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Depression: Slice it until it is no more, fight back until you are invincible.
  1. Your depression is not you, it is a separate entity and if you treat it so then you can let go of it and send it away. The more days you attempt to send it away and view it as a completely different being, then the more chance you have of having some alone time to spend on yourself.

  2. Don’t look for love from other people or in a relationship if you’re hurting inside. Chances are you have never taken yourself out shopping, or saved up some money to buy your favourite meal or even taken yourself out for the day or done something nice for yourself. Look after yourself, you be your lover, you deserve that and you are worthy of it

  3. It’s okay to be happy with your achievements and if you achieve something and something comes by to knock you down, don’t let it outshine the positive event. If you need to write these good, positive things down in your life then do it, there is nobody stopping you from patting yourself on the back, you’re allowed to – but they don’t tell you that.

  4. It’s also okay to have bad days, it doesn’t mean you have relapsed or you’ve ruined all of your progress, hold out for tomorrow and know that each day is a new slate which will guide you towards longer happiness

  5. You are not your body and so if you find that your physical self is the reason for your sadness then it’s more than likely a mixture of both a physical and mental sadness. Don’t read the magazines, critique the photoshop, remember you are unique and unlike any other. We are supposed to be everything the big beauty companies and magazines tell us NOT to be.

  6. Don’t look for anyone else to fix this, you can do it on your own. Strength comes from within and is something that is built on every day. Start off small and grow that strength, keep watering it every day and keep it in the sunlight as much as possible. Even if it’s just finding the strength to get out of bed and that’s all you got today, that’s fantastic and keep working at it.

  7. Don’t blame everything on yourself, you are not the reason for horrible or negative events, life is. Life is there to bring us ups and downs, without the variety we would never determine which one was which. You are not to blame for the bad things in your life.

  8. Surround yourself with people who are positive, even if they don’t quite understand what you are going through, stay with people who at least know when to intervene at the right time and who are sensitive. Toxic people will never help you move forward, you’re at a standstill if you allow negative, toxic people in your life. Being alone is better than being near them. If you cancel plans because you aren’t feeling it, the right people will completely get you and invite you next time, the power of positive people is mindblowing.

  9. You can change anything and you can change your life. You might not believe it, right now you may feel you are going to be like this forever but within the next breath you can change what you do and somewhat how you feel, it’s absolutely beautiful that you have such control but you let your depression control you. Try at some point on some occasions to control the depression and change your mindset with small positive steps.

  10. Let go of the hate, let go of jealousy, let go of things you may feel about others and negative things you feel about yourself. When I was my heaviest I would call myself things I wouldn’t call anyone else and that wasn’t right, if you ever feel you may say something negative about yourself then ask yourself if you would say that to someone you loved dearly. You wouldn’t, and you are all you really got. The more you love yourself, the more you love the people around you. I always saw the bad in people and always felt that if they were negative then it was my fault. Isn’t it funny how I always saw the bad in myself too. Now I see the best in people and try to bring out their best, if they have anything negative to say then it was a reflection on themselves. In the same way I used to say bad things about people, it’s because I wasn’t at peace with myself. Once you love yourself it will resonate into all facets of your life

  11. Recovery is possible and you must remind yourself of it.

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