one day i will learn to draw


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…


So, let me explain this garbage. I watched Leap Year the other day and thought “I should write a fanfic based on this!” but then I remembered I can’t write so I decided to draw out my favourite scenes like comics starring my Ereri babies.

If you’ve never seen the movie, basically Levi wants to get engaged but Erwin isn’t getting the hint so Levi follows him to Ireland to propose on leap day, which is like some old tradition, but he gets stuck in bumfuck-nowhere and hires Eren to get him to Dublin and, of course, shenanigans ensues.

I just really wanted a sassy high-maintenance Levi and a charming kind-of-jerk Eren. This’ll probabably have several parts because there’s so many scenes I want to do…

Part 2/Part 3/Part 4


i’m at that point between the artblock and being out of the artblock where I have bother inspiration and motivation back but still don’t like anything I draw…………. 80% of what i draw is tfc I’m never getting out of that hell ♫

detectivegeekshin  asked:

Hi~ I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely looove your comics and that everytime I see a new one in the tag they always make my day, so thank you!~ And will you ever draw more of the adventures of tiny baby Shinichi and baby Kaito? They are the cutest in you style btw!

thank you so much! sorry for the delay in answering this, i wanted to have the time to make a little comic to go with it :’)

shinichi’s first arrest! also the first and only time kaito has ever been caught by the fuzz. the next step is to start learning disappearing tricks to get away when shinichi catches him doing something bad, and after that he’ll learn to disguise himself as shinichi to frame him

this is after the boys have finally been colour-coded (and labelled), too. toichi and yusaku are getting better at telling the difference


I’ve been learning how to do CPR for the past few days, and was inspired to do another “draw the squad.”

(You could also add in your OTP with one as the person at the bottom and the other as basically anyone on the left side bahaha)

The top image is a PNG with a transparent background, so you should be able to edit it easily. The bottom one is normal.

Remember us // art+ words: r.i.d

Inktober 10.3.16

I’ve been rewatching Cardcaptor Sakura in the background lately while I draw - so much childhood nostalgia!! I keep thinking through each episode that Tomoyo is an absolute angel…

DrawWithFaebWeek day 5! I re-drew and painted one of the first paintings I ever did. This was an emotional experience for me because I remember how afraid I was in that first painting, that I’d never learn how to do it. And now, while I’m not there yet, I’m much more confident that I can learn because drawing every day for almost two years has given me such hope.