one book per week

Weekly, our library open its doors to a group of teenagers. They’re coming from a Medical Educational Institute and they’re all either mentally ill or neurodivergents.

It’s pretty great, because the kids can choose everything they want, without being controlled (the only limitation being the fact that they can’t take much more than one book and one CD per week and per person), and they’re happy to be there.

Unfortunately, my planning doesn’t allow me to spend a lot of time with them, even though we get along very well (one girl actually asked me for dating advice, while i was recommending her a book. I didn’t dare to tell her that i actually had no practical experience in this matter.).

I noticed quite rapidly that the volunteer workers at my library have a really hard time to be “at ease” with them. The worst was probably yesterday, when a volunteer worker came to me, asking me frantically to deal with a teenager instead of her.

He had a speech impediment and, as far as i know, was probably neurodivergent. He wanted a rap CD, but didn’t know what to look for. I kid you not, this volunteer worker came to me and said to me, with a despicable tone :

“You have to help me. I can’t understand him at all, not a word, and he’s typing on the computer right now, i’m not even sure he can’t read.”

She looked… afraid. And more than patronizing, she seemed to look down on him like he was nothing. I didn’t have the time to say anything to her, but damn, i wish i had just threw at her every insult i could think of.

Instead, i just went to see this teenager, who was with his educator. I found him a few CDs, i hope he’ll like them.

But anyway, i heard his educator talking to one of my colleagues after that, saying that he was happy that i actually talked directly to the kid and not to him and that he’ll be sure to talk to me again if he’s in need of advice in the future.

And i’m just… sad. Sad to see that assuming competence about a disabled teenager is something that is worthy of “congratulations”. I just talked to them the way i like to be adressed. There’s nothing wonderful about it. It should be… normal.

2017 Reading Challenge :)

Read one book per week (or however often you’d like!) pertaining to the guidelines. Fun challenge and a great way to practice self-care while doing something you love! 

  1. Read a book by a person of color. 
  2. Read a book recommended by a librarian. 
  3. Read a book about an immigrant or refugee. 
  4. Read a book that’s been on your to-be-read list for a long time. 
  5. Read a book of letters. 
  6. Listen to an audiobook. 
  7. Read a book with one of the four seasons in the title. 
  8. Read a book that is a story within a story. 
  9. Read a book with multiple authors. 
  10. Read an espionage thriller book. 
  11. Read a book with a cat or dog on the cover. 
  12. Read a book by an author who uses a pseudonym. 
  13. Read a best-selling book from a genre you don’t normally read. 
  14. Read a book by or about a person with a disability. 
  15. Read a book involving travel. 
  16. Read a book with a subtitle. 
  17. Read a book that was published in 2017. 
  18. Read a book involving a mythical creature. 
  19. Read a book you’ve read before that always makes you smile. 
  20. Read a book about food. 
  21. Read a book on career advice. 
  22. Read a book with a nonhuman character perspective. 
  23. Read a steampunk book. 
  24. Read a book with a red spine. 
  25. Read a book set in the wilderness. 
  26. Read a book you loved as a child. 
  27. Read a book by an author from a country you’ve never visited. 
  28. Read a book with a title that is a character’s name. 
  29. Read a book with a war setting. 
  30. Read a book with an unreliable narrator. 
  31. Read a book with pictures. 
  32. Read a book where the main character is a different ethnicity than you. 
  33. Read a book about an interesting woman. 
  34. Read a book set in 2 different time periods. 
  35. Read a book with a month or day of the week in the title. 
  36. Read a book set in a hotel. 
  37. Read a book written by someone you admire. 
  38. Read a book that’s becoming a movie in 2017. 
  39. Read a book set around a holiday other than Christmas. 
  40. Read a book that’s first in a series you haven’t read before. 
  41. Read a book you bought on a trip. 
  42. Read a book recommended by an author you love. 
  43. Read a book that was a 2016 best-seller. 
  44. Read a book with a family member term in the title. 
  45. Read a book that takes place over a character’s lifespan. 
  46. Read a book from a genre or sub-genre you’ve never heard of. 
  47. Read a book with an eccentric character. 
  48. Read a book that’s more than 800 pages. 
  49. Read a book you got from a used book sale. 
  50. Read a book that’s been mentioned in another book. 
  51. Read a book about a difficult or controversial topic. 
  52. Read a book based on mythology. 
  53. Read a book you own, but haven’t read yet. 
  54. Read a book most people have read, but you haven’t. 
One week One book 2016 Challenge

Well, I think everything is in the name! For 2016, I plan to read (on average) one book per week.

If you want to participate to this adventure too, it’s super simple, just use the tag #oneweekonebook or submit me your photos

You can post:

  • your book of the week
  • quotes/ parts of the book you loved or want to comment
  • your progress on the reading
  • anything related to the book you read!

Is there a price?

YES! If you accomplish the full challenge (so read 52 books and make a post for each of them), your name will be added to the Winners list and one will be selected randomly and will receive a hard cover book released in 2016!

You are completely free of the kind of books you can read, the length, etc.

I’ll have my list updated on this page of my blog if you are curious:)

Happy reading!