one cello x 16

albums i like to write to that are on youtube. trying to list some that i don’t always see listed, these are some great ones to check out and the ones i go to for writing.

nin ghosts i–iv: honestly my go-to for writing for years now. definite #nin vibe, if you enjoy the osts that reznor has done w/ atticus ross ( social network, girl with the dragon tattoo, etc ) look into this one, definitely.

nin quake soundtrack: aggressive, creepy, industrial. i’ve done some fucked up writing to this. but honestly some of the songs are downright unneverving to listen to in the dark alone late at night.

clint mansell’s soundtrack for the fountain: probably most recognized and known for his work on reqiuem for a dream’s soundtrack, this one is definitely my favorite and the one that introduced me to not only clint mansell but how composing. the emotions of the movie can be felt through this music, definitely, and really helps to pull at things if you have to do so. 

clint mansell’s last night soundtrack: ok listen look listen ok clint mansell is my favorite film composer so let’s just deal with it. this one is not as known as his other works but i’m pretty sure the movie is on netflix currently ?? i’ve been meaning to watch it solely because of mansell’s work with the album. i saw him perform live about two ?? three years ago now in a church in the city and it was a great experience, and that’s how i heard this particular selection of his composing. almost strictly piano, lyrics were added to the final movement and the lines are haunting ( “and when i’m home i’m not at home” hit me raw ), even without watching the movie ( no seriously i have no idea what this movie is about )

zreo’s twilight princess soundtrack: if you know me you know i am legend of zelda trash. zreo reorchestrate’s zelda music, and if you’ve ever played twilight princess you know how good the music is already. not my favorite zelda game ( majora’s mask is actually my favorite, and worth taking a listen to as well ), but this one is really really fucking good on its soundtrack and side character game. atmospheric and overall just really good to have in the background.

sigur rós’ ( ) album: sigur rós is a well known icelandic band, and i definitely would say that any and all of their music is great overall let alone for writing, but this album is definitely one to include on this list. all the tracks are untitled ( … with titles. …. ), one half feeling good and the second half with a definite hint of sadness. using their made up language of “hopelandic” on this album entirely, they instead use the vocals as if its another instrument to convey the emotions they are trying to instead of counting on lyrics to let you know what’s going on. listen to number eight. i mean it.

( interrupts youtube playlists to throw a fanmix i made of icelandic music here too -––– music hailing from iceland definitely has a Specific Vibe™ to it and if you dig sigur rós i’d suggest you looking into it. some has lyrics, most if so are in icelandic. but i really enjoy listening to icelandic music as i write. ) 

bruno coulais’ secret life of kells soundtrack: a great animated film from ireland, about ireland -––– is it redundant to remark upon the irish feeling of this ? great if you want to write some mythic adventuring or delve into the idea of folklore or older kind of musings.

john murphy’s sunshine ost: i am most definitely biased to space films and love the soundtracks of space films as well. i love when a composer can capture raw human emotions and the spectrum of the cosmos in their score -––– sunshine accomplishes that. at times nerve-wracking, other times flat out emotional, this one helps pull at feelings.

soundtrack for tarsem singh’s the fall: if you haven’t seen the fall this is me telling you to right now. the story is both a harrowing small piece juxtaposed with an otherworldly epic, and both sides are shown in this incredibly moving ost. however, this soundtrack was never actually released so all you can find are fanmade, and still has some sounds / dialogue from the movie.

the blue man group audio: FIGHT ME FUCKING FIGHT ME. i saw the blue man group YEARS AGO ( one of them used my face to walk through the crowd and i got a blue handprint on me honestly #goals ) and sure nowadays you say blue man group and all i can think of is tobias funke but -––– this is a good cd. really interesting cool vibes within all the tracks, and good non-lyrical music to write to, honestly.

ólafur arnalds’ for now i am winter: actually some tracks in here have lyrics, song by the talented arnor dan. i’ve met both and they’re both wonderfully nice people and incredibly talented. i would definitely recommend looking up more of arnald’s music if you’ve never listened to him -–– he has some strictly piano, some with strings and more. lag fyrir ömmu is probably one of my favorites -–– both times i’ve seen him perform it i was moved to tears but also i’m a wee bab.

paul leonard morgan’s dredd ost: damn good for writing action shit. 

ben salisbury & geoff barrow’s ex machina ost: if you saw this movie, you know the creepy sci fi robot vibe you can expect from the soundtrack. some good tunes to pull shit out from yourself when you’re writing, definitely worth looking into.

olivier deriviere’s remember me soundtrack: i am probably notorious for listening to osts of movies and games i have never watched or played. this, however, is one of those soundtracks that make me want to play the damn game. super action-oriented with a sci-fi industrial feel, so in that line of writing.

+ and of course, some of the usuals: interstellar ; moon ; one cello x 16 ; the social network ; mass effect 3journey ost ; a single man ; stoker ; inception ( idk why we gotta make time a different key but w/e ) ; assassin’s creed ii ; skyrim ; portal 2 ; pacific rim ; tron