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I am the Kilo-Kilo woman.  My ability allows me to freely change my weight from 1 kg to 10,000 kg in the blink of an eye!

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As someone in the creative field, do you have any tips on how to save up money?

I do! 

So, as you probably know saving money as an artist can be difficult. Definitely everything on this list I’ve compiled about how to save money requires effort and attention, no one saves money by ignoring their spendings. Depending on your life, abilities, and circumstances this list may not be helpful, however this is what I’ve done to build a decent savings. I have put my top 9 tips under the “Keep Reading”…

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CHI APPRECIATION WEEK //  i. favorite cards

Oh my look at all those Rikus and Ansems. Yes, as you may assume, I adore those jerks, and thus my favorite cards are extremely bias. In fact, the coming of the first Ansem and (dark mode)Riku cards were the reason I joined KHx to begin with; and here I am, still playing over a year later. Spending too much money on my very first Key Art card, oh, that gorgeous manga Key Art, and maxing out the the top and bottom Ansem(why did I spend $13 on this jerk) and Riku(the one time raise draw favored me I got that beauty) cards. Alas those X’d out cards are ones that I’m not fortunate enough to own, which sucks, raise draw sucks, why can’t it give me nice things for once even though none of them would be useful now that I’m a magic deck. There’s only one of these favorite cards that I hate— that stupid Ansem and Guardian card that I spent $50 trying to get but got nothing but Lexaeus and Zexion cards instead. Why me.

Why A Court of Thorns and Roses Being Turned Into a Film is a TERRIBLE Idea ...

Okay, when I first saw a post on tumblr a month or so ago that A Court of Thorns and Roses was going to be turned into a film, my first initial response was excitement. I get to see everything I’ve imagined up on the big screen, Feyre, Tamlin and Rhys being badass and I was happy that Sarah J Maas had been offered such an exciting deal because now the world can see how absolutely amazing her books truly are.

Then I thought about it.

And I suddenly got the most terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. I actually started staying no no no no no out loud and had to message my fiancé my distress XD here’s why:

#1: graphics and budget for the film.

If you think about it for a millisecond , over seventy percent of the characters, the scenes and the scenery cannot be replicated without extremely high and amazing graphics. A couple examples being Tamlin turning into a beast like five times, ALL the different types of high fae and creatures, I mean even the freaking housemaid has skin that literally looks like bark. All the different courts and magic that happens, it would obviously require a TON of money to even make it look half decent and not corny or with obviously bad graphics.

#2: big budget, big production company

Any of the books you love, what companies would you want producing said books? Let’s look at some past good ones and bad ones as examples: Harry Potter being taken by Warner brothers , good. The chronicles of Narnia, awesome ( until they decided to try and make more ) the marvel films, oh heck yeah.

Here are some bad ones: Eragon. Inkheart. Beautiful creatures. Gullivers Travels. The league of extraordinary gentlemen. The golden compass.

These are but a few examples and as you can see, sadly, my list is longer on the bad ones. My point ? Go look up the production company taking on Sarah J Maas’s book. Look up Tempo Productions. Do it. I did, and I wanted to stab my eyeballs out. Not trying to destroy anyone’s hopes and dreams for this film, but when you see Tempo Productions website you will feel as if you are falling into a black hole of despair.

They haven’t produced ANYTHING I recognize and according you my fiancé, ( who is from the Uk which is where this producing company hails from ) after his research, only two of the movies had barely decent ratings and only in Europe… Yeah… It’s that bad. Bottom line ? I don’t want them producing a movie from this book. They won’t have even a fourth of the funds required to make it worth watching ( at best ) and from my breif glance over, since they do mostly independent films, no graphic experience whatsoever. It’s doomed

#3: storyline and characters

One of the million reasons why Sarah j Maas’s books are so absolutely incredible is there is always something happening. You don’t have to force yourself through five chapters of boring day to day routine, no, there is always action, always a twist in the plot, hidden clues, tons of emotion and character development.

I just can’t see them fitting it all into one film without having to cut out some major parts no matter what way you look at it. Even if Disney or Warner brothers, etc took up this book and turned it into a film, unless you had the most genius director and film writer on the planet, I have no faith in it at all without it turning out half assed.

Last but not least, characters. This is a problem with a ton of films, the characters are almost NEVER the way they are supposed to look. It’s just … Eh. Never. I don’t want to see the way I see the characters described in the pages of a book ( especially the high fae ) look like an entirely different person on screen. That’s my rant over