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I wouldn’t call it [Rogue One] a political or not political film. I just would say this film talks about stuff that we should remind ourselves these days. This is the darkest times in the galaxy. There’s no Jedi around. There’s no one there to do the job for us and it’s the people who have to get involved. And it’s about that —  it’s about people understanding that if we work together as a team, we can achieve great things and we can bring change.

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You handled the issue so well. I appreciate that so much! I'm sorry that you've got some weird feelings about drawing Jumin right now. It'll probably fade as you get further from this issue, I understand having weird shamey feelings tied up in making a decision that other people gently correct you about. If it helps, maybe work on kid AU for a bit with some fun sketches of Taemin? Remind yourself of the cool stuff that Jumin is responsible for haha? Anyway please have a good day!

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Yeah hehe it’s no one’s fault tho, it’s my fault because i used a reference i know nothing of ;;; && it might be just the anxiety talking – weird shamey feelings!! you put it into words!! I feel it so much right now :D :D :D I actually appreciate those who were polite about it && took the time to explain it to me ♥ (not so much the lowkey rude ones eek) but yeah it’s not their fault – it’s mine and I deserve these shamey feels and I think I’m going to drown wallow in it for a bit longer :D

I’m at work right now so here is a small apology thing for everyone
((I used my lunch break to change the jumin comic))

anyway thank you for your kind words
i’m going to stop spamming everyone’s feed now hhhh so sorry i’ve been posting too much in a row

hey do y'all ever think about the stuff they’ve probably posted on public instagram that was something only they would notice… because it’s just for them… not even no such green etc but less obvious, hey you bought me this sweater I’m wearing, this is an inside joke no one but you would even understand, you were next to me when I took this one, etc, the kinda “you’re completely ingrained in my life” things they can’t even help… thanks for your time I scream every day

Illis Impetus Latrinus

So I’ll start off by saying I have minimal experience DMing, only one dreaded 4E session over a chat roulette. But I’d recently got together with large group of adult friends to play 5e. The first two sessions were 9 or so hours long (we only play monthly so we make a day of it), and it was during that time I realized my players were quite… interesting. They were all new, fresh from normal society and very pushing on wanting to be thrown into the game with minimal preparation, no beginner’s stuff. So other than a basic tutorial they haven’t had much idea as to how to play the game.

The first session was atrociously bad, I was coming up with the encounter, enemies, environment and basically everything else on the fly, but it still became the most memorable moments in our campaign so far, until session 3. I’ll preface session 3 with that I, as DM, will not change die rolls when they are important, and to never say “no” to a player if they take the game seriously.

Well, by session 3 they’d gotten in the middle of a political quest I’d made, for several Player levels later. But with the power of their stupid luck, they rolled high enough to get the higher-up person to hire. Hire them, for the assassination of a War General of the most prosperous city in my world. Now the War General was given insane thought, buffs, and items. I’d designed him to be a final boss character much much later in the game. So I think: I’ll let them attempt to kill him and watch them fail terribly, then I’ll make an easy escape and they can come back to fight him another day. This did not happen.

During a gathering in celebration of a holiday I made for my world, which was preemptive for a big meeting between the world powers, my players manage to sneak in and find him. As they sit and talk among themselves, my older brother who plays says, “If we can get him somewhere alone before getting to his room, we can make this a lot easier.”

My one player I allowed to be an Undead, and this undead was busy inside their bag of holding, chewing on the corpse of the guy they killed in the alley. In there he was using some spells to freeze the blood to make what we come to call GoresiclesTM. So this undead player asks me, “If I gave him the poison we bought and I mix it with the blood and make him drink, would he throw up?”

I reply, to my later great dismay, “It would take a little bit but he’d probably throw up, probably be running to the bathroom once he started feeling queasy.” The player walks up to the general, a large and scary-looking man, and hands him the drink saying it was from their female companion. When he asks what it is my player simply replies, “It’s a bloody mary.”

Well, he drinks it and he rushes to the bathroom which is in the middle of a large bathhouse with an open roof. He gets there and begins puking and my players all at once, jump on his back and begin pushing down on his head to put it into the toilet. Every time they roll to grapple him down they win until several rounds have gone by in just drowning him in the toilet. They did all this, fully knowing there were people in the nearby open baths! But, and this is where the dismay kicks in, every time I rolled for the Perception of others I would roll a one or a two. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Eventually I started sending people to use the bathroom, but one of the players companions goes and begins convincing people to turn around. He was doing this, and had the lowest Charisma of any of my players, a total Charisma of 5. He just kept rolling nat 20’s, over and over and over, all of them did! Even when one of my players blew a hole through the bathroom with eldritch blast, NO ONE NOTICED. Eventually they drowned him in that toilet, my boss who was 6 levels ahead of what would be a deadly encounter for them. Then my players made it out of the building undetected, with no issue whatsoever….

After that they decided to make it tradition and painted this Latin phrase onto the side of the boat they stole:

“Omnis Qui Rebellionem Contra Nobus Timueritis Illis Impetus Latrinus” Or simply, “Illis Impetus Latrinus”

It means, “Everyone who revolts against us, fear the flushing of the toilet.” and shortly, “Fear the flush of our toilet.” My players now carry out all of their executions by drowning their enemies in a custom-made execution toilet. You can probably imagine the kind of crap I have to deal with. 

Ba Dum Tss…

How MC wins the families over

This is a continuation of “RFA++’s familes don’t like MC” which you should probably go read first. Just sayin’…..


  • Well, it turns out MC is actually some kind of super genius, she’s just really bad at doing school work
  • So when she’s talking with his parents one day, she casually mentions something she learned about quantum physics recently
  • They start talking a lot of random, deep academic subjects, and half the time, things go completely over one or the others head
  • Yoosung is able to keep up if only because she talks about this stuff at home all the time
  • He makes a half-joke about how MC has really helped him keep his grades up with all her random facts and crazy intelligence
  • Plus, she likes to change the wifi password and hide his gaming equipment when he needs to study
  • Instant respect


  • MC memorized everyone’s birthdays and bought them each a gift and sent it to them along with a card for each one
  • They’re all marked as “from Jaehee and MC” but it’s clear MC is the one sending them
  • After two years of this -despite the fact that Jaehee wasn’t even speaking to them- they sent a few gifts back along with an apology card
  • I mean, Jaehee and her family still don’t see each other, but they’re at least on good enough term to email from time to time


  • His parents are terrible actors, so MC knows right away that they don’t like her
  • To be fair, she doesn’t like them either
  • They’re snobby, plus she knows they used to put him down all the time about his looks
  • One day, when they’re all at dinner together, Zen’s mother begins ranting about how she has no idea where Zen’s coloring came from
  • Zen’s brother has the decency to try to quiet her down
  • Meanwhile MC speaks up and begins explaining the genetics of albinism and how she’s surprised they’re ignorant of such things considering they’re supposed to be highly educated individuals
  • She goes on to explain that, if Zen has kids, the only reason the kids would also be albino would be if MC had the genes for it as well
  • MC also tells them that she wrote a high school paper about albinism
  • After the dinner, his parents pull him aside as say that they like her
  • Zen says, “Good. Because I’m planning to marry her.”


  • Mr. Chairman found out about the prenup
  • What it outlines is that, if at any point it should become clear MC is not faithful, she will get nothing in event of a divorce
  • In fact, she will basically signs away her ability to get anything in the event of a divorce or the death of her spouse
  • Okay, in the event of his death (so long as it is not under mysterious circumstances), she just enough to give Jumin the funeral he’d wish for, and then go get an affordable apartment and hold her over until she can get a job
  • Mr. Chairman is…. shocked that’s she so willing to give it all up
  • And he can see MC is a strong, positive influence on his son
  • When Jumin complains to him that he thinks this prenup is unreasonably unfair towards her, Mr. Chairman explains that, if nothing else, it’s a great way for her to prove that she’s marrying for love, not money
  • Jumin’s just concerned that something will happen to him, and she’ll be left with nothing
  • Mr. Chairman has no choice but to approve of MC now, and has it arranged with her and a lawyer to have the prenup changed so she gets a significant amount in the event of tragedy
  • She sticks with original prenup out of spite
  • Mr. Chairman is proud to have this girl as his future daughter-in-law
  • Plus, after she marries Jumin, she ends up helping the company significantly as both a figure head and an actual leader because of her business degree


  • She brought ice cream, books, video games, and took Saeran for long walks in the park when he was feeling down
  • Okay, yeah, MC could be a little annoying or gross when she was with Saeyoung because, lets face it, they’re peas in a pod, but they’re in love, so whatever
  • Basically, Saeran was the one who went to Saeyoung and said, “If you don’t marry MC, I will, so get on it so I can have a sister.”
  • Saeyoung cheered and hugged Saeran so tight, he was afraid he was going to turn blue


  • “It’s bad enough I have to live in Rika’s shadow in the RFA, but with them, I understand. Rika was their friend, their ally, their supporter. But to you, she was just your sons fiancé and you met maybe five times? Knowing Jihyun, he probably didn’t tell you this because he didn’t want you to worry, but let me tell you a few things about Rika. She was a master manipulator, and abusive. She almost destroyed your sons career by blinding him, and he let her because he thought he was helping her. She did so much damage to him, mentally, emotionally, and physically, that he’s very lucky to be alive right now. So I don’t care if you don’t like me. Whether we stay together or not isn’t up to you. But don’t you EVER say that Rika was better for him. And please don’t compare me to her.”
  • After her little speech, MC stood up and walked out of the room to calm down (and prevent arguing)
  • V and his family were speechless
  • V was extremely proud of her
  • His family may not have liked her at the moment, but they respected her and couldn’t think of a reason to argue with her
  • Well, except to ask V, “Is what she said true?”


  • Saeyoung finally approaches MC and talks to her about her involvement in Mint Eye
  • MC explains that she was kidnapped, tattooed, and chained to a wall while they attempted to brainwash her
  • Apparently, the way she acted in captivity reminded Saeran of himself as a child under the reign of their mother, so he made a deal with MC
  • She pretends to be brainwashed and does whatever he says, and he would free her
  • He knew Rika had a plan to infiltrate the RFA and Saeran volunteered MC to act in their place
  • It worked, got MC out and into the apartment
  • He honestly saved her from months of torture
  • She’s only considered a “former member” because she has the tattoo
  • Nothing more
  • Saeyoung feels guilty, but approves of her now because she’s something that his brother wants to protect

The first day of classes was great!

I woke up at 5:30am. Worked out. Showered. Ate a decent breakfast. Meditated. And was on-time to my 8:00am Computational Physics class. Revised notes and commented my code immediately after lecture. I even had time to ask my professor minor (but still important) questions I wanted to clarify. Great start to the day.

I am always too excited for classes on the first day. And it probably showed. When my Instrumental Analysis professor mentioned she had to explain some general QM I said, “Woo!” and pumped my fist. I was basically vibrating during my Science and Religion class because my professor is an astrophysicist and was talking about cool physics stuff. I laughed too loudly at something my QM professor said (and no one else laughed).

I know no one cares but me, most likely. But it’s still awkward to be that embarrassingly excited about the start of the semester when pretty much no one else is. Thanks, hypomania. But at least it’s predictable.

That somewhat annoying slog of necessary administrative work has definitely begun. I’ve spent more time than I’d prefer on things like email and organization today, but it will be worth it later. Getting good use out of my planner already! I’m very excited to use it this semester. I’ll be sure to post pictures and whatnot.

Other than that, my mom and sister came up this past weekend to help me clean and organize my apartment. It got pretty bad as a result of my mental health. So I’m glad they were willing to help. I’m doing a good job of keeping it clean. Putting things back where they belong. Etc. It feels good.

Well, back to studying! I want to finish some more revising before I go to bed.

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Pro tip to people calling anywhere about an issue with an order: If the first person tells you they can't change the date you'll get your stuff, chances are they can't or don't know how. If the second person says they can't it means it cannot be done at all. Do NOT call 23 more times after that to try and force people to make a change they can't and then cuss them out for not doing it! They can't the answer is no! And don't call back the next day to flirt with one of the people you yelled at!

The Meaning of Lathori

@littlestartopaz is awesome and wanted to know more about the URL change so I figured I’d do a little write up.

I am a senior in college getting my BA in Linguistics and Photography. My college has us thesis for the last year of our BA degrees. For my thesis, I am creating a naturalistic constructed language. My language is called Hæla, derived from the names of two of the universe’s deities (Hæli and Hæfel, the chaos goddess and the most worshiped of my twelve deity pantheon). 

So the URL name: lathori. This is technically a transliteration of the actual word: læthori. This word means storyteller and derives from the name of the god of winter Læfernær. Læfernær is also the god of water, knowledge, sleep, dreams and stories. Storytellers are the blessed people of Læfernær, and stories are sacred in the culture I’ve created. 

Læthori is technically a dual noun, as in ‘two storytellers’. However, the culture also uses the dual for formal titles as in ‘The Storyteller’. When choosing a URL, I decided the one thing my three primary interests (writing, photography and linguistics) have in common is that I tend to trend towards narratives. So, that’s what I aim to be: The Storyteller. 

Hope I didn’t ramble too much. I’m going to start posting things about my thesis culture and language since I’m entrenched in thesis hell and the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t until May. Things will be tagged thesis and haloni (Hæloni is the name of the people of the fictional country and world the language is set in). Let me know if anyone has anything specific they want to hear about things!



Now that I’m back from holidays, I can catch up on doing some fatesona stuff!
To start me off I went and redrew my fatesona Shelly’s sprites.
I wanted to be more accurate to the fates style this time. :‘3c

Then one thing led to another and I made 37 expressions in total.
It’s so much fun…

These took all day and it’s 2am now apparently.
I should probably sleep.

I’ve been sat at my desk for a while now, trying to think of a way to describe my feelings for you. I don’t love you, or at least not yet. That kind of stuff takes time, but I feel like I could love you one day. I already love so many things about you. The way you look at me when we pass in the hall, your smile, your touch. It’s a funny feeling, knowing that your falling completely in love with someone.
—  Kiannah Joylinn

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[Only if this helps your current self, to work through stuff/whatevs, feel free to ignore if not <3] Flintwood x problematic father/son relationship.

  • Marcus’ relationship with his father is non-existent, to say the least
  • but that’s another story for another time.
  • Oliver’s parents are together, by all dictionary definitions of marriage
  • they live under one house, although his father travels a lot, and they’re not technically separated it just - feels like it.
  • it didn’t used to - when Oliver was a kid, he’d spend the day playing and come home to the dinner table and his mum and dad smiling and chatting about work settled around him
  • his dad making his mum giggle while they thought Oliver was out of earshot
  • and that was good. 
  • so okay, sometimes, there were times when his dad’s temper got the better of him, and there’d be stony silence, where Oliver would tiptoe around his father, and try and brighten up his mother and he’d wait it out on the broom, high up in the air where he wouldn’t have to think about it all
  • but they’d make up. they always did, oliver thought, except what he realizes now is that his parents never made up, they just buried everything under the rug and pretended things were fine.
  • but so it goes.
  • anyways, Oliver leaves for Hogwarts, and each holiday he comes back, his father is home less and his parents dont seem to exchange anything more than “pass the salt”
  • and his father takes too long to answer his mum’s questions
  • and Oliver just watches and wonders and kind of simmers in anger because he loves his father, but he hates how his father treats his mother
  • as if she’s not good enough, as if she’s an annoyance
  • he doesn’t know how to reconcile the dad he knows, has known, who still listens and encourages all of his quidditch achievements, with the father that turns a cold shoulder to his mum
  • (his mum who’s done a hell of a lot for their family)
  • and it’s - stifling. it’s frustrating. 
  • he wants to bring it up, casually drops beginnings in conversations, but he can’t bring himself to because his part is of the good son, the one who’s both their confidants, and he both loves his father for being his father, but hates him for being like this and 
  • it’s not a family.
  • and that follows Oliver around like a half-fear, because his parents show up to all of his proudest moments and all his friends don’t know anything more than what his father acts like in public
  • his parents have been married for more than twenty years, for so damn long, and they’d been so damn perfect for each other in his head and yet
  • it’s loveless. it’s barely there. 
  • and maybe that’s what scares him the most. 
Day 241

Whenever I feel … weighed down by the problems of this world, I just listen to “Prince of Peace” and I feel better again. This was one of those days.

Current Work of Progress: Raven and the White Marked Revolution

Music: Prince of Peace by Hillsong, Tapestry by Hillsong, and Letting go by Tracey Chattaway

Production Progress: Not much, I admit. Honestly, today, I want to sit down with a bowl of soup and study chemistry and stuff. But I finally took a look at chapter nine and re-outlined about two scenes

Goals for Tomorrow: Re-outline the last few scenes. I’m thinking a lot about wattpad and I dooon’t know when I’ll have time to actually do things on there.

Maybe if I look at Wattpad as a way to have fun with my imagination instead of as a way to market, I’ll get into it. But for now:

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^^^(That looks like high-quality stuff, but I’m really gonna eat some ramen.)

(Also, this gif is giving me legend of korra vibes)

(Also, someone teach me how to use chopsticks. Because I use them like forks. I apologize.)

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How are your classes going, Caddy?

“Well today has just been introductory stuff - getting back into the swing of things, letting us know about any reading lists and what to expect. We won’t have any ‘real’ classes until next week.”

“I did get a chance to tell my professors about my potentially packed schedule, though - and apparently I’m not the only one. So depending on what we’re doing that day, I can get permission to leave a little early, so I’ve got an extra 15 minutes to eat lunch between labs.”

“It’s not much, but if I end up doing 5-6 hours in one day, it could make all the difference.”

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I'm so over people spreading gossip as gospel. Since when did gossip among fans have anything to do with Gillian's life at all other than it being her they gossip about? They just gather stuff from gossip blogs, make up things in their head and if more than one person believe it then it's treated as some truth. All I see is a bunch of women with too much time on their hands shaming Gillian. It bothers me they try to muddy her like this, especially when she talks about kindness and support. 1/2

I feel it’s hard to stay on tumblr and I erase anons, unfollow and block but a few weeks later or even days a new person join in on the shit talking. When I joined tumblr was so much fun and I thought it was amazing to read Gillian and David’s tweets while they shot the revival and fan pictures and stories from the set. It was so cool to see it. Then I noticed people couldn’t separate fiction from reality and treated Gillian and David as some props to fulfill what they didn’t get from xf. 2/2

I sent the two part message to you! So I guess my long messages was basically a way to explain why I so appreciate your blog so much because you don’t dive into the whole pool of shit talking and slander of another woman. It’s nice to see so,eone value and appreciate a woman because of her achievements and not who she chose to have in her life and not. It would be nice to know what this experience would be like without all the lies and name calling. If the focus was only on Gillian’s work.

This is an absolutely lovely message, Anon. But I must underline that the loudest voices tend to trick people into thinking they are the majority, labelling themselves as some representative of the intel, the “in-the-know” crowd… No matter how loud they are, it doesn’t change reality or who Gillian is or isn’t. I hope the Tumblr experience improves for you. Keep choosing who you follow wisely and don’t despair: the great thing about the truth is that it always catches up.

Art of the Poet

Okay, at this point, I have my stuff put together better. I am opening commissions, just in time for valentine’s day. I do not have a stockpile for mix and match cards, so if you are looking for one of those, I will make you a custom card, but the product I create will go into my library for use with other customers. 

As I am new at this, I will be happy to work with you to achieve the look you want, but edits will be limited. 

All of the examples are intended to be used for the front of the card, but publisher was being picky, so I couldn’t post the whole thing. 

The Art of the Poet

Custom Cards—$7

A card created exclusively for you, with an original poem or other type of greeting, paired with original artwork.

Mix and Match Cards—$5

A card selected from a collection of prewritten original poetry and greetings, paired with a selection from a collection of artwork

Posters -$ 8-10

A poster with a longer poem on it, paired with the artwork created for the poem. This is mostly limited to original works I have already completed.


A small icon, custom designed and created according to your request.

(This particular icon can be used with my permission) 

Poetry—$ varies per poem

Poems composed entirely for you, pricing varies for length and complexity

DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to refuse commissions. I will not write/draw smut, NSFW, sex, violence or other topics I am uncomfortable with.

sorry i’m #traumablogging a lot

so someone tell me if i’m being ridiculous, like. my mom was talking about how she does so much for me and i don’t care about her (cause i got a nose ring, cause i forget to pick up my laundry, etc) one of her examples so that she loves really really really really loves waffles, and used to eat them for breakfast every day. but then i started liking waffles, so she stopped eating them so she can save them for me. how is that my fault? how is it on 6 year old benny to be making sure there was fair food distribution? how it it my fault that she took normal mother stuff and went extreme and just swore off waffles??

i she was very casually like, “one time when i was reading your notebooks, i found something that said ‘young and angry with every right to be’ [which is styg lyrics]” without a hint of regret or guilt about snooping through my things. and then she was like “why is your generation so angry? why can no one just be straight?” like honey generational categories as defined traits are fake but yours brought angry rock and roll to the mainstream so??? wyd. thay was also part of a tangent about how she tries to understand people but doesn’t understand me

and when she was almost done/crying for the third time, she was like “i’m trying to hard. i’m trying to cope with all of your stuff” which means being trans. cause my existence is something to be Coped with. not just accepted; i have to be a disease or a broken arm or something bad. i wish i could recloset myself. or disappear.

and she made me promise i didn’t hate her and i felt so. ripped up. i don’t hate her! i don’t like to see her sad! she’s my mom and she did a lot for me. but it hurts to be near her. she hurts me a lot and i don’t know what to do with that

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Hi! I just wanted to shoot you an ask to say I love your art! You've got such a pretty style, and everything in your art tag is so lovely and/or cute. A lot of your stuff is for fandoms I'm not in, so I don't reblog most of it, but I wanted to let you know that I enjoy seeing what you post.

AAAAAAAAH thank you so much ;~; This really made my day wow

Right now Ladybug owns my soul but I like a good variety of anime and manga, as well as books!! Just… haven’t had time to read a lot of new ones… @renza15 can attest to that, she reminds me often… >_>;

Thank you for sticking with me, I really appreciate it!