one book at the bottom i dont know



now I don’t actually know if any one has done this yet and if they have please message me so we can compare notes and such! Any ways I actually had fun doing this and it took about 4-5 hours, and most of that was doing the two worst pages.


Red question marks- it’s for words that I think is what it says but not too entirely sure because chicken scratch unfortunately is very hard to read.

Green underline with red question marks- for words that I have no idea what it says and I couldn’t even guess at what the word is so I wrote down exactly what I saw on the page and the out come, as you can see, is complete gibberish.

Blue writing- basically my own input on the words, mostly just me going “WHO TAUGHT THIS KID CURSIVE?!?!?” and such.

Blank spaces- I absolutely have no frikin idea of what could even remotely be that pile of scribbles so I just put nothing there :/

If you read dans dream journal and figured out some words that I have indicated I don’t know what they say, than pleases message me! DONT BE SHY ABOUT CORRECTING ME, THIS IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES AND IS VERY MUCH WANTED!!!! Other than that, have fun now (sort of) knowing what is says.

***EDITS!!! the corrections will be in ALL CAPS

by the lovely boo-hears-music i have some corrections-

~on page 1 (of the photos, not the pages in the book) at the bottom it says “you’ll probably find their FREQUENCY from left to right”

~on page 2 after barrett it says, “every one ALL WENT THROUGH, FREKY HOUSE,” then “RUNNING through, LOST?” then where i wrote ‘slayer love clear gen greinds’ it actually means “SHINY/CLEAR LAKE, OPEN, FRIENDS” which makes much more sense. then it’s “FREAKY grey torture LAND”

~on page 4 ’ in detail sky’ might be “INDUSTRIAL sky”, then the blank after old man is “EVIL”

~then page 6, “i was outside, nighttime, nightmare SKY & MUSIC”. and the word i wrote as ‘dyerere’ might be “DIFFERENT”.

~page 7 in the parentheses its suppossed to be “more slow and PAINFUL”, then at the bottom the blank there is “SPECIFIED”

Fairy Tale Meme:

8 Heroes - [Urashima Taro]

“Have you ever seen Rin Gin, the Palace of the Dragon King of the Sea, Urashima?”

The fisherman shook his head and replied; “No; year after year the sea has been my home, but though I have often heard of the Dragon King’s realm under the sea I have never yet set eyes on that wonderful place. It must be very far away, if it exists at all!”

“Is that really so? You have never seen the Sea King’s Palace? Then you have missed seeing one of the most wonderful sights in the whole universe. It is far away at the bottom of the sea, but if I take you there we shall soon reach the place. If you would like to see the Sea King’s land I will be your guide.”