one day i will draw something not ugly i swear to god

The Gang As Girls (Headcanons)
  • Ponyboy:
  • -she’s so adorable omg
  • -has freckles
  • -her hair goes to the level of her shoulders
  • -Soda always makes the most adorable braids of her hair
  • -likes to craft all sort of stuff
  • -has flowercrowns she made herself
  • -she just loves adding stuff to anything
  • -got plain jeans? give it to her and she’ll make a miracle out of it!
  • -doesn’t like to show off
  • -wants to grow longer hair like her sister’s
  • -small bit jealous of Soda’s hair
  • -pretty tall for her age
  • -doesn’t like loud music
  • -kinda insecure about her freckles
  • -but everyone loves them and finds them so ultra super couper extra cute
  • -gets nervous while talking about her crushes
  • -johnny’s bff
  • -just the cutest girl you’ll ever meet
  • -won’t admit but loves The Beatles
  • -would marry all 4 of them
  • -no question
  • -they’re the reason she has bangs
  • -Two-Bit has all their albums and she’s so jealous
  • -she has a diary
  • -her favourite actor is Marlon Brando
  • -favourite actress is Audrey Hemburn
  • -there isn’t a movie on this planet that moves her world as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
  • Sodapop:
  • -has long soft & shiny hair
  • -big baby eyes
  • -how does she do it???
  • -wears a lot of different hair clips
  • -uses hair spray
  • -takes good care of her nails
  • -everyone just loves her
  • -has a very weird fashion sense
  • -she can go from pink girly dress to guerrilla pants, denim jackets and big boots
  • -has a tini tiny crush on Steve
  • -no one knows it
  • -besides Ponyboy
  • -and he’s teasing her about it when they’re alone
  • -likes taking ponyboy’s stuff
  • -she still didn’t return that flowercrown she took last month
  • -Pony’s reminding her 24/7 that she has to give it back
  • -she acts like she’s keep forgetting to give it back
  • -she actually gave it to Steve
  • -so, Pony better say goodbye to your beloved flowercrown
  • -tried cooking
  • -failed
  • -Darry’s been on edge of nerves to learn her to cook
  • -nope
  • -still failure
  • -has a huge poster of Elvis in her room
  • -would sell her soul for it
  • -acts like she can wear heels
  • -no she cannot
  • Darrel:
  • -100% wonderwoman.
  • -she has hair which goes to the middle of her back but most of the time she keeps it in a tall ponytail
  • -usually wears baggy jeans and wide shirts
  • -COOKING LEVEL OVER 99999999
  • -makes the bEST brownies in whole Tulsa
  • -it’s like a social gathering whenever she makes brownies
  • -very protective of her sisters
  • -secretely knows about Pony’s “beatlemania” but won’t tell
  • -always there to save her sisters from any kind of trouble
  • -wishes they could do more stuff on their own
  • -cracks puns on a good day
  • -cracks pans against somebody’s head on a bad day (jk jk jk 😂)
  • -loves to get dressed real nice when going somewhere important
  • -her mother left her pearls and she wears them only on special occasions
  • -loves wearing bracelets
  • -for her last birthday Soda & Pony bought her a small box full of different bracelets
  • -each one for each day
  • -she was extremely happy with the present
  • -she wears them everyday, making sure they know how happy they made her with it
  • -Two-Bit is her bestie
  • -they didn’t hang out that much in since Darry started working
  • -she misses those days
  • -but they still get to hang out sometimes
  • -also listen to records
  • -she loves listening to The Who
  • -has 2 albums under her bed
  • -would wear bell bottoms 24/7
  • -makes her legs look longer
  • -plus comfortable & fashionable
  • Dallas:
  • -has boy-short hair
  • -has a blade in her backpocket
  • -cheekbones as high as her ego
  • -porcelain pretty clean face
  • -if you don’t count few bruises from last week’s fight
  • -not into girly style of dressing
  • -rocks leather jacket
  • -owns a collection of chokers
  • -has wild hair
  • -Johnny tried putting hair clips to make it look decent
  • -nope
  • -the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
  • -sometimes she goes out in a skirt
  • -rarely but it happens
  • -the girl got all the whisles
  • -and she punched every guy who even dared to say something about her look
  • -her favourite actor is James Dean
  • -she rewatched “Rebel Without A Cause” too many times
  • -feels kinda insecure about her teeth
  • -she tried not to smile too often
  • -Johnny noticed this and told her she has the prettiest & brightest teeth she ever saw
  • -since then Dally’s been laughing like crazy
  • -a huge fan of The Doors
  • -would kill if it meant she can go to one of their concerts
  • -has posters of Jim Morrison in her room
  • -and if you look a bit closer you can also see a few photos of Marilyn Monroe
  • -she absolutely adores her
  • -she and Johnny sometimes recreate scenes from “Some Like it Hot”
  • -of course, Dallas is going as Marilyn Monroe
  • - “I swear to god, if you tell anyone what we just did, not only I will beat you up, I’ll beat you up for good!”
  • - “You’ve got my word!“
  • -professional at doing makeup
  • -not many people know this since she only wears makeup during night’s out
  • -Soda is jealous of her skills
  • -has a small plant which is placed on her room’s window
  • -loves the plant
  • -she even caught herself singing to the plant so it’ll grow faster
  • Steve:
  • -a bit shorter than Soda
  • -has curly hair that goes a little above her shoulders
  • -loVES sweets
  • -specially anything with chocolate
  • -she looks tough & masculine
  • -but still adorable and effortless
  • -when she was younger she didn’t like her nose
  • -no one would even think about it but she she stood in front of a mirror, stared at her face and cried
  • -one time Soda came in and saw her crying in front of a mirror
  • -Soda walked closer to her and pulled her into a hug
  • -they sat in Steve’s room for few hours
  • -Soda didn’t wish to leave until Steve was completely satisfied with her look
  • -“Why would you even think your nose is ugly? It’s beautiful the way it is, just look at it! Look how beautiful is your whole pretty face!”
  • -since then, Steve hasn’t let even a tear
  • -her favourite movie is “Gilda”
  • -she’s a pro at fixing cars
  • -and she looks super cute in her working suit
  • -specially when she wraps a ribbon around her hair
  • -you wouldn’t even believe what kind of beauties work at DX
  • -there are times she walks out in a dress
  • -her favourite dress is dark blue with white dots all over it
  • -her favourite thing to wear on her head beside her ribbon is a flowercrown soda gave her a month ago
  • -simply loves wearing everything
  • -from all makeup, she only uses lipstick
  • -her car is the coolest car in whole Tulsa
  • -has her name written on back of it
  • -she dreams about being Rita Hayworth
  • Two-Bit:
  • -goofiest of all the gang
  • -has straight hair which comes to level of her shoulders
  • -her hair is most of the time tied in piggytails
  • -her dream is to go to Disneyland
  • -she’d take all her friends with her
  • -has a big jewerlly box she made herself
  • -she filled it with all kinds of badges
  • -she has her own collection of badges
  • -gang only knows about it
  • -she has all albums by The Beatles
  • -has no idea Pony is head over heels crazy about them
  • -she likes to wear denim jackets
  • -some of them has a mickey mouse drawn on them
  • -she likes to draw
  • -she made her own little comic series just like mickey mouse
  • -she called the comic: “Two & The Bit”
  • -she had nothing else on her mind so it was more than okay
  • -used to be very close with Darry
  • -hopes those days will be back again
  • -a big fan of color blue
  • -Paul McCartney is her idol
  • -John Lennon is her saviour
  • -the movie she enjoys watching is “Sabrina” with Audrey Hemburn
  • -she and Pony watched it together
  • -both fell in love with it
  • -Steve gave her a lolipop with Mickey Mouse’s face on it
  • -she stared at it so long
  • -she didn’t want to eat such a masterpiece
  • -but still ate it since Dally said he’ll eat it if she won’t
  • Johnny:
  • -her hair is little longer than Dally’s
  • -she has beautiful dark skin
  • -such a cutie beautie
  • -big dark eyes
  • -small nose with few smaller moles on her face
  • -she wears whatever she finds in her closet
  • -she and Pony are like the cutest duo in history
  • -she reads a lot
  • -her favourite book is “Sherlock Holmes”
  • -she watched every movie based on the book
  • -Pony lets her take some of her jewelly
  • -and Johnny lets Pony some of hers
  • -she’s amazed by Pony’s designs, like the flowercrows she made
  • -Johnny even tried writing poetry
  • -she really likes Jimi Hendrix
  • -she knows the lyrics to all his songs
  • -she even got Dallas to listen to them with her
  • -she really admires Dally
  • -but thinks she should try to not get in so much trouble
  • -really quiet
  • -doesn’t like attention
  • -wishes she could get to go to London
  • -she loves doing impressions of Sherlock Holmes
dear evan hansen headcannons

- bisexual

- 5'10

- he tends to do things like tap his pencil or his foot or he plays with erasers or some shit he’s just always doing something with his hands

- has those erasers with removable pieces because “THEY’RE CUTE CONNOR I LOVE THEM”

- freckles. more freckles after a day in the sun. freckles everywhere.

- has a bonsai tree


- actually really fit because of his outdoor activities??

- lifted connir off of the ground like he was a feather and everyone was Shocked


- LOVES TO BAKE BUt kind of sucks at it

- afraid of big dogs. and fluffy dogs. and dogs with big eyes and long tails and legs and just dogs. he’s scared of dogs.

- cheesy romantic. reads romance books and watches romantic movies and just. my boy.

- when he’s feeling down he goes to connor because they can trust each other because of the one thing they have in common - the suicide attempts.

- dyed a streak of his hair blue for halloween one time and made connor cry


- got high once and laughed for seven minutes straight before passing out

- has a burn scar on his back from when jared set him on fire by accident

- learns to do hair because he likes touching connors hair

- he maybe likes connors dog a little bit

- “i may seem collected on the outside but on the inside i am screaming 24/7.”

- borderline personality disorder !!!!

- sees a therapist and takes medication

- he honestly went through ten therapists before deciding to go with evan to his therapist

- has a pitbull named cheese that his mom got him to help calm him down when he snaps

- still a dick every now and then but he’s Trying

- 6'0"

- panseuxal

- is literally. always napping. he sleeps on the ground. on his desk. on evan. anywhere.

- paints his nails when he’s high with 100% accuracy but fails when he’s sober


- LOVES sweets. needs them. craves them.

- literally cries over evan’s freckles like what

- sarcastic as all hell

- he and jared’s friendship is just a race to see who can roast the other faster

- draws on himself constantly until he has literal sleeves of designs on his arms. then he moves to drawing on his friends.

- alana buys him a sketchbook when she wakes up with white sharpie printed on her face

- he draws the most AMAZING scenery and designs

- probably wants to be a tattoo artiat

- always records himself when he’s high

- new bruises and cuts every day - he bumps into things a lot when he’s high

- he gets his first piercing from a dude in an alley. it’s a septum piercing. everyone screams when they see it.

- hates pepe

- comments on how gay he is every day.

- still has bad days and when he does he locks himself in his room and calls evan

- evan’s talk of trees got him into plants. owns seven cactuses, a pot full of forget-me-nots and three succulents with names and backstories.

- “i will shove my foot so far up your ass you’ll be tasting leather and shit for the rest of your pathetic life you wrinkly numbnut”

- still having trouble forgiving her brother for all the years of mental abuse

- 5'10

- lesbian af

- makeup that could literally kill a god

- likes to wear crops tops and dresses

- wears sweatpants to school ONCE and is reminded of it every day for the rest of her life

- literally a huge photography nerd

- has EVERY PICTURE SHES EVER TAKEN hanging on her wall. even that ugly ass one of connor screaming over titanic when they were thirteen.

- probably does yoga

- dreams of going to paris. can literally speak in french and owns literally everything with the eiffel tower on it.

- replies to everything in meme language. her parents are worried for her. connor wants to die again.

- has a poem alana wrote to her on her wall next to her bed

- so many pictures of alana


- likes to draw constellations with evan’s freckles on his face

- literally has not combed her hair since fourth grade?? its just naturally perfect???

- “im gayer than you connor”


- so much emoji’s

- steals all of alana’s hoodies

- hates not having anything to do so much

- 5'6"

- in every school club tbh

- also a lesbian

- a journalist/writer

- literally stays up until 2 am every day and comes to school looking like a goddess


- she probably tutors everyone

- “what’s the answer to this problem alana” “hella”


- can kill you in two seconds with The Look


- probably listens to asmr

- totally has tumblr


- feminist. not a feminazi, will make jokes about women being in the kitchen with jared but will stab you if you are genuinely against women’s rights

- attempts to do yoga with zoe once. she breaks her nose.


- likes to do diys.


- once punched a man for a klondike bar

- “sorry im two hours late feminism called”

- panromantic asexual!!!!!

- 5'4"

- a gaming youtuber

- actually somehow has like 1,000 followers???

- everyone has been in his videos at least once


- every birthday connor buys him a bath bomb and screams “CRONCH” in his face

- enjoys really cringey memes

- has a german shepard named Sir Titlicker


- once tripped on a bug

- he’s actually self conscious and hides behind self deprecating jokes

- threw a dreidel at the menorah once when he was little and is still not allowed near the menorah

- soft chub legs

- much Sarcasm

- literally is so sarcastic with connor??? they like each other but sometimes even evan wonders if they actually like each other or not

- probably enjoys nickelback


- likes star wars probably

- wore a shirt that said “im a gamer” once

- “burn that shirt now” “EVAN WHAT THE FUCK”

- actually cried when he played slenderman with Evan

- “are you ok” “IS HE GONE EVAN IS HE GONE” “yes” /looks up and sees slenderman appear “WHDBANFBJDJSBSDH” /evan is wheezing

- makes dirty jokes 24/7 but literally blushes for 9 years if you make a dirty joke towards him

- actually Fragile

- in a cult probably

- probably has a runescape series on his YouTube channel

- has set evan on fire before

- he tries to be a good friend he really dies but he fails sometimes

- “are you a nail baby because ill hammer you into the wall tonight ;)"

one night snap (pt. 1)

words: 1813
description: [23:09] Kim Taehyung:

warnings: none (in this part)
a/n: this was heavily inspired by snapstreak by @namjoone​ (if you’re into taekook, i highly recommend you read it), it’s just that i’ve been thinking about this all week and i wanted to write something with a similar setting and Snapchat is the perfect app for these sort of one-shots hehe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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DenNor - Mark My Words

As he wakes, blinking hazily and stretching aching muscles, Søren’s gaze immediately goes to the new design drawn into the skin of his bicep.

Evidently, his soulmate has given into his tattoo obsession once more.

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The Knight's Return

AN: Hi! It’s been awhile, so I hope this (rather long) drabble makes up for it a bit. I wrote it instead of working on my WIPs… (I do feel rather guilty about that). Anyway, it’s a Sherlolly Medieval-ish AU that has all the makings of a cheesy romance plot…I have no regrets. 

The entire kingdom was abuzz with excitement as the morning of the royal wedding dawned. Bakers and chefs were rushing about preparing the food for the enormous celebration feast and seamstresses and tailors were rushing to put the final touches on gowns and shirttails alike.

The castle servants were rushing about putting the final touches on the decorations and making sure each room was prepared for their guests.

Even the king and queen were a bit manic in their excitement, trying to oversee it all while welcoming their once-enemy kingdom’s royal family. Soon to be intertwined by their children’s union.

Yes, everyone was looking forward to the wedding.

Except, as it happens, the bride-to-be.


The princess leaned out her window and looked down upon the crowd below as the unfamiliar black carriages bearing the insignia of her future husband’s royal crest rolled inside the gates.

Her stomach roiled in fear and despair and she grasped tightly the ring that hung on a silver chain around her neck, praying for deliverance from whomever would grant it.

She had never met her betrothed and she was enraged that her parents had signed a contract of marriage without her consent. And to promise a wedding within 3 weeks of the agreement?! 

Call her romantic or fantastical, but she wanted to marry for love. To choose the man she would spend the rest of her life with, the man she would rule beside one day, overseeing their joined kingdoms.

She didn’t want to marry a stranger.

She wanted to marry her knight.

Her Sherlock. A knight as brave and honorable as she had ever met. She had give her heart to him almost as soon as he’d knelt before her father and sworn his fealty to the crown.

In only a matter of months, she found herself sneaking out of the grounds to meet him in the forest, their whispered words of devotion fading into the moonlit night. With a promise of love, he had given her a ring, crafted by his hand from the links of his armor.

‘So you know that wherever I am, a part of me will always be with you.’

But their time was precious and fleeting, for not a month after their first declaration, Sherlock was lost in battle against an uprising contingent. Molly remembered the devastating day the knights came back, bloody and exhausted, their victory marred by painful losses.

She had rushed out to meet them, ignoring her father’s order to stay back. She walked between the rows of knights, straining for any sign of her beloved Sherlock.

As the men thinned, she grew fearful. And then she saw John, Sherlock’s right hand and best friend. His face was pale and drawn. He caught her gaze and shook his head once.

Her heart had died that day.


The door to her chambers opened.

‘My lady, it’s time.’

Molly acknowledged Sir John’s announcement with a nod and tucked the ring into her gown. Unable to bring herself to smile, she accepted his arm silently and allowed him to lead her out.

Outside, the people were cheering and celebrating. But inside, the castle was as solemn as a tomb. Every servant was in attendance at the throne room, each knight and guest as well. Following weeks of endless preparation, it felt oddly calming to walk the stone halls in silence.

But each step closer to her bridegroom felt like a piercing betrayal to her love.

They paused outside the closed doors, behind which her future waited. Sir Gregory stood at attention, waiting for the signal of the bells to open the doors.

‘Do you ever think about him?’

Sir John stiffened slightly. 'My lady, surely today is not the day to dwell on-’

'Just answer the question,’ she interrupted quietly.

He sighed. 'Every day.’

'I wish…’ She couldn’t bring herself to say it, the words catching in her throat.

Sir John hesitated a moment before quietly admitting, 'If he were alive, you would most certainly not be wedding anyone else.’

Molly felt tears fill her eyes and she stopped to kiss John’s cheek. 'Thank you.’

'My loyalty will always be sworn to you, my lady. And I will always be there to protect you.’

Molly smiled for the first time that day. Turning back toward the waiting ceremony room, she braced herself. 'Then let us do our duties. For the kingdom.’

Sir John admired her courage and willingness to marry for the sake of her kingdom. But he cursed fate for tearing her true love away from her so cruelly.

‘For the kingdom,’ he agreed.

The bells rang out the hour and Sir John stepped forward to open the door to the throne room, Sir Gregory doing the same on the other side.


Every eye was watching as she walked toward the priest, her head held high. She kept her eyes locked on the cross hanging in the center of the priest’s chest. Beside him, with his back to her, was the prince. She avoided looking at him, knowing that if she did, she would abandon all hope of courage and flee.

She drew up to his side and accepted his arm as they knelt on the long cushion before the priest, his pristine white gloves stitched with black thread.

'We are gathered to witness not only the union between Princess Molly and Prince William, but the uniting of two kingdoms. Once feuding, now coming together as one.’

Her heart was pounding and her hands were shaking. She could feel the warmth emanating from beside her, but she couldn’t bring herself to look at him. Not when she desperately wished he was another man.

All too soon, Molly found herself promising herself to this stranger before God and man, for the good of their kingdoms. 'I solemnly swear so to do.’

And then the priest turned to Prince William, putting the same questions to him.

'I solemnly swear so to do.’

Molly’s heart stopped. That…it couldn’t be.

She slowly, hesitantly, turned her head. Staring back at her was a dead man, brought to life. She gasped as she took in the shorn curls, the tan of his angular face, and the unabashed love shining in his blue green eyes.

'Sherlock,’ she breathed in wonder.

He lifted her hand to his lips and smiled tenderly down at her. 'As if I would let something as ridiculous as death stop me from letting you marry anyone else.’

The priest was still speaking over them, but Molly cared not one wit for what he was saying. Instead, she pulled her knight, her beloved, into a kiss that went far in healing the pain of the two years they’d spent apart.

Behind them, their parents wiped tears from their eyes, their feud forgiven, as the crowd cheered.

'I love you,’ she whispered thickly when they broke apart. She couldn’t stop touching him, her hands caressing his tear-struck cheeks, taking in her resurrected love. 'I love you so much. But how could you have let me think- let us all believe-’

She pressed her fists into his chest in anger.

'A story that can wait for another day, my love,’ he promised, gathering her hands in his, and ran his gaze over her face as if she were a precious work of art. 'Today, let us celebrate the fact that a mission of intended espionage brought us together.’

Molly looked at him in question, but let it go when he kissed her once again.

The priest chuckled. 'Shall we consider the ceremony nearing its end and adjourn to the celebration posthaste?’

Laughter met his question and he quickly wrapped up with the announcement of the bride and groom. Quickly placing their new crowns atop their heads, the colors of their kingdoms woven together in metals of gold and black, the priest stepped back and announced to all who could hear:

'Long live the Prince and Princess. May their years of marriage be blessed.’

Sherlock helped Molly to her feet and they turned to face their people, hand in hand. 

‘And may they be many,’ Sherlock added softly, leaning down to kiss her sweetly. 


This was most definitely not how Molly ever imagined her wedding day. It was almost like a dream. 

The breeze blew through the room and she shivered, drawing her robe around her as she stared out into the starry night. 

Behind her, the door opened and her husband entered. She turned and tears filled her eyes at the sight of him. His tunic and boots abandoned in the outer chamber, he sauntered into the room in only his trousers and crown. His curls were browner than she remembered and he’d cut them close to his head, no longer dangling in front of his eyes. She hoped to convince him to grow it out once more.

‘I am most definitely glad that Sir John is on our side… for the most part,’ he grumbled, touching the tender bruise rising on his cheek. When she didn’t speak, he looked up at her in question.


She swallowed thickly. ‘I just still cannot believe you’re here,’ she whispered. 

‘I promise,’ he said, closing the distance between them. ‘I will never leave you again.’

Resting her head against his chest, listening to the beat of his heart, she asked, ‘Will you not tell me why you let me believe you dead for these past torturous years?’

He sighed and rested his chin atop her head. ‘I was sent into your kingdom as a spy. No one would suspect the crown prince to take up such a role. It was when I saw you standing there as I knelt to take that oath of knighthood, that I realised you could put my entire mission in jeopardy.’


‘Yes, you.’ He leaned back and smiled at her. ‘And you did. Instead of gathering information, I found myself falling in love with you. By the time of my pre-planned extraction, I was prepared to do everything in my power to bring peace between our kingdoms. So I could be with you.’

‘Your extraction?’ 

His lips twisted. ‘The battle in which I supposedly was left for dead. I was only supposed to fake my death. But something went terribly wrong and I was taken in the chaos. I eventually escaped, but not without being grievously injured.’ He turned around and she gasped at seeing the ugly scar that crossed his back, from the top of his right shoulder and down to his left hip. The extent of the scarring testified to the severity of his wound. Molly reached out and trailed her finger along the jagged skin. 

‘Oh, Sherlock,’ she breathed. 

He turned back around and caught her hands. ‘Never you mind. I’m here, I’m well, and our kingdoms are at peace.’

Still struggling to make sense of it all, Molly latched on to a single thought. ‘So my parents knew who you were when they agreed to the wedding?’

'Of course,’ he chuckled. ‘It took some time to convince my parents to meet with yours without risking bloodshed. But once I confessed that we had fallen in love, everything else fell into place. They would rather see us happy, merging our kingdoms into one with as many heirs as we will give them, than continue wasting lives, time and resources fighting a feud that neither side remembers what it is even about.’

Molly smiled in wonder. ‘And about time.’

Sherlock agreed. ‘Indeed, but enough about that. I believe we were married today.’

‘Yes, yes we were.’ She smiled widely, her arms coming up and around his neck, as he leaned down to kiss along her jaw. ‘And about time.’

He laughed against her skin and she closed her eyes, wanting to remember this feeling of pure joy forever.

‘Now, my lovely wife, we have the rest of our lives to look forward to. And I fully intend to make up for every moment of heartbreak I’ve caused you.’ 

He started backing toward the luxurious bed, his hand trailing down her arm only to catch her hand and pull her with him. She laughed softly and followed all too willingly.

‘You’re doing a wonderful job already, my love.’


And so the two kingdoms became one. And upon the ninth month of their marriage, the Prince and Princess welcomed the first of what would be their four children. 

And they all lived happily ever after.

Just An Act: Part Two

Summary: Dean is the new kid at your school and takes a liking to you, finding you interesting.

Warning: language, abusive father, deceased family member.

Word Count: 763

Previous Parts: Part One  

A/N: Hey guys, sorry that this took so long to update.  I took a break from Tumblr to focus on my school work, but I’m back now. I hope you enjoy! Also, feel free to message me if you want to be added to the tag list. 

“Hey, (Y/N),” Dean called as he jogged over towards me.

I was sitting under the big oak tree that grew in front of the school, an apple in one hand and a pen in the other.  Dean sat down next to me and relaxed his back against the tree.

“Damn, that’s really good,” he said as he grabbed the sketch off of my lap.

“Excuse me,” I said as I reached for the piece of paper.

“Do you like him?” Dean asked, referring to the boy I was drawing.

“Just a subject,” I told him as I finally pulled my sketch away from him.

“I’m sure,” he joked. “Isn’t he the most popular guy in school? Captain of the football team or something.”

Originally posted by anastasiapanda

“Yeah, and an arrogant asshole if you ask me,” I said as I worked on shadowing.

“Most are,” Dean added. Dean and I spent lunch together every day of that next week; every day until Friday.  

I was in the kitchen, cooking for my father again while also holding a bag of frozen peas to my swollen, blackened eye when I heard the knock at the door.  I went to answer it but my dad beat me there, swinging the door open in a drunken manner to reveal Dean.

“Um, hi sir,” he started, “I’m looking for (Y/N).”

“And why is that?” my dad slurred.

Dean looked past my father and saw me, still holding the peas to my eye.  After giving me a questioning look he said, “I brought her the work she missed today so she wouldn’t get behind.”

“Give it here, boy,” he demanded as he ripped the assignments out of Dean’s hands. “Now get off my fucking property before I call the cops.”

My father slammed the door in Dean’s face then threw the textbook that was filled with my homework at me, “Did you fucking tell him to come?”

“No, sir,” I replied quietly.

“Then why the hell did he come?” He yelled.

“I don’t know,” I told him.

“You better not be lying,” He screamed, “‘cause if I find out that you are I’ll give you more than a black eye next time.  Now bring me my fucking dinner and go to your room, I don’t want to see your ugly face anymore.”

After I got to my room I immediately closed the door behind me. Angrily I turned and chucked the bag of frozen peas at the wall, almost hitting Dean in the process.

“What in God’s name are you doing here?” I whispered, wide-eyed.

“Did he do that to you?” Dean asked as he tilted my chin to get a better look at my eye.

Originally posted by supernaturalxxl

“No,” I said as I pushed him away. “I ran into something.”

“Y/N,” he began.

“I’m fine,” I lied. “But you won’t be if he catches you up here.”

“Y/N, I know you’re lying.” He told me.

“No, I swear,” I said.

Dean gave me a look but I ignored it.

“I have to get to work,” I smiled. “Thanks for bringing my school work over though, I wasn’t feeling very good earlier so decided not to go.”

Suddenly, the thumping sound of someone staggering up the stairs echoed into my room.

“Shit,” I said as I pushed Dean into my small closet, his body barely fitting.

“Y/N!” My father yelled.

“Yes sir,” I answered.

“Where the hell did you move the god damn money to?” He asked angrily.  

“We barely have enough for bills, but-”

I was cut off as the back of his hand slammed into my cheek. I didn’t wince, I knew better than that. Keeping a straight face I removed the painting that hung on my wall and grabbed the envelope full of money that I had taped to it. I gave him all of it and he happily left.

As soon as the door slammed behind my father Dean pushed himself out of his hiding place.

“(Y/N),” he started.

“I-” I began, my back facing him. “I need to get ready for work.”

He walked over to me placing his hands on my arms.

“Dean, please just leave,” I whispered, trying my best not to lean into his embrace.

“Come with me,” he replied. “I don’t want you here with him.”

“He’s my father,” I told him, “I’m kind of obligated to be here with him, Dean.”

“Not right now you aren’t,” Dean said. “Come on and-“

“I have to get to work.”


“Dean just get the fuck out!” I yelled.


“I don’t want you here,” I lied. “Just leave.”

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BTS - Hyung Line: How You Met Them

A/N: This is a little special series I’m doing, I hope you like them. Also, If you want, I’m going to post the Maknae Line version.

Warnings: Really long post, fluff right from my empty heart (lmao), swearing words


Sharing an apartment with your best friend wasn’t the greatest idea you had ever had. She was lazy, noisy and unclean, so you were always the one who cleaned, prepared dinner,… Basically, you were the only one who took care of the apartment.

It was ten o’clock, at night. When you opened the fridge, your eyes went wide. There was only one yogurt left.

“Y/F/N! I’m gonna kill you!” You shouted. “How did this happen?”

“Well, I invited some friends yesterday.” She said.

“Fuck, no, Sherlock.” You answered with sassynes. “Aagh. Nevermind. I’ll go to the store.”

You dressep up quickly and went walking to the store. Once you were there, you bought all the food you needed. Vegetables, ice cream, junk food… You couldn’t still live with her. But you couldn’t do anything. You couldn’t afford an apartment for yourself or found a cheap one.

When you went out of the store with all the bags, you accidentally stumbled and fell.

“Fuck, fuck fuck…” You whispered to yourself.

Fortunately, a gentleman came to your rescue and helped you with the bags. He was tall, with blonde hair, dark eyes and wide shoulders. He was definetely too handsome to not to stare at him.

“Let me help with the bags.” He said.

“Thank you very much.” You said, still embarassed.

He took most of the bags without letting you complain. He didn’t want you to be uncomfortable or have back problems. Your heart fluttered at his actions.

The moment you arrived at the apartment, you knocked the door but no one answered. You could only hear the loud sound of music. Great. Another party.

“Thank you so much for everything.” You said faking a smile.

“You are not going to stay outside all night, right?” He said with a worried look.

“Well, there’s nothing I can do.”

“You can stay at my apartment if you want.” He smiled. “I live near the street.”

You finally accepted, and got to know slowly that handsome stranger until you were nothing more and nothing less than friends.


Drawing was something that you did really well so you started a sketchbook. However, home wasn’t a place that inspired you and your parents disapproved  your drawing habits. They thought that you had to focus on studying instead of “stupid and useless things”. Soon, you decided to go to a coffe shop at the afternoon so you could draw quietly and drink something.

The first day, your curious eyes caught a beautiful man. He had brown hair and tan skin. He was tall and had beatiful lips. He couldn’t find a free table so he walked towards you.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” He said smiling and showing his dimples.

“Go ahead.” You said without daring to look him in the eyes.

The time passed by and you could not help but to stare at him discretely.  He had his eyes focused on his own notebook so he wouldn’t catch you. Just as you thought, you ended up drawing a quick sketch of him. Knowing that you wouldn’t probably see each other again.

The moment you were about to stand up, the guy accidentally spilled his cup of coffe on the table and it ended up on your shirt. You opened your eyes widely and bit your lip trying to not to curse.

“Oh my god. I-I’m so sorry…” He said apologizing.

“Forget it.” You cut him off. “Nevermind.”

You got up, picked your bag and went out of the coffe shop. You walked around the streets angered because of the incident until it was late. You decided to return home when you remembered about something. How silly! You left your notebook in the coffe shop! Fastly, you ran throw the streets under the cold rain until you arrived the place. Just as you expected, it was already closed.

However, the clumsy guy was there to bright your day. He came running to you with an umbrella and your notebook.

“Finally…” He gasped giving you the missing notebook. “You forgot your notebkook.”

“Thank you.” You said. “About before… I-I’m sorry…”

“You don’t have to apologise. I’m really clumsy.” You both laughed. “I think it’s better if you keep my umbrella. I don’t want you to have a cold.” He said shyly while he gave it to you.


“No buts…” He turned around and started walking until he was just a silhoutte in the dark.

When you arrived home and opened your notebook, you found a little piece of paper. You blushed at the situation and smirked.



You hated your job. You worked in a bar at night. There was nothing in the world that you could hate more. You schedule started at midnight and ended at five am. But you could’t do anything about it. You had to pay your career and this was just temporary.

Most nights were filled with ignorant teens who wanted to get drunk or embittered people who wanted to forget about their painful lifes in alcohol. Something sad but well payed.

However, one friday night you were more tired and distracted than usual. You had a lot of exams that day and the few hours you slept weren’t enough. Unfortunately, a middle aged man decided to not to pay for his drink.

“Your service is horrible.” He said with a low voice. 

“But I served you your drink.” You replied. “This is not fair.”

“I don’t care about what is fair or not.” He answered. “I’m not going to give my money to a stupid slut like you.”

“I’m not a slut, you bastard.”

“I saw how you were looking at me all night long.” He said biting his lower lip. “I’m sure you’re dying to suck my cock.”

You were in the verge of tears. No one had ever talked this badly to you. You felt humiliated and disgusted, but just when you thought that you couldn’t do anything else, a black-haired guy with pale skin came up to the disrespectful man and decided to put some manners.

“If you don’t apologize to the lady right now I swear I’m going to destroy that ugly face of yours.” Three seconds after, the disgusting man gave you the money and left the place.

“Thank you. I-I don’t know how to compense you this.” You said grateful for his actions.

“You don’t have to. It’s enough with remembering my name.” He showed his gummy smile. “I’m Min Yoongi, and you?”

“I’m Y/N.” You smirked.

“I’m sure we’ll see each other around.” He blushed. “And if you need any help with anyone, you know, I-I could help you.”

You laughed at his cuteness. How could someone seem so cold and then so bright? Since then, you definetely ended somehow seeing each other more often.


Even if you didn’t have the perfect body type or a good flexibility you loved dancing. So when you moved, you decided to search for a dance academy. Wrong decision.

The first week was alright. You enjoyed the classes and the choreographies were awesome. But soon you noticed how everyone was talking at your back. “If she went on a diet she would dance better.” “That dance move was so ridiculous. She is not even trying.” Well, almost everyone. Some people prefered to stay silent and focus on themselves. Or that’s what you thought.

It was time to change. You couldn’t keep hearing all those hurtful words. You wanted to work harder, make more exercise and eat less. However, you were just overworking yourself.

One day you decided to keep practicing when everyone left the studio. For a moment you felt weak and tired, but you ignored it. Because of it, you fell to the ground and whined in pain. Suddenly the music stopped and someone went running to you. You knew excatly who. Hoseok. He seemed like an angel to you. Someone unattainable.

“If you’re going to laugh at me…”

“No! Of course not. I just wanted to make sure you are okay.” You nodded shyly while he helped you getting up. “Listen, I know that words hurt but you’re overworking yourself and that’s not right.”

“I just want to be a better dancer.”

“I honestly think that you’re incredibly awesome.” You flustered at his words ”But if that’s what you want, I could help you.” He bit his lip. “I mean, maybe. If you want.” He blushed and avoided visual contact with you, something unsual in him.

“I’d love to.” You smirked.

Love Is A Losing Game - Trixya - 1/? - Kitten

Hello! Long time no post! This little thing just came to me after listening to one of my favourites; Amy Winehouse. Title and chapter titles will be named after her songs. If you don’t know her well, I suggest listening to everything now, but it won’t really matter to the fic. I said I was going to write fluff, but that’s something I can’t do so I compromised with this…

Lots more angst and smut to come!

Kitten xxx

(P.S) Sorry I know it’s another lesbian AU, but all my other fics are gay guys so you can stfu.

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The Missing Piece

|| College! Jihoon AU

|| fluff, angst ???

|| Jihoon x Reader

|| Word Count: 1794

||Chapter One || Chapter Two || Chapter Three

Summary: You are an art major in college and you’ve always gotten along well with others and worked as hard as you could which rewarded you with a streak of Straight A’s. Jihoon is by far the best music major in the school, which unfortunately you attended with him.  You spent your years without ever running into him, but what happens when you finally meet the hot-tempered producer after an unlucky encounter? Even worse, what happens when you get paired up with this irascible person?

Originally posted by mienghao

You haven’t even been awake for that long and your day had already felt ruined. You lingered where that hot-tempered boy had left you for a few seconds longer before dragging yourself to your first class, but not before angrily throwing away the half empty cup of coffee, that you held in your hand, in the nearest trash can.

Your mind was polluted with the thoughts of that guy from earlier that you had completely forgotten that you were in a rush to your class which you were now almost 45 minutes late to.

“If I ever see his face again I swear I’ll,” 

A honey like yet familiar, exasperating voice cut you off.

“You’ll what?” you turned around to see the rude coffee boy with that obnoxious smirk sitting on his face as he looked you straight in the eyes and let out a small chuckle.

You had started thinking of what to say back to him but your anger beat you to it and words started flowing out of your mouth with no permission from you.

“Great! This is just great! You’re following me to class now? Don’t you have a place to get to? Like I don’t know, far away from here?”

“Can’t be that far from here. We’re on the same college campus.” His voice held a sarcastic tone. You couldn’t believe it, he actually seemed to be enjoying this. He had just met you and he already enjoyed making you angry.

“So why are you here? Did you come to pour more coffee on me?” 

“Actually, I came to take you to the classroom.” he pushed open the door of your regular class to reveal a bunch of empty seats. “The music and the art teacher are planning something and sent me to get you.”


“They were calling attendance and were wondering where you were since apparently you had never missed a day of school before. One of the art majors said they saw me with you this morning so they told me to find you and bring you to the correct classroom.”

He didn’t spend any more time standing there after explaining and started walking to class. He may be short but boy can he walk fast. You were practically running to keep up with him.

You filled your thoughts with the information you’ve gathered about coffee guy.

“So, he’s a music major. He seems pretty cocky so he’s probably good at it. Guessing from his looks and the way he dresses he’s around my age. And one thing I know for sure, he’s irritating and obnoxious.”

A hand was being waved in front of you which brought you back to reality. “Hello? Earth to ugly, coffee spilling, phone girl.”

Excuse me? Did you just call me ugly?” He brushed off your question and pushed open the door, “We’re here.”

“Ah, Jihoon, you seemed to have found our lost puppy. Thank you for leading them to class.” he simply nodded his head and moved towards an empty seat in the back of the room.

“So… his name is Jihoon.” you added that to the few things you knew about this boy, and although you already despise him, it added to your curiosity. You wondered what else there was to know about him. However, you would much rather stay curious then have to stick by the vexatious person.

You scanned the room before finding your best friend Areum and making your way to her.

“Oh my god, dude! You were with Jihoon? When did this become a thing? Why didn’t you tell me? Why aren’t you sitting with him? When did you guys meet? How many dates have you gone? You know he’s the hottest of the hot and he’s a great musician, right?” Areum was always a hyper and energetic person and she loved gossip and such so you weren’t surprised that she bombed you with questions as soon as you sat down.

“Woah, woah, Areum. Slow down. We’re not a thing. We met this morning when he spilled coffee all over me,” you stretched out your jacket to show her the stain as proof that you weren’t lying, “He’s a crazy jerk. I rather die before I ever go on a date with him. And please, hot? Definitely not.” You told her everything honestly. Well, almost honestly. You had to admit, he was pretty attractive.

“What do you mean he’s not hot? Have you gone to the eye doctor recently?” You laughed but before you could answer one of the professors started talking.

“So, although it’s an hour late and we only have about half an hour left of class,” Professor Kim looked at you in a teasing manner as you smiled guiltily and mouthed the word sorry to him, “We’d like to explain why both of our classes are here. Don’t stress too much today since we’ll only be explaining and won’t be starting our project until next week.” 

You and Areum both looked at each other and smiled widely. Since you were both art majors your projects were usually very fun and you always anticipated them.

“So, since only half the class knows us we’ll introduce ourselves. I’ll start first since I’m already talking,” Professor Kim and some other students let out a small laugh, “I’m Professor Kim and I’m the professor for the advanced art majors, which tend to be upperclassmen with a few exceptions.”

“And I’m Professor Park. I’m in charge of the music department. More specifically the advanced music production class.”

“So are you gonna tell us why we’re all here or what?” Areum’s abrupt comment gained the class’ laughter including the professors’.

“Yes, Areum. We were getting to that.” Professor Kim answered, still chuckling.

“We took our top classes and decided to do a collab project,” Professor Park started explaining. There were a few “Oooo’s” escaping the mouths of excited students from both classes. 

“The art students will create a painting and the music students will produce their own songs,”

“Isn’t that what we normally do?” Areum blurted out once more which caused a second round of laughter.

“Hold on, Areum. There’s a catch. The painting and the music must be able to flow together and tell some kind of story. However, you cannot draw anything too specific and the music majors cannot put lyrics into the songs.”

Areum had her head buried in her notebook as she wrote the directions down word for word and started writing ideas on the side of her paper. As she started finishing up her writing Professor Kim lifted up his hand, holding up the number three and started counting down with his fingers. Just as his hand became a fist Areum looked back up at the professors and asked another question.

“So how are we picking the partners?” Professor Kim and Professor Park both smiled at each other as a reaction to Professor Kim’s accurate countdown.

“Glad you asked,” Professor Park smiled brightly at Areum, “You’re not. We are.”

The classroom filled with a disappointed “Aw”, as all the students looked at their friends in the opposite class from theirs. By the look in their eyes you would think that they had just broken up with their significant other on their 100th day anniversary.

“Now, pay close attention because we’re only naming the partners once.” The room quieted down as the students eagerly awaited to hear who they were assigned with.

You looked to your side to see Areum with her hands pressed together and her eyes closed tightly. 

You giggled quietly and leaned towards her, “What are you doing, Areum?” you whispered.

Keeping her eyes closed and her hands together she whispered back, “I’m praying to be paired with that gorgeous angel in the back of the room.”

You had almost forgotten that Jihoon was there. You looked back to observe him. He seemed like he couldn’t care less about this project. He was writing something down in the notebook in front of him.

“Maybe he’s writing down ways he could be a better person and not such an a-” Your thoughts were interrupted again by Areum’s teasing as she poked you repeatedly on the arm. 

“I thought you said he was a crazy, unattractive jerk.”

You smiled and rolled your eyes at her, “He is. I was just thinking about how unlucky the person who he’s paired with is gonna be.”

“You’re a terrible liar,” she giggled. You shook your head at her and lightly pushed her.

“Let’s just listen for our names, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah. But lemme tell ya, whoever he gets partnered with is so lucky. He’s a great producer. Probably best this school has ever had. I’ve even heard that he’s helped write and produce songs for idol groups!”

You chortled and returned your attention to the professors.

“Song Areum and Kim Minhyuk,” Professor Park called out.

“Ooooo,” Areum shimmied slightly, “I got a cute boy!”

You loved your best friend but sometimes she was a little too crazy for you. Boy crazy to be precise. 

“Mr. Jeon Wonwoo and Miss Laurel,” Professor Park named another pair.

You looked over to see a group of rowdy boys whistling and cheering on their friend. “Yo, Wonwoo! You got the cute foreign girl!” 

Laurel looked over at the boys, blushing slightly and Wonwoo quickly shut his friends up and even hit a few on the arm and leg. You could see a twinkle in his eyes as he shyly smiled at Laurel.

“Them,” Areum pointed at Laurel and Wonwoo, “their love is blooming. They’re gonna be such a cute couple.”

You didn’t doubt it. Areum was psychic when it came to love and relationships. She could always guess who was going to be a couple and what type of couple they would be and sometimes even how they would break up.

“Kim Soohyun and Park Jaehyun. Lee Bora and Jeon Nari.” you listened to the rest of the partners being listed. The other students started getting up and introducing themselves to one another if necessary and the others were so excited they had already begun planning their projects.

“Last but not least, (L/N)(F/N), and Lee Jihoon.”

You froze in your spot.

“Oh god no, this can’t be happening.” Areum looked at you, her eyes as wide as baseballs. She shook your shoulders excitedly “Oh my god, (Y/N)! You’re so lucky! Oh my gosh!” She was out of her seat jumping up and down squealing now. 

You turned around in your seat to face your newly made nemesis. He had that stupid, undeniably attractive smirk on his face. He got up and walked over towards where you were sitting, neither of you breaking eye contact.

“Hey… partner.”

A Work of Heart

For Anon~ Sorry about the terribly cheesy title, I couldn’t help myself. I hope this is close to what you were thinking of when you requested, and I apologize for taking forever to write this! If you want a version that’s more fluffy and doesn’t have the awkward scenes I wrote, feel free to rerequest and I’ll rewrite it.

Genre: X Reader, fluff, some slight…mature content? It’s not exactly smut but whatever…

Member(s): Jongin

POV: 3rd Person

Warning(s): Some crappily written kiss scenes, a probably fast-moving plot that makes little to no sense, mentions of nudity, a super crappy Titanic reference that wasn’t really necessary

Summary: Jongin and (y/n) are inseparable. He’s an artist, and she, though unaware, is his beloved muse. But will she become more?

Originally posted by intokai

It all started when Jongin and (y/n) were both 14.

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Ride of My Life

summary: 'we sat next to each other on a roller coaster and ended up accidentally ditching our friends oops’ au

word count: 1.7k

genre: fluff

warnings: swearing. also roller coasters??

a/n: im a slut for au’s so. here. also, feedback is always appreciated!!

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[SCENARIO] How the Vocal Team will Propose (DK/SK)

A/N: AND HERE IT IS! How would the Vocal Team propose! This is the Dokyeom and Seungkwan edition, and they are such babes in our hearts i swear we almost died from flutter just thinking of ideas to write about what they would do. Anyways, please look out for our Jeonghan, Woozi and Joshua edition, which is coming out really soon! :)

A continuation of one of our earlier scenarios (How the Hip Hop Team will Propose). We will also be doing one for the Performance Team as well, so we hope you look forward to it!


- wooed <3
- Scooped ✌️


Originally posted by meaniengful

SYNOPSIS: I think we all know that the Vocal Team are definitely the shyer, less expressive ones (other than Seungkwan) in the group, so we can see them turning to simpler, but sweeter ways to propose to their significant others. True to themself, their proposal methods may be really cliche but it will definitely melt any girl’s heart.

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baby it's too cold for a christmas party

I have no idea what this is, but it stemmed from your request of non-established bechloe and several awkward workplace party stories.  Oh and… I’m your pitchmas santa btw!!! HI!!!

Merry Pitchmas dude!


It was that time of the year again.  A time for stupid hats, too much alcohol and making a complete dick of yourself in front of your colleagues so that they’ve got something to talk about for the next twelve months… Yeah.  That time.  

Beca wasn’t a fan of work Christmas parties.  It wasn’t anything against Christmas, like most people assumed, it was more of a disliking of forced socialisation.  She’d been friends with Chloe Beale for long enough to gradually fall in love with Christmas.  Her best friend, now roommate, was practically the poster child for holiday cheer, which meant that the minute Thanksgiving Dinner was finished, up went the tinsel.

When the invitation finally appeared in her pigeon hole for the 10th annual Residual Heat – Jingle Ball, Beca’s second invitation, she sighed.

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Hello dears! I’m so very sorry it’s taken so long to publish this request. I swear all I do is work lately. I also found out that, between my two jobs, I’m probably going to be royally screwed in the upcoming two weeks and not have a moment to myself…so here’s another apology for the sure-to-be-long delay on the next request.

Now, that said, let’s get on with things, since…it is nearly half-past four in the morning where I am and I have to work again tomorrow. (What’s new, eh?)

I quote the request, by sassyshuckingshank:

“Hi I was wondering if you can do one where you are in love with Newt and Thomas is your twin. Thomas accidentally lets it slip that you love Newt and Gally uses it against you(blackmail)”

Now, I’m going to admit it here and now…I feel this isn’t one of my best. I’m not sure if it was simply that I haven’t had time to sit and write much of it, or if it’s that I was making circles in my head as to how to do it.

Therefore, I feel I should give you lot a disclaimer. I have, indeed, read the books (and I’m working on reading the prequel at the moment), so I know how the characters are depicted in both movie and book. That said, despite all the things I see about Gally, I don’t feel like he’s actually evil. I think he’s a bully, but I have a hard time picturing him actually blackmailing some girl for a crush she has. So I put my head to what would actually make him hate someone enough to blackmail them…and this is what came of it. I feel like some demure, quiet girl wouldn’t draw enough attention from Gally to make him hate her, even being Thomas’ twin, so…well, dear readers, you are excessively sassy and fierce in this story.

Again, I feel like this isn’t one of my best, and for that I apologize. Maybe one day down the road, when I’m short on requests and long on time, I will come back and redo it to my satisfaction, but I feel like I’ve made you lot wait long enough for this, and I really hope it’s better than I think it is.

(Seriously, guys, it’s four thirty in the morning. Please tell me if this is terrible. I could be delusional from sleep deprivation over the past few weeks.)

Anyway. On with the show!

“I swear to God, Thomas, if you don’t stop asking me questions, I’m going to shove this hoe up your ass so far we’ll find out if you have a brain.”

The words were growled, but loud enough to turn every head in the vicinity toward the voice. “You should do it anyway. Do him some good, (Name),” Those words were sour, spoken by a dark-haired boy with an ugly face.

“You and I both know that I have no issue with further deforming your nose, Gally. Back off.” (Name)’s voice was level, and almost dead-panned. “I have no patience to deal with both of you today.”

Gally stared at her for a long time, looking angrier than ever. She knew why, of course. He hated Thomas. Gally was a grumpy guy, anyway, if even sometimes outright an asshole…but Thomas, he hated, entirely. No exception, no real, valid reason…he just hated Thomas.

Unfortunately for Gally, (Name) was Thomas’ twin. And as much as she could fight with him, and get irritated with him, he was her brother, and she’d look after him. She’d come up just before Chuck—why the Creators split them, they’d never know—and she knew more about the place than her brother.

This prompted so many questions that (Name) was ready to staple his lips shut.

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After 10 Years (Taewoon Scenario)

In which you two celebrate 10 years of friendship.

“Ten years after and my heart is still the same,” you mumble, smiling as you turn the pages of the scrapbook he gave you on your birthday. A compilation of your craziest pictures with nasty coded messages so that only you could laugh at the jokes written in his ugly handwriting. A compilation of just few of the most beautiful moments of your life, moments in which he was always there, Woo Taewoon, the boy who cried when he was shipped off to Japan during middle school, leaving you, his desk mate, bravely holding in your tears.

“How is he?” Your mom peaks in, smiling at the crazy derp face he was pulling in one of the photos.

“Tae? He’s living bravely after those idiots kicked him out. I mean, who in their right mind would do that?! Now he has nothing but composing. And apparently that isn’t going too well either,” you sigh, checking your phone for the nth time that day, hoping for a message from him. After all, it was the day you always celebrated your friendship. “Can you believe we’re turning ten?”

“You talk as if you’re celebrating your relationship anniversary,” your mom eyes you above the fruit bowl.

“It’s not like that,” you whisper, your thoughts drifting away. He is the best of your best friends. He knows everything about you, just like you know everything about him. If he was down, you could feel something was wrong and immediately call and if you were having a bad day, he always came to your house, luring you out with beer and the promise of the baddest swearing towards those who ruined your day. He is your best friend… and yet he doesn’t know quite everything. For example, how you have been crushing on him ever since you entered middle school and got paired up with him as desk mates. “Really now,” you clear your throat, stuffing your mouth with watermelon.

“But you wish that was it. Look, there’s no need to lie to me. I’m your mother. I’m supposed to know things like this,” she smiles, handing you a napkin after you choke. “Do you plan to ever tell him?”

“No, definitely not! Never ever will I open my mouth to tell him those words,” you frown at the piece of watermelon between your fingers.

“Why? Don’t you think he has the right to know?”

“No,” you insist, not allowing yourself to be tempted with the thought that has been crossing your mind not just once. “What if he doesn’t feel the same towards me, mom? I mean, it’s impossible! We spent together so much time and he knows the grossest details about me that it would be impossible for him to even see me as a girl. And let’s put it another way,” you continue, absorbed into convincing yourself rather than your mother, “if he doesn’t feel the same, wouldn’t I be ruining this wonderful friendship we have? And for what? For some words of love? No, I don’t want to risk, thank you. Oh OH OH! It’s him, it’s him!” You jump up and down, holding on your phone as his name gets displayed on the screen. “I thought you forgot,” you answer the call, stepping outside on the balcony only to see him waving like a madman from below.

“C’mon down,” he says before hanging up and waving a black bag in the air.

Your socks are mismatched because you hurried down the stairs like a storm. And that’s the first thing he sees, making him laugh as you stand in front of him confused.

“Your socks,” Taewoon points at them, “are mismatched. Were you that eager to see me?” His arm hangs over your shoulders, pulling you along and making your heart skip a beat.

“You wish!” You bite his hand. “I just happen to be in the mood for red and black today,” you run away as he chases you down the street, no one witnessing your childish game but the barking dogs of your neighbours. “Stop, stop, I give up!” You stop, catching your breath. “You seriously want me to die, don’t you?”

“If that was it, I wouldn’t have brought these!” He pulls out two cupcakes, a pink one and a blue one. “Happy anniversary, dear friend,” his lips linger on your cheek for a second longer than usually, making you cover the spot as soon as he retreats. “Pink for you and blue for me. These better be good… oh my god,” he comments as he bites from his cupcake. “This is heaven, gosh!”

“Taewoon?” You call out, staring at your cupcake, your mother’s question lingering in your mind.


“If I end up alone and in a nursing home, will you come by to spend time with me?”

“You won’t end up alone. What kind of words are those?!” He flicks your shoulder.

“Hypothetically. Tell me,” you insist, staring at him.

“Hypothetically I’m telling you that you won’t end up alone,” he stubbornly refuses to turn to you. “Ah, by the way, do you want to hear the song I composed in case I got to the solo stages?” He places the cupcake on the bench next to you, standing up from his place and taking out his phone to use it instead of a mic. He doesn’t wait for you to answer because you are the only one to listen to his tracks before their public reveal.

“you and I

Do you remember our promise to be friends?

But I can’t help it, I keep feeling differently


Have you heard the saying, girls and boys can’t be friends?

I didn’t believe in that

But I keep feeling differently


We used to play around when we were young

We were best friends

I thought you were just a friend

But now I’m worrying about you

I think I’ve changed

I wanna go to you not as a friend, I want you


In my dream last night

It was like a lie, we were holding hands like a couple

I was so happy, I didn’t wanna get up

Will you appear in my dream again tonight?


My hopes are higher because you’re my friend

I try pretending nothing’s wrong

But now I regret treating you so normally

I keep thinking back to those times

I’m drawing you out and what I’ll say to you next

It’s time for us to become one


cause you are a girl I’m a boy

you are a girl I’m a boy”


You stare at him and suddenly realize. “She’s very lucky,” you look away, placing your intact cupcake on the bench. “Look, I have to go. I have a presentation at work tomorrow and I –”

But he grabs your hand and spins you around so that you find yourself face to face with him, your tears exposed just like your foolish heart. To your surprise he looks angry and hurt and something more that you can’t put your finger on.

“I always took pride in the fact that you were the smart one between us despite the teasing.” His voice, like a whisper makes you tremble in his grasp. “So why are you behaving like a complete idiot right now?!”

“Excuse me?!”

“Do you really think I would go out there, on the stage, stand in front of the crowd and rap such a song about a hypothetical girlfriend or crush? Do you really think I would say such words to any girl other than you, you who have been my friend for the past ten years?! Do you really think I would do that? Tell me!”

“I… like you,” the words just fly out your mouth before you can stop them, filling the night air like a firework explosion. “I’ve liked you ever since we became desk mates and you let me sit on the window seat. I’ve liked you all these years and I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I –”

“You’re truly an idiot,” Taewoon laughs at your surprised face after flicking your forehead. “And you’re blind as well apparently,” he lets go, his hands now on your cheeks, holding you still in front of him. And in those nanoseconds before his lips sweetly lock with yours you realize that all you thought was untold between you two had actually been said so many times during the past ten years that it took an actual idiot and a blind one nonetheless not to see the signs as big as a sky on fire.

“Since when?” You ask later that night as you walk down the street, holding hands.

“Since you came to our school to check the entrance lists with your parents,” he reveals with a smile. “You were wearing a white dress with flower print and your ponytail was bouncing on your back. Man, you looked so pretty that day that I forgot how to breathe for a couple of seconds!”

“And now?” You smile, expecting.

“And now you’re so ugly that I feel like I need to take you or otherwise you’ll hypothetically be forever alone,” he sticks out his tongue as you punch him.

“You’re so hateful, Woo Taewoon, that I think I need to punch you in the face to remind you just how ugly you are,” you yell at him as you chase him, threateningly. “Come here, you brat!”

“Got you,” Taewoon dodges your fists, trapping you in between his arms. “You’ve always been beautiful,” he rests his forehead against yours. “Since that day onwards, there wasn’t anyone that could have compared to you. And you’re mine.”

“No,” you encircle his neck, “you are mine.”

lyrics by b1a4 | gif cr.

a masterlist of my ult favorite jikook fics part 2

click here for part 1

and the continuum is here! let’s begin, shall we?

p.s. got recommendations? send them to me and if i like them enough i’ll add them to the list!

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You’re Beautiful - Fred Weasley Imagine (requested) (( Possible Trigger Warning)

Request: Could you possibly write an imagine about a girl being very self conscious and her boyfriend Fred tries to help even she finally tells him how she feels about herself and that she doesn’t know why he’s dating her?? Please and thank you xx


* I dont know if this is trigger or not so be aware and if you don’t do well I might suggest not reading 

y/n’s pov-

Dress covered my dorm room floor making it more than impossible to see the wooden boards. I was a mess! None of my dresses seemed to fit right, my skirts were wrinkled, and my date shirts were dirty with mysterious blotches. Stress boiled up and bubbled over from my insides as the clock ticked closer to 9.

Fred Weasley, my boyfriend, had a nice little date planned out for the two of us for the night and there was not a chance that I’d miss it. The problem was, I couldn’t find anything to wear. Yes, to most people this was that big of a deal but to me it was. I couldn’t just randomly grab a dress or blind fold my eyes and snatch a skirt. My outfits took hours to decide and I was used to it. One day I’d feel a slim bit of beauty in a floral dress then the next day I’d see myself as ugly and overweight. My makeup was already smearing and my hair was frizzing due to sprinting around my room for the perfect outfit.

Groaning, I fell back into my bed covering my face and letting out a sigh. I swirled around lying on my side catching glance of the clock on the wall reading 8:59. Tears welled up in my eyes for being so stupid, but I didn’t want Fred to be disappointed and disgusted by my features and figure. Although the thought loomed in the back of my head of Fred cringing when seeing me in a dress. Not that I would blame him, I bet I’d react the same way at the sight of myself.

Too caught up in my own self-hatred and pity party, it went unnoticed by my eyes and ears that my dorm room had open and a figure stepped in,

“Y/n darling, are you ready for our-“Sprouting from my bed and lifting my head to the new voice I grew red in the cheeks and my hands started to shake in defeat. Fred’s face shrunk, his once happy countenance replaced with that of confusion, sympathy, and concern. Without a care, Fred tossed the bouquet of crimson roses aside on my desk top and crawled over to me on the floor, slipping off his jacket in the process and throwing it around my shoulders. An instant warmth in took my body, but that didn’t stop the waterfall of tears flowing from my glossy eyes.

“Sweetheart, what’s wrong? Are you hurt? Did someone do this to you? All out have to do is tell me who did it and I swear to god George and I will beat the living shit out of him and he’ll never set his eyes on you again, unless it’s a girl then we can get Ginny on it. Please beautiful; tell me what the matter is.” Half annoyed and fully sincere I shoved Fred away retreating to my pile on blankets and burying my head in the middle.

“Stop calling me that when you know it isn’t true.” I scoffed praying he’d get the hint and maybe just leave me to my lonesome for the rest of the evening… or my life. Fred and I had been dating for a little over two years and he never failed to make me smile. He was there for me when I was hurting to comfort me and during the good times he was there to share the everlasting memories. Every morning during breakfast, in between every class period, on breaks, every lunch, after every Quidditch practice and game, during dinner, and before bed Fred would remind me just how much he loved me and just how highly he saw me.

I shouldn’t be ruining his reputation by going on dates with Fred. The Weasley twins didn’t have a single problem getting dates. Truthfully more girls asked them out then they asked girls out. Everyone wanted to be close friends with the pranksters, I mean why not? They’re funny, kind, caring, and witty. The twins were always four steps ahead of everyone and they knew all of this too.

Silence filled the empty void until Fred stood from the floor and climbed onto my bed lying down so his face was directed towards my own hidden one.  His hand trailed to my lower back rubbing aimlessly and drawing odd unknown shapes along my spine.

“I don’t see the problem with me calling you beautiful when it’s the truth. You’re so gorgeous y/n… every last inch of you. That spot on smile of yours and your e/c eyes that send me into an abyss, turn my knee into jelly. Don’t even get me started on your adorable laugh when I tell you a joke or when you get really passionate about something, which happens very often,” I slowly lifted my head out form the blankets watching him acting and mocking me playfully,

“and you ramble on like it’s nobody’s business, and then when one direct person loses interest you call them out and get and frustrated and your  eyes practically murder them and your pretty little eyebrows draw down into a slanted line.” Fred chuckled fondly making his left and right pointer fingers turn downwards diagonally,

“Also, when you doze off in class and try to play if off like no one saw it, but in reality more than half the class did, including me because I see all of this y/n. I notice all the small cute little things you do that for the most part you think you get away with because I love you more than anything in this entire world. You are my world. So, yes I am going to call you beautiful for the fact that you are and sometimes you get down on yourself and need to be reminded and that’s totally fine. I couldn’t give two shits about the clothes you wear, love. All I care about is that my night is spent with the girl I love and that’s you. So why don’t you go change into some sweat pants and a sweatshirt or something comfortable, and I’ll take you down to the lagoon to look at the stars because tonight their shinning for you, beautiful.” Speechless didn’t even begin to describe how I felt. It was almost as if all the air had been suck clean from my lungs while the world crumbled down around me and all I could do was watch. The salty tears were far from gone leaving my cheeks rosy and dry like there were never a sign of tears before.

Fred leaned forwards closing the free space between us leaving a breathless kiss on my parted lips, washing away all the bad thoughts. Pulling away Fred left a trail of eskimo kisses along my nose sending a tingle down my back and giggles escaping my lips. Sitting up straight, I pushed myself from the bed and waltzed over to the open dresser door, my spirits soaring high over the moon. Snatching a pair of black Gryffindor sweatpants coated with extra fuzz, I poked my head out from the wardrobe door turning to Fred,

“Y’know I love you, right? Thank you for being here for me tonight, it means an awful lot, Freddie.”


-Daizy xxxx

Exo reaction when another member is being bitchy

Thank you so much for the request loved making this one I hope you enjoy it <3

Xiumin: *He walked into the dorm to find Kyungsoo bitching to Kai about something he did in the kitchen, he decides to step in and keep the peace between them by reasoning with the both of them*

Lay: *Chen had just pulled a great prank on Xiumin … well that’s what he thought, Xiumin, not so much, this prank had tipped him over the edge and he lost it. Lay went to see what all the commotion was when he saw them arguing, he felt he should just leave them too it* They’ll be fine in a couple of hours

Kai: *Kai couldn’t help but hear Chanyeol and Baekhyun bitching about the new song they were working on, baekhyun couldn’t help but pick at little bits and this ended up getting annoying to Chanyeol to the point where he flipped*




Suho: *He’s gotten sick of Tao and Kris’ constant arguing over nothing so he decided to do what any mother would do… lock the kids in their rooms*



Suho: Seriously guys you need to stop arguing or i swear to god…

Tao and Kris: What? What will you do?

Suho: *Grabs both of them by the collar and locks them in two separate rooms*

Kyungsoo: *He could hear Suho and Lay arguing in the kitchen about how Lay didn’t listen to him about something and it backfired, he walked in to the kitchen to help sort out their little dispute when he saw the room covered in flour*


Lay: I didn’t hear you, i couldn’t have been listening

*As soon as he saw all the flour he decided to leave before he got into the argument too*

Tao: *Sehun and Luhan had started arguing about who gets the last doughnut in the box … well that was until Sehun decided to take the doughnut and lick it showing that it was his*



Tao: *gif* 

Chen: *After their latest press conference Baekhyun and Xiumin had been at each others throats, Baekhyun was always poking fun at how ugly Xiumin looked when he cried and Xiumin kept saying how childish he was being and that he doesn’t look any better on a daily basis crying or not, Chen couldn’t help but laugh at all these comments because he agreed with all of them so to him the longer this went on the better*

Kris: *Chanyeol had been pestering Suho to let him do something for a while but he kept refusing as he thought it would be too dangerous* 

Chanyeol: Oh come on don’t be lame it’ll be awesome trust me

Suho: No you’re going to hurt yourself

Chanyeol: *Does thing anyway* Oooowww, Suho why didn’t you stop me that really hurt!!


Kris: *Decides to finally step in after laughing at Chanyeol* Okay, okay guys lets stop fighting 

Chanyeol: *Luhan had just broken the news to Lay that unicorns weren’t real but poor little Lay wasn’t having any of it* 

Lay: Why do you keep lying to me of course they’re real


Chanyeol: He didn’t have the heart to back up Luhan and he found the whole argument to funny to put to an end this soon so he decided to just sit back and enjoy the show*

Baekhyun: *He watched on as Kris and Kyungsoo had their 4ht argument about Kris’ art*

Kris: Why can’t we hang this up it’s amazing *Holds up shitty drawing of the band*

Kyungsoo: It looks nothing like us and it’ll look terrible on the wall 

Baekhyun: *At this point he’d lost the will to live and he had to settle it* Right, Kris it’s a lovely drawing so why don’t you put it on your bedroom wall and Kyungsoo stop being so hard on him 

Luhan: *Kai had started bitching about Sehun’s ‘crappy’ poetry again and Sehun kept backfiring by saying he ate too much chocolate and that’s how he’s so much darker than the rest.* Guys please stop you’ve been like this for days just give it a rest already.

Sehun: *Chen had accidentally dirtied Tao’s new Gucci shirt in preparation for his latest prank*


Chen: Oh that .. ummm yeah I accidentally got a little on it when I set up my prank for Chanyeol


Sehun: *Turns to Luhan and starts debating on who will will the argument*


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anonymous asked:

I gotta hear the art of parenting from Inojin/Ino/Sai POV. Ino gushing about her son having a date and then it's Sakura's kid. Gushing so bad and it ends with both sets of parents talking it out. Plz!!

The Art of Dating

I. Concealment | II. Blackmail | III. Parenting | IV. Apologizing | V. Sleeping | VI. Confessing

The Art of Apologizing

Sarada and Inojin seated themselves down as they sat inside Ichiraku’s. The smell of ramen filled the air as the coziness of the bar table kept Sarada and Inojin warm from the cold, brisk air outside. 

“What will it be?” Teuchi asked as his daughter, Ayame, smiled from behind the counter. 

“Two miso ramen please,” Inojin ordered. 

Sarada turned in surprise as she glanced at Inojin. “How did you know that was what I was going to order?” she asked.

“Boruto mentions how you always pick miso ramen whenever you eat with him. He says you are so boring because you never try the other flavors.”

Sarada gives a small smile as she laughs quietly. “I guess I prefer consistency.”

Soon, their orders were placed in front of them as Teuchi gave them two large bowls of miso ramen. Teuchi winked at Inojin as he had added extra meat in Sarada’s bowl. Inojin smiled back as he began to dig in. 

Sarada reached for her glasses as she took them off and placed them to the side of her bowl. Inojin watched in surprise as Sarada began to eat her ramen without her glasses on.

“You look different,” he commented.

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Eerie VII

Originally posted by luedeer

//Chen x you 💙

Word count: 1,703

Summary: you are not going to stop until you become the president of the students’ council. The problem is the current president is Jongdae.

Part I   IX

“What the fuck?!” You scream, for the first time trying to escape his hold. He stops mere millimeters from your face.

“Then do it. Destroy me, my friends, M’s boyfriend. Do it. Do it and take my place. So you can proudly wear the president’s aura wherever you go.” He frees you and takes a step back. He holds your eyes for a second longer then grabs his backpack and reaches for the knob.

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