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I see a lot of people headcanon Kiri with two moms. What're your thoughts on the idea? I'm not sure if you've ever addressed your own headcanons with his family life before, so sorry if I've just missed it!! Btw I hold you as like the expert on all things Bakugou, Kirishima and Denki 😂

Oh my god haha I wouldn’t call myself an expert tbh there’s so many people with a grasp on them I honestly envy a lot!! Good kids have so many sides to them ;u;

But anyway yeah I’ve seen that headcanon going around!!! And I don’t mind it one bit? Kirishima sure looks like the sort of boy who’s grown up surrounded by girls anyway, and his backstory mentioned a mom but not a dad, so as far as we know he might as well have two~

I think I mentioned it a couple of times already, but I’m not a fan of settling on headcanons for stuff I feel like the actual canon will one day give me, so as of now I just consider all possibilities equally!! All I’m asking is for him to have been loved and cherished since the day he was born, really haha

Modern Fangirling Dictionary

1. I died.
MEANS: I am overwhelmed.
NOT: I am deceased.

2. OTP
MEANS: One True Pairing.
NOT: One Time Password.

3. Mom/Dad
MEANS: Role Model.
NOT: Mother/Father.

4. I hate this.
MEANS: I freaking love this.
NOT: I deplore this.

5. Slay.
MEANS: Show ‘em how it’s done.
NOT: Murder.

6. Thanks for ruining my life, see you in hell.
MEANS: You mean so much to my life. I’ll never leave this fandom.
NOT: A series of insults.

7. Adhkydvkvecibggrxavjnxjxsz
MEANS: A state of wordless excitement.
NOT: An aneurism.


Sara Lance + Vowing Not to Alter Time / Reality


The RavenPrint Family!

I’m seriously in love with the children you guys have made for them!  They’re so cute and I love them! AND I WANTED TO ADD ANOTHER ONE SOMEONE MADE BUT I LOST THE NOTIFICATION WITH THE CHILD and now I’m sad :c

Thanks for making such cute and smoll characters UvU <3

Now credits!

Raven belongs to @ask-the-gothfamily

Bluebird (the one with long sleeves) belongs to @drawingerror

(????) belongs to @julliahantzee (they don’t have a name for him yet! If you have a suggestion for them, don’t hesitate to help!)

Blueprint belongs to me

when ur both the tattooed cousin and the gay cousin