one day at at time

Made it through a whole set at work and only cried once. I count that as a win.

Peds was fine but my nicu shift is what got to me. There’s this irrational jealousy and amplified sense of loss when you’re surrounded by newborns and know that it will never be yours. Sharing the joys with new parents and teaching them how to care for their beautiful new life… It just hurts. I still love it, but it’s a quieter love today.

anonymous asked:

hey connor, what are your thoughts about jareds gradual growth spurt??

oh look a few changes in my terrible style

Another inktober i had to color just because 

With special dedication for @blacksmiley-c because I don’t know anyone who could love Gabe more than she does 🍩


Luffy & Labrador

Robin & Whippet

(From @blenheims ’s lovely dog headcanons)

@jaydickweek day 1: De-Aging/Age Reversal // Time Travel

Jason ends up in Gotham when he’s dead – post-funeral, pre-triumphant return – where no one knows who he is. Everything looks different from this perspective: Dick’s a fucking mess and not as experienced as Jason remembered. He fights with Bruce more than Jason does. And then there’s infant-Robin-Tim, who is very bad at pretending not to be connected to Dick Grayson, socialite, when Jason threatens to get a little rough.

(Also, holy shit, does Dick reflexively flirt with any authoritative morally ambiguous older man who gives him a real challenge? Did Jason know that? Does Dick know that?)

Well, his family still drives him nuts. That’s the same.