one cubic foot

the Moment is actually terrifying though

like, it’s obviously terrifying as a weapon – dubbed the Galaxy Eater, it can destroy an unfathomable about of matter between one heartbeat and the next and leave no trace behind – but people don’t really talk about its sentience enough

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Cool Pangolin Fact Hour

Pangolins Can
•Compress One Cubic Foot Of Carbon Into A Diamond Instantaneously
•Kill A Man In Guadalupe Without Remorse
•Climb Tree’s
•Lower They’re Body Temperatures Below 20 Kelvin To Throw Off Atackers
•Play A Mean Harpsichord Solo

How strong is garnet? (theory)

 Remember when Garnet poofed Peridot just by squeezing her?

And remember in “The kindergarten kid” when Peridot was crushed by a serious of large objects and didn’t even poof?


In this image we get a view of Steven, and Peridot with the rock, the environment they’re in also tells us what kind of mineral make this rock, in this case it’s most likely sandstone. So now we can use Steven’s body length to make out the width and height of this rock. In this case it’s around the height, and width of two stevens. We don’t know the exact height of Steven, but let’s say he’s around four and a half feet, maybe taller. Making that rock at least sixtyfour and a half cubic feet, and how much does one cubic foot of sandstone weigh weigh? At least 12.5 lbs Making our rock come in at a whopping 812.5 lbs!!

But that’s just our rock! We need to estimate how high that rock was off the ground, and how fast it fell!! (unfortunately I cannot indicate how high the first drop was because of the cutaway, but I can estimate the height of the second that took place on the sandstone half pipe!)

The furthest point of this half pipe is at least four and a half stevens tall, making the distance from the roof to the floor approximately 18 feet. Now, an 800+ rock falling from a max distance of 18 feet down onto a green technician gem. It wouldn’t fall very fast, for the momentum of the rock begins stopping after it’s pulled half way up the half pipe, the standard acceleration of Earth’s gravity is -9.81. But keep in mind this is the second time Peridot was hit with the rock in a bout. So in order for Peridot to actually poof it would have to take more than sixteen hundred pounds of pressure at once! But Garnet is capable of inflicting that much physical force with a mere squeeze. There are many other ways we can interpret Garnet’s strength compared to objects, but by far this method I found was the easiest to determine. By watching her squeeze a gem to death. hope you all enjoyed!