one character per day

@kollyreign’s kollywood challenge 4/41→  A character you’d love to be best friends with

perks of being Deva’s friend:

  • you are now in the Baahubali timeline
  • peak aesthetic without any of the royal mess of having royal blood
  • you are in the presence of the coolest character to ever exist

Hey guys! This is my first time trying inktober! :D Wish me luck! I’m gonna need it! xD

I have no themes, but if you want you can suggest something? Though my job doesn’t let me do too complicated stuff and I might only do one character per day. But ideas are welcomed! 

Bad Relationship Ending Guide (Mystic Messenger)

tHere it is!! Finally!!! The completed, guaranteed BRE guide for all routes! Hurraaay! If there is anything missing or you have corrections, please let me know!

Also, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT REPOST THIS ON TUMBLR (reblogs are okay!). If you want to share this on another site, that’s fine, but PLEASE provide credit and a link back to my blog. I worked hard to put this together, and spent countless hours gathering and compiling this information. Please respect that. Thank you! <3

I’m going to leave it under the cut to save a dash and for people who want to figure it out on their own :)

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Eliza sketch dump!

Suggest in the replies who you want me to do a sketch dump of, since I only really have the steam to do one huge one per day. Whoever gets the most votes’ll be the character I’ll doodle tomorrow!


 5 days to Vampire Academy character countdown: Christian Ozera

“The figure stepped forward, and in the poor lighting, familiar features materialized. Messy black hair. Pale blue eyes. A perpetually sardonic smirk. Christian Ozera.”

during these days i have time only for quick, 1-character-only digital portraits.
I was thinking about doing one children per day, but who would you like to see more? I often draw the main characters but maybe you’d like to see someone else more in my digital painting style!
Let me know~ 

Marichat May
Day 5: Protective Marinette

Marinette knew that she wouldn’t be as powerful as Ladybug in her civilian form but it’s no excuse for her to run away and leave Chat behind. It’s not just to return the favors of him saving her, but it’s her duty as his partner(lover :3), with or without her mask.

It’s simple but I like the result. I’m just trying to use one color per character as trial.

Alright, gonna open that outfit meme for a few days.
Remember its only one character request per follower. It has to be off anon or i wont accept it, because i have to validate that you are indeed a follower.
Ill still be doing the Ninjago Fashion week so i’ll be going back and forth between them.
Ill do my best to finish them if i can, it seems like November will be a busy month, but it seems fun, so i’ll give it a shot.
You can request TV Ninja, Movie NInja, fem ninja, ect, dont matter how. (obviously no FCs) Make sure you add on “TV ___” or “Movie! ___” so that i know which character you are referring to unless said character doesnt have more than one incarnation. -

Touhou requests are open!


I’m doing a simple-ish request thing of Touhou characets. Just drop a Touhou character at my ask  and I’ll add het to the queue! Up to 6 requests at the moment.

• i’m not going to do anything too elaborated, mostly just head or bust shots.
• You can be a little specific on your request but nothing too out of the ordinary (like “X characeter - smiling/serious looking/profile, etc”)
• Nothing suggestive like ahegaos or blood. Sorry, I know sound petty but just want to be safe.

Additional stuff:
• No prerequisites for requesting, feel free to drop by!
• I prefer normal aks, not anonymous. Not obligatory, but I’d like to tag the blog that requested that character when I finish.
• I plan to do one character per day starting this weekend, however, unforseen things that dalay the drawings may happen, and if that happens I’ll let you know.

My objective with this is mostly to have a clear “what I’m going to draw next” path, and to give a little more life to this blog. If everything goes well, I’ll do more in the future, hopefully raising the number of requests.

Thank you for the attention!