one dad and one mom

i got tagged by @hello-addictedsimmer​! thank you so much honey!

1. pick one of your OC’s.
2. fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. tag at least four people to do this meme!

questions under the cut:

1.)  what’s your name?
amber parker.

2.)  do you know why you were named that?
i don’t know actually, my parents probably didn’t really care.

3.) single or taken?
single forever.

4.)  any powers or abilities?
not that i can think of.

5.) i’m gonna stop you there. stop being a mary sue.

6.) ok, on to the next. what’s your eye color?

7.) right and how about your hair color?
dark brown.

8.) tell me about your family members.
one dad and one mom (and they are both awful).

9.) they sound great. what about pets?
none :(

10. that’s cool, i guess. now tell me something you don’t like.
all the girls at school who bullied me and threw me on the ground.

11.) do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
i spend all my time making homework and i love just sitting alone in my room.

12.) have you ever hurt anyone before?
no, i would never. people have hurt me tho :(

13.) how about killed someone.

14.) what kind of animal are you?
a little tiny dog :)

15.) any bad habits?
biting my nails.

16.) do you look up to anyone?
not really.

17.) gay straight or what?

18.) do you go to school?

19.) ever wanna settle down? get married and have kids.
i don’t know. i can’t trust anyone anymore. 

20.) do you have fanboys/fan girls?
i don’t think so, everyone hates me :(

21.) what are you most afraid of?
being alone forever :(

22.) what do you usually wear?
geeky, cute and comfy things.

23.) what’s a food that tempts you?
i don’t know, i don’t really like food.

24.) am i annoying you? cause it’s not over.
kinda yeah.

25.well, its not over!

26.what class are you (low class, middle class, high class)?
huh eumhh, idk. many friends do you have?

28. what are your thoughts on pie?
don’t like it.

29.favorite drink?
just water.

30. what’s your favorite place?
my room.

31.are you interested in anyone?
not really. 

32.that was a stupid question. …

33. would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
in the ocean.

34.what’s your type?
i don’t know. 

35.any fetishes?

36. seme or uke?
i’m just skipping this one. 

37.camping or indoors?

i will tag @fellowsimstar, @vvillowcreek, @jemiidove and @demig00d

Modern Fangirling Dictionary

1. I died.
MEANS: I am overwhelmed.
NOT: I am deceased.

2. OTP
MEANS: One True Pairing.
NOT: One Time Password.

3. Mom/Dad
MEANS: Role Model.
NOT: Mother/Father.

4. I hate this.
MEANS: I freaking love this.
NOT: I deplore this.

5. Slay.
MEANS: Show ‘em how it’s done.
NOT: Murder.

6. Thanks for ruining my life, see you in hell.
MEANS: You mean so much to my life. I’ll never leave this fandom.
NOT: A series of insults.

7. Adhkydvkvecibggrxavjnxjxsz
MEANS: A state of wordless excitement.
NOT: An aneurism.

when ur both the tattooed cousin and the gay cousin


Sara Lance + Vowing Not to Alter Time / Reality


The RavenPrint Family!

I’m seriously in love with the children you guys have made for them!  They’re so cute and I love them! AND I WANTED TO ADD ANOTHER ONE SOMEONE MADE BUT I LOST THE NOTIFICATION WITH THE CHILD and now I’m sad :c

Thanks for making such cute and smoll characters UvU <3

Now credits!

Raven belongs to @ask-the-gothfamily

Bluebird (the one with long sleeves) belongs to @drawingerror

(????) belongs to @julliahantzee (they don’t have a name for him yet! If you have a suggestion for them, don’t hesitate to help!)

Blueprint belongs to me