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Do you mind if I ask what's this anime you're talking about? Because so far from you you've blogged about I'm digging the lack of fanservice and moe face!

Hmm…. it depends on what you perceive as “the moe face” because that term is so nebulous and up to personal interpretation, unfortunately. I tend to define it as “characters looking much younger than their actual age, with typical anime style of drawing” not characters that are just as young as they’re drawn thus the designs are simply “cute” not “moe”. :v

In this case, I’m pretty sure you could enjoy:


It’s a very lighthearted show about a school for witches, that’s sure to give u a Harry Potter childhood nostalgia ;D. It actually feels exactly like a cross between this and Ghibli movies = cute, super cool action and absolutely no fanservice. Also female protagonists because that’s …. an all-girls school. The animation is so beautiful u want to eat it and the show is very funny but can be pretty emotional at times as well!

Addition: If you love Mabel Pines - you’ll love Akko - the main character, as well!! 


There’s also Mob Psycho 100 which… hmm I personally wouldn’t say qualifies as “cute” at all, unless some specific scene calls for it (mostly as a joke lmao). 

Extremely good animation - seconded! It’s not only insanely fluid but also uses SUCH UNIQUE TECHNIQUES, Yes you’re gonna see full sequences made via paint on glass or charcoal, pencil etc. This is… kinda an action show but it’s ABOUT action, it’s central theme is kindness. However unlike in other shows with the same theme it doesn’t feel forced. It’s so natural and all characters are so real and you’ll end up loving them all! This show’s not only super hilarious but it brought me to tears more than once… I’ve never seen anything so accurately showcasing character’s emotions through just the visuals.

So yea it basically has it all: almost no romance, amazing plot, animation and characters, humor!

Additional bonus if you’re a Gravity Falls fan: it has a conman character with a hidden heart of gold that actually cares about the main character that’s a middle school kid = so if u love Stan, you will love him! :D


Well, I’ve already talked about why this show is great [HERE]!


Then there’s a show that’s pretty heavy and entirely psychological, meant for the mature audience. - and yes there’s no fanservice here either. If u dig diving into twisted mysteries that make you question what’s real and what’s a figment of the character’s tortured psyche’s - Paranoia Agent is the show for you.

^^^ extremely creepy in context/paired up with the soundtrack = the intro is characters laughing in dangerous/deadly situations… the song is sickeningly joyous… you see nuclear bomb exploding, flood, war… and they laugh

It deals with so many kinds of mental illness or very serious horrible situations life puts us in, that make us feel trapped, absolutely lost. It can get VERY visually abstract and this gets more prominent as the show goes on so I won’t post any screencaps of this to not to spoil too much. 

The best thing is that despite dealing with very dark matters… the show does allow the viewer to draw some positive lessons from it. So you won’t just feel crushed after all that heavy stuff going on, more like… enlightened, emotional and utterly fascinated. I think it’s most helpful for someone with suicidal thoughts.

I’m yet to see enough anime to make a comprehensive list of those “safe to watch”. I realize there are way more out there but I’ve decided to only talk about those I’ve seen personally. 

But in general other movies made by Satoshi Kon (who made Paranoia Agent) are just like that show so go watch them too! Just as all of the Studio Ghibli movies are very fun, beautifully made, devoid of “moe face” and esp fanservice since this company is kinda like the Japanese Disney = keeps stuff kid friendly (but still some of the movies really do deal with heavy real-life matters like war or destruction of the environment! so it still stays very intellectually satisfying). 

Other shows to consider

Terror in Resonance: The designs are one foot in the moe and one in a more grounded style so it’s for you to decide if this sits right with you. There’s not really any fanservice except one scene where a female characters simply takes a bath, it’s not sexualized… but u can see the boobs so… yeaa be vary of that. But overall it’s a fast-paced mystery-driven show about serious matters such as terrorism, childhood trauma, how WWII affected the Japanese society and so on… Plus it has really really unique and great soundtrack! It ranges from fast-paced jazz to stuff resembling Sigur Ros… (and I love this character on the right so much > . <)


This is, a very chill show about a group of friends hanging out and solving small mysteries in their school and outside of it. The mysteries aren’t that important but still they got this kind-of Sherlockian vibe? (later on those books are referenced just as Christie’s). The mysteries are fun but most of all it’s about watching these high schoolers grow as people. I mean that’s not the most ambitious premise but trust me, this is incredibly pleasant to watch, it always made me feel so relaxed, at ease. It’d say it’s quite beautiful! And yeah the design is meant to be cute and typical “anime style” but, uh, characters look their age (I suppose) so in my opinion that’s not moe.

One could argue they got just one “fanservice episode” but I personally disagree - I mean if just simply showing characters going to a swimming pool and one wearing bikini… and the guy who has a crush on her getting subtly flustered at her getting close is fanservice??? then probably all of the healthy romance is. Idk to me it wasn’t over the top but very natual and tasteful. Plus this show isn’t romance focused - rather is centred strongly around friendship and opening to others.

Madoka Magica??? 

I’ve started this show recently, I’m 6 episodes in and so far there’s been no fanservice and I wouldn’t say the style is the typical “moe”(… but it kinda is… it’s complicated: character design is moe but how they are handled isn’t), esp if u take a look at how original the environment where the battles take place looks! 

Beware though - it can get pretty bloody and the show spirals into darkness further and further as it proceeds… straying continuously from the usual cutesy “magical girl anime” tone (=it’s not afraid to brutally kill off its characters)

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question; I'm still a beginner and I have 0 experience with Japanese language, where do I start? I was informed that Japanese (as in writing) has more than one form?? And do you recommend any dictionaries? thank you!!

I’m still a beginner and have 0 experience! Where do I start to learn Japanese?

We’ve covered what you need on our site  。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。  Here’s some quick links to make it easy for you~

>> Where to start learning Japanese

>> Japanese 3 writing systems and why they need it

Regarding dictionary, a phone dictionary will suffice to look for vocabularies at start, but you do need this grammar dictionary if you’re planning to self-study since it will help to explain you about grammar patterns which is very crucial while learning Japanese.
>> Dictionary of basic Japanese Grammar

To read and to speak/listen is different, so check out this one if you’d prefer conversational skill

Hope it helps! Happy learning! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。

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Would you guys want any kids of your own? And if you do what gender?


♥Shu: I don’t know… Babies are noisy. And you have to take care of them… It’s a lot of trouble. But if I had one, I think I’d prefer a girl.

♥Reiji: Probably, yes. I rather have a son, actually. And I would give him the best education possible.

♥Ayato: Hell yeah! A boy would be nice, heh. I would teach him to be the best, like me!

♥Kanato: Agh, no! Kids are so annoying! And I should be the one receiving attention!

♥Laito: Hmm~ I don’t really care about it. But, if Bitch-chan ended up being pregnant… I’d like to have a princess, nfu~

♥Subaru: N,no! I never said anything about wanting kids! Although, maybe two girls would be alright… But that doesn’t mean I want children!


♥Ruki: I wouldn’t mind having a child. I could even find it enjoyable, perhaps. A boy, to be precise.

♥Kou: Meh, I’d like to have a daughter one day, perhaps. But I have work already. I wouldn’t have time for her~

♥Yuma: Why do you care?! Tch. Maybe… I don’t give a damn about gender… I just want a lot of kids to help me ‘round the garden!

♥Azusa: I’d like to have children… With Eve… Maybe twins… And another child too… Would be nice…

40?! //Derek Hale// 10.6.16

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Pairing(s): Derek x Reader, Pack x Reader, ??? x Reader x ???(Platonic)

Requested? Yes (not on CoTW)

Request: Could you do a written romantic Derek x Reader where she’s around his age? Derek and the pack finds out she’s a (The Originals version) vampire or a hybrid, you can choose which one but I’d prefer a hybrid. Tysm 💕

Member: Kat

Word Count: 453

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molded leggings

I don’t understand why Mattel is so obsessed with molded leggings on Ever After High dolls. I’d one million times prefer to have bare skin colored legs than molded leggings. Stop. Just stop, Mattel.

“Yeah, yeah, Ace whatever.”


Recently I’m so trash about this pairing that I drew so many pictures of these two together… haven’t published it in tumblr yet, but my twitter is full of them okay. /cries

Oh and I think that @lollesblog want a picture of them together with smug Sabo… so here it is! x3 *yes I read your tags* muahahahaha


Anonymous said: luigi here …! can i please get an aesthetic … ? who is very in love with prince peasley from superstar saga ? thank u so so much 💚 !! 

Anonymous said: A moodboard for Peasley with a crush on Luigi? Thank you in advance!

hey, sweets! these were similar enough that it was easier to put them together, i hope that’s alright. if you’d prefer one more personalized, feel free to send in another ask! 


I’d really like to ask how that’s going to work.

If you were to turn up at a hospital without an appointment with a GP or whatever, then you’re obviously there because you need emergency care. Are we seriously going to have hospitals refuse to treat patients who are in an emergency?

This is a slippery slope to an extremely dark path, one that I’d prefer Scotland distanced itself from.

Not Your Type - Actor!Ashton

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Synopsis: How do you react when your celebrity crush is now your costar?

Words: 3k+

PART 2MASTERLIST / Leave a request here


You were beyond excited to be playing Jade Stidham in an upcoming show. Once you read about the type of character she was, you knew you could do it justice if you were given the shot. Thankfully the casting-director felt the same and you got a call confirming that you had gotten the part. The table read went swimmingly, your costars took to you just as easily as you took to them. When you found out the show was being picked up by MTV, you thought you could only go up from here! That was until David, the director dropped the bomb of a new addition to the team, Ashton Irwin. You knew that Ashton had hinted about crossing over in a recent interview but you didn’t think it would relate directly to you or your production. After an internal debate, you decided it would be best to tell David about the crush you had on your future co-star, he deserved to know that this could be a bit of a hurdle for you. He brushed it off, insisting he knew you could be professional and that was that. Inwardly you still were a bit worried about what would happen between you and Ashton on set but you distracted yourself by rehearsing lines with Soraya, the junior director and your roommate. It was a week before filming and you were trying to be off book. You were about to ask for your line when your phone rang.

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Mobile Masterlist










200-300 Follower Thing!

First of all, thank you, THANK YOU, to all of you amazing, beautiful followers.  all 262 of you.  I’m fast approaching 300, and i kind of missed 200 (oops) so i have decided to run this thing until i get to 300! yay!

We’re gonna do moodboards! Yay! so y’all send me an ask saying whether you want an aesthetic for a character or for yourself.  Also, @lurkch brought to my attention the possibility of doing OC’s or a fic that you’ve written, and i’d be happy to do those, too!

So i’ll do any character from these fandoms:

-Star Trek (AOS only; i’ve never seen TOS)



-Star Wars

-i’m drawing blanks…just ask me!

And if you’d prefer one for yourself, send me an ask with the answers to these questions:

-Favorite Color

-Hard or Soft?

-Space, Land or Ocean?

-One thing you love

(These are purposefully pretty vague…lol.  I’ll also give your blog a browse)

((there’s an exapmle under the cut))

Alright guys, let’s do it! and thanks again, you beauties!!

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“So you slept with her?” Scott questioned Stiles, looking towards me in concern.   

“Um, w-well yeah, what’s the big deal anyway? She needed comfort, what else could I do?” Stiles stated, annoyed at Scott’s tone.   

“Well, if she needed comfort, it could’ve been done without the sex part.”   Stiles looks towards me and scoffs, taking a few steps closer. “What was that, (Y/N)?”   

“I think you heard me just fine. They are soooi many different ways to comfort someone like Malia, yet you chose to do her? You chose her for your first time?” I answer back, rolling my eyes.   

“It’s none of your business who and what I do wit-”   

“You hardly know the girl! I’m trying to loo-” I cry, but get interrupted by fuming boy in front of me.   

“Well don’t bother. My life, let alone my love life has nothing to do with you, so if you would kindly bud out that’d be fantastic, thanks.” Stiles spits at me.

Tears of frustration and sadness fill my eyes as I lower my head if defeat, quickly exiting the room, ignoring Scott’s calls. 


I shouldn’t have voiced anything to Stiles. 

I mean, he had a point. It’s HIS virginity, not mine, so why should I care so much? 

Maybe because I thought we had something special. 

My thoughts are interrupted the moment my phone starts to go off. 


I let it ring out, not wanting to talk to the boy, too embarrassed by what went down 3 days ago. 

 My phone rings again yet, I continue to let it ring out. 

 Maybe it’s better if I don’t get involved with Stiles and Malia. 

‘It’s better this way.' 

But is it really?

- Callie

Preference #106 - You call him daddy (Niall)

Niall: You sat feeding your three month old daughter, Lilly from her bottle as your husband Niall showered. Her eyes were slowly closing as she gulped down her tea. She was so cute with eyes big and bright just like her dad’s. She finished her bottle and you gently put her up to your shoulder patting her back softly. Just then Niall walked in. His hair was still wet from the shower and he looked almost as adorable as Lilly. “Hi baby is she asleep?” he asked. You shook your head and he grinned taking her in his arms. “Hi sweety” he cooed at her. She yawned in response. “Awww she’s tired” you said looking at your baby girl. Niall chuckled and began rocking Lilly in his arms while humming a tune. You smiled and stayed quiet until she fell asleep. Niall kissed her softly before putting her in her crib. “Ohhhohhh daddy didn’t get to play with his baby girl she was too tired.” you cooed. He smirked. “What?” you ask. “You know I love when you call me daddy” You shook your head. “No sex” you simply stated. He frowned. “Please” he whispered. “No I’m tired” you said leaving the room and going to your and Niall’s room. You went to the dressing table and took out your earrings to put it away when Niall entered the room. He came right behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. You began to protest but stopped when he heatedly kissed your neck and then licked it. “So princess you’re telling daddy no?” he whispered in your ear. You moaned in response. He slipped his hand under your dress and started rubbing you through your panty. You bit your lip and groaned. “Like that?” “Yes daddy” you replied. He pushed your underwear aside and entered a finger. You gasped loudly. He pumped it in and out quickly and you were loving it. You started to moan loudly and he stopped. “Daddy!!!!” you whined. “Be quiet do you want Lilly to wake up so we can’t play anymore?” he hissed in your ear and spanked your ass hard. “No daddy” you pouted. “Want me to continue?” he asked. “Please” you whispered. He spanked your ass hard twice before he slipped his hand to your pussy again. You bit your lip hard preventing yourself from being too loud.