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You made me see Gladio in a different light after reading Chasing Suns. It's not that I hate him. I just didn't like his character much. But now I know he has flaws too so I'm starting to like him a little. Thank you for writing a wonderful piece of art. I hope to read more of Gladio and his soulmate soon? Hugs for you! FYI, my fav is Prompto ;)

Thank you so much!! I always love seeing a change of heart occur for my favourite super meat boy C: HE’S GOT FEELINGS TOO, MAN

And most definitely, I’ll be posting Chasing Suns content soon enough. The first oneshot post-story I’m currently working on involves @nifwrites OC Raine from her Ignis soulmate AU story We Intertwined, and I have a few NSFW ones for Cam and Gladio together (DISCLAIMER: I cannot guarantee the safety of walls moving forward HEH) a massively angsty one from Prompto’s POV (HAVEN’T I HURT HIM ENOUGH ALREADY) and there’s even a few planned for when they procreate ;)


top 20 degrassi characters (as voted by my followers): #4. Campbell Saunders

“How am I supposed to survive a whole season here? I have no friends, my hockey team hates me, my family is thousands of miles away and I’m crying in the girls bathroom.”


– Guess this is our only way out.

– After you, then.

Lupin III: Jigen’s Gravestone | dr. Takeshi Koike