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What Do YOU Want? Pt. 1

A Kwon Jiyong series ft. Kim Jiwon

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word count: 2,500+

Summary: The most important person in the world to you can appear most often when you least expect it. But through everything, you can’t forget about you and your own happiness. Who are you happy with? Who is the best for you?

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 

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Your patience was wearing thin.

It had been nearly 3 weeks since you and Jiyong had spent any time together and it was time to address it. Since you worked during the morning/day at YG and then spent the early evenings in your studio, you made sure that you had all night free and you assumed Jiyong would do the same. But you were mistaken. Again.

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Magic Kaito Chapter 36 [English Translation]

Happy KaiAo day!

  • The danger divides two destinies
  • And Thief’s choice is…

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His Human Mate - Part 3

Finally part 3!! So sorry that it took so long. So there is a short scene that describes torture, so if the triggers you, be careful.


You wake up alone and cold, locked in a cell. You’re dizzy, your head is throbbing, and everything has the hazy feeling of drugs.

“Did you get her, Soldier?”

“да, she is here”

You crawl forward, peering between the bars to the two people who are standing in the hall. “I have your next mission”

Bucky stiffens up immediately, “Ready to comply”

The HYDRA agent grins, “You are to guard Y/N Stark. Only I am allowed to touch her, understood?’

“Mission parameters understood”

“Good. Bring her to Lab 4, we have some questions for Ms. Stark”

You scream as another bolt of electricity tears through you. “I don’t know” you sob, “I don’t know anything!”

“You live with the most powerful people on earth, have observed them for months, you know their weaknesses, and I want you to tell them to me. What are the Avenger’s weaknesses?”

Bucky stands in the control room, constantly glancing at the door. You snarl baring your bloody teeth, “I don’t know anything! Even if I did, I would never tell you!”

Another shock rips through you, staling your breath, and making your muscles twitch uncontrollably. “I really hate to do this to you. I don’t want to hurt you, Y/N, but if you keep this up I will have to find more … creative … ways to get you to talk. How about a different question?” He crouches down so he’s eye level with you, “How do you kill the Asgardians?”

“I won’t tell you their weaknesses, why would I tell you how to kill them?”

HYDRA Baddie 1, as you’ve started to refer to him as, let out a chuckle, “I was hoping you’re say that! Soldier!!” Immediately Bucky stands up straighter, “Get me the tools.”

Your eyes widen as Bucky wheels out a table full of torture instruments. Straining against the metal cuffs, “I promise I don’t know anything!! I only met them a few days ago!”

“You are the only human in the tower, there is a reason you’re still alive, and I want to find out why. You’ll either tell me willingly, or I’ll find other ways to make you talk”

HYDRA Baddie leans down and grins, slashing his knife across your cheek. You’re exhausted and can already feel unconsciousness starting to creep up on you when you feel something brush against your mind. You lock eyes with Bucky, the only supernatural creature within range, but he only smirks an tilts his head toward the door.

Suddenly another mind brushes against yours, this one you recognize. Loki’s here, he’s in the compound, he’s come to rescue you.

I’m here, dove. Just a little longer

You look up at the HYDRA Baddie, “You’re gonna regret hurting me, you know”

He raises an eyebrow, “And why’s that? What are you gonna do?”

“She won’t have to do anything” Bucky’s growled before a gun fires. As soon as the HYDRA goon goes down, Bucky quickly gets the metal cuffs off you. “You’re alright, doll. Stevie contacted me, the Avengers are making their way here now.”

Your body pitches forward as soon as you’re unlocked from the chair, but Bucky quickly rights you, “How do you remember?”

Bucky chuckles, “Wanda did some of her long-distance magic, overriding HYDRA’s programing, it also makes me immune to the wipes. Stevie and I grew up together, so we can communicate over large-distances like most siblings can. That’s how I knew about the rescue”

He’s rambling, you can tell that he’s worried about you. Shit, you’re worried about yourself! You can feel your body going numb, vision hazy, and everything just kinda hurts.

The door to the lab bursts open and Bucky whips around, gun raised, but lowers it immediately when Tony and Loki are the ones who run in.


Loki slides down next to you, pressing gentle kisses all over your face, while Tony has JARVIS running scans. You bring your hand up, clutching at Loki’s robes, and burying your head in his chest, “Loki …”

“I am here, dove, right here” he whispers, rocking you gently.

“Didn’t think you’d come”

Loki lets out a low growl, “I shall always come for you, always, never doubt that”

You nod, and are vaguely aware of being picked up, “Stay awake, darling. You shall be healed. Anthony has already relayed your injuries to SHIELD”

You give Tony a breathy smile as you pass him, “’m tired. Gonna sleep”

Several voices quickly start shouting for you not to fall asleep, but the pull is too great, you can’t stay awake, so your body is quickly dragged into unconsciousness.

The first thing you notice when you wake up are the soft sheets that surround you, next is the annoying beeping of the heart monitor, and last was the hands that were encasing both of yours.

“Y/N?” Tony whispers

You must have moved or made a sound, but when you try to open your eyes it feels like they are glued shut.

Loki’s voice is soft when his fingers stroke your face, “Take your time, dove, don’t strain yourself”

With a soft grunt, you manage to peel your eyes open, “Water” you whisper.

Immediately a straw is against your lips and you take a few blissful sips of water, “Take it slow, I don’t want you to throw up, pup”

You pull away and offer both Loki and Tony a shaky smile. “Thanks.” You glance around the room, taking in the equipment that is surrounding you, “How long was I out?”

Loki sighs softly and sits on the edge of the bed, “You were asleep for 8 days, dove. Your body went into shock, you almost died. I – I gave you a transfusion of my blood, the healing properties were able to save you, however it sent your body into shock. A human is not equipped to handle the blood of a supernatural in large quantities.”

“Thank you, for coming to get me” you whisper.

Tony takes your hand and Loki pulls you into a tight hug, “Never doubt that we will come for you, my human. I will take on all of the armies in the Nine Realms for you.”

You let out a relieved sob, and cling to both of them. “I was so scared”

“I know you were, pup” Tony whispers, running his fingers through your hair. “Do you want to see the rest of the team? They’re on the communal floor”

You chuckle, “Yeah, I kinda wanna get out of this bed”

Tony’s eyes go comically wide, “J, did you record that?! It’s the only time Y/N will ever willingly leave her bed!!”

As soon at Loki wheels you up to the common room floor, you are rushed by the entire team. You quickly assure everyone that you are alright, and that there is no lasting damage. Bucky gives you a shy smile and a wave from behind everyone.

“It’s nice to see you again, Bucky. Glad to see that you’re finally home”

Bucky chuckles and reaches out to touch you, only to find himself pinned to the wall by Loki, “Don’t touch her” His growl reverberates throughout the room, causing everyone to take a step back.

“Loki! Put him down, he wasn’t going to hurt me!” You stumble out of the wheelchair that Tony had made you use, quickly wrapping your arms around his waist.

Loki whips around, tucking you underneath his chin, “I cannot have you here with all of these creatures, dove.”

“Take me to my rooms, we can watch movies, just the two of us” You whisper

Loki nods stiffly, “I cannot promise the safety of anyone who approaches Y/N” Loki spoke to the room, never taking his eyes off you, “I shall, hopefully, be more controlled tomorrow”

You glance over at the rest of the Avengers, “I’ll see you all tomorrow. By then he should be calm enough to let me be around other.”

Gently pushing you back into the wheelchair, Loki lets out one last growl before he heads to the elevator, “Come, my human. You need to rest”

You can’t help rolling your eyes at his protective behavior. The two of you had just started your courtship and he was already acting like this, you honestly couldn’t wait to see how much worse it will get. The Avengers are going to have an interesting year ahead of them.


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Part 4


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Prompts: “I like your laugh”

“What other hidden talents do you have?”

“Would it be okay if I kissed you?”

“Are you sure it’s safe going out in the wood’s today?” Merlin asked as he trailed closely behind you as you both walked down the corridor from Gauis’s workroom. “Gauis said we’re supposed to get a storm.”

You looked over your shoulder to him and smiled, throwing your cloak over your shoulders and tying the red string.”Merlin, I don’t think a little rain will kill me.”

“Perhaps I could go with you?” He offered, moving sharply to stand in front of you, blocking your pathway.

Your eyes went wide for a second when he suddenly appeared in your sight but you gave him a sideways look. “You’re acting very strange,” You pointed as you took a step towards him, placing the back of your hand on his forehead. “Are you feeling well?”

Merlin’s eyes met yours and his cheeks suddenly heated up, adorning them with a light pink hue. “N-No?” He said with an embarrassed laugh.

“You’re warm, perhaps you should go back to Gaius,” You suggested as you withdrew your hand. “I think you might have a fever.”

For fear of embarrassing himself further, Merlin nodded silently and quickly walked passed you, tripping on his feet as he did so, causing you to send him another worried look.

“…I meant to do that.” He covered quickly, straightening himself up and clearing his throat as he walked away at a fast pace.

Merlin kept his gaze locked on the ground until he was safely out of your eyesight before he crashed into the nearest wall, leaning his head back on th cool stone and placing his hands over his eyes as he sighed.

“Well,” A voice called obnoxiously, causing Merlin’s eyes to shoot open as he saw Prince Arthur standing a few feet away from him with his arms folded and a knowing smirk on his stupid face. “That was pitiful.”

Merlin groaned as he pushed himself from the wall. “How much of that did you hear?”

“All of it,” Arthur said as he gave him a look. “I also thoroughly enjoyed the part where you tripped on your own two feet.”

Merlin adverted his eyes and toyed with his scarf, opting to stay silent instead of making the whole situation worse for him.

Arthur raised an eyebrow at the absence of some clever remark that usually came after his teasing. “Come along, I have a coat that needs to be mended.” He called as he turned around and started walking in the other direction.


Though Merlin was grateful for distraction in repairing the many tears on the seams of Arthur’s hunting coat, he could help but be worried for you. The wind had already started to pick up and howl against the panes of the castle windows.

The clouds were swirling in a more moody shade of grey, and after only a few moments, rain started to fall and leave wispy patterns on the clear glass.

“Then whenever you’re done you can take my sword to the armory and-” Arthur stopped talking whenever he realized Merlin was staring blankly at the window. “I suppose I’m talking to myself then?” He asked as his voice rose.

Merlin’s attention slowly snapped back to the blonde prince and he blinked. “Sorry, we’re you talking to me?”

Arthur looked at him sideways. “No, actually I was referring to the unicorn in the corner of the room.” He said with a sarcastic tone. “Yes, I’m bloody talking to you. You’ve been giving sad eyes to the windows since you stepped foot in this room,” He stood from his chair and walked to the other end of the window. “So, tell me what’s wrong with you.”

Merlin’s eyes shot to his for a moment before they drifted back to the window. “It’s (Y/n), she’s out in the woods collecting some herbs for Gaius, and I can’t help but worry.”

“Because you fancy her?” Arthur asked, although he was well aware of the answer.

Merlin’s nervous laugh escaped his throat as he scratched the dark hair at the back of his neck. “I-I dunno if I’d call it that, but I do worry about her well being.”

Arthur rolled his eyes at the awful attempt of a lie his friend was trying to pull. “I highly doubt a little storm could hold back our (Y/n). You have nothing to worry about.”

Merlin smiled and was about to thank him when a large roll of thunder sounded in their eyes and lighting flashed clashed across the sky. Now it was Arthur’s turn to laugh nervously. “I’m sure she’s on her way home now, don’t worry.”


Merlin didn’t say much for the next hour, trying his best to quickly get all of his work done so he could go see if you had returned safe and sound. Arthur must have noticed the nervous fidget of Merlin’s movements because it didn’t take long for him to dismiss him and practically push him out of the door of his chambers and telling Merlin to say hello to you on his behalf.

Merlin jogged his down the staircases and corridors until he was finally at the door of his and Guias’s room. He took the opportunity to catch his break and fix his hair, making sure his clothes looked presentable and pulled open the door.

Unfortunately to his dismay, Merlin was greeted with the empty room instead of you sitting by the fire with Gaius as you read another book listening all the medical herbs in the kingdom.

“Gaius?” Merlin called out as he stepped inside, checking for any signs of you being there.

“Here!” Came his voice from the adjoining room. “You’re early.” The older man said as he dropped a pile of books onto the wooden work table.

“Arthur let me out early.” Merlin said as he walked further into the room, trying to hide the fact that his mind was racing and trying to figure out where you could be.

“Before you ask, no she hasn’t returned since I sent her off.” Gaius said as he raised a hand and sat down on his bench.

“But shouldn’t that worry you?” Merlin asked his hands tightly wound together and apart as his mind went.

“She’s a grown woman who is more than capable in handling herself, sit down and wait with me.” Gaius said as he opened one of his books. “Light a few candles for me and try to calm yourself.”

Merlin quickly set about his task, shamelessly using magic when his hands kept fumbling the matches. Thought he eyes darted to the door every time he heard a noise, thinking you would appear.

Gaius continued to assure him of your safety, explaining you often liked to take your time in the forests regardless of the weather, once even telling him how in nature is where you felt the most at peace and calm.

Merlin finally came to rest as he sat down opposite Gaius and rested his head in his folded arms, head facing the door so he could keep watch for you.

Time passed and Merlin felt his eyes growing heavy as the fatigue from the day started to catch up with him. His eyes were closed for a maybe a minute or so when the door finally creaked opened.

Merlin was up in an instant and his heart leaped when he saw the embroidered swirls in the deep crimson of your cloak and the woven basked you always carried brimming with colorful flowers and plants.

You turned around and looked at them. “Sorry, I’m so late,” You said through breathless pauses as you dropped the basket next to Gaius. “But I was able to find everything you needed and then some.”

Gaius let out a delighted chuckle as he searched through the herbs. “I must say, you are the best at what you do.”

You removed the hood of your cloak and Merlin finally realized the state of your appearance.

Your hair was dripping from the rain and strands of it stuck matted to your forehead. Your cheeks were rosy from the cold and he could see the rise and fall of your chest as you caught your breathe.

Though despite that the smile was ever clear on your face and Merlin could see the glimmer to your eyes.

Gaius cleared his throat when he saw how intently Merlin was looking at you. “My dear! We should get you a warm cloak and I’ll have Merlin make you something so you won’t get a cold,” He said, taking your arm and pulling a bench closer to the fire.

Merlin immediately went to the draft cabinet without having to be told and found exactly what would help you before taking Gaius’s place beside you.

“I shall be in the other room if you need me.” Gaius said as he handed Merlin a dry brown cloak to give you as he let yours up to dry.

Merlin turned to you and handed you the medicine. “Did you have any troubles on your adventure?”

He heard a soft laugh leave you as you downed the earthy-tasting liquid. “Not at all, it was nice to clear my head.”

Merlin smiled and moved to stand behind you as he placed the cloak over your shoulders. “Now let’s hope you don’t catch a cold.”

“Would you take care of me if I did?”

“Of course, m'lady.” Merlin mused as he bowed to you. “I live to serve.”

That brought out a proper laugh from your lips and it made it heart jump.

“I rather like your laugh.” He thought aloud and you both shared a tender smile before his eyes caught sight of your hands.

They were a little dirty and you had several cuts on the knuckles of your fingers. “What did you do?” He asked in a concerned tone and he gently sat down again, taking your hands in his.

“Oh just a few small scratches from some thorns, don’t worry too much.” You said before laughing at the expression he gave you.

“I’ll have to patch you up then, won’t I?” He asked before assembling some gauze and few soothing salves before quickly returning to your side and tending your hand.

You watch him carefully wrap up your fingers without trying to hurt you. “You’re good at this, any other hidden talents?”

Merlin laughed and shook his head as he tied the final piece of gauze. “If I ever figure them out you’ll be the first to know.”

He examined his work, and without realizing it he had lifted your hands and kissed the bandages, something his mother often did when he injured himself.

You didn’t mind but the instant Merlin realized what he’d done he apologized profusely before you calmed him down.

“I really didn’t mind.” You said to him with an assuring smile before you turned your attention to the fire.

Merlin’s heart fluttered in his chest and his head felt dizzy. Had he just really kissed you? Sure it was simply on your hands but that still was an act of affection he bestowed upon you.

In his adrenaline rush, Merlin turned to you. “(Y/n)?”

You hummed to let him know you were listening, and it wasn’t till your eyes met that he asked you something that had been on his mind for some time.

“Would it be alright if I kissed you?”

You were taken by the question at first, never really expecting him to say it you of all people. And before you could even open your mouth, he was stuttering over apologies.

“Wrong moment-I have horrendous timing, I’m really sorry, forget I mentioned it-”

You couldn’t help but smile before you leaned over a placed a gentle kiss on his cheek. “No, I don’t think I’d mind it at all.”

Merlin had the most shocked look you had ever seen on a man and you had to stifle a laugh. “I hope you have a good evening, and tell Gaius I shall return his cloak tomorrow.”

He didn’t say anything but his eyes followed yours as you approached the door.

You turned around and smiled at him. “Goodnight, Merlin.”

Merlin waited until he was absolutely certain you weren’t coming back his hand found the place where your lips made contact on his skin and a smile appeared on his face that was bright even the rain clouds couldn’t dim.

Bidding on the Avengers (Part Thor)

F!reader x Thor

Read Bidding on the Avengers:

Part 1

A/n: First I want to thank everyone for the sweet comments on part 1! I also wanted to thank @sharknadoslut for helping me out! You give me the confidence to keep writing!

So I am  starting this auction off with Thor. This is pretty fluffy, and turned out much longer than expected. The reader will vary for each character. (I just think it’s more fun that way).

Feel free to comment or talk to me! And let me know if you want to be added to the tag list!


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“Next person for auction, is the mighty god of thunder!”

Applause erupted from the crowd as Thor walked up on stage. It was obvious he was enjoying himself; smiling, waving, and winking at everyone in the audience. When the bidding started, the poor auctioneer could barely keep up. The more offers Thor got, the more showboating he did. 

He ripped  his shirt open buttons flying everywhere, and flexed for the audience. Who responded with loud cheers and whistling.


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Who’s Your Daddy?

Series AU 

/ Part 1 / / Part 2 /

Author: Joi A. Wade

Tagged:  @yougottalovefandoms  @phan—anime , @ thatblondeemogirl

Warnings: Swearing, pregnant!reader, daddy!gladers 

Summary: The creators sent up a new greenie instead of supplies…they weren’t expecting a girl. And to put the icing on the cake, she’s pregnant with a note rested upon her bulging belly. Once the note is read, and the girl wakes up…all hell will break loose.  Who is she? Why is she there? Who is the father of her baby?

Grateful that she at least remembered her name, Y/n was calm enough to put down the scissors, and examine the boys that were left in the room. The tension in the room was still thick, you could cut it with a knife. Each and everyone of them exchanged looks, while Y/n just stared at her stomach in wonder, her hand subconsciously rubbing the area. 

“I bet you’re wondering where you are, love.” The same boy who asked for her name spoke, in response Y/n nodded her head. “And…who we are.” 

“Yes…yes I am. How did I get here? Why am I here?” 

“All of those are really great questions, sweetheart, too bad we don’t have answers for any of them! I for one would really love to know why the shuck you suddenly show up, with a note with our names on it and keeping us from surviving.”  

The venom in his words surprised Y/n. All she did was ask a question, and now this guy she didn’t even know was angry at her. The dark gentlemen next to him placed a hand on his shoulder, his face showing barely any emotion. 

“Gally, be calm about this. Frightening the girl isn’t going to get us anywhere-”

“Like hell it isn’t!” He moved Alby’s hand off his shoulder, marching up to Y/n, a stern look upon his face. “Who do you work for?” 

Before he could even get close enough to her, Thomas and Minho were quick to hold him back, while Newt stood in front of her. 

“Chill out, shuckface!”

“Back off!” 

“What the hell is your problem with me? I’m just as scared and confused as you are, if anyone should be angry it’s me! I have to carry a child, whose father I don’t even remember!”

“How do we even know you’re really pregnant?” He growled, everyone looking in her direction, the same question running through their brains. Y/n sighed, slowly lowering herself from the bench, standing on her slightly swollen feet. Y/n grabbed the hem of her over-sized shirt, lifting it up to where her bare stomach faced the boys to confirm that it was very much real. 

All of their eyes widen at the size of her stomach, not believing that a human could stretch their skin that much. Mesmerized by it, Gally managed to escape both Minho and Thomas’s grip, his eyes trained on the moving area as well. Alby thought that it was time for him to leave, but he too was intrigued. 

Suddenly, they could see a slight hump form on one part of her stomach, staying there for only a moment until it slowly went back down. That seemed to freak the group of boys out a little bit, as they took a large step away from Y/n. 

“What the hell was that?” Thomas gasped, eyes still focused on the spot that moved.

“That was the baby, I think. It’s moving. It does that sometimes…” Y/n saw that Minho was slowly reaching a hand out to touch it. Quickly, she pulled her shirt back down, taking a little step back. “Well. I gave you your answer, now where am I?” 

“Why should we answer you?” Gally sneered, Minho shoving him slightly in the shoulder.

“Stop being so hostile, she’s just a shucking girl. What harm can she possibly do, let alone being pregnant?” 

“Am I seriously the only one freaking out about this?! Our names are on a paper, basically saying we fucked this girl and got her pregnant! I don’t even remember girls, let alone sleeping with one, and you expect me to be calm about me possibly being some kid’s father?”

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, I for one am hoping it’s not you,” Thomas states, getting Gally to glare down at him. 

“You wanna repeat that slinthead? What the shuck is that supposed to mean?” 

“Wait, Thomas is literally saying he’s hoping it’s not yours, and you’re getting mad about that too? I’m starting to think Y/n isn’t the only girl in here, buddy, something you want to tell us?” Minho crossed his arms, a playful grin on his face. 

“Alright enough!” Newt finally snapped, rubbing his head. “It’s too late in the night to be arguing about this. I understand, Gally, that you are freaking out and to be honest I’m not too excited about it either-”

“Oh, thanks.” Y/n glared, him awkwardly grinning in response.

“No offence, love. But, we have to understand that if we don’t figure this out soon, we’ll starve to death.” 

“Why not just dump the shank in the maze and have the grievers take care of her. Problem solved.” Minho suggested, Gally nodding happily at the idea. 

“Alright, seriously, guys. This is a big thing, one of us is a father. None of us remember our own families…wouldn’t it be nice to have one of our own?” Thomas hoped, shrugging his shoulders upward. 

“In this hell? Not likely..” Gally shook his head, looking over at Y/n, her not being able to see the softness in his eyes once they laid on her moving stomach. “But…if those shucking creators sent you up here…then you must be important.”

“So…I can stay?” Y/n asked, still a little bit cautious. 

“Not sure we even have the choice of saying no. So I guess you’ll stay in the Med-Jack hut until morning, when I’ll tell you everything you need to know,” Newt placed a hand on your shoulder, a small smile upon his tired face. “And don’t be alarmed by the swarm of boys out there. I’ll be sure that they keep their distance. Your baby is safe in our hands.”

A small tug to her lips notified Newt that his warm words were helping to relax Y/n. With a simple nod, she leaned her aching back on the medical bed, sighing happily. 

“Then it’s settled,” Alby finally spoke. “Minho and Thomas will run the maze, Gally goes back to work, and Newt will show Y/n around first thing in the morning. I’ll be sure to host a meeting on this tomorrow as well, once the runners return, good that?” 

Everyone nodded, except for Y/n, not sure on what he was asking. Taking her silence as an answer anyways, he made his way to the door. Opening it up, a flood of nosy boys came crashing down to the floor, being caught red handed for eavesdropping. Chuck, sadly being the boy that first landed and now being crushed, wiggled his head out to take a deep breath. Not soon after he was making eye contact with Alby. 

“Uhm…this wasn’t my idea..”

Alby shook his head at the young boy, his glare already getting half of them to pick themselves up off the ground. Y/n, being overwhelmed by the large number of boys, moved backward behind Newt, her large stomach surprising him as he didn’t even realize she was hiding. Looking over at Thomas, he silently signaled him to handle the situation. 

“Alright, alright, nothing to see here! Apparently you heard the man, if you have questions, he’ll answer them at the meeting tomorrow evening after everyone is done working. It’s been a long day, and we’re all hyper to see a girl, but it’s gonna have to wait, move it out!” He fanned at them, shooing them off along with Alby, as Minho wasn’t too far behind. 

Gally huffed, locking eyes with you for at least the fourth time that night. He pointed a finger out to you, his eyebrows sharp in a scowl and his lips tugged in a harsh frown. “I’ve got my eye on you.” 

A slight chill went up her spin and into her brain, as if she had heard him say that before. Like a bad case of deja vu. But, Y/n shook it off as if it were nothing, but knew it was still going to be nagging her in the back of her mind. Letting out a breath she didn’t know she was holding, she was relieved to see him exit the room, now leaving herself and Newt. 

“Don’t worry about him. He’s known around here for having a stick up his ass all the time,” Newt tried to lighten up the mood, smiling himself once he saw that you were doing exactly what he was aiming for. 

“What about you? You’re the kindest one of them all so far.”

“I’ve been in your shoes before, apart from being pregnant. I’ve been scared and confused, and I wouldn’t want anyone screaming at me either. Judging from your condition, that’s the last thing you needed anyways.”

“I didn’t mean to cause any trouble…I didn’t ask for-”

“Don’t worry about it, love. For the sake of this little…thing, get some rest.” He gently patted her stomach, his eyes still soft from much wanted sleep and the thought of the child growing inside of her. Thomas was right, just thinking about it being his was…kind of warming. Shaking his head to get ride of the thought, he spoke. “I’ll send Clint and Jeff in here to help you get situated, and I shall see you in the morning, good that?” 

Raising her eyebrow in confusion, Newt chuckled. “That means, okay?” 

“Oh, alright. Good that!” She happily replied, nodding her head to confirm. Newt nodded back to her, making his way to the exit. 

Looking back at her, he can’t help but feel guilty. He doesn’t know why, but if he was the father of her baby…why were they separated? Letting the thought slip away into the back of his mind, he focused on getting to his bed and falling into much needed sleep. 

“Welcome to the Glade, greenie. Sleep tight.” 

One Too Many

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Pairing: Drunk!Sirius Black x Reader
Summary: On a night out with the Marauders, James bets Sirius can’t down more than seven shots of Beetle Berry Whiskey. Sirius, never backing down from a challenge, accepts, and the effects are near catastrophic for the reader.
A/N: I couldn’t resist clingy drunk Sirius. Enjoy lovers xxxxx

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Just Thought I’d Check in on My Beloved - Pt 5

“Oh, Rosaline, look at how beautiful!” Livia called as she fawned over a dress hanging from a shop in the market.  Benvolio chuckled, eyes turning to the lady on his arm.  He ducked his head towards hers so that he could bury his nose in her hair and whisper into her ear.  His hand settled at the small of her back, and an easy grin crossed his lips as she gave a slight shiver.

The easy affection in public was still new to the couple, and Rosaline could scarcely believe that it was real.  Some days, this particular one included, maintaining respectful distance while in the company of others was quite a challenge.  Her fiance was not one to help such matters, generous with his touch and flirtation as he’d become since the day they’d realized the depths of their feelings for one another.  She’d never allowed herself to dream that such love could belong to her…and yet.  “Go, my love, get her a beautiful dress for the ceremony.  Find something lovely for yourself.  I’ll handle the business for my uncle and then return to you.”  He tucked a coin purse into her hand, and pressed a kiss to her temple.  

Before he could step away, though, Rosaline curled her fingers around the back of his neck and tugged him down for a lingering kiss.  “Be quick, Montague, lest we spend all your money.”

“All that I possess belongs to you, Capulet.”  With a charming wink, he was gone.

“Rose, on with it, sister! He’s round the corner, you needn’t stare after him any longer,” Livia teased.  Cheeks burning, Rosaline hurried to catch up with her younger sister, and fawned over the lovely dress in her hands.

“Oh, Liv, this is perfect!”  She held it up to Livia’s shoulders and nodded.  “How much, sir?”  She glanced over to the shopkeeper, ignoring her sister’s surprised protest as she handed him the proper payment.

“Rosaline I cannot accept such a gift!”

“‘Tis not from me, and yes, you most certainly can.  You deserve to be spoiled from time to time, and I’ll not complain if my fiance sees fit to be one of the men to see it done.”  Truthfully, it was one of the many things that seemed to make her fall more in love with Benvolio; he’d never hesitated to include Livia into their family, their plans for the future.  His loyalty to Rosaline meant loyalty to her sister, and Rosaline knew without a doubt that Livia would be well cared for.  She gathered the dress, now properly covered, into her arms before offering it to her sister.  “Oh, thank you! Now, what about you?”

Glancing around, Rosaline spotted a little shop selling jewelry and trinkets.  “I have yet to find the perfect necklace to wear for the wedding ceremony.  Will you help me?”  Livia grinned and nodded, practically dancing across the market in her excitement.  

“Lady Rosaline, a moment?”

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Blazing Hearts

Blazing Hearts

OTP idea #335; Person A is a firefighter and Person B’s cat happens to always be getting stuck somewhere, and Person A always has to get their cat out.


Astrid heard the sound of sirens coming up the driveway and winced. This was the fourth time this week she had had to call the fire brigade, and each time it was the same fire crew, and the same guy climbing the tree to get her cat down.

Astrid loved Stormfly, but climbing 60-foot tall evergreen trees was not part of the deal.

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“All bets are off”- Chapter 2

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Ship: Thomas Shelby X Reader 

Hey there :)

As always, I’m not a native speaker, so I just got to tell you all how thankful I am to have @sarcastiphonix for helping me with my grammar troubles!

Prologue (x), Chapter 1 (x)

Let me know what you think! 

Chapter 2

“Pleased to meet you, Mr Shelby.“ My voice was strained but I still accepted his offer when he nodded, took out his cigarette case and handed me one. He lit them both up quickly, obviously practised in the act. The head of the Shelby firm took a deep drag and looked over me, almost as if reviewing my figure.
I suddenly felt very uncomfortable.
"John, give us a minute“, he said and the man who had brought me in disappeared through a door with the letters of his name imprinted on its front.

"Please, have a seat“, he gestured to a table, arranged with two chairs and sat down on one. I waited for small fraction of time before following his example.
"If you forgive me asking, Mr Shelby“, I queried, a cloud of smoke escaping my mouth from the drag I had taken, "Why am I here?“
Thomas Shelby didn’t answer me. He sat still, smoking and continuing to cause an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I let out an embarrassingly obvious sigh of relief as he began to speak:
"You are well known in your line of work, as am I in mine. I’m assuming I don’t have to lie to you about what us Shelby’s are doing besides the betting shop?“
I shook my head slowly.
Our eye-contact had not wavered since we had sat down.
And I was certainly not going to be the one who gave in.
"And the point is?“, I asked, inhaling more glorious toxins from my cigarette.
It clearly calmed me down.
"Your work won’t ever be mentioned with the other side of the business“,
he explained and for a split second the corners of his mouth raised up. It was a strange look but, not surprisingly, alluring.
"Your work will require you to ride our horses at the races and you will push them into the upper positions. You don’t need to know our reasons or tactics for your own safety, you don’t want to get pulled too deeply into this. All you need to know is, if you work for us“, he tossed his dog-end in the ashtray, "you will work only for us. And if you only work once for us, you will still always work for us. You become a part of the company and cannot leave its confines.“ As if I had a choice in the matter.
I went to give a retort but he interrupted me.
"You’ll be paid well, that’s not an issue. I’ll see you on Monday for further instructions“, he stood up and headed back to his office.
"And what if I decide that I don’t want to work for you?“ I piped up sharply.
The most dangerous man in Birmingham stopped in his tracks. He turned around and his eyes seemed to pierce my skin.
"And why would you make such a decision?“, he demanded.
"In my business I am usually free to do anything I want“, I said with
insistence. Mr. Shelby came as close as he could, trying to force me backwards like a cowardly being. But I would not give in and refused to take a step back. He eyeballed me again.
"I understand that your mother taught you about independence after your father’s death. And that’s one of the reasons why I chose you and not some idiotic prick that isn’t able to see beyond things that happen at the courses. But I won’t repeat myself.” He took a step backwards, pointing towards me before continuing, “I want you to know this will be a legitimate partnership; but I am not here to answer all your questions, you need to be careful what you do or say in this company.
The only thing you are free to do is to decide how far you fall into this world. Remember that every deviation from ignorance has it’s price“. He paused before informing me more, "You’ll be available any time. Be here on Monday at 10 o’clock, John will take you to our stables.“ Thomas Shelby turned around and vanished in his office.
Right after the door was closed, John Shelby opened his.
"Believe me“, he mumbled with a cigar in his mouth, "It’s even more stressful to be related to him.“ My eyebrows shot in the air and I was surprised to find myself smiling.
"Come on, love! I’ll drive you wherever you want.“
I thanked him and followed him towards the vehicle.

Did I have incorrect preconceptions of the Shelby Brothers? Weren’t they as evil as they were in the stories I’d heard about them? Maybe they handled their business in the same way I dealt with mine. But then I remembered the way Thomas Shelby looked at me.
Those disillusioned eyes which seemed to drown in emptiness. They suggested the group had secrets, dark ones.
And still, they were the most catching pair I had ever seen.

"Sorry for trying to run from you at the course. I mean, I didn’t know there that we would be working together… or for the rest of my life“, I said to John, muttering the latter part under my breath.”
John grinned before making a dismissive motion, “Forget it. It’s understandable considering our reputation.”
“So, perhaps we could have a fresh start… I’m Alice.“ I went to give him my hand but after realising what I’d implies I could have easily hit myself again. This was a fucking gangster and I was behaving as if I was on my first date. What the bloody hell was wrong with me? This guy was part of the most dangerous family in Birmingham, it was easy to believe he could kill people, fast and easy.
"I—I’m sorry. Forget it, I’m just tired, I had a long day“, I stuttered.
My rising heart rate calmed down when I saw John flash me a kind smile.
"I know exactly who you are, we’ve been watching you for weeks. There isn’t anything I don’t know about you. From your father’s death to your boyfriends heritage and how he’s going to propose to you.“
"Fuck. Now I feel naked“, Naturally, I didn’t relish the idea of being spied on but there’s was something about the way John spoke that made it almost feel like a protective act, that was until the gravity of what he said to be kicked in,
"Wait—Jim’s going to propose?!” The Shelby just shrugged whilst smirking, offering no further information.
John and I walked outside and got in the car.
“So you are the youngest one of them?“, I asked as we drove along the Hudson Street. "I’m the youngest lad besides Finn, yes.” He explained still staring at the road, “You’ll get to know the rest of the family soon but Arthur is the eldest.“
I frowned, "So why is Thomas running the business?“
John Shelby sighed and bit his lips.
"You know“, he seemed to chose his words carefully, "The war left scars.
But Tommy came back with a clear prospect of what he wanted. Arthur’s wounds are still, infected shall we say. You’ll soon see that this company has clear rules and that nothing is more important than family. Nothing.“
I nodded as he arrived outside my house which he had not needed the directions to, of course.
"Thank you“, I stated, stepping out of the car. "I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?“
"I guess“, John mumbled and leant out of his window before telling me, "You know, Thomas didn’t tell anybody why he chose you. But it seems his good taste has triumphed again.“ John accelerated the car and left me standing on a beautiful evening in May, asking myself the same question repeatedly.
Why the hell did Tommy Shelby pick me to be his jockey?
But more importantly; why did I enjoy the prospect of being part in this company so much?

Jim swung open the front door and ran at me before enveloping me in a deep hug.
"Oh lord, Ally, where the hell have you been?“, he murmured into my hair.
I wasn’t sure why but I felt I couldn’t return the embrace.
There were so many thoughts and images coursing through my mind. Whenever I closed my own eyes I was haunted by the vision of a pair of sharp blue ones, they always appeared enticing and in them I could see my reflection faltering, slipping into his world.

Unanswered Questions - Part 6

Summary: You know more of why Pan doesn’t want you on Neverland but his explanation only succeeds in creating even more questions for you. How far will he go to make sure you leave?

Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 1348

Warnings: None that I can think of!

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3


“Alright [y/n] concentrate this time. I don’t need another mountain of dead birds. Unless, of course, you are more than happy to clean them up yourself in which case….have at it.”

Pan sent a playful smirk in my direction as he rested himself up against the trunk of a nearby tree and held out his hand to signal for me to try the spell again. He always made it look so easy the way he just lifted up a single hand and managed to make whatever he wanted happen….and yet I tried it and what happened? A whole heap of birds lost their lives, didn’t exactly scream out talent in the magic world.

“Still don’t know why you chose me to teach magic to. Felix has been here far longer and, well, let’s be honest he could probably handle it far better than I am.”

His brows creased as a frown appeared on his face and in the blink of an eye he was stood in front of me. Placing a hand onto my shoulder he squeezed it gently as his eyes fixed themselves onto mine.

“I chose you because you are far better than any of the boys. Yeah Felix is skilled, loyal too, but he has his limitations. Ever since you came here you haven’t shown one and it takes a special someone to wield the magic I am teaching you.”

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The Walls Come Down (Charles Xavier imagine)
  • Requested by @craving-horans-hug : Oh my gosh please do a Young Charles Xavier imagine!!! Could it be that the reader has healing powers and she’s training with Charles and she suggests that she may be able to heal his spine and allow him to walk again?
  • A/N: Here is it ! My first Charles Xavier request ! It’s quite long (as usual) and I’ll admit , it is probably not my best work (but my point of view is pretty biased considering I never like what I write ;) )
    Also, there is a bit of science in this so feel free to skip that part if you get bored :P
    Hope you enjoy !

« One more time, Y/N »

The Professor, beside her, was observing the woman’s hands. Just in front of her, in the large garden around the school, were a dozen of whitened roses. Sitting cross-legged on the grass, her palmed were raised toward the once beautiful blue flowers. She had discovered, at a young age, that she had the ability of healing damaged organisms. While Charles believed her powers to be vast and useful, not yet at their full capacity, the most she could do was delaying the inevitable death of the dozen of several plants growing in the garden. Each week she kept training with the Professor, and each time she kept growing more frustrated.

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Tour of Prythian Part 3


She awoke in her closet, again. The bottle of brandy lay empty at her feet. Nesta stood, stumbled, and straightened then began her morning routine using the new shower Rhys & Feyre had installed for her. She dressed in a long black day dress and pulled her hair up in a tight bun before looking at herself in the mirror. Bronze hair, blue-gray eyes, and a tightness in her jaw that just would not loosen. Nesta’s hands shook and she fisted them up to her side as she walked to the door and opened it as Cassian fell in. She hadn’t even caught his scent. Damn it.

—–Cassian & Nesta—–

He fell through the door like some hapless oaf and jumped to his feet. He stepped fully into the room and shut Nesta’s door. She took a step back.

N: What do you think you are doing here? Inside my bedroom.

Cassian stalked towards her.
C: I am in your room Nesta Archeron to talk to you.

She had spoken and the look in her eyes told him that she hadn’t wanted too.

C: You WILL talk to me this day he said as he threw up a red tinged shield around her room.

C: No one can hear us now.

He summoned a bottle of brandy and 2 tumblers.

C: I know how much you like your drink.
N: You’ve been spying on me!

She was outraged! She was so mad she wanted to spit fire, but she couldn’t, not at him. she snatched the bottle from his hand and poured her tumbler full, thrice the normal amount. Cassian raised an eyebrow at her but Nesta simply turned to her chaise lounge and sat, she waved a hand in the air,
N: Speak

Cassian grabbed her legs and lifted them up, sat down and dropped her legs back down across the top of his thighs. He took a long drank and turned his head to the side to look at her.

C: I told you my feelings, you let me kiss you, you were willing to die with me and now nothing. Nothing at all, until today. It’s been nearly 3 months Nesta. Even when we’re alone you ignore me. Not a word or a sound, I carry you in my arms to the human realm with only the wind to keep me company. Why is that Nesta?

She finished her brandy and held out her glass for Cassian to refill. He did and she drank from it, deeply. He had her trapped.

N: You saw what I did. I do not regret beheading the king. What I do not like or should I say what I do not understand is how could you smile at me afterwards, after you saw me do that? I find it disturbing that a male could look upon a female who has done such a deed with any… feeling. It makes me wonder what type of male could do this? I thought you decent enough but now I don’t know. What kind of male could look upon me, after watching me do that, with any type of favor?

This was not the answer Cassian had been expecting. He’d expected none to be honest. He let out a long sigh and let his head fall back against the wall.

C: I smiled because no one has deserved vengeance as much as you and your sisters and you achieved it. I wanted to be the one to save you, many times but you saved yourself, me, and Prythian. I should have comforted you after your father died. I failed you yet again.

N: Yes, you failed me and I failed my father and my father failed my sisters and myself.

Well she had said it, he had failed her and it was unforgivable.

C: I never meant to fail you Nesta. It kills me, it kills me that I wasn’t able to save your father for you. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you being thrown into that cauldron or the day that we saw your father murdered. You’ve been so stoic and strong. You show no fear. Never have I suppose.

Cassian took another swig of brandy.

C: They say you drink all night alone.
N: Do they? Hmm I suppose I do. What a pair we are.
C: Can I, won’t you attempt to at least be civil towards me?
N: What does that entail?
C: A simple Hello Cassian, Thank you Cassian, the usual stuff.
N: The usual stuff.

Nesta leaned forward and poured herself another drink. Even she didn’t usually drink this much in the morning, guess she needed a bit of extra liquid courage today. She looked up at him.

N: I know what you are.
C: I know what you are.
N: I know what you are to me.
C: I know you do. I also know that you will not accept what I WANT to offer you, what I NEED to offer you. You asked what kind of man I am, I am a soldier. I kill men, done it my entire life. I was born, bred, and trained for it. It’s all I’ve ever known. I serve in the NC as a general for my brother in arms, I fought and bled for him and I will continue to do so. I love my family. I love their joy, their happiness, and their sorrows. I like helping people, especially the people of my home here in Velaris. I love many things, I could offer you many things, including love but I’m sure you think you can find a better offer somewhere else with someone else. You look upon me and see a brute bastard with a pension for bloodshed but I AM more than that. I promise you, I swear to you Nesta Archeron, I am more than that.

Nesta stared him down. She removed her legs from his thighs and tucked them under her. Nesta opened her mouth to speak, shut it, and opened it again.

N: I do not care that you are a bastard and a brute. I do not care that you are a general and that you kill men.

Cassian felt sick.

N: The only thing I care about is how you feel about me.

Cassian turned to her but she looked away.

N: You should leave now Cassian.

He simply rose and nodded.
C: You should eat something, there’s breakfast downstairs waiting for you.

He headed for the door and turned the handle.

N:Cassian wait.

He turned,
N: I shall consider your offer and I’ll see you at breakfast.

Cassian turn and left Nesta’s room with a smile.


What Rhys had told him, Lucien, Lucien had sent word that he’d be arriving tomorrow.

“You came for me”
“I’m getting her back”

Azriel had one night to get this right, to somehow win Elain’s heart over her mate. He’d been lucky, Lucien had went to make amends at the Spring Court and escort Queen Vassa back to her lands on the continent before traveling back to Velaris. He hoped that Lucien & Vassa would become more than friends or that Lucien would be staying at the Spring Court. Tamlin surely wouldn’t want Feyre’s sister there to look at Day after day reminding him of what he missed. Still he had hoped Tamlin would sway Lucien to stay there.

Cassian winnowed in

C: I talked to Nesta
A: And…
C: She says she’ll consider my offer to be mates.
A: Don’t sound happy about it or anything.
C: I am happy about it. She just needs a lot of help right now and I’m hoping she’ll let me do it.
A: The drinking.
C: Even I can’t keep up with her, well not so early in the morning. We just drank a bottle of brandy and she goes through one every night by herself.
A: Shit. Why don’t the two of you come out with Elain and I tonight. Do you think she’d like that?
I did purchase an entire table for tonight in case I needed the rest of you to come. I know Elain wouldn’t mind and it might even help me out.
C: It’s your big night though
A: Lucien will be here tomorrow.
C: Shit
A: Pretty much but if Nesta could see how Elain and I get on maybe that would have some sway when I ask Elain if I can officially court her, even if I have to compete with Lucien. I’m tired of not getting what I want, this time I’m putting myself out there. I have to try.
C: I’ll tell Nesta now.
A: Can you give this to Elain?

He handed Cassian a small note explaining why Cassian & Nesta should join them and that it wouldn’t interrupt their time together. After all there was dinner, dancing, and an entire Tour of Prythian to walk through.


Originally posted by 50shadesofgraylee

Simon Dominic request

Genre: soft smut idk

Word Count: 4,156 words (holy shit I wrote this much?) 😭

The place where magic takes place was in Gray’s very studio. The GRAYGROUND was your favourite place to visit within AOMG’s building. This was due to the the ambience it brought, the soothing atmosphere, the music lightly playing though the speakers making you feel things and the perfect place to make love. Yes you read that right. You were a bit of a thrill seeker, I wouldn’t say exhibitionist, more of an introverted version of it I guess.

Kiseok also known as Simon Dominic is a popular character with women. On sets, on shoots and basically around the world. His appearance, deep voice and rapping with sensual verses had people melting whenever they saw him. Since his arrival at AOMG, the re-birth of him was successful and females despised your position. Oh that’s right, you fit in here somewhere. (Y/N) formerly known as AOMG’s makeup artist.

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awritersrejections  asked:

Your animorphs AU for yoi is GIVING ME LIFE, but all this talk about dressing Yuuri entirely in clothes made from Viktor's own self has me thinking about my OTHER Super Extra Trash Clothes Darling—so please, what are your thoughts on Hannibal's chosen morphs! In fact, I'm curious to hear your headcanons for everyone's morphs. :) (Ohmygod can you imagine Freddie as the flashiest gaudiest beetle possible, so she can be sneaky but still LOTS EXTRA.)

(this was gonna be the blog where I’m NOT a fannish nerd, just a nice normal recapper!, the author wails into the night)

OKAY SO.  You actually could do a Hannibal AU where the fate of the world rests on the characters’ morphing abilities, ‘cause they are different kinds of hot messes than the YOI boys, and might actually be able to handle an alien invasion. But let’s just toss that aside and have some fun, shall we?  Thoughts below the cut.

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Requested by: @sophiiev ^-^
Prompt: #18 “I can’t breathe.” (Hotch x Friend/Team Member!Reader)

Warning: Season five spoilers.

Originally posted by peppermintprongs

‘Hotch,’ you called, a little bit alarmed at the sudden pain you felt in your abdominal area.

Your boss was talking to the officer in charge of the crime scene you were visiting –in DC, thankfully– and hadn’t even heard you, so you decided to try again, a bit more… forcefully. Given the circumstances, you were sure he would understand.

‘Aaron!’ you practically barked at him.

He immediately looked up and saw you grabbing your 7-month-pregnant belly and holding onto the SUV’s open door for support. He excused himself abruptly and ran to your side.

‘Did your water break?’ he asked, already helping you into the back seat of the car.

‘No, not yet. I just…. AH! I just feel pain, intense pain,’ you were on the verge of tears. Nate, your husband, was out-of-state in the very last business trip he had arranged before the baby arrived. Oh, the irony of the situation was probably going to make you all laugh in the future.

‘Alright, we’re going to the hospital. Try to time the contractions,’ he said, jumping into the front seat; the case and the scene forgotten.

You felt utterly terrified. You were only seven months into your pregnancy! You knew it was a possibility, especially for first-time mothers, but your doctor had told you the baby was not going to come any time soon just the week before.

‘From your grunts and groans, I’d say your contractions are still five minutes apart,’ Hotch commented after twenty minutes, his eyes briefly connecting with yours in the rearview mirror.

‘Thanks, Reid,’ you said sarcastically. A big contraction came then and you were barely aware of how loudly you were screaming until you ran out of air. ‘Hotch,’ you puffed out, ‘I-I can’t breathe and I feel dizzy.’

‘Come on, (Y/N)! We’re almost there,’ he told you as he accelerated as much as he dared to with you lying down in the back seat.

When you arrived five minutes later, you were pretty much hyperventilating as a nurse rushed towards the SUV with a wheelchair after Hotch ran in to get help.

‘Okay, mum: I need you to follow my instructions and to breathe with me, alright?’ the nurse told you in a calm voice but leaving no room to argue. You nodded, focusing solely on breathing.

After a doctor checked on you, you were told that they were only Braxton-Hicks contractions and that the baby was, most definitely, not coming yet.

An hour after being checked, the contractions finally subsided, and you and Hotch made your way out, thanking the healthcare professionals who had been extremely patient and kind with you.

‘Be careful when the real thing happens, ma’am. You were lucky your husband was able to bring you here so quickly this time,’ the nurse said as she discharged you.

‘No, he’s-’

‘Yes, lucky,’ Hotch interrupted you, rather dryly. ‘Thank you very much.’

And with that, you were out the door.

‘Hotch, why did-?’ you started saying when he helped you climb onto the passenger seat but stopped once you realised he had put the key in the ignition but did not turn it. ‘Hotch?’

‘You should take today and tomorrow off. I’ll drive you home,’ he replied, not making eye contact with you; his hands tight around the steering wheel. You noticed that a certain glint, which had been there that morning, was now missing from his left hand.


‘No arguments. The doctor said you need to rest. We’ll see if you’re okay to come into work in a couple of days. If not, we can move your maternity leav-’

‘Aaron!’ it was the second time you had had to use his first name to get his attention that day. ‘Aaron, it’s… it’s okay. We all figured you’d take the ring off eventually. You shouldn’t feel pressured to do so if you’re not ready.’

‘I know,’ was all he said. Then, not ready to leave yet, he added, ‘I’ve been… taking it off, to shower and such but, whenever I try to sleep without it, I stir until I put it on again. It feels like… like…’

‘Like a part of you is missing,’ you offered.

‘Yes,’ he replied, letting his head hang for a second before the façade came back on. ‘So, shall I take you home?’

‘You shall,’ you sighed, knowing that was the end of the conversation.

The ride to your house was silent, except for the radio in the background and a call from a very anxious tech guru who didn’t take lightly to being left in the dark, especially when it came to the health of one of her “hot and precious baby heroes”.

Once Hotch parked in front of your house and walked you inside to your living room couch, you finally broke the silence:

‘Thank you, Hotch. Sorry for yelling at you at the crime scene earlier.’

‘Please, don’t worry about it. You were scared,’ he shrugged. ‘I’ll check up on you later,’ he told you as he walked to the door, and then, as he turned the handle, he said, ‘Keep your cell phone close. I’m sure that wasn’t Garcia’s final call.’

Which turned out to be painfully true: Garcia called to remind you to hydrate, to lie on your left side and to pee every hour. All pieces of advice you also received at the hospital to prevent, and deal with, false labour.

When Hotch finally called at around 10 pm, you were so exhausted, you didn’t even check the ID.

‘Yes, I just peed, Penelope. You were late for once,’ you announced, loudly, as you also flushed the toilet to get your point across.

‘Well, um, good,’ your boss’ deep voice said; he was clearly trying not to laugh.

‘Oh, my God,’ you exclaimed, embarrassed by what you had just done. ‘I-I, um, I need to wash my hands, Hotch.’

‘I’ll wait.’

You left the phone on the end table near the bathroom, washed your hands and picked it back up to resume the conversation.

‘So…,’ you trailed off, not knowing how to address the topic.

‘Let’s just forget about it,’ he proposed, and you gladly accepted. ‘How are you feeling?’

‘Besides embarrassment at overreacting today and what just happened now? The baby and I are great,’ you answered as you manoeuvred your swollen body and flopped down on the couch. ‘Although, I think I might take tomorrow off to rest, you know? Nate decided to change his flight and he’s coming back tomorrow morning instead of the day after.’

‘Sure, whatever you need. How did he take the news?’

‘At first, he was scared something was wrong. But then I explained everything and he calmed down some. He’s still kind of apprehensive about me working this late into the pregnancy.’

‘My offer still stands: you should stay back at the office and then take maternity leave.’

‘I guess I should after today,’ you had been too proud to stop working before, but now it felt different. Then, you suddenly remembered your conversation in the car. ‘Hey, Hotch, how are you feeling?’

‘I’m… hanging in there,’ he told you honestly.

‘Do you wanna talk about it or…?’

‘I-I… yes, I think I want to, or more like, I feel like I need to,’ he was confiding in you.

‘Whatever you say, don’t worry, it won’t reach any of the others,’ you promised.

‘Thank you,’ he sighed, knowing that he could trust you.

‘So, shoot,’ you prompted him after another bout of silence from his end.

A new tradition began that night: whenever either of you felt overwhelmed or just needed to vent, you would pick up the phone and chat about it.

So much so, that while your husband was driving you to the hospital the afternoon your water finally broke, you were on the phone with him instead of your midwife as he helped you through your breathing exercises. And all thanks to an unexpected bonding experience.

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“I Don’t Love Him”  Part two

Part One

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“Loki, Loki!” You excitedly shouted through his chamber door. “LOKI!”

You couldn’t wait to tell him. You wouldn’t have to marry Thor.  You had spoken with Jane on the way to Loki and she told you that Odin wouldn’t force you to marry Thor as he had seen how much the Midgardian means to him.  You were beyond ecstatic. Words couldn’t begin to explain how overjoyed you were. You arrived at Loki’s chambers, ready for his inevitable giddiness when you told him the good news.  You knocked quickly on the door, practically bubbling with cheeriness.  

“Loki! Loki, it’s me. Open the door!” Silence.  More silence. You knocked again, confused by the lack of response.

“Go away (Y/N)” Loki barely whispered.  

“But Loki I-”

“I said GO AWAY! i don’t want to see you”  He said the last part much quieter but loud enough for you to hear.  Your heart sank once more at Loki’s words.  


You were in your room now but you weren’t sad. You were angry.  You understood Loki’s devastation when you told him you were to marry Thor, but he wouldn’t even listen to you now.  You wanted to be with him but he wouldn’t even give you the time of day.  How could you want to be with someone who was being such an asshole to you.

It was nearing night now and you were ready to go to bed alone for another night running.  You missed having Loki with you. You needed him and hated him for making you feel like this.  

There was a knock at the door.  Your head shot up at the sound that interrupted your train of thought.

“Come in.” You said slightly hopeful that it would be Loki on the other side.  You were disappointed.  The brown haired Midgardian walked through the door so you were surprised to see that Thor wasn’t behind her.

“Hi, I’m Jane.” She said rather shyly, still standing in the doorway.  You smiled at her and motioned for her to come in.  

“I’m (Y/N). It’s so nice to finally be able to put a face to the woman Thor seems to like so much.”  Jane’s cheeks went red slightly at this.

“I just came to make sure that there wouldn’t be any resentment between us, after all, I’m the reason you couldn’t marry Thor.”  She looked up at you, a hint of fear in her eyes.  You laughed her off and she soon joined in.

“Don’t worry, I’m actually very relieved that we don’t need to marry.  I couldn’t be more thankful in fact.  I love Thor, of course, but he’s more of an annoying older brother. Don’t tell him i said that”  You smiled at her hoping not to make her feel more awkward than she looked.  Jane looked down then up at you as if contemplating whether or not to say something. Before long she made up her mind.

“Thor also told me about his brother, Loki i think his name is.”  You looked away from her as the pain in your chest grew.  

“Oh. Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to-”

“It’s fine.” You muttered.  “What did he tell you about Loki?” You said slightly louder than before.

“He said that it should have been you two that got married, not you and Thor. He said that you were the real couple”  Jane said sympathetically.  You looked don and away from her and the words that cut through your soul.  You missed Loki so much.  

“Oh, sorry, i didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable”  she said noticing your discontent with the conversation.

“Did he say anything else?” You asked, not sure what you were hoping

“He said that Loki loved you” Jane said, watching your face for your reaction.  You weren’t sure how to feel.  Loki and you had never told each other that you loved one another.  You had never thought for a moment that he would have told Thor about his feelings before he told you.  

“You love him don’t you?” Questioned Jane.  You looked at her, slight anger on your face but not directed at her. You waited a few minutes before your answer poured from your mouth.

“I do yes” you started to laugh “Its stupid really. How could I love a man who won’t even talk to me, who has pushed me away that last few times I’ve tried to talk to him. How could i have fallen for such an asshole, for someone who has completely disregarded my existence for months.”  You initial laughter had turned into quiet sobbing.  Jane put her arm around you in an attempt of comfort.

“Sorry. Anyway how are things going with Thor? Have you met Frigga yet?” You asked trying to defuse the awkward tension.

“It’s okay (y/n), he knows you love him and he loves you back” You laughed at her.  

“No he doesn’t.” You were ready to send Jane away when-

“Actually, I do” came a voice from your door that you instantly recognised.  You looked up and saw an unkempt Loki gazing down at you with a smug looking Thor standing just behind him.  Loki looked like he hadn’t slept for weeks, but you hadn’t either.   You glared at the god, annoyed that after all he put you through he thought he could just come here and everything would be better.  You stood up and walked towards him, heat rising to your face.  You pushed the god back slightly before screaming:

“You asshole, I’ve been trying to talk to you for so long, why in all the seven realms did you ignore me for so long if you apparently love me”  Tears filled your eyes as they did with Loki.  You refused to cry right now though.   “Why do you think you can show up and everything would be better”

“Listen, (y/n), I heard what you said and i miss you too.  I’m sorry. I really am.” You were visibly seething now but could tell the God was trying.

“I think we should go Jane” Thor loudly whispered to his girlfriend.  You shot daggers at Thor as he was leaving, however, he pretended not to notice so you and Loki could get on with it.

“You can’t do this Loki. I told you i didn’t want to marry Thor and even asked for your help, but you just shut me out. What am I supposed to think?”  You stomped towards him and he met you near the middle.  You were really close, less than a rulers length apart.

“You should know that I love you.  (Y/N), I love you more than anyone has ever loved another living soul.  You are beautiful, smart, funny, caring, and no one I’ve ever met can compare to you.  I now know that the way i handled the situation was wrong, but Thor brought me here to say sorry, and i hope i have done at least that.  Know this, if you could forgive me, I shall spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you. I love you.”  Loki looked up to you, the same way a lost puppy would and all of your anger at him faded.

Loki sighed, bowed his head down and went to walk back out of the door.  You grabbed his shoulder and pulled him close to you. So code that your lips were almost touching but not quite. Loki clearly wanted to lean in all the way but was determined to let you make the first move.

“I love you too”  You whispered. Before anyone could say another word, Loki swiftly connected your lips and pulled his body even closer to yours.  You wrapped your arms around his neck and held on so tight that you thought you’d never be able to let go.  Loki cloaked his arms around your back, pulling you as close to him as possible.  You were both starving for affection after being away from each other for so long.  Loki’s lips were chapped and his kisses were rough, you couldn’t care less, all you wanted was him.

Night - Lee Jihoon/Woozi Imagine

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Title: Night // Holiday Collection: Christmas // Part of my 25+ days of Seventeenmas

Member: Woozi / Lee Jihoon  x Reader 

Genre: Fluff 

Words: 1271

A/N: @cupcakewoozer : I was scrolling in the tags, saw your request in the feed….and I couldn’t help it. I hope you like it.   

You smiled contently as you stepped foot into the small cafe-restaurant your university had opened a couple of month ago.

It was December, and because you lived in a town where it was always hot, the sudden chill that appeared in the winter made you miss the heat, despite wishing it away during the heat waves. But now, as you walked to the sitting area of the establishment, you shrugged off your jacket and held it over your lap.

You sang under you breath, waiting for a server to come to your presence. Finally when your waiter came, you blushed and looked down at your feet.

“How many?” He asked. The blood rushed to your cheeks faster. He hadn’t meant to make fun of you had he? There was no one else besides you - you were alone, your ex had made sure of that.

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