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here’s our best and most adorable birthday boy, jackson wang 🎂🎈🎉🎉🎉😚💓

imagine making love…imagine feeling your soul connect with hers with each stroke and each gasp and each halted moan..imagine feeling her pulse quicken while your hand is closed around her neck, the way her back arches toward the sky or the way her thighs lock around your head. imagine that primal look in her eyes as she tries to tell you she loves you but the ecstasy has halted all words in her throat. imagine feeling someone in every way possible, and still wanting more.


VFD in every book | The Slippery Slope

Shiratorizawa Week Day ???:

Sooo, ALL! of this draw is actually Team bonding, they’re having a sleepover in Tendou’s place for the Golden Week, (Holidays week), Kawanishi and Yamagata are playing Persona Q! a crossover of P3 and P4, Tendou is talking about how Tsutomu looks like him when he was a child and that maybe in the future he’ll have his curret hairstyle, Semisemi doesn’t have the heart to deny it, in a previous talk Ushijima promised Shirabu that ‘’Obviously we’ll keep in touch after graduation’’ and Shirabu died, they are just a big family. Save Reon.

Super mega hyper mic drop

[…] The team will get an assist with the return of [Cynthia] (Jessica Camacho), whom Cisco (Carlos Valdes) hopes to further his relationship with. “She’s very protective of her own emotions and her own vulnerabilities, but I think the magic of the chemistry between the two is that Cisco can cut right through that and see her for who she really is,” Valdes says. “The tricky thing in [Tuesday’s episode] is that what brings her over to our Earth and our reality is a secret from her past that Cisco spends most of the episode really grappling with her on and trying to get her to be open about. She has trouble doing that and when she does reveal what it is, it’s not something that Cisco sees coming.”
I have such a strong love-hate relationship towards MM:

• I love how well-rounded the characters are and make me believe that they actually care about me.
• I hate how I’m reminded of how lonely I am for not having people like them IRL.
• I love how real the characters can get and just resonate with me with their struggles and worries.
• I hate how the game hits way too close to home and draws lots of gross sobbing from me.
• I love how the game is set-up in real-time to make it more immersive.
• I hate how the chats are set up at odd hours, thus ruining my sleep schedule even more.
• I love the text and call features.
• I hate how those are the only texts/calls I’ll ever receive.
• I love how the game breaks the fourth wall sometimes.
• I hate how I’m reminded that it’s just a game, and they’re not real.
• I love this game.
• I hate how much I love this game.

headcanon: the evil queen watches over king henry in the wish realm. he is hell bent on vengeance against her, but she evades his traps and instead makes sure he is safe throughout his life. when his carriage nearly falls over a ravine, she saves it with magic. when a neighbouring kingdom challenges his leadership, henry finds the leaders suddenly compliant the next day. good fortune follows him around. the evil queen becomes his guardian angel, protecting him from afar. she can’t be his mother, but at least she’ll make sure he lives the best possible life.


Wednesday and Amelia are officially owners of their very own townhouse! 💛🌱


‪I’ve got desperate desires and unadmirable plans, my tongue will taste of gin and malicious intent. ‬

-YJH and DK are roommates

-They wore couple sweater to airport today 

-YJH has stickers of dk on his phone

-Dk has selfie of him and YJH as a wallpaper on his phone

-DK said that “they are dating” on caratland concert…………..

i bet they are dating.