one day i will learn how to do backgrounds

I never would have guessed Fraxus would be my first ship art on this site, but after I drew Freed today I had too

Deaf (A Luke Hemmings Oneshot)

Rating: PG, mention of sexy sex

Pairing: Luke Hemmings

Word Count:

hey look, lizzie actually wrote something for the first time in like a year as always, this is dedicated to maddythegiant, who’s my baby g.

But most of all I will never hear you say that you love me, so it’s almost as if you never said anything at all.

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Child of Gondolin

also: The Superlatively Superfluous Adventures of Legolas (and Tauriel)

Dateline: Gundabad 14.5

to people who are interested and new in creating CC

thats great. amazing, in fact. its nice youre willing to create things off of your own hardwork and share it with the community. you should also know its a process that is time consuming because you need to familiarize yourself with all these programs like Blender Photoshop TSRW S4S whatnot.

im addressing this bc for the past week/month some of my friends and I (maybe other creators too) have gotten msgs like

“how do you mesh clothes”
“how do you make hair”
“how to do conversions”
“how to recolor”
“how to make tattoos”
“how to make poses”
“how do u make custom skin”

and its completely ok to ask that and we are always willing to help, heck, we could even get dinner together on top of that. but not to a point where you get passive aggressive when you are told “its a lot of work, you need to do this and this on your own and be familiar with all the programs, from there it will be easy peasy for you”. and when you do not even know how to open Photoshop, YET youre pushing these creators to help you with 3D modelling etc. these creators did not wake up one day and was suddenly granted the knowledge of creating custom content.

it took them months and years to learn. theyre probably still learning now. some of them even had background with PS, Blender and 3D modelling in HS or college. so for you to be ANGRY when someone tells you you need to learn it on your own time is… weird.

when i was new here and seen some cool cc, ofcourse i wanted to know the how tos. first i learnt how to recolour and paste some logos on a shirt, then i learnt to make tattoos, then i proceed to learn how to convert TS3 objects to TS4. and from only those steps, i obtained a lot of knowledge and experience with PS and Blender, which can lead you to making whatever the hell you want honestly. poses, new meshes, editting meshes, CAS conversions, whatever.

but anyway all im trying to say is, you should try before you ask. in my opinion that is how you learn. you cannot depend on a person to guide you step by step if you dont even bother OR EVEN make the effort to look up for tutorials on Google or Youtube. if you want to be a great creator, start off with your own blood, sweat and tears first.

(little shoutout for the people who has helped me/gave me tips in any way: @bellaisadellima @overkillsimmer @talesofascrewup @leahlillith @simplyking @simpliciaty @leo-sims @sims4bymia)

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Dear Maggie, Just looked at the ask about kavinsky's pack. Does this mean you're a directioner? Keeping my fingers crossed because I love your taste in music.

Dear allofherstories,

I’m not, but some of my close friends are, so I try to be supportive by, like, remembering when the feast days are so I realize why they’re not on chat that day, and learning how to make some of the recipes that are traditional to followers of Liam or Louis or whatever, and knowing a few of the lyrics so that my friends can tell that I’m trying to understand their background and their filter on life. I’ve only just learned that Zayn apparently sailed into the West/ Undying Lands this March and I’m already trying to strategize ways to be extra supportive on the anniversary of that next year. One does what they can. One can always do better.



Places to learn Swedish

Submitting because it’s too long for an ask–
I see a lot of people asking about places to learn Swedish– is the best place I have come across. You get like a month or two of premium free, then you can get basic (which is really all you need) for like 50$ for a two year subscription (~2$ a month!). It’s fantastic and teaches things/phrases/conversations that are actually relevant and real (I’m looking at you, 

It is formatted by having two native speakers having a conversation, which is repeated three times–Swedish at a normal pace, Swedish slowly, and with an English translation–then it breaks down the grammar, vocab, and cultural context and explains common confusions or ways formal/inform differ before concluding with the conversation from the beginning again. It’s a podcast and you can download it and use it without data/wi-fi, or use it through the app without downloading any of the files. It builds on itself, but also can be used in random intervals because of the explanations. They also have “episodes” of just important vocab and culture things. is cool because it is free and is an awesome vocab builder, but gives no context or explanations and uses sentences no one would ever say. I use it in conjunction with Swedish pod 101 and it has helped my reading and writing a lot, but it sucks on its own.
I started doing these a little over a year ago and was able to get around and participate in/understand a lot of conversations. I still used English a lot because I wasn’t fully comfortable, but my friends were shocked how much I knew. 

Now I’m moving in Sweden in 9 days (super excited omg) and am really glad I have some background knowledge of the language, but the best way to learn is immersion. I actually haven’t been doing the programs for about a month but have been looking for apartments and talking to people about getting situated over there, so I’m constantly exposed to the language and that is a huge help. 

And as a note for native English speakers wanting to learn Swedish–it’s really not that hard. But also 98% of swedes speak English so if you go there, you are fine without knowing the language.
Hope that is helpful! If anyone has questions about the programs or anything, feel free to ask me
-Courtney// @anamelessbitch

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For the 'What If Confessions' for either Pietro or Wanda, the Recruit should secretly learn how to say 'I love you' or at least 'wanna go out for a date' in Sokovian from Nat and then just spring it one day. Boom, swooning twin. Black Widow cackling in the background and herding everyone else away.

Not exactly a what if confession, but goddammit Nat…

“Te iubesc.”

Pietro choked on his drink and Wanda gasped. “Draga mea! Do you even know what you’re saying?”

You frowned. Did you say it wrong? “Te iubesc? I think so?”

While Pietro was struggling to breathe, his sister scanned the surroundings until her eyes landed on the redhead who was a distance away trying to hold a stoic face except her lip was twitching. Wanda gave her the ‘I’ve got my eyes on you’ gesture and turned to you. “You can’t say that to just anyone! Don’t say it to anyone else but Pietro or myself.” She paused. “And don’t ask Natasha to teach you Sokovian. Come to us.”

“Dammit, did she make me swear at you? I wanted to say ‘please’.”

Pietro was still trying to gasp for air.

Sweet dreams ‘til sunbeams find you
Sweet dreams to leave all worries behind you
But in your dreams whatever they be
Dream a little dream of me

Ink and colored pencil.  It’s transparent simply because I couldn’t be bothered to do some kind of background.

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Hi! I made my first GIF like 3 days ago and I just found your tumblr, and I think what you do is awesome. Sweet and poetic, sooo adorable ! It makes me want to create things on my own :) I was wondering how long have you been making those for ? And did you learn by yourself or do you have some kind of formation in animation ? (I hope you don't get asked that too often) Anyway thank's for the motivation, the inspiration. I hope good things comes your way ! :) Bye bye

Thank you very much!! :D I had a look at your first gif and its very good! 

I think I started making gifs around this time two years back. I guess I ve always had an art background and ALWAYS wanted to get into animation. anyway. one day I finished an illustration…I kept on looking at it and thinking wouldn’t be cool if I made it move. So I did and it looked cool xD (yay)since then I just experimented a lot (both old school and digital). 

Just keep experimenting and keeping making! You will eventually find something that really works for you! :) dont rush. enjoy the process!

Ths is the gif I mentioned earlier. you can still see my old signature and logo ahh  xD xx


hey guys! i’ve decided i’m going to take commissions. my situation is basically that me and my mom left my nasty abusive dad about a year and a half ago and because i don’t have a job money’s pretty tight. i’m not going to give you a sad story about all the shit that goes on because chances are if you’re poor you know what i mean. so money from this will go to things like: food, clothes, probably a new binder, and lbh probably some shit i don’t need.

prices are subject to go up and down depending on how much time/effort went into the piece but it won’t be more than in the range of $5-10. if it’s something that’s not on here (i.e. super complicated ship pieces, anatomy poses that wouldn’t have a reference, ect) it’s because i’m still struggling with learning how to do those and i only want to give my best quality. however, i am flexible on things like a full background, animals, and more than one character. just keep in mind that we’ll discuss a different price.

usually if i’m motivated, a full one like the bottom right will only take me a day. but i do have adhd so it might take longer, but bear with me.

i’ll be accepting payment through paypal :)

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