one armed wonder

Sour Girl

 Warning: Smut, DD/LG Kink, Daddy kink, Age Gap, Spankings, Language, A Little Bit of Clark Kent ;), Slight Angst, (OC is not under-aged, she’s 23)

Summary: “Little girls get spankings..”

Author’s Note: I combined two request together; hope you enjoy :) 

Request(s): 1. “Hii, i was watching married with children and there’s a scene when somebody ask to the girl “is he your daddy?” And she asked “Oh no, he’s my father” it was so funny, can you do something like that with Bruce idk but in the other way, like “is he your father” “oh no, he’s my daddy” and Bruce reacting I bet will be funny, I hope is not too kinky lmao, sorry for my English btw”

2. “Can you please make some smut of Bruce being mad cuz the oc is way too young and she made fun of him acting like a brat or childlike and he’s going all “oh you wanna act like a little girl? Well, little girls get spanking.” also height difference cuz Ben Affleck is fucking 6′4 asdghk”

I watched as the small minx pranced around the kitchen in nothing but a pale pink, silk baby doll top and matching ruffled shorts. I had a business party to go to, and she was busying spilling pink lemonade all over the marble island. I was having second thoughts about bringing her along. I knew how people gave us dirty looks at these type of events, not only because of the scandalous dresses that clung to her tight body but the fact that I was above 35 years old and she was in her early twenties. It was fairly hard to keep up with her, the messes, uncontrollable hormones and high sex drive. But I wasn’t complaining, I couldn’t.

“Y/N, go upstairs and get dress. We don’t have time.” I walked over cleaning the sticky, sugary liquid off of the counter.   

“No..I don’t wanna.” She pouted, poking her bottom lip out more than usual. 

I turned, squinting my eyes at the hardheaded young woman in front of me. I hovered over her as a smug grin pulled at the corners of her plush lips. She stood on the tips of her toes, tugging at the black silk tie I was wearing. Her fingers brushing over the collar of my shirt, her small leg sliding in between my muscular ones. 

“You always looked so nice in a suit, Brucey.”  

I cringed at the nickname, and my jaw clenched feeling her small hand gripping my growing bulge. I rolled my neck in frustration, yanking her harshly by her bicep, bringing her closer to my body, almost lifting her off of her feet.

“Go upstairs and get dressed. I’m not going to tell you again.” I growled, pushing her towards the staircase. 

I realized that my bad temper did nothing but cause the bubbling excitement in her to erupt. The way her thighs clenched together and how her tongue snaked out to lick her lips obviously told it all. She stomped her foot and cross her arms as if she was a child that refused to go to bed when told to. 

“I said I don’t wanna. I don’t like how all those men stare at me like I’m a piece of meat.” She looked down at her bare feet with her arms behind her back, twisting to and fro. 

I walked back over to her, lifting her head up by her chin, my 6′4 frame towering over 5′2 one. 

“I wouldn’t dare let anyone lay a finger on you. Now, stop being a brat and throw on something pretty for daddy.” I gave her perfect ass a slap before she ran up the stairs to our bedroom, giggling. 

She was acting more bratty than usual, which made my palm twitch, maybe it was that time of the month for her. I put the pitcher of pink lemonade back into the fridge after pouring the half empty glass down the drain. She wanted to get the best out of me, I knew how badly she wanted me to take her over my knee and chastise her until her perfectly round ass was a pretty picture painted with black and blue. I wasn’t going to let her get me, not like that last time when she nearly wrecked the batmobile. I remember how she was barely able to get out of bed the following morning.     

About 25 minutes go by, I gave another look at my watch, she was still upstairs, doing god knows what. 

“We have 15 minutes to get there. What’s taking you so damn long?!” I yell upstairs, leaning my arm against the wooden banister. 

“Yeah, yeah.. I’m coming grandpa.”

I rolled my eyes at the childish remark before hearing the clicking of heels against wood, I rose my head being greeted by crimson red silk, sculpted collarbones and tight brown curls. 

“How do I look, grandpa?” She twirled around, her dress following behind her.

Before she could reach the last step, I grabbed her forearm , my mouth inches apart from hers. 

“Keep making those little jokes and you’ll have matching cheeks to go with that dress.” I smirked, pecking the tip of her nose.

She muttered something under her breath about old people on our way to the car, causing my jaw to clench and my palm to twitch for the 10th time this night. I held the door open, as she slid onto the Italian leather seats, the slit of her dress opening up a little more than it should, revealing that she’s bare underneath. I took a deep breath after closing the door, adjusting my collar, walking over to the driver’s side. The car ride consisted of dress lifting, thigh grabbing and sly remarks. God, how the hell was I going to get through this night?  

Once we stepped inside the luxurious mansion, we were already plummeted with glares and scoffs but soon welcomed with a warming smile and aligned liquors. 

“Glad you could make it Bruce.” Clark chimed, giving my shoulder an hearty grip. 

I returned the gesture with a friendly one-armed hug, Clark’s eyes wondered to the side of me causing me to pull away and my eyebrows to furrow. It wasn’t long until I noticed that Y/N was giving him bedroom eyes. 

“Is he your father?” Clark questioned as if I wasn’t standing right in front of them. 

“Oh no, he’s my daddy.”

My mouth parted open and my cock twitched against the zipper of my dress pants at her unexpected, shameless response. She looked up at me, giving me cherubic, doe eyes beneath long lashes, wrapping her tongue around the skinny straw of her dirty martini. I blinked at her twice before turning to Clark. 

“Excuse us.” I smiled keeping my lips in a firm, thin line before tugging Y/N off into the women’s bathroom. 

I gripped her chin harshly, my index and middle finger holding her face still as I cornered her against the wall. She looked up at me with those innocent eyes, again, as if she didn’t just call me her daddy in front of Clark fucking Kent.  

“You think you can just get away with acting like a spoiled brat tonight? Huh?”

My fingers digging more into the skin of her cheeks, hard enough to leave light red marks in the shape of fingertips. I smiled as she winced and shook her head vigorously, her rosy cheeks slightly mushed together causing her lips to pucker a bit. 

“You like acting like a little girl?” I snatched her by the thin straps of her dress, “Little girls get spankings..”

My cock throbbed at the struggled gasp that escaped her lips as I bent her over the sink of the public women’s bathroom. I lifted up the skimpy, red silk being greeted by her bare plump ass. I groaned at the sight, my hands running over the delicate skin of her ass cheeks, prepping her for the stinging sensation that she was about to endure. 

“I want you to count. If you lose count, I will start over.” I warned and she nodded willingly. 

I took a deep breath before my large hand slammed against the soft pad of her left ass cheek. I grinned to myself hearing the soft mewls rolling off her deceitful tongue. 

“1..” She choked out.

I could hear the tears already erupting in her voice which made my pants tighten a little more than they should have. I smirked as a bright red hand print started to form on the surface of the skin. I lifted my hand up, slamming it down once again, watching her tiny body jolt up in pleasurable agony. I did that about several times while she counted before our safe word slipped pass her quivering lips. I took a step back, basking in the sight of her swelling cheeks. She attempted to stand up straight but failed miserably, I wrapped my arms around the small of her back, my lips grazing the prominent vein on her neck, inhaling her succulent scent of milk and honey.

“This is what happens when little girls want to act like little whores.” I gestured towards her cherry tinted ass.

“I’m very sorry daddy.” She poked her bottom lip out , gaze to the bathroom floor.

I kissed her forehead gently , before helping stand up straight. She seethed as her fingertips brushed against her ass while fixing the skirt of her dress. I adjusted my tie whilst she wiped the smeared mascara from under her eyes.

“We’re going home. I need to have you.” I engulfed her hand in mine, bringing her knuckles up to my lips before leaving the bathroom back into the crowd of drunken snobs.

We urged through the crowd just to be stopped by Clark once again. I was nearly on the verge of losing my patience. I needed to have her now. I couldn’t help but get rock, hard at how flustered Y/N gets after a well-deserved punishment.

“Awe, leaving so soon?” Clark pouted, his words slightly slurred. Superman was tipsy, ha.

“Yeah, Y/N isn’t really well.” I put on a mock frown, before giving him a manly shoulder grip then exiting through the front door.

The car ride back composed of Y/N continuously folding and uncrossing her legs, almost similar to the car ride here. I didn’t get the chance to open the car door for her, before it flung open widely, and she jumped into my arms, her hands grabbing at my face and her lips providing me with sloppily, gift-wrapped kisses. I held her up by the backs of her thighs as I fought with the keys and lock of the large house we shared. We stumbled inside after finally managing to open the door, our lips still attached to each other’s. I let out a growl feeling her break the heated kiss before she pushed me on my back to the leather couch. She swung her legs over mine, as she fumbled with the buttons of my dress shirt after pushing my blazer off. I pushed the skimpy straps pass her shoulders exposing her perfectly, taut buds. I bowed my head, taking the left one into my mouth, my tongue creating circular motions around the peak. I watched in awe as she threw her head back, hair tousled over her the high points of her cheeks. Her small hands finding their way to undo my belt and slacks, that crooked smile displayed across her face as my rock, solid cock sprung out of my briefs. She took a hold of my cock in her hands, her thumb sweeping up the bead of precum that managed to form in the slit, earning a low groan from me. Her hand teasingly squeezing around my cock causing my breath to hitch and my body to stiffen. She started to rotate, up and down on my dick, in a torturing slow pace.

“Don’t tease me, doll.” I warned through clenched teeth.

“You’re no fun Batsy.” She gave me a mock pout before scooting back on her haunches, her grip tightened on my cock as she wrapped her soft lips around my tips, her tongue making long stokes up the sides.

Then she took all of me into her mouth reminding of how talented she was at this. I grabbed a fistful of her gathering it up in my hands before tugging roughly, effecting my cock to probe the back of her throat, smalls gags being muffled. She looked at me with doe eyes, smiling brightly with a mouthful.

“You’ve always looked so pretty with my cock down your throat.”

She nodded knowingly, her head bobbing back and forth , edging my release. I tugged her up by the mock ponytail I formed, refusing to cum without being inside of her first. I ran my thumb over the speck of spit and pre cum on her bottom lip, leaning down to tug at it with my teeth. She giggled against my lips sending vibrations throughout my body.

“I wanna ride you daddy.” Her tongue grazed over lip before she climbed onto my lap, wrapping her legs around my hips.

I was in complete fulfillment when she slid herself onto me, my hands went immediately to her waist, out of habit, guiding her up and down on my cock. Her hands tangled up into my unruly hair, tugging and pulling as she rode my cock. I smirked as my first name escaped from her soft lips causing me to bury myself deeper inside of her.

“You like that slut? Huh?” She moaned, nodding her head vigorously. “You’re so fucking tight.” I purred against her pulse.

I thrust into her a few more times before grabbing her by hips, flipping her on her side. She wrapped her left leg around mine as I held the back of her right thigh. I pull out of her almost completely then submerging my cock into her cunt, my balls slapping against her puckered hole.

“Harder.. Please.” She begged as I witnessed her eyes flutter and roll back.

I granted her wish, plowing harder into her, the feeling of worry crept in the back of my mind, at the thought of nearly tearing her apart. I wrapped my arms around her rib cage , my fingers toying with her rose bud nipples.

“Cum for me, little girl. Come on, cum for daddy.” I whispered, my hands snaking down her navel to the sensitive bundle of nerves between her legs.

“Bruc-” Her gravelly voice was soon interrupted by the contracting of her cunt around my cock and the clenching in her stomach from her euphoric release.

I held her tighter to my body, thrusting into her practically lifeless body, riding into my orgasm, strings of my hot seed spewing into her heated mound. I wasted no time before I trailed kisses from the valley of her belly button down to the soft coils. My tongue flicked at her clit , gazing up at the beautiful nymph above me as she thrashed and squirmed underneath my tongue, cleaning up the concoction of our cum. I lifted my head, meeting my lips with hers letting her get a taste of the new flavor we created. I coddled her in my arms, pulling the sheet over her getting a glance at the fading red blotches formed from tonight’s earlier events, the room silencing from the frantic breathing.  Y/N examined me with squinted eyes tugging at the skin of her bottom lip with damp hair pressed to my chest. 

“How come you don’t call me your girlfriend?” She broke the silence. 

I clenched my jaw, sensitive about this particular subject. 

“Y/N, you know how I feel about-” 

“Don’t give me that. We’ve been together for 1 year and 8 months, and you still haven’t labeled me as your girlfriend. Are you embarrassed to be with me because I’m younger, or shall I say a little girl ?“She began to remove herself from my grip but I refused by pulling her back tightly to my chest before lifting up her face by the chin, forcing her to look at me, blinking away the tears that dared to fall.

“I love you. Don’t ever say I’m embarrassed of you. You’re my everything.. Lover, partner, soulmate, girlfriend, hopefully wife.” I gave her nose a soft peck watching her lips curl into the smile that I adore so much. 

“Really? Wife?” She attempted to hide her smile with her hands before I grabbed them. 

“Yes. Really.” I gave her lips one more longing kiss before she snuggled up to my chest. 

“I love you more, Batsy.”

Lunchtime Drabble: Training the Inhuman (2/?)

Pairing: Avengers x Reader for now. Relationships develop as I go.
Word Count: 1058 (a little long today)
Warnings: short reader, fluff, fighting, a little angst.

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

Y/N found Bruce in his lab, head bent over a computer monitor in deep concentration.

“Hey, Dr. Banner,” she said softly, not wanting to jar him out of his thoughts. It didn’t work, he still jumped.

“Oh, Y/N, hey, what can I do for you?” he adjusted his glasses as he looked up and gave her a small smile.

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The Truth in the Control Room

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 2,234

A/N: OK so this is my submission for @buckysmetallicstump  #Bailey’s Disney Quotes Challenge. Its longer than my other ones as I got a little carried away but still a newbie at writing. There is a couple of curse words. Hope you like it.

The lab was quiet that night just how I liked it. I haven’t been working at the Avengers facility that long but I get on well with the few Avengers I’ve met. I’ve have a feeling that everyone must be on a mission as it was strange not having Tony and Bruce hovering around trying to wonder what on earth I’m working on. Now don’t get me wrong I like Tony and Bruce they act like my big brothers but I like it this way though. While they’re not here I don’t have to worry about getting in anyone’s way or have to explain why I’m was doing what I’m doing.

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anonymous asked:

NEED FRENCH NAVY STUFF PLS surely their LaFayette frigates are cool?

They surely look cool, but they’re so poorly armed one wonders why the fuck they didn’t just built a cheap missile boat:

A 100 mm automatic gun, that’s good but basically standard; 8 Exocet III missiles, basically standard too for any modern warship of a relatively well-funded navy (side glances Britain); a single Crotale missile CIWS, which in itself its OK, nothing special like the italian DART or German RAM, but far better than the American Phalanx, BUT the thing is, as their main air defense system is completely anemic, basically limiting their air defense to a few seconds before impact.

What else? A pair of MANNED 20 mm guns, basically to deal with Somali pirates and the like, and… That’s about it, no VLS for better SAM systems or even ground-attack missiles, no torpedo tubes for ASW torpedoes, which would be pointless anyway as they don’t even have a fucking sonar, and their radars aren’t even that good too, just enough to have enough awareness of their immediate surroundings. 

I mean, they do have a landing path and hangar for a helicopter, with could be the ASW version of the NH90, at least helping them to fight submarines, but without a towed sonar they’re pretty limited in that function, and without a long or even medium-range SAM system they’re fucked anyway. 

Sure, their lines are clean and cool and all that, but these ships are just armed OPVs and nothing else. 

“But Enrique, the French have the Horizon air-defense frigates (destroyers), surely with those they can protect the La Fayette units from air attacks”

And you would be right, alongside their Italian cousins, the Orizzonte-class, and their British counterparts, the Type 45-class, these are the best non-AEGIS air defense warships in the world, BUT there’s one big problem:

There’s only two of them

And another

They’re tasked with defending the sole french aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle. 

So no anon, the La Fayettes aren’t cool. 


“What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with” -Robert Brault

Bucky x Wanda.  Winterwitch.  A little sneaky peek of my fic I have in the works… (things to know: Pietro didn’t die. Takes place both during and post Civil War…)  Enjoy!  :D  

She was fairly warm though. Even without a blanket.   She looked down, bunched in her lap was a brown hooded sweatshirt. 

Ahh.  That explains it.  

It smelled…not bad…just different. Like…motor oil and sweat.  

“Is this yours?” she asked Pietro, gesturing to it.  

He shook his head without looking.  “Belongs to the Bionic Man…the One-Armed Wonder…” he gestured towards the group congregating on the other side of the warehouse. Towards the only shape not hunched over the table.   “Want me to get rid of it?”  

“No…no…leave it.  It’s fine…”  

This Was Never The Plan  (Part 1/?) (Avengers/Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request: Hello :3 i have this small request for you it’s a scenario that’s been playing in my mind I hope your up for it it’s a Bucky X reader.. Imagine that Bucky basically raising the reader from the age of 2 …Fast forward a couple years and the reader is now 19 and works with the avengers, the team gets into a bad situation where the reader sacrifices herself to hydra so the others can live. Hydra does some experiments on the reader and gets a metal arm similar to bucky’s. (happy ending if possible) 

I went with a female reader, since it wasn’t specified by the request, and I’m a girl and all so that’s how I visualized it.

Bucky had spent the morning showing off as many pictures of you as he could, or as many as the team would put up with, awaiting your arrival at the tower.  “I can’t believe this little twerp is all grown-up,” he told Steve with a small crack in his voice.  “I still see her as this little kid every time I look at her.”

Natasha grabbed one of the pictures from the pile, smiling briefly before returning it and taking another. “She looks like a great kid, Barnes.”

“Ha!” he scoffed, “don’t let that innocent face fool ya.  The kid can be a holy terror.”

“Wow, I can’t possibly imagine where she would get that from,” Steve smirked, “no idea at all.”

Bucky raised his hand to his chest in mock disbelief at Steve’s claim.  “Listen here, punk.  I’ll have you know that I am a very good influence with an innate sense of paternal instinct.”  

Everyone in the room looked at Bucky silently, Steve with an eyebrow raised and a laugh threatening to escape at any moment.  “Fine,” Bucky relented, “I did the best I could, alright?  What the hell did I know about raising a kid?”

“Hey, one-armed wonder, you gonna come down here and get me or what?”

A bright smile lit up Bucky’s face at the sound of your voice, quickly jumping up and running towards the elevator to meet you.  “Yep, that’s my girl!”


It had been a month since that day when you arrived at the tower, and already you had taken your place on the team, a great source of pride for your stand-in father.  Today was the day of your final test; taking down his best friend.  You had told Steve to treat you no different than anyone else, and he was really taking you seriously.  You felt the ache of fatigue in your entire body, but that wasn’t about to stop you.

“Alright, Captain Spanglepants.  It’s about time we finish this.”

“Couldn’t agree more, you little shit.”

Bucky laughed out loud, nudging Natasha with his elbow as they watched intently from the landing above the gym.  “Wow, they really do love each other.”

“Yeah, I can tell?” she said with a slight inflection of disbelief.  “Oh,” she perked up and slapped his arm in excitement, “here she goes! Watch, I taught her my move.” Natasha peeked over the ledge, ready to see her new protégé in action.  “Come on, kid,” she whispered.

Steve anticipated the move, knowing that you had been training with Romanoff, but you were still able to get your legs wrapped firmly around his neck despite the nearly foot and a half of height that he had over you.  He put up a bit of a struggle, but the move was foolproof and he eventually went to his knees on the mat, landing on his chest with a huff as you dug your knee into his back and secured his arms behind his head.

“You give up?”  You pushed his face harder into the cold floor and smiled when you heard Natasha cheering for you from above.  “Take your time.  I could do this all day.”

“That’s my line,” Steve groaned, suddenly freeing one arm and kicking his leg out to flip you off from his back.  You landed on the mat with a hard thud that knocked a breath from your chest and had you seeing stars.  You were shocked that he had overtaken you so easily, now with his full weight pinning you with no foreseeable way to escape.

“Dammit,” Bucky mumbled, “I thought she had him for sure.”

You tapped Steve’s arm to signal your defeat, and he released you to help you stand, smiling down at you with a satisfied grin.  “You’ve come a long way, (Y/N), I’m impressed, really.”  He reached over to you and ruffled the hair on the top of your head, as if you were still just a little kid.  You smiled at the gesture, mocking contentment when you grabbed his arm and kicked out his leg, flipping him onto his back with a resounding smack on the mat.    

“Thanks, Uncle Steve,” you laughed as you walked away, satisfied with the sounds of cheering coming from above.  “I learned from the best.”  You gave Natasha a quick wave as you exited towards the locker room.

Steve groaned and pulled himself up to sit on the floor, waiting for Nat and Bucky to come down to meet him.  “Well, Buck, that’s one hell of a kid you’ve got there.  She’s dangerous…in a good way, I hope.”  The Captain still sat on the floor, removing his gloves slowly, as if in deep thought.  “We should test her in the field.”


You pulled your gloves on and secured the gauntlets to your wrists, preparing yourself for your first mission.  Bucky was at the front of the jet talking with Steve, and Nat was talking to Tony about the attack plan right next to you.  You weren’t nervous at all, just ready to get this going already, and Clint picked up on your frenetic energy.

“It wears off, ya know. The excitement.”

“Oh, I’m sure,” you chuckled.  “But let’s not take it away from me on day one, alright?”

You moved to sit closer to Clint, happy to have found someone to talk to as the flight stretched on longer than you had planned.  “So, what are they like out there?  Those two?” you nodded towards Bucky and Steve.  “I’ve never seen this side of them other than in practice.”

“Well,” he sighed, “Cap’s all business.  He’s a master strategist, no doubt about it.”  He leaned in a bit as if telling a secret, “you gotta give him a hard time every now and then though.  We all try to get him to swear so he has to throw a buck or two in the jar when we get home.  We’re keeping track of who gets the most cash out of him.”  

“Boy, does he have you all fooled,” you laughed.  “Steve curses like a drunken sailor.  And what about tin man?”

“No respect for your old man?”

“You obviously haven’t lived with him very long,” you scoffed.  “So, what’s he like?”

Clint’s face shifted to a serious one as he considered, and his posture straightened.  He turned his head to look at you and sighed, “Deadly.”

“Alright kids, time to play.”  Tony closed his helmet and moved to the back of the jet to disembark as it came in to land. The door opened and sunlight shined in your eyes enough to make you wince at its harshness.  “Watch your six,” he said as he disappeared into the glare.

“Stay with Romanoff,” Steve commanded.  “She’s your S.O., so you do what she says, alright?”  He stepped out of the jet and connected his shield to his arm, looking to you for a signal that you would be okay.

“Go, we’ve got this,” Natasha said as she grabbed her gun and held it close, aiming out and away from the jet as she prepared for an attack.  You pulled yours as well, watching her flank as you headed towards the Hydra lab you were storming.  “Don’t worry, Cap.  I won’t let anything happen.”  

Steve nodded and ran from sight with Bucky next to him; he looked back at you as he ran, giving you a small wave as he disappeared into the building.  Clint moved to take the high ground on a nearby hill so that he could be ready for an outdoor assault, holding his bow at the ready.

“You girls look like sisters from up here.  Hot, but scary as hell, lethal sisters.”  

You shook your head a bit at the sound of his voice in your ear.  The use of the comms was really foreign to you and a little uncomfortable having a piece of plastic shoved so far into your ear.  “Does this wear off too, Barton?  This ear thing?”

“Nope.”  He started to laugh but was halted suddenly when the ground began to shake under you.  He reached for a nearby tree to steady himself and looked around him for the source of the disruption.  “Woah, hey guys, what the hell is that?”

Nat reached back and grabbed your arm, pulling you down closer to the ground to maintain your balance as the earth threatened to crack apart.  You looked over her shoulder and saw Bucky and Steve running towards you, a frantic look on their faces.  Steve dropped and slid next to you, lifting the shield over you both just as the building exploded in a ball of fire.

“We’ve gotta get back to the jet!” Steve yelled over the chaos, still protecting you from falling debris.

“Hey, we’ve got incoming!” Bucky looked up at Clint to see where he was looking and pointed towards the trees behind the now burning building. “Are they running for cover or attacking?”  As gunfire rang out, his question was readily answered.  “Nevermind!”

“What the hell did you guys do in there?” you yelled, “I thought this was smash and grab, not blow it and run?”

Once the debris finally slowed, Steve pulled the shield back and looked you square in the eye. “(Y/N), listen to me carefully.  I saw something in there that-“

You gasped as you were yanked away from him with a force that shook the breath out of you, trying to reach for his outstretched hand but it was too late.  You were taken into the large fissure in the ground as Hydra teams emerged from within it to attack the team.  You landed with a hard crash in a dark tunnel, but when you slowly managed to stand to look at your surroundings, you were knocked out before you had a chance to see anything.

“Welcome home, (Y/N).”

Part 2

anonymous asked:

Imagine the nicknames Tony would have for Bucky. Metallica, one armed wonder, metal-man, and after Bucky went down on his hands and knees to clean something up, Tony called him tripod. Bucky pretends to be annoyed by these names, but he finds them funny and he's glad Tony's interacting with him. It makes him feel like a part of the team.

after a few weeks of nonstop nicknames from tony, the rest of the avengers start doing it too

natasha starts calling him pchyolka (little bee) because of the way his arm will buzz (“it doesn’t purr ok, it buzzes”) when he’s relaxed. sometimes, after long hours working in the lab, bruce will absentmindedly ask bucky to hand him something, and then thank him by saying, “thanks tin man.” thor’s nicknames are the more general, but always enthusiastic, “shield brother,” and “fellow warrior,” and occasionally, “friend.” clint’s nicknames are a bit more difficult for bucky to understand, since most of them are pop culture references that fly completely over his head (he still doesn’t get why clint calls him jaime lannister). steve, even after all these years, calls him a jerk. and, even after all these years, bucky grins back at him and tells him he’s a punk

Belle Unleashed, Chapter 1

Author’s Notes: Following my own prompt, the shenanigans of Heartless Belle. Just crack. Cracky crack crack. Obviously spoilers for 4 x 18.

It took what was left of the self-purported Storybrooke brain trust several days after Emma and Regina’s departure to realize they were alone with Gold and Maleficent lurking somewhere along with the Author planning gods only knew what. So, David, Mary Margaret and Hook set off for the pawn shop because they had only one idea.


The doorbell rang and they found the tiny brunette sitting on a barstool behind the counter, reading a book.

All seemed normal until a revolver appeared in her hand and was pointed at them.

“Any closer and it becomes legal to shoot you,” Belle said, expressionless. 

“Oh, my God,” gasped Mary Margaret.

“Overreacting a bit, aren’t you, love?,” asked Hook.

Belle shrugged, waving the gun to illustrate her point. “That depends on what the hell it is you want.”

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