to hang you with, they would find somebody else to do it and take me away.” It took him a moment to digest your words, then anger gave way to disgust.

“So this is your way of saying goodbye.” He was almost spitting the words in your face and you felt yourself blush a little. But you also noticed how he stopped trying to separate your bodies. You looked away for a second to compose yourself. The fight had not been supposed to start till after your need was satisfied. When your eyes met his again you found yourself confronted with a hardened expression. His hands grabbed your buttocks almost brutally and pulled you closer in to him. “Then I guess we have to make it a good one.” He growled before kissing you like there was no tomorrow.

And actually, there was none.

(Inspired by this post)

Title: “What Common Mistakes Are You Making Over And Over Again?” (Number 3 will SHOCK you)    [A03]
Rating: T
Pairing: None

Tags: Fun With Reincarnation, Well I Say Fun, It’s Less Fun Than It Sounds, Non-Graphic Reference To Suicide, See I Did Warn You

Yugi’s learned about magic from cards and spirits, mysterious figures and museums.

This is the first time it’s come from a Buzzfeed article.

Technically Speaking

Tech!Killian/Misfit!Emma Fic based off of this post. Tagging @jscoutfinch @xhookswenchx and @trueromantic1 for letting me invite myself into this conversation. 

Special thanks to @snow-into-ash who beta’d for me despite having an actual life this week, I really appreciate it!!!

rated T for language

She’s zeroed in on the stinging of her knuckles when the hall monitor grabs her by the collar of her flannel.

“Seriously, Swan?” It’s Leroy. It’s always Leroy, and the idea of calling hall monitors by their first name to establish equality is the weirdest thing she’s ever heard. She doesn’t need to feel equal to a middle-aged grumpy man.

“He grabbed my ass! I don’t hear you saying ‘Seriously, nameless-jerk-who-can’t-keep-his-hands-to-himself.”

“My name is August!” Mr. Nameless-jerk yells. Honestly, the anonymity was working for her. Now there’s an actual person, with a name, having a flathead screwdriver removed from his bicep. Now there’s a set of parents who are going to flip out and get her expelled from another school.

“No one asked you, August!” she shoots back and he actually flinches. He doesn’t seem so handsy now. If he starts to act like the victim here, she’ll be forced to stab him again.

“You know the deal.” Leroy shoves her like suddenly violence is okay. She brushes him off and marches out of shop class towards Principal Mills’ office.

When she gets there, there’s this boy dressed in all black, with his dark hair and a sad expression. She slumps on the bench beside him and he brings his knees together to allow for space. It’s more than the grown men on the city bus do on her way home, so she figures he’s worth a chat.

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Sesskag Week: Day 3 ~Hanabi~

Wasn’t a Dream
1227 Words, Goblin: the Lonely and Great God AU

Stretching her arms above her head, Kagome gave a happy sigh. Work was finally over and she could finally pack up for the day. She put away any remaining texting, making sure that the edges of the old old paper wouldn’t crinkle or rip. Sometimes working in the museum’s archives made tedious work, but at the end of the day, it felt worth it. Taking her place among history, somehow it comforted her, as if it was a substitute for reopening the well.

She could wish anyways.

Speaking of wishes, Kagome smirked, her hand fishing into her cardigan pocket to search for her cigarette lighter.

If her boss caught her, she probably would see the end of her career. However, it was only three seconds. That was all she needed. Sliding the little spool with her thumb, a flame flickered to life. It fluttered and danced and she watched the pretty colors with excitement. Without second thought she blew the fire out in a single puff, her lips forming an “o” and her cheeks puffing up. The light disappeared in wispy plumes of smoke. Shoving the lighter back into her pocket, she picked up her purse and hopped anxiously up and down. In her mind she counted backwards, starting at three.

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ok but ai having an Instagram would be the best and cutest thing

-he’d post daily #ootd omfg

-cute pics of random animals he sees throughout his day


-momo would probably steal his phone and post pictures of himself making as many chins as possible

-group selfies w/ the swim team aw

-silly selfies when he hangs out with nagisa omfg

-pics of cool places he goes to bc he’d totally be one of those aesthetic/pastel instagramers

After-hours - kvhottie - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: ½
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru
Additional Tags: dance au, contemporary dance AU to be specific, College AU, Angst, Jealousy, Competition, Injury, Panic Attacks, Fluff, Smut, one-on-one dance sessions


When talking about what makes a perfect dancer, Oikawa had it all—the height, a lean body, the perfect technique, and flexibility. But the current lyrical piece that his college’s contemporary dance group was working on called for more than his usually fluid and graceful form. It needed a visceral yet controlled power to every step, something that Oikawa had trouble with. And to make matters worse, it was Iwaizumi’s forte.

Celebrating 4th of July with With Squad

Since it’s 4th of July here’s a fun Quick fanfic with Eric, dylan, The wilds!, and such. Also including the Others.
It was 4th of July. A day to celebrate the Country that was taken over by Satan himself. But aside from that everyone was gonna pull out Fireworks. “Yo!!” Eric called out to everybody. He brought out Colorful Fireworks, everybody was excited. “Ay!” Called out Wild! Eric. “Hand me a light to light one up!” Of course, Eric gave it to him. Wild! Eric Was casually writing on the ground with the flaming stick (IDK WHAT THEY’RE CALLED FUCK OFF) while Richard Ramirez was chilling with a Beer in hand, enjoying fireworks, Dylan was playing with the shooting ones pointing up at the air, and they shot up one by one, Adam Lanza with Also playing with the Stick lighters with Wild! Eric, Edmund Kemper was Helping out Aligning the Fireworks in order with Eric, And everyone else was doing their thing. Y/N was helping bring out the Food, and snacks for all.

Pretty soon after fun chatter with all, they all Lit up some fireworks all together taking turns. Laughter, happiness, and So much Bright colors in the Air as the gang hung out together. Unknown who, but someone Gave Wild! Dylan A firework, but he shot it up, anD It AlMoSt LEfT HiM uP iN tHe FuCkinG AIr almost killing him. Ramirez Laughed pointing out “That dude’s Going to Disney Land!!” Y/N slightly pUnch him in the shoulder while Eric ran to catch the little dude. A sad “Aww” came out of Richard’s lips leaving sad.

Triggered! Eric Appeared!!!! “EHO GAVE WILD! DYLAN A FIREWORK HE ALMOST DIEDD” Richard laughed, and Triggered! Immediately Knew it was him. “RAMIREZ YOU’RE DEAD!” They ended up having a chase around the house, and yards almost fucking some shit up while the others payed no mind one bit. Y/N called out to them Both. “Hey guys! Stop with your wild Goose Chase, and come over here! The grand Finale is coming up!!” They ran back, and got ready. “Ya’ll Ready?!!” Everybody Screamed “Fuck yeah!” Simultaneously. Eric, Adam, and Edmund Lit them up, everybody moves their chairs back for safety.

The fireworks shot up, so much beautiful colorful Colors. And what it said, was unbelievable. Somehow they Managed to make it say something. “HApPy 4tH Of JuLY!!!” The fireworks read. And as it turns out, i really was the best 4th of July they all Had. And they had a fun 4Th of July Together, as a gang of Serial Killers, and school shooters. But still a family.

Le End~~

so, i’ve heard

i wrote something because i heard harry was previously exploited by someone and well, that’s not very nice. anyway enjoy!

Almost: 2.2k Pairing: Narry.


Paige Reifler confirms meeting Harry Styles during boybanders break between the Asian and European leg of the tour, are they going to patch things up? If the pictures are anything to go by it might just be the hottest news of the summer. Sorry, Harry girls’ looks like Hazza might just be off the market. Ow!

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Don't let me go (Sam x reader)

Words: 1903

Warnings: swearing, smut (kind of… if i could call it that…nothing special i swear!)

Fic song: Passenger - Let her go


Could you do a Sam one shot where he keeps pushing you away because he’s afraid you’ll get hurt? Thank you so much!!

Hi! I reeeeealy love your blog! Can you write a one shot where Sam break up with the reader for some reasons (not her fault) and then one night when she’s drunk to forget him, she take a man at the bunker and Sam get really really jealous and it end in fluff or sad(I don’t mind). Thank you!! [sorry if there are some mistake, but I’m Italian ahah]

A/N: Hey! I’d like to apologize first, because I didn’t post any imagines yesterday and today. My computer is really slow (I don’t know why and I hate it) and it takes forever to even open Photoshop. I’ll do anything I can to post some tomorrow, but unfortunately I can’t promise anything.

Your name: submit What is this?


˝I’m sorry Y/N. You and me… It’s not going to work. We can’t be together anymore. ˝

You were looking at Sam and not a word came out of your mouth ever since he started talking. Numbness took over your body and even Sam’s voice slowly faded away. You didn’t show any emotions. You didn’t cry or scream even though you wanted to.

Everything was ok between you and Sam, or at least it seemed like it is. You were a happy couple for almost three months now. Everything was still fresh and from time to time you had to ask yourself if you aren’t dreaming, because before you started dating, you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams that Sam Winchester could like you.

But it looks like you were right before and it was all just some stupid fun for him. He told you a bunch of excuses, like that it’s his fault, not yours and all that crap. But you knew that Sam missed freedom. You’d expect this more from his older brother, but it turned out that they are the same.

Sam finished his speech and quickly left the room, leaving you alone with your thoughts. The voice of door closing woke you up from the numbness. You turned your head to the door as your eyes filled with tears.

‘Sam left you’ said the voice in your head ‘You’re alone now again’.


It’s been little more than two weeks since you and Sam broke up. And even though people say, time heals it hurt you more and more every day. Seeing him everyday, because you’ve lived in the bunker for over a year and you didn’t have any money to move out. That of course meant seeing Sam every day, liking it or not.

Not to mention, that you didn’t speak at all. Every time you entered the room, he left it or pretend like you don’t exist. You caught him looking at you a few times, but he always looked away.

You still had no idea why he broke up with you and you were dying to know. You highly doubted that the truth could hurt you more than you already were.

Entering the library, you saw that Sam was alone in there. As quickly as his eyes spotted you, he got up, ready to leave the room.

˝I’m not gonna bother you Sam, you can stay, ˝you said, trying to prevent your voice from braking ˝Just tell me where Dean is. ˝

Your cold voice shocked Sam a bit, you could read it on his face and for the first time. He tore you apart and seeing him, shocked even if it is for a second, make you smile.

˝Umm I think he went out. ˝ Sam answered shortly.

He was looking you directly in the eyes and you had to put more will into turning around that ever before in your life. You missed Sam. Hell, you couldn’t imagine your life without him in it. There wasn’t a night since the  break up, that you didn’t cry yourself to sleep. Covering puffy face from him and Dean every morning was hard, but somehow you managed to do it.

˝Thanks. ˝ you turned away from him, taking a deep breath to calm yourself down. ‘He doesn’t love you’ you had to remind yourself.

˝Y/N, ˝ Sam stopped you from walking away. With another deep breath, you turned to him ˝I’m sorry I hurt you really. ˝

You rolled your eyes at him ˝Save that crap for yourself Sam. I’ll survive hopefully. ˝

Without letting him speak, you turned around and left the room, tears streaming down your face again. He fucked you up bad.


Theory that time doesn’t heal, proved for wrong one again when, after a month after the break up. Sam and you still spoke only when it was really necessary and the pain in the chest still remained the same. You begged Castiel to delete your memory. Your best friend was sick of listening about Sam all the time.

˝I’m done Y/N. Get ready, we’re getting drunk today. ˝ she announced one day. ˝Be ready at 8:00 P.M. I’ll come for you. ˝  

Knowing that she always means what she says and that she’ll drag you out, like it or not, you slowly walked to the bathroom. It didn’t take you long to get ready and put on make up that you actually liked.

Your friend was not even a minute late or early. At exactly 8:00 P.M. she knocked on the door of the bunker. You let her in promising that you’ll come back in a moment, because you forgot your bag in the room.

After you quickly grabbed it, you bumped into Sam.

˝Where are you going? ˝ he asked, lifting his eyebrows as he checked you out.

˝None of your business. ˝ your best friend answered instead of you in a hateful tone. She grabbed your hand, pulling you out and closing the door as loud as she could. For an unknown reason you felt free as soon as the doors closed.

You stopped at the closest bar. Neither one of you really cared about where you spent this night. You just wanted to have fun and get as drunk as you could to forget everything.

You poured drink after drink down your throat. Sooner than you though you ended up in arms of a guy that looked awfully like Sam, just slightly lower. You two were making out, like the end of the world is coming soon and your friend just smiled at you, happy to see you smile again. Drunk or not.

With a permission from your friend, that you can leave her alone there, you grabbed the guys hand, taking him to the bunker.

You didn’t really care if Dean or Sam are still awake. Hell, you hoped that Sam is, so you could hurt him the way he hurt you.

It took you some time, to unlock the door, while kissing the guy. As soon as the doors closed, he pressed you against the wall, kissing you hungrily.  He lifted you, so you could wrap your legs around, him, before taking you down the stairs to your room. Putting you down in front of your room, he already started to unbutton your shirt.

˝Y/N? ˝ you heard Sam’s voice near you. The guy moved himself back, looking confusedly at you and Sam.

˝What are you doing? ˝he almost yelled at you. Then he looked at the guy whose hands were still on you.

˝Leave her alone pervert. She’s drunk and you’re not getting into her pants tonight… or ever. ˝  Sam was getting ready to punch the guy, when you stepped between them.

Your shirt was already unbuttoned, which made Sam a little confused. ˝Y/N please, you know you don’t want to do that. ˝ for a second you saw sadness in his eyes.

 ˝Fuck you Sam. You don’t have a word in what I do anymore. You’re way passed it. ˝ Sam was looking at you, not sure what to say or do. You turned away from him, kissing the ‘bar’ guy more passionately than needed, before pushing him to your room.

Sam stayed there, speechless. It was his fault, he knew that the break up, tore you apart badly. And even though he didn’t show this to anyone, it tore him apart too. He missed you badly. And no matter how hard he tried to get you out of his mind, he failed every fucking time.  He pushed himself on runs, almost passing out every time. But still you were the only thing he could think of. His attempts to bury himself in work failed when he found himself thinking of you. Even when he was sleeping, your broken face haunted him.

But you were better without him. Even thinking that something could happen to you, because Winchester loves you, made him sure, he did the right thing.

While Sam slowly turned back to library, the bar guy kissed your neck, making you beg him for more.

In in the heat of passion you begged him to unbutton your jeans. His right hand immediately slid to your jeans, easily slipped the button open. He moved his lips to your collar, leaving the trail that will last for days, as he pulled your pants off.

You lifted your hips, demanding more attention. Slowly he moved his lips, lower.

˝Sam… ˝ you moaned.

The guy immediately lifted himself and your eyes opened in shock. Why on earth would you moan Sam’s name? You were drunk for god’s sake.

˝I don’t know what’s happening here, but I think you’re in wrong bedroom. ˝ quickly, as he could, he dressed himself and left your room.

And you were alone again. Alone, drunk and fucking lonely. Alcohol is supposed to make you forget everything, not making you cry even more.

Tears started to make its way down your cheeks once more and you were sick of them. That’s not what you planned for tonight. You wanted to party and get drunk, not cry drunk in your room, thinking about the man who stole your heart and destroyed it.

A quiet knock on the door, pulled you on this world again.

˝Come in. ˝ you sobbed, not being able to calm your voice down.

The door opened and Sam entered. ˝I saw him leave. What happened? ˝ha asked, his voice filled with worry.

˝You happened Sam. You destroyed me when you broke up with me. You killed me with not talking to me, but looking at me every damn time you could. And now because of you, I can’t even have stupid meaningless sex. ˝ you let yourself go.

You shouted at him, telling him everything that came to your mind. You cursed the day you met him and the day you fall for him. Sam was just standing, looking at you without saying a word.

˝All this and I don’t even know the real reason you left me. ˝ you finished.

Sam walked to your bed, taking a seat on the end. ˝I was scared Y/N. I still am. I’m scared you’ll get hurt because ‘Winchester loves you’.  And god I love you. I’d rather die than see you get hurt. And I know, there is nothing that could fix what I did. ˝ he took a deep breath before continuing ˝I love you and this may not be enough. Hell, it probably isn’t. But I want you in my life forever. I want to wake up and go to sleep next to you every single day. Take me back, let me love you again. ˝

In disbelief you looked at Sam. ˝Since when it’s my safety only your choice Sam? You fucking broke me because you thought that it’s unsafe for me to be with you. ˝

˝I know. I’m so sorry Y/N. ˝ his voice broke and you saw tears in his eyes.

˝And you know what the worst part is Sam? That I forgive you, because I fucking adore you. ˝

Then, without a warning, Sam pulled you into his hug. ˝I’m so sorry baby. ˝ he apologized once again.

˝Just kiss me idiot. ˝ you chuckled, between tears.

Sam leaned to you, melting your lips with his. And suddenly it all felt right again.

It Starts with you

A/N: I thought I’d give writing about where she is seven years down the line when she hopefully starts to take on the things she’s learning with Kester and the relationship she has with her sister which I think would become really important a shot. I tried to pick a Tunisian name that might fit and be something they might have used seeing as Mini Bouchtat didn’t have a name yet. I tried.


It had taken Rae ages to find a card that was just right. Going into town on a Saturday was probably not the best idea but she’d stupidly managed to leave it to the last minute so she’d have to brave the crowds as she trawled the card shops for something that wasn’t covered in fluff or pink ribbons and didn’t have ‘to the birthday boy,’ written on it as the only two options. Eventually she’d bypassed the ‘special sister’ and the number cards altogether and settled on a teal one with a large sunny yellow star and white glitter writing and headed back to the house.

Picking a card for a seven year old was harder than it looked. They’d only recently moved past that fun phase where Rae seemed to have a second shadow. When small hands and pigtails did everything she did, wanted to go wherever she was and copy her every move. The gang had thought it was hilarious, especially when she’d parrot everything she said which got her into trouble more times than she wanted to admit when she forgot to watch her words. It was a weird feeling; having somebody want to be exactly like you, that thinks you’re the best thing to happen since Definitely Maybe. She wasn’t sure how to take it at first, but Sarra was one of the best things to happen to her. She had her from the second her tiny hand grabbed hers.

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She looks just like Fitz.

She smells like him too. Although, arguably she can only assume the latter is because her husband spent the greater part of last night with her on his chest while thumbing through a science journal.

Maggie stirs, fingernails scraping at the fabric of her top. The bairn suckled peacefully and Jemma was eternally grateful for these moments of silence shared between mother and daughter.

If there was one thing their child had adapted early, it was her father’s grumpiness. The baby wasn’t happy unless she was being held or spoken to or even if she awoke early. That was not to say that she was a particularly unhappy baby - she just had her moments of overwhelming grumpiness that was almost always attended to by Daddy.

Unless the grumpiness was from hunger. Then it was all Mum.

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Seeking Friendship


College AU
36,300 words

The information pops up in Castiel’s head as if he’s reading it on his computer screen right in front of him. He had come across Dean’s dating profile the very day he made his own three months ago. He must’ve looked at 20 or 30 different profiles that day, but Dean’s was the only one that kept replaying over and over in his head for a week after. Dean W., seeking friendship.

  • Queer Person: I'd like to watch, read, or play something with a queer protagonist.
  • Media: Sure here!
  • Queer Person: *looks at options* Gee, there aren't very many of these, and they all seem to have really similar stories...
  • Media: Nonsense! These are the ones about the gay characters who have a bad relationship with their family because they're gay, these are about the gay characters who want to find love, these are about the gay characters who struggle with acceptance in society... You have a variety of options!
  • Queer Person: Except those all kinda fit under the same umbrella, because they're all about the difficulties of being queer, and I'm already pretty well acquainted with what that's like, since I live that every day... Why don't I get any power fantasy stories, where like 'the Chosen One' is a queer person? Where they're queer, it's explicit and acknowledged, and they get a love interest, but the fact that they're queer is not actually a source of angst for them?
  • Media: *blinks* *DOES NOT COMPUTE*
  • Queer Person: *sighs* Okay, looks like I'll have to resort to reinterpreting characters in media through fanfic and maybe video game mods to see people who are like me-
  • Media Fandom: STOP RIGHT THERE! Making straight characters into other sexualities is the same as when we try to make you straight, if one's okay, the other is as well!
  • Queer Person: ...But that's a false equivalence, there's NO serious and systematic effort in the real world to make straight people queer, and our media isn't representing us in any significant fashion.
  • Media Fandom: NONSENSE! Look over there! We gave you this one character and we get to have the rest! That's absolutely fair, since you're statistically in the minority.
  • Queer Person: ...Even if only 10% of the people in the world are queer, which seems a gross oversimplification, that's still around 650 MILLION people, which is no small number...
  • Media Fandom: You are so GREEDY, you want so MUCH, why can't you be happy with what you're getting, it's not like we HAVE to give you that in the first place!
  • Queer Person: ...Do you not understand how fucked up the idea that you are even in a position where you can CHOOSE to give representation to a group of people is?
  • Queer Person: I take no comfort in the acknowledgement that what society is doing is a bad thing...