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Robert Doggart won’t face terrorism charges for plotting to burn down a NY mosque

  • Robert Doggart, 65, was arrested for plotting to attack and burn down a mosque, school and cafeteria in a predominant Muslim community in upstate New York in April 2015.
  • On Tuesday, less than one year since his arrest, the New York Daily News reported that Doggart won’t face terrorism charges for his plot. 
  • Doggart faces “one count of solicitation to commit arson, one count of solicitation to commit a civil rights violation and two counts of threat in interstate commerce.”
  • Why won’t he face terrorism charges? The United States does not have a federal statute on domestic terrorism. 
  • According to Rafia Zakaria, a human rights attorney, federal statutes on terrorism are — ironically — designed in language to deliberately criminalize foreign suspects.
  • The U.S. federal law statute on terrorism almost entirely targets individuals with foreign ties or alliances. Read more (2/14/17 3:27 PM)

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from a comrade

Worse than before square one: being arrested and demolished and persecuted in SILENCE: they’ve shut down live feeds (must be an illegal block) and are behaving in ways that keep the media from being able to cover what’s happening.
They warned that they would come on the 22nd and instead came today so there would be no media coverage. Please please post so it can reach the people it should.
This makes me sick to post this: The raid has begun at Standing Rock (per Sunny Savage who is there). There is apparently a standoff happening right now. Backwater bridge has been opened, and there are large numbers of police, DAPL security, and National Guard circling the water protectors. Raids and mass arrest are imminent. Apparently, Trump is behind this. Live feeds are blocked. Media are not there, except for TYT. If you copy and paste, more people will see than if you click “share.” Send love & support by reposting if you will.

There’s a difference between an event being intentionally designed to create or perpetuate a stunt (see: all things babygate) and an event being USED after the fact to do that. 

I don’t think we can say with any kind of certainty that this arrest means A, C or C about babygate or Elounor or even the “Just Hold On” video release. 

I just want us to be cognizant of the fact this will be USED by outlets and maybe even his team to spin some bullshit, but that doesn’t mean it was a set up to do that. 

That’s how I feel at 8:52 AM EST on Saturday, 4 March 2017 with the information I have at my disposal, which, admittedly, is not a lot. And I reserve the right to change that opinion if and when sufficient evidence moves me. 

But let’s not go off the rails with “what if” scenarios about babygate and long-term closets, etc. until we have more information.

Thank you.


You’d have to be an idiot not to see it.


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