i don’t know about u sometimes I just have to pause certain episodes bc a character was about to fuck up so bad I have to prepare myself bc this stupid little shit doesn’t feel like thinking twice about the situation and that’s when I realize that I’m too much into a TV show


Prompt: Hey! Could you do 56 with Jay Halstead? Thank you.

“Don’t you dare die on me!”

Pairing: Jay Halstead/Reader.

Requested: Yes.

Triggers: Sadness; but happy ending.

“Halstead and Y/L/N. Get in that house and arrest him! You get a shot, you take it!” Voight ordered over the walkie-talkie.“You got it, Sarge.” Jay replied, climbing out of the truck, Y/N in pursuit. Guns up, they made their way to the front door.“Gerald Hughes! Chicago PD. Open up!” Hearing a female scream, Halstead pushed Y/N back a bit before kicking the door down. Searching the house, they said clear, various times; before ending up at the basement.

“Stop. Both of you. Guns on the ground.” T hey heard the male order, gun pointed at them. Swallowing harshly, Y/N looked over at Jay; earning a nod from him. Y/N slowly placed her gun on the ground the same time as Jay.“Hey, man. We’ve got all kinds of police on the way, so if I were you, I’d just walk away.” Jay pleaded. “Why? So you can shoot me in the back, Jay? It’s what you’re best at.” He replied. Y/N furrowed her eyebrows.“How does he know your name, Jay?” She asked him.

“He didn’t tell you, baby? Come on now, Jay. Jay and I were bestfriends, we we’re in the force together, long before mouse came along.” He informed her. “Now, I’m gonna let you watch him die!” He shouted, shooting Jay three times. “No!” Y/N cried out, running over to him. Jay screamed out in pain. Grabbing the gun in her boot, she whipped around and shot the offender multiple times. “Officer down, offender shot. Possible victim somewhere else in the house!” Y/N cried over the radio, her voice breaking.

“Hey, hey. Don’t you dare die on me, Halstead.” She whimpered, putting pressure on his wounds.“I need you, okay? Help will be here soon."Come on, baby.” She whispered, running a hand through his hair.‘Y/N! Halstead!“ She heard Voight and the rest of the unit yell."Basement! We need an ambulance.” She cried out.

“Oh my God.” Erin spoke, running over the the female who was down. Dawson and Brett ran down the steps, bringing a stretcher. Ruzek and Atwater helped get the victims upstairs. After a few hours of being at the hospital, Will finally came out to greet Y/N. “He’s stable, awake, and responsive.” Y/N let out a sob, hugging Will.“Thank God. Can I come see him?” Will nodded giving her a soft smile.“Go for it.”


06/07/2018 — After-Words 📚