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Jackie Kennedy Story Time :)

1. While campaigning, Jackie was pregnant with John at the time. they were riding to the airport, while in the car, Jackie decides to tell Jack about an old song she loved as a kid. Jackie saw a crow from the window, and she told him that they just had to see another crow. She then tells them the “crow” jingle: “ One crow sorrow, two crows joy, three crows a girl, four crows a boy.” Because of the jingle, Jack began looking for crows everywhere from all windows of the car. Jackie said about the incident: “I guess every man wants a boy. But that was a tender thing, I thought.”

2. While in the White House, Jack and Jackie both took naps in separate bedrooms, so when Jack had to get up, he wouldn’t wake up Jackie. But on many occasions, George Thomas (Jack’s valet) found Jack had sneaked into Jackie’s bedroom. Once when Thomas went in to wake up Jack, he found an empty bedroom, so he tiptoed over to Jackie’s bedroom. Once finding Jack snuggled up to Jackie, he would gently wake the president so he wouldn’t disturb Jackie sleeping next to him.

3. On one occasion at a ceremonial dinner, Jack was bored by the classical music Jackie had picked out, so he sent an aide to tell Jackie to change it. Deferring his wishes, Jackie told the aide: “I chose the music myself. But, if he insists, have them play "Hail to the Chief” over and ver. That should amuse him.“ For the remainder of the evening, the band played exactly Jackie’s classical program.

4. One afternoon while waiting to be photographed at a champagne reception, Jackie got bored. She loved to play tricks and tease Jack, so she grabs a nearby floral wreath and put it around Jack’s neck like a racehorse. She absolutely doubled over in laugher at Jack, while he was a little embarrassed, but he enjoyed her teasing regardless If he would admit. He exclaimed, "dammit, Jackie, take this thing off me, and don’t act so stupid. I cant be photographed this way, for Christ’s sake.” giggling, Jackie then proceeded to make funny faces at Jack.

5. Jackie very well knew about Jack’s philandering, and she teased all of the cabinet members who assisted him in his endeavors. She would make wry, witty remarks while laughing relentlessly at them. Once, in Palm Beach, Jackie had taken a stroll on the beach to get away from everyone. the next thing Jack and George smathers knew, Jackie came racing from the beach and said to Jack: “You’d better get down there fast. I saw two of them you’d really go far!” She loved to tease him with her witty remarks.