one day i was bored and restless

Have you ever thought of a Supercat West Wing au, where Cat is still Cat Grant, CEO of CatCo World Wide Media. She’s going along with her life, kind of just coasting (I mean. Coasting for her), and she’s a bit bored with her life, but there’s not very much she can do to challenge herself at this point—she’s built her empire, she’s made her legacy. But she’s feeling a bit restless, the same restlessness that got her to this point, that drive to be more.

And then one day, someone from her war correspondent days walks into her office, one Hank Henshaw, who saved her life when she was just a rookie war correspondent who knew absolutely nothing, comes to see her. And he’s talking about this New England small time politician he wants her to go see, at some retirement center, and that’s it. He’s never called upon that debt, never used her for political or financial gain. Cat’s just thinking no way is she the real thing, at this point (especially without Sunny Danvers in her life), more than a bit jaded with humanity and pessimistic.

But the man who once saved her life is asking her for a favor, and it’s not power or money or a position of influence. It’s simply to go to this place in Middle of Nowhere, New Hampshire, and hear some imbecile speak. And this is what old friends do for someone who owes a life debt (and maybe she herself is just a little bit hopeful, just a little bit curious. This is someone who has Hank Henshaw’s faith. Henshaw might be the most honorable and decent man she knows—and for someone who’s life’s work is to ferret out secrets, who refuses to keep her head in the sand, that means something).

And then on the way, maybe she stops in New York to visit her old friend Lucy Lane, who’s working for gage whitney, making rich white guys even richer. Both stuck in their ruts, uninspired.

And Lucy tells her to come back if she sees the real thing. Cat gives a bit of a sarcastic laugh and asks her how the hell would she even know—and Lucy tells her she’s seen Cat excited before, truly excited. Lucy will just know.

(and maybe Cat did her background research on her way there—she was a journalist first. Foster child, with a life plagued by tragedy, adopted by one of the state’s oldest families. Some went to college on military scholarship, had a bit of a career as an artist after serving her 4 years of active duty. Single. Spotless record. Very few relationships, married to her work. Cousin’s a journalist, two tattoos, worked as a diplomat after the artistic stint, majored in art and political science, minor in linguistics. Licensed pilot. Polyglot. Sister of Alexandra “Alex” Danvers, former army medic and Surgeon General. Again, she’s Cat Grant—she does her homework)

So Cat goes to that retirement center and is just prepared to have some really mediocre chicken. She’s barely paying attention—she even has a crossword in front of her—even has it be paper, to prove a point that she’s not busy with a work email or something truly important on her phone Nope. It’s a crossword puzzle. And then there’s the question from the dairy farmer—why did she vote on the way she did on those milk subsidies? That hurt a lot of dairy farmers.

And then there’s just this pause before Kara goes, “Yeah. I screwed you on that one.” And Cat’s head just rockets up and she immediately stops what she’s doing because this is something Cat’s never seen. And she watches as this politician explain that the reason that she didn’t do something very politically advantageous—in a state where dairy farms are big, this small tiny state where those votes really do matter—was because she didn’t want children to go hungry. She wanted children to be able to buy milk.

What you are taught in every college political science class, every high school civics class, in every democratic society, the goal of every politician is to be reelected. And yet this is something that won’t score her any political points, will make her lose constituents—she didn’t offer justification, like oh I voted for this because they’d give us better grazing laws, or anything. This was flat out “I did it for starving children. Not for you.”

And just. She’s almost a little bit pissed because goddammit Hank was right, Cat is absolutely  hooked. She’s completely bamboozled and yeah like Josh she’s just in awed shock and she comes into Lucy Lane’s firm, dripping wet, hair a frizzy mess, outfit ruined,—and this is Cat fucking Grant, she never looks anything but pristine, not a hair out of place—just grinning. And Lucy just stops talking to the client about the deal that would have made her a partner, the culmination of her career and everything she’s been working for her entire adult life—and it’s one of the easiest decisions she’s ever made.

And then Winn, drunk off his ass because he thinks he’s going to get fired tonight because he told if she’s asked about her vote against the dairy farmers tonight she should, and only because it’s the easiest thing to remember, tell the truth.

And then Alex comes in and fires everyone but Winn—which Kara protests wildly at because Kara still doesn’t think that she’s actually going to get elected, that she’s just doing to keep her opponent honest and talk about some issues and be very comfortable conceding the race but Alex has been in politics, has plans for Kara and knows that they could go all the way to the White House, Hank as VP for anyone worried about having such a young woman as President, Alex as Chief of Staff. (and there’s a reason Alex has never planned on running for the White House and that’s a)she is horrible at any type of public speeches and b) Sierra Tuscon, drinks, and pills.)

And then Winn goes all the way to California to visit his old friend James (complete with the James falling into his pool scene with the sheer white shirt because I may be gay but I have eyes and EQUALITY). Winn lets James know that. Well. Yeah, you’re right kara’s never heard of you but Alex sure has. And yes, Kara Danvers is a good person. And that’s all it takes for James to pack up from his 500k a year job to the one that pays 600 a week.

And so now Kara has a team of Lucy Lane, Hank Henshaw, Alex Danvers, Winn Schott, James Olsen, and Cat Grant. And she’s worried now, because she was never supposed to win. She’s just there to make her speeches and keep her opponent honest because they may live in a time where a woman could be president and a black man can be VP—but a straight female president. Not a gay one. But Alex was right and they win and they’re off to the White House. So Kara keeps her secret, and hopes (prays) that no one finds out, because she’s been so very careful, not even Alex knows.

And if Kara thinks that Cat Grant is witty and fierce and determined and witty and sarcastic and absolutely radiant? Well, she’ll keep that to herself.


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[request: could u do one where we’re dating and we live really close so i sneak out to see him and we just cuddle and stuff? thank you! i really love ur other imagines btw !!]

The warm summer breeze floated through your open window, calming you as you laid on your bed. Midnight was nearing and you were growing restless, considering the fact that you had been home by yourself all day. Sure, you might have floated in the pool and started reading a few new books, but you could only relax for so long. The only thing you knew was that you were bored, and you really missed your boyfriend.

You and Y/C/N had only been dating for a little over a month, and as much as it scared you, you were quickly falling for him. In the short amount of time you had been together you found it hard to be away from him and he was always on your mind. But instead of being reasonable and giving yourself the distance you probably needed, you climbed out of bed, grabbed a pair of sneakers, and proceeded to walk downstairs to your front door.

Once you knew you had successfully gotten out of your house, you put on your shoes and began the 10 minute walk to Y/C/N’s house. You were thankful that he lived so close; you loved feeling the soft summer breeze in your hair and hearing the quietness of the neighborhood around you as you walked. You also couldn’t drive even if you wanted to, for your 17th birthday was still a few months away.

Getting lost in your thoughts, you soon found yourself standing in front of Y/C/N’s house. Rather than being a normal person and texting your boyfriend upon your arrival, you instead grabbed a small stone from the ground and threw it up towards his bedroom window (you may have missed the first few times but you got the hang of it eventually). Your heart fluttered when you noticed his blinds pull up, revealing the face of Y/C/N. He quickly opended his window, sticking his head out to look down at you.

“Y/N? Is that you?” You could see him squinting in the dark, and you wanted to slap yourself for immediately thinking about how cute he looked doing so.

“Surprise!” You said quietly, considering the fact that it was the middle of the night.

“Stay there, I’ll let you in.” Y/C/N quickly shut his window and pulled his blinds, disappearing from sight. You couldn’t help but think that he might be mad at you for showing up unannounced (and so late at night), and you began to regret your decision. A few moments later Y/C/N opened the front door to his house, immediately grabbing your hand and pulling you inside. You couldn’t help but notice his lack of a shirt as he led you upstairs to his bedroom.

“Don’t tell me you walked here all by yourself.” He spoke after closing the door behind you. Y/C/N stared at you expectantly as you hesitated to answer.

“I may or may not have walked here by myself.”

He sighed, shaking his head before pulling you to his chest. “It’s too late for you to be walking around by yourself, you could’ve gotten hurt. You know I would’ve come to pick you up if you called me.”

Your heart swelled at the fact that he cared so much about your safety. You wrapped your arms tighter around him, resting your head on his bare shoulder. “I’m sorry, I was just bored and I couldn’t sleep and I missed you.”

Y/C/N chuckled, pulling away slightly so he could press his lips onto yours, a feeling you didn’t think you’d ever get used to. You kissed him back slowly, standing on your tippy-toes to reach his height. He hummed into the kiss before pulling away and smiling down at you.

“You’re crazy, but I missed you too.” You giggled softly as he leaned down to pepper kisses all over your face, “Now come on, let’s go to bed.” Y/C/N let go of your waist to walk across his room to his closet. You sat on his bed while you waited for him to find you something to wear, watching his muscles flex as he sifted through his clothes.

“Stop checking me out.” He joked, pulling out a large t-shirt of his for you to sleep in.
Your face flushed a dark shade of pink at his comment.

“Sorry,” you mumbled, playing with your fingers. The amount of times Y/C/N had caught you staring was more than embarrassing.

Y/C/N laughed, padding across his room to where you were sitting. He tilted your chin up to look at him, kissing you for a few moments before pulling away. “Don’t be sorry. Stare all you want, baby; I’m yours, remember?” Your face flushed even more as he teased you, and you couldn’t help but smile as you jokingly pushed him away.

“Shut up,” you whined, and Y/C/N continued to laugh as he left the room to give you privacy to change.

You opened the door when you were finished and Y/C/N’s eyes travelled over your body, fully aware that you were watching. “How am I going to keep my hands off you?” He muttered, fully intending for you to hear. You blushed (as usual) when he left a lingering kiss on your lips before grabbing your hand and pulling you towards his bed. Once you both got under the covers Y/C/N turned off the lights, submerging the room into darkness. Your heart thudded nervously but excitedly in your chest due to the fact that you had never been this intimate with Y/C/N before.

He laid flat on his back, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you impossibly closer to him. You naturally draped one leg over his waist in order to lay comfortably on your side. His free hand fell to grip your bare thigh, and you sighed in content.

Y/C/N nudged your head with his in order to get your attention. You looked up from your spot on his chest only to be met with a pair of lips on your own. You hummed in surprise, reciprocating the kiss as butterflies danced in your stomach.

You quickly got lost in the taste of your boyfriend. You weren’t sure how long you were kissing him for, but you were sure that you never wanted this moment to end. With your body wrapped up in his and the feeling of his lips on yours,

This was paradise.

SORRY this is so short & also for being gone for so long:( but I’m excited to get back into the swing of things! thank you all for being patient & for 700 followers, it means the world :’)

'Negative' Words for the Signs That I Find Positive

Aries: Confrontational, Impatient, Jealous // They are able to fight for the things they want. They don’t like to wait around they want to take action, they don’t like wasting time and in this day and age it makes sense. They are afraid of losing who they love or want their person to be for them only and jealousy is one way they express that.

Taurus: Lazy, Stubborn // At least they don’t stress about every single little thing and being lazy is relaxing and fun sometimes. They believe in what they believe in. I don’t see what’s negative about that.

Gemini: Two-Faced, Restless // They don’t like being confined to just one way of thinking so they explore different opinions on things. They don’t like to be bored. It’s what makes them have fun because they are always doing doing and doing.

Cancer: Emotional, Moody // They know how to feel and how to show it. They feel a lot, and sometimes it’s hard to get their emotions in check so they feel everything at once.

Leo: Vain, Melodramatic // They like to take pride in who they are. They want people to understand what they feel so they exaggerate.

Virgo: Close-minded, Critical // They like to live their life simply and as normal as they can. They like everything to be perfect because perfect is safe it’s normal and right to them.

Libra: Indecisive, Superficial // They’re afraid of making a wrong decision. They like appreciating outer beauty but it’s until they know people in depth that they see the beauty inside too.

Scorpio: Secretive, Resentful, Possessive // They don’t want their personal life out in the open. They don’t like being betrayed and don’t feel like trusting again only to be betrayed again. They love with all they have and expect the same in return.

Sagittarius: Impulsive, Blunt, Irresponsible // They like to do things in the moment. They’re honest but not to hurt people but to express how they feel and what they’ve experienced. They don’t like the pressure of responsibility, who can blame ‘em?

Capricorn: Reserved, Controlling // They choose who to open up to. They feel safe when they’re in control; nothing wrong can happen when they’re in control.

Aquarius: Unpredictable, Rebellious, Aloof // Being unpredictable makes life fun. To defy rules and laws isn’t bad. It’s bad because we are told it is. Being cool and distant isn’t a bad thing, we don’t want to get hurt or we just don’t know how to show how much we care.

Pisces: Gullible, Over-sensitive, Unrealistic // They like to see the good in people. They get hurt sometimes it’s not bad, everyone gets hurt. What’s wrong with being unrealistic? It’s like saying it’s wrong to dream.

[I did this ‘cause I’ve seen these ‘negative’ traits around that aren’t negative at all to me. Just offering a different view of things.]

I was hoping by some miracle I could get out of making lunch but it’s almost four and the natives are restless. We had a big late snow day breakfast though so they’re fine. I found some homemade turkey pho broth in the freezer and a bag off chicken and cilantro wontons so that’s happening. But I also have a hankering for these Greek-style pizza’s with feta and kalamata olives on pocketless pita. I’m making them with naan because that’s all I’ve got on hand, but it’s basically the same thing in a different shape.

I feel bored, weird and restless today.
I’ve put on two films and quit them both after 15 mins, I binned my breakfast as I just couldn’t face it. It’s just one of those funny old days.

@the-terror-0f-death didn’t like anything, i just wanted to bother the waifu.

Restless–perhaps it could have been a word to explain how he felt most of the day. It wasn’t as if he was particularly tired, nor energized, but there wasn’t a reason for the almost numbing sensation in his fingertips. Ovan couldn’t stay in one place, the once-soothing Harbor District merely grounds to practically run circles into if he so wanted ( and, well, he would have ). It was easier to pester someone in his collection of member addresses rather than skulk around aimlessly.

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> Let’s go do something.

Two years ago I got out of a truly terrible long distance relationship. I got on tinder and went on a few dates (mostly thinking if it was shitty at least I got free food) met a lot of guys, some decent, some awful, and I tried a lot of new places around me. Businessmen, pilots, nobodies, everyone had a story but I was getting restless and bored. I was about to give up and go to bed one night thinking I had just swiped right on about 20 guys and if no one messaged me back then I would just delete my profile in the morning. 

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can·cer (ˈkansər)
the disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body
can·cer (ˈkansər)
parts of me growing too quick / too strong / too much
and I only have a secondhand account of the beginning of the end because treatment pulled away memories 
the way cancer pulled away breath and sight and days spent places other than this freezing room 
and I’m trying to get my feet under me but it’s my legs collapsing ungracefully 
my body still too heavy to carry
even as it fades to little more than the stardust it crafted itself from so long ago 
can·cer (ˈkansər)
the days passing in restless sleep and listless wakeful hours spent gazing at the darkness I’ve grown used to 
or at least bored with 
too little in my head to make sense of much more than the pain that ebbs and flows with consciousness and medication 
waiting for miracles but some days make it hard to want even one more day, one more hour
let alone this year I’ve been gifted with 
can·cer (ˈkansər)
scratchy blankets and floppy pillows
plastic sheets and metal bed pans
soapy sponge baths and whispered assurances 
that this is okay, this is her job, nothing more, nothing less–
I am little more than a used mug needing a bit of soap and elbow grease
can·cer (ˈkansər)
can·cer (ˈkansər)
cold hands
tight chest
pinched voices
timelines–shifting, unreliable timelines
false hopes? empty promises?
I’m not even sure I know what counts as good news anymore
quiet days of tears and frustration
reassurances offered–
passed from my hands to theirs as I promise it’ll be okay after
even as I question what after means 
my only hope being it’s better than today
—  it still feels strange to hold the word in my mouth 
Fic: A Single Truth

MCU, 714 words. The night Tony learns his parents have been killed, he finds comfort in remembering one simple thing.


Tony is 21 that December, with nothing to do. Technically speaking he’s on the payroll of the Stark Industries R & D Department, but he does what he wants, when he wants to do it. Sometimes he invents a new weapon that can kill thousands of people at a time. Most days he doesn’t. He’s bored and restless, and, everyone agrees, a selfish spoiled brat. 

He’s actually somewhat pleased with this reputation. It suits him. 

So he’s actively selfish when he refuses to accompany his parents to the Christmas party on the night of the 17th. He’s utterly uninterested in rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. He doesn’t want to get dressed up in a fancy tuxedo and pretend to care about what’s happening in the world of high-stakes international weapons-making. Nope, he’s going to stay home in a comfy T-shirt and jeans, order some pizza, drink a hell of a lot of beer, and work on that robot companion for Dummy. By midnight he’ll be pleasantly drunk, design something new and amazing in a euphoric haze of alcohol and creation, and fall into bed in the middle of the night with black grease still ringing his fingernails. 

It’s a great plan, and he follows it to the letter. 

What he didn’t plan is Obadiah shaking him awake sometime later in the darkness, face pale but composed, giving him the news that both his parents have just been killed. A car accident, icy roads, the car mangled beyond recognition. 

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When Plagg Met Marinette

Part One of the Meet Series

A/N:  I did a bunch of little drabbles while I was at work and decided to through them up on tumblr.  Enjoy!

Summary:  Title says it all.


Plagg was so bored.  So very, very, bored.  Day in and day out, he was always in Adrien’s bag while the boy was in class.  Usually, it didn’t bother him.  He would just nap the classes away.  But today, he found himself restless and unable to settle.  Worse was that he was beginning to go stir crazy.  Just when he thought he was going to burst from too much energy, he caught a whiff of something delicious.  It was close by to.

He popped his head out, careful not to go too far less someone see him.  His eyes scanned all over and looked around the classroom. Once he confirmed he wouldn’t be seen, he flew out and aimed for the ground.  Sticking close to it, he made his way to the seat behind Adrien.  The smell was coming from there.  He looked at the girl, Marinette he thinks her name is. The smell was coming from her little purse, which was hanging at her side.  Slowly, and sticking close to the chair she was sitting in, he flew up to it. In several swift movements he un-clicked it and hopped in.

When he landed inside, he waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness.  Sweets.  Sweets everywhere.  Then again, he did recall something about this girl being a baker’s daughter.  It would make sense that she would have a ton of baked goods on her.  He sniffed around for what he had smelled originally.  He shifted some of the cookies aside, following his nose.  Finally he came upon it.  A cheese danish sat towards the back of her purse.  Jack Pot!!  He wasn’t that much into sweets but he would make an exception for these kinds.

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People don’t understand what I mean when I say I can’t sit still too long. I say that as a way to make them understand, people know what it’s like to be restless. In reality, I can sit still all day, I prefer not to but I can. It’s my mind I can’t keep still, I can’t focus on one subject, mentally I have to keep moving. I can’t sit through a movie, I can’t focus that long. It’s hard to have a conversation I hate to keep changing the subject, I’m sorry but I got bored I couldn’t talk about it anymore. When every joint in my body aches and moving hurts my mind just keeps going sometimes I wish I could get it to slow down.

-I just want peace