one day at a time

“If tomorrow women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business.” – Gail Dines 

Sometimes I care a little too much about things that don’t matter in the long run. I’m trying not to, and this definitely helps. As long as I’m healthy, that’s all that matters. I want to live happily ever after.

Determination not Destiny.

I’ve been thinking about this all weekend. But do you know what I really love about the Discworld characters? None of them are the chosen ones destined to save the world. They choose.

I’ve been reading a lot of other fantasy at the moment and while it’s been a lot of fun, inevitably there’s a prophecy or a reason for why The Hero must save the world, an alignment of stars which makes them good and traps them into their fate of do or die. Oh they might wriggle and complain on the hook of destiny, but it’s ultimately still a hook.

And then there’s Pratchett, where no one is chosen, not really. And even if somehow the gods or fate deign to try, they do it on their terms. They barter with the Lord of Death, they twist the arms of Gods, they patrol the streets at night, they cheat with hard boiled sweets and iron horse shoes that can go anywhere.

They choose to stand on the precipice between the dark and the light, because someone has to. And it might as well be them, because there’s no guarantee that someone else will.

And they do it for selfish reasons too, like love or spite. Fuck the stars, fuck fate. Sam Vimes has a book to read to his child by 6pm and come literal hell or high water, that book will be read.

And the world shines a little brighter for it.

“Keep On Livin’” - Le Tigre

You hide inside, so not okay
(keep on, keep on livin’)
What if you remember more today?
(Keep on, keep on livin’)
The phone rings but there’s too much to say
(keep on, keep on livin’)
You tell them to go when you wish they would stay
(keep on, keep on livin’)
You gotta keep on (keep on livin’)…
Disproportionate reactions just won’t fade
(keep on, keep on livin’)
Every dude you see puts you in a rage
(keep on, keep on livin’)
Or stupid shit keeps making you cry
(keep on, keep on livin’)
Your friends are worried you won’t tell them why
(keep on, keep on livin’)
You gotta keep on (keep on livin!)…
Look up to the sky sky sky.
Take back your own tonight.
You’ll find more than you see.
It’s time now now get ready.
So you can taste that sweet sweet cake
And feel the warm water in a lake (y'know).
What about that nice cool breeze?
And hear the buzzing of the bumble bees.
Just live beyond those neighborhood lives
And go past the yard outside
And push through your greatest fears
And live past your memories ters
Cuz you don’t need to scratch inside.
Just please hold onto your pride and…
So don’t let them bring you down
And don’t let them fuck you around cuz those are you arms,
That is your heat and no no they can’t tear you apart.
They can’t take it away, no!
This is your time this is your life and…
(keep on livin!)…
Recovery comes in stops and starts
It is not a linear progression
You will have difficult mornings
And peaceful afternoons
A frustrating day at work
And kittens to curl up with when you get home
Sometimes your journey will seem almost easy
And sometimes you’ll want to give up entirely
But even when it seems like
Your world has fallen apart
And you can barely keep moving forward
Try to remember that
No matter how bad it seems
You’ll get there in the end
And a minor setback
Just paves the way to new success
So just be patient
These things take time
I promise
You’ll be just fine
—  “I Am Not Surrendering Today” by Jessy Hudson
One of the challenging things about the future is how unpredictable it is. We don’t know what it will hold, what circumstances will come our way or how our lives will shift and alter. When we get scared, we imagine the worst. We think of the most difficult times in our life playing on repeat, year after year.
—  Sarah Scarisbrick-Rowe, “One Day at a Time