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Can u plz do a dad harry imagine where the reader & H have three kids and it's all fluffy and cuddly or something? Love ur writing!!

You remember the first time you told Harry you were pregnant. Although it was early in your marriage and you actually hadn’t planned for it but the excitement and happiness didn’t cease. If Harry was a total sap before your pregnancy, he was a definite Romeo after it. You gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Tommy.

2 years after Tommy was born, you had opened the topic of having a bigger family and Harry was quick to oblige, pleasuring you and putting you first, thoughts of becoming a dad to a new baby engulfing his mind.
Thanks to your health and Harry’s, the bun was successfully in the oven; only it wasn’t one bun, there were 2. You gave birth to healthy twin girls, Ella and Emma.

2 years later, you and Harry were surrounded by your 4 years old baby boy and 2 years old twins, happier than ever.

“Is everyone settled?” Harry asked as he walked from the kitchen to the living room with popcorn buckets.

“Yes!” You and your kids answered in unison.

“Hey! Ella, you know daddy likes to cuddle mummy when we’re watching a movie.” Harry frowned as he looked at you and Ella, cuddling as you stroked her hair.

You smiled as Ella giggled. “One movie, daddy? Please?”


“Alright, how about we all cuddle?” You interrupted Harry with a smile before lifting Ella over your lap to beside you, patting your lap for her. She rested her head on your lap, releasing a satisfied sigh. Harry got beside you, wrapping his arm around you before opening his other arm for one of the other 2. Emma was quick to place herself under Harry’s arm.

Tommy stood watching, thinking of a position of his own to be close to his parents. “Where do I sit?”

“Come here, baby,” You allowed space between you and Harry, not wanting your son to feel left out. Harry, catching on to what you did, smiled. Tommy grinned as he sat down, legs under him as you and Harry cuddled him.

“All settled?” Harry asked.

“Yes, daddy!” The kids answered.

Harry looked at you, “Mummy?”

“Yes, daddy.” And Harry was ready to make kid number 4, giving you a look that only you understood which made you giggle, “Start the movie.”

Finding Dory started and from the very first second, your kids were engrossed.

By the time the second movie, Moana, had ended, you and Harry had 3 sleeping bodies on you. Harry looked at you before pecking your forehead, “Let’s put them to bed?” He asked quietly.

You nodded, slowly and gently pushing Ella on the couch before lifting Tommy in your arms, him instantly burying his head in your neck — a gesture he picked from his dad — and wrapped his limbs around you. Harry scooped his twins in his arms before you both walked quietly up the stairs and went to Tommy’s room.
You tucked him in, Harry standing with your twins still in his arms.

“Mummy?” Tommy mumbled sleepily, fluttering his eyes.

“Yeah, baby?” You whispered, putting the cover up to his chin.

“Love you. Love daddy.” He whispered sleepily.

You smiled, pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead. “We love you, too, love.”

And so, you left his fairylights on before you followed Harry out of the room and to the room of your twins. You took Emma from him and tucked her in, kissing her forehead before you and Harry exchanged places so you could kiss Ella and he could kiss Emma.

You wrapped your arm around Harry’s torso as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders, turning off the light but turning on their fairy lights as well before you walked out of the room and into your own.

You plopped on your bed on your back and started moving your limbs, making a snow angel and messing the sheets. “I don’t want to sleep.” You giggled.

Harry laughed before approaching you. “Let’s unleash,” He said in a deeper voice with a funny face,

“No!” You squealed.

“The beast!” Harry finished before tackling you on the bed, burying his head in your neck to blow raspberries, making you giggle and squirm.

“Stop!” You laughed.

Harry grinned, leaning down to kiss your lips as you wrapped your legs around his waist. “Thank you.”

“What for?” You smiled, playing with his hair.

“For everything; giving me a family, a home and just,” He paused, “Being there through it all, sticking with me. So thank you.”

“Thank you for being the most amazing husband and dad anyone could ever ask for. I love you, you know that?” You replied, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I might have a clue actually, yeah.” He teased before leaning down once more to put his lips on yours.


You woke up before Harry, kissing his cheek as he slept before putting on your undergarments and wearing your red robe. You smiled to yourself when you heard your kids’ cheerful voice, walking outside the room and down to the living room where the 3 sat, playing legos on the floor together and building a castle.

“Good morning, munchkins.” You greeted them.

“Mummy!” They all cheered before they ran towards you, hugging your legs.

“Why didn’t you wake me up? You need to have breakfast.” You said, walking to the kitchen and having them follow you before sitting in their places.

“Tommy said we should let you and daddy sleep because sleep is healthy and makes you strong!” Emma said.

“Am I a good boy, mummy?” Tommy asked excitedly.

“The best.” You smiled, pecking his cheek. “Why don’t you help you make daddy breakfast so we can give him breakfast in bed? You know how tired he’s been in the studio with uncle Jeff.”

They gasped, “We’ll cook?!”

“Really, mummy?!”

“Woah! I’m going to tell Mason when I see him!”

And then began the fun of cooking breakfast for your sleeping husband and also feeding the children.
After about 40 minutes, you had a tray of pancakes, omelette, fresh berries and orange juice. You walked carefully behind your rushing kids, Tommy opening the door for you before joining his sisters in jumping on their dad to wake him up.

“Daddy, wake up! Wake up, daddy!”

Harry groaned, “Five minutes.”

“But daddy, we helped mummy make you breakfast.” Ella said. At this, Harry’s eyes fluttered open, smiling when he looked at his kids before sitting up, his eyes catching yours.

“Make room, little ones.” You said as you carefully approached them before putting the tray on Harry’s lap.

Harry looked at the food before looking back at you, “You didn’t have to, baby.” Harry said in awe.

“We wanted to. We thought you deserved that, didn’t we?” You asked your kids.


“Woah! You helped mummy cook all this?” Harry asked in an exaggerated amused tone.

“We did! Do you like it?” Ella asked, sitting in between her sibling in front of Harry.

You sat beside him, smiling when he pecked your temple.

“I love it. But you’re all eating with daddy.” Harry pointed out.

And so, Harry started to feed all of you, refusing to not personally feed any of you. He’d pop berries in the twins’ mouths — their favorite — ,feed Tommy bits of his omelette and cut you pieces of his pancakes, only eating when you all had your mouths full.

“How about we go out today? Aquarium?” Harry grinned.

The kids gasped before they jumped off the bed, “I’m going to get ready!” Tommy shouted, running to the door and rushing out of it.

“Me too!”

“Me too!”

Leaving you and Harry alone. You smiled, looking at him. “Are you not tired?”

“Never for you.” Harry smiled, leaning to kiss you.

Just as your lips were about to touch, you were interrupted with a gentle knock. You and Harry looked towards the door, finding Ella with a sheepish look and her hands behind her back.

“Daddy, can you make my hair? I can’t do it alone.” She asked shyly.

Harry smiled and nodded, “Of course, baby. Mummy will help you get dressed first then I’ll come, yeah?”

“Best mummy and daddy ever!” She giggled before running off.

this went straight to my heart. honestly. also, sorry for the long wait, love & thank you!!! xx

Two Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Squeaky clean and smelling of raspberry vanilla soap, Grace was bundled up in a fluffy rose pink towel, being carried into her bedroom by her daddy.
“Know what I love?” Harry asks his little girl, who was beaming from ear to ear with the most beautiful smile he has ever seen.
“Uh mummy” Grace says as she looks Harry in the eye, waiting for his reply.
“Yes, I do love mummy” Harry sets Gracie down on her bed with a little bit of a bounce “but I also love my baby burrito ‘cause she tastes so yummy!” Harry pretends to eat his little girl whose towel is wrapped around her like a warm tortilla. Grace giggles as she feels her father tickling her “daddy, m’ not food!” She was wiggling around on her bed.
“Could of fooled me” Harry stands and  shrugs his shoulders as he walks towards her white dresser. Opening the top drawer Harry picks out a pair of pink and white polka dotted panties and a pink nightgown.  
“Let’s get ya dressed Goose, then I’ll sing ya some songs. How does that sound?” Harry says, gently raising a questioning eyebrow at the 4 year old.
Grace nods her head so her wet curls flip water all over the place. Harry chuckles to himself and helps her get dressed. After she was squeaky clean, teeth brushed and dressed for bed Harry picks the stuffed sheep off her chair and hands it to her.
“I think Bob has missed you” Harry says making a “baa” noise when he says Bob. Harry came up with the name, and always flashed his big dimpled grin when he said the sheep’s name, proud of his creativity.  Besides Harry, Bob was Gracie’s best cuddle buddy. She loved him.
“Gracie missed Bob” Grace says looking into his black little eyes, petting the patch of fur on his head and kissing her favorite stuff animal. Snuggling into her covers, Grace looks at her father, who had knelt down next to her bed. “May I pick the song tonight daddy?”
“Mmhmm, what’s it gonna be”  folding his arms down on her flower covered bedspread. “What about twinkle twinkle little..”
Interrupting her father she says with a stern tone “No no, don’t like that song. Sing, ’m havin your baby” Grace sings at the top of her lungs.
Harry bursts into laughter. “Ya want daddy to sing one of his songs?”
“I like babies, I like that song, it’s fun” Grace states with a smile, that dimple growing deeper by the minute.
“It’s not really a bedtime song love. What would your mum say?”
“Mum sings it in the car, she likes it” Grace says. “Mum says yes.” Harry couldn’t say no to her enthusiasm and decided it was just fine to sing an upbeat song for bedtime as long as they ended with a song that calmed her down. “Alright, one time. Then it’s time for your goodnight song. Okay?”
“Kay!!” Leaning in close to her daddy’s face Grace whispers “jump on the bed?” Her eyes shining bright when she wiggles her eyebrows with excitement.
“Just this once” Harry stands on his socked feet pulling his phone out of his back pocket. Turning Kiwi on so they can dance and sing. Harry jumps up on her bed to sing and dance, or more like jump, with his baby girl.
“I’m having your baby, it’s none of your business”  singing at the top of their lungs both Harry and Grace were out of breath by the end of the song.
After the song was over. Grace plopped down on the bed laying flat on her back. Giggling in her cute little laugh she says “that was fun!”
Harry laughs lifting Grace back up to her pillow Harry wraps his arms around her and kisses her forehead. “I love ya goose”
“Thank you, love ya too” Grace says with a yawn. “Bedtime song daddy?”
“Ya, I’ll sing your bedtime song bug.” Harry hears someone walk into the room.
“May I join?” You ask as you walk into this tender moment.
“Always” Harry smiles at you and wraps his arm around you when you kneel next to him.
“What was all that banging? Sounded like an elephant was dancing up here”
Harry looks at Grace and they both burst into giggles. “Daddy sang havin’ your baby, mum. It was fun”
Looking over at Harry with wide eyes, you chuckle and give him a kiss. “Sounds like a fun time. ’M sorry I missed it.”
“Alright bedtime song?” Harry clears his throat as he begins to sing the song to Grace that he has sang since the day she was born.
“Now run along home, and jump into bed. Say your prayers, don’t cover your head. There’s just one more thing, I ask of you! You dream of me, and I’ll dream of you”
Grace closes her eyes as she cuddles with Bob and Harry can see her breathing has relaxed. Harry smiles thinking of the fun memory they just made. He kisses her head, stands, grabbing your hand and leaves his little girl to dream of summertime and butterflies for the rest of the night.

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Wait... do you not own Luna?

Nope! I’m the main contact for the breeder, was the one who flew to meet and fetch her, and have helped raise her, but she’s my mums companion! She does a decent job of it, too.

No Control | Chapter Twenty-Seven


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

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My fingers drum nervously against the steering wheel as we make the drive to Holmes Chapel. The drumming isn’t even in time to the beat of the music that’s coming through the radio, which is pissing me off, but I can’t help the nervous ticking. I’ve only got my left had on the wheel, my right tugging against my bottom lip, a nervous habit I think I picked up from one of the lads at some point, but now I can’t stop. Micky is sat in the seat beside me looking out the window. She’s got her own lip secured between her teeth, a habit I find way too endearing and downright filthy in the best situations, but right now, I know it’s her nervous energy, too. 

She’s expressed her concerns about my mum disliking her for getting pregnant and Gemma completely shitting on her—which, knowing Gem, is entirely possible (might have to do some begging when we get there). I’ve tried my best to assuage her fears, letting her know that my mum will be a bit concerned that I’m going to be a dad, but ultimately loving because she’s finally going to get a grandchild. My mother, I know, will be in the same vain as Micky’s; to her, all babies should be celebrated and worth getting excited over because they’re a blessing. She may be a bit disappointed about this being the situation that brought her her first grandchild, but she would never do anything but welcome them with open arms and a loving heart. And she’d love Micky in the midst of it just as much. I’m convinced she fell in love with Micky faster than I did.

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It is okay to dislike Dream Daddy for the game that it is.



+ DD is NOT a dd/lg game

+ It does NOT contain incest.

+ It is NOT fetishizing gay men (actually there is NO sexual content aside from implied narrative.)

+ Does not condone cheating on your spouse.

+ Does not fetishize trans people. (One canon trans dad, mentioned vaguely ONCE and then never brought back up.)

Please enjoy (or don’t) Dream Daddy for the game that it IS, not what people are spreading in the tags and on Twitter.


River trusts no one who approaches her father, not even dadsona - if they breathe in his direction, they a thot


space dad and space fab


“I’d love to direct at some point. But right now I’m just focused on trying to tell cool stories and put on for the culture. You know, for us. I want a young black dude to be able to look up to me and say, ‘I can do more than I thought I could do before.’” 

                   Happy Birthday Lakeith Stanfield! (12 August 1991)