one batman to rule them all

a short list of uncommon settings i want to run/play a tabletop rpg session in
  • sci-fi, but like, spoof. galaxy quest meets hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy meets the most camp monsters from 1970s doctor who. there are multiple star trek references
  • faction paradox-style intersection of black magic, post-apo, period drama and space opera. actually i’m already writing this one so
  • gravity falls. (that’s written too)
  • night vale. roll to seduce a scientist. eat wheat to transform into a powerful eldritch being and fight a deer. summon a puppy
  • noir/neo noir detective story. on a serious note or a parody.
  • something 100% surreal. what are genres. what are rules. i mean there are rules to combat/magic etc but the world looks like one of these cartoons in the intro credits to a monty python film and it goes borrowing from wildly unrelated franchises like frickin lego batman movie
  • survival horror with all the horror tropes. all of them

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If u are a ship hater...I'm with u XD Tho not all the ships

hey I’m all for canon ships

but now that I think about it, I think I do have one exception to my rule. Batman Beyond.

I think Terry and Max would have been a much better couple than Terry and Dana.

these two just had a lot more chemistry with each other. she knows his secret, she helps him when he’s on missions. whereas his actual girlfriend knows nothing and always gets mad at him when he is tired and misses dates 

there, now you all know my one non-canon ship XD but again, that’s if they had to be a couple, I’m fine with them being friends

Hidden Rooms

So I’ve come up with two new story arch ideas and have thoughts on where to lead them next. Both are Jughead x Reader one’s but I don’t know which one you guys will like better. This is the more lighthearted one. Any feedback would be appreciated and I see this story going about 5 parts if it’s read enough. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it.

Jughead x Reader

Word Count: 2,586


Taglist: @sgarrett49

She was a mystery to me. I was trying to figure her out. Y/N Y/L/N had arrived to Riverdale only a few weeks before Jason Blossoms murder, and from what I could tell so far - she made an effort to stay hidden from almost everyone at the school. I didn’t see her at the mandatory “spirit” inclined pep rallies, lunch, or any sports event and she made a very clear attempt to be avoided in the hallways. Something I could relate to in that manner.

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another reason i think cass would make a good batman: batman’s relationship to the rogues gallery is so, so important and pretty fundamental to the character. not just in the sense that most of them are obsessed with batman or that they want to kill him all the time but also in the sense that batman is fundamentally compassionate. his no killing rule exists not only to stop himself from spiraling down a dark, self-destructive path but also because one of his core values is that if you can try and help someone you should and that people deserve second chances. sound familiar? cass was brought up to be a weapon, a killer and yet she made herself a hero: that second chance was arguably the most important thing that happened to her. even as batgirl/black bat/orphan she was trying to rehabilitate villains and ex-villains. cass is so perfect for batman.

Batman headcanon that one time Impulse was speeding around being his usual self and one annoyed concerned citizen asked him where his parents were. Now Bart is from the future so he doesn’t really have an answer, so he goes with the next best response which is to point over at Superboy and Robin who are bickering over something. And so Tim and Conner became the mom and dad of Young Justice.

Though he denies it, Conner is the mom, fun and kooky and willing to play with the others but also more emotionally available and sweet. Tim is the dad, stern and likes to play by the rules, but a good teacher and no one can resist his disappointed face (honed, of course, by the ultimate dad, Batman). Bart thinks it’s funny and continues to refer to them as Mom and Dad to the utter confusion of everyone. But to the reluctant parents’ chagrin, the nickname spreads.

Soon all of Young Justice is calling them Mom and Dad. Anyone who gets in trouble is told to ‘go see your Father’ and make the walk of shame over to Robin with their head hung. The girls teasingly ask Kon how he’s able to balance being a mother and a hero which Conner used to get furious over but he’s now resigned to his fate. Tim has lost count of the times someone has handed him a phone with a pleading look, he’ll pinch between his eyes but take the call and introduce himself as so and so’s father. The tradition continues into the Teen Titans and by this point, Tim and Kon are used to and just routinely answer to Mom and Dad while Starfire, Cyborg and Gar shrug their shoulders. They get it in a way, Donna and Dick were like their parents in a way.

So it’s not unusual to walk in the kitchen in the morning to see Tim reading the paper or doing work. Kon has 3 boxes of cereal set out and was kind enough to remember to get out enough bowls and spoons for everyone. The Titans are shouting and causing a ruckus, Kon yells at them to stop wasting all the milk. Tim keeps working but announces that he needs to head back to Gotham today so Mom and Auntie Starfire are on their own to watch the children. They kiss their dad goodbye and wave as he teleports back to Gotham. He makes his way to Bruce’s study and wearily sits in the chair beside his mentor who is also nursing a headache over a child or three. They sit in companionable silence as only someone who is the guardian of a bunch of rambunctious and lovable kids can be.

JayTim Week 2017 Reminder

Hey RedHeads!

We’re about 2 months out from our posting dates. Hope everyone is having fun with the prompts! <333

Casual reminder that these are of course, guidelines, and if you have a burning desire to write or draw something else that vaguely, possibly, maybe resembles a summer theme (like if you turn your head sideways and squint), we’ll still blog it ‘cause we’re chill like that; we just want you lovelies to have fun!

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One again the prompts are:

JayTim Week :: Summer Edition :: July 24 - 30, 2017

Day 1:  Heatwave // Carnival

Day 2:  Sunburn // Summer Job

Day 3:  Popsicles // Campfire

Day 4:  Beach // Car Wash

Day 5:  Road Trip // Island Vacation

Day 6:  Lifeguard // Water Guns

Day 7:  Gotham Tourist Season //  Fireworks

Similar to the most recent event week, we have assigned two prompts for each day – feel free to choose one or incorporate both into your creative works.

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Pick Your Top Ten Ships WITHOUT Looking At The Questions...

1. Batjokes (Batman and The Joker, DC Universe)
2. Spideypool (Spiderman and Deadpool, Marvel Universe)
3. Superbat (Superman and Batman, DC Universe)
4. Pricefield (Chloe Price and Max Caulfield, Life Is Strange)
5. Ereri/Riren (Eren Jaeger and Levi Ackerman, Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack On Titan)
6. SaFe (Sam and Rafe, Uncharted)
7. Roadrat (Roadhog and Junkrat, Overwatch)
8. Desus (Daryl and Jesus, The Walking Dead)
9. Lawlight (L and Light, Death Note)
10. GatBoss (Fem!Boss and Johnny Gat, Saints Row)

1. Do you remember the scene/episode/chapter where you first started shipping 6?
A. One quote.. “I’ve been looking for Avery’s treasure nonstop for fifteen years. And guess what? Sam did it all with me.”

2. Have you ever read a fanfiction about 2?
A. Bitch Spideypool is the ship I’ve read the most fanfiction about. EVER.

3. Has a picture of 4 ever been your screensaver / profile picture/ tumblr avatar?
A. Well, right now my phone background is Max, and so is my tumblr avatar. So, yeah, half way there?? 😂

4. If 7 were to suddenly break up today, what would your reaction be?
A. Nope. They can’t break up. They work together. They’re sweethearts. Jamie would be lost without Mako. Nonono.

5. Why is 1 so important?
A. 1) The Lego Batman Movie.
2) The Killing Joke.
3) Bruce is the help Jack needs. Okay. I ship it. And J is sick. And Bruce will look after him because he’s such a good man. He will help jack through the bad times, the good times, and all the times ahead. I have so many head canons for them with Amber it’s unreal.

6. Is 9 a funny ship or a serious ship?
A. To me, they’re p serious. But it all depends on if you ship them or not, really. :’)

7. Out of all your ships listed, which one has the most chemistry?
A. Definitely Spideypool. The constant bickering that leads to so much sexual tension is A*++ content. They say opposite attract, right?

8. Out of all your ships listed, which one has the strongest bond?
A. I’d say Pricefield. They’ve been through so mich together. Hell, they’ve been through about twenty different time lines together. (Maybe an exaggeration) but Max is the shoulder Chloe doesn’t admit that she needs to lean on. She needs Max, and Max helped her find Rachel.

9. How many times have you read/watched 10’s fandom?
A. Played. Saints Row is my favourite game series of all time, and i’ve played those games so many times over I can’t count anymore.

10. Which ship has lasted the longest?
A. As in, which one I’ve shipped the longest? Either Lawlight or GatBoss. (9/10)

11. How many times, if ever, have 6 broken up?
A. They fight a lot okay but their sweethearts for each other.

12. If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would make it out alive.. 2 or 8?
A. Well, for Spideypool - Peter has Wade. Wade is immortal and can’t die, in which, can protect his Petey. Plus, Petey has awesome spider superpowers.
For Desus - they’re already LITERALLY in a zombie apocalypse and they’re both still alive. So.. Break even?

13. Did 7 ever have to hide their relationship for any reason?
A. Maybe because of their age difference, and that Mako works for Jamie??

14. Is 4 still together?
A. Depending on the ending you get.. Which, according to mine.. Yes! Bae over Bay.

15. Is 10 canon?
A. Hell yeah. One of my rare ships that is!!

16. If all ten ships were put into a couples hunger games, which one would win?
A. Spideypool. Wade can’t die. Not even Light’s Death Note can do that shit. P sure he has a lotta Kryptonite on him, too.

17. Has anyone ever tried to sabotage 5’s ship?

18. Which ship would you defend until death and beyond?
A. Batjokes. Batjokes all the way.

19. Do you spend hours a day going through 3’s Tumblr page?
A. HELL YEAH I DO. Superbat 💛

20. If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you you had to pick one of the ten ships to break up forever or else she’d break them all up forever, which ship would you sink?
A. I’d like to argue that there’s enough people on my ship list that would absolutely anileiate her. And you can’t say I’m breaking rules because Wade Wilson doesn’t follow any damn rules. Neither does Bruce Wayne. But.. I guess.. It would have to be Lawlight. Because man they both eventually die anyway. *SPOILERS* lmao.

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It's odd to think of Bruce naturally being Damian's most important relationship if you've read all the pre 52 stuff. I remember Bruce trying to be a a good dad to Damian at first. But then he just got scared/impatient over Damian's progress and just let him stay in the same Assassin world that abused him for what, 2 years? Bruce then "died" and Dick took Damian under his care even though neither liked each other. From there Dick protected and cared Damian in a way no one ever had. Not even-

2 Bruce. Dick gave Damian respect and the Robin mantle because he knew Damian needed it. None of this went unnoticed by Damian. Damian was willing to die for Dick w/o any hesitation and got very protective over him. Instead of jumping for joy at the chance of Bruce coming back, Damian got scared he’d lose Dick. By the time Bruce came back Damian, who gave up everything to be Robin, was willing to lose Robin if it meant he had to partner up with Bruce instead of Dick. I imagine it didn’t help-

3 when that Bruce clone had encountered Damian earlier had confirmed Bruce considered Damian’s entire existence his greatest mistake. I think even now deep down, Dick is the one person Damian trusts most to love him. It still feels like Damian has a need to prove himself to Bruce. I don’t mean cast Bruce’s influence in a negative light. But usually his flaws as a dad are brushed away by Tomasi’s work or he’s too inconsistent to be a good dad in other stuff. Dick is Damian’s most consistent bond.

Yep, in pre-n52 Bruce was a total disaster. I find it funny because if I think now about Batman and Son where Damian was introduced I’m all like “nope, not my Damian, not my Bruce, totally not canon”. Dick was already a better mentor for Damian in The Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul even with him saying that he didn’t like the kid at all - and that’s saying something.

Anyway I think one of the fundamental differences between Dick&Damian’s dynamic and Bruce&Damian’s one is that while with Bruce it’s always been “my cave, my rules”, Dick and Damian both start anew and they have to learn together how to be Batman&Robin. Because yeah, Damian never had a Batman before, but Dick also never had a Robin, so it’s interesting to see them trying to understand how to make it work. To me it’s inevitable for their bond to be a lot more solid, because it’s not based on an archaic concept of blood and heritage, but on basic trust and acceptance and love, all of which has to be both given and earned.

I still love Tomasi work because despite not liking the premises a lot of his writing has really resounded with me, but yeah, in the end it’s not the same thing.

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scholsen for the ship ask!!

Thank you!!!!

Gives nose/forehead kisses: James because his boyfriend is so small and cute that whenever he stares down at him he can’t help but kiss his forehead and plus Winn can’t reach James’ forehead most of the time.

Gets jealous the most: Winn, he has quite a few insecurities and just thinks that James is way too cool for him and that pretty much everyone’s a better candidate to date James than he is but James constantly reminds him that he’s the only guy for him and he’s an amazing bf.

Takes care of on sick days: Winn does because James is way too much of a hard worker and would probably go into a business meeting straight after getting shot. He makes a whole lot of soup.

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day: Winn because he used be in the swim team at high school and highly believes that swimming is the only sport he can beat James at. That and he also just wants to mess around in the water and make James carry him on his shoulders to see how deep they can go.

Brings the other lunch at work: Winn brings James Donuts and coffee and kind of gets caught up in such long conversations that either Alex has to drag him back or the security tries and stops him going in in the first place.

Tries to start role-playing in bed: Winn tries it but is really unsuccessful and kind of fucks it up in so many ways that James just ends up being naked and afraid.

Embarrassingly drunk dancer: Winn (based on all my knowledge of how well Jeremy can dance irl)

Firmly believes in couples costumes: Winn is pretty much the inventor of couple costumes, he makes them to the height of accuracy. One year they dressed up as batman and superman and James invited Clark along so he ended up seeing Winn in his superman suit and complimented it obviously causing Winn to scream internally for like a day. And causing James to just laugh his ass off.

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas: James does. He normally spends hours searching in store and online for some limited edition comic book just so he can see Winn’s face light up when he opens it.

Makes the other eat breakfast: James because boy is Winn’s diet unhealthy and has way too little structure.

Remembers anniversaries: I think they both do and probably go way over the top as to what they are doing. I think they try and beat the other superfriends couples and make their anniversary as unique as possible. Like you’ll suddenly see a photo on Instagram of James and Winn skydiving after a conversation that goes along the lines of “I want to do something adventurous for our anniversary. Like skydiving.” “James no” “please.” “God damn it babe how do you manage to convince me every time.”

Brings up having kids first: James does. Winn for obvious reasons really thinks he can’t be a good dad and thinks that he’ll some how mess up like his father did. James tries to convince him that he is a wonderful man and that he isn’t going to be like his dad because he is unique and kind and caring and that he is so good to him that he would be so good with kids too. James is the only one ever able to convince him that he’d be a good dad.

Kills the bugs: James well Winn doesn’t let him kill them because this is a strict no killing zone even for disgusting bugs.

First to define them as a couple: James again and Winn turns super red and starts stuttering a little because he can’t believe that he’s dating James Olsen. The confirmation really hits him hard and makes it so real that he ends up smiling like crazy.

Snorts while laughing: Winn and it is the cutest snort known to man so James constantly tries to make him laugh just to hear it. And in all honesty it isn’t that hard for James to make Winn laugh.

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The biggest downfall for any of Batman's foes fighting against any of Batman's protégés is that they automatically think they're fighting against a inferior version of Batman. Reality strikes when they realize each one plays by their own rules and aren't so predictable (or alone). Batman did take them all in so they wouldn't end up just like him. When are people going to get the memo?

Bruce is such a blessed contradiction, like any parent, he proud when his children grow and develop into their own person but at the same time deeply annoyed that they don’t follow things exactly his way.

Bruce himself sometimes underestimates his partners’ skills just because they’re different from his way of thinking (a touch of arrogance in that ‘if I didn’t think of it, it’s not the proper way’). I think the fact that Batman is occasionally dismissive of his partners and the fact that despite being labeled ‘partners’ he is clearly the dominating force in the relationship (like 80% to 20% input) makes it easy for villains to sort of write off the sidekick. It’s only when they see them alone do they realize that they’ve not only learned extensively from Batman but grew beyond him as well. Bruce does understand this but you know how white middle aged men dads can be sometimes. Over and underestimating you in a single breath which in turn affects how others view you. It’s an advantage in a lot of ways, insulting even more until at the kid is able to build their own rep

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If all of bruce's kids got de-aged to tiny babbies he would bundle them all up like fruit bat pups and try to bottle feed them sugar water. Honestly he might do that to them when they're older too. Like Dick gets injured and blacks out and when he wakes up he's swaddled and like "bruce what the hell for the last time i'm not a bat pup"

number one rule of being batman is that you can’t show love and affection for people when they’re lucid enough to remember it. all of those times dick remembers waking up with a blanket wrapped around him, and he assumed it was alfred? incorrect. you’ve been had, grayson

The whole Batfamily loves comic con. It’s the best time of the year for them and Bruce takes everyone every year.

They love it because there are so many Batfam cosplayers and they get the biggest kick out of seeing everyone having so much fun. Plus, most of them are total nerds themselves and love getting to go to all the panels.

Every year they have a contest to see which member of the Batfam is cosplayed most. They used to just tally up everyone they saw but after Jason got caught cheating they changed the rules. Now they’re required to present pictures of each cosplayer as proof.

Batman is usually the winner, with Robin as a close second (no one can ever tell ‘which’ Robin anyone is cosplaying so those votes usually go to Damian), and Nightwing coming up in third. But this year, Batgirl turns out to be the winner. There are so many girls cosplaying her it’s crazy. Babs even found a few guys dressed in the Batgirl suit.

They also all cosplay. It’s tradition that everyone has to make his or her own outfit. Alfred started this tradition after refusing to create new one time costumes for everyone just for comic con. This starts another mini competition between all the fam to see who makes the best costume.

They really like to do group costumes, because there are so many of them and they can cosplay large groups easily. They’ve been as the Rouges Gallery, The Justice League (with the rule that Bruce had to pick someone other than Batman) and themselves. When they cosplayed the Batfamily everyone was required to be someone other than themselves.

Some other random Batfam comic con facts include:

Tim nerding out over EVERYTHING. He’s literally a kid in a candy store. He stops at every tech display in the whole place, buys way too much merch, and can usually be seen with some kind of video game themed coffee drink. Tim asking the hard questions at the panels, as well as the ‘but what if someone were to say buy the rights to Firefly…’ kinds of questions

Damian and Dick dragging each other to everything they think is cool, Damian insisting that Dick buy him this great looking tabletop game, Dick insisting Damian try on this hat, Damian really really wanting all the weapons (I don’t care if it’s not real, it would look amazing on my wall Grayson) them trying to find the most embarrassing fan art of the other one (Damian always wins this one), basically Dick and Dami enjoying comic con

Jason finding every Deadpool cosplayer and posing and joking with them. Jason selfie-ing with every grim reaper cosplayer. Jason walking around with a sign that says “But Did You Die?” Jason high fiving every little kid who cosplays either him, Robin, or Arsenal. Jason literally standing up for any of his family members when they get shoved a little too hard or someone tries to cut in line. Jason staying by Cass’s side the whole time because she’s having fun, but a little uncomfortable with the crowds.

Steph and Babs buying all the plush dolls they can. Dick asking only once if maybe they’ve bought enough, and is then handed them all after Babs tells him that they can never have too many, not when he’s helping carry them. Them also always winning the cosplay contests because they’ve got mad sewing skills and are super cute.

Steph and Babs going to every panel, and all the late night events while dragging Tim, Dick, and Jason with them. (Dami and Duke choose to sit a lot of these out and go to game testing or movie showings instead)

Bruce just enjoying himself for once? He buys everyone something, whether they ask for it or not. If they take interest in it he buys it. Bruce also on the lookout for promising new creative types to help fund. This author was super nice, and Damian seemed to like him so sure I’ll buy all your books and give you an endorsement, this is Comic Con where anything is possible.

Bruce also just watching his kids be, kids? And has all these proud dad moments, especially when he sees Damian hitting it off with another kid close to his age, and Dick chatting happily with a Nightwing cosplayer, Jason’s smile is all Bruce could ask for out of the weekend, and the girls enjoying themselves? All wins in his book.

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I know you are like 99% in the cloud territory but I was just wondering if you knew of any good comics that had a little bit of superbat? Or just good batman and superman friendship moments

Sure! Bruce is pretty much the only other person I really ship with Clark so…

  • Superman/Batman (entire series, very long, lots of moments) - an entire series devoted to their partnership
  • Batman/Superman (entirely different series in new 52, very long, lots of moments) - another series devoted to their partnership
  • Dark Knight Over Metropolis - one of the earliest post-crisis Superman/Batman team-ups
  • Emperor Joker - The Joker takes over all of reality and it’s up to Superman to stop him, but not without Batman’s help
  • Man of Steel vol 1 - has their first meeting
  • Action Comics 719 - Superman and Batman have their no-killing rule tested by the Joker.
  • Superman: Critical Condition - bruce and clark try to find a kidnapped lois lane
  • Superman #168, Detective Comics #756 - Lois and Bruce (my brotp) team up to steal president Lex Luthor’s kryptonite ring in an attempt to protect Clark, all while Clark tries to stop them
  • Action Comics 784 - Bruce and Clark team up against a jokerized Kyle Rayner
  • Superman: Grounded - has some nice moments between them, but it’s not superbat heavy.
  • Smallville: Detective - au that follows the smallville continuity, so unless you watched that show, you might want to skip this one, otherwise very good

There are a ton more that aren’t really coming to mind this late at night for me, but this is a start! As always, check out the comprehensive list for issue numbers and other info. 

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Now I’m thinking about the batkids playing Pokemon Go.

- Tim is the first one to get it, because he’s a true 90s kid and he Remembers. He’s been waiting for it since the day it was announced. He may or may not have been the first person to download it

- Damian is the second one to get into it, because 1: interesting creatures, everywhere. And 2: he now has a reason to walk away while people are talking to him because “there’s a Pidgey over there, and it’s more interesting than you are.”

- Bruce banning phones during patrol. Period.

- Nobody listening to that rule. Period.

- Batkids using their parkour and infiltration abilities to track down rare Pokemon spawn locations that nobody else can get to.

- Jason naming all of his Pokemon. Every. Single. One.

- He names all of his Kakunas Tim.

- There are hundreds of Zubats and Golbats named Batman, Bruce, and a variety of other bat themed names.

- Dick has more Pikachus than any one person has a right to. He has so many. Nobody knows how he got them. So. Much. Pikachu.

- There’s a gym in the Wayne office building. Tim owns it. No one threatens his standing without consequences.

- His siblings often drop by and attempt to steal it from him.

- He almost cried when Stephanie took over and armed it with a CP 10 Rattata

- Cassandra filled the entire Pokedex. She has all of the Rare Pokemon. Their CP is so high. She won’t tell anyone her secret.

- Barbara’s apartment has a Pokestop. This leads to many unannounced visitors. Dick practically lives there.

- Every time Stephanie evolves an Eevee, it’s a Flareon. Every. Single. Time.

Wacky head cannon : take two

The Juvenile Wing at Arkham is one of the worst wings to work on. It’s beaten only by High Security mainly because they have the Joker.

That was until Jason Todd was incarcerated there.
Overnight nurses on juvie found if they so much as mentioned the Red Hood being downstairs the kids, went to bed, ate their food and generally behaved themselves.

Eventually, news of this reached Jason. The next day he was escorted into the wing where he pinned a list of rules on the notice board. Turning he informed the shell shocked teenagers that they were to follow the rules or he would be ‘very disappointed’ in them.
Whilst leaving he pondered when exactly he’d turned into Alfred?

From then on the Juvenile Wing went from one of the worst to one of the best wings to work on and shifts there were a blessed relief.

All of the teenage delinquents got A’s in English that term. The nurses bragged about this in the staff room. When asked what book the paper was on they said it was ‘Pride and Prejudice’
The nurses from high security openly wept.

Batman was informed about the progress the kids were making. He never made the connection.

*might add this into a fic I’m writing but not sure*

The thing I love the most about Arkham Knight is how much insight the game gives into Bruce’s psyche and how the gameplay really gives you the opportunity to “Be the Batman” because of this. It’s not the Batmobile or the gadgets or the missions that give you this opportunity, but Bruce’s own vulnerability. 

It’s easy to button mash to fight thugs all night long and strategically fight your way through boss battles. I mean, you’re playing as Batman. Tough, resilient, resourceful Batman. There’s nothing unusual about any of that. You don’t even think twice about doing any of it. What makes Arkham Knight so amazing, and what makes Scarecrow being the main antagonist such a perfect decision, is how you get to see Bruce’s worst fears come to life. His guilt, his demons, his regrets. It makes every mission more intriguing, every decision more dire, every word spoken by Joker or Scarecrow much more meaningful, and you begin to feel more than you usually would while playing. You anticipate the outcomes more, you begin to fear what’s in store for him more – you can almost feel Bruce’s dread.

Scenes like Barbara getting shot by the Joker or Jason being tortured, you’re forced to watch, to stand by and do nothing. You feel completely helpless, and that’s exactly how Bruce felt. When he found out about Joker paralyzing Barbara, when he watched the video of Joker “killing” Jason, Batman felt helpless. You immediately want to help them, expect Batman to save the day, but you’re forced to look on, unable to do anything. Much like Bruce. 

There are scenes where you have to do questionable things – kill, even – and break Batman’s one rule, go against Bruce’s morality. Scenes where you have to indulge in his worst fear, finally giving into all his rage and becoming no better than those he aims to stop, and when you play them, you can’t help but feel guilty. You don’t want to kill, for Batman’s sake. For the sake of all that he means, all that this means to him, all of his struggles, you feel reluctant. It’s through this reluctance that you, as a player, are pretty much an extension of Batman himself. 

I don’t know about any of you, but I honestly think this makes Arkham Knight such an incredible conclusion to the trilogy.

You ever wonder why recent DC comics lack good character growth for your fav?

Basically, DC writers, editors, creative teams and bosses are all just a bunch of Batman fanboys. So good luck if your favorite character is anyone else, and especially if your fave is someone who might actually be a threat to Batman’s “COOL” stature, such as Red Hood and Deathstroke. I can guarantee they will have their asses handed to them by all the other characters (especially other batman characters) in a story whenever they are not being written by their own comic book writer. 

Don’t believe me? Think about this; why else does Batman in BvS now kill people? Isn’t that like his golden rule that he would never break, no matter if a serial killer paralyzed his friend and killed another? Isn’t that what made Batman considered a HERO because he never crossed the line into anti-hero? Isn’t that the one thing that made Jason such a cool character among the Batfamily but also made him the outcast among them? Isn’t that also why he is rapidly growing in popularity, because fans really like that idea? Precisely. The Batman fanboys that run DC can’t have their fave’s coolness be threatened by any other character. Ever. And no, this isn’t a conspiracy theory. It was just a theory, until BvS came out and confirmed everything I suspected. If that’s still not enough proof, check out CW’s Arrow. A show that really should just be called “Batman” because every character in it is just a carbon copy of the batfamily. So if you are actually a fan of Green Arrow, Speedy, Red Arrow, Felicity Smoke, and Black Canary, and their entire line of villain’s, then you are out of luck.

 Sorry Slade. Sorry Jason. Sorry every other character in DC, and fans of those character’s that want their fav to have good character development. DC can’t take that risk.