one batman to rule them all

Batman headcanon that one time Impulse was speeding around being his usual self and one annoyed concerned citizen asked him where his parents were. Now Bart is from the future so he doesn’t really have an answer, so he goes with the next best response which is to point over at Superboy and Robin who are bickering over something. And so Tim and Conner became the mom and dad of Young Justice.

Though he denies it, Conner is the mom, fun and kooky and willing to play with the others but also more emotionally available and sweet. Tim is the dad, stern and likes to play by the rules, but a good teacher and no one can resist his disappointed face (honed, of course, by the ultimate dad, Batman). Bart thinks it’s funny and continues to refer to them as Mom and Dad to the utter confusion of everyone. But to the reluctant parents’ chagrin, the nickname spreads.

Soon all of Young Justice is calling them Mom and Dad. Anyone who gets in trouble is told to ‘go see your Father’ and make the walk of shame over to Robin with their head hung. The girls teasingly ask Kon how he’s able to balance being a mother and a hero which Conner used to get furious over but he’s now resigned to his fate. Tim has lost count of the times someone has handed him a phone with a pleading look, he’ll pinch between his eyes but take the call and introduce himself as so and so’s father. The tradition continues into the Teen Titans and by this point, Tim and Kon are used to and just routinely answer to Mom and Dad while Starfire, Cyborg and Gar shrug their shoulders. They get it in a way, Donna and Dick were like their parents in a way.

So it’s not unusual to walk in the kitchen in the morning to see Tim reading the paper or doing work. Kon has 3 boxes of cereal set out and was kind enough to remember to get out enough bowls and spoons for everyone. The Titans are shouting and causing a ruckus, Kon yells at them to stop wasting all the milk. Tim keeps working but announces that he needs to head back to Gotham today so Mom and Auntie Starfire are on their own to watch the children. They kiss their dad goodbye and wave as he teleports back to Gotham. He makes his way to Bruce’s study and wearily sits in the chair beside his mentor who is also nursing a headache over a child or three. They sit in companionable silence as only someone who is the guardian of a bunch of rambunctious and lovable kids can be.

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Name: just forget it  😅
Nickname: gaith
Zodiac sighn: Sagittarius ♐
Hight: 161cm
Ethnicity: Arabian,Algerian ❤
Favorite Fruit: peach
Favorite season: winter☔❄
Favorite book: many books..I like the style of Hassan Alwan  📒📓📚
Favorite flower: blue rose
Favorite scent: the smell of rain🌧⛆
Favorite colour: blue💙
Favorite animal: all of them especially Cats 😻
Favorite Beverage: Cappuccino☕
Average sleep hours: 6 hours⛼
Favorite fictional character: batman
Number of blankets you sleep with: One

Dream trip: all over the world..India..Russia..Brazil..Aouth Africa..Canada…..🌍
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1. Coke or pepsi: When I  drink soda, it’s usually only root beer or sprite+lemonade
2. Disney or dreamworks: well Dreamworks did HTTYD so yeah them
3. Coffee or tea: tea!
4. Books or Movies: Books are more portable :)
5. Windows or Mac: Windows.
6. DC or Marvel: Proooobably DC..? They’ve got Batman! - same!
7. Xbox or Playstation:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   same XD I’ve never had either
8. Dragon age or mass effect: Dragon Age!
9. Night owl or early riser: wannabee early riser (but a failed one)
10. Cards or chess: good question
11. Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate!
12. Vans or converse:neither
13. Lavallan, Trevlyan, Cadash, or Adaar: I have no idea.  If it’s dragon age stuff, I’ve only played DAO
14. Fluff or angst: angst dangit. but an easygoing angst? 
15. Beach or forest: I love forests<3
16. Dogs or cats: Yes.
17. Clear skies or rain: Both!
18. Cooking or eating out: depends
19. Spicy food or mild food: spicy
20. Halloween/Samhain or Solstice/Yule/Christmas: Halloween is less stressful
21. Would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: a little too hot
22. If you could have a superpower, what would it be: to stop time
23. Animation or live action: Probably animation.
24. Paragon or renegade: ?
25. Baths or showers: Showers.
26. Team Cap or Team Ironman: Probably Cap.
27. Fantasy or sci-fi: Both, more heavily on the fantasy side tough
28. Do you have three or four favorite quotes, if so what are they: Yes,but of course I can’t remember them right now.
29. Youtube or Netflix: neutral
30. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson: Harry Potter
31. When you feel accomplished: When I create something beautiful
32. Star Wars or Star Trek: Star Wars I am more familiar with than Star Trek
33. Paperback books or hardback books: hardback!
34. Horror or rom-com: yeah they’re both usually pretty dumb
35. To live in a world without literature or music: empty
36. Pastel colors or dark colors: Dark
37. Tv shows or movies: Either.
38. City or countryside: Countryside.
39. If any other zodiac sign could describe you, what would it be: I have no idea.
40. If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be: Two Steps From Hell, idk the albums by name
41. Cinema or theatre: I haven’t seen any very good live theatres so I’m tempted to say cinema
42. If you could be any fictional character’s best friend, who’d you be: Toothless!
43. Smiling or smirking: Smiles are pure and sincere, but I smirk a lot because I tease people or make bad puns way too much
44. Do you collect anything: favorite books and movies, childhood beanie babies, labradorite stones
45: What is something you always forget exists until you see it and are surprised? love
46: The arts or sports? both??!
47: Eakspa igpa atinla? is this pig latin? no
48. Worst movie or tv show you’ve ever seen: Eragon, and The Lovely Bones was an awful movie too
49. If you could play any instrument, what would it be and why? I love thhe way Cello sounds!
50. Your top priority bucket list activity: I don’t have one, tbh

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How to Train Your Dragon: Hiccup.  He is just incredibly sincere?  Should I ever have a son, I hope to raise one like him.
Teen Titans: Starfire.  She’s just so pure <3
Rise of the Guardians- I will say Jack but I love them all <3
My Little Pony: FiM: Princess Celestia.  I admire everything about her?  She’s gorgeous and such a great leader???
 Batman: Robin.  Every incarnation, I just love Robin.  He tries! so hard!
Cirque Du Freak: DARREN SHAN omgoooooosh although I love Harkat too.
Full Metal Alchemist: Alphonse.  He tries! so hard!
Sofia the First: Sofia, because she is the most positive and supportive person ever.
Justice League: Booster Gold.  LOVE THE UNDERDOG <3
X-Men: Kitty Pryde, because she is a total sweetheart!  Vulnerable and cheerful.

Bonus; I suppose I shouldn’t be, But I’m a little surprised that all of my favorite characters are optimists?!  And they are all very young?  Clearly, I need to develop a love for older, grimmer characters…
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RULES: tell us some one favorite characters from ten fictional works (shows, films, novels, etc.) & tag some people.
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( in no particular order )

  1. moana waialiki  ( disney’s moana )
  2. eugene fitzherbert / flynn rider  ( disney’s tangled )
  3. steven quartz universe  ( steven universe )
  4. avatar aang ( avatar: the last airbender )
  5. cristina yang ( grey’s anatomy )
  6. damian wayne / robin  ( dc comics’ batman )
  7. diana prince / wonder woman  (  dc comics’ wonder woman )
  8. kageyama “mob” shigeo ( mob psycho 100 )
  9. kamala khan / ms. marvel  ( marvel comics’ ms. marvel )
  10. tamaki suoh  ( ouran high school host club )
You ever wonder why recent DC comics lack good character growth for your fav?

Basically, DC writers, editors, creative teams and bosses are all just a bunch of Batman fanboys. So good luck if your favorite character is anyone else, and especially if your fave is someone who might actually be a threat to Batman’s “COOL” stature, such as Red Hood and Deathstroke. I can guarantee they will have their asses handed to them by all the other characters (especially other batman characters) in a story whenever they are not being written by their own comic book writer. 

Don’t believe me? Think about this; why else does Batman in BvS now kill people? Isn’t that like his golden rule that he would never break, no matter if a serial killer paralyzed his friend and killed another? Isn’t that what made Batman considered a HERO because he never crossed the line into anti-hero? Isn’t that the one thing that made Jason such a cool character among the Batfamily but also made him the outcast among them? Isn’t that also why he is rapidly growing in popularity, because fans really like that idea? Precisely. The Batman fanboys that run DC can’t have their fave’s coolness be threatened by any other character. Ever. And no, this isn’t a conspiracy theory. It was just a theory, until BvS came out and confirmed everything I suspected. If that’s still not enough proof, check out CW’s Arrow. A show that really should just be called “Batman” because every character in it is just a carbon copy of the batfamily. So if you are actually a fan of Green Arrow, Speedy, Red Arrow, Felicity Smoke, and Black Canary, and their entire line of villain’s, then you are out of luck.

 Sorry Slade. Sorry Jason. Sorry every other character in DC, and fans of those character’s that want their fav to have good character development. DC can’t take that risk.

i can’t understand the logic used by all the people who support gritty batman as the one true batman to Rule Them All and In The Darkness Bind Them™ when they go and accuse everyone else of “not understanding batman and the character’s true and complex multidimensionality”

like… craig. buddy. gritty is just one dimension. one. count it. half a dimension. where’s the repertoire of characterestics i’m not allowing you to show me