one day I'll draw something pretty

i just. love soldier/spy so much. especially slow burn with a sudden realization stuff

like there’s a battle going and it’s going badly, spy ends up stranded with no time to cloak and no allies nearby

then suddenly bam! soldier’s there blastin dudes left and right, they make it out, maybe they win and maybe they don’t but it’s right then and there lookin at soldier all rugged and bloodied with his shirt strategically ripped to show off some muscle that spy realizes oh no, oh god, he’s in love with this buffoon

especially if he’s just broken off relations with scout’s mom and he’s decided okay, no more relationships, from here on in he’s a hardened professional and, to quote another ex, professionals don’t have feelings

but then here’s this doof? this stupid, overly happy, blunt guy who runs around being as unsubtle as possible who’s about as opposite from spy as you can get but spy’s head over heels here and he just. can’t stop thinking about him

then they have a big victory and everyone’s celebrating and in his giddiness spy kisses soldier right then and there full on the lips

everything kinda slows a minute and spy’s like oh god oh no oh shit and there’s a moment’s pause before soldier kisses him right back and nothing else matters

then of course they’re inseparable, spy constantly giving soldier little gifts like hella quality cigarettes and lil chocolate assortments, gives him cute pet names and gentle kisses on the cheek and forehead and hands and soldier’s as blunt and carefree as always and does big spine crushing bear hugs where he just sweeps spy up and won’t let go

aaaahhhhhh i love this ship so much i’m so happy


Trying to change/evolve your art style (especially after 15+ years of really not drawing anything) can definitely be an exercise in frustration. I often don’t have the patience to do everything by freehand (I have a tendency to ragequit pretty early in the sketch stage if things aren’t working out), but sometimes I can persevere. One of these days I’ll have to go find some recent sketches to show my “default” style that I’m trying to evolve into something a little closer akin to this.

tbh i just wanted an excuse to draw something for you because i think you’re really cool <3

Whaaat but look at this! You’re the one that’s really cool! 
And this is really a nice way to start a day! 
QuQ)/ Thank you so much!!! Look at these cuties ahhh!
;u;) I would draw for you too any day-

Doing the prompts out of order: Day technically-not-3-but-we’re-gonna-go-with-it: Elsa’s Magic. (The not-so-pleasant-side of it, I’d imagine.)

Also! This is based on an awesome storyboard from the Art of Frozen book. (Don’t have a source or a link handy at the moment, I’ll find one and add it. Because it’s pretty great.)