one black superhero for every day of the month

Life things since I’ve been lurking. I really need to not look at facebook and just retreat here because it’s much better for my health and productivity. I used to not use Facebook much at all but I’m going through a phase where I’m very distracted by it, I put one of those productivity apps on my phone to guilt me out of using it for more than a minute.

-I’m now in charge of the comics, graphic novels, and manga collection. So like, displays and new title acquisitions are my responsibility. We have a superhero display up this month so I stocked it up with miles morales spider man, black panther, moon girl, miss marvel, etc. and the patrons must be loving it because I’ve had to restock it a nontrivial amount almost every day. (But diversity is what’s killing marvel right? Lmao)

-I’ve been given free reign to do what I want with anime club because right now it’s just show up, eat free pocky, and watch anime, with maybe some arts and crafts. I want to do some cooking activities maybe and a cosplay workshop every couple of meetings

-I found a place to live, a cute / recently renovated little townhouse about 10 minutes on foot from where I live now, so I don’t have to leave one of my favorite neighborhoods. I guess I’m living in a doll house with @its-a-me-dario and we have a cosplay / painting basement that we can be messy in

- I’ve been playing a lot of payday 2 and thus getting back into the gaming groove so if you want you can send me your steam and/or discord ID

-I finally found a fucking psychiatrist in pittsburgh that a)takes my insurance and b)is taking new patients after being given the run around for like 2 months

I have some annoying health things going on but I’m trying to stay in a # positive mood today so I’m not gonna go into it. Hope you all are having a good day and if you’re not I hope you’re hanging in there.

anonymous asked:

Post identity Reveal, Adrien showing Marrinette his father's private fabric room. R huh

Hello Anon! Firstly, let me thank you for sending me a prompt! Secondly, sorry it took me so long. I wanted to finish Le Chant des Sirènes before writing that.

It was supposed to be really short, but it’s obviously too hard for me. Reminder: English is not my first language, blablabla, mistakes and all, sorry.

I hope you will like it!

Send me Ladynoir/Marichat/Adrinette/Ladrien prompts and I’ll try to write them quickly!

One could have thought that Adrien’s uneasiness was linked to the fact that he was in his father’s private fabric room, a place he had no business in being. Wrong.

Okay, maybe it did make him a bit anxious, too. Adrien had no pleasure in disappointing and angering his father. They had a rocky relationship and it would be bad for him to get caught in this place. But today, he wanted to be bold.

Except that the girl with him had the ability to make his knees feeble and his mouth dry with a single glance at him.

“You’re okay?”

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