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BTS Reaction to You Waking Up From a Coma

Request: can you pretty please do a second part of the gf in a coma reaction, like she actually wakes up (can’t see my boys sad) even if you don’t all I want to say is thanks for all the amazing post you make 😍

Note: Thanks so much! (ಥ﹏ಥ) Plus, I didn’t get home since recently so I’ve been having real bad jet lag lol, sorry for being mia for longer than necessary! *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ You had been under for so long that Jin was starting to lose hope, but that didn’t stop him from being at your side at all times. It was one day when he had opened the curtains to bring some light into the dimly lit room when hope had slapped him in the face in a matter of seconds. “Seokjin?” Your voice was scratchy, and when he turned to find you squinting at him, his heart was drowning in joy. He was speechless, but it was when you gave him a tired smile that had tears instantly running down his cheeks.

You were finally awake.

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Suga ➳ He was slowly forced awake once he felt a nudge on his cheek, softly getting up from your legs from where he had fallen asleep on before yawning. “That was some hibernation, do you know how many weeks have passed?” His eyes shot open, boring into your innocent ones as you stared at him lovingly. He quickly grabbed your hand to make sure you were real and hoped he wasn’t in some fucked up dream; tears prickling in the back of his eyes as he held it in, forcing a sad laugh. If only you would have known, that you were the one hibernating for so long.

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J-Hope ➳ He had food with him, walking to your hospital room with his throat swelling throughout the way. He had prayed that you wouldn’t be suddenly gone while he went out to find himself something to eat after so long, but little did he know that he was receiving something more. When he walked inside your room, closing the door behind him and plastering himself onto the seat beside your bed while releasing a sigh, he glanced towards you to find you staring at him curiously, waiting for him to say something.

But instead, he screamed in terror.

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RapMonster ➳ He was already staring at you the moment you woke up, but he was also sleep deprived. You were looking around frightened, wondering where the heck you were but when your eyes rested on him, a small smile crept on your lips. “Hey cutie.” Your voice was hoarse, and Namjoon had to slap his cheeks to make sure he hadn’t fallen asleep and hoping to anything that it wasn’t some sick joke. When he realized that it was in fact not a dream, he felt a surge of emotions overtake him; looking to the ground in sadness. Finally.

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Jimin ➳ He froze once he heard you moan softly, his eyes widening as yours began to open slightly. He didn’t know how to react, he just..stood there with his eyebrows nearly rising to his hairline. He didn’t know what to do, and once your gaze landed on him while you blinked to see clearer — he smiled. “How was it at the other side?” He asked, trying to make a small joke out of it. When you replied with a ‘huh?’, a huge smile crawled onto his lips as he let out a breath he hadn’t known he had been holding. Your voice was enough to restore his heart, and he felt like he was falling in love all over again.

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V ➳ The moment Taehyung heard you call for him while he was about to doze off, his eyes blasted open in disbelief. “Oh my..” he muttered, and when your eyebrows furrowed cutely in confusion, he flew to your bed and embraced you into a tight hug, forgetting how fragile you were as you let out a pained yelp. “She’s awake!” He screamed in glee, pressing the nurse button as he began to squeeze you tighter to make sure you wouldn’t slip from his grasp once again. He nuzzled his face into your neck, feeling the once frigid skin feel warm and surging with life, tears clouding his vision. He was beyond happy.

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Jungkook ➳ He began to tear up once he saw you stir in your deep slumber, and when your eyes fluttered open he suddenly latched himself onto you; giving you many kisses onto your face before his hands rested on your cheeks - cupping them. “Oh god,” his voice was soft, and you were surprised to see the man in such a state. If only you knew what he had been through while you were gone, but, now none of that mattered, you were finally in his arms. “I love you so much, you know that right?” He told you, placing a peck onto your chapped lips. “So much.”

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Sasuke: *doesn’t like it when someone touches him or get too close*

Sasuke: *is always disgusted or just doesn’t care when some fangirl is getting to clingy*

Naruto: *says one word*

Sasuke: *smashing his face to his face and breaks every personal space because he fucking can and nobody can stop him*  What the fuck what did you just say usuratonkachi come at me when you want trouble I will fucking chidori your ass you stupid baka can’t believe you said that-

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Hey, can you do an imagine where when you were little (like 3) the joker found you walking the streets alone, so he took you in as his daughter, but when you get older you leave and end up dating Damian and one one day you get into a fight he says something about you being like the joker? Thanks!

Hi, sorry this took such a while to post up! Thank you for sending your request in and hope you enjoy!! Sorry again if it took a long time. I normally try to get through the requests from the order that I receive them! Anyways, thanks again! Enjoy!

Damian just kind of stares at you with a perplexed expression on his face so you decided to do the one thing that might make him stop: you snap your fingers right in front of his nose, causing him to blink a couple of times before reeling back. The two of you had been sparring just now, to release some of the tension between the two of you. At this point, you don’t even remember why the two of you even fought in the first place.

“Damian, are you alright?” You ask him, wiping away the sweat from your face.

Damian nods his head, the perplexed expression still on his face. “I just noticed something.” You look at him and raise one of your eyebrows, prompting him to continue talking. “Your fighting style is oddly similar to The Joker.” He points out – that was probably why he felt like he knew your every moves, even predicted them correctly too.

You blink a couple of times before relaxing your stance. “Well, did you not know?” You frown. “The Joker took me in as his daughter.” You tell Damian, confused at how your boyfriend is unaware of that huge factor. “Technically he was supposed to get rid of me but I don’t know what happened – I was too young to remember – but I remember he kept me alive, gave me food, shelter. I don’t know if it’s out of the goodness – excuse me, I mean if it’s out of what very little goodness he has – or if he just wants to keep me alive so that he can make me join him or something.” You ramble because sometimes you still wonder why The Joker had kept you alive in the first place.

The training he always gave you were very exhausting and despite the kindness he had shown you, once you grew of age, you simply left him. He was more than what you can handle.

Damian stares at you. There are very little things that surprises him and as much as he does not want to admit this, hearing that you are the daughter of The Joker, albeit not biologically, is shocking. He wonders briefly if that was why his father had taken you in earlier on.

You look at your boyfriend. “Damian, did I break your brain?” You snap your fingers once more but this time Damian manages to catch your hand with his and shakes his head.

“Don’t be silly, Y/N. You did not break anything.” Damian reprimands you. “So when did The Joker find you? How come we have never talked about this?” He frowns, wondering what else you were keeping from him and you roll your eyes at him.

You lightly punch Damian’s arm. “What do you mean? I have told you before – Mr. J, took me in when I was three. I’m pretty sure we covered the basics before we started dating, Damian.” Damian wants to refute but then he does vaguely recall you telling him about your father figure – Mr. J, who he had simply assumed had been a civilian. “Is this going to change things between us?” You ask skeptically because you honestly don’t think you can handle a heartbreak at the moment.

Damian shakes his head. “Tt. Of course not, you are still my beloved.”

You smile at him before picking him up and throwing him over your shoulders. Damian’s quick reflexes prevents him from meeting the mat with his face. “Let’s continue sparring then.”

Damian smirks at you before getting in to a stance. “Prepare to lose, beloved.”

IMAGINE : you are a rather curvy fangirl but tom can't help but fall for you ❌ REQUESTS OPEN ❌

As you looked at your best friends as you stood only three people away from tom Hiddleston , she smiled as leaned over and whispered “ he keeps looking this way ” you giggled as you leaned out the line to see his eyes looking directly at you . As you face quickly turned to red you turned back to your best friend “ he just looked at me ” you squealed as smiled ➖➖➖ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Finally you were at the front of the line “ hi girls ” tom said smiling as he waved the pen , you just smiled before whispering a ‘hello’ back “ so what are you names ” he asked your best friend looked at you as your scratched you arm that had a collection of brackets on “ I’m (y/n) and this is my best friend (b/f/n) ” tom flashed his famous smile again before saying a more informal hello . As you best friend trotted off with her signed book you stood there waiting , you anxiously scratched you wrist again and tom look at you ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ “Are you okay ” he asked holding up the line but he ignored the controller in his ear , you politely smiled “ yes , yes - fine ” you said but he noticed the faded scar , he leaned a little over making you move a little further “ why have you hurt yourself ” he asked cautiously worried you may become upset . Instead you face become smiling and happy “ people called me fat and I become very depressed but I showed them ” you laughed . Tom smiled and quickly signed and wished you a good day . As you looked down to the post you noticed what he wrote ’ you one hell of girl (y/n) , and damn those who called you fat your perfect - give me ring some time 07346 79374 ’ and suddenly you felt the whole world stop.

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Imagine: Receiving a text from halfway across the planet, about the man sitting next to you.

Characters: Reader and kind of Jared.

Story time:
You had been enjoying a quiet night of reading your lines over with J2M in Jared’s lounge room in Austin when your phone buzzed with a text from your friend.
“Hang on guys, I’ve got to check this. It could be important,” you notified them rather sheepishly. You always stopped for contact from back home since there was a close call with another friend of yours and a car accident.
“All good Y/N, we should probably stop and order some food anyway.” Jensen said; you chuckled at his constant want for food. 

 "I know you refuse to learn how to use twitter but look at this. I bet ‘daddy’ suits him in more ways than one 😘😜" Y/B/F had written, attaching a screenshot of Jared’s Twitter post about his day.
It was with a red face that you quickly tapped out a response.
“You’re not the first one to have that thought.”you smirked down at your phone and hit send before lifting your head, only to notice Jared had left the room.
“Yeah okay baby girl,” Came a deep whisper from over your shoulder of the tall man in question. You stood frozen in absolute shock, your phone clutched in white knuckles, as Jared chuckled barely loud enough for even you to hear and moved forward back into the room, brandishing takeout menus.

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My duuude u still do requests?? IF SO, can u do RFA reacting to MC in a coma?? (Maybe MC waking up after like so long) sorry if I'm bothering 😅

 I’ve never stopped trying to trick people into requesting my crappy writing. God. I’m so sorry. I got so excited about this request I monologued again. Oopies. Oh well. And trust me you’re not bothering me in the slightest. Enjoy, please! And be sure to request more. 

[[ I’ll add Saeyoung later. I’m really beat and wanna post this anyway :))]]

● • · Jumin · • ●

  • Jumin and You had been out and about on one of his rare days off shopping and such for the next big event, Chairman Han had arranged for your recently announced engagement. 
  • “Jumin I don't think we had to buy all the dresses for one event.”
  • “But you looked so lovely in each of them, how was I too chose?
  • You hated when he said it so bluntly as if it was the most obvious thing in the world…
  • “Still…” you started stopping after feeling a hand on your shoulder spinning you around to face him. A serious look gracing his features…
  • “I wish to give you the world if you wish it, _____. A few dresses are nothing but the start of it.”
  • “THats not what I want, Jumin. I just want you.” You gave him one of your trademark grins that melted him deep in the core
  • “Then so be it, Mrs. Han.”
  • “Jum-”
  • “Mr. Han” A new voice intruded your conversation taking you by surprise. You had gotten used to it being just the two of you, Jumin had rented out the entire store for your convenience and you being escorted by his bodyguards to the car. 
  • “Yes” He said looking clearly angered by the newcomer the bodyguards’ parting way so he could take a good look at him. 
  • “May I help you?”
  • “Yes, you can.” He was shaking dressed in a well-do suit you noted everyone in Jumins’ circle dressed as so it took you by surprise to see his disposition. Sure Jumin was intimidating but not this much.
  • “Jumin I think we should go.” You said placing a hand on his arm hoping to communicate the obvious discomfort circulating through your veins. 
  • He shushed you, clearly not reading the situation correctly.
  • “By…” He shouted as he reached into his bulging coat pocket only to be tackled to the ground by security. 
  • “See ___? Nothing to worry about” he trailed off noticing your hand was off arm. 
  • Looking around puzzled ignoring the shouting man and the grunts of the bodyguards to find your crumpled form on the ground.
  • Panic rising, he immediately knelt beside you turning you over to see your closed eyes face. Not seeing any cause he brushed back your hair to see the large gash from where your face had made contact with the ground. Hands shaking.
  • “______!”
  • “Someone call the damn hospital. “ 
  • “Hold on, _____. Hold on…!”
  • “Mr.Han?” 
  • “Yes? Any news?”
  • “I’m afraid despite our best efforts. Miss.____ has slipped into a coma for an unknown amount of time due to the head injury,”
  • “It’It was just a tiny scratch. What do you mean head injury?”
  • “It caused bleeding in her brain leading to her body in defense to slip into a coma, sir. Outlook is neither good nor bad. Head injuries are very unpredictable.”
  • “Unpredictable?”
  • “Yes, see-”
  • “I don’t care. You’re a doctor, I’m paying you to fix it.”
  • “Sir? Its not that simple.”
    “Yes, it is. Money is no object so make no mistake either you fix it or I’ll find someone who can.”
  • “Sir..!” He looked taken back at his brisk attitude
  • “And make no mind its Mrs.Han to you, understand?” He looked at him with an icy glare.
  • He turned around thinking…
  • “I’ll keep my promise _____. I’ll be yours till you wake up and forever after…”

● • · Zen · • ●

  • “A coma?”
  • “Yes were very sorry sir but due to complications from swelling from the accident. We had to medically induce the coma in hopes it went down. 
  • “She was wearing a helmet. We both were.” He protested sitting straight up.
  • “Yes but in this case, while it protects her from fatal injuries, it did cause some problems. See when she hit the ground-”
  • His ears simply allowed white noise to wash over him as he put his face into hands and begin choking out sobs as the previous events flashed through his mind.
  • “ZENNNY!” 
  • “What, babe?”
  • “Not so fast, please.”
  • “Faster? Sure.
  • “Zennnnn!!” 
  • He chuckled at your groans and allowed the motorbike to slow as they approached the red light.
  • It had taken weeks to convince you to ride with him having the picture of him riding with his best girl ever engraved in his mind since he started riding. You had been hesitant due to fear of falling off. But he had met your concerns with a big grin and said…
  • “I’ll just have to catch you then, princess.” Pinching your cheeks.
  • So after late night practice, he had found himself with a perfect excuse to take a ride with you. Roads were clear and morning rehearsal was canceled.
  • “Ouch!” He groaned feeling harsh tugging at his ponytail.
  • “THats for going so fast!” You said in his ear, wiggling closer to him. 
  • “Oh, you said slower I could have sworn.” 
  • “You know what I meant” 
  • Well apologies then, princess.”
  • You simply giggled. 
  • The light turned green and he begins to gain speed as he accelerated forward. 
  • “Hold on tight, Bab-”
  • A stray car barrelled forward through the red light horn blaring catching his attention as he swerved to avoid it. Turning his bike into the deserted sidewalk.
  • “ZENN!” You screamed behind him as he hit the curb causing you to fly forward onto the ground. 
  • Hands atomically attempted to find you as he attempted to twist your body to catch you from making contact with the ground the last ditch effort but it was in vain as you spiraled away from him.
  • He heard a crunch as his arm that was outstretched towards you snapped. Vision blackening due to the pain.
  • Groaning he heard people coming out stores surrounding as he came to, looking for you, he held his arm pushing himself up finding you eyes closed chest barely moving your body bunched together.
  • “Babe” He rasped out.
  • Ablumbalnces rang behind him as he felt his conciseness slipping back into the black.
  • Tears fell down his face as the memories faded out.
  • “I’m so sorry, _____. I didn’t catch you.”

● • · Yoosung · • ●

  • “Yoosung I’m going to lay down. I have a major headache. You said leaning against the doorframe slightly dizzy.
  • “Okay ___!” He called half listening as he began a new quest in LOLOLOL.
  • [8hrs later.]
  • “Done! Yeahhh!” He shouted triumphally voice echoing across the empty living room after many hours of raiding he finally achieved a new armor that he had talked about since Monday. 
  • Looking at the clock, he winced noticing the time. 3:00am? It had been 8hrs since he had last seen you. He suddenly remembered about your headache rushing from his computer, he swiped the aspirin bottle making way to your bedroom.
  • “______….?” He whispered letting the door creak open surprised to see the bed empty and the bath water running, confusion dulled his senses in why you were bathing at 3 am. Crossing the bedroom in easy strides. He rapped on the door attempting some attempt to catch your attention. Noticing the soggy carpet seeping through his socks made the alarm bells go off in his mind. Flinging open the door the bathroom floor was covered with icy water your body in the middle of the room face up as your hair floated in the freestanding water. 
  • Ignoring the still flowing water he swooped down to you cradling you.
  • “______? _____?!?!” He shook your freezing body in an attempt in to wake you fumbling for his phone in his hoodie almost dropping in the water filled room. 
  • “911, what is your emergency?”
  • …..
  • He paced around the waiting room, the entire RFA surrounded him. All voicing their concern for you. 
  • “ Miss. ____’s  family?
  • “How is she, Doctor???” He raced for the doctor eyes wild.
  • “I’m afraid, Miss.____ had a hyperglycemia episode that’s what cause her to pass out…” He paused looking at Yoosung’s lost face.
  • “That’s from her diabetes right?”
  • “Yes her blood sugar was dangerously high. The cause unknown should have shown signs…”
  • “It did. She said she had a headache.” Feeling guilt aching in him. LOLOLOL feeling utterly silly right now.
  • “Well she should have paid more attention to that, nevertheless she suffered from that and very low body temperatures…”
  • He spaced out feeling hollow, he should have checked on her or at least removed his headset. How long were you lying there?
  • “Resulting in a coma even though we regulated her blood sugar and body temperature. She may not wake up.”
  • He crumpled in half guilt making him choke out sobs at this blocking out everything. 
  • ______, I’m so sorry. 

L o v e,

M o c h i

GOT7 REACTION to find their crush beaten and crying, but she always seemed like such a strong person emotionally (she's a trainee and some other trainees beat her up for not being Korean).

HEY! Sorry for taking too long to post!



He’d be confused by the view.  He never thought that one day he would see you crying alone. He approaches you and notice your bruise.

“What happened?”

You stop crying and try to hide your face and body.

“Hey! You can tell me.. I won’t harm you…trust me.”

You take a deep breath and tell him everything that happened, making him shocked and angry as hell.

After this, he would teach those other girls a lesson about respect.


Mark would stand still as he sees the girls and some boys hit and swear at you, while you try to avoid it.

When they finally leave you alone, you sit on the floor and starts to cry soundly. A pair of arms circle your body, bringing you close to a warm chest. Mark don’t let you see who it is, but keep whispering soothing words into your ear.

“It’s ok.. I know how it feels. I’m here for you”

Seeing a person that he liked so much, cry like that, made his heart clench, especially because you always seemed so strong.


“Hey you! Yeah you! Stop this shit right now!“ Jackson would scream from afar, running in your direction.

You were lying on the practice room, while other trainees threw things in your direction.

"But oppa! She’s just a foreigner! She doesn’t belong here…”

“Guess what? I’m not korean either you dick heads! So I guess I need to get out with (y/n)!”

“No oppa! I didn’t mean you..”

He don’t let the girl finish, he takes you in his arms, heading to the infirmary.


Jinyoung always admired your determination to succeed in a completely different country from yours. You were always so strong even though you’re aware of the prejudice.

He was looking for JB on the practice rooms of JYP when he hears a low sound of sobs. He look around and see you crying in a corner next to the mirror.


“Jinyoung oppa!” You stood you, wiping your tears. He approached you running his hands on your bruised arms.

“What is this?”

“Oh these…” You didn’t want to answer.

“Answer me.” He was serious.

“The other trainees.. they say I do not deserve to debut with them..”

Jr. don’t lose any more time, going to the company direction, to complain about the trainee’s education.


Youngjae would find you crying on a recording room. Your favorite place.

You guys were friends since you entered JYP but because of his debut, he decided to not tell you his real feelings. He admired your singing skills - which were a real differential between trainees - and mainly your strong personality.

“Hey… why are crying? What happened?”

“Some girls were jealous, so they hit me… but it’s ok! I’m fine now!”

“If you’re really fine, you wouldn’t be crying! You’re not a cry baby.. I know you don’t cry for nothing”

You give up, Youngjae knew you too well.

He, as a caring person he is, would spend all day with you, trying his best to make you smile again.


You were running avoiding everyone who tried to talk to you. Tears were coming out of your eyes like a waterfall. You didn’t know that you could cry so much, but you couldn’t handle the other trainees bullying, every, single, day! They even started to bully you physically!

“(y/n)?” you heard Bambam call you.

He caught your arm, pulling you to him.

“Why are you running like this? What’s that in your face?” he seemed lost.

“They did it again…”

“You mean..”

“Yes..” you hid your face in his neck, feeling your tears wet his shirt “Sorry…”

“No problem…” He’d be the person who would stay with you, telling small jokes and inviting you to play videogame with him.

He’s a playful person, and that would be the only way he’d know how to help.


This one would be pretty shocked to see you crying. His big crush. He wouldn’t know how to react or what he should do.

Approaching you slowly, he would ask if you’re ok, and if he could do something about what just happened.

(sorry I don’t really know how he would react…)


That’s it!

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#211: He Forgets Something Important | Part 2


Part 1 can be found on this link 

Y/B/D: Your Birth Date

So here’s the part 2, it’s been highly requested since I posted the first part and it’s also been a while since I’ve made a multiavle parts preference. Much more to come in the future :-) x


”Wait, before you leave you gotta remember this. I know, it wasn’t on the wish list but I think she will like it very much.” Luke furrowed his eyebrows confused by Ashton’s sudden words, watching him reach down in his pocket to take a small box wrapped up in paper and a small bow on top. He pushed it over the bar table with a happy smile on his face, but his face changed when he saw the confusion on Luke’s. “What?” He questioned when trying to read Luke’s face. “What’s the occasion?” The blond haired boy questioned and fiddled with the small gift between his fingers. “You’re kidding, right?” Ashton was smiling but only because he thought Luke was joking, the smile fading away when Luke shook his head. “It’s Y/N’s birthday.” “No it’s not.” Luke highly disagreed after taking a sip on his beer. “Her birthday isn’t until Friday, I’ve already planned out everything. But I will make sure that she will get this then since I assume you won’t be available to come?” Ashton’s eyes widened further and further as Luke kept on talking, his jaw falling slightly. “It is today, Luke.” Michael chirped in from the other side, having the same confusion on his face and furrowed eyebrows. “No it’s not the Y/B/D until Friday I just told you.” It was as if he was starting to become angry by them rooting against him but he became completely quiet when Michael grabbed his phone and showed him the calendar. No words were spoken for a full minute before Luke’s eyes widened to the point of popping out of his face, almost knocking down his beer in the process. “No fucking way!” He had to control the volume of his voice, looking between them in disbelief but they nodded their heads in agreement. “Why didn’t you tell me anything!?” “Well I didn’t expect that I would have to remain you of your girlfriend for two years’ birthday?” Ashton’s disagreed with wide eyes, watching Luke furiously stand up from his bar seat and pulled his jacket over his shoulder. He barely got the chance to say the slightest goodbye before he had thrown cash onto the counter, probably tipping a bit more than usual but he didn’t have the chance to look. He needed to get out of his place as fast as possible in search for you.


“Man, what the hell is going on with your phone it keeps buzzing all the time. Did you forget to turn off all social media notifications after switching your phone back to our Australian one?” Michael questioned with his eyebrows furrowed, he had been listening to Calum’s phone buzzing in his denim jacket for the whole right from your house, it was starting to get on his nerves but he had kept quiet at first. “I don’t really know but I also received a few phone calls this morning, sadly I missed them because I slept through my alarm. Just take it out and turn it off sound it’s totally disturbing my concentration on the road.” Calum replied back, hands on the steering wheel and moved his hand down to switch the gear. Michael did as told with a satisfied smile on his face the second he had Calum’s phone pulled out from his jacket. He used his thumb to turn off the sounds, but that was when he accidentally turned on the screen and furrowed his eyebrow confused. “What’s with all these congratulations? Is it yours and Y/N’s anniversary? If so, congrats mate!” Calum looked away from the road just for a short moment and furrowed his eyebrows confused. “What do you mean it’s our anniversary, it’s not May the-, Oh my fucking god it’s May the 2nd!” It was as if time froze completely by his realization, his feet literally hammering down onto the break and took a sharp turn to the right by a gas station. Michael made a huge sound by the sudden action, his whole body falling forward in his seat and eyes looking over at Cal wide eyed. “Are you kidding me did you fucking forget your first anniversary? Dude that is so wrong on so many levels.” Michael’s voice was only faint in the background to Calum, he didn’t have the time to think, everything seemed to crash down at him at once. He had totally forgot, he wasn’t supposed to but it had slipped out completely. The pain in his stomach couldn’t compare to anything else and he reversed the car around the gas station to head back from where they had started. “What are you planning on?” Michael questioned, grabbing harshly onto the handle above the window by Calum’s speed. “Forget about the recordings. Flower shop, now.”


“There’s this party that I’ve been invited to on Friday, it’s this really random one down by the beach but beer is free and I assume everyone will show up in their bathing suits so that is kind of cool. Who wants to join?” Ashton questioned and looked between the three with a promising smirk on his face, wiggling his phone in the air that showed he had been invited over a Facebook event. “I’m in.” Calum replied and sat up to look at his phone as well. “Sure, why not.” Luke agreed, feet resting on top of Michael’s lap and his head laid on the armrest of the couch. “Which day is it?” Michael asked just to be sure of any planning that evening, his eyebrows furrowing but before one of the guys got the chance to answer anything his eyes widened and his jaw fell. “Oh no.” He mumbled quietly to himself, he almost couldn’t believe it. “What’s wrong?” Luke asked confused and eyes widened when Michael rose up from his seat and barely cared about his legs. He paced around back and forth in confusion without saying a word, too stunned to believe his own mistake and ran his hand through his hair repeatedly. “It’s April the 16th!” He exclaimed loudly as if it was supposed to ring any bells, the boys looking between each other in confusion. “She’s sitting there-,” Michael paused to take a breath, he couldn’t figure out what to do with himself. “She’s sitting under the cherry tree and she’s probably waiting for me I’m not even sure how long and if she have been waiting for hours I can’t-,” He looked up at the clock to see the time, it was almost passing by nine and he mentally kicked himself not noticing it. He had been aware of the date all day, a few days before he had even made sure to plan everything out but the days had come before him. “Does anyone know what he is talking about?” Ashton questioned confused to break the silence, the others shaking their heads because they had absolutely no clue. “I need to fix this mess before it gets worse.” IT was as if Michael had completely forgotten they were there on the couches and he rushed towards the fridge to open it, taking out whatever Calum and Ashton had before he was out of the door.


“Can you make that an octave higher? I just want something to blend out in the background.” Ashton sat carefully with his fingers pressed into his chin, listening carefully what the producer had to say and watched Luke inside of the booth nodding his head agreeing. They had been sitting like this all morning, the progress was really slow and safe to say, Ashton was starting to grow bored. His fingers were swinging around the drumsticks in the air, sometimes drumming down on his leg and swirling around on his chair. He had been waiting for his turn all morning and it was a satisfied smile that came to his face once Luke was done. “So,” The blond haired boy questioned the second he was out of the booth. “How was Daniel’s first day of school?” “What?” Ashton was quick to answer, stopping with the air drumming. “Daniel? You know your son? Y/N just posted a picture of him on Instagram, I saw it while being in the booth?” Luke leaned his head on top of Ashton’s chair to show him the photo, the curly haired lad rising up from his chair in one fast movement. “That was today!?” The confusion was clear on his face, his jaw almost touching his feet. “You didn’t know?” Luke questioned and had to take a step back. “Does it look like I remembered?” Ashton’s voice rose an octave and he hurried towards the couch to get his jacket. “What did it look like on the photo? Was he inside or what because maybe I can still make it in time.” “But Ashton, we’re far from done with the recording we haven’t even started with you yet!” The producer argued, not that he thought it would have any impact because Ashton was already heading towards the door. “This is my son we’re talking about and this is one of his most special, most important but also one of his most scariest days in his life! And until now I’ve totally forgotten about it so now I have to not only deal with a son that is most probably sad but also a girlfriend that will rip my head off in the process. We can do the recordings later, tomorrow, the day after or next week I don’t care.” Ashton took a deep breath to calm down and opened the door. “But I need to be there now!”

tsukikage fic recs

the rec list that no one asked for or wanted, including shameless self-promotion

fall by mintokohi
summary: “Just go home, Highness.”  “How? I don’t know where I am…” “Get Yamaguchi to drive you.”“He’s spending time with Yachi. And Hinata’s busy. And I don’t know anyone else.” A sniffle. “And it’s cold.” Kageyama’s voice has reduced to a piteous whine and Kei wants to strangle him. “Fine… Just—don’t move.”

floating like a vapor by diarahans
summary: It’s hard for Kageyama to reconcile the person in his dreams (Kei, a little prickly even when he’s sweet, holds his hand) with the person that he sees at school everyday (Tsukishima, cold and distant, won’t touch him at all), but sometimes if he’s not paying attention, he’ll forget that there’s any difference between them at all. “Is there something wrong, your highness?” Tsukishima sneers when he catches Kageyama watching him during practice.“No,” Kageyama says, shifting his focus to the space in between his shoes instead. “It’s nothing.”

View From Under the Crown by EzzyDean
summary: The day his teammates abandoned him he had sat down with his journal spread open on his lap, sure he’d fill a dozen pages with the thoughts crowding in his mind, and stared at the blank page, eyes glazing over and pencil hanging loosely in his fingers for hours until his legs were nearly numb from sitting so long and the sun low on the horizon had turned into the moon high in the sky. The words wouldn’t come.  It was like someone had stuck a cork in his mind.He tried.  Again and again.  Weeks went by and he’d open his journal and settle onto his bed.  Only to wake up in the morning grumpy and tired, empty, crumpled pages mocking him from the floor. He stopped trying.

Of Snow Storms and Stranded Cars by notquiteintoxicated (esviege)
summary: Kageyama was obviously one of those people who got cold easily, and while Tsukishima would gladly torment Kageyama on the worst of days, even he wouldn’t stoop so low as to let another person freeze to death if he had any way to prevent it. Of course, he didn’t imagine that ‘any way to prevent it’ included cuddling, of all things.

Soulmark AU series by shivadyne
summary: Everyone has a mark on their body that’s meant to signify an important time in their soulmate’s life. Unluckily for Kageyama and Tsukishima, they share each others’ marks.

The Moon and the Star by Ravensoul
summary: The Celebrity/Paparazzi AU nobody asked for, but fit KageTsuki so perfectly I couldn’t resist. Kageyama is the “King of the Court,” rumored to be the best setter to ever join one of Japan’s most elite men’s volleyball teams. Tsukishima is an irritating thorn in his side, an overly persistent journalist and photographer for Karasuno Monthly Sports Magazine who turned up at his bedroom window one night and somehow became a constant in Kageyama’s life.

soft sides by artenon
summary: In which animals like Tsukishima but not Kageyama, it’s raining, and there’s a kitten.  It’s just a little ridiculous—who would have thought Kageyama of all people would have a soft spot for kittens?

fairy lights (and the wires that connect me to you) by vagarius
summary: It’s cold, maybe. Probably. Kei doesn’t really feel anything.

It’s a Fake Dating Fic by Redleaveshavefallen
summary: I am just not going to pull any punches here.

it’s hard to volleyball by keptein
summary: He watched Tsukishima a few more times before exhaling. “You’re still doing it wrong.” Tsukishima stopped in the middle of a throw and turned to him, eyes like flints behind the glass. “Fuck off, Kageyama.”Kageyama gritted his teeth and took his messenger bag off his shoulder. “Do you want me,” he said slowly, each word only brought forth by a mental image of Daichi’s disappointed face, “to show you?”

Punch Your Lips by EzzyDean
summary: “I’m sorry but I was told to punch you in the face. I don’t know why but they’re giving me 20$ to do this. If you can make a better offer I won’t do it tho.” AU “I always figured I’d get punched one day.  I just thought I’d be worth more than twenty bucks.”

morally no different (than taking a breath) by keptein
summary: “As Hobbes said, Man is a -” “Stop,” Kageyama said, sitting next to him. “That’s not a good quote.”

Monster’s Daughter (Namjoon angst pt.2)

Summary: Your 4-year old daughter is a HUGE BTS fan. Unknown to her, Namjoon is her father.

Request?: No

Multiple parts?:  Part One  

Type: Angst/Fluff

Reader Name: Rose Lowe

A/N: FINALLY! After I spent 60 bucks on this fucking charger I can finally post!! I’ve been excited to post for days! Please enjoy, I hope this doesn’t let you down. Let me know how it is ^_^ (P.S. Part three will be up tomorrow or Thursday IF NOTHING ELSE GOES WRONG)

~~  Part One  ~  Part Two  ~  Three  ~   Four  ~  Five  ~  Six  ~  Seven ~  Eight  ~  Nine  ~  Ten  ~~

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On Rainy Days ( Min Yoongi )

So this was originally for @ohwowitsdebbie based on her dream. But I decided to post it anyways. ( I also owe you a fluff xD ). Tell me what you think.

I’m not even giving excuses, you guys know I’m a hardcore yoongi trash.  

Originally posted by jongdaeisabun

( Stop staring at the gif guys … stop)

One moment, the three of you were standing in front of the dance studio and the other you were running under the heavy rain. The sound of your loud footsteps hitting the wet ground echoing through the deserted streets.

“ Jimin ! Wait for us ! ” You screamed hiding your face with both hands while Taehyung has long lost his sight with his hair falling flat past his eyes.

“ Just hurry up, shorty ” He yelled back slowing down a bit for you to catch up. You hit his back when passing him.

“ You’re short too, jerk !” You turned to glare at him for a split second and somehow you tripped over nothing and hit the ground with a loud thud.

They both helped you up – after having laughed hysterically at you first -. You were now drenched in both rain and mud Great.

You reached the dorms not long after that creating commotion when walking through the door as the boys teased you. Taehyung taking it one step more imitating the way you fell to the others then all of them bursting into laughter.

Jin hurried  examining you with worried eyes shushing the others. “ Are you okay ? I totally forgot about picking you guys up while cooking.” His apologetic sweet voice making you blush uncontrollably. You shook your head to get the water dripping down on your face from it off, as a way to distract yourself from Jin’s smile.

He turned to the boys and you sighed. “ Did you get the stuff I told you ?” His tone changed from when he was speaking to you rising an octave.

“ What do you think ?” Jimin raised an eyebrow giving his hyung a judging look.

“ Great, now diner will be late. I’ll go get them myself.” He picked up his keys from the counter when everyone in the room stood up waiting. His eyes traveled around them questioning their action.

“ We want to go too, we know you’ll only buy vegetables.” Namjoon exclaimed being the first out the door before the eldest could even protest.

“ I want snacks !” Jungkook jumping up from his place pushing taehyung along.

“ Fine, but everyone be quiet.” Jin sighed losing the battle. He turned to you smiling again “ Do you want to go too ?”

You shrugged in response looking down at yourself covered in sticky matter. “ I’ll pass.”

“ You can get something to wear from my closet.” He pointed at the closed door across the hallway showing you his room, as if you didn’t know where it was.

You waited until they were all out the door, the silence settling in again. You went into the room pushing the door open and turning on the lights. A rough groan startled you enough that you flicked them back off recognizing the voice.“ Yoongi … I thought you were out too, sorry.”  

He hummed in response opening one lazy eye to look at you shivering in the dim doorway. Your arms came up rubbing your sides for much needed friction as the cold steadied.

“ What happened to you ?” He sat up brushing his bed hair into place, his voice hoarse from sleep.

“ Uhm … Long story.” It wasn’t really, you were just a clumsy mess tripping over your own feet but he didn’t need to know that. The other six knowing it was enough shame for the day.

You pushed the door opened the door further turning the lights back on, sure that his eyes have adapted enough. “ I just need some clothes to change into … and a towel.” You advanced into the room and towards the closet. You opened it pulling out the first shirt your eyes fell on.

“ This looks too small for Jin.” You whispered to yourself holding it up in front of you.

“ Because it’s mine. That’s my side.” His arm stretched out past you to grab another shirt slipping it over his bare chest. His voice sounding dangerously close to your ear.

You turned back, him still standing flush behind you playing with his hair. “ Oh! Sorry, I thought it was J-Jin’s.” You stuttered cursing yourself internally when he chuckled enjoying your nervousness.

“ just wear it, it would look good on you anyways.” He stepped back and away from you to grab a towel laid on the chair and throwing it to you.

You set the shirt aside not to wet it, ignoring what he said with a shrug. He raised an eyebrow at you the corner of his mouth twitched into a quick smirk. You draped the towel over your head slowly massaging the water out of your hair making the drops fly everywhere. He sighed making his way towards you, noticing it you froze in your place your eyes questioning him. When he got too close you stepped back but he grabbed your shoulders stopping you.

“ Stand still for a second !” He growled and you submitted to the order, since it sounded more like a commandment than a request.

His fingers left your shoulders to join yours on the towel. You quickly lowered your hands to your sides at his touch sure your face turned red. A giggle left his lips as he parted them slightly to lick the corner of his mouth, then tracing his tongue over his dry bottom lip. You followed the motion with utter and strange enjoyment. His hands became active creating circle on your head with quick movements.

The towel soon covered your eyes as he reached the front of your hair. There were no words but that silence was the most comfortable you’ve ever been in. You closed your eyes slowly from the darkness the motion of his hands sending shivers down your spine.

Suddenly, he stopped moving. Your eyes opened again but you still couldn’t see anything. He had been staring down at your lips for so long it was the only thing he could focus on, slowly losing pace before halting.

You bit your lower lip just about to ask him what he was doing. To him that was his go signal as you felt soft and moist lips pressing against yours all so gently. Your eyes widened at the contact letting out a muffled whisper.

His hands slid down from your head to cradle your neck tilting your head up and closer. It was messy but the feeling of his puff lips against yours was intensely arousing. You soon found his chest pushing him back enough to break the kiss when you became breathless. You pulled the hem of the towel from your face making it fall to the ground between the two of you. Your eyes still wide trying to adapt to the lighting. He stepped back scratching the back of his neck with a shy gummy smile as he looked away.

“ I … You just looked beautiful.” His voice abnormally soft and velvety. Your eyes darted away from him choking on your own words, not sure what to say. He cleared his throat opening the door again and quickly stepping out. “ I’ll let you change.”

You let out a deep breath, not knowing you had been holding it in, stumbling back. “ Did that really just happen ?” You thought to yourself feeling your temperature rising at an embarrassing pace. You quickly changed into the dried shirt and sweatpants – which you allowed yourself to take too – before stepping out just as the other guys came rushing through the door with more grocery bags than they originally intended.

“ Do you feel okay now, Y/N ?” Jin asked noticing how your face was still red. He advanced towards you putting his hand on your forehead “ You have a fever !”, you embarrassingly pushed his hand away your eyes finding a smirking yoongi looking back at you.

“ I think I’m coming down with a cold.” You said patting yourself on the back for the humiliation.

“ Who wants to see Iron Man ?” Jungkook yelled holding up the tape, he doesn’t even know that he just saved you.

“ This is turning into a movie night then !” Taehyng exclaimed slumping down next to the younger leaning on him, and jungkook pushing him away because he kept dripping water on him. Jimin patted the seat next to him for you to sit. You smiled nodding then making your way towards him when Yoongi grasped your hand making you sit next to him on the sofa. You didn’t have to look at him to know he had that smugly smile again. His arm was soon wrapped around your shoulder the others giving the two of you a suspicious look.

“ Concentrate on the movie, brats !” He yelled roughly everyone turning away from the two of you chuckling.  

Thank you for reading, let me know what you thought of it. ♥ ♥ ♥


when I see posts on facebook alike with ‘like if you love your mom, ignore if you want her to die' 

when bitches put on mainstream shit 

when someone you strongly dislike speaks nice to you

when you say you’re bored and your mom says “Why don’t you clean your room then?”

when your parents tell you you should go out more and stop being on the internet all day long

when someone calls one direction and 5sos punk rock

oh god I just can’t get enough of this gif-


Chapter 8: The Wish

Though usually quite cheery, one day the girl became sad again. Luma drew close and tried to comfort her. “Mama, you still have me!” “And don’t be sad about your mama, because she’s a part of you! That means she’s always close by!” “It’s like me. I love Star Bits because they remind me of my mama.” “No…no…” the girl said, unable to stop the tears.

A lonely look flickered across Luma’s face, but it was soon replaced by a wide grin. “I have an idea!” “I will transform into a comet, a soaring comet that can carry you all on this journey!”

With that, Luma, trailing bands of white, soared high into the sky and just as quickly started to plummet back down. KABOOM! KABLAM! The ground shook, and a bright light poured out of the crater that the Luma had created.

The bands of light twisted together to form a comet tail. And then Luma emerged, reborn as a comet.

The girl could scarcely believe her eyes. “But…how?” she kept asking. “Our destiny as Lumas is to transform into different things,” said a red Luma who had suddenly appeared. “Stars, comets, planets… We can become all of these things! When I grow up, I want to become a star that makes someone special smile,” said a green Luma. A blue Luma chimed in, “That Luma turned into a real cutie of a comet, didn’t he!”

All of the Lumas together said, “No more crying, Mama!” “Thank you…” said the girl in a whisper, and she pulled the Lumas close and hugged them. From that day on, Star Bits no longer fell from the girl’s eyes.

The comet set forth for the girl’s home planet, its long tail blazing proudly behind it.

The Wrong Trigger | A JB / Jaebum Gang AU Scenario Part 1

Characters: Got7′s Im Jaebum / JB, You

Author’s Note: I’ve been working on this for days but my major exams kept getting in the way. Thus this is only the first part. I’ll post part 2 soon but for now, I have your requests to tend to ;)

Warning: Hint of violence and vulgarities

“What do you want for dinner tonight?” You ask Jaebum as you go about the supermarket, cart and shopping list in one hand, your phone in the other.

“You,” he replies, his voice husky. You stop in your tracks and try your hardest to keep a straight face. Though he can’t actually see your reaction, it’s become a force of habit.

“You’re lucky you aren’t here Im Jaebum, or I would’ve whooped your ass,” you say with a hushed voice as you continue to scan the racks, looking for all that is in your list.

“Ooo, spanking. Someone’s being kinky,” you stop in your tracks again and heave a long sigh as you pinch the bridge of your nose in frustration. He’s smirking and you know it. You can simply feel his cockiness radiating through the phone.

“Im Jaebum,” you say through gritted teeth. You hear him chuckling on the other end and you actually wish he’s physically with you at this moment so that you could smack him.

“Okay, okay, fine I’ll stop. I’m craving for my favourite dish,” he answers, still chuckling. His laughter is cut short when he sees a group of men coming his way; men who aren’t supposed to be in this area.

“Hey babe? I’ll call you back okay?” He says without taking his eyes off of them. You notice the change in his tone and immediately know what’s going on. Though you know this kind of situation is a norm, you can’t help but to feel worried for his safety every time. Today however, the sense of impending danger is much stronger than it has ever been but you shrug it off, telling yourself he’ll be just fine.

“Be careful, I love you,” you say.

“I will, I love you too,” he replies before hanging up. You linger on the line for another second before sliding your phone into your back pocket and moving along with your grocery shopping.

“You guys picked the wrong day to enter my territory. I honestly wasn’t in the mood to fight. Also, you interrupted my conversation with my girlfriend, how rude,” Jaebum says with feigned hurt in his tone as he places a hand on his chest.

“Da Heon sends his regards,” one of them says, earning a scoff from Jaebum.

“He has an army and he only decides to send the four of you to me? What is he, dumb?” Jaebum says with a quirked brow. He doesn’t get a reply but sees a smirk pulling on the corners of the earlier guy’s lips.

One of them dashes towards Jaebum, withdrawing a blade from his back pocket. Jaebum remains on his spot, reading the guy’s movements. He doesn’t pull out his weapon, not yet. The man makes a move to swing the blade towards Jaebum’s face but Jaebum catches his arm. Jaebum tightens his grip, numbing the man’s hand. A loud clatter hits the ground, forming a smirk on Jaebum’s face. Releasing the man’s wrist, Jaebum sends a kick his way, hitting him straight in the chest. The man falls backwards, hitting his head against a dumpster, knocking him out. Crouching down, Jaebum picks up the blade the man has dropped and examines it.

“Not bad, I could keep this,” he says. At that moment, he sees the second guy getting into a stance, ready to attack him.

“Or maybe not,” Jaebum mutters before throwing the blade towards the man, striking him right at his heart. The man lets out a cry of pain before hitting the ground. Blood oozes out of his wound as he takes in short breaths. Jaebum doesn’t bother watching him any longer; he’s bound to die anyway. Shifting his line of vision towards the remaining two, Jaebum scans them and finds something out of place. Jaebum knows they have a gun, but what confuses him is the fact that they’re not using it. Instead, they lunge towards him, unarmed.

Once you’re done grocery shopping, you make your way home as you plan the dishes you’ll be cooking, in your mind. As you’re walking down the usual route to your house, you begin to feel uneasy. Sneaking a glance over your shoulder, you spot a group of men mirroring your pace. Your gut feeling gnaws at you, telling you that they aren’t ordinary men. Without thinking twice, you drop your groceries and make a run for it. In the midst of it, you dial Jaebum’s number but your fright only heightens when the call goes unanswered.

Please leave a message after the beep.

“Jaebum-ya, there are men following me. I’m 10 minutes away from home, at the alleyway we’d take whenever you’re too lazy to take the long route to the grocery store. I’m not sure if I can make it home. I made a run for it but I don’t know if the men are still -” You’re cut off when a figure blocks your way. Gasping, you take a step back and meet his eyes. He’s smiling down at you but all you see is malevolence in his eyes.

If you’re ever in danger and I don’t pick up, leave a message that’s as detailed as possible and then place your phone into your back pocket. Don’t end the call. Jaebum once told you.

“Who are you?” you ask, stuttering as you take slow steps back. Your back comes into contact with a brick wall, stunning you slightly. The man doesn’t reply but approaches you instead. He takes his time with every step, scanning you from top to bottom and back up. Your heart begins to race as a smirk grows on his face. Your stomach feels queasy as you try to think of a way to escape. Without a second thought, you dash towards an opening but a hand grabs your arm, pulling you back. Before you can wriggle out of his grip, he has you pinned against the wall.

“Where do you think you’re going, hm?” Upon asking that question, he draws his face nearer to yours.

“I never knew Jaebum’s girlfriend would be this pretty up front. It’s going to be harder for me to hurt you,” he whispers as he curls a strand of hair behind your ear. You flinch at his touch, shiver in his presence.

“Babe, if in any situation, someone has you trapped and you aren’t able to aim their vital area, knee the inner part of their thigh and when their grip loosens, shove them away as hard as possible and make a run for it.” Remembering what Jaebum once told you, you knee the inner part of the man’s thigh. This elicits a groan from the man as he withers in his pain, loosening his grip on you. 

Seeing this as an opportunity, you shove him away as hard as possible and run towards the nearest opening. Your hopes of escaping are crushed as the group of men you saw earlier on, block your way. You fall back on your step, losing your balance but just as you’re about to fall, a pair of hands stabilises you. Turning you to face him, he lets out a forced laugh.

“It’s sad that your boyfriend didn’t prepare you well enough.”

“Who are you?” You ask once more, your voice barely audible. He doesn’t reply immediately but grabs your phone from your back pocket. Placing the phone to his ear, he smiles down at you once more.

“Da Heon sends his regards.”

“Don’t you find it odd that he only sent four men?” Yugyeom asks.

“Yeah, I do. It’s even weirder that they weren’t even trying to take me out. I know Da Heon and the potential of his men. Those whom I just fought were barely putting in any effort,” Jaebum says as he applies some medication on his bruises. Sure they’re present but in any other situation, Jaebum would’ve come out of that fight with worse injuries. Once he’s done, he takes out his phone to call you but tenses upon seeing the notification on his phone.

1 unopened voicemail.

With a quickened heartbeat, Jaebum opens the voicemail and with every passing second, his grip on his phone grows tighter. Anger clouds his face as he grits his teeth. Upon hearing the last few seconds of that voicemail, Jaebum shuts his eyes in an attempt to dissipate a part of the burning anger within him.

“Hyung, what’s wrong?” Yugyeom asks upon seeing the elder’s sudden change in demeanour.

“Those four men were merely a distraction. That fucker took my girlfriend.”

some random AUs
  • I work as an optician, you come in to get new glasses and holy shit you’ve got the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.
  • Oh my god, you’re doing such a shitty job every day when parking your car, do I need to shout at you or teach you how to park. (Cue obligatory car sex.)
  • We’ve got an English literature class together and bonded over the fact that we both ship Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley.
  • You’re the obligatory weird dude that’s running around campus in a t-shirt although it’s snowing, oh god please let me give you my sweater.
  • Somehow I ended up following you on snapchat and you’re only posting hilarious museum snaps. I NEED to find you.
  • You sit down next to me in a lecture, take out your laptop and start watching Lord of the Rings. Would you share earphones with me so I can watch too?
  • Can you PLEASE stop singing ALL parts of One Day More in the shower at full volume EVERY SINGLE DAY?
  • I’m at my little niece’s soccer game and you’re the team’s really hot trainer. I get knocked out by a ball to the head and yours is the first face I see when waking up again.
  • We’re the lead singers of rival indie bands at a small music festival and I swear you had your gaze fixed on me during that entire song.
  • It’s now been the third time this month that your cooking efforts have triggered the fire alarm in our apartment building, now we’re standing outside, it’s raining and I’m not even wearing a fucking shirt.
EXO Reaction to you catching them doing business

Hello lovely people! So this request is quite recent but getting 2 requests of it in the same day, makes me think you really want it xD So I’m doing this one and later I’ll post another one. Enjoy sweeties, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *Two embarrassed to even see your face* “Go go! I won’t come out until you leave!!”

Kris: *Too busy to even care* “Ahhh.. Y/N…”

Sehun: “Do you mind getting close and give me a hand with this?” (That tongue tho…)

Tao: *Covers himself and acts like nothing is going on* “What’s up jagi?”

Kai: *Immediately stops* “Oh.. hey Y/N”.. <<She saw me… how am I going to see her now?”

Xiumin: “Now that your here, let’s finish this in a different way” *Dirty boy*

Baekhyun: *Can’t stop thinking about it all week* “Oh god… I can’t even..”

Luhan: “I was waiting for you Y/N” *Sexy atmosphere* 

Chen: “Oh jagi… this is not what you think… I was.. yeah and… well..”*Giggles uncontrollably* 

Kyungsoo: *Can’t function*

Lay: *Plays innocent* “I was.. just.. you know checking..”

Suho: *GIF* <<Oh no.. she saw me.. she saw the real me.. what is she going to thing? What am I going to do?>> *Overreacting* 


College Witch -

So this week, I started college. In Modern Literature, option journalism. So yes it has been an awesome week. I absolutely adore what I am doing. But I included a few witchy thing to help me go through this.

First thing :

- Owl - I drew the skull of an owl on my binder. Haven’t chosen it randomly. Owl represent wisdom and knowledge, intelligence and transition. You bet I need this.
- Sigils - even with all the willpower in the world, sometimes I just.. stop. I loose my focus, I get tired etc. No need to think twice, sigil here. A little draft. Then I draw it on my thumb, snap my fingers to activate it. Then I draw it on the lesson I have under the eyes to keep an eye on it.
- Crystals - yes, ofc cannot do otherwise. Always had some either in my pocket or in my pencil case so that if needed, I just take it in my hands. The main one I have for school are my tiger’s eye, jade, emerald, citrine and manganocalcite.
- Social - well I didn’t know where to say this but the first person I talked to and hang out with is actually.. A wiccan witch. What were the possibilities that I stumbled upon a witch??
- Plants - I need support and presence and things to cheer me up to do my stuff. Who’s better than those little dear cactus or succulent etc I have around my room?
- Basil - Talking about plants, I stumbled upon a plant and felt drawn to it. It looked like a kind of lavender but smelt otherwise. Couldn’t help, took some home. Here’s the first time I found Holy Basil. (Didn’t even know it existed!) And there’s a whole list of so many positive properties! It brings joy to your being. It represents harmony, luck etc. Aw!
- Beverages - Where students would be if there wasn’t coffee right. I mostly used it to banish tiredness by storing counterclockwise and encourage hard work. How it helped! But cannot forget tea. Mostly drank Oolong for deep concentration.
- Tarot - So it was the week I received the gorgeous Wooden Tarot. And I did this spread to get to know it. It’s like a better version of me. And it pushes me to work harder toward my goals. (He basically told me it and not only once)
- Books - Just because we all know some moments to escape right? Currently reading “The Gifting”. It’s about a girl who sees things. In her dream too. And things in her dreams happen in reality etc. Dear gods why am I such an awful storyteller.
- Sense - funny thing, well not really but I don’t how come but my bottle of water happened to be open in my bag and I was walking. And I sensed a few drops on my leg. But it was more than sunny, I didn’t understand. And I just opened my bag because I KNEW. No the water didn’t go through the bag, it was leather. And catastrophe avoided thanks to.. That weird extra sense?
- Weird - ok odd part now, I just.. hear someone’s or somethings calling my name. Not only once or twice. But often actually. It happens when I’m alone. But, I absolutely don’t know if I’m loosing my mind and having hallucinations or? Can’t really explain. (last things I’ve been hearing those past few days : a baby crying in the house; someone saying “never enough”, broken glass falling) Please help.
- Self care - I’m an awfully stressed and anxious person. And one of the things that translates it this week is : touching my face. Scratching it. Making my pimples worse. So, it’s horrible. I have scars and bruises all over my cheeks. Some things that will help your skin : lemon, aloe vera and honey. Really really really.

Ok I am stopping this post now. It took me a lot of motivation to finally and actually write it. And i am exhausted. So guys please, any normal life tips or witchcraft related spells to help me go through life at school and at home and stay focused and cheer me up is welcomed. You will tell me that I just made a long list about that? I have a fucked up mind that need to be challenged and motivated all the time with different techniques.

Hope school was great for you!

ShN ✍🏽️

Keep Him Happy

Full (- I just thought I would post the whole thing in one. So here we go)

Type: Angst (and Fluff)

Member: J-Hope (and Jimin)

Warning: Language, Blood, Choking, and Beating

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Cold (2)

For part 1, read here.

Pairing: Ten/ Y/N

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You woke up with an intense pain around your neck. It was a throbbing sensation, like something needed to be cooled.

As your senses slowly awakened, you heard angry whispers in the room.

It wasn’t your room, you noted.

“This is all your son’s fault!” The venom in the lady’s voice was unmistakable.

“No. Your daughter’s!” The other woman’s reply with matching animosity.

‘Mom?’ you thought as you struggled to open your eyes.

“Mom,” you croaked out. You sounded hoarse, like you needed to drink water.

“Y/N!” She stopped mid-argue to immediately attend to you. “Are you alright? Does it still hurt?”

She moved your hair away from your face.

This time, your eyes were fully opened. Your mother’s icy blue eyes were staring back at your own. And instead of answering, your hand went to your neck.

You cried out in pain.

“Y/N, no.” Your mom’s voice was soothing.

“W-what happened?” 

“You fainted. Because of Ten.” Her eyes snapped to him like she wanted to freeze him.

You saw that he was lying somewhat awake in another bed on the other side of the room. He and his mother were talking in harsh whispers but more like she was berating him.

Studying his face, you saw that he had a red mark. It suspiciously looked like your hand could fit there. You do remember touching his face before passing out. The mark was like a dry burn. Perhaps caused by your powers?

You looked at your hands.

“I remember fainting,” you said, looking back at your mom. “But it’s not because of Ten, right?”

Your brows met. Hopefully, the whole thing wasn’t because of him. You needed your mother to confirm that.

“Honey, it is because of him. I’ll explain when we get home. For now, you need rest.” She kissed me on my forehead before fixing the sheets around me.

A nurse came and you realized that you were in the school infirmary. She was asking both mothers to leave.

Before they were fully ushered out, your mother threw dagger-like looks at Ten’s mom who returned the gestured.


And the door closed. 

The nurse checked up on you two, remarking that the burn was forming blisters. It sounded gross to you but what else can you do?

She applied cream on your burn before turning to leave. 

It was silent once again.

You sighed in your bed. What exactly happened? It was still a mystery to you although your gut tells you that Ten had something to do with it.

“Are you alright?” Ten asked, snapping you out of your thoughts.

You deadpanned at him. “Is this the definition of alright?”

Ten laughed but had to stop. You could tell the burn on his face hurt. But even so, Ten still managed to be bright.

“Did…” Your voice shook a little.

Ten titled his head to the side, wondering what you had to say.

Taking a deep breath, “Did I cause that?”

You pointed to the dry burn on his face. It seemed unfortunate that you marred his handsome face.

“Ah, this?” Ten pointed at it, a smile crossing his lips. “Yeah.”

You frowned. “Why d'you look so happ–”

“Look, Y/N. Don’t worry about it.” Ten smiled then frowned. “I’m more worried about you, though.”

To you, Ten sounded so sincere, like he really was worried about you. It made you feel sensations you hadn’t felt before. Heat rose up your cheeks as well.

“It seemed like I did more to you that you did to me,” Ten continued. His stare now was more intense, almost burning, and you wondered if it was still caused by his powers.

You had to avoid his gaze. His bed shifted and you heard him coming close to you.

Looking back at Ten, you saw that he was now at the foot of your bed.

“I’m sorry.”

It was the first time you heard him say sorry. Well, technically, it was the first time you two got to have a conversation this long.

“You totally freaked me out back there, when you passed out,” Ten added. “I didn’t know.”

He let the rest of the sentence hang.

“You didn’t know what effect your powers could have with me?”

Ten nodded. You sighed and bit your lip.

It seemed unfortunate that the person you wanted to know most in this world that was filled with people with various powers just had to have the power opposite to yours.


“Let me see.” Ten took small steps towards you and you could slowly feel yourself heating up. This time, you were sure that it’s not because of what you felt earlier. It’s because of his powers.

“Ten,” you whispered his name. You positively felt feverish now. “Go away.”

You saw hurt pass across his face, but he took a step back. Until he was back at the foot of the bed. 

The burn made your mind hazy and as a result you couldn’t focus, making you weak. Perhaps that was why his powers were affecting you more.

Ten still had that sad look in his eyes you couldn’t resist. You sighed. This guy was your weakness, you had to admit to yourself.

You shifted around your bed, turning your back at him. With a careful touch, you moved away your hair from the base of your neck. It made you winced as the burn was still tender.

You heard Ten gasp. “Y/N, I’m so sorry!”

“Does it look really bad?”

“I don’t know what your definition of bad is, but I hope it doesn’t scar.”

“Yup. It will scar, now that you’ve said it.”

You faced him again. “Well, I guess this is why we won’t ever be together.”

‘Wait, what?’

You felt yourself blush. That sounded so forward of you.

“Wait. T-that’s wrong–Ten, stop laughing!”

But Ten doesn’t. You focused your attention elsewhere, trying to not feel embarrassed.

“Ah, I like you too, Y/N.”

That caught your attention.

Your blue eyes met his brown ones which were uniquely tinged with red.


Note: Will be posting the next part in a couple of days. For now, I’m going to sleep. Hope you enjoyed reading this part!

Read part 3 here!

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valentine's day! maybe if yamaguchi slid his confession letter between all the girls' letters tsukishima wouldn't notice and throw it away with the others on Valentine's day. and maybe it would feel like he actually confessed to his best friend without the fear of being rejected (and just so happens tsukishima decided to read few letters out of boredom that day and found one with awfully familiar handwriting and honest, loving, words)

They’re just mutually freaking out when Tsukishima comes to Yamaguchi with the letter in his hand, waving it in Yamaguchi’s face.

“Yamaguchi, what’s this?”

“OH MY GOD, why are you reading them? You never read them?”

“It’s because you keep nagging me about it every year saying it’s too harsh to just throw them out! But more importantly, THIS IS YOURS RIGHT?”