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I can’t believe I left the voltron fandom alone for one week and i come back with two trailers, a shit ton of prince lotion, a drop in october, audio of episode one, shiro is A L I V E, hunk is sweet and dorky and gets development, we maybe get langst, there’s a girl galra, black paladin keith, blue paladin allura, klance is canon and pidge kicks ass AGAIN


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An Urbosa mother Link over hears someone making demeaning comments on his mother what does he do

“She probably couldn’t hold down a man if she tried, chief of the gerudo or not.” He was moving before he had fully registered the words, and his fist made contact with their jaw as a furious expression settled on his face. The offender stumbled back, glaring at him. “Hey, they fuck’s your problem?!”

“Talk about my mother like that again and I will break your arm.” They stared at him for a second before starting to laugh.

“She actually has a kid?! Ha! Probably stole ya!” Their friend was backing away, eyes wide, hands in front of them peacefully. Link stared at them for just a second before grabbing their arm and bending it behind their back, popping the shoulder out of the socket and cutting their laughter off with a cry of pain. He let go of their arm and kicked the back of their knees, forcing them to the ground before walking off, hands twitching angrily. 

Urbosa was waiting for him when he got home.

“I heard from the castle town guard that you broke someone’s arm after punching them?” His eye twitches, and his jaw clenches.

“A, I dislocated it, not broke it, and b I punched them because they were talking bad about you. They said you couldn’t hold down a man if you tried which is a; blatantly untrue, you could you just don’t want anyone like that, and b; fucking rude. I warned them not to talk bad about you anymore and I had called you my mom and they just started laughing and-” He cuts off in a furious screech. Urbosa sighs and walks over, hugging him.

“As much as I appreciate the sentiment, you can’t just hurt people because they’re talking bad about me.” He hugs back, groaning loudly. “I know Link, but you can’t. Wanna go up to the pool at the top of town? You can take out your frustrations by splashing the water, you’ve told me it’s very cathartic before.” He nods, and she pulls away and gives him a small smile. “Thank you for trying to defend my reputation, kiddo.” He smiles back, before smacking her arm gently and running out, officially starting one of their races. She laughs and runs after him.

Thrice this AU is fun to write. *Blue


From Instagram: samanthakangel frank iero and the patience | u street music hall | 7.21.17

Frank Iero and The Patience at The U Street Music Hall, Washington D.C. - July 21st, 2017

estelle and spectra refs!! all of this info is talking about estelle bc she’s more important, check the tags for spectra

- she just loves all her robots so much?? even though some of them go rogue and try to rip her apart. they all get sold off to randos, apart from the defective ones like spectra, which are usually destroyed as per the boss’ orders . it makes her very sad

- she’s always coming up with new ideas for stuff, and she draws/writes them down on any old random scraps she can find

- she never tells anyone anything about herself, she’s infuriatingly secretive about even trivial things. she does this partially because she’ll be arrested if anyone finds out about her murder robots and snitches on her, and partially because bants

- the scar across from the top of her thigh to her stomach is from another one of her robots. she made it a bit too aggressive and it turned on another employee, vaporising him and badly injuring her. she has since been told to tone down the lasers


“why do you love lance so much?” why do you NOT?! look at him! this boy can light up any room he enters