one child only


Just realized it has been a long time since last time I did backgrounds so I just took my time and did some. And I think I’m now satisfied with my fantasies about Sanji’s beloved mother.


A subtle reminder that Rob is the father in real life [for added effect]

you all thought i was joking about fashion designer jason

but i was not

I present to you evidence in canon (post-crisis, after jason’s origin was revamped) that Jason would totally do it and be great at it. 

Jason’s a nerd, news at eleven. But pay careful attention to those dresses, they come up later. 

Jason’s fashion senses are tingling. 

Jason used Fashion to solve the case. It’s his destiny I tell you. 

I rest my case. 


Pictured: An accurate representation of a preschooler

Stormy Weather / Climatika


I sympathize with Marinette.

i used to never really like rap but then i got into kpop and now anytime they rap i’m like yes!! get those bars!!!!! slay my entire existence!!¡!!!!! spit that fire¡!!!¡!! do what you were born to do!!!!!!!¡!!!!¡¡¡!!


favourite hero moment

after missing out on three consecutive HP-related days of celebration (20th anniversary, Harry’s birthday, and 19 years later) due to long work hours and poor health, i must admit I feel like a sort of failure as a fan artist. let me seeth in my self pity and sense of isolation from the rest of you partying folks with a doodle of Albus doing the same thing

I (not so) low key bro-ship you guys….because you and keilattes are just too precious for this world with your adorable endering ‘I love you more’ squables.


I can’t believe you came back with a grapefruit child I’m 
how did you use my tags against me afgjfdkljg