one character per day

@kollyreign’s kollywood challenge 4/41→  A character you’d love to be best friends with

perks of being Deva’s friend:

  • you are now in the Baahubali timeline
  • peak aesthetic without any of the royal mess of having royal blood
  • you are in the presence of the coolest character to ever exist

I’m drawing one FE:echoes character per day until I get through the whole roster, starting on 6/15 with Alm’s party. Here’s days 1 through 4: the Ram boys!! :^]

I’m really excited to do more of these drawings! You can also see them on my (twitter)


 5 days to Vampire Academy character countdown: Christian Ozera

“The figure stepped forward, and in the poor lighting, familiar features materialized. Messy black hair. Pale blue eyes. A perpetually sardonic smirk. Christian Ozera.”

Idk guys, a chacter per 24 hours (more or less) system seems more plausible to me than a character per a particular day one. So imo it’s still P Chris’ POV. But I might be wrong, we’ll see ^^

Marichat May
Day 5: Protective Marinette

Marinette knew that she wouldn’t be as powerful as Ladybug in her civilian form but it’s no excuse for her to run away and leave Chat behind. It’s not just to return the favors of him saving her, but it’s her duty as his partner(lover :3), with or without her mask.

It’s simple but I like the result. I’m just trying to use one color per character as trial.

Huevember Day 6: Black Widow! This one is a little late because I’ve been having computer problems all day. Such finicky machines.

Check my Huevember tag for other pieces from the month; I’m attempting to do one portrait of a female character per day for the whole month. If you subscribe to me on Patreon you can see videos of the creation of each piece!

Happy Pride Month!

It’s Ellie from The Last of Us (the Part 2 trailer).

For this month, I’m challenging myself to sketch one canon LGBT+ character per day. These will be characters that have inspired and helped me, so I’m really excited to try this and revisit them. Of course, I had to start with the most badass zombie-fighting teenager around. I like to imagine the Firefly pendant is Riley’s.


Hi everyone!! As a celebration of all Pokemon fankids, we want to have a fankid mini-week celebration from May 19th-22nd!

These days are open to any and all fanchildren in the Pokemon community. That means that these can be anime fanchildren, game fanchildren, manga fanchildren, etc. For those of you who do not know what a fanchild is, a fanchild is the offspring of a preexisting character. They can be the children of a single canon character, two canons, an OCxCanon, an OCxOC or a single OC! The children can be biological, adopted, taken in, etc. as well! As long as they are the child of previously existing characters in the Pokemon universe, they can participate! Do you not have a fanchild but still want to participate? Then make a fanchild for your favorite ship or character! If you don’t have interest in making a child, then maybe make works for someone else’s fanchild!

Use this week to show your creative side! Expand on your fanchildren as much as possible! Share profiles, art, headcanons, fanfiction, and anything else that might help you and your audience get to know your characters better!

The Themes of the Week!

As with any celebration week, each day is going to have themes that people can feel free to use if they’d like! Use the themes to tell your audience more in-depth details about your characters. Don’t limit yourself to making just one post per day! Make multiple posts for art, headcanons, fanfiction, etc. following the theme! Dig deep and explore parts of your characters that you maybe didn’t consider before! Get creative!!

Hobbies/Goals:(Thursday, May 19th) Take this day to focus on the goals, hobbies, or just general interests of your fanchildren! These can be their likes, their dislikes, the things they do in their spare time, or maybe the dream that they’re working towards. Do they find themselves facing any trouble when it comes to achieving this goal? Do they ever accomplish their goal? What happens when they do? Is there a hobby that they have to relieve stress? Do they have a strange like that other people think is weird? Tell us about it!

Relationships: (Friday, May 20th) This day is to focus on all human relationships that your fanchildren have with other characters.These relationships can be familial, romantic, friendships, enemies, rivalries, etc. What relationships do your fanchildren value the most? How well do they interact with other people in general? What’s their home life like? If they have a romantic relationship, what built up to it and what are they like as a couple? Who are their friends? If they have a rival, what weight does their rivalry carry? Why are they rivals? Really try to dig deep with these relationships and tell us more about them through art, fanfiction, headcanons, etc.

Fears: (Saturday, May 21st) Everyone has fears, including your characters! Take this day to explore your characters fears! Why do they have these fears? How do they react to their fears? Are they ever able to overcome their fears? Do they have any silly fears? What’s their most serious or biggest fears? How do other people react to their fears? What helps them cope with their fears? Share it with all of us!

Pokemon: (Sunday, May 22nd) Just as there was a day to explore the human relationships your characters have, this is a day to explore the Pokemon relationships you characters have! Does your character have any Pokemon? If so, what are their relationships with their Pokemon like? What Pokemon means the most to them? Did they have any struggles with any of their Pokemon? How did they overcome them? What is their training style like? Do their Pokemon always cooperate? If they don’t have Pokemon, do they want them? Or, if they don’t want Pokemon, how do they feel about Pokemon? How do they interact with other people’s Pokemon? It’s a Pokemon world that they live in, so tell us about it!

We hope that you’re able to have fun with these themes and really do a lot with them! Share your talent and love for your characters with everyone! There’s no limit to how many characters you can post about, so post away! And remember, tag all of your posts with #PKMN FANKIDS so that the entire fankid community can see them!!

Have fun!