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molded leggings

I don’t understand why Mattel is so obsessed with molded leggings on Ever After High dolls. I’d one million times prefer to have bare skin colored legs than molded leggings. Stop. Just stop, Mattel.

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Can I get companions/advisers dance styles? (I'd like from the three games, but I know it's a lot, so whichever one you'd prefer is fine by me). Thanks.

since there’s a lot of companions across all games we’re just gonna do some of our faves from each.

Nathaniel (you can’t tell me he isn’t so terrible at dancing that he avoids it)

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Velanna (is secretly super good and graceful)

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Sigrun (she’s just having a good time)

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- Mod Carver

alistair - wejustdontknow.gif

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Leliana - used to dancing complicated orlesian dances, sure, but when she’s dancing freely she just makes a lot of flowing arm movements

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- mod rain

40?! //Derek Hale// 10.6.16

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Pairing(s): Derek x Reader, Pack x Reader, ??? x Reader x ???(Platonic)

Requested? Yes (not on CoTW)

Request: Could you do a written romantic Derek x Reader where she’s around his age? Derek and the pack finds out she’s a (The Originals version) vampire or a hybrid, you can choose which one but I’d prefer a hybrid. Tysm 💕

Member: Kat

Word Count: 453

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Now that you approve of my " underfell frisk pretending to sleep as a way of cuddling asriel without him thinking that they love him ( even though he knows ) and Be cocky about it than pretending to wake up and get mad at him " can you please draw a comic of it , it doesn't have to be a long one or if you'd prefer you could just draw a pic of it , just a request though it's your decision whether or not you would want to .


I’d really like to ask how that’s going to work.

If you were to turn up at a hospital without an appointment with a GP or whatever, then you’re obviously there because you need emergency care. Are we seriously going to have hospitals refuse to treat patients who are in an emergency?

This is a slippery slope to an extremely dark path, one that I’d prefer Scotland distanced itself from.

“Yeah, yeah, Ace whatever.”


Recently I’m so trash about this pairing that I drew so many pictures of these two together… haven’t published it in tumblr yet, but my twitter is full of them okay. /cries

Oh and I think that @lollesblog want a picture of them together with smug Sabo… so here it is! x3 *yes I read your tags* muahahahaha

Not Your Type - Actor!Ashton

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Synopsis: How do you react when your celebrity crush is now your costar?

Words: 3k+

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You were beyond excited to be playing Jade Stidham in an upcoming show. Once you read about the type of character she was, you knew you could do it justice if you were given the shot. Thankfully the casting-director felt the same and you got a call confirming that you had gotten the part. The table read went swimmingly, your costars took to you just as easily as you took to them. When you found out the show was being picked up by MTV, you thought you could only go up from here! That was until David, the director dropped the bomb of a new addition to the team, Ashton Irwin. You knew that Ashton had hinted about crossing over in a recent interview but you didn’t think it would relate directly to you or your production. After an internal debate, you decided it would be best to tell David about the crush you had on your future co-star, he deserved to know that this could be a bit of a hurdle for you. He brushed it off, insisting he knew you could be professional and that was that. Inwardly you still were a bit worried about what would happen between you and Ashton on set but you distracted yourself by rehearsing lines with Soraya, the junior director and your roommate. It was a week before filming and you were trying to be off book. You were about to ask for your line when your phone rang.

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Hey you mentioned that you listen to both critical role and the adventure zone and i want to get into one or both of them but i keep getting them confused and i'm not sure which one i'd prefer? do you have any recommendations as far as which is your favorite, what the differences are, etc?

I love them both for very different reasons! They’re sort of two sides of the same coin- interactive group story-telling using D&D as a vehicle for managing the characters behavior, but they’re fundamentally different shows. Critical Role is dramatic with humorous moments and The Adventure Zone is humorous with increasing numbers of dramatic moments as the story goes on. Both shows have amazing casts, wonderful fanbases, and they’re a lot of fun to listen to.

Breakdown below the cut!

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hi there!! despite how your blog is fairly new, i'm liking what you're putting out so far! because you're wanting people to send in more stuff, how about general relationship hcs with N'Doul? please and thank you! o/

Hi! I’m flattered, honestly. You have no idea.

I just watched N’Doul’s episodes the other day, and I really like him as a character. I hope these turned out okay!

  • N’Doul has never really gotten emotionally close to anyone, so don’t expect a lot of affection from him in the beginning. He’s going to have to learn how a relationship with you should work.
  • He tries to remain traditional; even though he’s the blind one, he’d prefer to lead you by the hand than let the roles be reversed.
  • You can’t hide anything from him; since he spent so much time heightening his other senses to make up for his lack of sight, he’s going to notice every time your breathing has changed or your stance has shifted, even if you’re all the way across the room.
  • He’ll want to talk about everything that happens throughout your days. He believes there shouldn’t be any secrets between the two of you; he wants to be able to celebrate with you when something good happens, no matter how small, and he wants to hear about anything that may be troubling you, so that he can offer advice.
  • Speaking of, his advice is fantastic. He’s picked up quite a few roundabout tips for dealing with life; they’re usually things you never would’ve thought of on your own.
  • If the two of you are serious about each other, he’d love to begin living together if you’re alright with it. He’d be fine with moving into your home, or the both of you buying a place together; it will take him a few days to get used to new surroundings, so make sure to keep the floors clear for a little while at first.
  • Eventually he’s going to ask you if he can feel your face. It may sound awkward or weird, but he really wants to get an idea of what you look like. His hands are rough and calloused, but he’s really gentle. It feels fantastic to have him tracing his fingers over every curve of your face, eventually bringing his hands down to rest on your shoulders.
  • He likes to keep physical contact with you. Not that he’s afraid you’ll wander off, or because he wants help getting around; he just generally likes the feeling of your skin against his. He’ll usually end up tracing patterns onto your wrist or the back of your hand, oftentimes humming too. It’s really relaxing.
Preference #106 - You call him daddy (Niall)

Niall: You sat feeding your three month old daughter, Lilly from her bottle as your husband Niall showered. Her eyes were slowly closing as she gulped down her tea. She was so cute with eyes big and bright just like her dad’s. She finished her bottle and you gently put her up to your shoulder patting her back softly. Just then Niall walked in. His hair was still wet from the shower and he looked almost as adorable as Lilly. “Hi baby is she asleep?” he asked. You shook your head and he grinned taking her in his arms. “Hi sweety” he cooed at her. She yawned in response. “Awww she’s tired” you said looking at your baby girl. Niall chuckled and began rocking Lilly in his arms while humming a tune. You smiled and stayed quiet until she fell asleep. Niall kissed her softly before putting her in her crib. “Ohhhohhh daddy didn’t get to play with his baby girl she was too tired.” you cooed. He smirked. “What?” you ask. “You know I love when you call me daddy” You shook your head. “No sex” you simply stated. He frowned. “Please” he whispered. “No I’m tired” you said leaving the room and going to your and Niall’s room. You went to the dressing table and took out your earrings to put it away when Niall entered the room. He came right behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. You began to protest but stopped when he heatedly kissed your neck and then licked it. “So princess you’re telling daddy no?” he whispered in your ear. You moaned in response. He slipped his hand under your dress and started rubbing you through your panty. You bit your lip and groaned. “Like that?” “Yes daddy” you replied. He pushed your underwear aside and entered a finger. You gasped loudly. He pumped it in and out quickly and you were loving it. You started to moan loudly and he stopped. “Daddy!!!!” you whined. “Be quiet do you want Lilly to wake up so we can’t play anymore?” he hissed in your ear and spanked your ass hard. “No daddy” you pouted. “Want me to continue?” he asked. “Please” you whispered. He spanked your ass hard twice before he slipped his hand to your pussy again. You bit your lip hard preventing yourself from being too loud.

Know me better tag

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you want to get to know better!

I’ll add some pictures too.

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  • Nicknames: Sony (from Sonia, not the corporation we all know 😛) 
  • Star sign: Gemini
  • Height: 1,54m 
  • Time right now: 13:22
  • Last thing you googled: difference between ketchup and catsup 😂Apparently the only difference is that some people use the wrong word (catsup), on purpose 😒
  • Fave music artist: I can’t pick one, and I’d prefer music bands rather than solo artists (though I like a few). So these are some of my favorite ones: 

a) Main groups/solo artists: Green Day, Coldplay, Avril Lavigne, McFly, The Pretty Reckless, Ellie Goulding, Hilary Duff, Kylie Minogue, Lady GaGa.

b) Kpop groups: f(x), INFINITE, SHINee, Nu’Est, Girl’s Generation, Cosmic Girls, Girl’s Day.

  • Song stuck in my head: right now, none.
  • Last movie I watched: Thor: The Dark World 
  • Last tv show I watched: Sherlock (it’s SO damn good and funny; really, you should check it out)
  • What I’m wearing right now: nothing out of the ordinary.
  • When I created this blog: I created it in 2013, but didn’t use it. Then, after watching Pitch Perfect in 2014 (the movie was released too late in Spain) I started posting my edits regularly 😃
  • The kind of stuff I post: 

-Funny edits of the ships I like. Right now, I post about Bechloe and Supercorp, and I’ll post about Wayhaught when I finish season 1 of Waverly Earp. 

-I used to post Hollstein edits, but the series is finished and not many people seem to like those edits. Moreover, I used to post a lot of Swan Queen and Wicked Wolf edits, but Once Upon a Time is currently shit and I stopped watching that show because they have no respect regarding lesbians, and instead they have Captain Swan, which is as toxic as Jeca. So fuck it. I hope it’ll get cancelled and the best actors get new and much better projects.

  • Do I get asks regularly? 

-No, but I get messages every now and then. Most of them are nice people who tell me they like the stuff I post, and that I cheer them up, which is good to know. 

-And then there’s like 2% of messages of crazy people attacking me for using certain expressions in my posts (you should get a life, just saying).

  • Why did I choose my url: I’ve had a deviantart account for 8 years now and have always used  “Sweetdreams22” as a nick there. I maintained the name (because I love Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics) and wanted to use my birth year. I actually wanted to have “sweetdreams093″ as my url like in Instagram, but there’s this guy who took it already and he doesn’t even use his Tumblr ¬¬
  • Gender: Female
  • Hogwarts House: Slytherin. And my Hybrid house would be Slythenclaw.
  • Pokémon team: Mystic
  • Favourite color: blue, especially turquoise and pale blue.
  • Average hours of sleep: I never sleep well, so around 6 hours.
  • Lucky number: 7 (and it’s the only odd number I like).
  • Favourite characters: 

-Tv shows: Kara and Alex Danvers, Lena Luthor, Cat Grant, Winn Schott, Robin  Robin Scherbatsky,  Lily Aldrin, Sheldon Cooper, Howard Wolowitz, Sherlock Holmes…

-Movies: Beca Mitchell, Chloe Beale, Luce, Coraline Jones, Alice, Sally, Willy Wonka (Tim Burton’s version), Cady Heron…

-Books: Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Jess Jordan, Becky Bloomwood.

-Comics: Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Firestar, Supergirl, Flash.

-Manga/Anime: Chikaru Minamoto, Mariko, Akko, Tai, Kari, Gatomon, 

Dream job: writer, illustrator (unfortunately I don’t think it’ll be possible because just having a (good) job it’s too difficult).

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1.

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I hope you have a good day :) I'm curious, what's the absolutely most heartbreaking thing for you that could happen in tgre in the future, even if the chance of it happening is slim?

Hey! I hope you’re having a good day yourself :)

Anyway, there are a few things I can think of off the top of my head that would certainly break my heart, and they include:

1. Hide being actually dead all along. I don’t really believe this to be a possibility, but since Ishida of course has the last word, he could always go for the tragedy route. This would both destroy me emotionally and ruin TG for me for so many reasons I don’t even want to think about it.

2. Kaneki dying at the end of the manga. I know he probably has a shortened lifespan like all the other halflings out there, and I know that even if he hadn’t he still would have to die one day, but I’d prefer it if it was after a long, fulfilling life, after he finally learns to love and to forgive himself, and after he gets a chance at happiness. Seeing him struggle for so long without ever ever having a break, without ever managing to achieve anything that lasts, has been painful enough to witness, and in my opinion it would be really really bittersweet if he finally managed to change the world for real, if he eradicated the warped root and if he managed to bridge the gap between humans and ghouls, only to find out that he has ran out of time and that he won’t get a chance to live a long fulfilling life in the better world that he created… That would make me cry so hard. Kaneki’s struggle is my struggle. I resonate with that boy and I want for him to be happy so bad

3. Kaneki not getting a chance to change the world for the better. Again, I don’t really believe this to be a possibility, but… 

4. Urie having to face zombie!Shirazu. I’m quite certain this will happen sooner or later, and I’m not looking forward to it.

5. Ayato finding Arata in that damn CCG lab. I’m 90% sure this is going to happen too, and I’m really conflicted because while on the one hand I’ve always wished for the Kirishima siblings to one day learn of Arata’s fate because it felt wrong that they thought he was dead when actually he’d been suffering for years in a ccg prison, possibly to the point of forgetting who he is… On the other one, well… It’s really awful of me to want them to know, isn’t it? Something like that would make them feel so powerless, so angry at the world again and it would destroy me as well

I can’t really think of anything else atm, even though I’m sure Ishida will still find a thousand more unexpected ways of breaking my heart

The Progression of Nox’s tanks(/bowl)

The bowl: December 2014 to February 26th, 2015 (previous owner)
The 2.5 gallon tank: February 26th, 2015 to March 24th, 2015
The 5.5 gallon tank: March 24th to the foreseeable future!

You can really get an idea of how much more space a betta has in a 5.5 compared to a 2.5 compared to a bowl. I know which one I’d prefer to live in! 


Eliza for @goddiddlydamilton. The writing on Eliza’s face is from Hamilton’s love letter to Elizabeth Schuyler.

The writing on Washington’s face is a letter from the General to his wife, Martha Washington.

Alexander Hamilton.

I’m working on doing these for all of the main cast, currently! I’m not doing them in any particular order so if there’s one you’d prefer to see, let me know!