one and undivided

I’m honestly torn about whether I’d prefer Unwind as a show or a movie. Shows would add so much stress, and the weekly episode would allow me to get over the last stressful scene before the other came up. Imagine the cliff hangers it would allow (especially that one in undivided you know the one). But if it were a movie there would be a higher budget allowing more wiggle room, and the wouldn’t have to dance around the issues as much because it’s on TV and they gotta watch what they say depending on the channel. Plus imagine things like Divan’s plane’s cargo room on the big screen. Seeing that on IMAX would be the most terrifyingly chilling thing I can think of. Same with panning out on the beds in the warehouse at Roberta’s. They’d each have their pros and their cons, but I’d really be fine with either especially if as a TV show it was picked up by an HBOish channel so censoring wouldn’t be as big of a worry