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How do you go about grocery shopping if you don't have a car and live alone, also not much money besides that for groceries?

Couple of options:

  • Use public transportation and make a few small trips. Tie these into your commute to work to avoid extra travel.
  • Make one big trip and get a cab.
  • Suggest to your friends (with cars!) that you go shopping together. You can mooch off their ride and make the grocery experience a little less tiresome.
  • Check with your local library or do searches online to see if your town has any ride services. Some towns do for people in your situation who just need a lift to and from the grocery store from time to time.

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I don't know why but out of everything, the one thing about series 4 that fills me with the most rage is that f-ing skull painting. Why were there different versions of it? What was the point? Why was it never explained? That's not something you can do by accident! Ugh! I'm annoying myself just thinking about it.

Haha you and everyone else Nonny. I think that skull painting is one of the BIGGEST clues to the entire series being one big mind-trip / unreliable narrator theory. I personally believe that the skull is representative of Sherlock’s emotions / state of mind, or – if it’s all in John’s head – John’s emotional reaction to situations. Everything in S4 is a false narrative, that I am convinced of.

And then Arwel just sort of brushes it off? You KNOW that something’s fucky when ARWEL won’t talk about something like that as being anything other that “I liked it”. Like, Arwel, PLEASE. You are DYING to tell us and they just won’t let you. 

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Where in Argentina are you from? Do you travel a lot? Are most of your pics from Argentina? Btw I love your blog, you are one hell of an artist

I’m from Bahia Blanca, located in the south of the Buenos Aires province.

I don’t really travel a lot, usually one big trip a year and then I go to the ocean a few times a year. As you can see, I live next to it.

Yeah, most of my pictures are from Argentina, I have a few that I took in the brazilian side of the Iguazu Falls

Thank you so much! Don’t hesitate to ask me anything you need!

Hope you have a great day!

Elderly Sirius Black Headcanons
  • (because he never died. What’s canon? Hahahahahahaha, you all live in a very sad AU. Poor world where the Marauders are dead.)
  • Sirius refuses to believe he’s aging.
  • He’s honestly a little scared of it, because everyone else in his family got even worse the older they got. Most of the time he ignores it, because he doesn’t FEEL old. Still, he kind of looks towards his birthdays with dread and revulsion even though he knows he’s not like the rest of his family.
  • It once got to the point where he invented a lie that he was five years younger than James. “Well, how did you go to Hogwarts at the same time?” “I was just too fabulous not to be let in early.”
  • Even though he knows the exact number of days that he is older than James and constantly lords it over him, so no one believed the lie.
  • He’s obsessed with his hair, and his hair routine in the morning takes 45 minutes. It drives Remus insane.
  • Because they’re married, of course.
  • They got married a little later in life than Jily, when they both felt ready enough to be with the loves of their lives forever.
  • James was Sirius’ best man, and Peter was Remus’. Lily was both of their second best man, because they fought over whose best man she got to be until she threw her hands up in the air and forced them to compromise.
  • Sirius has a HUGE motorcycle collection. Half of them are motorcycles that he’s never going to fix but keeps trying.
  • His main excuse for it not being fixed is “his back”, but he knows his back is perfectly fine, thank you. He just isn’t good with fixing things.
  • One of his favorite things to do with his grandkids is to take them places where they’ll have “experiences”. 
  • He doesn’t like material gifts a lot, whether they’re given to him or he’s giving them. 
  • Sometimes that means taking them to his work as an auror, because he most definitely hasn’t retired yet. Sometimes that’s a trip to an amusement park, where he goes on all the tallest, scariest rollercoasters and pretend he’s scared so his grandkids can “protect him”. He always tries to suit the experiences to their tastes, give or take a motorcycle ride or two. 
  • He does this for Harry and his own children as well, although Harry is “basically our child at this point”
  • Sometimes he, James, and Lily have fights over who gets Harry for the night. James and Lily nearly always win because Remus and Sirius live super close to Hogwarts since both Remus and Harry work there, so they see each other a lot more often.
  • He’s the grandfather (although he prefers “Granda”) who has a pool table and neon signs in the basement. That’s mainly because Remus wouldn’t let it upstairs, but it makes it much easier for his grandkids to hang out down there.
  • He has a really big backyard that isn’t maintained at ALL except for Remus’ section of it, but that just makes it all the more fun when he transforms into a dog and gives all of the kids rides on his back. 
  • Sirius is also really into travelling, unlike Remus, who prefers to stay in a comfortable place in case something happens. As a result, there are a lot of weekend trips on motorcycles between the two of them. 
  • Every summer, they take one big trip someplace, just the two of them. They keep it a secret between themselves, although somehow the rest of the Marauders always end up finding out and visiting.
  • Remus and Sirius have a lot of dates in Hogsmeade.
  • He’s surprisingly a good cook. A good chunk of Hogwarts students come into the house from time to time just for tea with Sirius because he makes the best biscuits and is willing to share.
  • He defines “badass granda” 100%.
  • Sirius Black lives a fulfilling life as an older man and canon doesn’t exist.


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Name: Poplitealqueen
Nickname: Pop, Miss Pop
Zodiac sign: cancer
Height: Somewhere around 5′2″ and 5′3″, depending on the the measuring thingie.
Orientation: bisexual
Nationality:  ‘murican
Favorite fruit: cantaloupe
Favorite season: 
Favorite book: Currently reading Ashlesha by Jer Keene and American Gods by Neil Gaiman, both of which deffo have a place in the ‘fave book’ part of my brain. (I can’t choose. It’s late. My head hurts. Don’t make me think beyond what’s immediately in front of me)
Favorite flower: Periwinkle
Favorite scent: Anything baking, incense, new books, old books, lil babies, and my Grandmother’s old perfume.
Favorite color:  peach
Favorite animal: Doggies followed by kitties followed by dragons (Sorry, Dets, had to steal it)
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Tea. I’ve really been getting into tea.
Average hours of sleep:  Three-ish, sometimes up to five. (I’ve never needed much sleep. Four hours is considered the healthy range for me.)
Cat or dog: BOTH
Favorite fictional character: *smacks face against keyboard* What did I say about making me think right now? Not a smart move.
Number of blankets you sleep with: One really big, thick one.
Dream trip: Somewhere where people will tell me my accent is funny.
Blog created: 2014
Number of followers: 2.3k (not sure how and when and why that fucking happened)

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I'm writing a story and I could use some help. In the story there are two friends, they're really close almost like brothers. At the end of the story the main character finds out his friend has actually been doing awful things (stalking, threatening him and people he cares about, etc.) How can I give the readers subtle hints that the one friend is obsessive/possessive of the main character And how can I write that the protagonist kind of over looks him or takes him for granted?

Okay! Becmfore i start im obviously gonna tag this one for triggwr warnings: warning for abuse. Both physical and mental. Manipulation. Isolation. And depression! Be careful guys,i dont want to harm ir trigger anyone!

Okay, do all the stuff you just told me they do; the stalking, threatening, and isolating them.but tone it down a little. Make it smaller on the paper,and larger off. It’s not uncommon for abusive traits to slip by unnoticed if you do them them a certain way. If you do these things, but play it off a bit like they are doing it to be nice. Then your character would never know. In my experience, there are a few signs of abuse that if done a certain way, can be disguised as love.

1. Control. Controlling your partners life, and their schedule down to every last detail. All the whens, whys, what’s, where’s and who. Things like planning out their weekly schedule and not letting them be around other people. There is a huge difference between “sweetheart, can you do some grocery shopping tomorrow? We are out of a couple things.” And “honey, I’m gonna have you go to the market down the street tomorrow morning at 9 am. I need you back by 11 no later. I’ve made out a list of everthing you need to get.” There’s also a difference between “I know you had plans today, but I’m not feeling well. Could you stay home with me?” And “I don’t want you to go hangout with them. You don’t need them. Stay here with me. I’ll be so hurt and lonely if you leave.” The second ones don’t have to have controlling or abusive undertones. Unless you make it clear with other abusive like actions. Their are people who like to be precise and punctual and orderly. The difference is the intention, and the build up of everything they do.

2. Isolation. A common thing in abusive relationships is for the abuser to try and isolate their partner so that they have no one to rely on but them. And isolation can be as subtle as things like “I don’t think they’re good for you. They are a bad influence on you, they’ll help you get no where in life.” Or “why are you friends with them? They have never done anything for you and look at everything you do for them.” Making the other people in their lives seem like the villains. And usually leaving the victim with no one but their abuser. Making it harder to see the relationship clearly and hard to break away.

3. Guilttrips. “I don’t know what I’d do if you ever left me. I’d probably die without you.” This is a big one. Guilt tripping someone into staying with you, making them fear what could possibly happen if they left you. This can be used really subtly as ‘what would I do without you?’ Can be dropped casually and often.

4. Need to know and often pushing the limits for that knowledge. Pushing someone out of their comfort zone just for them to admit something is a huge no-no.

5. Demanding. No longer asking for things. But expecting them and demanding them. A form of control. Demanding someone do something,demanding their attention, demanding their presence repeatedly and without the others consent or care can definitely be abusive.

twenty one pilots feels like home even when you’re somewhere very unfamiliar

I’m setting up a queue for every night, but just a head’s up, I won’t be around for three days (although I’ll probably pop in to spam you with pictures from the zoo and Leonardo Da Vinci’s house, let’s be real). If you post anything you think I MUST see, like a new fic or a lovely tag headcanon think, I’m begging you, either tag me or spam my inbox.

Thank you my lovelies <333

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Name: Tarah

Nickname: Halla

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 5′7

Orientation: Any

Favourite fruit: Raspberries

Favourite season: Fall

Favourite book series: Anything and everything by Tamora Pierce

Favourite flower: Lilies

Favourite scent: I have literally never thought about this before. Probably woodsmoke?

Favorite color: Nice, bright yellow

Favourite animal: Falcon

Coffee, tea or cocoa: Pomegranate green tea

Average sleep hours: LOL

Cat or dog person: YES

Favourite fictional characters: Well I’ll try and keep this to fandom stuff because there’s too many but I’ll say Solas, Alistair, Fenris, Merrill, Shepard, Garrus, Ryder, Jaal, and Cora Harper

Number of blankets you sleep with: One big one

Dream trip: Uhh I travel a lot, I’m going to Peru in two weeks, after that I guess my next dream destination would be Patagonia?

Blog created: September 3, 2016 (don’t ask how I know that)

Number of followers: Hard to say because I have separate blogs for Dragon Age and Mass Effect, but somewhere around 3000 I believe (still can’t quite believe it)

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OKAY I have to gush a bit because @ouroborosasunder and I have started another Portal au and this is one of my favourites probably.

Chell and Doug basically as paranormal investigators. 

It’s just them, going on supernatural adventures and travelling across the country, encountering all the best American Gothic vibes and tropes. There’s ghosts and cryptids and diners that always stay open and corn mazes that never end and towns that aren’t real; it’s like one big Night Vale trip. There’s a lot more to this au but boy I Need To Write It 

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Name: Elicia
Nickname: Eli
Birth month: April
Height: 5'8"
Ethnicity: white
Orientation: queer
Favorite fruit: pineapple
Favorite season: fall
Favorite book: it’s been a long time since I read but the Warriors series has always been a special interest of mine
Favorite flowers: lilies
Favorite animal: cats
Favorite beverage: alcohol lmao
Favorite characters: Pearl, Stevonnie, and Peridot from SU, Willow from BTVS, Janna from STVFOE, Bluestar and Yellowfang from the Warriors series
Favorite song: 21 by Jenna Holiday, Bushes of Love (the bad lip reading of star wars…), and anything by fall out boy
Number of blankets you sleep with: one big ass comforter
Dream trip: mediterranean cruise!
Blog created: March 21st 2015 (although I didn’t start using it till like a year later 😅)
Number of followers: 1,374

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Name: Beth 

Nickname: Nas 

Gender: Female 

Star sign: Capricorn 

Height: 5′4" 

Sexuality: Straight…ish

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff 

Favorite animal: Horses (though they’re currently sharing the podium with Indian Runner Ducks) 

Average hours of sleep: 7

Current time: 1:45 PM 

Dog or cat person: Cat 

How many blankets do you sleep with: One big fat comforter 

Dream trip: The British Isles, through Europe, then overland to Kenya 

Dream career: Writer and gardener

When I made my blog: July 2015 

Followers: 104 Why I made a tumblr account: to interact with more folks from Ao3, and to more efficiently stalk my favorite blogs

Reason for url: I love flowers, including nasturtiums, and I also love Tolkien’s insistence on spelling it ‘nasturtians,’ and it was just the first thing that popped into my head

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  • name: Addie
  • nickname: Addison/Adele/Adeline (ppl like to give me a “real” name lol)
  • zodiac sign: leo
  • height: 5′6″
  • orientation: asexual
  • nationality: american hodgepodge
  • favourite fruit: oranges and cherries
  • favoutite dish : ugh, don’t make me choose! I love food so much
  • favourite flower: lilacs (they smell SO good)
  • favourite scent: rain
  • favourite animal: dogs! dogs! dogs!
  • coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea! i love hot chocolate too tho
  • average hours of sleep: HA
  • cat or dog: dog!
  • favourite fictional character: oh gosh… so many! but professor mcgonagall is the first that comes to mind
  • favourite film : jurassic park
  • number of blankets you sleep with: one big cozy one
  • dream trip: Italy!
  • blog created: last summer
  • number of followers: 823

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Monsta X Reacting to their baby taking its first steps.

》 FAQ // Masterlist 

Shownu - He’d have one of the rare days where his schedule was empty, and he’d stay home with his son. The two of them would be standing in the kitchen, Shownu filling his son’s cup with juice, and his son standing beside him, assisted by the counter. Shownu walked to the fridge to put the the bottle away, and turned around quickly when he heard his son’s loud squeals as his tiny feet hobbled over to him. They’d spend the rest of the day walking around the house, just so they could surprise mommy.

Wonho - Wonho would be so proud of his little girl for taking her first steps whilst playing outside. She’d seen her puppy running around the yard, she’d grabbed onto his hands, and let him guide her towards the puppy. He’d been getting ready for the day, knowing that she was getting older and it was bound to happen. So after he let go of her chubby little hands and watched her take one step before tumbling over in front of the dog, he’d know his baby was growing up.

Minhyuk - He hadn’t expected his son to start to walking. They had been at a photoshoot together, but they had gotten their pictures finished and Minhyuk needed to take a few with his wife. His son had been placed securely in his little bouncy chair, but come on, this is Minhyuk’s kid. He’d managed to pull the belts away in a loud ruckus that caught Minhyuk’s attention, who looked over to see his son climbing out of his chair and taking a couple steps towards him. He knew in that moment; he was in for the ride of his life

Kihyun - He was getting his daughter ready for bed when she decided to take her first steps. He’d gotten her dressed and tucked in bed before he went to grab her favorite book from downstairs, only to come back up and be greeted by her out of bed and holding onto the small bedpost. She’d see her book in his hand, and quickly let go of the post to walk the short distance to her father. She’d grab onto his leg, and look at him with a big smile, knowing she’d done something important. He’d copy her smile, and whisk her up in a small hug.

“Good job baby girl!”

Hyungwon - He’d been calmly playing with his son in the living room, toys strewn across the room, but out of all of the toys in the room his son wanted a toy bear across the room. So he’d use his dad to help him stand up, and take one big step before tripping over the long legs he’d inherited from his father. Hyungwon would jump up and wrap his son in a tight hug.

“You’re getting so big.” he’d mumble into his son’s head.

Jooheon - He was in the middle of playing Fifa on the couch, his daughter sitting in front of him coloring. She’d dropped one of her crayons on the floor, and watched as it rolled across the floor. Tugging at her father’s leg, gaining his attention for a split second, pointing to her pink crayon.

“One second baby. Appa needs to finish this match real quick.” he told her, before focusing back on the game. She didn’t like the fact that he’d said no to her, and stood up using the coffee table, guiding herself along it until she reached the end. Jooheon tuned to look at her for a second, catching her first few steps after she go of the table before she fell forward. He dropped his controller, picking her up and cooing into her with his aegyo voice.

I.M - He’d be so happy when his daughter took her first steps to him. They had been in the living room, his back against the couch and she was standing at the coffee table. He cooed at her to come to him, expecting her to crawl, but was shocked when she’d taken three big steps to reach him. He’d give her a smile, but would be a little upset because his little girl wasn’t going to be so little anymore.

- Admin H