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To the person that age of consent is 18 in Russia, you're wrong it's 16 and Going by what Kubo said Yuri is actually 16. So Otayuri is legally all good in Russia. Age of Majority is 18 Age of consent and age of majority are different things. I don't shop otayuri romantically but jeez get your facts right. It's as easy as google `age of consent in Russia`

sometimes….things that are legal….are worse

(also yurio is still 15 in canon so it’s not even legal)

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I have a headcanon that Peter is a insecure jealous, say if Flash was flirting with you instead of getting all over protective and stand up for the both of you, he'd get all shy and quiet thinking he's not good enough for you. But youre known to speak your mind and let's just say you let flash know who's you are


  • i can 100% see this happening??
  • like while peter doesn’t mind showing pda 
  • but he just completely shuts down if someone else tries to flirt with you or like makes comments about you two being together 
  • it’s not because he’s not protective 
  • but poor peter 
  • this baby knows you deserve the whole world & he doesn’t think he can’t give it to you 
  • so if some ass like flash, who knows that peter won’t do anything about it, will try and pull some shit
  • hey y/n, we both know you’d rather be without penis parker so i’ll pick you up on saturday?” 
  • peter just kind of looks down into his lap because he really doesn’t want you to say yes but he also won’t be surprised if you do this ANGEL
  • just fiddling with his fingers praying you don’t say yes
  • oh flash, since you already know so much, you should know i’ll burn in hell before we go anywhere together 
  • with a sickening sweet smile
  • and besides, i’m sure peter, my boyfriend, wouldn’t be too fond of that idea- would you pete?” 
  • & you just lean in and kiss peter full on the lips surprising both peter and flash 
  • you turn back to flash after who looks like disheartened because how did parker get the girl what reality is this
  • peter’s just blushy n red but totally smirking at flash 
  • you just wave bye to flash because he never stood a chance 
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In about 90 days, I’m going to be creating a Youtube channel under the name of Cringe Filled Vids, so be sure to subscribe once its been launched, and Ill definitely be sure to let you guys know when I do, so expect to see some videos from me in the next 2 or 3 months. And yeah, peace out guys lmao