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You're doing adam kisses headcanons??? Omg I feel I'm gonna die already


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  • Hand kisses. Like, all sorts of hand kisses.
    • The open palm kiss where he lightly places a kiss on your palm. Usually while your sleeping and he’s left awake unable to fall asleep himself. Prince Adam watches you peacefully, his fingers tracing your palm before he leans over and lightly presses a kiss there. 
      • The usual back of the hand kiss. The kind where he brushes his lips against your knuckles in some sort of greeting. It’s barely a touch, and Prince Adam looks up at you from the kiss with a small smile.
      •  Or, even better when he’s hand in hand with you and merely lifts your hand up and kisses the back of it. A small simple way of saying I love you.
        • Fingertip kisses. Don’t get me started. JK, please do. Prince Adam lifting your hand up and kissing each of your finger individually before pressing kisses to two fingers at once and so on. 
        • This is something you do as well, but usually in private where it’s just the two of you. It makes him feel giddy inside and he loves to watch you kiss his fingers. (Not saying it’s a turn on but yo, it is).
          • Literally the cutest thing when he occasionally lets his lips trail up your hand to your wrist, where he lightly kisses just to tickle you.
  • Forehead kisses.
    • Prince Adam lightly placing his hands on the sides of your face. His thumbs rub your cheeks tenderly and he’s looking into your eyes like you’re the most sublime thing he’s ever looked at. And in his opinion, that’s true. He swallows softly, tilts your head towards him and kisses your forehead. It’s a slow sort of kiss, and he really takes his time letting his lips sink against your skin. 
      • Something that’s not quite a forehead kiss but still falls under it is the butterfly kiss, something that Prince Adam gives you when you’re tired, stressed, sad, etc. He’ll hold you tightly, letting his fingers trail up your neck to the back of your head where he holds you still before leaning down and kissing his forehead against yours. His eyelashes blush against yours, he’s murmuring to you, “I love you so much, you do know that. Right?” 
        • Much like his need for assurance for your love, he likes to validate his love for you when he feels you need it. 
      • You giving Prince Adam forehead kisses when it’s the early morning and he refuses to get out of bed. You roll over, give him a quick peck on the forehead before getting up. He mumbles to himself, but still manages to watch you get ready before deciding he needs to get up.
  • Cheek kisses.
    • A sort of prudent way of showing affection. Usually done in rather spontaneous spurt. 
    • Before Prince Adam leaves a room where a lot of people are watching, he’s turns his attention to you and always leaves you with a warm kiss to your cheek. The smile on his face as you watch him walk away is always something that makes your heart swell.
      • Even when his time with you is interrupted by something that needs his immediate attention, he’ll give you a kiss to the cheek before attending to what ever it is.
        • You giving him flusters of cheek kisses whenever he’s not feeling like himself. You probably kiss his entire face when he’s feeling down, but always centralize your kisses to his cheek.
  • Ear kisses.
    • A bit more secretive and used that way as well. 
      • During parties and what not, if there’s something that Prince Adam wishes to tell you without others knowing, he’ll lean towards you, kissing your ear before whispering whatever he has to say in your ear.
        • Constantly leaves a shudder to slide down your spine and the mare closeness of his lips to the shell of your neck.
        • When the two of you are together, just enjoying one another’s company in silence or reading, Prince Adam likes to lightly press kisses to your ear to remind you that he’s there. 
  • Jawline Kisses.
    • An early morning sort of kiss. You’re snug in his arms, wrapped up in complete and utter warmth. You don’t have to get up yet, and if you wanted, you could stay in bed for the rest of the day. Prince Adam breathes in slowly, his face dug into the crook of your neck. He yawns, lifting his head before pressing a kiss to your jawline, perhaps to entice you to play around this morning.
    • Jawline Kisses usually lead to neck kisses. (Mild NSFW)
      • Pretty self-explanatory but just imagine Prince Adam peppering kisses against your neck before snarling his teeth and lightly scraping them up and down to tease you.
  • On-The Lips Kisses.
    • A rather feisty and more secluded sort of kiss, meaning you usually only kiss each other in private like this. Very rarely does Prince Adam kiss you in front of others on the lips.
      • Probably once or twice if he’s noticed someone’s been looking at you, his protective instincts kick in and he’ll lightly press a kiss to your lips to assure that they know you’re with him.
        • Has a little smile he pulls before he finally lands a kiss on your lips. It’s the cutest little thing, his lips curling around the edges. He continues to smile while kissing you. He’s just so in love.
          • (Mildly NSFW). No doubt that they’ve lead to more heated sessions of kissing and fondling with one another. Imagine, the two of you are at a celebration but get impatient. You think you can make it back to the bedroom, but get half way there before he pulls you towards him. With a light chuckle,Prince Adam ravishes your lips with his, his hands grasping your shoulders and holding you against him. You respond right away, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him in for an even harder kiss.
  • The Surprise kisses.
    • That’s what you call them at least. The first one always starts with a flower that he picks for you. Holding it up with a small smile, you take it from his hands and respond, “Thank you, love.” To which he replies always with a rather head-spinning kiss and a very gentle, “I love you.”
    • The second kind are when he surprises you with a kiss while your reading. He knows you like to enthrall yourself in the words and pages and so takes this as an opportunity to place a kiss to your cheek, and then your lips.

Sorry I didn’t get more done, I am way tired and I need to sleep haha. Like, I said, there’ll be a part two(Probably with more NSFW kinds of kisses for those who want them). Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it. Reblogs and likes are helpful, thanks y’all!

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gif battle | vs capturing-kawaii
round eleven • favorite movie from the dark age


r e q u e s t 

(f) - fluff

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(m) - mature/smut

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love & misadventure | poetry-inspired drabble series

2k drabble game | mini masterlist of drabbles

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super normal average (f|m)

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dessert (m) 

dressing room couch [feat. hyungsik] (m)

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temporary bliss (f|a|m)

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drama (m)

company (a|m): CEO!Hyungsik just needs a little…company. // ► playlistone | two | three | four | five | [ hiatus ]

dressing room couch [feat. taehyung] (m)

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don’t do anything (m)

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louder (m) | jackson wang

captured (a|m) | bang yongguk

-YJH and DK are roommates

-They wore couple sweater to airport today 

-YJH has stickers of dk on his phone

-Dk has selfie of him and YJH as a wallpaper on his phone

-DK said that “they are dating” on caratland concert…………..

i bet they are dating.

Carousel | 02

Character: Min Yoongi x reader (oc)

Genre/words: Angst, Future Smut/Mature scenes, Arranged Marriage! AU / 10k words

Summary: He is the successor of his family’s business empire, and you are the female heir of yours. After the trouble his older brother had created in the past, he now must face certain requirements needed for the sake of the family’s future and to save his rights of inheritance, and you become his only way out. Everything might seem so simple, just the way they are supposed to. But everything isn’t always what it seems, is it?

Playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06


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Little Unnoticed Danger Days Things

1. The album was produced by two different record companies, one being Better Living Industries Music (BMI). You can actually see the smiley face logo on the side of the CD case.

2. Frank did the cover art for the album (but I’m not sure if that means he designed the spider or took the photo of the desert).

3. Bob helped to write the songs “Na Na Na,” “Bulletproof Heart,” “The Only Hope For Me Is You,” “Party Poison,” and “Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back.”

4. Steve Righ?’s actual name is Steve Montano.

5. Even if you buy the CD today, there will still be a little paper inside that gives you a special code for 10% off all Danger Days shirts and bracelets (offer expired 11/22/2012). If you flip it over, you will find Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, Life On The Murder Scene, The Black Parade, and The Black Parade Is Dead! are still available.

6. Burns caused by radiation is known as Flash Rash.

7. If you look on BLI’s file for Girl in Chapter 4 of the comics, there are pictures of Jet-Star, Kobra Kid, and Fun Ghoul. They all have their masks on, with red X marks over their pictures. Next to Ghoul is a picture of Dr. D, also with a red X. Beside that is an enlarged picture of Cherri Cola, with a red question mark over his face. There is no picture of Party Poison.

8. Party didn’t die immediately when Korse shot him. He had enough time to tell Girl to run.

9. Concerts in the Zones happen in a place called The Pit.

10. Other killjoy bands are: AKA Loretta and Richard Ai Yai Yai.

11. The Director is apparently BDSM.

12. Recently deceased bodies can be turned into Dracs if they didn’t suffer too much physical damage.

13. The killjoys were exterminated in 2027.

14. The Analog Wars occurred from 2014-2019, during which time Better Living Industries believed Girl’s mother had been killed. Instead, she was turned into a Drac.

15. No one knows who Girl’s father is.

16. Plus is only allowed because it’s administered to non-human androids and BLI gets a great profit margin off of it.

17. BLI refers to brainwashing a person so completely that they have no personality as “Bleaching.”

18. Girl’s cat had tracking/surveillance tech implanted into it in 2028, which suggests that she had the cat prior to the Fab Four’s deaths. It’s possible BLI caught the cat while it was roaming long enough for them to modify it.

19. A year has gone by since the death of the Fab Four in the comics, which means it is 2028.

20. Contrary to popular belief, the female killjoy seen driving the van in “SING” is not Cherri Cola, but a woman named DJ Hot Chimp.

21. The Drac whose face is revealed in “SING” by Party was played by the lead singer of Mindless Self Indulgence, Jimmy Urine.

22. The Director has an aesthetic for drinking bleach.

Desperate for Love [Suga Angst]

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

“Desperate for love is a weak emotion.” 

You wanted him to grab your hand, hold it and make you feel loved and warm just by the slight touch. You wanted him to look at you, like you were the only girl for him, the only one who could capture his heart. You wanted to have those lips on yours, giving you the first kiss worth remembering. You wanted him to love you, feel the same for you as you felt for him.

Min Yoongi was cold when you knew that deep down, he was a warm hearted person who cared. Under all that fake stone hard face, you knew there was once a different Yoongi. Although he was rude and mean towards everyone, including you, you still found yourself in deep, deep love.

You wished that you could say that you could see who the nice Min Yoongi was. But you couldn’t. He wasn’t readable. His mysterious vibes and personality was something any other human would avoid. He wasn’t someone you wanted to involve yourself in.

The problem was, you couldn’t keep yourself away from him.

He was beautiful.

He was beautiful with whatever scar he had over his heart that made him the way he was.

Min Yoongi was your roommate of three years and through all those years, never once have you heard him laugh or seen him smile. He didn’t do smiles, he smirked.

Since the day he moved into your apartment after contacting you and asking if you were still hiring out the guest room, you had accepted him after searching up him on Facebook. He was hot, was your first thought when that profile picture of him appeared on your screen, late that evening.

Now, three years later, it still felt like you knew as much about him as you knew three years ago, nothing much, even if you were now his girlfriend of a month.

After years of threats and deals from your side, you were now his girlfriend but that didn’t mean that he was any different. He still made it pretty clear that the two of you should keep your lives separately although you lived in the same apartment.

“Food’s ready!” You shouted and placed down the two plates of creamy pasta that you had made for yourself and Yoongi.

A few minutes later, Yoongi appeared with a towel over his shoulders, his hair still wet from the shower. Your eyes automatically travelled down his tight fitting tee before up to his well sculpted face again. “Uhm- Here.” You said, blushing before giving him his fork.


You nodded and sat down in front of him on one of the bar stools.

This was what he could do to you. One moment you could be perfectly fine, talking like a normal person and even singing to one of your favourite songs. But whenever he looked that good, which was basically everyday, you couldn’t help but fangirl over your own boyfriend, on the inside.

“How was your day?” You asked, taking a bite from your pasta.


Once again, you nodded and bit your bottom lip, not knowing what to say next since he didn’t ask you about your day.

“I had a great day today, I went to the interview I told you about two days ago. You know the one for the skin care company?” That somehow caught his attention because he looked up to you from his phone with raised eyebrow.

“The Face Shop?” You nodded, gulping down some water. “Yeah, that one. I know you told me not to apply for that work but there’s absolutely no other choice. I’ve been trying to find a job - for what - over a year now.”

“I told you I don’t want you to work at that place. You can find another job, Y/N.” He said, looking at you with a seriousness that you had never seen him in before.

“Why? I need money and they’re kind enough to let me work there. I’ve met the boss as well. She’s really kind and she’s young, perfect. I don’t want to get into a fight with an old lady again.” I explained, remembering back to my previous job that I said up from because of the bossy bitch of an owner.

The fork he was holding on was set down with a thud before he stood up, his breathing hard.

“I’ll tell you once again, Y/N. I don’t want you to work there and it’s best if you listen to me.” He warned, making you completely shocked. “What?”

“Listen, we can find you another job, okay?”

“No. This is my chance, Yoongi. My boss even told me that she was going to pay me more if I could do my work. I won’t just give that up because you said so. And what’s up with that tone? Why would you use that tone with your… with your girlfriend?”

“You gotta be kidding me,” he sighed and pulled a hand through his hair. “Are you using that against me right now? So what if you’re my girlfriend? Do you even consider this as a relationship? Have you even had a boyfriend before? How childish are you, Y/N?!” Shocked and angry, you stood up as well and walked over to his side, facing him.

“So what if I consider this as a relationship? So what if you’re my first boyfriend? So what if I’m being childish? At least I’m not being moody twenty-four seven, like you!” You snapped, glaring at him.

He didn’t even budge a bit. He just stared at you. Before he burst out into laughter.

If it was any day but that day, you’d be happy to finally hear his laugh but then you realized that this wasn’t a laugh that told you that this was all a joke, that he was just kidding, that everything had been a prank.

No, it was a humorless one and you hated it more then his stone hard, careless face.

“Agreeing to this ridiculous thing was a big fucking mistake. You’re naive, bothersome and nothing but a big fucking mistake. You’re desperate, Y/N.” He picked up a napkin and wiped his mouth before throwing it on the not up eaten plate of pasta. He was turning around, stalking towards his room when you decided that it was enough.

“Do you even like me, Min Yoongi? Or am I just what you just called, naive, bothersome and a fucking big mistake? Oh, and let’s not forget desperate. Is that everything you see in me?” You asked, swallowing the lump in your throat. This was not a time to look like a loser.

“That’s exactly what I think of you, Y/N. The only reason I agreed to the whole boyfriend and girlfriend thing was because I felt bad for you. You’re desperate for me to show you any kind of affection and it got annoying, I had to do something. And then you’re naive, not even realising that I don’t want anything to do with you.”

You took a few steps towards him with your clenched fists by your side to keep you sane. “Why are you like this? Why are you treating me like I’m nothing when all I’ve done is to care for you?”

He looked at you and something in his eyes flicked before it vanished and he was back to his stone cold face. But this time, there was a frown on his face.

“You want to know why?” He asked before continuing without even waiting for my response.

“You’re not my style. You’re not someone I can fall in love with. You’re childish and annoying and carefree. You fall too easily and you love too hard.”

It hurt, what he said, it hurt like a thousands of needles just went through your whole body before repeating the same process for several times. God. “That’s not the only reason, isn’t it?” You asked, challenging him to confess everything.

“There’s more than those things about me, right? You’re cold to everyone. You’re rude and you don’t care about people who cares for you. Why are you like this, Min Yoongi? Why do you treat people like they’re not worth a shit?” With each question, you took a step closer to where he stood, just outside his room.

He seemed shocked about your questions because something flicked in his eyes once again, but this time, it stayed. He looked so fragile that you were afraid that he was going to break. You had never seen him react to something you said like that. He’d usually just ignore it because, apparently, you were annoying.

“Answer the damn question, Min Yoongi.” You said, this time, you took two big steps until you were a few feet away from him. “Why do you keep pushing me away?”


“You’re not her.”

It was enough but he didn’t stop there.

“You’re not her and you will never be her. You’re name’s not Ji Hyo. You don’t have her short, wavy hair. You don’t look like her and you don’t even have the same accent. You don’t have dresses and you don’t use make up. You’re desperate for my attention when I was the one desperate for her attention.” His eyes softened but his shoulders stiffened, as well as his whole body.

“Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurts just by knowing that she could still have such an affection on you everyday because of her damn company?! Her face is everywhere I go and now, I’ll need to hear about her from your mouth as well?” You gulped and watched as his forehead made a small crease between his eyebrows.

“I love her even when she’s not here but I don’t love you even when you’re here, constantly. I miss her when the last thing I want is to see her but I don’t miss you even if you leave home for days. I need her as if she’s my oxygen but I don’t need you even if you give me everything that I need. I want her like she’s some kind of obsession but I don’t want you, because you’re too easy.”

“Stop, please, stop.” You said, collapsing down on the floor when you felt like your legs would give out any time.

He looked down at you before saying something that would break you and leave scars all over.

“I will never be able to let her go, like I can let you go.”


Hello my butterflies!

Hope you guys are doing great and enjoying your weekend. I’ve missed you guys dearly, I’ve missed writing one shots and spending some time here on tumblr. 

And tomorrow’s bangtanboysoneshot7′s seventeenth anniversary! Wow, it’s been over a year since we started this blog and I’ve met so many great people here and improved my writing as well as gotten steps closer to ARMY and BTS by heart. 

I hope you enjoyed this one shot, please let me know if you did by giving it a heart and if you want a part 2, please let me know about that as well! 

I miss & love you loads! Please take care! ~
Michael Moore launches website 'Trumpileaks' for whistleblowers inside the Trump administration
Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has created a website called “Trumpileaks” to enable whistleblowers to securely share information from the Trump administration. Mr Moore’s launch of his website comes a day after the Justice Department charged a government contractor with leaking classified information to the news media, the first criminal leak case under President Donald Trump.

Alexandra Wilts at The Independent:

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has created a website called “Trumpileaks” to enable whistleblowers to securely share information from the Trump administration.

Mr Moore’s launch of his website comes a day after the Justice Department charged a government contractor with leaking classified information to the news media, the first criminal leak case under President Donald Trump.  

Reality Leigh Winner reportedly sent a top secret National Security Agency report to The Intercept that described two cyberattacks by Russia’s military intelligence unit, including one against a company that sells voter registration-related software.

The NSA has said that the report was submitted anonymously.

Mr Moore, an outspoken critic of Donald Trump, wrote in a letter published by the Huffington Post that “patriotic Americans in government, law enforcement or the private sector with knowledge of crimes, breaches of public trust and misconduct committed by Donald J Trump and his associates are needed to blow the whistle in the name of protecting the United States of America from tyranny.”

His website features encrypted messaging apps such as Signal and Peerio for leakers to send information digitally. Individuals can also send information by mail or can email him.

Master List - Bughead Fanfiction - GellsBellsHead.

Hi Guys. This is my master list of everything I have written for Bughead, so far. Thank you to all my followers, readers and other fanfic writers who have encouraged me along the way. I feel so supported in this fandom and I think that is something that we should be proud of.

Read Fics on Ao3

Read Fics on

That Pesky Car - my first fiction for Bughead. Expanding on their first kissing scene.

I Thought You Wanted to Talk - Betty and Jughead meet to discuss their kiss.

Ships Lost at Sea - A moment between the two on the couch at the Blue and Gold office.

Dinner at Betty’s. - Betty invites Jughead over to dinner at her house.

The After Party Part one, two, three. - An alternative take on ‘Seven minutes in heaven” game at Cheryl’s party.

After the After Party: A continuation of the After Party, warning NSFW

Grandiose Gestures. - Jughead goes to new lengths to apologise to Betty.

I Know Your Dirty Little Secret. One, Two, Three. - Cheryl notices Betty with a hickey and the gang try to figure out who her secret boyfriend is.

Happy Birthday to Me - Dark Betty resurfaces at Jughead’s birthday party, following an encounter with Chuck.

Uncovered - Betty’s obsession with Jughead’s hair.

The Boy Next Door - Jughead and Betty’s daughter is pregnant to the boy next door.

We Have History - FP and Alice are chaperoning the Homecoming dance.

In Your Hands - Jughead’s POV on the diner scene in The Lost Weekend.

Hold Me - A scene after the diner scene in The Lost Weekend.

It’s a Girl …and a Boy - Jughead and Betty help to deliver Polly’s twins during a snow storm.

Almost Invisible - An AU where Betty is a popular cheerleader having a secret relationship with the town outside Jughead Jones.

Snow Day - A future fic, based on a prompt as a sequel to “It’s a Girl …. and a Boy.” Betty, Jughead and Jellybean have a snow fight.

Trembling Hands - A song fic set as an alternate scene for episode 12 where Betty meets Jughead at Pop’s, alone.

Don’t Leave Me - While investigating Jason’s murder, Jughead is shot and Betty has to imagine a world without him.

The Kitchen Encounter : An alternate take on the make out scene in the trailer where they are not interrupted by the Serpents arriving. NSFW

Crush : Betty goes to meet Jughead at the construction site and has an unexpected reaction to seeing FP at work, Jughead is jealous and Veronica tries to reassure him.

Wrong Place, Right Time: Betty Cooper goes to the White Wyrm to confront Jughead and finds herself in hot water. Enter her knight in a black leather jacket. NSFW

Coming Home: Jughead goes to pick up his girl Betty Cooper from the airport. They have a very fluffy reunion.

What Fools These Mortals Be: Multi chapter AU, Riverdale community theatre company performs a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Chapter One, Chapter Two , Chapter Three , Chapter 4

Have I Got Your Attention Now? - A prompt fill request of jealous Jughead and Betty Cooper knowing how to get her own way.

New Beginnings - Future AU, Betty and Jughead are two single parents who meet at the park. Part 2

OTP Important Questions: These are little ficlets/drabbles that are each based on a prompt from a list of questions. I basically just write whatever comes to mind when read the question. Some are a little more risque than others.

OTP Questions -  Part One

OTP Questions - Part Two - slight NSFW for some answers

OTP Questions - Part Three

OTP Questions - Part Four

Yoongi Scenario: Blind Devotion.

Request: Can you pleaseee do a Yoongi angst/fluff where you two are married, and everything is perfect but then one day, you started losing you rsight day by day, and you push him away, but he finds out himself and tries to help you in secret because you push him away? Based off of Blind Devotion.

Genre: Angst / Fluff.

You secretly loved to wake Yoongi up, or well, maybe not so secretly. He always said he was going to wake up before you and before the alarm so he’d get his revenge, but you knew he wouldn’t as he secretly or not so secretly loved to be woken up by you. 

You liked seeing his face changing, his eyes opening to meet yours as the first thing he saw in the morning, how that gaze fluctuated from slight annoyance from being woken to utter affection in just seconds and then he’d attack.
You’d have him on top of you in no time, tickling your sides making you squirm and scream as you laughed, you loved mornings like that, in which you’d end up panting because of the tickling fights or the tickling fight would turn in you melting into each other.

You were married for almost six years, you looked back at your life with Yoongi and thought you had been really fortunate to find him, to find each other. Even after so much time together you weren’t bothered of each other’s presences, part of it you knew it was due to your independent lives, both of you worked and had your own time, but you also knew the big reason was the way your personalities worked together, you were a great team, so even when you had trouble you always found a way to work it out together, each fight you were able to overcome it because you knew at the end of it there was much more than anger. Yoongi would never let you feel alone and you would never let him think that.

You took “turns” to make breakfast, you did the most of the work but you appreciated him always being around and offering to do whatever task you had for him, being scrambled eggs, pancakes or kimbap, you always made sure he went to work with a full stomach, Yoongi worked a lot and you knew how he focused on it so much he forgot to eat at the company.

-Which one?- he asked showing you two dress shirts, one stark white, the other pale blue, you assessed the two options humming. 

-Have a big event today?- he shook his head so you pointed at the pale blue. -You look great in baby blue-

Yoongi snorted putting the white shirt aside to then throw on the other one which made you laugh and walk closer to him. -What?- he said smiling despite himself.

You extended your hands and put them over his making him stop, you finished buttoning the shirt for him as you locked gazes, Yoongi was smug but didn’t take compliments all too well, a bad habit of him that you were determine to break at some point. -Handsome- you stated when you proceeded to fix his neck.

He let his head fall back with a humorous sigh but then he came back to look at you his hands held you closer and he stamped his lips on yours. -I love you, mine, mine, mine- he said between kisses making you giggle.

Yoongi was sometimes quiet with his love, sometimes only saying this with his eyes, others as today making it evident with words, he’d watch you get dressed and wait to be able to say goodbye, and he’d watch you walk away to the opposite direction of him, you could feel his heavy gaze on you, and that too was love, whatever form might be you knew it was there.

It happened for the first time that day, you had gotten off the bus to walk the remaining block to get to your work when suddenly the rays of the sun where everywhere making your vision blurry, like you had gone out of a dark place after a long time, the light started to hit your eyes like arrows, to then go back to shadows and go back to the striking light afterwards, confusing you, making you bump with people and walk slowly because you didn’t know what was happening. And then you heard the screech of the horn.

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anonymous asked:

When your app only let's you scroll so far so you have to leave your comfy bed to get the laptop to finish reading these amaze fics #bugheaddedication 💕 a fic where betty proposes to jughead in front of everyone/randomly???

Thank you so much!!

(Drunk) Betty Proposes

Jughead was sitting on Archie’s bedroom floor, flipping through an old comic book. Veronica was sitting on Archie’s bed, humming along while Archie strummed his guitar.

Jughead’s phone lit up beside him. A picture of Betty laughing covered the screen.

“Hello?” He answered.

“Juggie!” She said excitedly on the other end. “I need you to come get me.”

“Where are you?” He asked.

“At Meggie Rantle’s party,” She slurred. “Reggie Mantle,” She corrected herself.

“Bets are you drunk?” Jughead stood up, pressing the phone closer to his ear.

“No,” She lied. “Just come get me, please?”

“Okay, Bets, I will.” He promised, taking the phone from his ear and locking the screen.

He turned to his friends who were now looking at him. “So… Betty’s drunk.” He laughed.

Veronica smirked. “Betty doesn’t get drunk.”

“Which is probably why she’s asking me to get her. Did you know Reggie was having a party?” Jughead asked Archie.

Archie shrugged and put down his guitar. “Reggie has parties almost every week. Betty hasn’t ever gone to one, though.”

“You two want to keep me company on the walk over?”

Veronica stood up and smoothed down her skirt, nodding. Archie stood up, too.

“We could probably take my dad’s truck.” He offered.

“It’s not that far. If Betty’s drunk, the walk home would do good to sober her up. Her parents will kill her if they find out.”

Archie and Veronica agreed and put on their coats, shutting off Archie’s bedroom light as they left the room.

They turned down a few streets before finding Reggie’s house. The music was loud and there were cars lining the road.

Jughead took his phone out of his pocket to text Betty that they had arrived.

A few minutes later, the door of the house swung open and Betty emerged.

“Juggie!” She called, racing over to him.

Jughead, Archie and Veronica were standing on the grass outside the Mantle house. Betty staggered over, hair a mess, a stain on her tshirt.

“Hey, slow down there Speed Racer,” Jughead laughed.

“I’m so glad you came! I had something really important to ask you.”

“You do?” Jughead laughed again.

He had never seen Betty even so much as take a sip of alcohol before. What was she doing at this party, anyway?

Betty bent at the knee, grabbing Jughead’s hand. “Jughead Forsythe Pendleton Jones The Third,” She slurred. “Will you please marry me?”

Jughead blushed, pulling Betty up off the ground.

Veronica burst out laughing. “Betty how hammered are you?”

“I’m just -” Betty cleared her throat. “I was doing research for The Blue and Gold. And then I drank too much.”

They lead Betty off the lawn, walking her towards her home.

“I meant it though, Jugs!” She said wrapping her arm around Jughead’s neck.

“Did she just called him Jugs?” Archie murmured to Veronica.

Jughead put his arm around her middle, holding her steady. “Meant what?”

“My proposal!  I think we should get married.”

Jughead smiled, keeping Betty steady as she stumbled. “We’re 16, Bets.”

Betty stopped walking. “I don’t care, Jugs, I-” Her face suddenly got very serious. “I-” She cupped a hand to her mouth. “I’m going to be sick -” She said quickly, pointing her body away from her friends as she vomited into the street.

“Oh boy,” Veronica murmured, looking away.

Jughead pulled back Betty’s hair as her stomach lurched again. “You guys go,” He said, looking at Veronica and Archie. “I got this.”

Archie nodded slowly.

“Feel better, B, I’ll text you in the morning!” Veronica called as she walked off with Archie.

Betty stood up straight, looking at Jughead. “Oh God,” She whimpered, her face turning red.

“I’ve seen worse,” Jughead promised.

They took another couple careful steps toward home.

“I know you haven’t officially said yes,” Betty murmured. “But I think I’m going to call you Husband from here on out.” She swayed on her feet.

Jughead held her upright. “Yes, dear.” He smiled.

I love cultural misunderstanding fics in the Hobbit fandom, where Bilbo does things out of kindness that mean something more intimate to the dwarrow, or Thorin gives Bilbo some kind of plant because Bilbo likes plants, and Thorin’s knowledge is limited mostly to which bit goes in the ground, and Bilbo’s there trying not to read anything into the fact he’s just been handed something akin to an invitation to bed in floral form.

Or even better, accidental, almost selfish things, like Thorin stealing food off Bilbo’s plate and Bilbo blushing furiously because only lovers do that in the Shire, or Bilbo shivering and grabbing Thorin’s fur to wrap around his shoulders and every single one of the company looking very intently everywhere but at the two of them because clothes sharing amidst the dwarrow demonstrates an intention to court.

But best of all I love it when one of them uses the other’s culture on purpose to communicate what they want.

Requested by Anon & @wewillfindanewtomorrow
Michael X Reader X Isaiah (Best Friend) ft. Jealousy.
Warnings: Fluff, Angst.
Side note: I fucking hate the name Isaiah after writing this. I’ve never had to retype the spelling of a name so much in my life.
Hope you guys like it! Feedback is appreciated! This was 2 requests in 1


“(Y/N), you’re going to die an old spinster. I guarantee it!” Isaiah shouted across the table, several of the other brummie lads and girls laughed and continued drinking - including Michael.

It was the first day of “Summer” in Birmingham and the three of you were enjoying the night bar-hopping. Other young Peaky recruits joined as well as their girls and a handful of girls who wanted a Peaky man for herself.

Isaiah and Michael were keenly aware of the attention they were receiving, as were you. You scarcely received any attention from any man or boy whenever you kept the company of your two best friends. No one even dared looking at you, except for a few. You were a Peaky girl - whether you were coupled with a Blinder or not.

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Rest   - Christian Yu Drabble

Quick Drabble, nothing too special

You swivelled around on one of the desk chairs ,occasionally peering over at your boyfriends’s work as he edited one of DPR’s latest projects. You had gone to his apartment straight from work and several hours later the only attention you received was from Lori,sleep deprived and stressed you had finally had enough.

“Babe,” you whined poking at his side.

“Just a minute,”

“You said that 10 minutes ago.”

“Then i’ll be 10 minutes.”

“You said that an hour ago,” you continued to whine,standing up so that your front was pressed against the leather of his chair as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I just have to finish colour grading this last scene and then I’m all yours.”

“Mmmm sure,” you said under your breath.Apparently not quite enough as he suddenly turned towards you.

“N’aaww is my baby in need of attention?”

“Nooooo”, you strung out, fiddling with your fingers before you felt his strong arms wrap around your waist,pulling you towards the space in-between his knees.He tugged on your (his) shirt so that you were now sat on his lap,your back against his chest as he turned back towards the computer screen.He rested his chin on your left shoulder,both of your gazes filled by the sunset tones of his screen.Your eyes widened as he pressed play,the colours moulding into one,the editing crisp as figures melted off screen,retraced by dissolve effects and an array of colour.

“Pretty cool,right?” he breathed against your ear.

“Pretty amazing,” you corrected, smiling as you felt his lips against your shoulder blade.

He hummed against your skin as your leaned your head back slightly,lulling in one another’s company.

“What time is it?” he asked

“Probably two thirty-ish ,” you whispered in his ear as you curled up into his chest.

“Damn,I didn’t realise it was that late”,he combed his fingers through your hair as you hummed against his black shirt.

“Come on sleepy head,lets get you some sleep”,he lifted you up into his arms as your legs automatically wrapped around his waist,clinging onto him like a baby koala bear.

Already draped in his shirt you snuggled into the duvet as your boyfriend placed you down,one hand clutching onto the pillow as your other hand stayed gripped onto the front of his shirt.

“Babe,let go,” he chuckled taking ahold of your fingers.

You only shook your head,your eyes still closed.

“No,you’re going to go back to editing and leave me.”

“Babe,I was just going to shut down the computer.”

Your hand slipped from his shirt as he quickly bent down to kiss you, before heading into the room he had occupied the majority of the day.

On the verge of slipping from the physical world into a dream like state you lazily smiled to yourself when you felt Christian’s arm wrap around your waist,bringing your back against his bare chest.

“Goodnight,love,”he kissed your hair as his fingers lazily traced  patters on your stomach.


halesstiles  asked:

Sterek + 14

14. “How was I supposed to know there was someone in the trunk? I was just stealing the car not trying to kidnap you!”

Accidental Interagency Cooperation
Read on Ao3

Stiles genuinely loved going undercover, it was fun to infiltrate different groups and gangs and he was good at it.  He was so damn good at it, maybe too good at it. 

He had been undercover for three months now, this time infiltrating a ring of human traffickers in New York. This time it was deep cover, something he had only done a few times before, but the FBI had given him all the training he needed to take on this mission. 

The whole undercover thing was going pretty well, all things considered, he had gotten pretty much every bit of evidence that he needed when his cover was compromised and he was forced to bolt. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Stiles muttered to himself as he bobbed and weaved through the streets of Manhattan with one of the smuggler’s low level henchmen ran after him. 

“I need a car,” Stiles said to himself, looking at the cars that were slowly moving along the street. He spotted a silver sedan at a red light and he dodged into traffic before he knocked on the driver’s side window, “FBI I’m commandeering this car.”

The driver looked panicked but opened the door and Stiles slid into the driver’s seat, not caring that what he had just done was probably not entirely legal, he needed to get to the Bureau now that his cover was blown. He just hoped that Finstock had gotten his message and had sent the team in before the crew scattered.

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yesterday little rebel post this photos, and comment:

“This is so sad and so frustrating that I needed to share it here, because we need to do something or this hobby is going to be destroyed by people with no heart and no morals. This is only one case about many others but just take a moment to think how easy is to destroy the work of an artists in just a minute.

A doll that took months of hard work and money from an artist, can be stolen in a second without any shame or punishment.

I, as an artists who makes dolls, I can say that sometimes it took almost a year to finish a doll, and after that I have to save money to cast her (and to pay the Customs of course), and I have to sell at least 20 dolls to make some profit of it (profit for a month, not counting all the time that I "lost” making the doll). And then you see that any recaster can purchase any doll and copy it 5 time to make money and you can see how impossible this situation is for artists. How do you compete with these art thieves? The answer is: it is impossible. An artists can not afford it. Most doll “companies” are only one or two people business.

Please think about it, and think if you would consider fair that after a month of work, your boss give your salary to another person. It is crazy isn’t it? This is the same. Would you keep working to have your salary stolen every month?

I don’t want to make drama, I only would like that people think about this and the future of this hobby.“

So, you see how simple is becoming ruin a BJD artist? they only have to spam (and with their name and photos, shameless) on the recast group a dolls and recruit just 5 more person to stole a dolls and create another sculpt recasted to add at the long, long list.
and the crucial point it’s exactly this. they’re super organized. like for the cocoriang toby: cocoriang blocked all sales for China, so they just made a post on gao page that said: if you want toby recast, we have to be at last 5 people and one of us had to buy it for him. and they made it. many people on the Italian community pro recast (or Anti-artist, like we call it) recruit neewbies with the promise of free love and not rules and they go to the dark side, so they can have all the dolls they want, since luo and gao promise free dolls for this pro-recast scout and bootleg behavior.
and we and the artist, what we can do? they are so shameless because they know we can do nothing.
the good thing is that this "attempt” was ended thanks to a little research, we convinced this girl that was a neewbie to not do it and arm Lilicat that is alone now running his bussines, and she was (of course apparently, but stay positive) convinced. but the next time? who is the next to fall?


Doctor Who meme: five otps [4/5]

↳ The Doctor and The TARDIS“[Time Lord’s] are not evil enslavers of their TARDISes. The relationship between a time lord and his TARDIS is infinitely more complex than that. And frankly… well, it’s private.”

*I Only Love You* Newt x reader

◘ amandasinedahl asked:

HEY!❤ Could u mayve make something where the reader and newt are togetter but suddenly hes come home from new york whit tina and reader get jealous on tina becores the reader think she more beatyful and shr had a bette work and thats kind of stof but newt dont see irt and the reader grt worst and worst and it ends up that she thinks newt love her more than the reader? Thank u if you do it❤❤❤

Waving your wand around, you made sure everything was in place for Newt’s return home. He was currently in the process of writing his book about magical creatures, something he’s always been passionate about since your days at Hogwarts. 

The record player in the corner was softly playing Sidney Bechet as you added the finishing touch… lit candles and a pot of his favorite tea ready to go on the stove. 

Glancing up at the clock, you felt your heart racing as the time grew closer to his return. Fixing your hair in the mirror, you applied some lipstick and spritzed on some of Newt’s favorite perfume. 

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(Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader) ‘Cause You Had a Bad Day

(I want you all to know that I created this account for the sole purpose of writing fics and reblogging fandom things without being judged by my followers on my main blog. 

This fic takes place in the modern au, reader is a college student, this is my first fic and if you all like it then it definitely won’t be my last Hamilsquad fic 

Word count: 3256 

Gimme some feedback, I hope you enjoy m’loves! )

It was cold.

Much colder than you had anticipated for a mid-October evening.

It felt more like the beginnings of January when it wasn’t even technically fall yet. A gentle rain had settled over the town you lived in, a soft pitter-pattering of droplets onto the ground succeeding calming you down. You were sitting at a bus stop a fair way from your home and had been for at least a few hours. The sky was dark and you had turned your phone off because the boys wouldn’t stop trying to contact you. You had a huge blowout with your boyfriends after you’d come home from class.

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