one day exposure

You know who I never hear enough about on this website??? Ms. Marvel aka KAMALA KHAN! Not only is she a regular Pakistani-American, Muslim, teenaged girl (which is a lot of things we don’t see enough of in comics), but she is adorable and cute and WRITES AVENGERS FAN-FICTION and like ships things!!! She is a treasure and needs to be discussed more you guys!

…milkweed pods and firefly. 1-12

Note: There’s a challenge floating around the Internet limiting the photographer to one 12 exposure roll of 120 film. Sunday morning I indadvertedly swapped-in an almost dead battery before a spur of the moment walk. On lifting the camera I realized my error and sparingly used whatever juice that was left…as it turned out…all 12 frames : ] I will post the 10 frames salvaged consecutively this week. Sometimes I challenge myself to a week of being allowed only one exposure per day, other times 36 frames a week. Rarely do I bust a bunch of frames unless motion is involved. 

Lost in Translation - Month of Love

My husband and I don’t share the same native language. Back when I fell for him, I wasn’t scared of telling him because english has no roots deeply dug. It didn’t feel like exposure. One day, something surged and it just came out in Spanish. My heart skipped a couple of beats. He somehow knew. 

A Page from the Drawing Papers Archive

This page from Drawing Papers 67 features One day exposure, created by Bill Gerhard in 2006.

The exhibition Levity: Selections Spring 2007 explored lightness as both a material and metaphoric condition in the work of fourteen emerging artists selected from the Viewing Program. Levity presented drawings made using a variety of methods and materials—including light itself—to investigate transparency, highlight a humorous view of mundane objects and situations, or compose whimsical and joyful imagery.

Gerhard’s works were created by exposing sheets of black paper to sunlight. Each sun-faded paper served as a photogenic drawing that recorded the duration and intensity of the sunlight between each folded segment or measured increment.

The Drawing Papers are a series of publications documenting The Drawing Center’s exhibitions and public programs and providing a forum for the study of drawing. For more information about Drawing Papers 67, click here.

-Kate Robinson, Bookstore Manager