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She got me praying all hours of the night, say she want my heart, She pulling me to the river, drawing me with her siren's call, Done gave her my heart but now she wants my soul, Well I already sold it to the man in red, "Fell in love with your charm," but its a curse; cos am dead, Girl you're not who you say, bad girl they say you are Innocence isn't where am at, wear your crucifix bae Don't make me out all serious bonnie, slave to this bad religion, Unrequited love, praying at my shrine, cos I don't have a heart Like a dead man walking, I lay at your side, Make sure you're alright in my world, atleast that for you girl,

I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul


REQUEST: Surprising Harry on tour to tell him you’re pregnant. Except the timing works out perfectly with fathers day, so you tell him by giving him a card. Preferably one of those ones which are like ‘Dear Dilf, need I say more’

REQUEST: I just realized your requests are open and I am flipping right now! Can you pretty please do one where you tell Harry you’re pregnant and its extremely fluffy and cute with many cuddles and loads of love! Love you and your blog loads and loads ♥

You had a love/hate relationship with tour season.

On the one hand, you hated that Harry had to be away from you. You had your own job and your own things that you needed to do, and you couldn’t exactly drop everything to follow him as he travelled around the world. You missed him terribly when he was away, and the two of you had gotten so used to each other at this point that it felt like something huge was missing when he wasn’t around. It was hard on him as well; it wasn’t like before you met two years ago when he could travel to his heart’s content. Sunsets simply weren’t as beautiful, and certain sights weren’t as breathtaking without you there by his side to see them. You skype called and texted as much as you possibly could to make up for it, but there was nothing that could even remotely come close to the feeling of falling asleep in his arms after a long day.

On the other hand, you loved to see him perform. It was one of your absolutely favorite things to do; it helped that you were a fan before meeting him and genuinely loved the boys’ music, but watching Harry on stage was absolutely mesmerizing. It seemed like every inch of him was amplified by the thousand—his smiles were brighter and his movements were stronger, and you could tell that it was the place where he felt happiest. Except for when he was with you, he would say. And the times that you got to fly out to see him were perhaps your favorite moments together—the rush of seeing each other after being apart for weeks at a time definitely made up for the time that you had to wait in between, and if anything the distance only ever brought you closer.

The reunion sex was definitely a big bonus.

It was after their show in Toronto when it happened. You had flown to visit him, and the concert was as amazing as ever. You didn’t get to see him until after the show was over, and the sight of your very sweaty and very beautiful rockstar almost made your heart stop. You could tell that he felt the same, because his features lit up more than they already had when he saw you running down the hallway to jump into his arms.

“Harry!” You squealed lightly as you slipped your arms around his neck and immediately looped your legs around his waist to pull his body closer to yours. You could smell the sweat on his body and his dark purple t-shirt was beginning to stick to yours, but you wouldn’t let go for anything.

“How’d you sneak back here, you menace?” He teased as he playfully pinched your behind while supporting your weight with both his palms, turning to press you against the nearest wall as he nipped at your neck.

The next several minutes consisted of the two of you giggling and fooling around backstage in Harry’s dressing room, caught up in each other as if you’d just fallen in love. That was the thing you loved most about the two of you—you’d had your fair share of arguments and bumps in the road like any other couple, but the spark had never faded.

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Underappreciated Sterek

I’ve just started this blog as a way to champion Sterek works that deserve more love!

The plan is to rec fics that have less than 500 kudos/300 notes after 3 months of being posted (though the criteria may change in the future (and I may, occasionally, rec something over the limit that I think is still criminally underappreciated!))

Recommendations are welcome, whether your own fic or someone else’s. If you’d like to rec one, send me a link in the submission form!

It’s still early days and there are a few dead links, but I hope you’ll bear with me :) If there’s anything you think I could change about the blog layout or if you have suggestions for tags or anything else, please let me know!

If you want to share this post to raise awareness of this new blog, I’d really appreciate it ^-^

Rec posts incoming!

Valentines from the Void

In an attempt to stick to my New Year’s resolution of one W.D. Gaster dub a month, I’ve made this post to see if anyone would be willing to provide me with a little bit of content before Tuesday, February 14 or Valentine’s Day rolls around.

Is there something you’d like to hear W.D. Gaster say for Valentine’s?
Send it in! It could be cheesy pick-up lines, science pun-pick-up-lines, genuine compliments, sweet nothings, well wishes, specific shout-outs to folks you know or in-game characters, even some risqué humor!

If you do send something in, please specify if you’d like Void-Version sounding Gaster (the sound I’ve used for most of my dubs, deeper and with static and distortion, etc.) or Non-Void (used in two dubs only so far,) otherwise I will decide for you! If I get enough Valentine’s requests, I will most likely record them all in two combined bunches (Void-Gaster and Non-Void Gaster,) for simplicity’s sake, UNLESS specifically requested otherwise.

ALSO! I will probably not read anything longer than the character limit on an ask allows and will not record anything that is too overtly NSFW for my liking. That being said, I am not above some risqué humor, so feel free to send it in and see if it makes the cut!

I will stop accepting any requests or Valentine’s to record by Monday, February 13 (the day before Valentine’s) at the latest since that is when I will have the last opportunity to record them before the actual holiday.

I have no idea what the context for Gaster needing a map because he got lost in your eyes is- but that’s half the fun, right? Don’t be shy! Send in those asks and get your Valentine from the Void! ❤

Spring Day Theory 🌼

As the Spring Day teaser was released today I thought I’d create a study for you guys putting forward my observations as a Creative Writing and literature graduate, please enjoy… *puts smart hat on*


A plotless work by Ursula K. Le Guin based solely on description and allowing the reader his own interpretation of morality and philosophy. The only chronological event in the piece is the first day of summer in a euphoric utopian city named Omelas, an extended metaphor for youth, with a vibrant festival atmosphere which we see in the teaser within the Omelas motel in bright rich colours as they all live communally just like the people within the text.

The reader is intended to remain unsure about the reasoning behind this ambiguous world which is left completely up to interpretation, confirmed by the writer in their own words: “Omelas sounds in my words like a city in a fairytale, long ago and far away. Perhaps it would be best if you imagined as your own fancy bids.”

The central point which makes the story real is its single atrocity, the suffering of one child in filth, darkness, and perpetual misery.

Once old enough to know the weight of this suffering, a group of young and old individuals walk away silently seen in one of the scenes as each member walks together into a new environment, evident due to the drained hue of the cinematography as it becomes more wintery, seen too in the opening shot in which the members have frosty blue tinged lips juxtaposing the background of bright childhood sights like the merry go round reading “you never walk alone” as well as the beach which show a stylized divide between them and their surroundings. 

Jimin’s scenes are most notable with the most enduring being his connection to the sea, a theme which sets forth a contradictory metaphor as old as classical literature itself, of the ocean as a serene, beautiful yet dangerous and hostile environment. This idea is supported by Jimin holding another persons shoes in his hands, typically the first thing to wash up after a death by drowning at sea.

It is arguable that Jimin later walking alone in an apparent wilderness is symbolic of the book endings ambiguity and potential as a blank canvas on which the personal meaning from the readers imagination can be applied. Once again the writer confirms this: “The place they go is even less imaginable to us than the city of happiness. It is possible it does not exist.”

This could hint that the characters have no further plot line, they are without a continuing story arc, supported by the imagery within the teaser of each member repeating his own theme as oppose to developing.

The notion of the scapegoat is central to the understanding of the text, the writer being heavily influenced by psychomyths alluded to by Dostoyevsky and William James. In a nutshell that no matter the happiness we felt in a society that hinged on the suffering of one, our happiness would be so monstrous to us that we would be forced to leave it by our own conscience.

No Vacancy

About 7 friends on a road trip staying at a motel, encountering a seemingly helpful group and being trapped, waking up to a gruesome and bloody terror they must work together to escape and survive.

There is a huge possibility that the other group is a mirror image of the 7 friends whose own actions put them in danger, causing them to have to work together to overcome the consequences, it can also be used to explain some of the dark and bloody themes seen in Wings, Epilogue and I Need U era.

Owl Service

A supernatural fantasy written by Alan Garner set in modern Wales and based on a mythical Welsh woman named Blodeuwedd who was created by flowers for a man cursed to take no human wife. She betrays the husband for another man and is turned into an owl as punishment, a future theme eerily hinted at in the sign at the bus shelter (which oddly has no exit roads) at the destination aptly named ‘Affair’.

In Garners tale 3 teenagers find themselves re-enacting this story, whose bird imagery relates directly to Taehyung’s portrayal in Wings and the mythology and classical themes set forth in the previous era.


It is imperative we ask ourselves the forbidden question, what if none of this is real? What if what we are seeing is just a narrative device created to obscure the real story? What facts would this leave us with?


The central fact is the reflected suffering of a young person – escaping into his books and movies to distract himself from the truth, a truth so all-encompassing that it bleeds through into every single thing he reads and watches. An individual who was well versed in classicism and philosophy, of high intelligence to keep noticing these themes and applying parts of his own life to generate meaning. 

The ‘hyung’ Tae calls for yet never gets through to after the fact, doomed to repeat and suffer that which he cannot change, the events of his youth refracted in what he reads, so many variations of books and films all mixed together and all in English, overlapping and still somehow alien from each other, yet in each he sees his friends as well as himself as the protagonists, that child would be the central theme, the scapegoat, the utopia, the one individual which knits it all together. 

The view of this one man would perceive all the events, know the suffering of each character as only an omniscient narrator would, how else would he know both the suffering and the joy simultaneously unless the characters were all a part of him, each one a strength and a weakness.

With this view, only the events during I Need U could have been real, the rest simply memories, reflections and glimpses into his imagination as he goes about his life, revisiting a now distant, traumatic yet halcyon past.

Who do you think he is? I hope you enjoyed my mini case study of the new teaser! If you would like any more theories I welcome asks! 💖

Written by Laura Cathrine. 🎀

the power of update

somehow it makes imagination flooding our brain like ZAAAAAAAA and don’t ask me what ZAAAAAAAAA means.

hc behind the scene regarding the latest official art. I imagined it was a photo shoot :D and that girl actually is holding a box of sunglasses. I was inspired by Big Bang’s footage behind one of their photo shoot.

hc mo “the bomber“ guanshan , regarding the majority of his appearance wearing bomber jacket, just because.

tbh my blog is literally filled with 19 days fan art… I should have considered making my own original comic strip. what do you think?

edit: I customized the coding so the picture appears bigger (about 1280 pixel on width?)

Mind your words (Please stop the hate)

There are days where it feels like I’m standing in the middle of a busy street, screaming my lungs out and only a handful of people hear what I have to say.

But a handful of people hearing me is better than no one hearing me. So I will continue to speak out against the anon hate, begging for it to stop.

 And it needs to stop. 

I’ve made previous posts here and here about all the hate going on, only to see it seem to be getting worse.

The varying levels of hate that I have seen in the last few days is just heartbreaking. From being mad that one-shots are being posted and not a series. To sending messages scolding writers about their fics (which they chose to read, no one forces anyone to read fics). To sending rules to a writer/blogger about what she is and is not allowed to write about and post about on their own blog!!!! And lastly, to hating a writer so much that a blogger made a blog with the name I-hate-______ (I am not going to name the blog, out of respect for her victim, who has been humiliated enough. The hate blog has been reported by me and several others), who then sent messages to everyone that their victim is following, telling them to boycott that blog. It’s just heinous.  

My point is that when there is so much hate out there that blogs are being made just to target and very publicly announce how much they hate certain blogs or people…. then it’s gotten out of hand. 

What if you told someone to kill themselves becuase you hated them so much over some little slight that you think they did to you? How the hell would you feel if someone killed themselves over words that you said? How would you live with yourself???? 

The words that you say can have a lasting effect on a person. A good or bad effect? That rests solely on you and the words that you chose to say. 

So please make the right choice. Because something has to give. This hate needs to stop. It takes so much more time and energy to spread hate!!! Spreading love takes so much less time to do and the benefits are so much, much better. You feel better about yourself. Other people feel better about themselves. Tumblr is a safer place to escape too, and it makes the real world easier to deal with. So why spread the hate?????? Spread love, say nice things, be a good person and you will be so much happier!!!!

Before you make the choice to send hate mail, or bully a person, think of this:

And would you want it said to you? 

Chances are that you wouldn’t, so why say it to someone else? Why treat someone else like that? Treat others the way you want to be treated. Kindness, love and respect go a long way in this world. More so than hate, lies and bullying. 

And at the end of the day, at the end of your life. You can look back over it and say to yourself…. I made a difference. I had the opportunity to spread hate and negativity throughout the world, but instead I chose to spread love and kindness. If you do that one tiny change, you will change the world. All it takes is one act of kindness to start a change, even if you don’t see it, it’s there. The kind words you said to someone encouraged them to keep writing, keep going and they go and write a best seller that helps change the way people view themselves. Or your kind words could stop someone from killing themselves, someone who could make a groundbreaking discovery. Or be the parent to a child who makes the discovery. You never know if it will happen or not, but do you want to take that chance that your hateful words and actions deprived the world of someone they needed?

I don’t want to take that chance. 

And you shouldn’t either. So stop with the hate. Instead focus on yourself and why have so much hurt and anger that you feel the need to send hate mail and bully people who have never hurt you before. And work on getting past it. Reach out to someone for help. Because there is always someone willing to help.

And if someone did hurt you, they did not mean it. It was not intentional. And maybe talk to them and let them know what happened and how you feel. But do it without sending hate.

There is only one world, this one. So lets make it a better place.

Stop the hate. Spread the love.

Tagging some blogs once again, so we can help spread the word. The hate needs to stop @everyjourneylove @theimaginesyouneveraskedfor @chaos-and-the-calm67 @marvelfanuniverse @averil-of-fairlea @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @girl-next-door-writes @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @ilostmyshoe-79 @manawhaat @mamapeterson @fromthedeskoftheraven @ozhawkauthor @lark-cale @meganlpie @lucifer-in-leather @wayward-mirage @winchester-writes @iwantthedean @atc74 @faith-in-dean @letsgetoutalive @dragonkitty @writerlivinginadarkworld @babypieandwhiskey @fizzy-custard @lady-kaaesien @writingsofa-hobbit @drabbletastic @growningupgeek @hobbithorse19 @motleymoose @luckynumber1213 @heilith @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel @goldenangelbloodcastiel @aerisawriting @beaflower77 @kaykayvoltage53 @guhnerketeer @torn-and-frayed @a-daughter-of-durin @sdavid09 @paigeinastory @crushing83 @buckysmetallicstump @nichelle-my-belle @howdidthisevenhappenanyway 

Title: Better Off Beautiful
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Warnings: Self-hatred
Word Count: 1,090
Notes: Request from anon for “Helloooooooooo! I love your blog! I was wondering if you could write a Peter Maximoff fic based off ‘Better Off Dead’ by Sleeping With Sirens where the reader seriously (COMPLETELY) hates herslef and one day Peter just finds a notebook in her room where she has a long-ass list of things to hate about herself? Its a bit weird but could you maybe write this? Tysm!!😙😙” // Always remember that you should work towards loving yourself entirely on your own, rather than wishing for someone to come along and make it so. Everyone is beautiful and perfect in their own way, regardless of the opinions of others. I really hope this fic made you feel a bit better, but please remember that you must love yourself first and foremost. ♥

Originally posted by quicksilver-gifs

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Loki x Reader

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 918

Warnings: Kissing, sexual tension, stealing

A/N: Hey lovelies! I know we do a lot of Hamilton on our blog and don’t get me wrong I love Hamilton, but I also have been really wanting to write some other fandoms because there are so many different ones I love. I have finished all of the requests that I got when me and Lil Lambie split them up, so from now until she finished up the last few she had y’all are going to be getting my own original ideas! Yay! I love you guys and hope you enjoy this! Have an amazing day!

You looked at the super humans gathered around the couch. They all waited intently to hear what you have to say. You had called them all to an emergency meeting and they were more than concerned with your well being when you had called them all on the verge of tears.

“Is everyone here?” You asked scanning the ever growing team of Avengers seated in front of you.

“I’m pretty sure this is it.” Tony nodded, after looking at the crowd sitting around him.

“Okay then let this meeting start.” You paused taking a deep breath. “Now who the fuck took my skittles?” You screamed, catching most of the Avengers off guard.

“Oh my god!” Clint started laughing, Loki smirking next to him.

“It was you, wasn’t it?” You started to stomp towards Loki who’s smirk only grew at your accusation. “You smug little-”

“(Y/N)!” Steve yelled, grabbing you before you could spring on Loki and attack him.

“Let me go! I need to show him that he can’t keep taking my candy!” You growled, your glare never leaving Loki.

“Can I just say that they were delicious? Honestly, one of the best I’ve found in your candy drawer.” Loki chuckled, watching you start to squirm more in Steve’s arms.

“I’ll kill you!” You snarled, fighting against Steve’s tough grip.

“I don’t think you can hug me to death, love.” Loki said, patting your head as he walked past you and out of the room.

“I missed my chance to beat him up…” You trailed off, pouting at Steve.

“I’m sure you can get back at him another time.” Steve said, releasing you and thinking you would stay where you were.

“Like right now?” You grinned, before sprinting out the door.

“Good going Cap.” Nat said sarcastically, the team watching your retreating figure.

You ignored their comments, the only thing on your mind was to find the evil man that had taken your precious treats. This hadn’t been the first time he had taken your candy. You usually ignored when he did this, but you had finally been fed up with it. He was not taking your sweets anymore!

“Loki! Where are you?” You called, searching the dark hallway for him.

“Yes, (Y/N)?” Loki asked, standing right behind you.

You jumped as you turned and his face was inches from yours.

“Ah!” You screamed, taking a moment to catch your breath. “When’d you get there?”

“Do I scare you?” Loki smirked, ignoring the question you had just asked him.

“No, of course not.” You objected, taking a step back as he took a step towards you.

“Then why are you stepping away from me?” Loki’s smirked grew as he continued to step closer to you until your back hit the wall.

“What are you trying to do?” You asked, your voice coming out more breathy than you had meant to.

“Am I making you nervous?” Loki chuckled his breath lightly tickling your face.

“Loki, you could never make me nervous.” You said, your eyes shifting down to Loki’s lips that seemed to be getting closer and closer to yours.

“Are you sure, (Y/N)?” Loki whispered, his eyes locked on your lips as he slowly traced his thumb over them.

“Loki, I-” You started but were quickly cut off by his lips meeting yours.

His kiss was much more gentle than you expected. His cold lips contrasting your warm ones. It was unlike any kiss you had ever had before. In a way it was perfect, yet you would never admit to thinking that. After a moment or two he pulled away abruptly, turning and walking away without another word.

You sat there for a second, dumbfounded about what had just happened to you. Why did he just leave? Were you really that bad of a kisser? Taking a deep breath you started to walk after him.

“Loki!” You yelled, seeing him from a little bit in front of you pacing the hallway. “Loki!” You yelled again, grabbing the frantic man’s attention.

“I am so sorry, (Y/N).” Loki said, refusing to meet you eyes, instead focusing his eyes on the ground. “I shouldn’t have kissed you. That put you in an uncomfortable position. I let my feelings get the better of me. Don’t worry, I’ll never let that happen again.”

“Loki you’re fine. I liked kissing you.” You blurted out before you could even think through what you were saying.

“You liked kissing me?” Loki’s eyes snapped up to meet yours. “Do not play with my emotions, (Y/N). I like you more than I should.”

“I’m not lying, Loki. I’d never lie to you.” You said softly, reaching your hand out to touch him, only for him to flinch away at your touch.

“Do you like me, (Y/N)?” Loki asked, his hands fidgeting nervously.

“More than I should.” You echoed his words, watching his face light up with a genuine smile.

Loki had his arms wrapped around your waist in a matter of seconds, pulling your body close to his. He placed a gentle kiss on your forehead, just wanting to enjoy the moment of finally having you in his arms.

“Two things you should know though.” You paused, waiting for his attention to be on you and not his daydreaming. “One, you still owe me the skittles you took. Two, let’s not tell the Avengers about this for now. They will freak out.”

“Agreed.” Loki nodded, pressing a kiss to your nose.

Quiet Days

Welp I accidentally wrote introspective angst whump.

Gen, Angsty Hurt!Comfort, Family
Alfred Pennyworth & Bruce Wayne
Title: Quiet Days
Rating: G

There were many kinds of days in Alfred Pennyworth’s life, and the ones he both loved and hated were the quiet ones. It was Charles Dickens who penned “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times” and, aside from Bruce’s own fondness for Dickens, they were words that Alfred felt rang especially true on those quiet days.

It was clear that there were different kinds of quiet. Alfred knew several of them well– the quiet of thinking, the quiet of an empty house, the quiet of sleep. But the days he thought of as quiet days in particular were the days that followed a particular strenuous battle, or a sleepless pursuit and fight, or an offworld mission.

Those were the days that followed Bruce limping home and peeling off the cowl with a weary hand, if he was still conscious past the first few steps into the cave. And after Alfred bandaged and mended what he could came the days of such divided sentiment.

Often, they began mere hours after Bruce returned home. Usually, the setting was the Master Bedroom. Those were the hours in which he pushed the boys away, usually kept out of harm themselves by sheer willpower and threats. If they had been injured, those days took a different tone, but that was not as often as one might think. Far more frequently, it was only Bruce.

So, it was Alfred alone who loved the selfish security of knowing Bruce– this man who was rather like a son to him– was safe. If he was at home recovering, that meant he was not out with mere skill and luck between him and his own death. It was also Alfred who hated those quiet days of watching and knowing the physical and psychological cost of being the Batman.

Because it was Alfred, alone, who slipped into the room and did not pull back the curtains as he would on a normal morning, urging Bruce to get up for his day job. It was Alfred, alone, who instead checked temperature and wounds for signs of infection, who helped lift a battered body to sip water or vomit into a bin.

Those quiet days sometimes felt like they stretched on for years, though in reality they were often three, or five, or week long stretches at most. In the shuffling steps from bed to bathroom, when Bruce would lean heavily on him and favor his ribs or his left hip or his gouged right calf, the minutes seemed to take a lifetime.

And Bruce, after being so inquisitive and bold as a child, had grown into the sort of man that wrapped silence around himself like a cape. Alfred was not certain how much of this was his own influence. It meant that those days had more than earned the word “quiet” and most suffering was borne in it.

The times that Bruce staggered and groaned, or felt back into the bed and hissed, were times that Alfred felt his heart ripped asunder. It meant that the damaged muscles or bones or flesh had exceeded even Bruce’s tolerance.

Perhaps it was the nature of injury that, if Bruce had managed to isolate from the boys he was so reluctant to display weakness or suffering in front of, he was a remarkably docile patient. There was a point, of course, where his stubborn streak dictated that he haul himself up and go back to work and life and it was almost always before Alfred thought it wise. But before that shift, there were the hours and days when his obstinance would be focused solely on the act of not giving up.

And it was Alfred, alone, who saw how alluring that temptation could be, when Bruce was too wounded to move or retain consciousness for long or fight the side effects of the stronger painkillers that grew less and less effective over time.

With his energy channeled into merely staying alive and holding the desire to recover, he did not often argue with or resist Alfred. If Alfred said there was medicine, or liquid, or food, or that he ought to try and sit up for a bit, he wordlessly complied. And this was something Alfred resented– having to be the one to push him when no one else was allowed near.

But it was part of the price, he supposed, for what he had agreed to support and be involved in. So, he coddled his resentment and anger and directed it toward the villain of the hour. If Bruce ever wondered why Alfred, of all people, carried less mercy and goodwill for struggling criminals, this was the root of it.

It was in the moments when infection defied antibiotics for worried hours, when Alfred sat at a bedside and held a cold cloth to a fevered brow. It was in the moments when necessity drove movement, when Bruce had to retch or turn a stiffening limb and could not hold back a half-sobbed moan. It was in the moments when Alfred changed bedding or got clean pillows or refilled a glass of water and caught sight of Bruce’s face, his eyes full of tears no one else would see.

And as perverse as it seemed, Alfred was also reassured by these displays of weakness. He was grateful for every small thing that reminded Bruce of his own limitations, and for every way those reminders might make him more cautious in the future. He was proud that countless periods of recovery had not deterred Bruce from fighting when he thought the price worth it.

Alfred was consoled by the small fact that Bruce had not yet shut him out from seeing the aftermath. That, after everything, these times without inhibition or reserve were something Alfred was permitted to see. It meant that Bruce was not alone.

So, Alfred would bear it because it was a small burden to bear, in the grand scheme of things. If his own body aged, he disregarded it in those days when Bruce needed a steady shoulder and a calm hand.

Every set of quiet days followed a predictable progression, from the trudging climb up the stairs to the predawn moment when Bruce would wake in the dark room and sleepily ask, “Al, you there?” and Alfred would rouse from light slumber in a chair to answer, “Of course, sir. What do you need?”

The answer varied but at the heart of it was the unspoken dependence, the bond they had formed that was not quite like father and son but far deeper and more complex than employee and employer. Alfred had long given up on finding a suitable name for it.

In their time, the quiet days would draw to a close and Bruce would stand and dress and eat breakfast downstairs, still moving slowly and pausing to lean on counters when he thought no one was watching. Alfred would draw back the heavy curtains and clean the room and brew stronger coffee than usual.

Life would creep back toward normal with scattered moments when a small breath sucked in between clenched teeth or a motionless moment in a hallway would remain. Eventually, those, too, would fade away until the next time.

Once, early on, Bruce had taken in Alfred’s poorly hidden exhaustion in a moment of clarity and said, “I’m sorry, Alfred, for making you deal with this. It was my decision.”

“And this is mine,” Alfred had assured him, letting a comforting hand linger on Bruce’s shoulder. The shoulder that hadn’t been covered in gauze and medical tape, anyway.

When Bruce would return, broken and bruised, their eyes would meet– Alfred knew his own were often full of mild reproach and worry, while Bruce’s were usually clouded with exhaustion and pain. But still the question would go between them, without verbal form, and Alfred’s answer were his actions.

Yes, I have still chosen this.


Plan for last night was just to have a couple of cocktails with Monic but then I’ve got text from Andrei. He took us to one of those clubs in Manhattan, on top of the building that has like it’s own elevator… and weird thing, they knew his name…I don’t know, I guess he was going to clubs a lot back in the days ahahha

The End of Hgillmore

Apparently no good deed can go unpunished.. my blog has been subjected to attack by a group of people that wish to spread hate and discord within their own community. Its sad, unfortunately one or more have them have doxed an email account of mine and sent threats of violence to me. 

I am stepping away from this blog, it has about 6 days of content queued up and that is it. I will leave it up till March 31st and then delete the blog. To the rabid SJWs that think they have done something good here you haven’t, I have been advocating for acceptance of the community for years and in some instances probably longer than you some of you that have been harassing me have been alive. You could have gone after the 1000′s of sissy or shemale sites, but you didn’t, you chose to harass and bully someone advocating for you but not in the way GLAAD and other political groups want.

To the 29 thousand followers this blog has, I say thank you for your support over the past 4 years be well and walk the high road. 

For those special people that continuously submitted content it was greatly appreciated you helped make this blog what it was and I will always appreciate it. 

To the person that threatened me, do understand I am a man of conviction and will act without mercy should you attempt to make good on your vile threat. 

Adulting 110

This post marks my tenth Weekly Adulting Blog! Woot woot. I’ve amassed a lot of new followers since first starting this weekly post, and more of you wonderful and supportive people join me every day. Because of this, I have decided to recycle some of my favorite suggestions from the past nine posts for today’s blog.

Shoutout this week to @piratejenna and @squeakyrainbowsocks. Please give them lots of love!

1. Important documents. One of the first things you should do before you move out is get all your important documents from your parents/guardians. I’m talking your Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, high school or college transcripts, banking information, etc. Trust me.

2. Baking Soda and vinegar are your one-stop cleaning solution for everything. Clogged drains, shower heads, cat pee stains, etc. 

3. Automatic payments. Don’t enroll in automatic bill payments unless you’re extremely comfortable with the company. This will prevent companies from charing your bank account or credit card extra without your consent. For example, I’m confident that Birchbox won’t overcharge me, but have less faith in Verizon. 

4. Scented trash bags. Are literally the same price as regular trash bags, but help keep your trash smelling manageable. 

5. Food hygiene. Rewrap/repackage your deli meats and cheeses a few days after purchasing them. Wrapping paper has a shorter shelf life than the products themselves and will cause them to spoil early.

7. Keep paper bills. Bills such as internet, rent, and utility for up to five months. These help prove residency, which will be useful when applying for Medicaid, in-state tuition, and for some jobs. If you’re not receiving any sort of paper bills, keep pay stubs with your address on them instead.

8. Reuse containers. Get takeout often? Takeout containers are microwave and dishwasher safe, and are often durable enough to substitute as tupperware. Wash and reuse them!

9. Folding chairs. These are the answer to limited seating space in a small apartment. In my first apartment I threw a “Bring Your Own Chair” party because I literally had three chairs and a couch. Now I store my folding chairs in the closet during the winter, and leave them outside all summer long. 

10. Airborne. Flu season is upon us! Go immediately to your local pharmacy and pick up a pack of this magical tablets. When your throat starts to feel scratchy in that characteristic pre-sickness way, pop one in a glass of water. If you catch your cold early on, these will effectively prevent your from getting sick. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

whirrring  asked:

I love how you write, it's so poetic! I also appreciate that you seem to be one of the few astrology blogs who seem to understand capricorn and cancer, and not hate them hahah

thank you so much for your compliment… i really do find all the archetypes beautiful and special in their own ways, like each of them have so much esoteric sacredness and mythology encircling them, they are fairytales about you, we all have saturn and the moon in our birth chart, these people who ‘hate’ them, so it seems, don’t really know themselves then…

have a lovely day


So, in my own attempts to cope with the general state of things these days, I’ve had some issues in both wanting to unplug, but then being removed from one of my main go-to’s for chilling the fuck out (ie finding and looking at nice things on the internet). 

In that spirit, I’ve started a side blog that is just for happy, fun, and chill things. There will definitely be some crossover between my main blog and there, though I’m gonna run it mainly from a queue so the timing will be different. 

Basically if you find yourself needing a few minutes of time where you’re guaranteed to see nothing but cute animals and peaceful things, head on over. We’re all about that low-key self care at laughterkey’s chill out tent.

ETA I just threw a ton of stuff up there last night to get a few pages set, it’ll even out source-wise over the next few days.

ETA2: If you like this kind of stuff you should absolutely be signed up for the bouncy castle newsletter. It’s a joy.


how do some writers do that thing where they work divine truths and philosophical rambles and string them together to form something poetic and beautiful and answers you haven’t been able to give yourself or admit and it’s abstract but it’s grounded and makes you proud to be in your own skin and brings you an understanding and peace and turn abstract principles into characters and narrative and a world that feels just real enough that you could call your own and it’s a freelance fic


[animation meme]Drop The Mambo (Original by Merenge)

Long time no see. And here is my new animation meme.
I saw this meme quite long before and I thought this is very nice meme!  Thank Merenge for this amazing meme! :)

And This character is Yvonne Pecora who is my OC.
She is one of my character in “Witch of steel”. Please check about this if you interested.
[In Eng]
[한국어 설명]

I’m sorry I didn’t animating so often. I have hard day in my job(But Not that stressful.). I hope you get used to this job quickly.

Have a nice day and See you next time!!

[Original meme]