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Lance D1 keith A3. Ps. i reaaaly love your art and I havent been arround your blog too much so Im wondering have you got a store I would die for some prints of your art or some merch !!! Greetings from mexico!!

Keith A3 and Lance D1

Thank so so so much, you are soooooooo nice<3 and I’m sorry but no, i don’t have a store, I’m just 14 and I can’t begin one on my own and it’s kinda weird to tell my parents to do it… but maybe one day, Anyways thank you for allllllllllllllllllll your support, kisses and hugs from Chile!!<3

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(not trying to be rude) it's a shame you feel annoyed about discourse. but you can scroll on and ignore whatever posts you don't like. you can choose to just decide "that's their opinion, i'm scrolling on" and not get upset, bc it just ruins your own online experience more than anything else.

Also not trying to be rude but why is it that while I, for the most part, remain drama and hate and discourse free, am not allowed to express my irritation on MY blog that we can’t have one day of peace?

I’ve made a safe space for myself. I keep away from a LOT of the drama that the fandom finds itself in nearly 99% of the time. I know how to scroll past things. Trust me when I say I have been angrier than I am now about stuff I’ve seen but I kept my mouth shut. But today, we got new content and trailers and yeah, I was enjoying myself, up until I saw a bunch of ridiculous posts and I got annoyed. I expressed that annoyance. Sue me for being human?

I’m not trying to make you feel bad but in the end, your ask makes ME feel bad. It makes me feel like I’m supposed to cater to what people want to see on my blog rather than what I feel.

If that’s the case, I don’t care. I’m almost entirely discourse and hate free and I’m going to stay that way. I do this for my followers and I do this for me. But like I’ve said before, I’m also entitled to be irritated and express my opinion on my blog, to my followers, who clearly agree with me. I tag ALL of my posts with either “discourse” “salt” “negative” or “wank” so it can be blacklisted.

I do my part. Let me live on my own fucking blog.

My Thoughts on Why the Hetalia Fandom is Failing

A lot of people, including myself before have claimed that this fandom is ‘dying’. My opinion has changed since joining tumblr.  I don’t think that things are that bad just yet because people are still very much in the fandom.

The problem is that we aren’t very active. This is what I’ve noticed so far.

1)      The Popular Blogs Aren’t Active: To have and keep your fans, you need to make consistent material, rather than posting occasionally. It’s what makes people excited and inspires them to create their own content. Even if it’s just one post a day, it’s still really important to post (if you can, of course), as it maintains people’s interest. Especially when you have such a large platform of followers!

Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing Hetalia blogs that post several times everyday, and I’m always looking for new ones to follow!

2)      Not All Fanart Is Equal: Another thing about our fandom is that new artists aren’t given a chance to thrive. There are amazing new artists out there, but people only reblog the work from the popular blogs. Why not all?  If you see great content, reblog it regardless of how much attention that blog has received.

3)      Reblog Reblog Reblog: Reblog everything, friends. The more you reblog, the more people see content and want to get into it. Simple!

 4)      Fanfiction: The fanfiction community hardly has any responses nowadays, in comparison to what it used to be. Fanfic authors spend hours of their spare time for free to create stories for you to read and enjoy. It’s so important to follow, favourite, and review. Most of the time, authors reach out and post material to connect with their audience (as is with artists too). If there aren’t any responses, then they aren’t going to bother posting.  Good Fics have gotten a lot of people through some tough times, so I would hate to see that part of the community die out.

 If you have an account, support the stories you read. It makes no sense not to, and any comment, no matter how short, means the world to them. It doesn’t take you nearly as much time to support a story as it does to create one. Don’t be lazy if you’re a reader – the stories aren’t going to create themselves, they need encouragement and praise to continue :)

5)      SUPPORT ALL CONTENT: All art, stories, head canons, RPG’s, RPs, and anything else in this crazy fandom needs to be supported. If you love the fandom and want it to thrive, support is your greatest tool to make it happen.

I know some people are going to think I’m being melodramatic by writing this. Or perhaps I care too much. Still, I think the Hetalia fandom deserves better. Sure, there’s some really freaky content, but we’re a bunch of history nerds and weirdos anyways, so whatever, as long as you’re not being offensive.

This is the one fandom that I haven’t ever gotten bored with. The concept of countries being personified is just so ripe with creativity and potential. There is so much you can do with the large list of cast members, i.e. the mecca of ships and AUs. We’ve created a ton of content thus far, so why stop now?

We’re a community, so don’t you think we should start acting like it by becoming active again and supporting each other? The fact that we trended last week makes this even more possible!

Hasta la Pasta, let’s make Hetalia awesome again!

Reblog if you agree :)

I wish I can just sit down with someone and tell them my whole life story. they don’t even gotta say one word. They don’t even gotta comfort me when i breakdown, I just want someone to listen, to what I have to say about my own experiences and what I’ve been through and even the good things. But you can’t trust no one now a days. Cause next thing you know, words get twisted, story’s get told and the things you say will be held against you. Smh I just wanna let everything out, I got so much to say, and no one to tell it to.

So the 20th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is coming up and I thought it might be fun to do a group reread! 

This is for anyone to get involved in, no matter your house, so hopefully we can all go back and relive the magic together

I’m aware that people have different commitments and a lot of people still have exams so, by popular consensus, we’re going to be taking it slow so there’s no pressure to read particularly fast. We’re going to be reading one chapter a day on weekdays, and two chapters a day on weekends which hopefully is a pace everyone will be able to keep up with

This means the reread will last just under two weeks, so we will be starting on the 14th of June, meaning we’ll finish on June 26th, the actual 20th anniversary

It’s up to you how much you want to get involved and how to document your own rereading journey, but I’ll be posting my own thoughts on each chapter on this blog; things I’d forgotten, things I never picked up on before, favourite quotes and moments, how my thoughts on characters have changed, that kind of stuff

I’ll also be posing a discussion question based on the chapter so feel to chip in your own thoughts on that!

If you want to reply to me or make your own posts, artwork, questions, anything like that then use the hashtag #hogwartsreread so we can all join in each others discussions and talk to each other about our rereading experience! 

Reblog if you’re interested so we can get as many people involved as possible! I’ll be posting reminders as we get closer to the day but I’m so excited and hopefully you guys are looking forward to it too! 


| Tuesday, April 18th, 1/100 days of productivity

Hello friends!
I’ve finally decided to start this productivity challenge. My grades are doing well, but I’ve noticed that I’m not as productive as I would like to be. That’s why I want to post more of my own content on my blog to keep myself productive. 

Today I went to the local public library to study for my upcoming maths exam (which I am very scared of tbh!). I also borrowed a new book for me to read! I’ve always wanted to read a book by Murakami and I’m finally getting around to it.What do you guys think about his books? I really hope that I will like the one I got.

I hope you’re all having a great day wherever you are! 
xo Sunny 

How about Enjolras who stress cleans?

Combeferre and Courfeyrac both know from living with Enjolras that the state of the house is a clear indication of how stressed Enjolras is.

  • A clean kitchen means that Enjolras is stuck on a part of his essay or speech and needs half an hour to come up with just the right phrase.
  • Their bedrooms all tidied up means that he’s finished off a major piece of work and isn’t happy with the result but just can’t get it to work.
  • Enjolras following you around with a broom and dustpan and yelling at you for dropping crumbs on the floor means he’s just had a particularly awful argument conversation or read something that really made him angry and it’s best to stay out of his way.
  • Coming home to a house smelling like hospital grade cleaning products means Enjolras is worried about someone and doesn’t know how to express his concern

Combeferre and Courfeyrac have learnt to just let Enjolras be when he gets like this, knowing he’ll come out of it in his own time.

But Grantaire hasn’t lived with Enjolras before, so when they start dating, he doesn’t know that avoiding the stressed blonde is perfectly acceptable. So instead, he comes up with his own way of helping Enjolras deal.

  • Grantaire who introduces Enjolras to stress baking so that they can at least enjoy the fruits of all that energy spent.
  • Grantaire who takes Enjolras to his studio so that their fearless leader can take his aggression out on paints and then pass it off as Enjolras creating art (”people get paid obscene amounts to do this you know, and you’re a natural - I think you could get rich from this!”)
  • Grantaire who sits down with Enjolras one day and researches on environmentally friendly cleaning products and alternatives to store bought products (”all the blogs say baking soda and vinegar, E - we’ll need to go shopping”) because he doesn’t like how dry and calloused Enjolras’s hands are because the dope doesn’t bother with gloves when he cleans.

Enjolras learns to make the most delicious puff pastries and home-made macarons (and Grantaire starts complaining he’s putting on weight).

Grantaire sneaks in one of E’s artwork in his exhibition as a guest work and calls it “Fury” - it sells for obscene amounts of money (much to Enjolras’s dismay and Grantaire’s delight)

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Oo so I was thinking maybe Lance has a ton of weird knowledge because he loves reading books about different things (boats, building, animals/plants). So one day the gang is on a mission and someone gets a bomb strapped to them or there is just a bomb they need to defuse. Everyone is freaking out and trying to think. Lance gets near it and everyone just panics thinking he'll set it off, yelling/langst, then Lance defused it and everyone is in awe or something. I just love your blog!!

oh my god I’m so happy to hear that! I’m glad you enjoy my blog so much!

if it’s ok with you, I’m gonna do more of an overall plot ( and maybe mix in my own headcanons):

so pretty much, Lance grew up in an all Cuban house, he never learned English because he never needed to. he grew up helping his mama around the house or helping his father on his fishing boat.

that’s where Lance first fell in love with the stars. he would ask his dad all the time about them and the constellations they created. his father did his very best to fuel Lance’s interests, but they lived on a very low incomes, and alot of the time Lance didn’t get alot of stuff. he sometimes would skip meals and give hem to his younger siblings so that way they didn’t grow hungry. Lance didn’t get alot of books growing up, and any of the books about space were in English. when he heard about the Garrison, he knew he had to join. only problem was that it was in America, and Lance didn’t know English at all.

so Lance would go to the old library and pick up any English book he could get his hands on. childern’s books, worker manuals, how-to books, he read them all. he would learn both the English language as well as learn how to do anything the books were talking about. another way Lance learned English was watching American shows, he mostly stuck with historical or informational shows. learning how they talked and pronounced the words he’s red over time and time again. (the library only has a certain amount of English books, so he would reread he same ones over and over again) he also learned interesting facts about American history, or watch how to fix a car, he picked it all up.

when he finally applied to the Garrison, he was a ball of nerves. his English wasn’t the best, and his accent heavy in his voice as he sounds out different English words. but you can imagine how proud his family was when Lance didn’t just get accepted, but got a full ride scholarship as well. he promised to keep u his studies and that he wont let them down.

when he does get the Garrison, he realizes how bad his spoken English is compared to everyone else. many time he’ll say the wrong word or forget the English word entirely, and many chalk him up to being the class clown, thinking that he’s doing it on purpose. they don’t realize how much it hurts Lance whenever one of the teachers or another student calls him out for messing up a word or saying the wrong thing. Lance will spend all his time either in the simulation room or in the library, reading over and over different books about the most random of things, trying to both understand the lessons he was just taught as well as broadening his knowledge of the English language. it’s in the library that he met Hunk, and they both gain the first real friend at the Garrison.

now fast forward to the team meeting, and them releasing Allura and Coran, and forming Voltron and what not. Lance missing home so much because he misses his family, and wondering how they’re doing. he misses being able to speak his first Language, he misses calling up his brothers and talking to them explaining complex math and engineering that he learned that day, knowing how much his older brother loves talking about that kind of stuff.

every once in a while, Lance will slip up with his English and it’ll get either a couple of laughs or some scowls, the team thinking that he’s trying to mess around and pull jokes in very serious moments when really he just messed up and didn’t know the right word. Lance will do what he always does when he feels like he’s letting down everyone around him. he goes to the library. it took him awhile to find it, and everything was in Altean, but Lance didn’t mind. he enjoys learning languages and sets to work figuring out the Altean language.

then, some time later, during one to the training exercises, Allura decides to change things up a bit and do a team building exercise. she sets up a bomb (not a real one, that would be crazy) but she says its an old child’s game and while it doesn’t explode, it will make quite the mess if they don’t disarm it in time.

so everyone is talking, trying to figure out how to disarm the bomb, and every time Lance tries to add to the conversation, he gets talked over or ignored. Lance decides to look over the device, trying to recognize anything about it, or any of the words look familiar.  lance remembers about reading one of the books back at the Garrison about how to disarm a bomb (how it got into a space school, he doesn’t really know) and it looks to have the same basic design as one of them. all he really needs is to figure out which wire is the one to cut.

it seems that the others stopped talking at that time to seeing Lance hovering over the device with a pair of pliers, to which they freak out and pull him away, and right when he figured out which wire to cut, and chastise him for trying to do disarm the bomb without them, and some of the comments come off more rude than others and they even put him in a ‘time out zone’ for trying to eal with something very dangerous and sensitive, but they just didn’t want Lance to get hurt because he messed around with it. Lance merely stands back up and walks back over to the bomb, and picking out the right wires, he cuts them, to the teams horror, they brace for their gooey demise.

but nothing happens. the team is amazed that Lance actually defused the bomb. and of course they all crowd around Lance, asking how he did that and why he didn’t tell them he could do it and getting a few cheers of congratulations (mostly from Hunk) lance explains that he would read alot of books and informational shows to understand the English Language, and one of those books was about how to disarm a bomb. of course the others are surprised that English isn’t his first language (they assumed it was since he was at the Garrison) and he continues to explain that when he messes up his words,its not usually on purpose and that he honestly didn’t know the word in English. everyone apologizes about always getting on him when they thought he was joking, and he easily forgives them. afterwards, Shiro even comes up to Lance and personally apologizes about not figuring it out sooner, since he also struggled with learning English when he and his family moved to America. (cue bonding moment!)

and a little extra silliness on the side~

Lance knowing just the weirdest stuff about history, just odd tidbits that he picked u from those history shows, and just spouting them out at the most random of times.

“hey Lance, can you pass me that wrench?”

“did you know that in the 1700s, the french were scared of potatoes.”

“what? dude, that has nothing to do with getting the wrench! why on Earth would you say- you know what, screw it, why were the french scared of potatoes?!”

i know this wasn’t really angsty , but i hope you like it anyways! thank you so much for the ask!

With all the uproar over the all-female Wonder Woman showings in Texas this past week, I want to point something out to all the people out there who think it’s stupid or don’t understand the point.

There is a large problem with sexism in so-called “nerd culture,” especially among the fans. I had to explain this to a male friend of mine the other day because he knew it happened, but he didn’t know to what extent.

I take part in nerd culture and I see it every day, and I’ve even dealt with it myself a couple of times. It’s hard to be a woman involved in nerd culture and be taken seriously. I have seen other women be accused of being a “fake fan,” a girl who’s only pretending to be interested in things like comic books or Star Trek or D&D because they want to impress boys. I have seen women’s opinions and thoughts on topics ignored or disregarded by men because they believe these women have no idea what they’re talking about. Not to mention within the content itself: video games and books where men are the heroes, and women are always the damsels in distress. In comic books, women are drawn to be extremely sexualized, costumes barely covering their bodies, and their bodies are drawn to be extremely unrealistically thin, yet curvy and top-heavy. Remember when all those people were throwing a fit over Ghostbusters being remade into a movie with female leads? Did you really think the only reason people were mad about it was that they were remaking it? Think again. (And don’t even get me started on Big Bang Theory.)

I, myself, am involved in nerd culture. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am heavily invested in Marvel Entertainment and Marvel Comics. I go to conventions, I cosplay, I take part in discussion boards and forums, I write/read fanfiction, I buy comic books, I do RPs and RPGs, and I have a Tumblr dedicated to Marvel and Iron Man. But I cannot tell you the number of times my authenticity as a fan has been put into question because I am a woman.

I once walked into a comic book store to buy the new issue of Invincible Iron Man, and while I was perusing through the old comics, a man came up to me and started asking me if I was lost, or if I was waiting for my boyfriend. Then, when I said I was there for myself, told me that I must be confused, and the beauty salon was actually two doors down. I have been accused of only being interested in the MCU because the “actor dudes who play them are hot.” I have had my opinions on comics disregarded by men in my own family because I am a girl, and girls “aren’t into that kind of stuff.” In anonymous RPGs, I am always, without fail, assumed to be a man by other players until I state otherwise. I have even been accused of only showing interest in superheroes because I wanted to impress a guy. (Yes – I have spent probably hundreds of dollars on movie tickets, comics, and merchandise, I take part in RPGs, I spend countless hours talking to people on Tumblr about character analysis of the MCU vs. different Marvel Comics universes and plot analysis, spend hours running my blog for my followers and my own entertainment, writing fanfiction and participating in writing events, I’ve read hundreds of fanfics online, spent a couple hundred dollars to make a homemade Black Widow costume to wear to Rhode Island Comic Con where I proceeded to spend another $200 to get a photo with and an autograph from STAN LEE on the off chance that I will one day meet a boy who is impressed by all of these things. Of course, I must have forgotten.)

Not to mention, I don’t look like the stereotype of a “nerd girl,” so I am often not taken seriously by men within fandom for that as well (that stereotype is complete bullshit anyway). And I’m not even as heavily involved in this stuff as some women are! I have seen and met women who eat, sleep, and breathe this kind of stuff! Star Wars, Stark Trek, D&D, LotR, anime, video games, comic books, whatever it may be. I’ve seen other women get treated a lot more poorly than I have simply because of the things they like! And because of what? Gender roles? Stupid societal expectations?

So yes, I understand why a movie theater in Texas is offering women-only showings of Wonder Women. Women are very much underrepresented in the superhero genre, particularly in movies. Wonder Woman is the first female-led superhero movie since Hallie Berry’s Catwoman in 2005, and that movie was given so much shit by critics and fans. Marvel has never released a single female lead movie, and won’t until 2019.

The women only showings show women that they can be powerful and save the world. It empowers little girls and shows us that we are more than just a plaything for a man to rescue or wait around for them to save the day. And it shows women within this so-called “nerd culture” that they are important too. Their presence matters, their opinions matter, and their validity as fans matter just as much as anyone else.

Hell, if some theaters wanted to do an African American only showing of Marvel’s Black Panther when it comes out, go for it. People of color are just as, if not more, marginalized and erased from nerd culture than women are. With Marvel blaming low comic book sales on “diversity,” they’re continuous whitewashing of characters and erasure of ethnic backgrounds, and the erasure/disregard for POC characters by the fandom within fanon. I can only think of two or three popular superhero movies that have come out in the last 20 years with a POC lead.

It’s not like the theater is denying you the right to see the movie, you just won’t be allowed into that specific theater room showing it. Hell, 99% of the people complaining about it don’t live in Texas or anywhere near that theater.

Basically what I’m saying is, stop throwing a bitch fit over dumb shit, go watch a different showing of the same movie that’s being offered five minutes later, and stop trying to deny women their right and their place within fandom as more than just casual participants.

Anonymous Hate - Bruce Wayne x Reader

So, lately, a lot of writing blogs I LOVE (though I probably don’t say it enough) received anonymous hate…It inspired me to write this piece. I hope you’ll like it, and if I receive anonymous hate for it, oh man, I’m so ready for this…Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy (forgive me if it’s not great, I slept only 4 hours in those last three days, and drunk too much coffee) : 

My masterlist blog :


Bruce Wayne’s heart is threatening to beat out of his chest, and he isn’t sure of what he’s feeling right now. 

Anger ? Worries ? Confusion ? 

Does he feel stun ? Or Furious ? 

Sad or scared ? 

Anxious or enraged ? 

He doesn’t know. 

And if there’s one thing Bruce Wayne hates, is to lose control over his own emotions. But he just couldn’t help it. 

He was used to it with you, and only with you did he not mind. 

When it was about you, he just couldn’t have any control of what he felt, and that was alright…Though it was always positive feelings. 

Love. Awe. Adoration. A strong friendship. Passion. Devotion. Respect. Affection. Tenderness. Yearning. Fondness. Adulation…

He was of course always worried about you because 1. since you became a Wayne you also became a target for people who’d want something from him or his company, or for those who wanted a huge ransom and 2. because he’s as much the Batman than Bruce, and if one day his secret identity was to be discovered by any of his enemies, your life would be in a life threatening danger…Well, more that it was already. 

This thought was already almost too much to bear (he broke it off with you in the first few months of your relationship, scared to lose you…until he realized that he would lose you anyway if he left you, and since you accepted him back with wide arms…). 

So now, faced with…All this. It was too real. It was too close from home. 

Both literally and figuratively. 

Because those “things” (he refused to give it the name he knew it actually had) arrived in your house. At Wayne’s Manor. 

He felt like a pregnant woman, as if his hormones were playing tricks on him, because it wasn’t possible that a single human being could feel all those feelings at once, naturally…Right ? 

And yet. And yet here, in front of your desk, reading all those terrible things…

-Bruce ? Are you there ?

Your voice makes him jump, and, startled, he whips around and is faced with you and all your Glory…Oh because you’re nothing but glorious, as the light of the sun going down hits you just right and makes you look like a goddess. 

His Goddess. And oh Bruce is glad that you cannot read minds, because if you could, you would mock him and his cheesiness right now. 

-Oh hey, here you are my heart. Say, for tonight, I was thinking…What is that ? Hey are you alright my Broosh ? 

You approach him, worried because he’s just so pale and he seems almost lost, as his eyes follow you as if it was just an automatic reaction. It’s only when you reach for his face, and stroke his cheek with soft fingers that he finally snap out of his strange haze. He leans in your touch, and, without saying anything, shows you what’s in his hand. 

You look down and…

-Oh. That. I knew I should have burn everything…But I always forget. I receive them with the rest of the fan mail and I just shove it in there promising myself to destroy it, in case you’d find them, and then…I forget, or get too busy with something and then forget. 

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REQUEST: Surprising Harry on tour to tell him you’re pregnant. Except the timing works out perfectly with fathers day, so you tell him by giving him a card. Preferably one of those ones which are like ‘Dear Dilf, need I say more’

REQUEST: I just realized your requests are open and I am flipping right now! Can you pretty please do one where you tell Harry you’re pregnant and its extremely fluffy and cute with many cuddles and loads of love! Love you and your blog loads and loads ♥

You had a love/hate relationship with tour season.

On the one hand, you hated that Harry had to be away from you. You had your own job and your own things that you needed to do, and you couldn’t exactly drop everything to follow him as he travelled around the world. You missed him terribly when he was away, and the two of you had gotten so used to each other at this point that it felt like something huge was missing when he wasn’t around. It was hard on him as well; it wasn’t like before you met two years ago when he could travel to his heart’s content. Sunsets simply weren’t as beautiful, and certain sights weren’t as breathtaking without you there by his side to see them. You skype called and texted as much as you possibly could to make up for it, but there was nothing that could even remotely come close to the feeling of falling asleep in his arms after a long day.

On the other hand, you loved to see him perform. It was one of your absolutely favorite things to do; it helped that you were a fan before meeting him and genuinely loved the boys’ music, but watching Harry on stage was absolutely mesmerizing. It seemed like every inch of him was amplified by the thousand—his smiles were brighter and his movements were stronger, and you could tell that it was the place where he felt happiest. Except for when he was with you, he would say. And the times that you got to fly out to see him were perhaps your favorite moments together—the rush of seeing each other after being apart for weeks at a time definitely made up for the time that you had to wait in between, and if anything the distance only ever brought you closer.

The reunion sex was definitely a big bonus.

It was after their show in Toronto when it happened. You had flown to visit him, and the concert was as amazing as ever. You didn’t get to see him until after the show was over, and the sight of your very sweaty and very beautiful rockstar almost made your heart stop. You could tell that he felt the same, because his features lit up more than they already had when he saw you running down the hallway to jump into his arms.

“Harry!” You squealed lightly as you slipped your arms around his neck and immediately looped your legs around his waist to pull his body closer to yours. You could smell the sweat on his body and his dark purple t-shirt was beginning to stick to yours, but you wouldn’t let go for anything.

“How’d you sneak back here, you menace?” He teased as he playfully pinched your behind while supporting your weight with both his palms, turning to press you against the nearest wall as he nipped at your neck.

The next several minutes consisted of the two of you giggling and fooling around backstage in Harry’s dressing room, caught up in each other as if you’d just fallen in love. That was the thing you loved most about the two of you—you’d had your fair share of arguments and bumps in the road like any other couple, but the spark had never faded.

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Do you have any advice for someone just starting to grow plants for the first time ever? I live on my own now and I finally can ^_^

I’m going to treat this as a distillation of dozens of similar asks I got so far, all of which I’ve been postponing, telling myself “gotta write horticulture 101 one of those days.” And of course it took me literally years to do it.


(read on my main blog)

Oh and congrats on your own place, anon! That’s one of the best things there can be.

Outed by the Music

Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: While cleaning your shared apartment one day, you and Tom are listening to music and it has a mind of it own when it comes to what it should play. (Definitely an added bonus to listen to the songs in the imagine so you can imagine the bits I didn’t write out fully. Kiss the Girl – The Little Mermaid; Moments in the Woods – Into the Woods; Won’t Say I’m in Love – Hercules; Bad Liar – Selena Gomez) 

Warnings: Language, Fluff

A/N: So this is the first imagine I’ve written in like 5 years so please, bare with me. Also, I understand “outed” isn’t exactly a word but I use in language so it counts…right? Anyway…I had this idea after I was cleaning the house listening to some music and these four songs came on in a row and I figured it was obviously fate.(;

Note: I don’t do smut but if you have an idea my messages are always open!

Word Count: 1,020

*Wonder Woman theme plays in background*

“Every time I listen to this song it makes me feel like such a badass!” you shout over the blaring music. Tom chuckles and continues to sweep the rosewood floor in the kitchen. By the time that song has gone off, he has moved onto the floor in the living room.

“Percussion…strings…winds…” the song starts off.

“‘Words’” you speak along with the song, smirking at Tom.

He just rolls his eyes, laughing he watches you act along with the song. “Do you know where the dustpan is, Princess?” You shrug innocently as you continue to sing along. “Oh, come on. You were just using it!” he laughs.

You shrug again, “‘You don’t know why but you’re dying to try, you wanna kiss the girl.’”

He lets out a chuckle and looks up at the ceiling. After a moment he looks back to you, “y/n, you were the one who was insistent that we finish cleaning the apartment today.”

“‘My, oh, my, look at the boy too shy. He ain’t gonna kiss the girl…’” you turn back to dusting as you fake sadness. Hearing him come up behind you, you turn and give him a side eye, “‘Ain’t that sad, ain’t it shame, too bad. You gonna miss the girl.’”

As the song continues to play he pulls you close, studying your eyes. You bat your eyelashes innocently.

* Now’s your moment. *

* Floating in a blue lagoon. *

* Boy, you better do it soon, no time will be better* 

* She don’t say a word *

* And she won’t say a word *

* Until you kiss the girl *

Agreeing with the song, he leans in for the kiss. You smile into him before pulling away and whispering sarcastically. “Would you look at that. My voice is back! Wow, that really does work!” Laughing he pulls you into a hug as you look at all the work you’ve done together. “It’s in the hall in front of the closet, by the way.”

* Moments in the Woods from Into the Woods begins to play *

You both laugh out loud before Tom looks you dead in the eyes, “‘And how alive you made me feel.’” Then spins out of your reach and goes to retrieve the dustpan. On his way out the door he gives you a little bow.

“‘What was that?’” you state along with the song, giggling to yourself.

* Was that me? *

* Was that him? *

* Did a Prince really kiss me? *

* And kiss me? *

* And kiss me? *

* And did I kiss him back? *

You’d moved onto cleaning the windows but were slowly brought back into the song. It was just so natural for you to prance about while singing along. You were so entranced into it that you hadn’t noticed Tom come back into the room. He was leaning against the entryway watching you dance around before shouting “‘Wake up! Stop dreaming, stop prancing about the’ living room!”

Jumping about a foot in the air, you managed to knock over the cleaning supplies scattered about. “Jesus Christ! You about gave me a heart attack!”

“Why?” he chuckled, “you knew I was coming back?”

Scowling at him, you stood up. “Yes, I knew you were coming back. I just didn’t realize you were going to come in screaming at me.”

“I couldn’t resist! I came back at the perfect moment to jump into the song!”

“Touché. Now help me clean up the mess you’ve made!”

“The mess I’ve made?!” he laughed coming around the couch. “You’re the one who knocked it all over!”

“Yes because you scared me!” you said poking him in the chest.

“Alright, come on.”

The mess wasn’t that big so it didn’t take long to clean. By the time it was all picked up, the song was just about to go off. Tom flopped onto the couch and closed his eyes. Sitting on the floor, you turned to lean your arms on the couch next to Tom’s head. You were admiring the way the evening light hit his face when the song continued.

*Let the moment go.*

*Don’t forget it for a moment, though.*

Letting out a breath of laughter you say, “I guess I better go finish that window.”

He turned his face towards you. “Or…you could climb up here and we could watch a movie and relax for once?”

“As tempting as that sounds…I only have two more windows to do and then everything will be done. Then we can watch something, okay?”

“Fine.” He grumbles.

You manage to pry yourself off of the floor when the song ends.

“If there’s a prize for rotten judgment.”

“‘I guess I’ve already won that.’” You sing along. Tom let’s out a snort, knowing you’re referring to him.

“‘Who d’you think you’re kiddin’? I’m the earth and heaven to ya!’” Tom sings, filling in the Muses part.

Laughing you state, “I’m never going to get these windows clean with Spotify picking the music we’re listening to.”

“‘I know how you feel and who you’re thinking of!’” he sings sitting up.

Shaking your head. “‘No chance, no way. I won’t say it, no, no.’”

Standing up he continues, “‘You swoon, you sigh. Why deny it? Uh oh.’”

“‘It’s too cliché, I won’t say I’m in love!’”

Being the two Broadway lovers that you are, you continue acting out the song together.

“‘At least out loud,’” you continue as you lean into Tom. “‘I won’t say I’m in love.’”

* Bad Liar begins to play *

Tom raises an eyebrow at you. “Damn, outed by the music.” 

“I swear our phones are listening in on us and know exactly what to play next.” You say rolling your eyes.

“Maybe it’s just fate?”

You tap your chin as if you were thinking. “Nah, definitely the phone thing. The government’s totally watching us.”

You laugh as he leans in to give you another kiss. “I love you.”

“I know.” He stops and begins to turn away. “Hey! Fine, fine! I love you too, loser.”


I hope you enjoyed this! Sorry if it actually sucks, like I said. First time writing something like this in somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 years.

i worry a lot about my future and i always see my future self as being a lone adult and fighting all my own battles, whether it’s paying bills or doing everyday activities or just dealing with personal problems… but then i remember that there’s a possibility that i may find a nice, caring partner? and that i don’t have to be alone in facing all of these things? and just the thought of someone being there for me one day really is a bit comforting

“I popped Captain America’s cherry !” - Steve Rogers x Reader (NSFW)

Steve Rogers is (was) a 90 years old virgin, someone had to “pop his cherry” one day you know. Just so happened it was you. Slightly NSFW. Well, actually, totally NSFW. Let’s just say it. First times and stuffs

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Being Tony Stark’s little sister wasn’t always easy. You couldn’t count the number of times you had to go pick him up somewhere because he was too drunk to come home on his own. Or the times you were waking up to go to school only to be met with a naked woman walking casually around…and getting suddenly flustered when she realized that Tony’s little sister was living with him. Or the times he just embarrassed you in general. Or when paparazzis just chased you everywhere just because you were his sister. Or just all of the Iron Man thing. You were in danger all the time, just because you were his sister…

Tony was twenty when your parents died, you were just a four year old at the time, and didn’t understand what was happening…Most of your childhood had been a bit chaotic. But you ended up fine, with all of his flaws, your brother still took good care of you. The perks of being rich really, an army of nannies were there when he wasn’t. 

Yes, being Tony Stark’s sister wasn’t always easy. But it definitely had its good sides. Your life was NEVER boring, and you always met interesting people. 

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, was one of those people. You guys “clicked” right away. You loved his gentlemanly way, and he loved the fact that you were always very careful not to make him uncomfortable by talking about something he didn’t know. You were very aware that he wasn’t from your era, and that sometimes, he struggled. You also were the only one to acknowledge the fact that he might have PTSD from WWII. And unlike most men, he really wasn’t interested in your money and fame that came with the package of being a Stark. He liked you just the way you were, and vice versa. Unlike your brother you never mocked him when he was confused about something from the modern world. You loved hearing about when he was in the forties, and you felt that talking about it made him feel better. After all, everything and everyone he knew was long gone, that had to take a toll on your mind…It became a habit for the two of you to meet every day for lunch and just talk about anything. 

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…how about both? :D;; i didn’t mean for this to be so involved but it kinda turned into a rival CEO-type AU… i just went with it. thanks for the request!! <3

[insert your own joke about a longstanding merger]

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Do you have any fic recommendations in thirsty clarke/bellamy? Just like admiring his shirtlesness,perhabs smut if there is? Thanks you, love your blog😘😘😘



*contains smut ;)

new: thirsty clarke & thirsting for each other tags!

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Hi! I was wondering if you had any opinions or objections about illustrating some of these quotes and/or submitting an illustrated quote from one of my games? If you'd prefer not I entirely understand, and have a great day regardless!

You’re more than welcome to submit illustrated quotes from your own games! You can select the “Image” option when submitting a post, which should format things correctly. 

Regarding illustrating other quotes from this blog, I certainly don’t think anyone would be upset if you reblogged our quotes with illustrations! 

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[Summer break 14.7]

It’s National Day today in my country, which means there will be fireworks tonight - that I’ll watch on my own since my friends are going with their families and I’m personally at uni. 
I queued over 300 posts overall, for this blog and my main one so you’ll see me active in the next couple of weeks. I’m currently engrossed in The Secret History (I have about 200 pages left), my rewatching of BTVS (I’m mid-season 6), and I set myself to actually go through my summer list for films and tv shows (I have a lot to watch…)
PS: Hazelnut milk in my coffee? Perfect. 

Listening to: the cicadae singing outside my window from 6 am to 9 pm.