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A lot of your blog links don't seem to exist anymore, in that one masterpost. Something happen?

They’re gone for my own peace of mind. I just don’t have the time and mental fortitude to keep up with most of it nowadays, and even cut down I still feel like I’m struggling to keep up. Plus, for some of those blogs, I just didn’t care about the subject matter anymore.

The year has just been a massive struggle as an artist. I feel like I’m not progressing fast enough, like I’m just always falling behind. I still have days where I just want to stop posting and just work on my art in private.

I’m trying to get better. There’s just always a few mood dips that I just don’t manage to handle very well.

Can we…not make fun of people’s art, especially if they’re children? And delete all “bad art blogs” that just repost (usually kid’s) OC’s without permission for the sole reason of making fun of them thanks

HI, EVERYONE‼ ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒

Neru here and WHAT 👏 A 👏 YEAR. Well, is not over yet and I can’t believe how great it is ending for me, it’s really amazing how two months can change everything if they are used to the fullest, especially after reading the last follow forever I made. It was a very strange and curious year for me, my experiences through this have been very similar to the 2016’s but taken to an extreme in some cases, I really feel that I have done everything that I have had to do, so I feel exhausted but incredibly happy for every event that I have had to live because I have achieved everything that I proposed at the beginning of the year in terms of my personal and student life, I finished the University successfully, I have a new work and I have strengthened even more my personal relationships with people which is special to me. It has truly been an incredible year, and every “bad” thing that could happen to me, including my health, only made the events that came later be enjoyed much more and I feel very grateful.

I have not been editing much and I feel that I have even worsened but well, even with that I’m close to the 30k followers and how? I am surprised you are all here, so thanks for following me until now! I hope with all my heart that your year has been as incredible as it was mine and that had it been the opposite, there’s no problem, because I’m sure that everything will be better from now on for each one of you the upcoming one. I have faith in it.

In few hours it will be Christmas and in a few days this year will finally end so there’s still time for you to do some things you didn’t dare to do. It’s never too late to risk doing something, so do/say what you feel now, learn from your own mistakes. If you have someone close to you, give them all the affection you want to give, give some affection, the kind of affection you deserve in your lives. Sending a hug to everyone!

—Now, here you have a list with very recommended blogs that you should follow.

@8ay  @a-sakuras  @ackersoul  @aeselyn  @aizawashoutta  @aizawashoutah  @akirakurussu  @akutagawaas  @allenswalkers  @anime  @anime-diary  @anime-trash-for-life  @animebigworld  @asparagusoup  @asuuna  @atsushisnakajima  @ayumiko  @bakamura  @bohkutos  @celty-san  @choutarouootori  @cldstrifes  @curiousotaku  @d4c  @daburupurei  @daiizume  @daughterofsatan  @dazaiosamu-s  @desu  @dezaki  @dicennio  @dirkgentlyx  @elriccs  @erenyegar  @escarletes  @eurazia  @fairytailwitch  @flamefly  @fujitastatara  @fuku-shuu  @fulllmetals  @furuba  @geassgreen  @genosus  @genoza  @ghoul  @hachikenz  @hallibel  @hanae-ichihara  @hanaokas  @hidan  @hideyoshisnagachika  @hikaritsu  @hogeky  @hyodo  @i-w-o-n-n  @ichimatsus  @ichise  @illumiz  @iwanari  @jeonggukiest  @jetzui  @jojolions  @juminss  @jyoshikausei  @jyro  @k-isecchis  @kagamiz  @kageyamastobio  @kahgeyamas  @kaijohs  @kaizoku-niiichan  @kamuisyato  @kanekin  @kanhekiz  @kaoris  @kawaiinohime  @kazune  @keikakus  @keiko-chan  @kenmacchis  @kidomarus  @kiht  @kimbokjo  @kirei-na-jinsei  @kishibe  @kishitan-iis  @kishou  @kisukke  @kitsukkis  @klaince  @kmuiyato  @kojiiro  @kokchis  @komaedas  @kotaros  @kourai  @kovuku  @krshima  @kurorolucilfer  @kuroosukii  @kurummi  @kyotouryuu  @larimii  @levizs  @lilylunac  @littlebratciel  @lotgh  @maaxon  @mazusu  @meruis  @miidoriyas  @misakarose  @miuroko  @miyukei  @mmutsu  @mobpsycho100  @mormikas  @munakatareishi  @naegichiis  @nagittos  @namiiswan  @nanzse  @naruzumake  @natsv  @nichinoya  @nicorobin  @nicorobins  @nikifforovs  @nikiphorov  @nikifurov  @nitsumii  @noctiscxelum  @noearchivistes  @noxtics  @nozakis  @ochako  @ohreigen  @oiivkawa  @oikawatoeru  @oikawatooru  @oizumi  @okita-senpai  @onodera-kosaki  @ootsukis  @oumakokichis  @owarus  @ponchizs  @pyon  @reinerbraun  @reishikiz  @reizakis  @ri-cha1  @rikorin  @rinsuokah  @riseken  @sailoruranus  @sairenji  @sajou-rihito  @sarapyon  @scarletail  @scarletkurapika  @seieiryu  @sesukes  @shgieo  @shinnyah  @shiroa  @shiroganesm  @shizukku  @shizumar  @shotous  @shreya-chan  @solonin  @sougu  @souleater  @sukerokus  @suzuyajuzoo  @t0ukas  @tachibana–chan  @tatarakun  @timcanpy  @tinymobu  @tobeiru  @todorokih  @todorokii  @tomura  @toshinorie  @touika  @toushi  @tsugumi  @tsukii  @tsukiko-ciah  @tsukis  @uttsukushi  @v0ngola  @vyctornikiforov  @yaboku  @yonaks  @yonkou  @youkas  @yukkie-s  @yushiyuki  @yyh  @z-ephyrs  @zamasu  @zatarahs  @zdf  @zechs  @zeldsa 

—My best wishes to every person that’ll see this ♥

HAPPY HOLIDAYS 。*゚✲*☆(๑òᆺó๑)。*゚✲*☆

January 2018 Layout

Who’s ready for the new year? I’m so ready for a fresh start and to make this into a good side hustle. I also am so pumped to see all of you accomplish goals and become better human beings this year. (Not that you were horrible humans in 2017, but we all can improve.) 

I tried something new for this month’s layout. I made a title page for once and I honestly really enjoyed it. (The bucket list is not part of my January layout.)

As always, I have my goals page. I try to have at least ten goals each month because I’m ambitious and love challenging myself. I also have my period log which is super important to me for my health and wellness. 

Here is my empty month layout. I apologize for the color I used in my icons box. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to see it. I put a quote at the bottom to inspire me to get motivated and not to worry about the upcoming year. 

Each of my weekly pages are the same for January because I’m trying to see if consistency works for me. Each day has its own tracker for water intake, brushing teeth, washing my face, making my bed, and showering. 

On my last page, I put a fun coloring quote page. I figured I can color it in throughout the month. I also have a challenge page ready hiding behind this quote page. Be prepared for my January Challenge post! It will be a difficult one for people, but I think you all will enjoy it. 

Good luck journaling! I am always here for questions, suggestions, and submissions!

  • Black people on social media: black people are beautiful!
  • Society: *holds white people, especially with blonde hair and blue eyes, mixed or racially ambiguous ppl as ultimate beauty standard*
  • Fashion: *includes only 5 models of color among (insert crazy disproportionate number) of white models in runways/magazines and campaign ads*
  • Books: *attractive white male or female main protagonists/hero/heroine*
  • Movies: *attractive white male or female main protagonists/hero/heroine*
  • Magazine companies: *whitewashes/lightens a person of color appearing on the cover drastically*
  • Cosmetic companies: *nearly no options of foundation for people with dark skin*
  • Hair companies: *make commercials and ads geared toward and modeled by people with silky/fine hair*
  • Television: *can count the amount of channels out of hundreds that cater to black people on my hand but still people complain about BET (which is now white owned) anyway*
  • People: "I mean if someone doesn't find black people attractive what's the big deal its just a preference get over it"
  • Black men: "Man I can't fuck with black bitches white girls are winning these days especially the ones who got a fat ass"
  • Blogs right here on tumblr: *has not one black person on their blog* *most popular indie/boho/pale/rosy/etc. blogs exclude black people* *most popular luxury/urban/street/sexy girl blogs never post people darker than a brown paper bag* *beauty tags consist of mainly white women* *makeup/beauty blogs cater to white women/those with fair skin*

moonsion  asked:


2018 new year’s resolutions!!!
  • read 60 books (five books a month)
  • do one act of kindness every day
  • pray every day
  • write down one thing you’re grateful for every day
  • journal at least once a week
  • go for a walk once a week
  • learn to cook five basic meals
  • go out with family once a week
  • learn to love yourself
  • glow up!!!
  • get a 4.0
  • have one self care day a week
  • go out with friends once a week
  • do one spontaneous thing weekly
  • take a selfie weekly
  • get a hair cut or grow out your hair
  • save $500 (about $40 a month) or start a money-saving challenge
  • get to 1k followers on this blog
  • go running one morning a week

feel free to use these / post your own new year’s resolutions!!! tag me with #glosscrystal if you do (i’d love to see everyone’s goals and resolutions)!!!

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Scrolling down your blog makes me feel like a stalker, since that’s all I’ve been doing for the past 2 days, but after each fic, I won’t even remember my own name… so what’s it all mean. Idc

Yikes..well hey there stalker 😅 I admit there’s about 2000-odd posts to go through and a LOT of them are one shots, fic drabbles, illustrations, and theories sooooo kudos to you for having the patience to do it!

Here, have a cheeky one shot as a high-five 🤗❤️

Chloe let out an exhausted groan, and darted out of the lounge. Her entire body ached. She hadn’t slept properly in months. And Beca had been away for six weeks on a tour that was supposed to be going for another six weeks. Only half way through.

The redhead made her way into the kitchen, pulled the door of the ladder open, and stepped inside. She closed the door behind her with a heavy sigh, and sat gently down on a big unopened box that contained coke cans inside.

Chloe threw her head into her hands, tears beginning to fall down her face, and she let out a loud sob. This was way harder than she’d ever imagined it would be. She missed her wife. She missed her job. She missed her friend’s. She missed everything.

Suddenly she heard odd banging on the door of the larder and sweet voices calling out to her. The only voices she heard day in and day out. God, they’d found her already.

“Mommmyyyyyy?” said Sadie, the eldest of Chloe and Beca’s three year old twin daughters.

“Mommy where are youuuu??” called Saskia, Sadie’s twin sister.

Chloe brought a hand to her mouth to try to muffle her sobs. She was just so exhausted. She didn’t eat properly because she never had time. She didn’t sleep properly because her children didn’t sleep properly. She desperately missed her wife. Her teammate. The woman her children looked the spitting image of. She missed her Beca.

“Mommy, please come out and play!” Sadie begged, but Chloe couldn’t face it, and she closed her eyes when she rocked her head back to lean against the cool larder wall.

She heard their little footsteps dash out of the kitchen and the mother let out a huge sigh of relief. Another minutes peace at least. She might even get the chance to raid that packet of cookies she knew she had tucked away at the back of one of these shelves.

After a few moments Chloe heard footsteps wander a little slower into the kitchen and stop outside the larder door. She held her breath, looking down at her daughters’ height, ready to face the onslaught of questions. But as the door opened Chloe was stunned to see that she was looking at a pair of legs instead.

Chloe watched as her wife stepped into the larder, closing the door behind her, then moved to perch on the coke box beside her.

“Beca, wha-?” Chloe began but her sentence was cut off by Beca’s lips on hers. The brunette bringing her hand up to her wife’s face, brushing away the tears while they kissed for the first time in six weeks. As the kiss broke, Chloe felt the woman lean her forehead against hers.

“The doctor’s told me I’ve got to go on voice rest for a week. My shows have been postponed.” Beca whispered, and Chloe let out a huge sigh of relief, tears falling down her cheeks once again, “Chlo, I’m here. I’m home.”

And Chloe let out a loud sob as she threw her arms around Beca’s neck while her wife held her tightly around the waist, “I missed you so much!” she bawled.

“Missed you too babe..” was the soft reply.

Suddenly the two mothers froze as they heard the familiar sound of their twin daughters banging on the door once again.

“Mama can we cuddle you yet??” Saskia asked from behind the door.

“We stayed in the lounge like you told us to?” Sadie added sweetly.

“Yeah we stayed there forever!”

And Chloe let out a tired sigh. To her relief her wife kissed her again on the lips, before telling her, “I’ll run you a bath..”


As a reminder, Dickbabs Week for 2017 is being held in 2018 due to time constraints.

  • You can interpret each theme in any way you like - fanart, fanfic, AMVs, comics, edits, headcanons, whatever’s in your skill set!
  • You don’t have to interpret all themes in the same medium, and you don’t have to stick to one fanwork per theme.
  • You don’t have to create something for every day of the week. If you can only manage one or two days, it’s totally fine.
  • You don’t have to stick to these themes, but it’s always fun to challenge yourself!
  • Post all creations on your own blog, and tag it as either “#dickbabs week” or “#dickbabs week 2017″ (I will NOT be tracking Dickbabs week 2018 until later next year). Remember to use that tag in the first five tags, or else I won’t be able to find it. I won’t be posting anything sent to us via the ‘Submit’ link, sorry!
  • All nsfw creations will be tagged “#nsfw”.
  • Remember, the point is to have fun! It doesn’t matter if you feel like your work isn’t as good as anything else, you’ll be loved all the same :)

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I often come to your blog when I'm not having a great day because your art is so pretty and soft and theres a lot of great artists out there but for some reason your art just always makes me super happy. Keep up the good work!

Messages like this one are the ones that keep me going.

I don’t care about hateful comments and I couldn’t give two shits if someone doesn’t like me, but I am my own greatest critic, and the greatest hindrance I have between my current state and actually being happy.

I doubt myself and my abilities every single day. My greatest fear is to be a disappointment to my family and that’s the feeling I’ve had for years now. I don’t remember when was the last time I genuinely was happy with everything that I am. I’ve tried getting help over a year ago but I was ignored in the end. I’ve talked to my friends but I guess my outward appearance is too happy and carefree for anyone to take me seriously.

I’ve dealt with horrible thoughts for the past year and a half and it has gradually gotten worse and worse this fall. My thoughts are dark, suffocating and repeating in my head like a broken record. I am not coping, I repeat, I am not coping. But I will pull through and I want to pull through because I don’t want to hurt the ones who love me. I don’t want my parents or my little sisters to cry because of me. It’s not a ’good’ way of living but I just have to hold on until I manage to get help.

The reason I’m saying all of this now out of nowhere is because I absolutely don’t want to shut up about this anymore and I hope someone else will find consolation in the fact that they’re not alone with their thoughts. I’m here and I know how you feel.

Although I value my own mental wellbeing above everything and everyone else, it brings me incredible happiness to know that I’ve made at least someone’s day a bit better. It makes everything worth it. I’m not perfect and I’m not a savior but sometimes even the smallest things make the biggest difference.

hey all! i’m lillian! after months of admiring the community from afar, I’ve decided to start a studyblr this new year in hopes of getting in on all this fun stuff!

about me: 

  • i’m a freshman (9th grade) in high school, and turning 15 in march!
  • i’m an aries, as my url indicates lol.
  • she/her :)
  • proud slytherin pukwudgie (i’m a living contradiction, fight me)
  • as for mbti, i’m on the line between enfp and infp. everytime i take the test, there is no more that two percent difference between those two.
  • i’m from the sunshine state! (currently living outside the US, but it’s almost time for me to return eep i can’t wait!)
  • dream school: yale. i’d be happy with any of the ivys to be honest, but reallyyyy want to go to yale.


my school doesn’t offer very many advanced options, grr. they try to keep everyone on the same track which is super annoying? and i had to fight them to put me in an algebra II class cause apparently you have to be in 10th grade to take that.

  • english 9 honors
  • algebra II
  • biology
  • modern world history
  • french III (what a joke. we’re half way through the year and still reviewing last year’s material?!)
  • art proficient (i was supposed to be in advanced but the school messed my schedule up and there’s literally nothing i can do about it)
  • arabic II (my worst class tbh. nobody wants to learn, which is pretty demotivating)
  • PE


  • first and foremost, languages! i love love love languages! i’m at an intermediate level in french (message me!) and i take arabic at school as well, though i’m atrocious at it. on my own, i’m trying to study korean and spanish, and i’ve dabbled a tiny bit in italian, norweigan, and german. ahah i’m a mess.
  • art! i don’t draw as much as i’d like to, but do enjoy it when i do!
  • music! my music tastes are actually all over the place. i listen to kpop, rock/metal, classical, the occasional hip hop, reggaeton, and more. if you want to talk to me, message me about music and i can go on for hours.
  • books! i love to read. anything by john green is amazing, but i’d have to say my favorite book is the knife of never letting go by patrick ness. as for genre, i like almost everything but supernatural (werewolves and vampires and stuff) and super complicated sci-fi.
  • psychology is coooool. it’s one of the 867 fields i’m thinking about going into hehe.
  • soccer! i’m absolutely horrid at it in my opinion, but i mean, i made the junior varsity team so i’m not tooo bad? defense is my position.
  • violin. i’m trying to learn it on my own, and can proudly announce that i can play twinkle twinkle little star.
  • writing! i almost never get the time, but i love to write poetry, and really want to sit down and write a full novel some day. 


i’m starting this blog because i kinda wanna go places in life, and with my current productivity habits, that ain’t happening. i also really need to get my procrastination in check, and get me some discipline too. and last but far from least, i really want to make some new friends!

as for what i’ll be posting, at the moment it’ll probably be mostly reblogs, since i don’t have a phone to take pictures with (highschoOLER THAT DOESN’T HAVE A PHONE AND YET SEVEN YEAR OLDS WALK AROUND WITH THEIR IPHONE X’S WHAT IS THIS) but, i can see myself writing some original content!


these studyblrs/langblrs right here are the ones who motivated me to start me own. thank you, and keep doing what you do!

@studyblr | @lovelybluepanda@studywithinspo | @studytherin@studyplants@emmastudies@zealoustudies@studyign@cuppa-studies  | @curiostudy | @thomastudies | @lemonadeandlanguages | @jrstudys | @hypcthesis | @studyally | @gayforlangs@bulletjournal | @bulletign | @aestudyque | @sleepyteastudies | @studyboba | @cairenestudies | @55studies | @chiaarastudies | @la-procrastinatrice | @lilidoescriticallanguages | @soheestudies

i’m looking for more studyblrs to follow, so go ahead and like/reblog this! and if you’re still reading, thank you so much <3


((…a new character to Vintage Ludwig’s universe (and possibly story), Heinrich Jäger!

At the moment, I only have a face and a few basic information about him!

- He’s the exact opposite of Ludwig, yet at the same time, they share many similarities;

- He is the same height as Ludwig (which is around 6 feet), if not a little taller;

- He has a cut across his left brow;

- He has a much thicker accent compared to Ludwig;

- He is impulsive and has a violent temper if you push him too far;

- He is much less empathetic compared to Ludwig and hardly ever shows signs of sympathy towards others;

- He has his own set of rules and beliefs and disciplines himself to live by them;

- He is a light sleeper and sometimes doesn’t sleep at all;

- He is very good at staying hidden and going unnoticed;

- He is (basically) very rough around the edges.

Aaahhh so that’s some basic information I just came up with to hopefully give you guys a vague idea of what’s to come!!

And maybe one day i might even make a separate blog for him! Who knows!!))

you were born to make history

Okay, so I’m not using my old tumblr anymore, but this is my own work and I just wanted to have it on my new blog because I’m kind of proud of it? Reblogs are so appreciated because this is a new account since someone found my old one :/ 

Disclaimer: If you’re 2009 Dan or Phil, MAJOR SPOILER ALERTS ahead, okay?

@danielhowell @amazingphil

“Hi, so my name is [Dan]”

“Hi, I’m Phil”

“Nice to meet you.”

“And welcome to my first video blog” …


If you had told those two nerds

Who’d they’d one day grow to be

They wouldn’t have believed you

But boys, just wait and see…


You’ll have 6 channels between you

And plaques for every single one

You’ll have your faces on a t-shirt

(Check out


One day crowds will scream your names

You’ll release 2 books and go on tour

Then you’ll do it all again

When the crowds just shout for more


Dan, you don’t know this yet

But things won’t always be so shit

It’s going to take some time

But things get better bit by bit

You’ll feel brave enough to tell us all

That your sexuality is blurry

And you won’t hold back in saying

That you’re secretly a furry


You’ll even meet Prince William

And call him ‘Royal Daddy’

You’ll film PINOF number nine

And make a ditty about your laddy

You’ll also have a radio show

That you’ll host along with Phil

You’ll get a dog called Nuki

And have a son called Dil


Phil, you’ll never be a weatherman

And you just couldn’t be a vet

But the world is so much better

With you on the internet

One day you’ll sing on stage

With Dan right by your side

In matching golden suits and hats

Your faces gleam with pride


You’re kind of still a weird one

But that’s what makes you, you

We love the weird kid stories

About creepy stuff you used to do

You’ll win a really cool award

For Creator of the Year

But you drag Dan up on stage as well

And insist you want to share


So Phil of 2006,

and Dan of 2009

Life’s just getting started

You’re gonna do just fine


People will look up to you

And seek comfort in your words

Even though the two of you

Are still gigantic nerds


Boys, you’re going to make it

And we’re with you all the way

It’s an honour to watch your videos

As you get braver day by day


You’re going to change the world

In ways you would not believe..


Dan and Phil,

You were born to make history


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!! Can’t believe it’s 2018 already. I hope all my followers have a fantastic year!!!

Since I already did a Follow Forever last year, I decided to wait until the new year to post a new one. I have followed some amazing blogs lately and made some amazing new mutuals too. I made some incredible new friendships last year, which I’m so thankful for, and I’m also getting close to 4k followers, which is insane. 

I want to thank all those who follow me and my many fandoms on this blog. Every like and reblog means an incredible lot to me, especially when they’re for my own personal edits/gifsets.

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ 

My beautiful girls

@thatiswhatiloveaboutyou: BECCA!! We have been friends for years now and I just love and adore you so much, hun. You always brighten my day when you send me a message or comment on a fan video of mine on YouTube, or even just like or reblog something from me. You are one of the sweetest, most kindest people on this planet. 

@herondale-ivashkov: FENIA, my sweet angel!! You may not be on tumblr that much anymore but you are still one of my closest and dearest friends and I love you to the moon and back. 

@causehehaditcoming: My awesome FLOOR!! You were one of the first people in the Taylor Swift fandom that I really became friends with on here and we’ve become so close. I always love chatting with you, whether it’s about what’s going on in our lives, or having a blast fangirling over our queen Taylor. I love you dearly!

@whataswift: CATY!!! You are also one of the first people in the Taylor Swift fandom I really became friends with on here and I’m so thankful for you. You are such a sweetheart and I can’t believe we are both going to see our queen in Dublin this year and will finally get to meet!!! I love you so much and CANNOT WAIT TO GIVE YOU THE BIGGEST HUG!!!

@obi-babe-kenobi: AMANDA!! I’m so happy we started talking because we have so much in common. You are not only a treasured mutual but a great friend. I love getting to fangirl over Little Mix and Taylor with you and many other things. You are wonderful and I love you. 

@treachreous: CATRINA!!! Omg you are the cutest, most sweetest cupcake. I had been following you for so long and then out of no where you followed me last year and I couldn’t believe it. And now we’re friends… AAHH!! You always make me smile with your messages and it really means so much that you look up to me because I honestly look up to you too. Thank you for being so sweet. I love you so much!

@hopelessly-irretrievably: NORY!! I am so happy you came back to tumblr. I know we chat more on whatsapp but I still love having you here too. You have become one of my closest friends and mean a lot to me. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you so much. 

@ktnseverdeens: ANETTE!! You and I have been mutuals ever since I joined tumblr, which is gonna be 6 years ago this July (wtf). You were one of the very first people to follow me and have always been a treasured mutual of mine. I always love seeing you on my dash. I really miss us getting to fangirl and freak out over THG but at least we have Stranger Things now and Marvel too. I love you, hun. 

@ikeepyouwarm: ANNA!! I love you so so much. You are so sweet and caring and just a really wonderful friend, who is also ridiculously talented. I am so thankful to have you in my life. 

@cerezaaa91: ALE!!! You haven’t been active in a while and I miss you a lot but you will always be a dear friend of mine and I hope you come back soon because I miss fangirling over Jake/Amy with you. I love you!!

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Other special people/mutuals that I treasure

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DAY 3583

Jalsa, Mumbai                Jan 15,  2018               Mon 11:49 AM

Often times when I visit a visited dream or settlement or location and wonder on its consequences, its creation and struggle with the whys and wherefores, I often tend to also wonder what the consequences would be were I to find myself in the position of one that looks at what I look at in the same magnification strength and tenor .. 

And visiting my own DAY of yesterday night and morn, I have realisation of what that means .. 

It means there is little room for understanding the context and the varied topics that have been covered by this idle mind who runs this Blog ..

I shall not regret its presence .. I shall not run away from its acknowledgement .. I shall not disown it .. I shall not give it explanation ..

There is however - I will admit to this - substance .. 

If it emanated from the writer and thinkers mind, it emanated after having traversed the intricate algorithms of the matter ; covered protected and secure within natures self devised security cell - the cranium !

I am of firm opinion that we contain within us intricate and unending gigabytes of matter .. matter of sense and sensibility, learning and ability, enduring physicality, intricate unexplained and undiscovered potentiality, which when faced or challenged, springs forth in unannounced presence, to persist in its potential and challenge every conceivable complex situation ..

Disable a part of us .. handicap the completed form .. damage the utensils of reason and thought .. and ye shall find that the form still has ability to find an alternative - 

I was and am most tempted to justify the written with personal example .. but that would be vain .. that would be seeking attention and liberal, conducive, self aggrandised commiseration .. that, I may not be inclined to delve into .. for now at least .. or perhaps never ; it reeks of autobiographical indulgence ..

But .. may it be known, that it does exist. My own embarrassment, apprehension and my unqualified intelligence, coerces me to preclude you from such ‘extravagance’ … 

Nature - and may the creators of language ever be celebrated for creating word and letters signifying creation - went through an incredible, unknown, inexplainable, complex experimentation to design the human, or indeed any living form .. the making and its relevance of which, being so mammoth and colossal, that the human it created, was compelled to create an explanation of its own creation - it created the creator and gave it nomenclature .. called it the Almighty - whatever else could it have called it ? .. and designed its entire existence upon its self created rituals of belief .. 

There can never have been a greater dichotomy than this  !!

It would be safe to say then that the human survives and exists in a dichotomy of unparalleled complexity and proportion .. !

Having reached this conclusion through relative and desired argumentative debate, does it really need one to give explication and analysis ..   

Does it really and sincerely need one to give credence or explanation, to the many that seek it, of the Blog of DAY 3582 !!!!

Ingenious do you not think, of the creator of the Ef, to reach this complicated yet reasonable substantiated defence .. ??!!

Hahahahahaha .. nothing like self praise .. hahahahaha .. it always ‘reeks of garlic from every pore - IT STINKS  !!’

…. and that is the best self deprecation that yours truly could ever attempt .. 

Forgive me Lord for I really do not know what I do  .. !!

BUT .. this I do know .. and know well - referring to a matter in the Blog of the night before ..

मैं अपने संस्कारों का उल्लेख किस प्रकार करूँ , उसकी शिक्षा मुझे मत दीजिए … मेरे संस्कारों की परिभाषा मेरे पूर्वजों की दीक्षा है , उनकी नियुक्ति , उनका विधान है ।। उनपर अपने अनौपचारिक बादलों की बौछार से मुझे संचित ना कीजिए ।। मेरे पूर्वजों ने मुझे अपनी शैली से सींचा-भिगोया हुआ है , तृप्त हूँ मैं ।। आपके नीरस अशुभ वर्षा से मैं  वंचित हूँ - धन्य हूँ  !!

Do not tell me how I should execute or guide my ethics, my ‘sanskaar’, my meliorations .. my ethics are the blessings of my ancestral heritage .. do not shower me with the polluted clouds of rain that you inhabit .. my heritage has doused and drenched me with its words, teachings and care .. I have been satiated .. I am devoid, happily, from the impurity of your rain shower .. and blessed so ..

Amitabh Bachchan  

anonymous asked:

Why did you stop doing prompts? (Just curious, I love your snippets)

   Anonymous said:I just saw the post about you not doing prompts anymore and it really sucks because your blog was inspirational I have a writing prompts notebook and some of the prompts are from your blog. I’m curious are we still allowed to use the prompts you posted before for writing?

Anonymous said:Wait, so do you still take requests, but don’t write prompts? Or do you just post your own stuff? Love your work!

1) Because people kept reposting my work - most commonly to pinterest that I found, but hard to find due to the problem if it’s in other places - without crediting me as the writer. Despite me very specifically saying repeatedly to give credit and don’t use my work if you’re not giving credit. 

It’s one thing if a prompt is “Imagine A discovers their lover B is actually the villain” or something, but everything on this blog is actually my writing. So, I stopped doing prompts because I’m not fine with people not crediting and got sick of people telling me it was too inconvenient when I found and asked them to. 

It shouldn’t have to be me calling people up on this and spending my life chasing down acknowledgment of my own work. Hell, I had someone tell me “Bitch this isn’t yours so fuck off” the other day when I asked for credit for my writing prompts. So yeah. I am thoroughly done with future prompts, or having my work reposted. 

2) Anything tagged as a “prompt” by me in any form from pre December 2017 is still available to use. It seems mean to take them back, because there were plenty of nice people using them to get back into writing, crediting etc. They’re who I wrote prompts for in the first place. 

Anything from December 2017 onwards, is not a prompt (please don’t tag it as one) and please don’t use it as one because it is just my writing. 

3) Yes, I still take requests for snippets if you have a craving for something you would like to read. But it is just if you want to read something. It’s not a prompt, my blog these days is purely for reading pleasure. It will be a mixture of requests and whatever short flash fiction or drabbles or scenes pop into my head. 

My FAQ is here.

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for shy!keith and lance please I love your blog so much omg

aww thank you!

- Keith is an introvert, doesn’t like public spaces
- on the rare occasion he goes to parties it’s often not for very long
- he doesn’t drink
- works in a cafe
- likes to draw
- owns a little grey cat
- he meets lance at a bus stop one day, lance is heading to a job interview at a pet store
- Keith goes with him for moral support and they end up going through the fish tanks
- lance purchases a fish tank, keith helps to choose the fish
- he’s quiet the entire time
- when they begin dating lance is very patient and never hesitates to make Keith smile
- whenever he showers Keith with affection, Keith goes bright red
- Keith wanted to initiate their first kiss but he missed, lance laughed and pulled him in again
- Keith loves curling up with his cat + lance
- lance is showering him with compliments and Keith tries his best, but he always stammers and lance encourages him


so a couple days ago i reached 400 followers and !! that’s really cool , because this is my first multimuse , and i was worried that , since i had played a lot of these characters on their own blogs , that no one would want to interact with me when i moved them . however , i’ve gotten the complete opposite reaction ! y’all have been very supportive and accepting , even in fandoms i hadn’t been in before !! i can’t tell you how much i appreciate it , and i hope i can continue to keep your guys friendship and love ! because i appreciate all of you


i can guarantee rn i missed a lot of people , but i love all of you .

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so my birthday is january 5th , and on this occasion , i’d like to give you all a gift ! please read on for the prizes and the rules !

prizes :

i will be giving away theme backgrounds , icons , banners , promos , simple coding , etc ( basically whatever you need ) to 5 winners ! you can pick and choose ( you can have the whole package or just a few ) and you can even choose to give something away to someone else !! the winners will be chosen randomly !

rules :

you must be following me

this will end a week after my birthday , so jan . 12th

1 like counts , and you can reblog as many times as you want , each reblog counts , as well .

i will contact the winners as soon as i post them , and you have 24 hours to reply . if you don’t reply within 24 hours , i will choose someone else !

My thoughts on the whole ‘stealing other people’s writing and passing it off as your own’ situation that seems to be happening in the tumblr world as of late.

  • I have seen some anon hate towards the writers that have been plagiarized in the last few days - which to be clear, has not happened to me yet. That I know of. This is not okay. People need to understand that we spend days/weeks/years working on our writing and to have someone blatantly steal your writing, either word-for-word or just ‘changing’ it up a bit is a terrible thing. In the real world you can be taken to court for this, it’s a big deal.
  • Stating that the culprit is ‘just a kid’ or that they need to be ‘given a break’ is a bunch of BS. It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you’re stealing someone’s writing it doesn’t matter if your 17 or 71 - stealing is stealing and you need to own up to the consequences of your actions. I question why a 17 year old is even posting a smut fic but that’s an entirely different situation.
  • Telling any of us that we’re adults and should know better is the equivalent of making an excuse for someone who is younger as if it’s perfectly acceptable to do shitty things just because you’re younger. It’s not acceptable. We will defend our writing and the writing of others no matter who the culprit is because we pour our heart and soul into what we write and I’ll be damned if someone is going to take my hard work or someone else’s and claim it as their own.
  • I can assure you, if I find my work being reposted as someone else’s on tumblr/wattpad/ I will call you out. I will report you. I will demand that you remove it. I will not private message you. I will not ignore what you have done. Why? Because it’s mine. Not yours. You have no excuse. If you want to write so badly, do it. Don’t take someone else’s in the hopes that they won’t find out. Because they will and we will all defend them.
  • I follow some of the most talented writers on this site and I can assure you that if you’re copying their writing, I’m going to find it and so is everyone else. You may not realize it but we look. Maybe not every day. Or even every week. But we search. Just to be sure. Why? Because it’s wildly inappropriate to pass someone else’s work off as your own and it will not be tolerated. I didn’t spend years of my life creating full length fics, imagines, blurbs and one shots for someone to click ‘copy’ and paste it to their own blog for likes, reblogs and comments. I’m personally not even concerned about any of those things. I write because I love to write and tumblr gives me a platform to do that. Not just for this fandom but for a few others as well. Taking what’s mine or someone else’s is unacceptable, pure and simple. Don’t do it.

Okay, back to my wine and writing. Shelly xo