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Request: Family day at the beach with Shawn and your child and him commenting on how hot you look : )

 a/n: im so sorry it took me a little while to write this!! But here ya go ! I hope you enjoy : )

            Visiting your family in southern California was always a blast.  Since marrying Shawn, you moved up to Canada with him, so you didn’t get to visit home as often as you wished you could.  But you loved Toronto, and you loved Shawn, so moving away from your childhood area wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought it would be.

           You still weren’t used to the winters up north though. Even when the temperatures dropped below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, you were bundled up in a sweater and a jacket, while Shawn and your son would be out in short sleeves complementing the nice weather.

            So visiting home was always nice because you were used to the weather.  The weather was always nice there in the summer, so it was perfect that you went to visit your parents Fourth of July weekend.  Every year your neighborhood held a beach party that lasted all day and night. It was something you looked forward to every year when you were a kid.  And since moving up to Canada, you always tried to schedule your visits around that time.  Most of the times it worked, but you weren’t able to make it the last two years.

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I just find it hilarious that all this time ARMYs have been the ones shaming exo-ls, calling us petty and obsessed over awards, telling us to stop “complaining abt criteria” and just accept that “everyone deserves their award!!11″ but as soon as they realize that when it REALLY matters aka Golden Disk Awards, they can’t beat EXO’s sales, suddenly there’s a whole damn petition going to the award show accusing them of being “unfair” and screaming at them “to not count chinese sales” What happened to those ARMYs sneering over exo-ls so called “white house petition” abd their “melon phone calls?”What happened to ARMYs acting all high and mighty and claiming that an award show has the right to choose their winner and criteria doesn’t matter, because EVERYONE is deserving. I guess that only applies when BTS is the winner and EXO’s chinese sales don’t count. My bad. 

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@ Army (not all of you but a lot of you)

Stop looking down on other groups to make your fave look better.
Stop downplaying the achievements of other groups to make your fave look better.
Stop downplaying the hard work of other groups to make your fave look better.
Stop disrespecting other groups to make your fave look better.
Stop disrespecting and looking down on senior groups who have paved a pathway for newer generation kpop groups to be able to become this international, and stop calling established groups irrelevant. 
Stop acting like your fave runs the world.
Stop acting arrogant because you think your fave runs the world.
Start to acknowledge the hard work of every single group out there because they work just as hard as everyone else and they deserve the same amount of love and respect regardless of how popular they are. It’s really not a hard concept to understand.


“In the 21st century, people awoke from the American dream. Years of consumption lead to shortages of every major resource. The entire world unraveled. Peace became a distant memory. It is now the year 2077. We stand on the brink of total war, and I am afraid. For myself, for my wife, for my infant son - because if my time in the army taught me one thing: it’s that war, war never changes.”


THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. AU || Regency Spies

→ Illya Kuryakin is sent by Russia to intercept one of Napoleon Bonaparte’s number one agents. Things go awry when he runs into Gaby Teller, a British spy, sent to accomplish the same mission. They get in each other’s way and their mission fails. Upon their return to England, their employers tell them to work together. They are sent to where the spy is thought to appear next under the guise of a married couple. Not long after Illya and Gaby start their mission together, they run into Napoleon Solo, a flirtatious American mercenary hired to kill the man they are looking for. Illya doesn’t like the amount of attention that Solo gives Gaby, but when Napoleon (Solo) rescues them from getting their cover blown, they have no choice but to work with him. With the help of Solo, Illya and Gaby race to catch Bonaparte’s agent before they are caught themselves. 

Life Saver

Description: Bucky saves you from embarrassment by making sure no one sees your period stain.

A/n: I’m so sorry I’m so slow with requests and everything :( my writing bursts come and go but I’ll get round to them I promise!

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You, Sam, Steve and Bucky were having dinner together at one of your favourite restaurants. It gave off a certain cosy feeling and the food was always incredible. Bucky sat besides you, Sam and Steve sat opposite.

You found yourself laughing freely, comfortably full from the food and your brain slightly fuzzy from your drink. Sam was telling you one of the happier stories from his time in the army. You loved it when your friends would tell you stories and they had so many of them. Your favourites were definitely Bucky’s though.

The way his eyes lit up when he remembered a memory from when he and Steve were kids, his plump lips turning up into that smile that made you light headed, the way he looked at you as you listened. All of that combined with the sound of his laughter made your stomach flutter with butterflies. 

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