one companion past and future

Russell T Davies Dialogue in Doctor Who

When I first saw Doctor Who, I was struck (amongst many other things) by how fresh and wonderful the dialogue was, miles beyond other TV shows. Three things to note about RTD’s dialogue:
1) witty, quippy dialogue that sounds natural and spontaneous
2) deeply emotional statements simply expressed
3) fitting and well-earned moments of lyricism

Under the cut, examples of this in Rose and Love & Monsters, as well as a few quotes from The Writer’s Tale

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Either a long headcanon or a short fic

One day, the Doctor is cleaning out the current companion’s bedroom when a small book falls out of a closet. Upon opening it, the Doctor discovers it’s full of advice from past companions to future ones. Examples:

If the doctor uses long words to explain something, he is trying to make you think it is not magic. It is. -Leela

When (not if) the Doctor loses his memory, don’t worry. He’ll get it back soon enough. -Charley Pollard

Sign here if the Doctor rejuvenated himself without explaining what was going on! -Polly Wright (a list of names follows)

The Doctor really is a nice person. Sometimes it may be hard to believe it. Sometimes it seems like traveling in the TARDIS brings nothing but pain. But it’s true, and you have to know that. Really. -Ace

“Doctor? What are you doing?” comes the companion’s voice from outside.

“Oh, nothing. Just tidying up.” The Doctor snaps the book closed, stuffs it back in the closet, and goes away.

Ten years or so later, the Doctor comes back and checks the book, looking to see if anything new has been added. Of course it has. The Doctor starts making a habit of doing this, of checking the book every so often. Sometimes the advice is funny. Sometimes it’s heartbreakingly sad. But it’s always good to read.

It’d be absolutely AMAZING if the children we encountered in past DA games become companions in future ones. Like Conner Guerrin as a young man who is a gifted mage and an expert on demons and/or Amalia who is a gifted rouge with the ability to solve the toughest puzzles and is able to sneak past anyone!